Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoe Alan Brain had Retractable Bits!!!

First I need to add this qualifier. I know the following is factual from multiple sources.

  1. Zoe Brain has never been checked by a medical professional for any intersex condition.
  2. Zoe Brain did not suffer from any sudden feminization.
  3. Zoe Brain is not a Rocket Scientist now nor ever.
  4. Zoe Brain has hurt the understanding of the intersex.
  5. Zoe Brain has delusions of grandeur. 

It just came to my attention that Zoe Brain managed to lie her way onto an Australian show called the The Hungry Beast on ABCTV Australia. Zoe was on with a truly intersex young girl of 23 but what Zoe Brain says is not only beyond belief but insulting to those truly born intersex.  She claims now that she suffers from Ideopathic Partial Sex Reversal and that within 3 months she changed from a mildly intersex male to an intensely intersex woman. This is utter bullshit since Zoe Brain has never had any tests done for any intersex condition and now denies she ever thought of herself as transsexual.

This was invented by Zoe Brain herself because there are no recorded cases nor is there any medical evidence such condition is possible and sex reversal is not something hormones do.  Hormones feminize but sex change is an operation and body parts, genital ones in particular, do not "retract" into the body. She is so fucking stupid she actually misspelled idiopathic which is beyond humorous.

Most of the little information found on this fantasy intersex condition was put on the internet by Zoe Brain  herself. Initially Zoe Brain was 46 XXY or some form of that but she came up with this new claim by herself . There are no cases listed in any reputable medical journals describing this condition and it certainly does NOT happen over a 3 month span and does not change a man into a woman.  It is bullshit and junk science.

Brain first started this crap in 2005 and the delusion has grown. The body cannot go from male to female in 3 months. The body cannot process the amount of female hormones required to change or feminize someone and I defy ANYONE to look at a picture of Zoe Brain then or now and show me one fucking single sign of feminization.

I had trouble watching the YouTube video but the internet has been in snail mode here in North Carolina for the last few days. I suggest keeping a waste basket handy because you might want to throw up.


Sagebrush said...

I guess The Hungry Beast is not a bastion of journalistic integrity. They don't seem to have done *any* homework. Just took people at their word.

At least in Natalie's case, she had tests. An ultrasound. Hormone tests. Funny how you don't hear anything about that sort of thing from Zoe.

It's too bad there is such a term as "intersex," because it makes it seem that these dozens of conditions are somehow related when they really are not.

I've written before about physical "feminization." Some men have conditions that cause things like gynecomastia and changes in genitalia. If they are non-transsexual, like most people, they consider these things pathological, something to be treated. They're men with body problems. Gynecomastia neither causes nor compels a sex change!

Only someone who was born transsexual would consider physical changes induced by hormonal shifts to be desirable. And an actual change of sex is still totally separate from those physical changes.

Anonymous said...


I know this may be off topic, but what is the state of post-op women in North Carolina? Do we have the right to marry there? Same sex marriage is already illegal in your state. The "Marriage Protection Amendment" that just passed there appears to have broader reaching effect to not only define marriage only between one man and one woman, but to eliminate civil unions and domestic partnerships for same sex couples. Does this amendment effect post-op women's rights?

What is Return America's stance on a man that marries a post-op woman in North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

"I suggest keeping a waste basket handy because you might want to throw up."

Thanks for the warning! THAT was so hard to watch, I just couldn't finish it.

I've read much of what Zoe has written at times. I used to think she was pretty knowledgeable. This is the first time I've heard or seen her.

Now, I find myself believing she's fruit-looped!


Elizabeth said...


The irony for Zoe Brain, Rocket Scientist, NOT, is she is so fucking stupid she actually does not realize even if such a thing was possible, it is not as she describes it, she would still want to be a man and it should have disturbed her.

Bringing her son into it with the "watching daddy change into a woman" is such rubbish because where are the physical changes? I do not see any feminization and IMHO I do not see even the slightest feminization from estrogen.

Zoe of course never fought anything because she stated I had a career etc. and this was such a shock to her. The sad part is there are intersex kids out there that need help and this dipshit ends up representing them.

Zoe was probably just another late transitioner that tried to hoodwink the wife into believing it was not her fault in an attempt to keep the wife.

Elizabeth said...


I was disappointed Amendment One was slaughtered but I registered to vote and voted for it. People have the right to vote the way they want. It will eventually be resolved in the US Supreme Court but it was a stupid Amendment and will really hurt a lot of people that do not deserve hurting. IMHO it is a clear case of religion invading politics but I am one person. The problem is you cannot legislate against stupid.

Ironically I actually know several members of Return America because they are neighbors. For what it is worth they thought Talakova was a beautiful young girl and should be allowed to compete. They certainly know nothing of my history but since I am a woman and like men and have married men that fits there one man and one woman philosophy.

North Carolina - North Carolina law allows amendment of a birth certificate for persons who have received gender reassignment surgery. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 130A- 118(b)(4) (2008). In Matter of Lovo-Lara, 23 l&N Dec. 746 (BIA 2005), the Board held that North Carolina recognized a marriage as valid and heterosexual where one of the spouses had received gender reassignment surgery and her birth certificate had been amended to reflect her changed sex

North Carolina allows marriage for us.

Sagebrush said...

Yes, Zoe's inclusion just completely muddled the issue. What's so hard about admitting to being transsexual (if indeed it's true)? There can be hormonally caused mid-life body changes, but not hormonally caused mid-life sex changes. She does indeed cause damage by what she writes (and now says).

It's bad that Natalie couldn't have gotten a diagnosis sooner. That's physician failure. I'm glad that she did eventually have tests and get to find out what was up with her.

Swyer is an interesting syndrome. In utero, her body and brain would not have been exposed to testosterone and DHT, so she is physically female. But then the next big burst of hormones at puberty did not happen for her because streak gonads produce no hormones of any kind. So it's not surprising that she has no strong feelings of being either female or male, although she is anatomically (in most ways) female.

I wonder if she is being treated. The usual treatment is hormone replacement therapy (including progestin), not because there is anything shameful about having Swyer but because total lack of sex hormones puts a person at risk for osteoporosis.

Maybe I'll check out her blog. I imagine it's got more real information in it than this TV program did.

Sagebrush said...

The entry in Natalie's blog where she talks about her diagnosis and treatment. She seems like a pretty smart cookie. You think she's seen through Zoe yet?

Anonymous said...

I could only stomach about the first f5 minutes of that video.
I have a very low tolerance for frauds.


Anonymous said...

I nearly puked my stomach after seeing that.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I don't know much about intersex people, or the intersex condition other than what I read online about it.  Looks to me as if its a permanent state of child-like looks.  However, I agree with you Zoe (Alan?) Brain is not intersex, and just your garden variety late transition transsexual; she is clearing declaring a fraud.  

So why claim intersex?  Is there some kind of greater legitimacy that's conferred that being transsexual isn't somehow our fault when its coupled with an intersex medical condition?   When I was in a "trans" support group at the LA Gay and Lesbian center early on in my transition it was suggested to me that I may be intersex.  The estrogen stuck to my body better than the testosterone my body produced.  

After I was post-op I spoke to my doctor and had a genetic test--nope I'm just an average MtF with a XY chromosome pattern.  I did the test just to make sure there wasn't any co-morbid conditions that may come up later.

So what?  Transsexual is a medical condition--is transsexual or transsexualism the correct medical term?   I have a real problem with identifying myself with a medical issue if curable; you survived cancer you are not cancer.   I struggle with this nuance in identity politics.  People who have diabetes identify diabetic, taking insulin for the rest of their life.  Because I take hormones do I have to do the same?  

Weather one is transsexual or intersex or both; does having both make your identity more legitimate.  Surely more complicated.  I'm aware that Caroline Cossey could not change her birth certificate in the UK because she claimed intersex;  does her XXXY supersede her transsexual?  I know both are separate conditions but are they separate identities?  Does one have a right to cross-examine your identity, if they disagree with your identity?  

If you are legitimately intersex, which appears to be more common than transsexualism, would be a constant state or degrees of gender ambiguousness.  I gather that wouldn't be very pleasant, yet I don't know much about it.


Elizabeth said...


Zoe Brain once said on her blog and again in a video that she was better than any transsexual because she was intersex. I never understood that but then A.E. Brain is a very disturbed in my opinion.

I stopped being transsexual after SRS. I started estrogen and had low testosterone levels at 12 but that did not mean they could not have kicked in. Zoe brain wants everyone to believe she was really born an intersex woman rather than an intersex man but it does not work that way.

I think you are correct about her being a late transitioning transsexual and I know she invented the intersex crap to make her wife believe it was not "his" fault and it was something he had to do. The simple truth would have been fine but Zoe needed to be the best. The problem is she has really hurt kids like the youngster on the video with her bullshit.

What Zoe did not realize is that being intersex and also transsexual is possible. Zoe fathered a child so he was NOT even a mildly intersex male because even mildly intersex men are almost always sterile or nearly infertile plus he shows not a single tell tale sign of any form of intersex condition because I defy anyone to tell me where that was feminized.

Someone who is intersex can be cured but it should be done when they are ready. Someone born transsexual can be cured and that is done with SRS. We have a medical condition that can be cured which is why I have issues with transgender because they want us to be trans forever.

I am a women with a little history as you are. Did we suffer as children? Damn Skippy we did but we still won didn't we?

Sagebrush said...


As I wrote in a comment above, it's sometimes unfortunate that the term "intersex" exists, because there are dozens of very different conditions under that label. Very few of those conditions result in any ambiguity of sexual organs. For instance, someone with a 47,XXY karyotype is male and no more (or less) likely to have issues with his sex than someone with a 46,XY karyotype.

Natalie appears child-like because one of the results of her particular condition, Swyer Syndrome (46,XY with an inactive SRY gene, thus no maleness), is that she did not go through puberty. Physically, she is an immature female, who grew but did not develop sexually (although I believe she is receiving treatment of some kind now).

Anonymous said...

Whenever a transwoman tells you they were intersex and HAD to transition, they are lying. Always. No exceptions. They may or may not also be insane.

- an old aunty

Deena said...

I have been waiting since 2006 for this. I was almost run off a forum for calling BS to the rockette scientologist back then. I am ever so glad that video was published because it confirms the reality of Zoe. Patience is the other side of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Well Zoe's reverence has declined to the point where anything this person does is of little consequence.


Deena said...

This is too much. Have you seen the latest? The picture looks absolutely nothing like the recent youtube video. And if I recall last year Zoe went for surgery. I guess that was a lie according to this latest disclosure. http://aebrain.blogspot.com/2012/05/it-happens-again.html

Elizabeth said...

It is physically impossible for what that nutjob said happened to happen but then schizophrenia seems to be running amok in the TG world. What a perfect transvestite fantasy. I wonder if he pulls it back "out" so he can jack off in his panties or is this another example of Zoe Alan Brain creating a new fictitious character to back up his fantasies?

Anonymous said...

I've encountered some real nutcases in my time. From Heroin addicts.cocaine heads. speed freaks, alcoholics (been there myself) but Allen Brain is the most deluded and seriously insane excuse for a human being I have ever encountered. If this latest fairy-tale/trash was true it would have been plastered all over "Lancet" on the cover and probably in the first ten pages or so. There is however nothing, zilch nada. Allen Brain is a bigger liar than Walter Mitty. More deluded than Forrest Gump. Anyone who believes this trash is no better than he is. In other words INSANE.


Deena said...

No, wait....it just dawned on me. Zoe never told the wife about the surgery last years. The wife somehow discovered things are different. Now the cover-up story has to be invented. Oh the web Zoe weaves!

Indi X yes really... said...

don't you people have better things to do then invade Zoey's never regions? Are you serious. This is why I dont move in Isaratti circles. Awful. Also very transphobic. Its amazing that someone would spend so much energy cutting someone else down. GOLD CLAP

Indi X yes really... said...

its amazing that some people spend so much time in Zoey's never regions and spend as much energy in cutting her down. You people need to learn some respect and hello with the transphobia. How horrible, no wonder i choose not to move in Isaratti circles. Get a life. Move on. She owes you nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wow...just wow. I have been on a couple of forums where she has been a regular poster. I can't believe I missed the fact that she fathered a child. You are right, intersex people are sterile. I've seen the way she tries to take over on forums, very aggressively. Very...male.

Good grief, I feel drained by this. And I guess I feel like a bit of a fool right now for believing any of it.

Zoe Brain said...

Maybe you should consult the Wayback Machine.

Or talk to some of the eyewitnesses. It's not as of this kind of thing doesn't attract attention. There's a few on FB. Trevor Mettham's probably the best, he shared an office with me in 2005, when it all happened.

Or you can believe people on the other side of the planet who've never met me, yet somehow "know" what my medical records must say because... well, they just do. Just as they "know" my employment history. They just do, that's all.

Better contact the CSIRO though, to tell them to correct their records.

And the Age newspaper of course.

Your "multiple sources" just ignore this stuff, and a lot more besides, as it doesn't fit what they "know for a fact" because someone told them.

Your choice.

Never mind, I learnt something new today. That I'd had surgery last year, for example. That's a surprise.

Oh yes, and Zoe Brain once said on her blog and again in a video that she was better than any transsexual because she was intersex.

Which video was this? And which blog post? Another surprise.

Romana S said...

Hi Elizabeth.
I've known Zoe Brain for quite a few years now, and knew her when she was still Alan. I also work at the same university as Zoe, the Australian National University.
When I first met Zoe she was clearly still Alan, and confused at the sudden changes to her body. I can assure you that yes, more or less over a few months, Zoe went from very male looking to very female looking. Many Trans people from Canberra saw that. There are still posts about it on the Yahoo CTN2 (Canberra Transgender Network) group.
I can also assure you that yes, Zoe is a scientist, and has worked with NASA with one of their space probes. I've seen the mission patches on her office wall at ANU.
I have to ask how some one from Northern Carolina would know anything really about the personal details of anyone from Canberra, Australia?
To be honest, such rants about people, based on ill informed web content don't exactly make you or your blog look very rational.

Lloyd Flack said...

I've known Zoe for over thirty-six years. I was one of the first ones she informed when the changes started. I was there. I saw it happening. There are plenty of other eye witnesses.

Things happened as she said. One in some millions of times events do happen, oh, one in some millions of times. What your multiple sources seem to be doing is quoting each other. You are just making yourself look foolish.

Anonymous said...

You have a considerable amount of vitriol in you. It is possible, you know, to question a person's claims without sounding like gutter trash. And calling a Trans woman "he", regardless of what you may believe about them is just low class. It says far more about your character than Zoe's.

Cindy Dee said...

I am intersexed myself, and I know from my own life this is simply not truthful. Body do not simply "retract" or go away, unless the person suffers some injury or other form of surgical alteration. I wish this was possible, but its not; it is simply someone trying to make a name for themselves. She is, in my opinion, either delusional, in extreme denial, or is a fraud. It is a shame this behavior is enabled by the modern media; the fostering of this behavior only hurts us in the end. it denies all of us valuable creditability and only serves to hurt all of us within this broad community. I don't blame her as she obviously suffers a mental illness to some degree of another; I blame the media for entertaining this outlandish claim. This is truly absurd.

Elizabeth said...

@Lloyd Flack

You saw the changes from Zoe Brain taking estrogen. Zoe Brain has never had a test for any form of intersex condition and is a complete a total fool.

I am sorry that you were fooled by and lied to by her.

Elizabeth said...

@Romana S

Working on a space probe does not make you a rocket scientist. It makes you an Engineer and in his case at the time a software engineer. I have multiple patches from NASA flights and was a hypergolic fuel expert and I am not presumptuous enough to consider myself a rocket engineer. I was an Astronautical Engineer. Von Braun was a rocket scientist. Korolov was a rocket scientist.

What you saw were the results of estrogen taken orally and had nothing to do with some magical transformation.

I have no doubt Zoe was probably transsexual but that was not sufficient for Zoe Brain and she "decided" to be intersex. Funny how Zoe was originally transsexual and then suddenly intersex on old message boards and chat rooms.

Elizabeth said...

@Indi X yes really

Zoe is not trans anything according to her. Zoe is intersex in her mind so anything I said cannot be transphobic.

What she has done to those that are truly intersex is beneath contempt. Ask her to provide a medical diagnosis sometime.

It is a nice fantasy she thought up to fool the wife into thinking it was not "his" fault and he should be a she.

Anonymous said...

Um…. You have an avatar of a young woman, yet your post about NYC states that you were 20 in 1970. You even owned a phone that implies emancipation. That would make you about 62, but your avatar says you’re a young woman. Um….
‘About Me’ is a statement of who you’re not. No information is available of ‘you’ at all.
Then you make a lot of qualifiers about Zoe that you know as factual ‘from multiple sources’.
So, you have access to her doctors who would ignore HIPPA to tell you about her private medical issues? I somehow don’t think so.
Sudden feminization, um…I don’t know if anyone hung around her 24/7 to take a time lapse of her. (and if you did even know her, you would know what that actually meant)
‘Rocket Scientist’ is a generic term, kind of like ‘Engineer’. ‘Rocket Scientist’ typically means anyone in numerous crafts, skills, education and training that entails working with advanced aerospace projects.
Has she hurt the understanding of ‘the Intersex’? Well, she’s not a fashion model by any means. As for understanding one of the more esoteric and un-studied aspects of humanity even the doctors (like Dr. Spack at Boston’s Children’s Hospital) say that each and every person is a case of Intersex. All mammals start off as female and it takes a lot of biological mechanisms to make them male. Sometimes those mechanisms fail or run out of control.
As for Zoe having delusions of grandeur, beats me. I do know she will stomp on your toes and correct you if you jack up something.
So your about a 62 year old Trans person who uses the photo of a 20-something young woman living in North Carolina speaking out about how fake Zoe is.
Um, yeah.

Penny Sautereau-Fife, Shaman Of Hedon said...

Um.... I'm Intersex, clinically diagnosed OvoTesticular DSD and I sired a child in my teens. There are exceptions to every so-called rule. And I would bey good money the sources from which you got the "facts" you opened with are probably all folks like you with an axe to grind and zero first-hand knowledge. I know Zoe. I believe Zoe. And you are a rude thoroughly unlikable person. There are PLENTY of other intersex and trans people I dislike online for vatious reasons, but even if I outright despised someone I would NEVER stoop so low as to publicly ungender them. You should be ashamed of yourself for that, you should bloody KNOW better! That's utterly deplorable! Don't we all get more than enough abuse from cis people? You have to heap it on your own kind too?

This blog entry speaks VOLUMES about your lack of integrity and character.

Side note to Cindy; Key words there hon, YOUR own life. EVERYONE'S experience is different, and Nature can do some very strange things. Only the ignorant use their own personal experience and decide it MUST be EXACTLY that way for everyone.

Romana S said...

Wow, you're bitter arn't you?

Let me ask you this. If your doctor was the Harry Benjamin, and as you have mentioned in your blog elsehwere comments about things you did in the 1960s, why is there a picture of a young woman as your avatar? Is that even you?
And by your own logic, if you call Zoe a he, then well, arn't you one too?

I never did care for people who bother to argue over the differences between trangender, transsexual and so on. They're just Trans to me.

I suggest you just put this behind you, grow up and get on with life.

Romana S said...

@Cindy. Ahh, what do you mean Intersexed? That's like sayi9ng people were femaled or maled. Something happened to maled them female or male.

The term is Intersex, not Intersexed. It is present tense, not past tense.

@Elizabeth. Ahh, yeah, calling an Intersex persoin a 'he', that's just plain rude, and kind of inducates you're a bit of a yobbo.

Elizabeth said...

@Zoe Alan Brain

"Wayback machine" comment is such brilliant sarcasm from such a brilliant intellect such as yourself. NOT!!

Your eyewitnesses saw the results of estrogen you dumb shit which basically makes them gullible dumb shits if they believed you. If you were feminized then the moon is made of green cheese and since I put a few men there I can assure you it is not.

I know a certain person in England that knows your entire fantasy Zoe.

You were a Software Engineer, not a Rocket Scientist.

You have claimed you were intersex and biologically female on comments and postings. Would you like a link?

Low-Earth-orbit is "a cruel place to put a computer", says software engineer Alan Brain, who is responsible for FedSat's data-handling system.

Like I said Software Engineer denotes something different than rocket scientist. rocket scientist makes you sound more important than you are. Bingo, we have bingo for E. A. Brain.


Elizabeth said...

If any of you believe Zoe then we have bridges in NYC that people will sell you cheaply.

The avatar is a picture of me from 1971 just after SRS and no I am not going to update it and I just love this.

I seem to have awoken the Zoe fan club.

Zoe will stomp on my toes and correct me? I seriously doubt that.

Rocket Scientist is NOT a generic term for Engineer. It is a specific concept, Von Braun, Korolov(Russia), that denotes something Zoe Brain knows nothing of. Another example of appropriating something she is not. Kind of like intersex which she is not either.

Now all you witches, goblins and silly little fools that believe the fantasy of a late transitioning male trying to make his wife believe his SRS was necessary take a deep breath and just Google Zoe.

Did you know she is biologically female? Have her explain that one.

Oh yes a bit about me. My life is private from 1971 on because I have just been an ordinary woman making her way through life after my SRS. The simple truth is if you do not like what I write do not read it but you are welcome to comment.

As for Zoe Brain. Every timer she opens her mouth she should supply wading boots so people can slog through her bullshit without messing up their cloths.

lifeafterdawn said...

Elizabeth, I did not ask to be targeted, and refuse to be a target of your hate. I am not a loon. Zoe shared part of my blog with her followers, and I am more than willing to defend what has happened to me. No one knows WHY, and Zoe is one of a few people with legitimate information. I trust her and don't know you. But if this is your way of greeting, I choose not to know any more than I have already read. I'm just someone with a problem that I cannot explain, and I have no axe to grind, no soapbox to stand on, no dog in the fight you are waging against Zoe. I only know she has reached out in friendship and kindness, and you have called me names and besmirched my good name in public. You would do well to follow the advice I learned as a child: If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

Lloyd Flack said...

I was wondering what your reaction to eye-witness accounts would be. You belive malicious gossip with no supporting evidence rather than people that have known her well for long time, people who are in a better position to know what drives her than any of your sources could possibly be.

You know too many things that aren't so both about people and about biology. Intersex covers a very wide range of different types of variations in sexual development. Dogmatic claims that something can't happen in that area are unwise.

Where did your sources get their information from. Is there a singe one that knowas her personally?

Miz Know-It-All said...

Wow Liz!
You really know how to shake the nut trees don't you! I mean they came a'raining down this time! In fact, I'm kinda surprised you're still up and about rather than nursing a concussion or worse from the Great Shazam of Hebie Jebbie falling on your head! I guess we can and should be thankfully then with all that going on that Indi X does not travel in Isaratti Circles! Otherwise that GOLD CLAP of (his? her's? zirs?) might have been a real problem!

But ... as we are on the subject, one thing still troubles me! Why was AlanZoe (Zoe/Alan?) Brain in Thailand in about... 06 I believe? Getting a sex change operation if his/her wobbly bits had magically had transformed to that of female before then? Or why he/she? (sorry I really am confused here on how one addresses one who looks for all the world like a man but is supposedly a protandrous dichogamous pseudohermaphrodite) Was so overtaken with gratitude for having his non existent dick and balls surgically transformed into a vagina by Dr Suporn? Or how it was this new found vagina had been a life long dream of this man which was finally at long last fulfilled! But it was!

Yep, that was pretty much word for word what he?she? said to Suporns wife! Who as I remember was standing there looking for all the world like she wished to be anywhere else in the world than having to deal with this five foot tall, five foot wide fire plug with the long unkempt ratty hair! A fire plug who it seemed was simply not going to get in the bus and vacate her premises so that what passes there for normality could return until said speech was delivered!

With that in mind, it does seem a curiosity then doesn't it! I mean how exactly can this be a life long dream for him to "be" a female, if he has but a year previously been unwillingly and unwittingly "transformed!" Plucked in his prime from the bastions of manhood as father and husband to have his precious vanish as an act of fate? Odd don't you think?! Most of the men I know, well, after playing with the breasts for a few hours, would have fought like hell to regain their manhood had they been put into a female body! But no! "Da Brain" it seems has been wanting this zi's whole life! So much so that hir borrowed the money or emptied the marital bank account, or something of the kind. So zir could fly off to Thailand to get a sex change!

I mean isn't there socialized medicine there in the land down under? Would it not stand to reason that as the subject of such an incredible and rare thing that the university hospital there would have been more than pleased to do anything they could to restore this man to his rightful place in society? But Da Brain was already a female right? Except zie had been a man who was not a female, but who suddenly became a female. A female who stuck these pictures of this miraculously thin uber feminine waif six months after the miracle of 05 as the example of what Zir had become! Yet years later, after having had a sex change, getting supplemental oestrogen and living "as a female." This protandrous dichogamous pseudohermaphrodite" is to be found on Hir's FaceBook wall photo, flanked on the other side of Dr Diamond by another so called protandrous dichogamous pseudohermaphrodite" with both of them for all the world looking like two breast-less castrated men with really bad hair? What happened to the cute waif? Where did she go? Back to the land of Photoshop perhaps? Musta! Cause the person there in Thailand the Zoe I saw sure looked exactly like those years later pictures!

Oh and by the by? If Zoe really is an example of what passes for female down under? Then it's no small wonder the men drink so heavily!


Elizabeth said...


It is okay if you believe what you want. Why would Zoe need SRS? Wht would Zoe describer herself as biologically female on a University of Pittsburgh comment? Why would Zoe say her "bits", balls and dick, atrophied and disappeared into her body as retracted when she had SRS with the finest SRS surgeon in the world Dr. Suporn in Thailand?


Your story is BULLSHIT. In a 3 month period you turned from male to female and all your dick and balls turned into a vagina and labia. Sure they did and the moon is made of cheese.

I do not hate you. I simply do not believe you because it is medically impossible from both a hormonal state and a physiological state for this to happen to an adult male or any human male for that matter.

The only way what you said happened is with FFS and SRS in a 3 month period. Isn't it odd these fantastical transformations and magical conversions happen to married men? Gee I wonder why that is.

If you had your SRS then god bless you and enjoy your life but Disney and magical kingdoms only exist in the imagined thoughts of those creating fantasies to make peoples lives more enjoyable even when they are physical entities like Disney world.

Your name can only be besmirched if you are telling the truth.

Elizabeth said...


Okay, I rescind the comment about FFS because if you did have it I would take legal action.

We have retractable landing gear, retractable roofs, retractable awnings, and now we have retractable penis and balls or is that atrophied penis and balls or is it just BULLSHIT.

I prefer the bullshit scenario based on my firm belief that Occam's Razor holds firm here.

Spent some time reading a little of your blog. No SRS for you but you now have an innie where your penis was or are you mistaking your asshole for your vagina? Did your scrotum magically form labia or do you just have an innie?

This sounds like a made for television movie right up the alley for a writer/producer like yourself.

You have a wife and kids and then this magical transformation into a "girl". Excuse my cynicism but well as an Engineer and a Research Engineer to boot I always question why this seems to happy with a somewhat wealthy male with a wife and kids while in their 40's or later. Funny isn't it? You and Zoe, 40's kid(s) wife, sudden transformation, poor wife is shocked, and so forth.

You might want to push for the movie rights on the Science/Fantasy channel called SyFy or maybe even Logo because if they can promote RuPaul you could boost the male transvestite fantasy viewing numbers.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that Zoe Alan Brain is a Joke to the Intersex Community. Who ever believes in what that deluded late transitioner has to say, is a fool and got conned by a con artist. Zoe Alan Brain still has his Male Birth certificate from the UK. As for Zoe pretending to be intersex, Zoe is not Intersex and never has and never will. Zoe is a complete JOKE and is as delusional as a schizophrenic with bipolar.

Anonymous said...

My sentiment entirely MKA. Unfortunately for Zoe Brain I am one of the people who recall Zoe posting as a pre op cross dresser/transgender on TG support forums early in 2001 and forward. This spontaneous transformation crap did not begin until a little later. I was also in close contact with someone who was at Suporns's clinic in Thailand while Zoe was there getting SRS. I have the pictures.


Anonymous said...

I have seen those pictures

Romana S said...

"I was also in close contact with someone who was at Suporns's clinic in Thailand while Zoe was there getting SRS. I have the pictures."

Post them then instead of making unverified statements. Lots of claims being made here, but no proof. I bet that these so called pictures just won't ever get posted.

@Miz know it all...
Yeah, your story reads like crap too. Zoe has never been fat. Never seen her anywhere like what you described. She's taller than 5 foot, and definetly not fat. It obviously takes away heaps from your credability there.

Anonymous said...

I want to believe this lifeafterdawn person, but for a few things I've noticed. When I looked at her blog, I couldn't help but notice that in nearly every photograph, she made sure to include a bit of cleavage. Not something one would expect from a man who is freaking out because of weird changes in his body. There is also the fact that her story of her childhood reads just like something from a gay/transgender fiction site like nifty.org. Lastly, have you ever notice that all of these freaks embrace the changes and help them along, or in the case of both Zoe and Bee Sting Gurl, were transvestites even before these magical changes took place?

The thing that boggles me the most about these people is why I haven't heard them on Art Bell's Coast-to-Coast AM talk show, because that's where they belong.


Elizabeth said...

@Romana S

So I gather you do not believe so ever had surgery from Dr. Suporn. Am I correct?

Actually MKIA was there in Thailand having her SRS at the same time as Zoe was. Gee it must hurt when the bubble bursts.

Zoe did not "magically turn into a girl. Dr. Suporn magically turned her penis and balls into a functional vagina just like he has for many other transsexuals that needed SRS.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think Zoe is autohynophillic.

Deena said...

@ Romana S. You really should watch the link. Here it is if you missed it. ....> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_DeixA0Rsc&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL2C6F67672AF10A3D

Maybe you don't call that fat but it certainly is not slender nor does it conform to the bs Zoe has posted through the years. And I will leave it to your better judgement if you want to believe it is intersex.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of this:


And this:


And this:


And this:


And this:

But full points for the "Mr Anonymous" for "irrefutable evidence" which you read on "Mrs Anonymous’s blog so it must be true".
Rather strange here that people are willing to accept the word of strangers who obviously hate someone over the word of strangers who obviously like someone. Or is it?
Oh, and I’d like to see those photos, ahh, before they are photoshopped. I also bet they never appear here, or anywhere else. Because that’s the way internet bullshit works. Anonymous people saying shit with no proof that would be credible in a court of law.

Elizabeth said...


Exactly what bullshit am I providing? Do you actually believe that Zoe Brain magically turned into a woman and never had SRS? Are you that uninformed or more pointedly are you that stupid?

Zoe Alan Brain was in Thailand at Suporn's and had surgery. I certainly believe Zoe is or was transsexual since she had SRS but if Zoe is telling you she did not have SRS then she has told many others a lie that she had SRS.

It is really simple. Her passport was stamped. Ask her about it? Ask her to her face if she had SRS or through your friendship. I have absolutely no problem rescinding and apologizing if I am wrong.

I actually know one person, MKIA, who was there with ZOe and appalled at how she behaved and I actually know of another that was there and Zoe will know who I am talking of because she was very elderly and had SRS.

Anonymous said...

I was in Thailand at the same time with ZOE. Yes she was on the heavy side and spent most her time on the computer. Her politics are right wing and has been working on a PHD forever. Yes she is a programmer that also worked on military projects.
Many doctors have a poor understanding of gender changes and ther is much confusion over the facts. Living on student grants limits Zoe's income.
I think the truth is someplace between the two extreems.

Happy blogging.

Sagebrush said...

I don't know Zoe Brain. I rarely read her blog. So I neither like her nor dislike her.

Even though I am not a biologist, I do know some basic facts about biology. There are conditions in which men experience decreased testosterone levels. Since everyone (female and male) produces estrogen, that might leave the testosterone-deprived man with enough estrogen to cause bodily changes, among which are gynecomastia, decrease in bodily hair, and atrophy of the penis and testicles.

None of that makes him a woman. None of that compels transition.

If he is transsexual, the only way he can change sex is by changing sex. Hormone imbalances might change certain secondary sexual characteristics, but only surgery will create a vagina, clitoris, and labia.

As well, if the penis were to recede into the body, that would need to be fixed too.

Indi X yes really... said...

an ill thought out character assassination of the lowest kind.

Really really awful

Elizabeth said...

By: Zoe Brain
I had SRS with Dr Suporn just over 6 weeks ago. Working with <2", he gave me 8"- but advised me to only dilate to 7.5" as I'm not very tall! For sensation and cosmesis, better than I could have thought possible. The result was not perfect : there was a 2 sq cm patch of necrosis on one of the inner surfaces of the labia minora. I also have some nerve problems around my outer thigh. Both problems are slowly resolving, and should be OK in 6 months at most. Simply the best SRS surgeon in the world, with surgical aftercare second to none. I actually cried when I left, the people at the Clinic were so kind! Unreservedly recommended for SRS, and given the quality of the care, I'll be going to him for any FFS I can afford too. I've seen his results at the clinic, and they're as good as I've seen from Dr O.
Email: aebrain@webone.com.au
Date added: Dec 31, 2006


Amazing she impregnated the wife with that but then it does grow with blood flow.

Elizabeth said...

Notice Zoe mention FFS. Guess the feminization failed.

@Indie X

It is only character assassination if the individual has character.

Indi X yes really... said...

just read the comments, this is such a vile snake pit of hate. Where do you people come from. From what rock did yall crawl from under. Vile vile comments, massive misgendering and assumptions.

Elizabeth said...

@Indie X

Point out the factual errors please!!

The facts are the facts.

She had SRS and not what she claimed.

She is a software engineer and not a rocket scientist which is just one of her delusions.

There are no facts supporting her sudden feminization. It is just not apparent or believable.

Here is a quite from Zoe.

In 1985 I was diagnosed as an Intersex male; in 2005. after some changes that darn near killed me (I lost 1/3 my body mass in 3 months), I was re-assessed as an Intersex female. By then I looked at least as female as I'd looked male in 1985. For me, it was an immense relief, my Gender Identity had always been female. But when she has a body more befitting a Linebacker than a Cheerleader, what's a girl to do? Try to make the best of her situation, and count her blessings. Worse things happen at sea.


intersex male in 1985 and then in 3 months an intersex female in 2005?? She would have been on the front of every medical journal in the world and rightfully so. Just did not happen.

Anonymous said...

One of the big issues here is that Intersex and Trans are NOT mutually exclusive. An Intersex person can chose to undergo surgery, that does not make them no longer Intersex.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, it's Indy X. Ladies, we have a celebrity among us - Indy has demonstrated enough of her (and I'm being generous with that pronoun) female-hating asshattery and thuggery to earn herself a spot on the Pretendbian website!



Anonymous said...

@ Romana

There are other people pictured with Zoe and I do not publicly post pictures of people who have not given permission for them to be posted and would be harmed if they were. Frankly I wouldn't even ask them but you go right ahead and believe Zoe's fairy tales if you like, it's no skin off my nose. I wonder how long it will be before Zoe claims menstruation?

Now here is a challenge for all you Zoe Brain disciples and sycophants; log on to Lancet and or New England Journal of medicine and search the may essays and reports there on intersex, transsexual and/or transgender. I did just that. There is nothing zero zilch there about Zoe's or anyone else's condition. If it happened as Zoe said it did there would be reams and reams of reports essays etc. on her case written up there. There is however nothing. Total zero nothing. Why? Because it never happened that's why.


Cary said...

I have known Zoe for many years. Indeed I was her best man when she was male. Your multiple sources are wrong on at least points 1, 2, 3 & 5 and I suspect on 4 as well (from feedback I have heard from people with little prior knoweldge on the subject). Citing each other does not count as research.

I think working on the computer end missile defence systems and Australia's micro-satellite project qualifies as 'rocket science'.

Anonymous said...

Here's more on Indy X who is nothing more than a version of Zoe Alan Brain

Here's more on Zoe Alan Brain





A more recent comment posted by Zoe Alan Brain on the UK Sun

"It happens. Most such changes are from female to male due to 5ARD or 17BHDD syndromes. Google "Guevedoces urology" for some illustrated articles.In many cases, it's a nightmare. In others, the end of one. In either case, we're tabloid-fodder. The Sun's article here's pretty good, and informative. Often such articles are not."

It seems Zoe Alan Brain is more busy posting bullshit than working on his PH.D. It's very typical of a con artist and a liar like Zoe Alan brain.



lifeafterdawn said...

You expose yourself when you post derogatory comments without even doing your homework. I have no argument with you, but I will endure your negativity one more day to respond to your questions, untruths and unfounded allegations, some of which you saw yourself can be easily answered if only you did your homework (i.e., reading my blog, or simply asking me before making a false statement).

Point by point:

"Your story is BULLSHIT." No it is not, it is not even a story, it is my life. Who are you to say otherwise?

"In a 3 month period you turned from male to female and all your dick and balls turned into a vagina and labia. Sure they did and the moon is made of cheese." I do not claim to have a vagina nor a labia and I never claimed this all happened in 3 months. The changes first appeared in 2005 and have progressed over seven years. I have medical documentation. What do you have, other than bile to spew from your foul mouth?

"I do not hate you. I simply do not believe you because it is medically impossible from both a hormonal state and a physiological state for this to happen to an adult male or any human male for that matter." Thank you for not hating me, and you don't have to believe me. But again, I ask: since I have both the documentation and the physical evidence (my body), what do you have to disprove the changes I have experienced? The best explanation from a series of doctors working on my case over several years is similar to a comment posted by "Sagebrush." My T levels crashed. My E levels were found to be elevated, cause unknown, and have made me estrogen dominant. The effect over time is atrophy of both penile and scrotal tissue to the point of regression. Not retraction. My testes ascended and my penis is internalized within my groin area. I have had multiple forms of tests and examinations, including one beyond what any male patient has had to endure to verify these facts. And I have my body as proof. What evidence do you have to prove what I say is untrue?

"The only way what you said happened is with FFS and SRS in a 3 month period. Isn't it odd these fantastical transformations and magical conversions happen to married men? Gee I wonder why that is.

If you had your SRS then god bless you and enjoy your life but Disney and magical kingdoms only exist in the imagined thoughts of those creating fantasies to make peoples lives more enjoyable even when they are physical entities like Disney world." I have had neither SRS nor FFS nor surgery of any kind, ever. I had one surgical procedure to remove a small part of a tumor from an adrenal gland to see if it was feminizing me. It was not. The operation was not a fantasy, I have records to prove it occurred. And while my features and secondary sexual characteristics have a feminine appearance, I have done nothing to physically alter the body I was born with other than a circumcision when I was an infant. I do not claim to be intersex and have documentation verifying I am a genetic male.

"Your name can only be besmirched if you are telling the truth." I am, and you have.

May 13, 2012 1:27 PM
Elizabeth said...

"Okay, I rescind the comment about FFS because if you did have it I would take legal action." I am grateful you rescinded your comment but I do not comprehend your attempt at either a threat or humor with this remark.

"We have retractable landing gear, retractable roofs, retractable awnings, and now we have retractable penis and balls or is that atrophied penis and balls or is it just BULLSHIT." I refer you to my earlier response. I am not saying "retractable.: That's your pet word, and its use is unwarranted here.

"I prefer the bullshit scenario based on my firm belief that Occam's Razor holds firm here." You can believe whatever you want to believe, but I ask that you backup your claims with evidence and/or documentation.


lifeafterdawn said...


"Spent some time reading a little of your blog. No SRS for you but you now have an innie where your penis was or are you mistaking your asshole for your vagina? Did your scrotum magically form labia or do you just have an innie?" I again refer you to my earlier comment in which I make clear, I have never had nor do I now claim to have a vagina and/or labia. I do know what an asshole is. And I have every confidence, from reading a little of your blog, that you are very familiar with assholes. If not, I'd be happy to show you. All I'll need is you and a mirror.

"This sounds like a made for television movie right up the alley for a writer/producer like yourself." Yes, I know, it sounds preposterous. Hard to believe. And the fact that all the writing and producing I do is based solely on factual information - not fiction - is my only defense in sharing my life story. I deal in facts, not fantasy. I wish that I could make up something this outlandish, and then I would not have a care in the world. Instead, I live the life I live and deal with the consequences of what has happened to me every single day. And now I have you and your cohorts to make me feel even worse about my condition, which is unfair, unjust and just downright mean. I don't ask you to believe me if you choose not to. But the least you can do is not call me a liar and a loon without having something other than your strong opinions to back up your derogatory accusations.

"You have a wife and kids and then this magical transformation into a "girl". Excuse my cynicism but well as an Engineer and a Research Engineer to boot I always question why this seems to happy with a somewhat wealthy male with a wife and kids while in their 40's or later. Funny isn't it? You and Zoe, 40's kid(s) wife, sudden transformation, poor wife is shocked, and so forth." I don't fault you for your cynicism or your choice in careers, but where do you come off claiming I'm wealthy? Of all the statements you have made here, this is by far the most wrong thing you posted. It's not funny. It is scientific fact that testosterone levels do drop in some males after age 40, usually later. I know both Zoe and Chloe through facebook and their individual experiences are dissimilar to mine. You're comparing apples with oranges, with the only similarity being that they were male, and now are not. Chloe had an operation, you claim Zoe did but she denies it, and I have had none. My transformation was not sudden, nor do I claim it to be, and I have medical documentation and witnesses to support the changes I experienced. What do you have as proof of your statement? And for the second time, I ask you, where do you get off thinking you can mock my wife? She is harmless in this and deserves pity and kudos for being as supportive as she can as the man she loves changes into someone she no longer recognizes, against his will. You have no standing whatsoever to cast aspersions against her, and I would ask that if you choose to respond, you show some dignity in apologizing for including her in your attack on me. Say what you want about me; this is not her fight.


lifeafterdawn said...


"You might want to push for the movie rights on the Science/Fantasy channel called SyFy or maybe even Logo because if they can promote RuPaul you could boost the male transvestite fantasy viewing numbers." Thanks for the tip. You above all people seem to know all about fantasy, of this I have no doubt.

This is your space to blog about what you want and who you want. I have no recourse other than to deny your cruel comments and respond with the truth. If you choose not to post this, that is your right. If you choose to respond, or not, I have no further interest in continuing an unwinnable argument. It's your call what happens next. I only ask that you consider that there are things beyond what you know, experiences that cannot be explained, and know from my heart that I never harbored a desire for this change. I did not grow up fantasizing about becoming a woman someday, nor did I ever felt trapped in a male body. But after years of living as a male trapped in a body that has become more female over time, after years of fighting the changes without success and with no answers on reversing this, I have adapted to the changes as best as I can.

You can assure Gina that the photographs of me on my blog show more than a few pictures in which I am wearing a sweater and you do not see cleavage, As I have grown more comfortable with my appearance, I have learned to dress appropriately for my body, and I've never heard a complaint before about how I dressed. I'm no longer a male fighting to stop being female. I'm a female who has learned to accept who I am, and yet I am willing to conceal it again, to keep my marriage intact.

You can assure Gina I was never a transvestite. What I do now to conceal my true features could be considered cross-dressing since I must appear as male as possible. No easy task, I assure you. And I don't read gay or TS fiction so I'm not familiar with the stories she refers to. It's her choice to believe it, or not. Tell Gina, my life story is my own, and I would not presume to publicly second-guess hers without some evidence to the contrary.

I close with a thank you for at least reading part of my blog and allowing me to at least submit this lengthy response. As I indicated, what happens next is up to you.


Elizabeth said...


I will play along here. If what you say is true then why has not the medical world come crashing through your front door asking to examine you and write papers about you? You are a walking talking prime story for the New England Journal of Medicine. I can provide the name of someone there that would be very interested in this medical miracle or is it a medical disaster.

I reread your blog and I apologize for the 3 month call since it is not accurate. It was difficult to follow the story.

I am very interested in knowing the name all your doctors gave for this medical sex reversal. I find your description interesting in this post.

I was born with low T and slightly elevated estrogen levels and when I started on hormones at just short of 14 I was on them for 11 years before I could afford SRS and I took decent dosages but had minimal atrophy although it happens but only to a minor degree.

Estrogen by itself will not cause the penis to atrophy and receed into the groin and neither will it cause the testes to ascend.


This link describes what can cause some form of this to happen but estrogen is not the culprit. All of the problems you describe are easily repairable for men with surgery and actually pose a significant medical hazard to your life because they are symptoms of other possible conditions.

By the way high estrogen levels in men are almost always followed by weight gain which is an issue MTF transsexuals often face. Loss of muscle mass occurs over time.

Since your estrogen is naturally produced estrogen and is at these female levels you can expect serious side effects including higher risk of heart disease, stroke, etc.. It is much safer to take estradiol in sufficient quantity since naturally occurring high estrogen in men is dangerous.


Since I do not know who you are and do not want to know who you are in real life I have not damaged your good name nor would I even if I could.

When you associate yourself with Zoe this is what happens. Zoe used you to prove her fantasy. Read a comment above and Zoe posted a bit about her SRS with Suporn.

The wealthy comment was callous and I do apologize but your job pays well. As for insulting your wife I did no such thing. Is she not shocked.

You are not intersex so not AIS so why not try estrogen blockers and testosterone supplements? You seem to enjoy showing a little cleavage and like your new perky ass. I am deliberately being sarcastic there because that is how it reads to any rational person.

People do not suddenly change sex and neither did you. I would be interested in how you manage to pee since the male penis is arranged and oriented to produce a forward flow which is problematic for you when peeing but I guess it realigned itself for you. By the way it is one of the issues SRS surgeons have to handle when operating on us so it is fact.

Zoe Brain is a liar if she says she never had SRS with Suporn.

You interjected yourself into an old argument with a deluded Australian and got yourself caught in the middle. Sorry about that but when you associate with psychos like Zoe there can be unfortunate collateral damage.

Sagebrush said...


You wrote: The best explanation from a series of doctors working on my case over several years is similar to a comment posted by "Sagebrush."

You might notice I also wrote this: "None of that makes him a woman. None of that compels transition."

I've never heard of a penis going inside (where it never was in the first place) nor testicles ascending, but I'm not any kind of medical expert. Having gone through a period of drastically reduced testosterone and elevated estrogen while still being in possession of my penis and testicles, I do know that they atrophy under such conditions.

But those are just symptoms of an endocrine disorder or something similar. A man with an endocrine disorder is not a woman. And considering that I am on HRT and in good health, I am pretty sure that endocrine disorders are treatable through medical intervention.

It's hard for me to imagine a nontranssexual male who would simply get used to having a feminized body, let alone decide that the best response to this endocrine condition is to live as a woman. But truly, there is no shame in being transsexual. That's also a treatable condition.

I wish you the best in dealing with your symptoms. Whatever is going on with you, I hope you can be happy.

Elizabeth said...


By the way that is a cool blog name but I have a question. If you had no desire for this and are totally unsure you should continue into womanhood why would you bother with a female name?

I am confused. You claim you are not AIS but said "Every testosterone gel patch was like pouring oil onto the fire of estrogen coursing through my body. It not only didn’t work, it backfired. It threatened my life." How is that.

You also stated your doctor said you were "female" which is of course inaccurate.

You then say:

This means, I later figure out, that abandoning transition at this point is no longer just a lie to my mind; I’m betraying my body.

My female body.


Interesting comment since that is not exactly how being "transsexual or even transitioning transgender works mentally.

You thren state:

"Hours later, my spouse and I talk. I show her the bloodwork from the lab; I tell her what the doctor said: “He told me, I’m female.” The best and only hope of ever being male again would be to lose the weight, one to two pounds a week, 60 pounds in all. Then we could see about changing the dosages, again. But given the past, that path is well-worn with failed attempts to restore what seems lost forever.

Another choice: to quit HRT altogether, which would only put my body back on an emotional estrogen roller coaster, riding the bends and turns and upside down track between super high estrogen and out of control testosterone, with stomach-churning valleys in between. I told her I didn’t consider that even for a second.

Excuse me if you have out of control testosterone and out of control estrogen just how did you get an "innie" out of that.

Finally the you say:
"Finally, the last choice would be, to transition. I am female. I could go be female not just on a lab report but in front of the entire world.

That’s when she broke her silence. “The numbers don’t lie,” she muttered quietly. I asked, what do you mean?

“It’s over. There is no future. You’re female, I’m female, our marriage is over, it’s done. DONE,” she said with a finality that scared me.

First, your doctor is a freaking quack if he called you "female" because you are not.

Second I have to ask you does this entire scenario sound weird. What the heck does "the numbers don't lie mean? Estrogen does not make you female.

Then you said: "And so for the third time in a month I did a gut-check, and instead of seizing the opportunity to break away and be ME, by myself, I spoke what was in my heart: I assured her that all I wanted in life was to be with her. That being someone who wasn’t with her wasn’t for me. And that is the truth."

I am unclear what you mean by "being me"? You claim you have never felt sex identity issues yet that implies you have because no "man" would want to be a "woman".

Wow. There seems to be a lot of opposing forces at work there.

I can provide you with names and phone numbers of qualified doctors in NYC that might actually be able to treat you.

Anonymous said...

That is so typical of trans who follow Zoe Alan Brain line. They make up an intersex condition just to justify their transition and their transsexuality. It's like to them, they believe in their warped delusional mind that Intersex is real and Trans isn't. The problem with people like Zoe Alan Brain is that they can't face the Biological Reality in front of them and have a difficult time in dealing with the biological reality. So instead, they compensate and make up stories and delusions that in their deluded mind that they believe is Real. When in reality it isn't and have a hard time dealing with it. That's why People like Zoe Alan Brain are delusional and have a hard time with Facts and fiction.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, once your done with the opprobrium of Zoe Alan Brain I have a suggested topic for you to comment of if you are interested.


"And, problematically, the attractiveness of these women suggests an authenticity of womanhood. Regardless of prettiness, transwomen are women, but "passing" has a particular privilege among transwomen, a privilege not always acknowledged."

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes even Zoe Brain cannot keep things straight. She told Dawn of lifeafterdawn she never had surgery as she has to others. On her blog in a comment she said she had reconstructive surgery because she had turned into a female.

She claimed on a University of Pittsburgh editorial post that she is now biologically female.

She claims she was male intersex in 1985 and reclassified as female intersex in2005.

She initially claimed she had idiopathic partial sex reversal but removed the partial. It is not possible in males.

She claims to have suffered from partial AIS yet fathered a child. I guess it is possible for a 46XY partial AIS intersex male to father a child. Just another minor miracle I guess.

On a post on Susan's transgender blog she posts a glowing review of the SRS she had from Dr. Suporn. The post and link are in a comment I made May 14, 2012 at 12:05 AM including a link to web site.

SO was this reconstructive surgery or SRS? That atrophied penis was less than 2 inches but she got 8 inches of depth.

I simply would like to know what the fuck is the truth with this psycho!!!

Medically what she claims is unheard of anywhere yet many believe her. Hey LS you were there with Zoe Brain in Thailand. What say you about this?

Anonymous said...

You can't argue the insane into sanity or a fool into wisdom.

- an old auty

Miz Know-It-All said...

Because of the dense innervation that is present, even with the expected atrophy from hormones, and because it will create a better approximation of natal. Suporn uses every last bit of what penile skin there may be for the external bits and the introitus. He then uses the scrotal skin to create the vaginal vault. (which is why, given my druthers I would send ALL the young ones to him!)

So... I guess if da brain went and got eight inches depth in Thailand, Which in of itself is pretty darn remarkable, even for Suporn! Then I guess, if da brain says he had a dinky winky the size of his pinky going in. Da brain still had emself one pretty good Ol' set of boys down there to back it up!

Kinda stand to reason doesn't it? What, with the whole fatherhood thing and all! But ya know? That kinda sorta creates a bit of an issue with this, "my body grew one" claim doesn't it Given that the scrotum is located anterior to where the vagina should and would be! So unless his boys got up and walked away, or he had a bellybutton that turned itself into a twat along with turning wine into water and peeling the sick. I think you can rest assured it was SRS that was wasted on Da Brain in Thailand rather than some esoteric "reconstruction!"

Marilyn said...

These both sound like fiction stories that people write on Big Closet/Top Shelf. Magical or forced feminization.


Anonymous said...

Here's one of Zoe Alan Brain's famous quotes and it's funny.

“In many ways, it takes balls to transition, more so than to be a test pilot. Many don’t make it, quite a few die in the attempt.”
~ Zoe (Alan) Brain, male-to-intersex and transition fanboy"


Anonymous said...

here's another comment from the delusional liar called Zoe Alan Brain

"Trans people can still be fired, refused rental accommodation, refused service at a lunch counter, or be told to get off or move to the back of the bus in Maryland. They don't even have their own drinking fountains, they're not allowed to use restrooms of any kind."


Anonymous said...

First... I should note that I regard Cary Lenehan as a friend of mine?

Zoe's claims are likewise verified by other people who have posted here, with whom I have interacted online via Facebook... they knew her "back when", and some witnessed her illness.

Second... Elizabeth, you claim:

"intersex male in 1985 and then in 3 months an intersex female in 2005?? She would have been on the front of every medical journal in the world and rightfully so. Just did not happen."

See The John/Joan Case: Another perspective by Dr. Milton Diamond...

Accusation: (Part III. Section 2. Page 3): The reason the long term follow-up study of John/Joan by Dr. H. Keith Sigmundson and myself was turned down by the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association was because it was "not up to snuff."

Response: The main criticisms of our article by the reviewers were that the article did not have a discussion of the Freudian interpretation of the issue, the article was too long for the journal's format, and the topic was not thought of sufficient interest to the total scope of medicine.

So: the case study that eventually solidified the importance of the role of prenatal hormonal influences on gender identity, led to a huge reduction in surgery on intersex children, and sank John Money's reputation... was not "of sufficient interest" to be published except in "The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine".

We might find the topic of transsexuality and intersex to be endlessly fascinating, but I assure you, the medical community is not all that interested in a bizarre genetic disorder with a prevalence of ~1/1,000,000 such as that which Zoe has apparently exhibited.

- bonzie anne

PS: Yup. I'm for real. "Anonymity" is not my bag.

Elizabeth said...

@bonzue Anne

There is no relationship between what the asshole John Money did and what Zoe Brain claims. The Reimer case was a disaster and has been written about everywhere but was and is a psyche issue and not a sex change issue.

What Zoe Brain claims is that she mystically changed from male to female which she certainly did not. She did in fact have SRS and a vagina made from her penis and scrotum in Thailand by Dr. Suporn like so many before her.

Why she is ashamed of that particular part of her life I would suggest is a psyche issue and maybe she should seek help. What she has done for those that were truly born intersex is beneath contempt but as one can see with Zoe Bbrain she can lower contempt to all time lows.

Not one single legitimate medical publication has ever verified her claims or any claims by the other nutjobs like her that make these fantasy sex change claims.

It is tough enough being born transsexual or intersex without having some asshole like Zoe Brain promoting her fantasy as fact.

I would like add that if as she claims she was 46XY in 1985 then her physical appearance would in no way shape or form represent what she looked like or does like like to this day nor would she have been able to father a child.

Here is what 46XY means.

Disease characteristics. 46,XY disorder of sex development (46,XY DSD) is characterized by a 46,XY karyotype, ambiguous genitalia with mild to severe penoscrotal hypospadias with or without chordee, dysgenetic testes, reduced to no sperm production, and müllerian structures that range from absent to presence of a fully developed uterus and fallopian tubes. 46,XY complete gonadal dysgenesis (46,XY CGD) is characterized by a 46,XY karyotype, normal female external genitalia, completely undeveloped (”streak”) gonads, no sperm production, and presence of normal müllerian structures.

In other words ZOE is a fucking liar.

Elizabeth said...

It seems to me Zoe needs to change her story again.


This prestigious medical site throws a lot of cold water on Zoe's fantasy. Since Zoe's sperm was infertile who was the father???

Anonymous said...

Zoe Brain has quite a fan club.


Anonymous said...

You may want to check out this blog where Zoe Alan Brain commented on

Anonymous said...

Here's more where Zoe is posting his so called intersex crap again.



Anonymous said...

@MKA: I came here to post a link about the same story as you did: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2149389/Man-goes-hospital-kidney-stone--discovers-hes-woman.html

Suddenly discovers to be intersexed, immediately starts transitioning, a history of transvetism, a wife and six children. Wow, all the ingredients are there...


Anonymous said...

As you'd expect, Brain is all over the comments section of the YouTube video -- does she do anything but search for trans-related stories and post about herself? -- and people are falling for this ridiculous story.

I don't know if anyone is still watching this thread but it's really irksome to see people getting misinformation, so it might be worth it to leave YouTube posts to provide a different take.