Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Compared to a House Slave?

I have never been compared to a house slave before but I just was by Suzan at Women Born Transsexual. A house slave is a slave that betrays the race or "possibly" gender or sex they belong to by supporting their oppressors position by helping the oppressors. The following is the link to the post so lets discuss it.


In Suzan's usual drug and alcohol self induced lifetime haze she has entirely missed the point and who the actually "house slave" actually is. In point of fact, Suzan is the "house slave" represented by Stephan in "Django Unchained" movie because it is she and her ancient partner Tina that support the Transgender movement that attempts to oppress those of us born transsexual.  The only simpering, ass-kissing sycophant in this conversation is Suzan.

I do not support the Transgender movement which has attempted to subvert what being born transsexual actually is and I am not a follower of the HBS movement although I was a patient of Harry's from 1959 on. Yes, I do critique people like Suzan and others of her ilk that support the we all all the same mantra pushed by the transvestites that manipulate and control the Transgender movement.

Since I want to free transsexuals from the oppression of the Transgender movement just how have I suddenly become a "house slave" like Stephan in "Django Unchained". I have railed against the "house slaves" like Suzan because they betrayed the people in this world born transsexual. By supporting the Transgender she endangers the young transsexuals that I actually help which is something positive.

Supporting men in dresses that want to be considered lesbians while maintaining their male member intact and functioning is one interesting position Suzan has supported but then Suzan has a history there of just that lifestyle. The irony is I have zero problem if someone chooses to live that way but I do have a problem with someone telling me that my lesbian friends MUST accept a man in a dress with a functioning prick as a lesbian. Suzan has a history with this very subject which she fails to point out. In other words her position is biased and I understand her support for it but it does not mean all must support that position unless of course you are a radical commie Stalinist nitwit. The one thing commies and fascists have in common is their way is the right way and you should die if you do not agree.

Since Suzan is actually the "house slave" Stephan like most in the Transgender community they must somehow attack those few of us that oppose them on even some tiny scale. Suzan claims she left her transsexualism behind her but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Since she supports the Transgender position she now considers herself a "transwoman" or trans for life. Personally I am just a woman in her 60's that can look back and smile at a life well lived which is something Suzan cannot do which is probably the reason for her self hatred and her change into a "Transgender forever" state of mind.

At one point, not long ago, this dingbat wrote that transvestites were not part of the transgender movement. Maybe her mind is so addled from all the drugs and booze she still believes that but she might want to actually try and read a little but then why bother when, like Suzan, you think you know it all and can label people "house slaves" for not wanting to be a slave to a movement that has certainly not got the well being of transsexuals at its core.

The irony is that the "house slave" does not realize they are the house slave because they have  actually become the slave master themselves. This implies the simple truth that the person now supports the position of the "owner" which is how I look at people like Suzan and the Transgender movement. Suzan supports the Transgender movement so she is one of the supporters born transsexual and thus the "house slave" as she betrays most of us that were born transsexual.

Another irony is people can get away with this because most people born transsexual actually get on with their lives and simply live productive lives while the losers live  a life where they think walking around with a sign on their back claiming they are "transgender" makes them special. It does actually, it make them especially stupid.

So when or if you watch "Django Unchained" remember that the sniveling sycophant played by Samuel Jackson is a reasonable facsimile of Suzan and her ilk who attempt to force those of us born transsexual to bow down and believe in their "Transgender" view of the world. Do not let them put you in the position if oppressor because they are the ones attempting to oppress and in this case eliminate the use of the word transsexual unless accompanied closely by transgender so men can have their way.

The sad part of this story is that at one time Suzan was opposed to the Transgender Oppressor movement but like all "house slaves" she gave into the enticement of some semblance of power or maybe it was the influence of her "Transgender" partner who defines the term "late transitioner".

This is just another case where Suzan does not intellectually understand what she is talking about but then that is something she has a lot of experience with.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack

Boston is essentially my home town even though I grew up in a close suburb. When I was asked where I was from, in college, I would say Boston. Beantown is pretty cool place and might be the largest college city in the US with more World Class Universities than one can remember. Start with Harvard and MIT then add Boston College and Boston University plus Northeastern and that leaves out many others.

Sports is a big thing in Boston and unless you are from Boston or a Marathon runner I doubt it is possible to understand how big the Boston Marathon is. It is part of the Patriot's Day celebration which remembers Lexington and Concord for the start of the fight for our independence around 240 years ago.

To those participating in the Boston Marathon it is truly a family event and even for locals it matters a lot. Many take in the traditional Boston Red Sox 11:05 AM Patriots day game and rush to the finish line to see their friends and relatives finish which is the truly evil part of this terrorist bombing. 3 PM is the time the crowds are the biggest because all the non elite runners who are usually running for a cancer charity or a diabetes charity are arriving. The sidewalks are packed with the families and friends of the runners as all strive to witness their friends and relatives finish this monumental race because the Boston Marathon Course is one of the most difficult in the world.

Over 500,000 people line the streets from Hopkinton to the finish line cheering everyone on from the man who has pushed his handicapped son in this race for decades to the elite runners who are world class champions. It is both a world class sports event and something special for all who participate.

Over the years I have stood on the sidewalk across from Lord and Taylor's where the second bomb went off cheering on a friend or old acquaintances from times gone past. I cheered a brother as he basically walked by me crippled with cramps but intent on living his dream of finishing the Boston Marathon. I watched a man finish the Marathon with his wife and kids proudly cheering and screaming with the knowledge I introduced him to the woman he loved. I watched him die when the World Trade Center Towers came down on 9/11/2001. He was a friend who knew me in NYC but never knew of my past and we ran with a club through Central Park. I thought of him when i heard about the bombing and the anguish it must have caused his wife since she was on the phone with him when the Tower went down.

I ran when I was younger but never had the ambition to run a marathon.  I ran for the exercise and freedom I felt when I took my early morning runs in the hills or at the beach in California and continued that when I returned to Massachusetts.

When I saw the picture of the 8 year old boy who had his life snuffed out by these evil bastards I saw my nephew who is hos spitting image. I wondered what my older brother must be thinking looking at that picture that so looked like his son a few years ago. That boy's mother and sister were both critically injured by the explosion and lost limbs.

As I watched the video I was amazed and always will be amazed by the courage of the EMTs, police, and many others who ran to the explosion to help rather than away from it for safety. It is one of the things that separates us from these animals that perpetrate these kinds of terrorist attacks. We really do care for our fellow man in times like that. It is a miracle that only three have died but a lot of that is because ordinary people just looked terror in the eye and said screw you and went to the aid of the injured and maimed.  The tourniquets they applied while chaos reigned around them saved many lives.

I guess the worst part for me is these scumbags set the bombs off knowing families and children would be there.  They wanted to maim women and children for terrors sake. Somehow they think this is justified yet they have not taken credit and in fact I believe Al Qaeda has said they had nothing to do with it. I guess worrying about an Obama drone putting a hellfire missile up their ass has been effective.. It is not under any circumstances.

We will catch the terrorists that perpetrated this and they will face a justice system that owes them no mercy if they are arrested. If they are caught by a Seal team or other special ops personnel they should know prisoners are not an option so you are dead. In so many ways I really feel sad for the people that did this because how black does a heart have to be to do this? There is nothing socially redeeming about this yet it happens daily in this world and on Monday it touched America.

We will continue living because it is what we do, so regardless these butchers have lost whether they realize it or not. Justice sometimes can have a blind eye but justice will take its true form and these people will be caught and punished.

The other sad part is many of the people seriously injured will possibly be saddled with millions in medical bills along with incredibly long recoveries and the need to replace lost limbs. How do explain to a child how someone could do this to them. I certainly would not have the words.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oops, He Shouldn't Have Cut It Off

Well it seems we have a case in the great state of Michigan of Transgender regret. Actually it is more a case of medical malpractice but then all these men in dresses and activists are opposed to gate keepers.

Louis Maurice Smith, 77, is suing the State of Michigan to have his birth certificate changed back to male. Mr. Smith had a surgery at 63 or 64 in November 2000 based on the assertion of a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alan Wilson, that Mr. Smith had a Gender Identity Disorder which was challenged by Mr. Smith's Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bostrom who had been treating Mr Smith for a long history of sexual deviancy and had a criminal history of breaking and entering to steal women's panties.

He had surgery with Dr. Schrang and informed Schrang he only wanted his penis and balls removed but did not want a vagina. Under normal circumstances I would assume Schrang would have had the common sense to ask Mr. Smith for another letter or refused to perform the surgery but in the world of sex change medicine the almighty dollar rules and he got his wish.

The entire story can be found in the following link.


Mr. Smith, now 77, wants his birth certificate changed back so he can be considered a man. In so many ways this entire seen is disturbing. Mr. Smith had a long history of problems and was diagnosed with sexual and psychopathic deviance, sociopathy, and paraphilias. It was not until he was 63 that he expressed a desire to be a female yet he did not want a vagina.  If that is not a red flag along with his psychiatric issues I am not sure what a red flag is.

In many ways Mr. Smith got what he thought he wanted and maybe he deserved what he got but somehow this case is just plain wrong and the first one this fool should go after is the quack Plastic Surgeon that told him he had Gender Identity Disorder.  63 year old men do not suddenly decide they should be female and get their way or should not, except of course in this permissive transgender politically correct world where nobody has the right to question Louis when he literally only wants his dick and balls cut off. He probably didn't want the "maintenance" of a vagina.

There will be more and more of these in the future because men are being put on hormones just because they think they suddenly want to be female. I am disappointed that Schrang would perform a surgery of this kind because I have always had high regard for his expertise but he should have been running down the hall holding the red flag and waving it for all to see when told Smith just wanted his dick and balls removed. Maybe he did but according to the story he did as asked.

Again, in many ways I feel sorry for him but one can not legislate against stupidity and in this case it seems nobody could keep Louis Smith from becoming the poster child for a "dickless" man and the poster child for why there really does need to be someone holding the key to the gate.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fellowship of the Miserable

This is the standard mantra of the dipshits on the far left and similar dipshits on the far right. We know them as Communists and Fascists but they exist everywhere. Rick Pitino when he coached the Boston Celtics, poorly I must add, once called some critics the "Fellowship of the Miserable". He probably felt that way because the ping pong ball bounced poorly and Tim Duncan ended up in San Antonio instead of Boston and he knew he was doomed.

There really are people out there that belong to the Fellowship of the Miserable and they are intent on making everyone as miserable and unhappyas they are. If you do not believe how they believe then you are evil and anything bad that happens to you is worth a celebration. Their personal hatred for everything traditional or mainstream is vitriolic and they have the right to say anything about anyone with as much acrimony as they can dish out and nobody on the other side is allowed the right to question them because they are always correct and all-knowing, just ask them.

I believe in a lot of traditional things but I support gay marriage and rights for those born transsexual.  because I refuse to believe that transvestites deserve the right to visit women only spaces, bathrooms can be an exception, I have been called transphobic, a racist, a Nazi, and every other vitriolic comment they can come up with. Most of this has come from Black Swan but some from others. I let them post, June Hingle is the exception, because I believe discussion can lead to something helpful and I admit that I changed my position on bathrooms somewhat because of the discussions.

The fact I am a heterosexual woman seems to really bother some of these nimrods. The fact that I consider myself a Christian that is not enamored with most organized religions has resulted in me being called a Christo Nazi and other things by the resident moron, Suzan, on Women Born Transsexual, and her dipshit partner, Tina. Disagree with these two left wing radical communist anarchists and start ducking because when they have stopped for a moment from their rants about this country and the system that relegated them to a meaningless life because it was not handed to them on a platter they like to label their evil opponents.

The irony of this scenario is that Suzan and her partner believe "Suzan the Hater" has a story worth telling and she is writing a biography that she actually believes people will want to read. It is one of the reasons Suzan ditched the Women Born Transsexual position and is now a full-time transgender supporter although it is doubtful she has the intellectual capacity to truly understand what transgender stands for because she told me "transvestites" were not included. All the booze and drugs obviously killed more than a few operative brain cells but they also did something else, it has given her an extreme hatred for anyone that might have enjoyed their lives or is enjoying their lives and a vicious hatred of those she disagrees with.


Go to the above link to read the about Suzan and her hatred. Rick Warren's son committed suicide and although I am not a fan of his, I do understand it is a horrible tragedy and have sympathy for him and his family. It is this sympathy that separates us humans from the animals although I can think of more than a few animals that might have more compassion than some.

She uses the word Schadenfreude which is German and in English "taking pleasure in the misfortune or distress of others" and is considered one of the worst human personality traits one can have. The irony is the Nazi's used this very word in many of their propaganda speeches when referencing the Jews and those they exterminated. It was not uncommon to see posters in the offices in concentration camps that used Schadenfreude in telling the SS officers and men to basically enjoy the suffering of these people because they deserve it, because they are the cause of the problem. Kind of funny the person that calls others a Nazi is acting like one.


If you can stomach the videos and speak German it is enlightening in a horrible way.

The left wing are also celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher the first female prime minister of Britain primarily because she was not to their liking and some have said because she was not a feminist.  I always find it humorous when a man in a dress bitches about a woman's feminist position. Whether you agree or disagree with Thatcher she was someone's mother, friend, aunt, cousin, and colleague and to relish in another's death is beneath contempt.

People have a right to their own opinion on subjects whether I or you like them or not. Black Swan irritates me but I respect her opinion even if I think she is wrong. I have no respect for people that feel they have the right to laugh at the misfortune of others and spout their radical opinions and then restrict who and what can be posted on their blog in a comment.

I have the same contempt for people that try to shove religion or a religious belief down my throat as I do with people whose abject hatred of religion can be read in their comments on the post above. I am not a fan of any fundamentalist religious beliefs but I certainly find no harm in people finding happiness and a meaning to their life through religion as long as they don't hurt others. Rick Warren has a right to his belief in traditional marriage because this is a democracy whether I agree with it or not.

I like what my mother said when I was in my agnostic stage.

"Just think what it will be like when you die if heaven does exist and god looks a you. Oops, isn't going to cut it but if you have a little faith it will be okay and if there is no higher power then we are all in the same boat anyways."

I guess I sort of like playing the odds although I do have a concrete reason for my belief there is something else after death. I hope I am right but if I am wrong it will not cause me any harm, will it?

There is a "Fellowship of the Miserable" mindset in so many of the radicals on both sides of the debate. Sometimes, I wonder if they have ever had a clue about how to enjoy life. That is silly because how could the Fellowship of the Miserable possibly enjoy life and be that angry and that miserable.