Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Transgender

Discovery Channel has just shown the best television documentary I personally have ever watched regarding anyone that was born transsexual or even for the sake of the show and political correctness transgender.

It focused on two FTM and one MTF and not only handled the issues we face ourselves but delved into the family dynamics in a way that was both poignant and revealing. It was not salacious or derogatory and credit must be given to the Discovery Channel and its production crew but more importantly the three individuals the show focused on.

I have actually never met a FTM transsexual but two of the participants Claire and Jim meet, fall in love and are eventually married. It is a beautiful thing to witness. May they both be happy forever.

Finally a documentary that shows how boringly normal most of us are that undergo this nightmarish challenge and come out the other side whole. After all being accepted as we should have been born is really all it should be about.


Anonymous said...

Have not seen the program so I cannot comment on the show itself. However your sentiment is right on the money, that is what it should be about but so often it becomes about so much more.


Anonymous said...

I missed it. :-(
Any chance of a re-run?

A-girl said...

In some ways I agree with you, in others I can't.

I agree, it kept dramatisation/salciousness (although, the cliches were still there) to a minimum and it did, in many ways examine many of the true issues faced by "trans" youth, but I have to question some aspects.

How is it that each of them initially came out as gay? and what message does that actually send the veiwing public?

I don't know about anyone else, but I personally, was NEVER under the illusion that I was gay.

As for normal and boring; do you think mainstream society would veiw one person who tries to turn themselves into a woman and another person who tries to turn themselves into a man, getting married to each other as normal?

from a mainstream ("cis" as trans folk like to refer to them) perspective that is?

I suspect most would look at that as a freakshow that deserve each other.

that's not necessarily MY perspective, and I'm with you! I hope they're happy forever, but relative to TS's?

I kinda don't think so. (personally)

Anonymous said...

The danger in shows like this, and no I didn't watch it, is they do put transsexuals on the stage to be judged as freaks. The same is true of the shows that people with other birth defects in the same spotlight.
This is a knife that cuts both ways.


Anonymous said...

NYF, are your referring to the show as an homage to Frankenstein?

Is so the real monster is the one that casts judgement.


Anonymous said...


I guess you can't read.

I'm not going entertain your reply.
Go find someone else to fight with.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, BS. When are you going to stop beating off in your mommie's panties? non-sequitur.

How do you like dem apples?

Anonymous said...

Silly Anonymous Rabbit 7:58pm it was in reference to NYF's "Freak" comment. My attempt to illuminate the truth of the freak show may be ineffable to you. "Friend."

Sorry learning how to use my new iPad.


Anonymous said...

ineffable = unspeakable - inexpressible - unutterable - nameless

big words + small minds = sophomic idiocies and self agrandizing condescentions.

IMHO you are suffering from a serious overdose of Pink Kook-Aid.

PLEASE, seek immediate assistance.