Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Need To Say This about AB1266

Some friends of mine have questioned my support for California Bill AB1266 and there are several reasons but the most important one is personal, very personal. I guess the only way to put it is I lived it back in the 50's when one did not do what kids like me did and the thought of using a girl's room was the farthest thing from my mind.

I have two very close friends that I met and knew in NYC in the late 60's and early 70's that went through something like I did. If I had know earlier that I was transsexual and that help was available it would have saved me from my 4 futile suicide attempts and the two suicide attempts where I nearly succeeded. I used barbiturates stolen from my Grandmother in 5 attempts with the last attempt I attempted to jump into the outbound riptide from a tidal inlet that would have meant certain death due to water temperature and the powerful outbound flow.

Those attempts were not an attempt to get attention but my fear that I would grow up and look like my two brothers. I need not have worried but I did not know. Someone said that I had courage to do what I did. In all honesty it was not courageous but anger and a large dose of Welsh stubbornness.  You will notice that most of the children that transition early are decidedly feminine and it goes beyond "pretty boy". Look at Jazz and some of the other children like Kim Petras.

As children kids like me will do some very dangerous things in order to prove to others we are "really" girls and it can have horrible results. Gwen Arroyo just wanted to be treated and accepted as a girl and was murdered for it. Did Gwen do something stupid? Yes she did, but so didn't most kids like us. I was coerced into playing Jane to a boys Tarzan to spoil a contest held at a local theater.  I claim I did it because a certain boy stood up for me but I would have done it anyways. Why? I thought maybe if they saw me as a girl they would realize I really was a girl. I could have been killed by some if they found out. It was stupid but it changed my life.

It changed my life because I broke down and told the boy playing Tarzan all about me including the fact I "really" was a girl and I would die before I grew up to be a boy. I learned more from him than he learned from me. I had started dressing androgynously when I started the tenth grade because I got abused anyway. I was 12 1/2 and had just lived my summer from hell including several days in Boston Children's Hospital. I had tried to do what they wanted and it did not matter. I was extremely angry and started the androgyny phase and added mascara which for my time was dangerous. I passed for girl better than boy anyway so why not was how I looked at it.

It seemed the boys were confused by me because they saw me as a girl, at first, and since most were 15 or older their collective hormones were raging and I got hit on by boys who did not know me. the weird part was my High School had a very strict dress code where girls had to wear dresses and I cannot tell you how many boys asked why I was not wearing a dress the first few days in High School. Then it got ugly.

It seems boys do not like being attracted to a girl that is not "quite" a girl and confused them so they took their testosterone out on me physically which proves beyond a doubt that males cannot think straight when their hormones and mating urges are running wild. I did not help my cause by adamantly refusing to dance with girls in the joint gym sessions where they taught dancing. Not my smartest move but it seemed right at the time. The gym teacher threatened to flunk me, you weirdly needed to pass gym to graduate, and I had to remind him I tutored his star football player who was the Quarterback for the team. That was a rare moment of bravado.

If I had to use the bathroom I waited until class and had the teacher excuse me so I could avoid boys.  My High School decided they would not have doors on the toilets to prevent smoking so I was open to the world when I sat down to pee. I never peed standing up in my life and I have no idea why to be honest. It just seemed to be the way I should urinate.

The irony of my Jane/Tarzan stupidity is our picture ended up in the paper, they did not expose the fraud, and my mother saw the picture if me and when she came into my room a few days later I figured I was grounded for life or certainly the foreseeable future. She took a picture out of her Wallet and it was of her as a 15 year old girl and I was her and she was me. I think that was the moment my mother stopped trying to find a "cure" for me and it changed our relationship.

It was also the first time I was kissed by a boy and it was in front of 500 screaming teenagers plus no girl forgets the first kiss. Kids like me build walls up around ourselves to ward off the outside world because we want to limit the pain of our existence. Some of us are so good at building up that wall it can last into adulthood with the disastrous side effects of testosterone. My kiss led to a boyfriend and the saving of my life, eventually.

Shortly after this we went on a month long family vacation to England, Scotland, France, Spain and Italy. I had a horrific time when entering England and it had nothing to do with them. Mom said she was with her 3 sons and I muttered I am a girl and my brother Ray agreed and the poor man checking passports looked at them and at me and then my Mom got upset and Ray got upset and I got upset and lots of people witnessed it. I was in tears because I did not want to go for other reasons and I went through this confusion of other every single day and it wears on you.

They were actually quite wonderful and we were ushered through after a short time but I was hurt. We had to catch a plane to Scotland and when I received my boarding pass my name was listed as Elizabeth because that was the name in the paper and Mom said it would be easier on me. When we got to our Bed and Breakfast in Ayr I was happy. Mom had a scheduled meeting with certain interests of our family that wanted some rare artifacts from my Grandmother and we had to go and I ended up being called a "poof" by the woman mom was to meet with. Mom got so mad she told them to F-off and we went into town to eat dinner and when I had to go to the bathroom Mom got up with me and took my hand and led me to the girls room. First thing you notice is girls rooms are much cleaner than boys rooms. If I had used a girls room in High School there is no telling what would have happened.

It turned out as confused as I was the people interacting with me daily were probably as confused in different ways. If they did not know me I was a girl which is what happened for basically an entire month in Europe. Mom decided it was safer if we let people think what they wanted and they thought girl. As a child I was obsessed with being how I should have been but I thought there was no hope. Others around me saw me as the person I knew I was but were frightened and probably weirded out by the simple fact physically I was not a girl.

When we returned to Boston in mid July I had changed. My mother had cut my hair so it was more feminine and other more personal things happened between us. We shared a room while my brothers shared their own room and my mother saw the weirdness of my body pre hormones. Everyone now knew I wanted to be a girl which would seem to the unknowing eye to mean more trouble for me but it did not. I was never touched physically again by another boy and my life actually changed for the better. My mother did not tell me she was writing to Harry Benjamin and it was difficult for her to arrange a meeting for us with him. I never knew this then.

I now had a boyfriend but more important I was subjected to nothing more than an occasional name that usually resulted in someone telling them to shut up because "she" was okay.  He was used as often as she but believe me it meant a lot. My problem was I still had these protective walls built up around myself for protection. They had to come down or basically I was headed for trouble. In some ways it was more difficult because my boyfriend and I found it hard to get any time alone even though I tutored him. It is hard for a kid like me daily watching other girls flirt with Kevin while I had to keep my eyes down and just carry on.

I never realized some girls tried to befriend me because the previous bullying kind of made me paranoid. Kevin started breaking down the barrier but it was difficult. even though I loved him in that silly little girl crush way he was more than that and constantly reminded me not to give up because I still had no idea what I was and that help was available. every time he kissed me it was like an affirmation I was a girl to him and that is important. I never knew then the mental anguish he went through over his attraction to me. I was into myself too much to see his pain which is very sad.

Sometimes the worst people to us can be relatives and I had cousins that hated me passionately. I was seeing another shrink in the fall who was supposed to help me at least try and deal with my feelings but in the middle of November just before our Thanksgiving he called me some really horrible things, got a lot of that from shrinks back then, and on Thanksgiving I had a horrible run in with several cousins and I snapped and then tried to off myself by jumping into the outbound riptide created by a tidal Marsh. I was pulled off the rocks by my boyfriend but as my Grandmother put it they had a fulltime find the "freak" search on. Ironically I nearly did kill myself since I ended up with double pneumonia and a two week stay in the hospital with a full week in Intensive Care.

I felt so out of place and incorrect in High School and in all honesty had always felt that way everywhere. everything was just wrong and sometimes for a kid it is hard to put it to words and I was no different. My family knew how I felt but before the vacation we rarely spoke about it. I think they managed to get through that first year of my pushing gender lines, appearance is gender, by looking the other way or maybe even thinking it was a phase.

The anguish in my life was palpable to me and I was in a constant state of depression along with feeling totally hopeless. Girls had everything I should have had and it hurt in an amazingly visceral way. I was shy but I was not easy to be around and I could be acerbic and nasty if given a chance when faced by someone who was hurting me. I remember this one famous shrink I was sent to when I was young. He was an asshole and mentioned constantly his seminal book he had written so I went to the Library and read his book and the next time we met I ripped his book apart along with him. I remember telling him I don't have mommy issues, like his book espoused about, because I just wanted "to be" a mommy and that was mild compared to what I said. Needless to say that ended my sessions. He was later arrested as a pedophile, who would have thunk that!!

When I recovered from pneumonia I was in a declining state and that forced my mother to make a plea to Dr. Benjamin that they had to somehow make arrangements for us to meet. I knew nothing of this. All I knew was the day before Christmas Kevin gave me my first "girl" Christmas present, a bracelet that was meant for my wrist but I could wear on my ankle. That was pretty moving and on Christmas afternoon my mother put me in the car and drove me to Kevin's house and walked in with me and I got scared. I thought they knew Kevin was my boyfriend and that terrified me for some reason.

When they started talking I knew they knew and I panicked and ran out the front door and they had to find me. I am sure they must have thought I was contemplating another suicide attempt but they found me and it was the beginning of the end of my journey. Before this time I rarely was free enough to dress as a girl although my moms cloths sort of fit but were a shade too big. I liked how I looked but I became more depressed because I knew I would not be allowed to dress as I needed to. It was a product of the times but also I knew dressing did not mean I was a girl. I always knew that. I needed to get rid of a certain appendage.

What happened was several adults decided it might help if I could be me for a while and I went with them to the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec supposedly to allow me to "chill out" in more modern terms. I did not know I was to meet someone who would literally save my life. I spent over two weeks there and met Harry and actually met John Money, an asshole even then, but the biggest change was hormones which I pounded down in larger dosages until Harry got my attention.

Soon everyone at school knew I was this strange thing called a transsexual, since transgender was not a term in existence for us back then. I was raped by my neighbor in February and managed to survive that despite skull fractures and an emergency trip from my local hospital to Massachusetts general for surgery and recovery. I remember none of it except him ripping my cloths off and the first blow to the head. He spent not a single day in jail. It seems my 120 pound body was so threatening to this 6'-2" 240 pound man that he had to defend himself by ripping my clothes off and raping me. It was not much better for girls or women and I "got what I deserved" according to one officer. He got what he deserved because Kevin beat him senseless and he is the only one who ended up in jail. The byproduct was people now had their suspicions confirmed that we were an item and it was hard on Kevin but he handled it like the brave young man he was.

The hormones changed me quickly because they had little testosterone to battle and boys gym was still required and those boys got quite an eyeful because white gym shorts and a white tee-shirt hid nothing. That ended any issues I had in High School but it did not end my High School memories.

My mother convinced me to go to my 10th High School reunion and it was one of the better experiences in my life. I was finally me and that picture on my blog is what I looked like then and earlier and actually you might recognize me if you met me now from it. I went to that reunion with some evil intent because there was one boy who hurt me a lot. I had this thought where I would seduce him and tell him so I could hurt him but he had no clue it was me and nobody else did either.

People see what they want to see and even though the trouble stopped in my Junior and Senior years they never saw the real me. What they saw was something they could rationalize. Several teachers knew I was there and finally this one fellow "geek", now a hunk, recognized me and the look on his face was kind of priceless in so many ways. I danced with him and he would not have told anyone but I decided to leave after I visited the ladies Room and told him it was okay to tell several of his friends who I was. Initially I was this tall redhead with striking blue eyes dressed to the nines and looking quite good I must admit.

Well he told one person and in seconds everyone knew and when I came out to leave I faced the entire reunion and something really weird happened. That one boy who had hurt me brutally walked up with tears streaming down his face telling me how sorry he was. It was the day I realized other kids get us if they know the truth and it was the day I learned to forgive. I was not good at forgiveness before that day.

I ended up sitting and talking with many of them for several hours. I learned that many of the girls actually tried to befriend me but I was too walled up to realize it. The irony of this was a few weeks earlier I had done a television show in Philadelphia and a mother came up asking how to help her child who was just like me. I had directed them to Harry who was there and I decided on that evening I had to help that family because I had the money and actually the need to give back.

She was the first of the ten kids I have been involved in helping through this nightmare and it may surprise some but it is better for the child to be out and open about themselves, within reason, because all of these kids were and usually are exceedingly feminine and nobody should face what I and others went through. Trying to hide yourself is just too dangerous because of the confusion it causes others and sometimes the reaction to confusion is ugly.

I remember vividly how wonderful I felt as my body changed the way a girl body should. I got to go through a girl puberty without menstruation and its issues although I must admit menstruation was an issue I wish I had been required to deal with. I asked my close friend Lena to help and we began our methodology of helping kids like us. We found that kids seemed to get it and the real problem was parents but we also learned to quietly work within the system to get Schools and parents on the child's side.

We found that parents that met the child almost immediately after sitting down with her and her parents either totally changed their minds or just sort of backed off and made no trouble. It is hard for any parent to hurt another child that is in no way a threat to them or their children. Toilets were a big issue and usually the school set aside a private toilet but almost universally something strange happened.

Because the child was now socializing as a girl they had girlfriends and in every case eventually her girlfriends coaxed them into the girls room because after all it was where they should go.  You cannot jam things down peoples throats but they are willing to understand and to learn and it is universal. How universal is interesting.

Lena found this amazing kid in an area of Alabama that I wanted an armed guard for protection because redneck was above them in my mind. It was a small farming community and it was the local protestant ministers kid. I have no idea how she found this child but to this day she is hands down the most stunningly beautiful girl we have ever helped. She had two chances to pass as a boy and they were slim and none and slim had long since left town. Her father tried to hide her but they wanted to help her also because she had said she was a girl from the day she began speaking according to them.

I was in Alabama for some Civil Rights demonstrations in the 60's and had spent 5 miserable days in Huntsville at our Rocket facility doing testing and I was so afraid of Huntsville it took several flyboys and some techs to convince me to eat in a Restaurant with them. Those rednecks scared the crap out of me.

She flourished in that little community. They opened their arms to her because it was so obvious she was a girl only a blind man could not see it but if he talked with her he would have. Like most of our kids she had SRS at 18 and went to Alabama as a girl. Once it was over, except for her husband, it was never something she thought she had to talk about. If it works there it will work anywhere.

I see AB1266 as the first step and the most important step to helping kids like me and some of you to a safer and more sociable childhood. SRS should be covered by insurance and no kid that needs it should be denied it. Allowing transsexual children to socialize as girls is beyond important. My socialization as a girl began in college where my mentor Karen pulled me into her circle of friends and it was invaluable. I was able to talk openly about all the things girls talk about starting with boys and sex and all of the relationships girls build over time. It helped me become a better girl and socializing as a girl helps transsexual children.

I must admit I am opposed to parading them around the television and Transgender chicken circuit like some trophy but parents need to do what they need to do to survive this. All of the scare tactics aimed at the bill are silly and inaccurate in my opinion. Other boys are not going to transition so they can ogle girls in the girls locker room. It just will not happen and they "will have to transition" to gain access and anyone that thinks otherwise has their head firmly planted about a foot up their asshole.

It is tough enough dealing with this as a child when your whole world seems askew and nothing makes sense and nobody will listen to you. I see more and more kids starting hormones early. They fight for them and if they do not fight for them then maybe they are not transsexual but it does not mean they are predators. Maybe they are gay or a transvestite or whatever but they are children and they do not need to be shit on. I know what that feels like and it leads to ugly life situations.

If my time allowed me to transition I would have done it instantly. I got to sort of do that in Quebec but coming back to Boston and going back to androgyny usually resulted in a two day cry. Look at jazz or the other young girls like her. They are so clearly girls and they have not even started hormones but I will take all wagers they will. Despite what others might think it is we as children that drives this. I pushed every limit I could and was threatened multiple times in school because of how I dresses and the minimal makeup but I had my Grandmother in my back pocket because she could screw with me but nobody else had better. It is part of that Gaelic family thing.

Could the bill be worded better? Yes it could but it is worth it just as it is. Transsexual and even transgender children need the protection to find themselves and you cannot find yourself in the shadows hidden from sight. All that does is drive you into a deep depression and I know what can happen when that happens.

There will always be assholes that call you names because kids do that but once you know they know who you really are it really does roll off you like water off a ducks back. The words do not hurt as badly because you are yourself.

I do not know if it is possible to transition too early but I do know that transitioning too late is just bad because the damage is both physical and psychological. Harry once told me better too many get SRS than too few and I think it is also better that kids transition too early than too late. The younger you are the less transitioning seems an issue. Kids just seem to "be" rather than "think" about it. There is nothing that can come from that but good because "being" a girl is really what it is all about. To kids pretending has nothing to do with it. Sadly that is not true with some adults.

I doubt you will see any issues with lockers or girls teams since most kids are on blockers now and transsexual children want those blockers and the estrogen or testosterone they need to be free. Denying these children anything that allows them to be more completely girls is basically a form of child abuse but then transsexual children have become a political football that many in the Transgender community want to use to leverage the system to get rights they as men do not deserve but then that is what men do, push women around all too often.

I understand the fear some have but this is for K-12 and it is the right thing to do and it is something these children need. A society is always or should be judged by how it treats the children in its society. These children need this protection.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Horrible Miscarriage of Justice

This pathetic lowlife piece of garbage raped a 14 year old girl in 2008. She committed suicide just before the original trial was to begin. 14 year old girls cannot have sex with 40+ year old men and this was rape. In a bizarre moment the judge said the following when he sentenced the lowlife to 15 years but with all but 31 days suspended and he said the following;

the victim was "older than her chronological age" and "as much in control of the situation" as the teacher.

Here is the article.

My older brother lives in the area and I heard about this case when I was visiting for about a month earlier this summer. The outrage is palpable in the area according to my brother. If he survives his 30 days in jail he would be well advised to leave Montana or face some old-time frontier justice.

This judge perpetrated the stereotypical view of a rape victim from long ago. I was raped and the man who raped me when I was 14 never spent a single day in jail.

If there is justice he will be someone's bitch in jail but I doubt it because pedophiles, it is what he is, are protected in jail. It is about time they were in the general population. I feel the same way about a man that murders a woman and now wants the taxpayer to give him a sex change. He murder a woman and now he thinks he should get this?

I have been told by some that they should do it and then stick him in Framingham State Prison for women in Massachusetts because he would not last a week. There are more than afew in there for killing men that viciously abused them.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bradley Manning

I have spent a lot of my life working as a consultant for the DOD and the US Navy. Some of the most important work I have done in my life, after Houston, was the work I did with these people. It is taken me all over the world and has resulted in me landing on Nimitz Class Carriers and having my ass catapulted off them. It has also resulted in my presence several times in the Middle East in combat situations.

I was safe and sound tucked away in 100,000 tons of steel but I worked closely with the men and women that flew the missions and made the ship run smoothly and these young men and women and even boys and girls are examples of what is good. They do their jobs and both the pilots and the deck crews risk their lives daily working long shifts.

You might be surprised to know that from the top Officers down they absolutely hate war because they are the ones that fight it. I have watched the helicopter crews sneak into the dark with those special people on board. I have watched as those same crews scrambled to rescue others that were wounded or down and the one thing you do not do is betray the trust of the person next to you in the plane, next to you on the deck, next to you in Command, next to you in a ground fire fight, or next to you in Intelligence. It is the one single code that if broken is beneath contempt and Manning broke that code. He betrayed those he served with and he betrayed his country.

His leaked information has been found in the hands of terrorist operatives and whether it helped them and hurt our men and women is never going to be revealed but clandestine operations were halted and loss of intelligence can lead to our soldiers dying.

Lest you forget who they are fighting maybe you need to be reminded. They are fighting "animals" that think they have the right to shoot a girl in the head for wanting an education; they believe they have the right to burn girls alive as they attend school; they believe they have the right to throw acid in a girls face because she does not fit their image of how she should be; they believe deliberately murdering women and children is justifiable in the name of their god; they believe it is a woman's fault if she is raped; women are considered behind their animals. They are bullies, murderers, and exclusively male unless they can dupe a woman into a suicide run.

When we pull out I would not want to be female in Afghanistan. War is horrible but our soldiers are not allowed to shoot first under any circumstances.  I bet you did not know that. Under engagement rules they even have to announce themselves when they engage known terrorists in a house. Our Special Ops people have to treat terrorists "kindly" and it has killed many of our Special Operations people.  Manning blew the whistle on the friendly fire incident where the reporter(s) were accidentally killed but it was already under investigation. In combat friendly fire is as dangerous as the enemy sometimes in a firefight. Combat is chaos and mistakes are made. Some of the worst cases of PTSD are soldiers that found out they killed comrades accidentally.

The DOD takes friendly fire incidents seriously and they are investigated, particularly since the death of the former NFL player. Manning was arrested and stopped while planning to release more intelligence and nobody knows how damaging that could have been.

Manning was lucky he was tried in a Military Tribunal and not a Federal Court because his 35 years will probably get him out in 7+ years where he would have served the full 35 if tried in a Federal Court. The other thing you need to realize is 35 years was a lot of time and he got that because the Judge certainly has a better idea of what damage he did so take that into account. Military Judges are not known to hand out stupid sentences.

Manning wanted to be famous and was certainly after attention when he leaked these documents to Wikileaks. He could have gotten out of the military quite easily by simply telling them he was gay which was what he said and his lawyer said today. DADT was still in effect when he leaked these documents. If he is truly "trans" that would have also gotten him out. Why did't he try to get out?

Now we have Mr. Manning claiming to be transgender but it seems to be unknown which branch of transgender he wants to hang his hat on. I realize most of the Transgender Activists are too freaking stupid to realize this is not a transgender issue or person whose side you want to take unless of course you are an anarchist or flaming left-wing liberal that believes the US is evil and some kind of Colonial power intent on ruling the world.

Manning will not get any hormones or surgery nor will he transition in his military prison because he is still in the service. To most Americans Manning is not a sympathetic individual because of his actions but when both he and his lawyer imply that his so-called transgender situation was the root cause of his problems then one needs to say bullshit because that is what it is.

The military will never let him transition or get hormones but I guess he could become someones "bitch" in the slammer and get some "experience" as a woman but somehow I kind of doubt that was in his plans but then again I could be wrong.

In my opinion Manning got off easy but then I expect him shortly to claim he is transsexual so he can get some sympathy. I can see all the transgender activists lining up to celebrate another Transgender Icon and this time many of you will be correct because he "really" is just like you and you can thankfully have him.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt Update -- Bail revoked

Kaitlyn Hunt violate a court order and was texting or sexting with the underage child in violation of a court deal while she awaits trial. The Judge was so upset her bail was revoked and as of Tuesday she is back in hail. Part of the deal was no contact with her underage lover. There alos seem to have been explicit images.

I guess when you are no longer the flavor of the month the GLBT community doesn't care since little has been said about this development this week. I was hoping they could reach a sensible agreement but it appears that is not going to happen.

Here is the Hunt family side through their attorney.

Monday, August 19, 2013

More Thoughts on AB1266

I need to comment on a comment made by Autumn Sandeen on the previous blog post but I need a complete post to do it. I appreciate the comments and as most know I welcome even Sandeen's comments in an attempt to keep an open dialog except for a loon in Connecticut all are welcome to post.

I mean no offense to anyone that reads this blog but on the subject of transsexual children you are all clueless because quite bluntly none of you have ever lived the experience these children are going through.  I have lived them personally and a friend and I have shepherded 10 young transsexuals into their adult female selves. Anything that helps any kid is worth the risk and I see little downside although I have some reservations I will keep an eye on.

I need to make several comments on Autumn's comment so here goes. Sandeen said the following:

One is the sad reality is that transsexual has the word "sex" in the middle of it, as well as the related reality of having the term transsexual being coopted by the porn industry. Last I read a few years ago, transsexual and she-male labeled porn is fastest growing sector in the porn industry. As such, much of what males in American society know about transsexual women is the false impression that much of transsexual porn gives of transsexual women.

That is a stupid reason for denying the use of the correct medical term transsexual. We change sex, we do not change gender. You tools in the Transgender Activists union constantly try to remind us that gender is fluid and cannot be accurately defined in the binary yet you then claim it is "gender reassignment surgery" until you changed it to "gender confirmation surgery" which by your own usage is not definable because gender is too fluid but then that is what you wanted, wasn't it? Just how do you perform gender surgery. Is that the same as changing from boy mode to girl mode? Does  a nice set of EEE implants qualify? Gender has always been cultural and would still be without the misinformation being spread by people like Sandeen.

The reason Benjamin used transsexual is "because" we changed sex or crossed over to another sex and by the way all the children that are born transsexual and are transitioning are primarily heterosexual females so boys and sex "are" important to them as it was to me. Just to make it clear the word sex in transsexual is not about intercourse but simply recognizing that we change sex.

So you read transsexual and she male porn was fast growing so that makes it necessary to deny the term transsexual? What a crock of horse manure and I see lots of that here on this ranch but yours smells to high heaven. Well gay porn is big business and growing quickly so maybe we should start using some other word to describe them. Not likely is it?

The only males that seek out she male porn are the tranny chasers and the gay men that want to make themselves believe they are not gay, they are one and the same by the way. It is minuscule and of little relevance except maybe for your pal Monica Roberts who calls herself transgender but is in fact a she-male because and I quote, "her men like her 7 inch neoclit (dick)". The only men that like dicks on women are gay men and that is a simple fact so maybe you should consider using another name other than transgender which by the way is now the word of choice for the she-males who once pretended to be transsexual and now pretend to be transgender or actually fit under the umbrella.

The term transsexual also has the imagery of sex change operations -- which many in society, as we know, consider icky and weird. When the term transsexual is used in conjunction with children and youth, the mental image of many social conservatives have is what they consider to genital mutilation of 5-year olds genitalia.

Another crock of horse manure. The only ones that consider it "icky and weird" are people like you and your pals and certain nutjobs. Pat Robertson supports SRS and considers us female and acceptable afterwards as do many social conservatives so your silly attempt to rationalize not using transsexual because it upsets others is a pile of crap. It upsets you because you are not in favor of SRS. In fact I believe maintenance issues were why you did not get it but we know the truth. Not one single person thinks a 5 year old child's genitals are going to be mutilated. If they do then they are as dumb as a fence post and do not count.

It is just another canard floated by the transgender flunkies in order to justify the usage of transgender.

Here is another quote that is interesting.

It's good to keep in mind that Christine Jorgensen embraced the term transgender (spelled as she did, trans-gender) to specifically refer to transsexual people. From the Winnipeg Free Press on October 18, 1979: 
"'If you understand trans-genders,' she says, (the word she prefers to transsexuals), 'then you understand that gender doesn’t have to do with bed partners, it has to do with identity.'"

I was raped by a man in February of 1960, just after I started hormones, and I suffered serious injuries and Dr. Benjamin asked my mother to bring me to NYC in April of 1960 because even though he visited me in Mass General he was worried.  14 year old kids like me can have trouble getting over something like that. He brought me there because he wanted to meet with my mother and me to discuss my treatment regimen and he wanted me to meet someone.

I met that someone in a private room in his offices with my mother and it was Christine Jorgensen. The irony was I had no idea who she was which amused her no end. It took my mom and Harry several minutes to explain that I was talking to a grownup me. She invited me to write to her if I had questions or concerns and we stayed in touch until shortly before her death in 1989. Not one time did she ever use the term transgender or trans-gender in her writings and always considered herself transsexual. Her assistant or manager did suggest I could write less than 5 times a week

Maybe in real life, since she made her living being Christine Jorgensen, it was convenient to glom onto transgender to further her career. For what it is worth she never used that word in any letter written to me.

Transgender does have a meaning regarding an umbrella term when the term is used within broader communities -- including LGBT/LGBTQIA community and their subcommunities -- but it's not the same meaning that's used within legislative and regulatory contexts.
That is a lie and you know it. Transgender has one meaning and that is as an umbrella term that includes transvestites, she-males, drag queens etc. and when the word transgender is specified then they are covered by the law. Show me anywhere where it is legally defined that Transgender has a different meaning in the law and in the general public. Not even Black Swan is silly enough to make that argument.

Transsexuals have a sex identity problem and since they almost universally consider themselves female they are not facing a gender identity problem. Gender identity has been co-opted so badly that transvestites and she males now claim they have the same gender identity issue they casually claim transsexuals have whenever it is convenient to use the word transsexual as you have many times including when you had your castration performed.

Transsexual is dragged out when the tough questions are asked about transgender. or when convenience requires it and it is used by all of you self appointed activists. You need the implication that transgender means transsexual and your comment proves this very point.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

California Bill AB1266 -- Gender Identity Student Rights Bill

The text of the bill can be found here.

First, no bill or amendment is ever perfect and neither is this one but I support it.

I would have felt better if it was defined as a Transsexual Rights addendum to the original bill but that will never happen in a liberal state like California. Personally I have no issues with any laws that help kids in K-12 that are transsexual or transgender/transvestite. I will tell you why after I discuss my few reservations on the bill.

Personally I believe a provision should require the student be under the care of a doctor but having said that I find it difficult to believe the parent(s) of any student in K-12 would let their child transition, which should be added also, and then submit the child to that crap without a medical exam and access to a therapist. The simple fact it restricts this access to areas designated female to students limits the probability of any transgressions. Transgressions are possible but highly unlikely since kids are decidedly different than adults. I do understand the concerns of some but since the child must have a gender identity condition and this must be public it means they must have transitioned. If they have transitioned in school they have more courage than you can possibly imagine and nobody is going to transition on a lark.

I am ambivalent about the ability of trans kids to play for the sports team of their new gender identity even though I believe they should be on blockers, at a minimum, when they reach high school. I just do not see this as an issue since the individual will have to be transitioned and if they have transitioned they are more interested in being accepted as girls or boys than making waves or calling undo attention to themselves is counterproductive. Could it happen? Yes, but it has not in many school districts where this has been the local rule for some time. I believe if it happens then the situation may need review but I just do not see it being an issue.

Along with protecting transsexual and transgender children this bill helps them be who they are. I have little fear that a male will transition and go through that hassle and then have to stay transitioned to try out for a girl's team just so they can "hurt" girls. I cannot see it happening.

If it helps people understand those born transsexual or even transgender better then it is good and besides the only ones that will transition at that age are those born transsexual and as someone that was out about that part of my life from 13 1/2 to 25 when I had surgery I can tell you fitting in is more important than sticking out. Since there are few if any surgeons that will perform SRS until children reach 18, although 17 is a possibility, I see most of this as harmless because those born transsexual rarely do anything stupid.

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and helping transsexual and transgender kids of any age is that part of the bigger picture for me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Illusions and Delusions or Silly Men in Dresses

Why is it that some dumb man has a late life crisis when his testosterone fades away and transitions and suddenly becomes the world's leading expert on all things related to be transsexual, transgender or trans and also immediately decides they are the "perfect" role model for everyone, including transsexuals, and promotes themselves as such???

Okay, that is a long sortof question but in so many ways it is the root of the problem facing the transsexual and transgender community. They are typical of all men in the way they "think" about women. They are "men" so they believe we need to be told what is good or not good for us because we are incapable of knowing that ourselves.  They know everything about what it means to be a woman because after all they have been fucking us for 40 of the 50 or 60 years on the planet so why not fuck us  some more.

These men have been transvestites their entire lives, if they will admit to it, and their delusion and the illusionary image they have of women can be viewed and read about at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others in the transgender/transvestite reading sections. They see themselves as us with massive boobs, any woman will tell you too bug sucks by the way, a tiny waist, a shirt skirt and 6 in stiletto heels with long blonde hair with pouting lips. Their view of themselves is the same caricature of women they have believed in their entire lives.

Women are objects to be controlled and ordered around and just because they are men in dresses does not remove their right to tell us how we should look, dress, and act. They dream about being a woman without ever wanting to be a woman because it is an illusion and a fantasy that is the transvestite life. Being a woman is hard work since we get the short end of just about everything but not for these "wonderful" men in the short skirts, big boobs and silly wigs because they play at it yet they tell us how to live our lives.

These  men in dresses (MIDs) are the ones pushing we are all the same because it is beneficial to them because now they can freely go out with the "other gurls" to some comedy club and get read by the freaking blind man in the corner bit nobody dare say a word or out come the Political Correctness Police and the lawyers because their egos were bruised.  They walk into a woman's sauna area and expose their dick and hairy balls and are outraged that other women are upset by their presence and claim it is a teaching moment where they can teach these silly, stupid, uninformed females that they are as female as them because they say so.

These assholes denigrate women and those of us born transsexual at every turn because I know not one single transsexual that was or is preop  that would do some of the stupid shit these MIDs do. All MIDs are incapable of understanding the fear most women have of men invading their private spaces because simply put, "how could an man understand it". Men do not get raped by women. If a man gets accosted by a woman and fucks her it is considered a good night. Having been raped as a child I know the terror of a man physically assaulting you as he rapes you against your will and it will always be with me along with the indentations in my skull where they operated on me to release the pressure on my brain because I had multiple skull fractures.

They scoff at these worries put forth by women because quite honestly as men they know they would not do anything to harm us but they speak for themselves and they fail to realize the dangers that every woman has faced in her lifetime. We are physically inferior to men and unless we have a good weapon we cannot defend ourselves against a man.

Physical violence is perpetrated against women all the time and it is something we live with every day of our lives. Men do not face that in their lives because they are the aggressor in the vast majority of cases. Dating for a girl is potentially dangerous while it is not for men unless they come across a black widow which is extremely rare.

These MIDs keep their jobs they earned as men and in most cases want to keep the wife because what straight man wants to be penetrated like a woman? Certainly not them as the vast majority will push the meme that they are asexual and sex is not important to them and they are literally horrified when asked why and are outraged when asked if they have had SRS since what is between their legs does not matter.

In a way they are right about that if one is exclusively talking about "gender" because they are transgender. They are so confused they mix the concept of gender and sex and have even managed to blur the lines in certain dictionaries because it is part of their con game to get human rights for MIDs who are of course discriminated against because those who have a clue do not accept them as women. They are really good at obfuscating the truth about the differences between those born transsexual and the transgender umbrella. They push the image that transgender is sortof like transsexual and the implication is that is who the laws are for.

Janice Covington is a Democrat and was elected to represent North Carolina as the first openly transgender delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Listen to the interview of Covington by one of our local stations.

In April, Covington said she joined the Mecklenburg County Democratic Women's Association, paid her dues and attended her first meeting.
It was at that meeting that she said someone representing themselves from the State Democratic Women's Association told her she could not be a member because of her gender.
"To be told that I would be better suited in the men's auxiliary is really a slap in the face to me," said Covington.

This source adds some interesting information to the storyline.

Covington alleges that Concetta Caliendo, who serves as vice president of the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina, questioned her membership in the organization.
Caliendo is a longtime lesbian activist and Democratic Party supporter. In addition to her role at the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina, Caliendo is also first vice president and president-elect of Democratic Women of North Carolina. She also served on Charlotte’s Democratic National Convention Host Committee last year 

I know as a fact that Caliendo was not the only one that wanted Covington out. Covington is a classic MID and I certainly wish Covington no ill will but Covington is still packing his penis and balls and is identifying as lesbian. Now what did Covington think would happen with someone like Caliendo? Covington is a walking affront to every lesbian in existence.

Read this little tidbit by Covington. 

There are several tidbits that are quite humorous and obviously beyond belief. Covington of course identifies as a role model and an activist for "trans" rights. Wow, I bet that brings a smile to the Transgender Community. Notice how Covington said "weak" about other transgender representatives. Wow, are we getting a case of his dick is bigger than the others?

Here Covington talks about drag and by implication and comments in the article seems to say he is a drag queen. Well drag queens are part of the transgender umbrella but I bet the democrats didn't realize they elected one. Political Correctness gone crazy!!!

The other thing that irritates me is when MIDs seem to think they somehow have the right to enlighten everyone on what being born transsexual really means. This individual seems to believe we are all just crossdressers of some sort. Cyrsti is an interesting character and transitioned at 62, claims to have anyway, and started hormones after going to a therapist. Cyrsti is in general harmless and like most on T-Central obsessed with men in dresses and femulation as another poster calls it.

Now Crysti has never lived as a woman other than going to her local bar where they obviously know Cyrsti is a guy. Kind of like the drag queen in "Crocodile Dundee". He believes we are all just crossdressers and that again fits the Transgender paradigm where we are all the same which is silly but then I really think they know this. It was illegal to crossdress in my time so I was decidedly feminine in appearance and pushed the cloths issue as far as I dared. It was what we did when I was a kid and what my friends did. We were girls and being a boy was so alien to us it is kind of hard to explain. Crysti and her fellow MIDs crossdress because it gives them pleasure or release and helps their gender issues. We cross-dressed because our physical sex was wrong. Big difference. Crysti is entitled to her opinion but she lacks both the experience and the credibility to make such a statement.

The other stupid man in a dress I need to address is this individual  who is the headline note on T-Central and makes another silly and dopey statement. Diana is another MID and transitioned sometime in 2006 or 2007 and is still packing the male equipment. You might remember Diana as the fool that went swimming in the ocean and lost her wig when a wave knocked it off. Unfortunately it failed to knock sense into Diana.

Diana was a self proclaimed activist before Diana transitioned and is of course a leading expert on all things transgender and it seems transsexual also. Diana in the post featured on T-Central makes the claim that regardless of the amount of surgery we have, including SRS, we will never really be anything but transwomen because of course that fits Diana since Diana is packing Those precious male jewels.

I guess I have the advantage of always being female in my mind anyways and having zero life experience as a male. Even in Houston not a soul believed I was a boy and in fact it was an ongoing point of conversation for the 3 1/2 years I worked there. I had my surgery and nobody has ever questioned my past although more than a few knew about it. Unlike Diana I worked as a woman, was married twice to men, raised a daughter as a woman, and am a grandmother to my grandchildren. My entire sex life was as a woman although I did date several boys and one man before SRS but they knew the truth as did both my husbands.

Since you have not a single life experience as a woman physically capable of interacting as one you have no fucking clue. When asked about my daughter I tell friends I adopted her and she was my first husband's daughter by his first wife. If asked I simply say I could not have children and believe me when I tell you other women do not cross that line and ask why because they know the pain that would cause them and they knew it hurt me badly as it would any woman.

You are a "transwoman" because you have not crossed over to the other side and never will because being completely female is not something you could handle. I would have gladly accepted menstruation and menstrual cramps because it would have meant I could have had children as a woman but you fools cannot understand that and never will.

You think you understand women but you understand women from a male perspective. The only patriarchy involved is from people like you because you have a dick and balls. Your view of the world is entirely male and it is as clear as your male pattern baldness. You can never be a woman and will never be accepted as a woman because of your dick and balls and you can change every law in the land but nobody will accept you if they are honest with you because you have not taken the step needed, SRS.

Even Conservative Evangelist Pat Robertson understands what SRS means and that we are women but he also understands that you are not a woman because you say you are. I do not wish you any harm but your kind of drivel is dangerous for those born transsexual because we need this to be a medical condition and comments and posts like that and what you say when you do your activist thing can harm children who are born transsexual because being a girl and then a woman is what every MTF transsexual child wants.

Your kind of stupidity hurts everyone that has had SRS because you want them to be less than what they are because you are less than what you should be. I stopped being transsexual in early 1971 in a surgical suite when four surgeons corrected my birth defect. My surgery was quite the circus as it was attended by 30-40 other doctors and staff from the hospital in the viewing area which I did find odd even though it was a teaching hospital. I asked if I got a discount for the peanut gallery and he commented my blood pressure was 100% normal for me and asked why i was not nervous. I was not nervous because I would either die on the operating table or wake up a girl and I made him promise I would wake up a girl.

That is what it means to be born transsexual you troglodyte. I was lucky because I was the first and my doctor had 3 other top surgeons helping him as did my friend who was operated on a day later. You have not one single clue about being a female or a woman yet you believe you can somehow label us like you label yourself. You can never be accepted as a woman because you are not a woman but I and many others like me have lived rather remarkable lives as just another girl and then a woman. Whether we are straight or lesbian we find a partner and just live. You did that as a man and are incapable of just being a woman because it is alien to your entire life because you have viewed us through male eyes and they are biased eyes. Please do not hand me the "I was an undercover woman all those years" because it strains what little credulity you have.

I would have no problem if you simply stated we like to dress a women but we are not women but we all know that will never happen. You need those born transsexual to hide behind and now hiding behind us is not enough. We are now required to allow ourselves to be described as crossdressers and not really women by a group of penis packing men and somehow this is the gospel according to some men who have been brain damaged by testosterone.

Your little story about the 30 year post op is total bullshit because she could not have adopted children because they background check extensively and credit bureaus only keep 10 years worth of records so there is no chance they found out unless your mythical friend never changed her name or social security card but then adoption would have been impossible and a joint tax return and marriage were impossible.

Just a bunch of silly old men in dresses trying to make victims out of those that have a life. Not happening assholes!!