Monday, January 20, 2014

A Brainless "Brain" -- The Kosilek Case

Well it seems Michelle Kosilek is back in the news as a Circuit Judge has found Kosilek is being punished as in cruel and unusual punishment for the butchering of his wife over 20 ears ago when he was found guilty of murder in the First Degree and sentenced to Life without any possibility of parole.

Since Kosilek is not in for "rehabilitation" but life I guess one must consider the creature comforts of a cold blooded butcher her garroted his wife so severely he nearly decapitated her and threw her body into the to rot and then called police claiming she was missing. He changed his story so many times it was impossible to keep up.

I will state here that I am opposed to the Death Penalty because all too often it is some poor minority getting gassed, fried , or injected to death without fair representation. The case of Kosilek was open and shut with so much evidence they could have convicted him 10 times over. They in fact arrested him at a Mall purchasing cloths for his female wardrobe since he was a transvestite then and part of the reason her butchered his wife is she was not exactly willing to fund his predilection.

Since Massachusetts does not have the Death Penalty Kosilek received life without parole but even the liberal prosecutor said if there ever was a case where the Death Penalty fit it was this one because it was a cold and calculated butchering of a vibrant young woman that had done not one thing wrong other than marrying a piece of human excrement.

In Walpole State Prison, aka MCI Cedar Junction Kosilek,decided he wanted to be a woman and has fought for 20 years to force the State of Massachusetts to provide said operation. Nobody that butchered his wife should have the right to become a woman. That is the act of a violent man and something that mainly men do to women. That bis a male thing and usually happens when said male is not getting his way.

The Transgender activists have come out in droves in support of Kosilek because they are men supporting another man. Lets be honest here, no woman would support this unless they were Kosilek's attorney which is actually what has happened.

Now the resident Canberra Australia Brain, sarcasm intended, has come out fully supporting Kosilek. In this pathetic post Brain claims that Justice delayed is Justice denied. Is it justice for Cheryl Kosilek? Hardly!!! She is dead and her parents never got to say goodbye. Their son never got to say goodbye. That son lost his mother on that day and has never forgiven his father.

When one receives life without the possibility of parole it is punishment and was never meant for rehabilitation. This case will eventually land in the US Supreme Court and that decision will be final but ironically it is the most liberal of States, Massachusetts, that is fighting this case because it is just wrong. The murder was described by the police as extreme, cruel, and premeditated yet somehow we as a society are supposed to have sympathy for this vile piece of human excrement. Not a chance.

Maybe the solution is to give Kosilek the sex change because then Kosilek will be transferred to MCI Framingham for Women and I am sure the girls there will have an open and welcoming party for a wife murderer which involves a few instruments not formally recognized as available for residents. Kosilek would last less than a week in Framingham. Maybe it is best that women get to deal out the final stroke of "justice" to this piece of garbage.. Somehow that does seem fitting in so many ways.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chris Christie Vetoes Birth Certificate Change without SRS

The hypocrisy of this entire fiasco just burns me to be blunt. The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) in this post or the mouthpiece for men in dresses is outraged over this failure of Christie to support females with a penis and men with a functioning vagina. I congratulate Christie on his courage for openly making it plain that he does not support birth certificate changes without a sex change.

The NCTE is a rather sinister group in my humble opinion. They are now claiming this ruling is forced sterilization which is the claim used by all men that want to keep their pleasure organ, their dick, while playing at girl and our new found men who immediately act like the selfish men they claim they want to be but want to keep the organs that can give birth. In a way they are being even more misogynistic than the transgendered.

The NCTE has sunk to a new low by bringing children into this issue. The children they are talking about are transsexual and without question will have SRS as soon as possible. I understand the frustration of the parents but having a birth certificate that says female is not a barrier to discrimination or hate for their child. If they want to push for a law that allows these transsexual children to change their birth certificates then I would support that without question. If they wanted to have a provision that allowed people such as hemophiliacs to change their birth certificate I could support but that has never been the issue with these ultra liberal attempts to change the definition of female. It is for the men that want to keep their penis that these bills are put forth.

If your desire is to maintain your penis then why do you need to be represented by a false birth certificate that claims you are female when physically you are obviously NOT? This is a power issue for men pretending to be women and nothing less. If they have that piece of paper then they think they will recognized as female but that is untrue. To everyone, even their sex partners, they will remain something other than female.

Attempting to use children is low even for the NCTE. Remember they are their to protect the rights of men transitioning on the job and have never lifted a hand to support young transsexuals receiving early hormone intervention. They do not give a shit about the kids unless they can use them to promote something for the transvestites and crossdressers that now want to be called transgender. They have never lifted a finger to promote a single thing related to transsexual issues separate from transgender issues which are in most cases diametrically opposed to what a transsexual needs. They support men, not those born transsexual.

They insult everyone born transsexual by attempting to trivialize SRS which is so important to transsexuals. They support the removal of the term transsexual from everyday life because they do not support transsexuals.  They post fraudulent studies that have no basis in science or accurate polling like they are the truth.

They scream about "trans" discrimination while they discriminate against those born transsexual by claiming that a penis is the equivalent of a vagina which in turn discriminates against women so by definition they support misogyny because who they support harms women. Like everything transgender they are misogynistic because they support taking protections, rights, and spaces away from women based on the fallacious concept that a penis can be equivalent to a vagina because they say so.  I am waiting for their medical discovery that proves this invalid position.

They insult anyone that has needed SRS by claiming it is sterilization or worse only because the very core of their membership love their pathetic dicks.

I have no delusions about all of this because in this new world of political cowardice known as political correctness they will manage to get states to to bow to their wisdom (sic) which is something they have gained from a lifetime of being fucking men. They support the misconception that gender and sex are equivalent which they are most certainly not. They support the lunacy of Gender Confirmation Surgery which is some ethereal concept where the individual seems to get the right to determine what surgery is required to make them female or male. How convenient that is for them and their fellow men.

Change is coming and I am afraid it is going to be a Conservative wind that blows the politically correct back to their delusional and illusory fantasy worlds and unfortunately those born transsexual will be caught up in the backfire of the firestorm because we have somehow become transgendered when none of us ever were.

The irony of the National Center for Transgender Equality is simply that their equality makes women less equal and men more powerful but then isn't that what men want?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Katie Couric, Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera dispute

The simple truth of the matter is that what is between your legs DOES determine a lot about your station in the world of sexual partners. I found it rather amusing watching the phony reactions of both Cox and Carrera when asked that HORRIBLE question referencing whether they had underwent surgery. Isn't it odd that tow self described activists that went on a television show with Katie Couric and somehow were offended by such a question which is very relevant for anyone that was born transsexual.

The claim that what is down there does not define whether I am a woman or not is total bullshit. Only those that want to retain their penis would ever make such a claim and the reason they keep their 7 inch neoclit is because they enjoy using it in the same way men enjoy using it so how do they come up with the bullshit it doesn't matter? If course it matters and it really matters to those of us that simply wanted to be as we should have been born. Kind of funny how they only want the boobs and the dresses and the heels and the makeup and the wigs but not the vagina. I find that odd but then they need that dick for its intended purpose which is fucking women so they decide to add the additional insult of claiming their penis still allows them to be the same as a woman even if they enjoy its functional purpose. And there you have the entire gist of the Transgender movement of obfuscation.

Katie Couric made the same mistake most Americans make and it is a simple one but a mistake deliberately fostered by the transgender activists. Katie Couric assumed she was talking with two transsexuals who were transgender which is the same as transsexual and everyone knows transsexuals want SRS. So here you have two activists pretending to represent transsexuals, falsely by their actions, who are upset or disturbed by a question involving SRS, aka surgery, when they damn well should have known it would come up.

This is just another ploy in the Transgender Activists agenda to make those born transsexual subservient to the crossdressers and transvestites that control the movement. A penis is important to them because it is their source of pleasure. It is not nor was it ever important to those born transsexual because it is a symbol of the mistake made upon our birth.

Carmen Carrera was a self described gay man before deciding that she was somehow transgender which I find odd in the world she worked in since transsexualism is well understood in that world. There has been a petition going around amongst the transgender crowd to have Victoria Secret use her as a model in their television show. I guess that would be a teaching moment, somehow, if Carrera has not had SRS.

A lot, if not all, of this false outrage goes directly back to the Transgender Activists attempt to redefine what a female is so men can somehow weasel their way into the private areas we women want. Why would an activist not want to discuss this even if they had not had SRS? They had a potential teaching moment but there was a very insidious reason they would not talk about it. Rather than simply say SRS is what some want but may not be relevant for everyone which is a valid point when discussing the transgender umbrella they took the position of dismissing it is not relevant when they both know it is very relevant to many bit in typical transgender disregard for those born transsexual they lumped everyone together. How freaking convenient.

It turns out the question and the subject matter was actually discussed before the show and Carrera was going to answer it but Laverne Cox decided to intervene and answer the question. Now before any of you blow a gasket and claim I have no clue I actually do because I did several radio shows and television when I was in NYC in the early 70's with Harry and I was asked that very question but in more graphic terms several times. I answered it on a local television show in Philadelphia with the simple response that I am a girl and a girl has a vagina and the women in the audience certainly understood that rationale while the men looked rather squeamish like they always do.

There was and is a professional and adult way to answer the question but they both chose not to be forthcoming, which is their right, but it is not their right to misrepresent the facts and imply they were shocked over any question that involved any reference to surgery of any kind because afterall the very reality is that the transgendered want everyone to think they are transsexual but somehow avoid answering the questions that are relevant to being born transsexual. How freaking convenient.

Just another example of the men getting squeamish discussing their precious male genitalia. That fucking thing means only one thing to a transsexual and it is sadness because to us it was or is a horrible mistake.