Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Jennifer Braly Situation

For those not in the know Braly is a 38 year old self identified pre-op transsexual attending the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. She lives as a woman and was originally supported by the University in the use of the female restrooms which is the RIGHT thing for the University to do. A student complained and the University rescinded her use of female restrooms and Jennifer did the right thing. She simply filed a complaint with the DOJ about bathroom issues and bathroom issues alone.

Miss Braly has an SRS fund page where she explains her situation quite clearly and self describes as pre-op transsexual and I believe her.  This case was always about the use of female bathrooms by Jennifer and nothing else. She never asked to use female changing areas and other female facilities.  That red herring was thrown up by  Kevin McCullough and his particularly anti Obama blog where he equates the DOJ telling the University of Arkansas Fort Smith that Jennifer should be able to use a female restroom with the DOJ and Obama using bully tactics.

From what I can tell the DOJ made a rational individual case decision that this pre-op transsexual should be allowed to use the female restrooms since there are not enough unisex bathrooms on campus.  Jennifer also wanted to find a female roommate and get into a dorm and went through the University and was denied even the right to ask another girl if she would mind being her roommate. This was not part of the DOJ decision but I find it troubling they would not try and help a pre-op transsexual.

When I went to college 50 years ago my University knew everything about me and was a large Land Grant State University and they put me in the female area of a scholarship dorm that was essentially coed and assigned a student as my friend or protector but stuck me in a private room which had its own shower.  My understanding is this University has similar rooms with private showers.  It was a godsend for me because even though I was not allowed to completely transition I was a girl to all my friends and that socialization with other girls was a key to survival.

Jennifer appears to be an attractive 38 year old woman which means she passes, her words, and she has tried to follow the rules and do this the right way. The University has been rather vindictive. She had given several lectures on what it means to have this crap whether you call it gender identity, gender dysphoria or transsexualism and who but one of us truly understands the nightmare of this existence. She has been denied the right to lecture in classes when asked by professors which is just not right and particularly not right if it helped her financially which I am unsure of.

Jennifer wants her surgery by Dr. McGinn in the Philly area so she is serious about SRS and IMHO this is a case where the University should use some common sense and help her and not hurt her. Jennifer is trying to do this the right way but we all know what will happen.  the TG Borg are going to latch onto her and drag her into their malevolent world and try and make this a "transgender" issue when in reality it is an issue only those of us born transsexual can understand.  When you want to be accepted by your fellow women you ask for help and it is usually given when transsexual.

The problem with The University of Arkansas Fort Smith is it is Arkansas. The irony is if she had her SRS this would not be an issue according to Miss Braly. I am certain if she had been allowed to talk with female students she would have been able to find one to room with but the University rebuffed any sensible methods of dealing with this.

I kind of understand the University position but my University found a way around the issues with me 50+ years ago and I believe common sense should rule here and not some legal precedent that forces females to accept those that have zero inclination towards SRS in our midst. They have a Nursing school so maybe a Nursing Student would understand. My "protector" Karen was Pre-med and eventually a Medical School student so that is a possibility since they do not have a Medical School.

The real irony here is Ms Braly is a quite religious and Christian plus leads Bible Study for a group of straight and GLBTQ students which is a ministry supporting these kids. She is President of "The Circle of Hope" which runs this ministry I believe.

Sometimes people doing good just seem to have unkind things done in return. I do find it disturbing what they have done to her and this is a rare case where I think the DOJ actually did the right  thing and for the right reason. Hopefully this does not get uglier for both Ms Braly and those pre-op transsexuals that follw her to that University.


Miz Know-It-All said...

I've little time these days to dig into back story, but in what little time I do have, I keep finding things about this which seem troubling. So, while I could not agree more in regards her or any legit pre-op using the woman's bathroom it still seems that some of the blame for this being such an issue rests with Ms Blaly. Who from what I can gather is saying one thing but apparently doing quite another.

Her issues here started from what I can gather, not when some random student protested "there was a man in the loo," but after she became a guest lecturer for the college about "trans-issues" The exact number of lectures she gave seems to be as wildly different as do the extremely photo-shopped pictures of her on the net. There were at least two and it seem the figure thirty lectures is bandied about quite a bit, but either way, she is the one who outted herself and she is the one who made herself a target.

There are also other questions here too which make me question... Such as why someone who is twice the age of most students would want to live in the dorm and what of the child it was mentioned that she fathered...

Like I said I have little time and all that I found may be stupid net noise and nothing more. I mean who among us had it right coming out of the box in transition and who among us didn't make stupid mistakes? I sure as heck made my share of em. But still... I wonder how this came to pass and what if anything more there is to the story than we are being told

Stephanie said...

Wow, Elizabeth. You give her a pass! I was thinking that since she is somewhat of a "late transitioner" who is a "penis packer" that fathered a child, you'd not give her an OK. If you would have seen her live on our local TV stations, your opinion may be different. The pics of her are heavily photo shopped. She decries spending thousands of dollars to transition but she's missing at least two teeth, maybe three. And I have no idea how she's going to improve her voice, but she gets a go from you. If she gets a pass from you, I should get a push by you to become a beauty contestant.

I always knew you didn't know what your talking about, now I have proof!


Anonymous said...

It's awfully easy to get sucked into the Tee-Gee cult. They make a lot of promises and pray on and use bad experiences women of our birth condition have. Before you know it you have drank of the Tee-Gee Kool-Aid and you are sucked in.
It takes a strong will to resist, we are social animals and we like to belong to something.

Hopefully the Tee-Gees won't glom on to her and try to "save her" from the clutches of normal people.

Elizabeth said...


I do not hate late transitioners. I read what she said and have not worried about anything else since it is the issue that is at the core of the problem. I was not basing an opinion on the number of teeth she is missing.

She said she wants SRS so I'll take her at her word. It is obvious you do not have much reading comprehension. My issue with penis packers like you is that you want to keep it and/or are unwilling to work to get the SRS.

I thought all you people in Arkansas were missing teeth or in your case hair.

Are we drinking again Stephanie or is the crack cocaine again. I would put you in a beauty contest but only with other Arkansas Razorbacks as in hogs.

Now go away and crawl back into the slop pit with the rest of your pals.

Black Swan said...


This is the pot calling the kettle black again. A close second to Arkansas is South Carolina, where Elizabeth lives, one of the most homophobic/ transphobic States in the union. Some preacher there wants to round all of us up and put us in concentration camps. Elizabeth goes to his Church. Some of her associations are wearing off on her and she transfers that onto you, I or whomever didn’t earn the golden seal of approval, but unlike her post about Jennifer Braly, I worked my ass off for two and a half years to pay for my surgeries. If you want SRS and if insurance doesn’t cover it, work your ass off.


Elizabeth said...


I do not live in South Carolina and do not agree with the dipshit preacher and I rarely go to church unless it is at the church I was married in, which is in Texas.

Working for your SRS was that before or after you desire to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records?

Poor BlackSwan. Was that work beating the shit out of men in drag while you were a Dominatrix? Oh that is right you claim you were not. Sorry but we both know that is not true.

What does transphobic mean BlackSwan. Is someone transphobic if they do not agree with and do not bow down to all the transgender bullshit you and your TG pals push such as females can have a penis and a man can get pregnant.

Talk about Lost in Space. You are lost in a world where reality is so skewed pricks qualify one as a women.

I worked hard to pay for my SRS also. I have transferred nothing onto Stephanie. Just read her entire blog as in both of them.

By the way BlackSwan how come Stephanie is not a bigot and transphobic for what she said about Ms Braly?

You are such a predictable fool BlackSwan.

Stephanie said...

Lizzy, there are many transsexuals that if circumstances would have been better they would have had SRS. To be honest, I had shitty work habits, spent my money on drinking and drugging, and did the best I could do to keep my head screwed on straight and not become a statistic in a newspaper. You say work. I did, in jobs that I'm sure you wouldn't have done. Masonry work,(11yrs)carpenter work,(11yrs.)a welder,(11yrs)and then transitioned doing janitorial work(3yrs). Yes, I cleaned toilets just so I could transition. Toilets that asshole men would stuff with newspaper and then shit in it and flood the entire bathroom! (Ha,Ha, head high, continue on) I paid my dues you bitch. I don't need any props from you!


Miz Know-It-All said...

Wow! I hope I didn't start this shit fest! Cause all I was looking for is a bit of "why!" As in why the college gave her open access then later reniged. There simply has to be more to the story than what we are getting Albeit either that is a socialised hate made flesh as the story seems to be told. Or maybe, Ms Blaly really is as crazy as a whack-a-mole and the college took this stance in the interest of protecting their other co-eds! The point being, I don't know. But what I do know is that I never had any potty issues in transition and neither did any of the other women of history that I call friend... So why did this happen to Ms Blaly and not to any of us? I'd really like to know!


Anonymous said...

I dunno. Perhaps I am being a bit cynical here, but this narrative sounds, well just sooo teegee to me.

Based on the narratives that I am familiar with those, forced to seek surgical correction, do so to the exclusion of any other 'need', want, desire or preference.

I guess I am wondering why someone in such 'need', would take the time and effort to go to college rather than work full time, or even double time, to get the necessary funds.

Anonymous said...

Another perspective:

Anonymous said...

from the newly linked article...

"On Monday, Braly wrote an alarming Facebook post:

“My being famous in the public eye has cost me way too much and I can no longer bare it anymore. I have just crushed over 500 pills in a blender and mixed them with bottled water,” Braly wrote."

Sounds like a page directly from the tee-gee handbook...when people refuse to accept someone with a penis as a female, threaten suicide in some manner. After all, being a drama queen helps to garner sympathy from like-minded people who are content to be marginalized instead of FIXING a birth defect.