Monday, May 28, 2012

More intersex bullshit from a Zoe Brain want-to-be

This is the problem the intersex community is now facing and it is very sad.  Here are two links to same story.

First off the entire premise is absolute bullshit but we will put that aside for the time being. I would suggest that everyone understand how kidney stones are treated today and the actual location of the kidneys in the human body which not anywhere near the female or male reproductive areas. Kidney pain is often mistaken for back pain because they are located behind the intestines and around the waist and above. The ultrasound is done from behind while you lay on your stomach and is done in the area from just above where your buttocks start to about 4 inches above the waste using a gel.  Neither the male or female sex organs can be seen from this angle and this height and particularly from behind.

Second no reputable physician or technician would say "you are a female" because finding something like this is potentially life threatening depending upon the age of the individual. The ultrasound is done by a technician and read by a radiologist. It is not only unethical it is dangerous for an unlicensed individual to read an ultrasound in the United States. It must be read and interpreted by a Radiologist who is a trained Medical Practitioner.

Third, it is medically impossible for an individual with both female and male sex organs to be fertile thus he could not have fathered six children. Because both sex organs are present it indicates serious fertility issues. The odds are a million to one for a male to impregnate a woman once so let it rest at that plus the presence of female sex organs indicates low testosterone levels and for him to have function male organs and father 6 children is a miracle of biblical proportions.

Fourth. It is possible he had a small sack containing organs from a co-joined twin that did not develop but those are not his.

His claim that this was why he liked to crossdress is complete and utter bullshit. The amazing thing is he has a wife that believes him that supposedly worked in the medical field somewhere in a hospital. The implication is these "unknown" female sex organs made him a female. He had well formed male genitalia which he used to father 6 kids. Maybe Zoe can make up a new imaginary intersex condition for this person.

I really feel sorry for those truly born intersex. I wish no harm on this person but I wonder why they feel it is necessary at this advanced age to lie in order to transition? Transition and get SRS or better yet join the fantasy girl gang in the TG world. Anyone want to give me odds on when this one gets reconstructive surgery from Suporn?

Almost sounds like some transvestite fantasy.  I had to transition because I have girl parts which magically appeared but were never found in nearly 60 years of life. A man with no prostrate exam or tests or XRays or anything!! It is truly a miracle and I bet they find out he could have menstruated. Yeahn sure.


Nicky said...

As a biological Intersex person, I'm having to do damage control on this Steve Crecelius story with his faux-intersex claims. I knew Steve Crecelius was not intersex, the moment he said he fathered 6 children before he decided to pull a Zoe Alan Brain on people. It's well known that Intersex people are sterile from birth to death and can't even father or bear children naturally. It was well obvious that Steve Crecelius is just another late to the game transsexual in denial and using the intersex excuse to justify his transition to his wife and friends.

Here's a link to more detailed reporting that the media didn't report on Steve Crecelius;

Anonymous said...

Nicky, this is one occasion when I am fully on your side. These types really get up my nose.


Anonymous said...

A few things about these faux-intersex cases...

1. They're always married men who don't want to be divorced.

2. In most cases they have already fathered children, which screams "MALE".

3. They all have a long history of crossdressing and/or a desire to be women, and the wife usually disapproves.

In this society where females are valued less than males, and any male who would want to give up his male privilege and live as a female is looked down upon like some sort of freak, it is of no surprise that some men would come up with wild stories of being intersex to somehow lend validity to their "need" to live as women.


Nicky said...

I totally agree with you, it's these types that make life harder for intersex people to exist when you have people like Steve Crecelius pulling a Zoe Alan Brain on people. I've even blogged it on my blog as well

Also Zoe Alan Brain has posted something on his blog with his faux-intersex claim. Here's the link

Leigh said...

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over” ~ Joseph Goebbels

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” ~ Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

and yet another one that decides to keep their yeah, it looks like late-life dress-up. Something borne out again by the lack of web-based presence in the 'new' name. After all, he wouldn't want to give up all those vestiges of male privilege.

If only we could get a media moratorium on giving those frauds so much play...


Sagebrush said...

Does any article name the person's supposed condition?

The only thing that seems even close is Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome. That results in vestigial Müllerian tissue. However, the presence of Müllerian tissue -- nonfunctional -- does not make the person female. And PMDS males are usually infertile. This person clearly was not infertile!

At any rate, why would the presence of any amount of female reproductive tissue make the person female? Doesn't the presence of a rather significant amount of male reproductive material make the person male? Why is the "default" suddenly female?

This story has a very bad smell.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Is it just me, or is the entire TG Meme really taking these quantum leaps towards becoming the next new version of the, "the CIA can read my thoughts," foil hat wearing, "the end is coming" nutters?

I mean when you can stand there before the cameras and and not only say straight faced that your penis is what makes you female, AND you want government and business' to grant you all the accords given in the protection of a woman from... oh I dunno... penis wielders who want in the loo... Get real! mean is that pure insanity or what"

So, if it's not me, is there something in the water or does the CIA really read my thoughts?

Said MKIA who after reading too much of this tripe for the umteenth time is also considering that she too may really be a fifth dimensional quadra-inter-sexed being from Eclair 6!


Anonymous said...

Here's Zoe Alan brain making his comment about Steve Crecelius

Anonymous said...

It may well be this men have used the magical intersexed identity to avoid the coming out to friends and family that often costs us so much. It may be THEY deserve being "outted" as fraudulent. However Nicky, is it at ALL fair to mis-gender them as well?

I dropped about $25K on my defect correction since I came out in 2001. It did not occur to me to try to mitigate the effects by claiming an intersexed identity. I imagine the majority of women did not claim said "status" either. I'm not sure being intersexed is somehow better.