Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Texas Transgender Sex Offender Update

Tanks to an Anonymous comment we have some more disturbing but relevant information about our Texas pervert transgender/transvestite serial sex offender Paul(a) Witherspoon. The so-called husband in the case she was visiting is also a registered sex offender name Billy Lorentz aka Billy Birdsong.

Billy Birdsong left, Billy Lorentz right.

He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a 12 year old. He is actually listed as Paula's employer. So what we have is a nifty little house of sex offenders of children.  Lord how disgusting it would be with that piece of shit slobbering all over you. Somehow my opposition to the Death Penalty seems misplaced when I see child molesters.

It gets better or actually worse of you are a fan of the GLBT and some of its resources. Paula is being defended by  Lambda Legal a noted defender of "equality". Lambda is quoted in this News report defending Paul(a)'s right to use the ladies rest room with arguably the single most bizarre comment I have ever read.

Lambda representative Ken Upton said the following.

If you want to talk about disorderly conduct, you have to wonder which would cause more of a disruption — her going into the women’s restroom and using it with other women or going into the men’s restroom dressed the way she was, whether that would have been any better.

Okay let me get this right. That fucking thing, all sex predators are things by the way, would disrupt the poor little men of Texas if he entered a male restroom so a serial sex offender that lives with and is employed, theoretically, by another registered sex offender should be welcomed into women's spaces because he puts on a fucking dress with his 5 o'clock shadow.

Well I must say that does not represent well the men of Texas I know. Having lived in Texas and dated a Texan I can assure you he would have done what was appropriate with Paul Ray Witherspoon if he entered the men's room. Nothing is what he would have done while suppressing a little smirk. The vast majority of men would do nothing because it is what it is and it was a hospital. Maybe I have a higher respect for men than pieces of shit like Witherspoon.

I can tell you if they knew he was a child sex offender he would have had the living shit kicked out of him which in my humble opinion is and was well deserved.  There is a reason pieces of shit like this are segregated in male prison.  Even bad guys hate pedophiles.

Under Texas Law as a registered sex offender he must notify the State if there is any change in his status and I do believe transitioning is a change of status.  Did he? What would the State of Texas have thought of this. From what I can tell when he was arrested in 2011 for emailing a picture of his junk he was living as a man.  There is no mention of a new status on his arrest report or from Texas authorities. One would expect his parole officer to note that Paul(a) was changing his "gender' but to the best of my knowledge he either never went to his parole officer en femme or never said anything if called although i believe as a registered sex offender appearance is mandatory.

Paul(a) claims to be under therapy but the simple fact is there is no known definitive cure for pedophilia and for serial sex offenders. Whether Paul(a) is a pedophile or a serial sex offender may be debatable but the simple fact he is a danger to young women and his "life partner", laughable actually, Billy Lorentz is a child molester is not under question. They do not put sex offenders on ankle monitors unless they are worried they will re-offend and based on his 2011 arrest he did re-offend which brings up another question. Why would a supposedly "transgender woman" send a picture of her male junk to anyone?

The other question is about Lambda. I realize and believe everyone deserves the right to legal council but  some of the comments by Upton from Lambda are disturbing and just the fact they came forward and offered to defend Paul(a) is a little disturbing to many that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and hopefully trans because I firmly believe this assholes "transness" is contrived because claiming to be transgender or transsexual brings about access to female spaces where the prey exists.

Paul(a)'s use of the "Gender Identity" defense has really pissed off the radical feminist ladies and rightfully so.

I have said that the bathroom issue will work itself out and I believe that. This is a case where the ability of a woman to question why someone used a bathroom has brought the spotlight on a sex offender that is a serious risk to young girls and there is not one single thing wrong with that. What gave Paul(a) away?  I am guessing the obvious 5 o'clock shadow but regardless it is a good thing Texans found out about this dirtbag and the dirtbag associated with Paul(a).

What I do find "really" disturbing is a GLBT lawyer or representative claiming that it is men that would be disrupted by a man in a dress so women should accept the asshole in our bathroom or lord forbid other female spaces so as not to disturb or disrupt men who are certainly more able to defend themselves against a man in a dress than we women are. What chance would a 14 year old girl have against this asshole if attacked? None!!

What Witherspoon needs is a little jail house justice. Put him in the general population and let him learn what the physical meaning of no longer being anally retentive means. Yes that is cruel and Unusual punishment but then sex offenders of this ilk deserve this for taking a young girl's or child's innocence.

I copied the pics from a site listed above and thanks to the Anonymous poster and them for the info.


Anonymous said...

Here's more to the story on the Dallas voice as well

Anonymous said...

Every day I get on the internet it just gets stupider and stupider, so now we have a gay legal foundation defending a confirmed sex pervert.
I always knew there was a large portion of gays that were perverts.
In this state we have access to sex offender information and around the local gay ghetto the place is overrun with perverts.

Bring this up to the local gay activists and it was like you never opened your mouth.

Now it's out in the open and in our faces they the GLBT support perverts and child molesters along with the man boy love association.

Is it any wonder the religious fundamentalists in this country are against giving them rights over and above what they already have.

We can point at this now and remind everyone the bathrooms and back allies are not safe from transgender perverts.

What's next, I am afraid to ask.


Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what mainstream LGBT would say when you show them and tell them about this. I think they would silence this because if the Truth came out about this sex offender pervert in their mist, it would blow the lid on their whole agenda. You know the Trans community will never, ever recover from something like this. With that sex offender in their community, you the damage is done and this is one thing, they will never be able to explain their way out of.

Anonymous said...

There are no words to express my disgust of this abomination of a human being. With all this crap from this slimy creature and "Da Brain" as a friend calls her is it any wonder we all seek to distance ourselves from the term "transgender" I'd love to say more but I'll bite my toungue for now.


Elizabeth said...

Why do these pedophiles and sex offenders looks so disgusting so often. Billy Lorentz looks like a predator as does Paul Witherspoon even when en femme.

One must wonder how prevalent inbreeding has become when looking at that.

Anonymous said...

If you are out for a walk or going from your front door to your car, don't crack a joke to your girlfriend or sister and you'd better make sure there are no transvestites in the vicinity otherwise you'll get beaten to a pulp.

But of course they only wish to be left alone to get on with whatever it is the like to get on with; like' oh I don't know assaulting people for no good reason, rape, sexual assault, you know harmless activities like that.

Yeah Right!


Deena said...

Witherspoon carries an ID that says male. Men who enter a restroom reserved for women deserve a ticket. End of story.

Foxfire said...

Just reading more bout this disgusting sicko pervert makes me feel like I need a shower. I can't believe anyone would defend HIM. And that is what is so nightmarishly disgusting about creeps like this- they want to run hide under women's skirts, but it's under women's skirts (or rather in this case, little girls) where this scum commits his horrid crimes. Where oh where is the law firm jumping in to stand up for women's right to be protected from predators like him?

Anonymous said...

Beyond the fact that Paul carries a MALE ID is the fact that NOWHERE on HIS sex offender registration from March does it indicate that he gave the name Paula as a name that was being used. My guess is that the update next month will be no different.

That fact ALONE tells me this is nothing more than a pervert with his head up the coattails of Inclusion Inc.

The fact that a MALE from Lambda supports him does not surprise me in the least. Men tend to support other men.

I CAN tell you the case has resulted in discussions within the Parole Division. And there is a possibility that we will see the story resurrected in the mainstream media in the near future.

Deena said...

I have a question. The Senate has now scheduled ENDA hearings in committee. In the most recent House hearings there was a lot of undisclosed wording dealing with potty politics surrounding gender identity. The recent EEOC affirmation that transsexuals are covered by Title VII seems to me to be a better approach to workplace protections than ENDA. So, I am wondering if ENDA might be better off reverting to covering only sexual orientation and dropping gender identity. This case with Paul highlights some of the issues (in my opinion). How do the rest of you feel or analyze the situation? Should the Republicans on the Senate committee be made aware of this incident? Just curious how others view the subject.

Anonymous said...

With the Paul case, This will make the case for ENDA much more difficult now and it will make defending the T a lot harder with news of Paul and the Texas sex offender. It make Congress and states think twice about giving ENDA protection to T now that this case has come to light within LGBT circles. Let's see the LGBT community try to explain their way out about Paul and sex offenders within LGBT community. Also, the toilet sound you hear circling the drain, that's Lamda's and possibly HRC's credibility going down the toilet

Reaity Check said...

I have tried to find out a bit about this "Dr." Gloria J. Emmett that wrote the 'cover' letter for this perv, Witherspoon.

All I can find is that she is listed as a Clinical Psychologist practicing in Dallas, Tx.

"Emmett Gloria J PHD does not have any reviews."

My uninformed guess is that this newly minted Ph.D. 'wunderkind' copied and pasted the wording of that super-vague letter directly from GLAAD's Media Reference Guide or had it dictated to her directly by some TG Activist.

I sure hope that Texans have enough good sense and backbone to see through this obvious TeeGee obfuscation and that they start to bring some SANITY to bear.