Sunday, July 24, 2011

The new TSTS condition

There is a new condition sweeping the country and it is revolutionary, well laughable is more accurate but then I do have a macabre sense of humor. It is really laughable but only because of who or should I say whom has suddenly developed this condition. First let us get this new revolutionary acronym out of the way.

TSTS stands for The Suddenly Transsexual Syndrome. It is a condition suffered by certain transgender activists that magically comes about so they can  ditch their Transgender Forever mantra and become a transsexual for convenience sake.  Now I am sure some of you can guess who I am mentioning here but it is hilarious to be blunt. Not once in her latest post on Pam's House Blend did she utter the word transgender. That in itself is revolutionary. Needless to say I was shocked.

Is this disease catching?  First Dysonnance disavowed transgender labeling of herself when she decided to run for the United States House of Representatives and  now we have one of the Transgender Forever crowd using transsexual to describe herself. Sorry but using "Queen" for this one would hurt too much so I cannot. Has Autumn Sandeen seen the light? Nope, just working the system.

The first inkling something weird was happening was the title of the post called "What Genital Reconstruction Surgery, and When. It seems that getting a bilateral orchiectomy has been redefined as  Genital Reconstructive Surgery when in fact it is nothing of the sort. Having a man's balls removed does not a woman make him but I guess in Sandeen's case it does or according to her she can get her birth certificate changed by claiming it as Genital Reconstructive Surgery in the state of California. Has California changed the requirements for altering a birth certificate? I know there is a new bill but I thought it required a full sex reassignment but then California is political correctness personified. It seems Sandeen is telling everyone she is having GRS. Actually ball subtraction is more accurate.

Sandeen refers to herself as a male-to-female transsexual throughout the post but then adds the caveat that thi is a far as she can go for medical reasons. I am quoting her verbatim in the following text.

For me, I have personal concerns about having a vaginoplasty. For one, a vaginoplasty is an invasive, serious bit of surgery. It took me about two years to fully recover from my gastric bypass in February of 2008, so I'm a bit concerned about how I would experience recovery from a vaginoplasty. 

And then there's always that reality of when a trans woman has a vaginoplasty, she's trading her low maintenance genitalia for higher maintenance genitalia. For those who aren't aware, a vaginoplasty requires a considerable amount of maintenance in the first year after surgery in the form of vaginal dilation   multiple times a day. 

I'm concerned about the higher maintenance aspect of a vaginoplasty due to my bipolar condition; my bipolar condition is the main factor in my decision making process on which surgery I'm opting for. 

First gastric bypass is far more dangerous that a vaginoplasty because one is dealing with the intestines and the inherent dangers involved. I would almost accept that excuse until I read the next paragraph.

We are trading low maintenance male genitalia for the high maintenance genitalia of a woman? Sandeen is worried about the maintenance costs.  It sounds like she is buying a Ferrari instead of a Honda if she gets a vagina. Personally I consider my vagina a Ferrari because I never thought of maintenance costs or issues or the fact one has to dilate which does lessen over time assuming one actually uses the vagina. Well I have to admit I absolutely never thought I would ever read  someone considering themselves transsexual worried about vagina maintenance issues but then I can honestly say Sandeen is certainly different in so many ways.

The next paragraph attempts to offset the excuse in the previous paragraph by claiming her bipolar condition is the main reason she is opting for castration verses SRS. I would suggest Sandeen get her excuses straight but Sandeen has not had much of anything straight including her narrative and this silly post.

First off castration is not GRS or SRS or any other name one can think of for the sex change operation. It is a "ball" job not a GRS or SRS. It seems Sandeen is not comfortable with her body with balls and a dick but perfectly happy with no balls and a dick.  Last time I checked that defines a man as a eunuch but in this era of political correctness and Transgender Forever it means "female" to Sandeen. Here I go again getting confused over pronouns for Sandeen. I am bad I guess.

I wonder if Sandeen is going to keep her balls as a keepsake?

There are more excuses than I listed.  It would have been just as easy if Sandeen said I like my dick and want to keep it. How does a lesbian actually qualify as a lesbian with a dick?

Link to the full post

My guess is the good doctor Huang in Lake Oswego Oregon likes the transsexual lingo but then I could be wrong.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Post operative transgender???

I have seen this terminology used in multiple posts and baffled by its meaning.  Well actually I would be if I was not the cynical asshole many think I am. I have been trying to rationalize what this actually means. Is it the final straw that indicates the TG world along with GLAAD and GLBT have finally lost their marbles? Is it a clear indication that the public just does not have a clue what transgender actually stands for.

In defense of GLAAD they were probably just trying to appease certain militant lesbian transgender activists by insisting that transgender was the correct terminology and transsexual was not because one would not like to leave anyone behind particularly when dealing with a cross dressing ex Navy individual masquerading as a transsexual under the guise of the transgender banner. I dare any transsexual to call certain transgender activists cross-dressers or transvestites. They will tell you immediately they are as transsexual as you are and throw in the elitist tag in an attempt.  They will abandon the dogma of the transgender umbrella faster than any rat off any sinking ship. Think of a certain transgender activist that wants to run for Us Congress in Arizona. She dropped Transgender like it carried bed bugs.

These clowns actually have media guides demanding the media use the term transgender instead of transsexual and what pronouns to use for people. Do you want to know how bad it has become? If someone says I am transgender we MUST believe them and are required by our friends (sic) at GLAAD and the GLBT (only the T there) to use the pronoun nacceptable to the gender expression desired by the individual in question. I wonder if that meant the US Airways employees that encountered the nutcase transvestite riding planes in a bra, panties, garter-belt, hose and heels were required to use she and her for HIM.

Now our friend(sic) Calie of T-Central is self described as the following from his profile:

I'm trans, non-transitioning, MtF, currently living in California, although I have lived many other places. I'm happily married. I love people, and enjoy meeting folks from around the world.

Yet according to nthe GLBT or GLAAD guides I would be required to use she or her when discussing him. Am I missing something here? Lives as a man; has not transitioned; but he is trans or excuse me transgender.  I wonder how overjoyed Calie or is it Carl, Calvin, or Fred, in the real world, would like if someone met him in public and started saying things like "hey girl" how are you plus only used female pronouns for him. I wonder when Calie and Anne met, I was told they did, if Anne used female pronouns for him in the only form he knows which is male? Awkward!!!

These lunatics have finally made me laugh.  Actually I laughed after I cried because the story was about a post operative transsexual that was murdered and described by the coroner as a post-operative transgender. It is not the first time I have read or heard of this usage but it really irked me primarily because it diminished this beautiful young black girl that had been viciously murdered because she was born transsexual not transgender.

Maybe it is a macabre sense of humor but excluding this beautiful child what exactly is a post operative transgender.

  1. a transvestite that had an appendectomy?
  2. a cross-dresser that needed surgery for a gall bladder condition?
  3. a gender queer individual that had corns surgically removed?
  4. a gender variant individual that had heart surgery?
  5. a transvestite that had sex reassignment surgery? Nope they don't do that do they?
  6. a cross-dresser that had sex reassignment surgery? Nope they don't do that do they?
  7. a gender variant that had sex reassignment surgery? Nope they don't do that do they?
 The only terminology that fits in this manufactured "transgender" umbrella is post-operative transsexual, yet you will not read one peep from a single one of them about this misuse of terminology for a simple reason. It gives the umbrella term transgender legitimacy. Take the less than 10% under transgender that in fact are transsexual  and they lose any claim at legitimacy because the vast majority are transvestites and cross-dressers. There are not many legislatures that are going to give them the rights of women or men which is really all transsexuals want. 

Transsexuals want to be accepted by society in our correct sex first and foremost while the rest under transgender want to role play when and if they feel like it.  When they role play as women they want to be treated as women but when they work as men they want the higher pay men receive. They want to change the quote,  you can't have your cake and eat it to", and have the cake and gorge on it with all the benefits of either gender at the time and place of their choosing. It is your typical male power play but come on guys not even you assholes believe post operative transgender is correct or do you???

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An interesting Dutch Study on Transsexuals

I have not posted in a while which I am sure has pleased a lot of people. Just kidding or maybe not.

There was a very interesting post on Jack Molay's Blog involving a recent study in the Netherlands concerning transsexuals. Once one gets buy the title using homosexual transsexual, Molay actually dislikes the term, the post is actually quite interesting.  I cannot say I agree with everything Molay says but he says what he says quite well.

I am not going to talk about the mental health aspect of the article but the results of the survey when discussing sexual orientation. 

This is from the report:


Sex, sexual orientation and age have been shown to be important in relation to psychological functioning in transsexuals. However, only few studies to date took these factors into account and not earlier have adolescent transsexuals participated. In this study the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2 or MMPI-A, respectively) was administered to:

293 adults 

(207 male to female transsexuals (MtFs), mean age 38.04 (range 18.56-65.62) and 

86 female to male transsexuals (FtMs), mean age 33.26 (range 18.95-64.30)) and 

83 adolescents 

(43 MtFs, mean age 15.70 (range 13.16-18.70) and all were heterosexual female

40 FtMs, mean age 15.64 (range 13.05-18.56))  all were heterosexual male

with a gender identity disorder (GID). 

Of adult MtFs, 33% were categorized as heterosexual female and 66% as lesbian

Of adult FtMs, 77% were categorized as heterosexual male and 33% as gay men.  (There is an error in there percentages)

Adult FtMs functioned significantly better than MtFs on three clinical scales. Contrary to what is often assumed, no differences in psychological functioning were found in the adult transsexuals with regard to sexual orientation, except on one clinical scale. Most remarkably, significantly more adults with GID scored in the clinical range on two or more clinical scales than adolescents with GID. Therefore, early medical intervention may be recommendable for adolescents with GID.

Every early transitioner was heterosexual in the desired sex. In other words all MTF transsexuals liked boys and all FTM transsexuals liked girls. This fits what Dr. Benjamin witnessed in his practice and based on my personal experiences helping kids financially it is dead on. The children who force an early transition are high intensity transsexuals or those with complete psycho-sexual inversion. Most of us that did it young aggressively pushed the gender boundaries of our day.  Maybe we were brave but IMHO I have often felt it was the fear of growing up male that did it.  It terrified me but I also could not be what I was not which is a simplistic view.  It is complicated and the few that know me really well, there are actually quite a few, will tell you in my day I never really understood much of it.

The other interesting statistic was the results of the of adults although I would tend to believe if they had categorized the younger adults a higher percentage would be heterosexual in their desired sex. I have admitted I do not understand late transitioners and it is probably because I have no real reference point. I am beginning to wonder if the later one transitions results in more MTF lesbians due to conditioning.

The other thing I know personally from the kids I have been involved with and others I have known like myself is the fact none of us ever dated or were attracted to girls.  It was always boys for us and that is what drove the early transition along with the horror of growing up male. We all wanted to date boys but only if we were girls. I fully expect to be attacked on this point saying any boy was gay if they dated someone like me in my teens. I can tell you I certainly never tried to attract boys as a girl but I did primarily because of physical appearance.  The other value is getting on hormones early, 14 for me, is invaluable and hopefully this study will help get all kids treated like Kim Petras.

What did come from the study was the kids were more psychologically prepared for life as girls and boys and I am convinced that is because they got to live in their correct gender as kids.

So those of you that think sex, age, and sexual orientation means nothing in transsexuals, you might want to rethink that position based on this study.