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Christine Benvenuto vs Joy (Jay) Ladin

A funny thing happened when Jay Ladin decided to become Joy Ladin in the middle of his very dominant male life as the husband in an Orthodox Jewish Marriage, his wife woke up. I am sure Mr. Ladin never thought that would happen because he knew his wife, as a timid and supportive woman that single handed was raising their three children while substitute teaching in their locale of South Hadley Massachusetts, plus doing part time editing work for publishers. This enclave just off I-91 is a bastion of Liberalism in the midst of a group of elite small colleges and the University of Massachusetts. It is a beautiful place to live and raise a family but god help you if you stray from the politically correctness of the left.

If you have read any of Joy Ladin's self aggrandizing articles and her memoir it becomes quite apparent she is obsessed with describing herself as brave, courageous, steadfast, heroic, strong, and conveniently a transsexual when use of the word carries importance. Joy Ladin described Christine as a stay at home wife who did not work which is the first of his many lies.  There is no question he was the primary bread winner but substitute teaching in 3 local school systems, editing manuscripts for publishers while raising 3 children while hubby was teaching at Yeshiva in New York City, is far from not working. Only a man would assume that Christine  Benvenuto was not working twice as hard as any man but then mothers never are appreciated by certain men.

In this article in the Mail Online Joy Ladin brings forth the ultimate nightmarish image for any Jew when she claims she lived in "her own concentration camp" and somehow escaped and became a "heroine of the transgender community". This article was okay even though they used the he word for pre Joy. Typical of all of his comments, articles and his memoir he took nasty shots at his ex-wife. Notice the political correctness when saying "her wife" yet a slip-up using he later but alas this was a positive review and was soothing to his male ego. Don't you think "her wife" is kind of insulting to Christine? After all she is a heterosexual woman and is not nor has she ever been lesbian but then non trans people have no rights any longer when dealing with the transgendered.

During arguments with her wife, she recalls wanting to explain: 'This isn’t a typical male midlife crisis - it’s a typical transsexual midlife crisis.'
As a man, Jay Ladin always knew he liked to dress in women's clothing and was honest about his tendencies with his then girlfriend in college. 

Joy has come up with a new and better narrative by now.  It was not his fault because he told the girlfriend he was transsexual and a cross-dresser before they were married. The simple truth is based on what happened that is a complete lie. No woman would accept a man under those conditions and then dump him and be as angry as she was when it happened.  Someone is lying here and even in this he said-she said I believe Christine Benvenuto.  Why would a catholic girl convert to Judaism under those circumstances? They would not.

The following excerpt from this interview says it all.

When the walls of her 'private concentration camp finally collapsed' in 2005, Ms Ladin's wife refused to approve of what she saw as the destruction and erasure of their lives together. 
'Most literature on transsexuality implies that there is a moral obligation for others to recognize the supremacy of the transsexual’s needs,' writes the professor. 
But her wife was not like everyone else. Her 'courage' as a young adult to resist the moral decree that a woman should always put others' needs before her own - that had once been the object of her husband's admiration - now stood in the way of her acceptance of his true identity. 
'Rather than swallowing her pain and focusing on my mine, she decided to fight for her life,' Ms Ladin explains in the book. 'If I had been faithless, she would be faithful.
'If I denied the reality of the man she loved, she would mourn and defend him.'

There is a moral obligation for others to recognize the supremacy of the transsexual's needs? Actually he means it was his Jewish Wife's moral obligation to support her "trans" husband! Where the heck did that drivel come from? First rule of men in a dress is their needs are supreme over every one else's needs and there is nothing like an arrogant late transitioner that has had time to line up his narrative and learn it well and his wife be damned if she decides to burst his bubble and tell the truth. These words are from Christine's ex-husband and they condemn him for what he is and it is not transsexual.

The real problem is Christine Benvenuto is contradicting her ex-husbands grandiose opinion of himself and is calling into open question the veracity of his claims and then this self-described intellectual opens his mouth and proceeds to prove to anyone truly born transsexual, early or late transition, that he is so full of shit he should provide hip-boots to wade through his crap.

Jay Ladin's arrogance knows no bounds and he is a good writer with an abounding ability to emphasize his bravery and his wife's cowardice for not accepting him and fearing for the worst. After all a wife in a good Jewish marriage supports her husband at all costs.

In this New Haven News essay Joy Ladin discusses going through adolescence in mid-life and of course his bravery and courage are at the forefront and he often comments how he proves his wife "wrong" when he walks down streets in a dress and high heels with his new friend Nancy, she helps dress him and encourages him, as he struts his stuff as a woman. It reads like something written by the transvestites on T-Central except it is well written with his grandiose style.  You have to realize that he was a literary nobody before he became  the celebrity transgender heroine of his dreams.  Now he is praised by former Pulitzer prize winners because he is the current flavor of the month.

This is the same man that tried to gain custody of his middle daughter because his wife was not teaching her to be feminine enough. This is the man that admitted he had dressup dates with this same daughter where he asked his then 7-8 year old daughter how she thought he would look in certain outfits. This is verified by the son who is the oldest. This is a man that cross-dressed in front of his 2 year old when still living with the wife for the two years after his announcement. She was kinder than I would have been and was. I would have thrown his worthless ass out then and there but she actually did try and be a good wife or spouse.

Christine's memoir of what happened is how she viewed it and is told from the viewpoint of a woman conflicted by her love for this man who has suddenly decided to be a woman and the need to keep her family together and to protect her children. Joy Lain wrote a memoir with his view of the events but his wife is not allowed such a privilege even though she is a better writer than this self-absorbed man in a dress which he technically still is.

I wonder how they would feel at Yeshiva University if he decided to shower and get naked with the coeds?

There was nothing intolerant about the the article Christine Benvenuto wrote.  The Gazette commissioned it and approved it and PAID for it and it was at their suggestion she write the article. They were bullied into pulling it based on the claims of some that it was transphobic. Please point out the transphobic part of the article. Margaret Cerullo led a protest when Ms Benvenuto had a book reading at Amherst Books. They were loud and extremely vulgar despite the fact young children where in the store and the protest was violent enough for the Police Department to be called. Like a bunch of angry men they screamed and yelled in protest of a book not one single member of the protest group has admitted to reading. Excerpts were enough to censor a book and I am sure they would have held a book burning if given the chance.

Cerullo is a Sociology Professor at Hampshire College and teaches "Queer Studies" which is odd because being trans has nothing to do with "Queer Studies" but then Joy Ladin teaches English in the Women's college at Yeshiva and he has not one thing in common with women including packing and keeping his penis. If you read his musings you will find little to no reference to undergoing a "sex change" because after all it is not necessary for a man in touch with his frilly dress and heels side. Isn't it ironic that so-called feminists jump to the side of man who claims to be a woman yet requires his penis to function. They must have a new breed of feminists at Hampshire College.

I would recommend certain commenters actually read a lot of what Joy Ladin has written but then most make up their opinion based on their stance on the TG mafia which has certainly reared its ugly head in the Christine Benvenuto assault. Read his claims that he was in his own "private" concentration camp because he was "trans".  Funny thing is those interned in concentration camps had no chance to "escape", they only had to die.  Joy Ladin could escape her "self-described" private concentration camp at any time by simply doing what was necessary but unlike her self belief she is a heroine she is actually a callous coward that destroyed a family and then pretended it was the wife's fault.  How so very manly of Joy Ladin.

Joy Ladin is a typical delusional transgender nitwit that grasped onto the term "transsexual" because he felt it would get him sympathy. He has changed his narrative more times than one can count and he becomes brave and more heroic with every nuance he adds yet it reads like the narrative of a child transsexual just trying to survive her living nightmare but brave Jay managed to hold out tell he was in his mid forties. Has anyone ever read where a transsexual has said they would "die" if they could not wear a dress? We might die but it will be because we cannot somehow obtain SRS which Joy Ladin seems not to need.

As a woman that went through something similar it shook me to the core because I was deeply hurt also but not as deeply as Christine.  I was independent enough to tell mine to move out right now but he was like a bad cold because I could not get rid of him.  Christine does not speak with her ex and I wish I was in that position but I am not.

As a woman I side with Christine because what she has written is from the heart and as accurate as one can make it when a family is torn apart. The only ones that treat the wife like Jay Ladin are his fellow transvestites. Every late transitioner I know or have read about that was transsexual had a lot of guilt over what happened to their wife.  Some wives seem to be strong enough to stay with the new spouse but the spouse has the right to be upset and angry of this type of betrayal and only those with no experience in life as a woman and a mother could possibly side with Joy Ladin but then some support the Transgender regardless of what they do.

It really does make you wonder what kind of a woman does that. Jay Ladin is now a heroic spokesperson for the Transgender Mafia and like all good male thugs he expects no objections and that includes from his wife. After all women should be seen and not heard and this is a classic example.

I would tell you to go frak yourself but the only place your dilator will find a home is up your ass and that is kind of fitting.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Transgender Censorship At Work

The article below was brought to my attention by a reader and was copied from Gender Trender so it can be read here.  The above link is to an excellent article describing the censorship imposed or coerced by trans activists on the Kveller website trying to explain why it was removed.

Following the article is the rationale by Kveller which in reality is based on specious comments and a vicious attack on the former wife of Joy Ladin who is a Professor at Yeshiva University who so conveniently waited until he was tenured before changing genders which led to divorce.

Ms Benvenuto is far kinder than I would be to this piece of shit who feels he can write about his wife and family in his autobiography but his wife cannot write about some of the issues she faces on a daily basis. Christine Benevenuto is a published author of note and is well respected yet her words were censored and she was actually attacked verbally in NYC at a book reading by the transgender mafia that required police intervention and this is the real reason for her ex's anger.

Christine Benvenuto has written a book titled:

Sex Changes: A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On

Amazon Link

This is the reason for the censorship and the further attempted censorship of her book by the transgender mafia. How dare anyone write a book that describes what the wife goes through when a husband that has never cross-dressed suddenly decides to change genders and in her case becomes hostile to her in subtle ways that nearly broke this shy Jewish woman. There are some indications he had father issues and said occassionally he wished he was a girl when they first met but it ended there. The book should give unsight into this.

How dare she write about her feelings and what this did to her.  I have purchased the Kindle version of her book and am reading it and will publish a review.

Read this and tell me why you would censor this article. Now you know why.  Now even Gender Trender knows the rationale behind the attacks on Christine Benevenuto. So now you know the rest of the story behind this attempt at censorship.

Reprinted unedited under Fair Use.

Dec 3 2012

Staying in the Same Town as My Ex

By Christine Benvenuto at 9:54 am

Recently, one of my children was referred to a new doctor. Somewhat unusually, my ex came along to the appointment.

The doctor entered the room where we sat waiting, introduced herself, and greeted my child. I introduced myself as my child’s mother. “And who are you?” the doctor asked my ex. “I’m the other parent,” my ex replied stiffly. “The other parent,” the doctor echoed, laughing and nodding. I could see her assessing the situation, making the obvious assumption about our family composition: I had given birth to my child. Her “other parent” was my former lesbian partner. Half right. Sketching in our child’s medical profile the doctor asked some questions about her brother and sister, and we provided the necessary information.

“But do they have the same father?” the doctor inquired. What she meant but didn’t say was, “Do they have the same sperm donor?”

“Yes,” we said in unison. What we meant but didn’t say was, “Yes, and you are looking at him.”

A funny thing happened on the way to my becoming a single mom.

My husband and I got together in our teens. More than 20 years and three children later, he decided to live the rest of his life as a woman. Our marriage melted along with his masculinity. I went through the anguish any woman might over the unexpected demise of a long and happy marriage. I faced the usual potpourri of dread–of penury, isolation–when I contemplated raising three children alone, the youngest still in diapers. Worse, I felt crushed by a sense that the reason for my marriage’s demise said something so terrible about me it would be intolerable to remain in a place in which it was public knowledge. Exactly what it said, I wasn’t sure. Maybe that was part of what made it so awful.

Everything was changing. I thought that where my children and I lived would have to change right along with it. But I love where I live. More importantly, my children are fiercely attached to it. They like that when my friends spot them in town without me, they want to know who they are with and what they are up to. They like knowing the trees that are tapped for our syrup and the chickens providing our eggs. They like noticing the way the flocks of turkeys who usually tie up traffic on our roads seem to go into hiding just before Thanksgiving each year only to reappear when it’s safely over.

Still. Weren’t we fighting a losing battle, hanging onto a place just because it was where we had once been happy? I couldn’t go, but how could I stay?

Finally someone offered the most profound insight into my situation I have heard to date, uttering the words that set me free from this stalemate: “You aren’t the first woman to marry a jerk, and you won’t be the last.”


She was saying I had nothing to be ashamed of. My ex’s choices didn’t reflect badly on me. When a guy dumps a wife and young children for another woman, people–the wife in question, certainly–are more likely to think, “What a jerk!” than, “What a hero!” Why should it be any different just because the other woman is the guy?

I’ve stayed–so far. As long I remain I can’t ever get entirely away from my past, but then maybe I don’t want to. It’s mine, after all. Everything my eyes rest on, every Fall Foliage banner, every coffee shop and playground, recalls some moment of my children’s lives, some treasure I never want to lose. I was happy before. I’m happy now. I’ve made a new life without leaving. Astoundingly, I’ve moved on without leaving home.

On the other hand, I also can’t get entirely away from my ex’s presence. There’s no upside to that one. I can’t know when, not if but when, my ex will pop up somewhere or sometime I least expect him.

Last December I was behind the wheel of a pickup truck, a little before 9 in the morning, after delivering my children to their schools. I was headed downhill on a narrow winding road, a horse pasture on the other side of the fence on my left. There is an entrance to the pasture at the bottom of the hill but few vehicles stop there. I was expecting a 40 mile an hour shot down the hill, through the tiny town center and up another hill to where I live, what National Public Radio calls my local member station muttering sedately at the outskirts of my attention all the while. Then two things happened.

My former husband was in the truck. That is, his voice was in the truck. His odd, grown-male-straining-for-the-uppermost-register-of-his-voice voice. Saying his name. Saying, “What the holidays mean to me is–.”

I reached the knob in time to spare myself anything further. I didn’t learn what the holidays mean to my ex. Presumably not celebrating with his family. Not the intention, unfulfilled yearly, to make it to the lighting of the town menorah. Not the intention, always fulfilled, to light every menorah we own at least one night of Hanukkah. Not the turns around a frozen pond in skates bought long ago for other feet. Not New Year’s Eve in front of the fire, at least one child struggling to remain head up and eyes open. Not these things he isn’t around for.

The radio station was engaged in a December campaign, trite but previously benign, of playing the voices of area residents saying Feliz Navidad or Happy Solstice. I was engaged in a December campaign of tuning them out. Why my former husband? How did they choose him? In their efforts to be inclusive did they feel that merely by airing his voice, regardless of what he said, they could have a demographic covered? I couldn’t think about it right then. I was too busy stomping on the brake, trying not to rear-end the truck in front of me that had, in the split second I was devoting to my radio knob, stopped at the pasture gate. I just made it.

Usually the omnipresence of Bing Crosby and the Chipmunks is enough reason to avoid the radio this time of year. Now I had another. In subsequent days I had several opportunities to lunge for the dial. Friends caught the spot and shared their unique takes on it. “My husband said he heard your ex on the radio advertising himself,” one reported. “Why would he be advertising himself?” she wondered. “My husband said whatever the reason was, if he gets any money out of it he hopes he will give some of it to his family.”

So yes, my ex recurs like Christmas carols. But I don’t have to let him drown out the rest of my life. I knew the holidays would soon be over, and the echoes of his voice along with them.

The following is the notice of censorship published by the Kveller website:

Dec 5 2012

A Note to Our Readers

By Kveller at 12:07 pm

Kveller has always prided itself on being a place where people can discuss the most challenging parts of life and parenting—infertility, death, and yes, divorce.

We have seen how much support, encouragement, and affirmation people feel when their voices are heard and their deepest disappointments and difficulties are shared and discussed.

The honesty and courage of our writers are what have made Kveller such a compelling and valuable website.

At the same time, the social utility of our articles is something we take seriously. We want Kveller to help people feel more confident, more secure, more understood. Unfortunately, our decision to publish “Staying in the Same Town as My Ex” in the form that it was in has undermined that effort, and thus we have decided to remove it from the website.

When it comes to issues that impact a historically (and currently) persecuted community it is our responsibility as editors to be extra sensitive to the exact language being used. Kveller and its parent organization MyJewishLearning are committed to honoring the identities and life experience of all people, including transgender people. We do not believe that this article was meant to be transphobic, but we do believe that our failures in the editing process created an article that could be read that way, which is not good for the writer, Kveller, and most importantly, the LGBT community, which Kveller and MyJewishLearning are dedicated to supporting and working with to create a more inclusive Jewish community.

Joy Ladin Thanks Kveller for Censoring his ex-wife's work.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So, Why Am I Supposed to Feel Guilty?

It seems that I should feel guilty because I somehow got to live my life as a girl and a woman. Somehow, I did something wrong by not being "out" and "proud" to be "trans".  Some of the many loons that promote this theme, Stephanie for one, have been losers their entire lives. Rather than living life they delved into drugs and booze and unlike those courageous enough to defeat those demons they prefer to blame people like me for living a quiet and successful life.

We all face those demons when we are born transsexual. There is a lot of negativity surrounding us and in my era that negativity was compounded by lack of knowledge about transsexualism and in my case complete lack of realization that it existed. One does not choose transsexualism, it chooses you, despite what some would like you to believe. Anyone that would "claim" they choose transsexualism is insane. It is that simple but then some people will latch onto anything if it gives their pathetic lives meaning.

Whether you are 13, 25, 35, or 45 dealing with transsexualism is not a walk in the park, it is a lot of hard work and unfortunately sometimes luck is involved. I certainly did not have the roof of my garage lift off and reveal to me that I was "transsexual" late in life as one particular loon describes her awakening which was of course later altered to present  better picture. I and most like me lived this nightmare every single day and believe me the movie "Groundhog Day" is what we lived every single day except ours was a nightmare not somewhere where we get to enlighten ourselves.

Our enlightenment is the salvation of SRS and the potential new life it can lead to and that is a key point. We have the potential to have the life we want and have prayed for but it takes a lot of courage to  work for that life. Initially I tried to bow out of life because I felt helpless and that is a problem for many children and young adults.

I have had multiple people tell me if I had been more open about my life it would have helped them back in the day. Well, I actually was kind of open about this for a short while after SRS on radio in NYC and several Television shows out of the city but it was not the life i wanted. I did not fight my way through this crap to play activist. I fought my way through this crap to live and by live I mean live as just an ordinary woman in everyday American life. I believe I succeeded at that.

Somehow I am not supposed to be proud that I actually set precedents for women in multiple areas of Business and Engineering. No, I am not going to tell you what but those that know me as close friends understand the circumstances. I and many like me have done similar things over the years not because we were somehow still "tarns", we thankfully leave that behind us, but because we are women and circumstances gave us a chance to succeed and we did.

Now, the simple concept of staying "trans" is where we differ. I was not "crossing" or "changing" or "playing" or "femulating" after SRS, I was just living as me and no longer "trans" because SRS ended that.

When I woke up completely after making it back to my room in the late afternoon there was a friendly hand holding my hand. It was Dr. Benjamin and he asked me "how do you feel", which I am sure was about the pain but my comment started with, "I feel complete", and we ended up in  a hazy conversation about why it was finally over but the key was what Harry said before he left.  He said, "It will only be over if you let it be over", and it took a while for that to sink into my thick Welsh gray matter but eventually it did.

In order to live you have to let go of the past.  It does not mean you forget about  what you went through and all the pain and anguish.  It means you have to finally accept the fact you are a girl, a woman, a female, and a complete person. You are no longer transsexual, transgender, or trans because that is just a crutch many find convenient to lean on. One does not have to work so hard at living if one has a crutch.

The thing I found amazing was I actually never thought about being born male after SRS.  Do not get me wrong, I remembered, because I had some seriously ugly shit done to me but I won and they lost because I survived and made it.

Yes, I won the genetic lottery at birth because I was feminine but as a child it was genetic hell in so many ways. Believe me, I am not sorry about that, I was lucky and for that I am thankful. I am in awe of those born transsexual that lost the genetic lottery yet still worked their ass off to succeed and make themselves presentable as women, because they earned it and they will cherish it. I am appalled when so-called activists say negative things about what they have done to make it. It is actually jealousy because when you are a complete loser in life then it makes your life more livable to believe someone else got all the breaks, when in fact, like all of us, they worked their ass off to get there.

These so-called activists that claim that unless you are "out" and "proud" your life has no meaning are the real losers in life.  Many of these activists are still packing a penis and are deluding themselves into believing they are actually female and a woman. They support crazies like Colleen Francis because it benefits their delusional world view and are incapable of realizing it actually harms women because they understand they are not women so like all "men" they want to change the world definition of "female" to fit them and their penis. They even like to claim, if they like men, that the men that like them are straight.  I actually watched a video where one said "her" straight boyfriends liked to suck her penis.  Sorry pal but any man that sucks a dick is gay or bisexual and most certainly not straight, but then they do live in a delusional world. Also, if you want your "dick" sucked you are not a woman so get over it. By the way I have no issue if this is what they enjoy but please do not tell me I have to believe your delusion!

I have a friend in England that I am in awe of in so many ways.  She is an activist but the quiet type who still lives a rather mundane to normal life but fights for kids. She has helped kids I would have run from because we have set requirements including parental support.  In so many ways we are cowards compared to her. She takes on cases and causes that would cause me to shudder. Another mutual friend of ours does the same thing in the Philadelphia area of the United States.  She is a Saint because she not only helps them, she rescues them and moves them into her home for safety as has my friend in England. They are both quiet about their lives yet they  give back in ways none of these new activists ever could.

There are some activists I disagree with vehemently about many issues but they do things I am in awe of. Dysonnance runs a shelter in Arizona and deserves to be commended for that. Black Swan has helped many with legal briefs relating to insurance and other issues in Los Angeles including those children at Children's Hospital of LA. We agree to disagree, she hates me, but she gets kudos for trying to help.

There are many others that have done similar good deeds.  The problem is that all too many are activists for their own needs and do not give a damn about anyone but themselves. The list is too long and it would be a disservice to even mention one name.

Many of these fools are simply transvestites looking to legitimize their existence by claiming they are no longer "crossdressers" but are transgendered. It is part of the delusional world they live in where they are obsessed with "womenless" pageants and sundry other issues where boys are pretending to be girls which is what they do in their daily lives.

The funny thing about activists is there are two types. Those that chose to be activists and those that were outed and had it chosen for them. I really have little issue with those that had it chosen for them like Lynn Conway because we might disagree but she lived life as a woman and has a clue unlike some that have played at it and think they are owed something because they are permanently "trans".

So to put it bluntly I am not sorry for living my life as just an ordinary woman. If that is not what you wanted then you were not born transsexual. Sometimes circumstances intervene but I have never met anyone born transsexual that wanted anything other than normalcy in their life. All the rest of you are just plain frauds and should change you mantra from "trans woman" to "fraudulent woman" because it fits better. Until you have lived as a woman with your past unknown you cannot truly understand what it means to be a woman. It is why there are feminists and sadly you frauds will never understand that.

You will never have a fellow Engineer ask; "why is a pretty girl like you not home having babies?"; you will never be told you get less pay because men need to support their wife and children; you will never be denied promotions because you might get pregnant; you will never be told you are a girl so emotionally you cannot possibly handle the position; and you will never be told you fucked your way to the top if you actually do move up the Corporate ladder.

You assholes will have your "trans" protections that women do not have but you will also claim the same rights as women that many of us have fought for and earned over the years. You keep your male privilege gained on the job as a man with your "trans rights" and still demand to be accepted as a woman.  You are so clueless you cannot see how badly that galls most women in the workforce but then you are a special kind of woman aren't you?  You are a "trans woman" and are so naive you cannot realize how silly that sounds but then men just do not get it.

On the other hand you will never know what the joys of being a woman are. That first kiss from a boy that literally blows you mind because it is everything you dreamed of. That first date with a boy when he holds your hand and you feel protected.  That first true relationship with a guy that changes your life forever. The first time you have sex when you are actually nervous and scared at the same time yet the man that is making love to you leads you gently through your first experience. The incredible sensual joy of your first female orgasm during sex, it is mind altering. They joy of possibly getting the chance of being a stepmother and learning that maternal instincts are within you along with some help from mom. Finally meeting your soul mate and the wedding you dreamed of and the realization that the man waiting for you with the Minister is someone you want to spend your life with, who loves you and will protect you which is a base instinct for all women.

There are so many more and all of them are apropos of any lesbian relationship.  So all of you "fraudulent women" out there just remember you will always be what you were before you decided to be trans and we will always be what we should have been and regardless of what you say your penis defines you and in some cases your words define you as mine do me.  I am comfortable with who I am and my life while you are a misfit and always will be because you will always be "trans" in your own mind.

Sadly you are what you were born and no legislation and no amount of pandering will ever change the simple fact we won and you lost and in so many ways it is sad how lost you really are. You can learn the story but when you deny the life the story demands then you lose.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweden Sued Over Forced Sterilization

The transgender loons are at it again in Sweden. This article describes the actions being taken against Sweden for forced sterilization of "trans" and "gender variant" people which denies them the right to change their gender marker.

First, the law in Sweden needs to be explained. Since Sweden is one of your typical socialist boondoggle countries within Europe that wants to take care of you and control you from cradle to grave it has a very specific set of rules for changing your gender marker. Now the gender marker these people are talking about is their birth certificate "gender" marker which was always one's sex until John Money and his crowd managed to obfuscate the difference.

Under Swedish law on order to have your gender marker changed, also know as birth certificate, you need to have undergone a sex change. They also require that the individuals cannot be married nor can they MTF store sperm or the FTM store eggs for later use. Those are the requirements for both SRS and change of birth certificate on the State dime.

Now, even I would support the changing of the law to allow them to save sperm and eggs and to stay married but then Sweden does not have same sex marriage if I remember correctly which is also part of the problem. Both of these concepts give me the creeps personally, but in my opinion they are certainly no harm, no foul kinds of conditions and should be amended.  The problem is and always has been that that was and is not the case here. The case here is men want to keep their penis and still have their gender marker changed. It is that simple.

So in order to attempt to push this argument they have come up with this forced sterilization argument which is silly but one needs to understand the history of Sweden which is far from glowing in regards to sterilization. Being such a good socialist bastion the Swedish government has always felt they know what is best for their citizenry and did perform forced sterilizations from 1935 until 1975 under government auspices. The forced sterilizations were forced upon primarily Roma and Traveler women, gypsies for the uninformed. I will leave it to the reader to infer where those practices emanated from but it is pretty clear.

The Roma and Traveler women rightfully won a legal battle for compensation from Sweden and now these loons are trying to equate themselves to the horrors these gypsies underwent. The gypsies were forcibly sterilized against their wills to prevent more children from being born and almost all sterilization was against women since no self respecting man would sterilize a fellow male. It sort of reminds me of how ashen my husband got when I informed him the male Siberian was headed to the vet to be neutered.  You would have thought I was sending him.

The individual that writes this blog is not exactly the brightest light in the string since she contends it is nothing less than "genocide". When dealing with mental midgets definitions are required so here goes.
Genocide is "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group"
This is your typical "trans" action where they try and equate the rights of transvestites and non-ops with those of a previously harmed group where there is absolutely no correlation whatsoever. You know the fools that claim racism with "trans rights" and a sundry list of other past transgressions they use to blind the uninformed into supporting their patriarchal view of the world where male rights circumvent any rights women have.

In their musings they carefully avoid mentioning that the sterilization they are talking about is actually "Sex Reassignment Surgery" which is NOT forced sterilization and is paid for by the state for those individuals that follow the rules. For most people born transsexual the concept of getting SRS paid for is fine because that is what they want and there are ways around other parts of the law such as sperm and egg storage and marriage which I believe is where they have a fight, but that again is not the fight they want.

This is again a fight to redefine what it means to be female and a woman. It is nothing short of an assault or a war on women primarily by men who want to play girl but not be girl and certain women that want to be men but would like to keep the options open.  It is just another example of gender games and these fools mention gender variant as those  being forcibly sterilized which is patently absurd.

These people are walking adverts for the people that believe being born transsexual is NOT a medical condition.  They are harmful in so many ways it ton those born transsexual needing SRS because they come across stating categorically that SRS is NOT necessary to be a female or a woman and that is what they want the world to know and believe.

The case is without merit because it is voluntary and the Swedish government has the right to set the rules for when and how their socialized medicine will pay for SRS. Changing the provisions of the law that require the individual to not save sperm and eggs and to divorce their spouse could be fought and probably should be fought but as I have stated that is absolutely not what this is about.

The problem is people in general are uniformed in today's world and they see "forced sterilization" and it scares them because it is a nasty concept.  if they read a little they would realize it is all a ruse but people are kind of lazy and splashy headlines rule the media world. It is no coincidence that the few remaining papers in print are primarily scandal sheets with few exceptions particularly here in the United States.

If you have a sex change you are sterilized because that is how it works. MTF get a vagina and FTM have a hysterectomy and hopefully can afford a penis but the entire concept is changing sex and women do not father children and men do not get pregnant except in the "trans" world where they consider themselves "special".

So if you read about this issue be sure to remember what the truth is behind it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Demeaning Women Transgender Style

I have been embroiled in the Colleen Francis bullshit for a while now and it really bothers me. One of the reasons it bothers me is the reaction of the so-called transgender leaders who have jumped to support this pervert or even claim one bad apple does not spoil the barrel as some believe.

The irony here is these same people rightfully scream about the issues involving the rapes of women by men.  They excoriate the police for not defending women and those of us born transsexual or even the transgendered that are raped. Rape is the ultimate act of dominance by a man over a woman.  It is a man saying I can do with you as I want because I am a man.  It is a hideous crime with very long range ramifications for the victims of rape.

After I met Benjamin I started down the hormone path and my life seemed to be heading for a happy future.  I had a boyfriend that really liked me and accepted me as a girl which still amazes me to this day. Within a month of returning from the meeting everyone seemed to know I was transsexual and school life was the best it ever was. One boy said it really meant sense to him that I was really a girl. Well, I was on my way to girl but far from being as female, as I realized.

I was 14 years 1 month and several weeks old when my neighbor Chuck finally fulfilled his fantasy and actually physically raped me and beat me into submission. I will never know if he did it because he saw me as a girl or the effeminate boy he so desired. I am reminded of that day every time I wash my hair because I can feel the areas where they drilled into my head to release the pressure on my brain because he fractured my skull in two places.

All I remember is being told by him his wife wanted to see me and I liked his wife and if she was home there was no threat. I remember getting hit and kind of remember him pulling off or trying to pull off my clothes when I blacked out.   I did manage to scratch him I gather but I have no memory of that.  It was bad enough I was transferred to Massachusetts General where the brain surgery was performed. This was 1959 and female rape victims rarely got to see their rapist arrested so it was worse for me.

He claimed I attacked him with my 115 pounds of muscled (sic) fury and he had to defend himself with his 220 pounds of manhood and anally rape me for some reason. It was his second attempt and his first success at raping me. Thankfully I have no memory of what happened and I recovered with the help of a boy, his family, my family, and Dr. Benjamin who actually came to see me in the hospital.

Those in the transgender community talk about rape yet they cannot see that simply allowing individuals with male genitalia into secure female spaces is dangerous. There are reasons someone keeps their penis and balls and it is because the majority of them use them during sex and the vast majority of them consider themselves lesbian which means they are attracted to women. Now these individuals need a functioning penis for sexual gratification but this is never talked about because they are women, because they say they are, this is bullshit.

I really have little issue if they want to live en femme but if you strip off the dress underneath at best they may have breasts but they have functioning male genitalia, Autumn Sandeen excepted. Now if a man walked into a secure female dressing, shower or locker uninvited holy hell would break out.  If a man walked into said areas and exposed his junk it would result in outrage and arrest.  Wearing a dress and makeup with functioning male equipment by definition makes you a threat to any woman if you are predisposed to such behavior but since we women have no clue about your predisposition we scream for help because it is a danger and we recognize it as such.

The transgender love to claim this violates their civil and human rights and that is bullshit.  It violates the civil and human rights of females and women to be forced to accept men in our spaces. Even if said men claim to be women with male genitalia. Mr Francis was and is on a very low estrogen dosage and is not using blockers of any kind according ton his own web site. He and his ilk want functioning male genitalia because they use it during sex with women. Anyone that uses male genitalia for sex is a man and it is undeniable.

These same male equipped individuals scream bias because lesbians will not accept them as women and allow them to date lesbians. Isn't it kind of odd how none of them bitch about men not accepting them as women and wanting to have sex with them?  They know the result of that scenario and it rarely ends well for them but with women they face little physical threat unless they run into a tough dyke.  I might pay to see that fight.

It seemingly flies right over their heads that allowing these individuals into secure female areas uninvited is dangerous, but that is actually not true because they know the danger but it is not to them. From a women's position even the slightest increase in the potential for a sexual threat is unacceptable.  Women always have to worry about sexual aggression in men.

It was something I had to learn after SRS. After my first divorce I was very careful when I dated  and even a hint of aggression meant the man was dropped.  Maybe that was the fear from my childhood rape but if a man so much as indicated he had the proclivity to get rough he was gone.

The entire concept of the non-op is troublesome for many of us that fought so hard for SRS. I do understand some are medically unable to have SRS but they are very few in number.  The entire concept of non-op is keeping their male genitalia, well it is for the very high majority without question. So can someone tell me why women should accept them as fellow women when they want male parts? What am I missing here?

These same assholes talk about rape, feminism, and rights like they actually have a clue what it means to struggle as a woman in the work place, to be threatened with rape or be raped by a man, and the myriad other issues women face. They will never be asked, "why aren't you home raising a family", as I was many times by men in the workplace. They knew nothing of my past so it seemed logical to them. They will transition at work but will never face the prospect of being paid 70% of what a man makes because the men need extra money for their "family". They will never be passed over for promotion because they are too assertive. They will never be passed over for promotion because they are too smart for their own good.  They have protection for that because they are "trans". In theory women do also but in the workplace try and prove it.

It is all part of the attempt by men to invade women's spaces. Are you trying to tell me that a so-called woman that claims to be a woman and wants his male parts working because he is attracted to women is not going to get aroused at the site of naked females? It is why there is a billion dollar porn industry for their perusal. This is just free porn.

Now we who oppose these "women" with functioning male genitalia in our spaces are called bigots, transphobic, Nazi's, associated with the KKK, and other sundry nasty names. Please explain to me why preventing anyone with functioning male genitalia from secure female spaces is any of the above? These fools have no support from anyone outside their own little circle of fellow loons.  The public is so overwhelmingly opposed to this it borders on unanimous condemnation yet it continues.

It is neither bigotry nor transphobic to want "women" with functioning male genitalia to stay out of secure female spaces.  In point of fact it is simply common sense, a common sense we women have understood for eternity. Men regardless of how they disguise themselves do not belong in secure female spaces uninvited for our safety and even if the percentage of danger is 1 chance in a 100,000, it is one chance too many.

These fools fear the repercussions from their fellow men so they invade female spaces under the ruse it is safer for them en femme. Well it is safer for them but it is less safe for women, so just who needs protection and who is endangered? I guess it is easier for them to endanger women to protect themselves. We will accept all who have had SRS but categorically deny those same undeserved privileges to anyone that keeps male genitalia for any reason. Women's secure spaces are for those with a vagina and not dick and balls.

One transgender activist even tried to equate naked women in secure female facilities with her transgender pals which associates naked women as no different that  naked "women" with male junk because they are after all women identified. This individual in a comment on another blog actually stated "trans" people should be registered so they have the privilege of using female facilities which somehow nullifies the inherent danger of someone attracted to women with male genitalia being physically allowed in private female spaces. Yeah like that would work.

For a long time I thought this was misogynistic behavior but in reality it is just pure male chauvinistic behavior.  They are better than us and we will accept this or be damned for not accepting it. We are inferior which is why they keep the male parts. Those damn vagina's are good to stick their dick in but damn how can they pee on a tree and mark their territory with the damn thing plus maintenance and upkeep is a pain.

It is simply men being men and has not one damn thing to do with being female or a woman. It is truly that simple.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Colleen Francis and The TG Big-Guns Support

Well some of the transgender big-guns are now supporting Mr. Francis in their typical fashion. I bet none of you realized this was a manufactured problem and that nothing bad happened.  I was shocked to find this out, but then again considering the sources nothing either one says could ever really shock me.

Suzan of Women Born Transsexual, should be changed to Transgender, wrote a blog entry titled The Manufactured Colleen Francis Kerfuffle in which those that complained about this "non-issue" were Nazis which is the basic tenet of the intellectually challenged on the far left. In this post she mentioned her now "good friend" Cristan Williams wrote a blog post making the analogy that the Colleen Francis "Kerfuffle"  was akin to the KKK and their attacks and hatred.

Neither of these self appointed defenders of the Transgendered seem to understand a woman's need to feel safe. It is outweighed by the need of the transgendered to force their fantasy onto women.

In Suzan's post she said the following.

Of course  with great predictability the HBS Sonderkommando Unit including Jennifer Usher and Ben-Girl (Elizabeth) lined up to attack Colleen Francis.  Elizabeth even mentioned Fox News as being the credible source (sic) for her information.
It is her way of referencing me to her Nazi allegations and to her pals KKK allegations and inferences. Anyone that opposes their point of view on anything is a bigot because they are always correct and everyone opposing them is wrong. I of course tried to respond because i sure do love tweaking Suzan and her partner Tina because they have zero common sense and are sure to have a snit or delete your comment if it confuses their feeble minds.

My comment which was not posted is as follows.

I am not a HBSer as you say and I stated that Fox News had carried a story about Colleen Francis in order to indicate it was very public and viral. The same report was in multiple reliable and yes liberal sources. The Police Report is undeniable and under the best of circumstances Colleen Francis was in a female Sauna displaying her male junk. Since the other reports state she was seen in the locker room naked the simple fact the University saw fit to put up a curtain barrier leads credence to that story. Even if that characterization is wrong the simple fact Colleen Francis was displaying her junk openly in a female Sauna is just plain wrong. 
Because people may disagree with you on a certain issue does not make them Nazi's or christo-Nazis or any other combinations using Nazi that you might conjure up.
Is Rosanne Barr a Nazi for being appalled over the Colleen Francis incident? She was vilified for her position.
It might behoove you to actually do some research on Colleen Francis and her past by simply using Google and actually going past the first page of the results list but then us presumed Christo-Nazis who are most surely NOT the source of the accusations make a convenient target. I find it hilarious you support the Corporate world philosophy of making the accuser the problem just like all men do in rape cases.  
By the way Francis tried to delete a lot of the past musings put onto blogs and fetish websites but thankfully the web is eternal and it can always be found. I wonder why Colleen Francis wanted to delete the past of Colleen Francis' own comments? 
You have no way of separating truth from fiction because you are just too lazy or unwillingly to research Colleen Francis so you resort to your Nazi and probably Klan references next. 
You do not presume Guilt??? You presume I am guilty of being a Nazi or Christo Nazi or was opposed to Prop 8 among many things.  Will I next be presumed to be a Klan follower by you and the rest of your Mao following nitwits? By the way that is not a presumption that is a simple fact.
How ironic you support a self described penis packing "lesbian" that in his own words loves using his "god given" equipment and enjoys sex with women using it. A lesbian with a penis. Now that is an interesting concept. I wonder who has experience with that scenario? 
You might be interested to know it was Colleen Francis that went to the media about being discriminated against and not the parents of the children. Now that is interesting isn't it? Silly nazi me, I wonder why Colleen Francis did that? 
Do you still believe there are no transvestites or cross-dressers under the Transgender umbrella? I was wondering if you defogged your mind on that subject. 
You are correct about one thing.  You will be mentioned for supporting Colleen Francis.

Nothing unusual about this comment.  Heck, I get worse than that by an order of magnitude daily but that is not how it works in Mao Central.

Godwin's Law holds true in this case clearly and these two dipshits are classic violators of this internet adage. It states, "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1".  If appropriate it is not without merit, but inappropriate is most often the tactic of the intellectually challenged and a revered tactic of the far left.

In Suzan's world it is her favorite attack mode and she brings it out immediately. All of this said and our disagreement aside the facts are simple and these fools cannot see it or refuse to see it because sadly I doubt they have either "truly" considered themselves women but that is conjecture on my part.

The simple truth is no male equipped individual should expose themselves in any area where women expect safety and privacy. 99.99 percent of those transgenders in this situation would never think of doing this or I sure hope they would not. I think it is silly to put yourself in this type of situation if you were born transsexual but then the transgendered think it is their right.  It is not!

That event was not a "teaching moment" in Washington and the people that passed the law or regulations never expected this to happen because they were lied to. They made the assumption they were dealing with pre-op transsexuals and never thought this would or should happen. I wonder if they would accept a law that says they may use these spaces but may not deliberately expose themselves to any female of any age?

I read their comments and it suddenly dawned on me that these people have zero experience as women in female only spaces. They have never been in a locker room with only women or girls. They have no experience in the real world of women because they will always be men or "trans" in their mind.  They have accepted themselves as less than a complete woman.  I cannot do that to myself nor will I.

These girls on the swim team did not one thing wrong yet the TG paint their parents and anyone opposed to this insanity with the same broad brush. Roseanne Barr is a Nazi and was accused of it including the requisite transphobic and bigoted. These fools cannot see the misogynistic line that they are clearly following. Blame the victim is classic male strategy in a rape case, to through it back in Cristan Williams face. Blame the whistle blower is classic male dominated Corporate America strategy when they are caught stealing or cheating. It is a classic male tactic that has been used against women since I can remember.

In this case the swimming team is vilified and loses Title IX money but nothing bad happened because some TG got to expose himself. He may or may not of exposed himself in the locker room but the evidence of a curtain that put the girls in a small cubby hole area indicates either he did or Evergreen College knows he did or is afraid he will do it.

This moment was not a "teaching moment". It was a crude moment; it was a rude moment; it was a vile moment; it was an unnecessary moment and any other bad moment you can think about. The irony is it was a good moment for those that oppose these types of transgressions. The outrage is world-wide and very few support this kind of transgression and many comments have stated they never realized such laws could result in such transgressions.

Keep supporting this dipshit and watch and prepare for the backlash.  The only manufactured kerfuffle in this case is the manufactured  lie that Colleen Francis is either transgendered or pre-op transgender or even "trans" anything other than transgressing where he does not belong.

I would tell them to wake up but that would require them to have the intellectual capacity to understand right and wrong. This was wrong, period.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Colleen Francis Update

Thanks to NYF's comment I did more research today and a lot more of the truth is coming out. If you have followed my posts, on the subject, there was one commenter in particular that said they were a friend of Mr. Francis and no children were involved.  They were wrong because the swim facility is used by 6 year old girls who were in the area when Mr Francis was and it was worse than the Sauna according to one mother.

Now this is "hearsay" as our not so learned commenter BlackSwan would point out but it is an eyewitness report and does explain why they put up partitioning in the locker room area adjacent to the Sauna.  Mr Francis was seen walking around as naked as the day he was born with his junk clearly visible in said locker room. The sad thing is as NYF friend pointed out this is now in the mainstream media as this was first reported by Todd Starnes of Fox news, on his blog, on November 1, 1012. It is being reported on by other National News organizations and it is also being reported that transgender activists support Mr. Francis.

I do not totally agree with the TG support for Mr. Francis. I see it split 60-40 in favor of Mr. Francis with the 40% of the TG world opposed understanding the actual ramifications of what this asshole, pervert is more accurate, has done to their beloved TG "justice and equality" attempt at manipulating the Legal System. They realize this could be the end of their attempt to redefine what female is so they and the dick and balls qualify. This event has even shocked the Liberal media and liberal icons like Roseanne Barr who has been vilified for opposing this.

The nasty part of this is that those truly born transsexual have been placed at risk of again being lumped into the category as this pervert. I must reiterate my position clearly to any SRS intended pre-operative transsexual. DO NOT use female only locker rooms, showers, saunas, etc. until after you have had SRS and it is appropriate. The risk is too high even if you pass easily.  Bathrooms are appropriate for use but the risk you take otherwise can hurt others following your path.

It is part of the process of becoming complete and you need to look at this as the woman you will become shortly and understand your fellow women and girls should not be subjected to male genitalia in female only spaces. It is a matter of respecting your fellow women.  Mr Francis is a man and will never understand this simple thought and neither will many of his fellow TG male buddies.  They believe their fetish is our problem and not theirs. They believe their dicks and balls allow them access to our private spaces, they do not.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Update on Colleen Francis

Well I have come across the actual Police Report from Evergreen State College and there is no reasonable doubt any longer that Mr. Francis did what he did on purpose. Mt Francis deliberately exposed his male genitalia on multiple occasions.  He sat in the sauna with his legs deliberately spread wide to display his junk.

The following Police Report explains this clearly at the bottom of the report.  It was always a little unclear whether or not he actually exposed himself but he did and he exposed himself to girls under the age of 18.

All of the assholes and complete losers in the Transgender Community supporting this obvious pervert need to have their collective heads examined. This is an unconscionable action taken by a man looking for a thrill.  In his own personal profile, on several sites linked to in a  previous post on this blog, he has self-identified as enjoying his male junk and liking sex with girls and has stated categorically he has no intention of SRS. If he had any intention of SRS he never would have exposed himself because no transsexual would ever do that.

Mt Francis is a predator and if those in the Transgender Community cannot see through this guise of his then they need to be prepared for the backlash. If one truly believes they are a woman then they would never expose themselves like this to underage girls.  Only a sick piece of shit like Mr Francis would do that.  Mr Francis is obviously proud of his junk and those of us that want to fight to prevent those not corrected by SRS from ever entering any female spaces like locker rooms, saunas, showers, and etc. would like to thank this dipshit for providing the male poster dipshit for any politician to easily deny such access anywhere in the USA.

Girls and older females should not be subjected to such sexual aggression and believe me a man sitting with his legs spread wide to make sure every female entering the sauna sees his junk his taking an aggressive action. He sat in clear view of girls changing into their swimsuits so I am sure Mr Francis also got his jollies off that way.

As I said before the girls lost their Prop 9 support so this pervert could "play pervert" in a female only area but in its infinite political incorrectness Evergreen State College has decided to support a flasher as has the local DA who is afraid to prosecute.

It really has to make any parent wonder if their children can ever be safe from such obscene and deliberate actions of some dipshit claiming to be transgender or to be blunt from anyone claiming to be transgender. When people up there think about transgender they think of pervert and flasher. The sad part is assholes in the TG claim these kids need to be "educated" that a man is a woman even if he has junk and flashes them with it.  Somehow that seems counterproductive.

I personally have been contacted by multiple organizations against allowing anyone, including pre-operative transsexuals, into female spaces, other than bathrooms, if they have not had SRS.

The simple truth is a woman would not do something like this to a girl or other women for that matter because they would understand how threatening it is to any female. Isn't it funny how the Transgendered find this a perfectly sensible and rationale act but then some men do like to flash their junk but they are usually arrested as sex offenders but of course Mr. Francis was trying to teach these girls that he was as female as them except he had a very large clitoris and extra large hairy ovaries exposed for breathing room.

I would say shame on anyone in the transgender community that could support such an affront but then I have recognized for a very long time the only standards the TG have are little to none and little left town with Colleen Francis.

My only suggestion for those in the Northwest would be to get a referendum vote on the next election cycle and have this total bullshit squashed and hopefully anyone that provides assistance to Evergreen State College will pull such financial assistance.

It just goes to show you can put an ugly man in a bad clothes and worse makeup but no matter what they do they will never ever understand what it means to be female or a woman because no female nor any woman would ever do that to a young girl or for that matter another woman.

What goes around comes around and let us hope something comes Mr. Francis' way. Maybe a civil lawsuit could be brought.  I do not condone violence but there are times where a good dope slap can help people but then again as a gun enthusiast I bet Mr. Francis is packing more than his pecker and balls.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Roseanne Barr vs. Colleen Francis and Trans Mafia

A little history for non Americans. Roseanne Barr is an American Comedian who had a very successful family comedy a while ago and was married to Tom Arnold the actor. She is a very left leaning politico who is also a stand-up comedian.

Roseanne has gotten into a twitter war of words with the Trans Mafia over Colleen Francis and a penis being appropriate in female only areas. It started rather quietly and innocuously as follows.

Nothing really earth shaking here because 95%(my guess) of America actually agrees with Roseanne that if "she" has a penis, she is not allowed in. Well, if I was to say it got really weird, then nasty, and then nastier after this it would be a gross understatement.

First off Roseanne Barr has every right in a free society to disagree with what Colleen Francis did. She has a right to express that view in her twitter world but it appears the Trans Mafia feels that you can only speak if you follow our mantra. In an attempt to be fair to Francis I am posting the absolute best picture I can find of her/him. Kind of reminds me of someone else that likes to wear a beret.

The entire twitter war devolved into an argument where the weirdness grew by the second. Some of the comments were priceless.

Lem K. ‏@Bookishbirdy
@TheRealRoseanne A penis attached to a man in a women's bathroom is extremely different than a penis attached to a woman. Get over yourself.

Under any circumstances that is hilarious and sad. It is the ongoing misogynist movement within the "trans" community to redefine a female/women with a penis as legitimate. It is not.

anarchic_teapot ‏@anarchic_teapot
Noiw replace "transgender" with "black", "jewish", "old", "lesbian", or "fuckwitted hag with zero brain" @TheRealRoseanne
No you are wrong.  Not the same thing.

Dennis M Elms ‏@DennisElms
@TheRealRoseanne @lindsay40k @terristrange But the bottom line is - ppl w/penises don't get to decide whether ppl w/o them are OK w/them.

A most rational comment.

Dennis M Elms ‏@DennisElms
@lindsay40k @terristrange @TheRealRoseanne When I am in a space for women,I get a hold of who's in charge & ask.Almost always, they're cool.
A rational and sensible way to handle it.

Lindsay Wheatcroft ‏@lindsay40k
@terristrange @therealroseanne Present statistics on rape of teens by transwomen, please. Numbers, rates, etc.
If it raises the possibility by 1 in 100,000 it is too much. If you want in our spaces it is simple. Wait until after SRS otherwise stay out.

Zhon Shotir ‏@ZhonShotir
@deviever @therealroseanne on behalf of men with penises: fuck you more
Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne
@deviever on behalf of women who don't- fuck u

Don't you mean on behalf of men in dresses pretending to be women?

Ruby Fruit ‏@RubyFruit2
the misogyny levelled @TheRealRoseanne for saying society should protect vulnerable women & girls says what this is about. War on women
Yes it is a war on women by men pretending to be women. Get a vagina and come on in, otherwise stay the heck out.

There is the link to her twitter page. There are some really nasty things being said yet everyone misses the point. Francis is a fetishistic transvestite deeply into BDSM, his own words, and I guess it matters whether he is the sub or not bit not to me. He self describes as enjoying his genitals and using them as a man but his "therapist" told him he was a lesbian. How convenient  that was!!!

The bottom line is not whether he is a threat to little girls and young women, he does like them young, but whether it is fair and equitable for men to be deciding what defines a woman and what is legally female. When a ultra liberal like Roseanne Barr says "that is wrong" you have to understand they have no real support other than their lies and deceitfulness that allowed these ridiculous laws to be passed. They always brush off the penis in the private female areas argument as superfluous but it is not.

Some of what was said to Barr is downright vicious.  Per usual it did devolve into a baseless argument where the "trans mafia" tries to shout down dissent with illusionary tactics ranging from calling Roseanne a "transmisogynist" to of course transphobic. If you disagree with them it is hate speech because they are always right and you are always wrong.

Colleen Francis is a rather reprehensible person who is hiding behind the "transgender" umbrella for his own fetishistic purposes. It is an absolute lie that he is considering SRS or is pre-operative but then in the "trans" world if you say it then it must be true. How convenient that is for the abusers and predators of the world. 99% of the transgendered are harmless but if you are a woman and not worried about the 1% that are not then you are a fool.  Obviously on this issue Roseanne Barr is not a fool.

A female with a penis is a contradiction unless of course you believe female should be redefined to allow for such an absurdity. I do not and neither do the vast majority of Americans unless of course you are the pathetic little men trying to force the redefinition.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bilerico Has Low standards For Guest Posters

There is a post on Bilerico about "trans" in the military written by a former US Marine Captain Tom Carpenter who is also now an Attorney. Here is the link.

In this guest post Carpenter shows a complete and total lack of understanding about what transsexual, transgender, or even "trans" is and plays fast and loose with certain facts and the life history of someone I know in what can best be described as offensive and truthfully described as "fucking stupid".

Personally I have always been opposed to DADT. It should have been repealed early on and on this subject Autumn Sandeen and I are on the same side. My first husband was a US Marine and he hurt me personally but that was between him and me. Except for what happened between us he was and is a decent man and was highly decorated in Vietnam after 4+ years in some secretive black ops or special ops group.

He told me once after we met and I will paraphrase as best I can.

"When the bullets start flying and your life and the lives of your team members and fellow Marines are at risk, skin color is not relevant, sexual orientation is not relevant, nothing is relevant but survival and not letting your fellow Marines down , plus never leaving another Marine behind."
The reason this even came up was interesting. He took me to meet some of his Marine buddies after we moved to California and one of them, Marvin, was gay and nobody cared in that small group. Marvin more than proved himself in combat and was as highly decorated, heavily is more accurate, as my first husband which meant lots of medals.

I had been told I could simply go to my draft board and tell them I was gay and I would be reclassified as 4 F because I guess I fit the stereotype. Marvin certainly did not as he stood 6-5 and was at least 230 and was basically a carbon copy of my then husband except for skin tone and sexual orientation, Marvin was black by the way. Marvin had a twin brother that was also a Marine and as straight as an arrow. Marvin retired after 30 years in the Marines.

The military was worried about gay soldiers for all the wrong reasons. Being gay did not make them poor soldiers or worse warriors. They should have been worried about these gay men that went into the military to try and beat their "gayness" which was not uncommon like many transsexuals have also done to beat transsexualism.

The issue of being transsexual or transgender in the military are almost mutually exclusive. The US Military and quite honestly no current military can have a transvestite or crossdresser in open service within any branch of the service. They can easily serve in the military if that part of their life is outside military service and they should not be punished for their private time proclivities.

Transsexuals are a completely different situation. The DOD and the US Military has multiple people serving that were born transsexual and have had successful SRS. I was recruited by everyone coming out of college and even in my day they knew all about me. To the best of my knowledge nobody has transitioned and then undergone SRS in the US Military.  The few that I know personally underwent SRS in their late teens and graduated from college and one in particular, we helped this child, is a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk pilot and has made a career of the US Army. They know but do not care because she is simply a young and quite attractive young woman serving her nation. She has seen a lot of combat and is damn good. How she was born has nothing to do with who she is today.

I think having SRS is the key for those transsexuals wanting to serve in the Military. Now let me get to this idiot who wrote the post.

Lynn Conway was not a gay man for 30 years who suddenly decided "he" was "trans"  Lynn was a patient of Harry Benjamin in California and Lynn did what others did which was try and stop herself by getting married and having kids. That went quickly by the wayside.  Lynn Conway was NEVER a gay man nor was Lynn a closeted "trans woman" for 30 years nor did Lynn "voluntarily" out herself. Lynn was born transsexual and after her surgery was a woman and there was nothing "trans" about her. Was being born transsexual part of her life? yes, but it never defined her as Trans.

Mr. Carpenter is a gay man that has not one clue what transsexual, transgender, or even the silly "trans" word means. According to this fool simply by changing the DSM to Gender Dysphoria we are no longer considered mentally ill. For some that claims to be an Attorney he seems rather ill informed. Just a little clue you mental midget, if it is listed in the DSM then it is a mental condition according to the Psychiatrists of the world. Mr. Carpenter needs to re-read the DSM and have someone explain that only when homosexuality was completely removed was it no longer considered a mental condition but then maybe he believes we are all gay.

This idiot seems to believe that if one is openly "trans" anything then it equates to being openly gay and in his pee sized brain means those of us born MTF transsexual are gay men and I can only assume it is because we are attracted to boys/men. Mr Carpenter thinks we are similar to Monica Roberts who is a gay man that transitioned and does not want SRS because quite bluntly he is a gay man while also "trans".  That is a right Monica should have, but Monica is not now nor has Monica ever been transsexual. Anyone that claims "her men" like her 7 inch neoclit is a gay man as are her gay male lovers, and god bless her that is Monica's right but it is not us nor is it even those that are heterosexual male transvestites and crossdressers.

Mr. Carpenter in this one post has continued to perpetrate the misconception that those of us born transsexual and attracted to boys are essentially gay.  Maybe Mr. Carpenter is attracted to gay men in a dress and is confused.

Mr. Carpenter also fails to mention that in all cases that I know of anyone that is "trans" in the military is surgery bound.  What that clearly indicates is that the military considers us women or men after SRS which in my mind is helpful to those of us born transsexual. Mr. Carpenter obviously feels otherwise. Maybe Mr Carpenter has watched too many re-runs of "Mash" and sees Corporal Klinger as a role model but even that would be wrong since Klinger was a heterosexual crossdresser at best but in reality someone trying not to get killed in Korea.

I am sure Mr. Carpenter thinks he is being helpful but his cluelessness hurts everyone when he misinterprets simple facts and describes Lynn Conway as a former "gay man", nor by supplying a photo of Monica that clearly shows her 5 o'clock shadow to emphasis Monica's maleness.

The simple truth is those of us born transsexual only need to be accepted as male or female.  The only "trans" laws that need to be passed are those that do not allow transvestites and crossdressers to abuse them and that law is simple.

I have one simple question for all of them.

Why are you not fighting for a law that defines those of us that have had SRS as a member of our correct sex?

The answer is simple. Just like the transgender umbrella these heterosexual male "trans" people want to also be considered male or female "when they feel like it". It is counter productive to their goals for any of us to be simply female or male. We need to always be "transsexual" or better yet the more inclusive "trans" because it fits their paradigm for their ideal world. They can never let us simply be male or female because that is not what they are and after all the "trans" are the important ones.

Having a gay man tell us about the issues of being born transsexual or even transgender is akin to me writing about gay issues like I am an expert.  I am not and neither is Mr Carpenter. In fact Mr Carpenter is both ill informed and completely inaccurate in some of what he wrote. Then I found myself unable to comment.

My last question is for Bilerico. How could Bilerico let something this inaccurate be posted? Well that is simple also. The T in LGBT is and always has been an afterthought and this post just highlights it all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pathetic Little Men

I have to admit I find it interesting what the "trans" world finds important.  By "trans" I mean "transgender" because in the nightmare world of those of us that were born transsexual life is actually quite a bit simpler.

Early on those truly born transsexual realize what is wrong and I am betting it is something that has been felt by everyone born transsexual for the entire time of mankind. One's sex is innate and part of the very core of all humans because quite simply it is a requirement for the propagation of the species.  We need to mate so we can produce progeny and continue the time of mankind.

It is this innate understanding of "wrong sex" that differentiates us from the "transgender" world. We are not interested in playing girl or appearing female as much as we are intent on being female. In the world of today procreation is understood at a disturbing young age but in my time most of us were clueless. I certainly was as I prayed to wake up a girl and practiced being "pregnant". Yes, I actually practice being pregnant because to almost all girls motherhood is important.  It is why girls are attracted to dolls and yes it is part of conditioning but to the vast majority of girls it is really very important.

I remember when I met Harry and I desperately begged him to help me be the girl I was.  It was one of those surreal moments many of us born that way have.  I learned I could be a girl through hormones and a surgery but I also was told I could never have children of my own.  Until that moment I truly did not know it was impossible. I was crying because I was happy that I could finally be the "sex" I should have been born but also sad because I could not birth children of my own. It is something that has bothered me deeply my entire life.

I have always felt cheated out of that part of my true self. My first marriage was really because he had a baby daughter that I would be allowed to raise. I ignored the fact I had said no so many times to his marriage proposals that my friends called him the "No Man". In all honesty I figure down deep I knew something was wrong with him but if he was the "devil" and offered me my own child I would have done what I did which was accept that final marriage proposal. In so many ways I might have actually married the "devil" but I had my child and I looked the other way until the truth came out.  I was so desperate to raise her I agreed to conditions in my divorce most women would laugh at but I raised my daughter until he took her from me.

The funny thing is he took her and moved back where I grew up and it was why I moved home.  I was actually happy in California. I had family that loved me there and friends that knew nothing of the past and a successful business with partners I adored and still do today. In fact I bought out my husband's share so he could move back East because money and him were like water over a waterfall.

I learned then what pathetic little men "transvestites" are and they may change the name to "transgender" but they are and always will be pathetic little men in so many ways. Life for a transvestite is a combination of "dressing up" and waiting to "dress up". Life is about their "gender expression" and has nothing to do with the true core of their being. Most are heterosexual men playing dress up but the funny thing bout a fetish is the fetish is demanding.

There is a reason that addiction and transvestism are very similar. Over time both actually get worse because both provide a waning relief from either the desire to get high or dress up. Both need to "up the ante" with more potent chemicals or more daring escapades en femme. Over time both usually destroy the family unit if one is present.

On Transvestite-Central it is a common occurrence for  one of the multitude of bloggers to breathlessly describe a big day out en femme. It might be a day at a baseball game with the "gurls" or the excitement of attending Fantasia in Provincetown Massachusetts which is Fire Island for New England. They describe themselves as "women" and often claim to be a woman in a male body while obsessing over cross-dressers, fellow transvestites, drag queens, womanless beauty pageants, and all things "trans" that increase their chance of being able to express their fetish in public.

They almost universally want more "human rights" for themselves when en femme which usually means less privacy and rights for females of all ages but as men that seems quite logical to them. They universally are incapable of understanding that giving themselves more rights "en femme" means taking rights away from females and is in the opinion of most people morally unacceptable.  They refuse to admit they might put females at higher risk because of their "new" rights because in their pathetic minds they cannot equate the inequality and danger of allowing a man "pretending" to be female into spaces where women are vulnerable. They are not vulnerable because they are men but we are but then we do not count when it comes to satisfying their fetish.

They equate the change in intensity of their fetish with what those born transsexual face because it is convenient and gives them a basis for their spurious claim of "we are the same". They comment of the "medical necessity" of SRS for those of us born transsexual while again conveniently omitting the simple fact they have no intention of having complete SRS. They get the quack Psychiatrists to change things so "medical" can mean as little as implants and they see  nothing evil about this but it is. They cannot understand how medically necessary SRS is for those born transsexual because they understand the difference but in order to manipulate the "system" it needs to be omitted deliberately.

In my childhood I said the following to my mother constantly. I said, "I am a girl. Why can't you just let me be a girl.  I am not hurting anyone". Yes, they were probably the naive musings of a child quite confused over why she was the wrong sex but I said something similar to Dr. Benjamin when I met him for the first time when he told me the process would take time and SRS was at least 4 years away because I was almost 14. I said, "I am a girl. Why can't you help me be a girl right now" I am not hurting anyone". Harry actually wrote a long letter to my mother concerning that comment but he said some things to me in an attempt to explain it.

Well if truth be told men are really attached to their balls and dick and for good reason, it is their pleasure point in life and that is important but as important it is the innate maleness that is defined by it. In my world my innate femaleness is attached to my breasts and vagina and it is why women try and avoid radical mastectomies and often make bad decisions over breast cancer. Could you imagine what a man would do if told his balls and dick needed to be removed because of cancer?

SRS is something men look at and shudder.  It is something those of us born transsexual look at an beg for and will do anything required to obtain. A man cannot be given a sex change and be female because they are not innately female they are innately male even if they suffer from a fetish like transvestism. That is why they keep their penis.

Now, these pathetic little men, and they are pathetic, still need to fulfill their fetishistic desires and many decide to live full-time as men pretending to be women. They even claim it as a "transition" but the problem there is "transition" implies going from one place to another and they are in the transit phase.  For transsexuals it is preparing for SRS and a life as a female.  For them the process stops at "transition" with maybe a little hormone enhancement but will always be innately male and they are okay with that but they are not okay with society looking at them as "men in dresses" so they attempt to change the rules.

The rules they attempt to change involve the definition of female and their "needed" rights as a "man in a dress". They pretend they represent transsexuals and change the Psych guidelines for who qualified under gender identity disorder and change it to gender dysphoria which they now claim includes them because they are not transvestite/cross-dressers but "transgender". They pretend to support the medical necessity of SRS for those of us born transsexual but they do NOT because there is nothing medically necessary in the life of a transvestite which is what 97% of the individuals covered by the term transgender. They use the 3% that are transsexual to obfuscate the fact they are pushing for transvestite rights.

Sadly, it is working in this new world of political correctness where "transsexual" is a bad word and "transgender" is the word of choice for all. They have made it possible for some to change their birth certificates and be designated female even with a penis yet they cannot understand it is just not that simple. One man, Colleen Francis, claims his Therapist told him that he was a lesbian which is odd because lesbians do not have dicks, 5 o'clock shadow, or male pattern baldness but then again lesbians are every heterosexual  males ultimate fantasy. Only a man could possibly think a lesbian would want a "girl" with a penis.  Only a gay man would think a "straight man" would want to play with their 7 inch neoclit because they are dressing as a woman or have oral sex with them. These simple facts are incontrovertible.

Is it possible to find a man that can accept a pre-operative transsexual as a girl?  Yes it is but they do not want to play with your penis or give you a blow job.  If they do they are a "tranny chaser" which is basically a gay man trying to fool himself into not accepting the fact he is gay. He is treating you as a gay man and to a transsexual that should be offensive.

So for all you full-time transvestites and want-to-be full-time transvestites life is more complicated than your simplistic look at the world. It really does not matter what you birth certificate says because you have a penis and a penis defines you as male regardless. Even if you weasel your way into women's spaces like Colleen Francis you will still be a pervert in a dress and you may harm kids by taking away their rights to Title IX money but your time will come and your payback is hopefully commensurate with your misdeeds. You have already given every group on the planet the poster asshole for denying "transgender" rights.

The transgender/transvestites of the world are just pathetic little men trying to force their particular fetish/perversion down the throats of society and it might have worked so far but the times they are a changing.

There is an old political saying that you states "cannot legislate against stupid" and in the case of these pathetic little men "they cannot legislate themselves female". As their wigs are pulled off by a wave in the Atlantic Ocean, as their 6-4 inch 270 pound bodies crammed into a miniskirt and 6 inch heels scream, and their 5 o'clock shadow proudly prove they are and always will be men playing girl.

They are pathetic little men playing a game they will never understand because they are insulting every woman on this planet and they cannot see it and never will. You will either be a gay man,  a celibate man, or even still function as a man, but you will never be female. You will always be pathetic, little, and worst of all the same misogynistic piece of shit you have always been and you will never, ever be accepted as female by anyone. You will always be the same pathetic little man you have always been.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Silence is Deafening over Colleen Francis!!!

It is in so many ways both disturbing and informative how the "trans" activist community has handled the Colleen Francis case.  How have they handled this instance or discussed it? They have not and that says more than any words can say.

There was one report on T-Central that was opposed to this asshole but other than that the silence was and still is deafening. This is an interesting site where Francis was interviewed.  Like most in the transgender world Mr. Francis has a difficult time keeping the facts of his life straight and has attempted like many other frauds to concoct a story based on what those truly born transsexual have live. He claims to have realized that he was a girl at three but in this same article says he struggled with gender expression and cross-dressing until he "realized at 43 he had to be a girl. If you knew you were a girl why was there a struggle?

Unlike most older transsexuals who immediately start a blocker along with estrogen Mr. Francis is only on a "low" dosage patch. The other big thing is Mr. Francis loves his cock and uses it because he has one yet says in the same article he is a girl and he is a female. Like most men he is confused about all of this.  For a clear picture of Mr. Francis go to his OK Cupid page.

He claims on this site he was never "genitally focused" yet he likes to use his cock because he has one and defines himself as a lesbian and a feminist. Mr Francis is a contradiction. There were other websites where his self described kinky side was expressed and it was primarily BDSM but those were purged.

He likes curvy girls from 18-60 so we know what he was doing in a sauna that high school girls on the swim team used. The real question is why make the obvious choice to be there when they were training? One can only assume it was deliberate. I do suggest you read his cupid page and if you are not creeped out I suggest you are too stunned to be creeped out.

Mr. Francis espoused on other sites that he had zero intentions of having his genitals altered and it is quite apparent Mr. Francis is fast and loose with both the facts of his life and the truth of his life. I have to honestly say I feel a little ill at ease even referring to him as transgendered but unfortunately he is and they own him whether they like it or not.

The few blogs that have covered this have been mixed but there have been several very conservative blogs and one can be sure they will have this nutcase ready to bring up when the "trans" activists try and push through another "transgender" or "gender identity" rights law because any parent that would want this is brain dead.

It is not a "teaching" moment when a man sits exposed in a sauna used by any women but it is particularly inappropriate when it is a mixed group of under age girls and other girls who have just come of age. Mr Francis does like them 18-60 so one does have the right to assume he was looking at the "talent" available.  I find it a little sickening to think that way but I knew this moment would happen because fetishistic transvestites, he self described as that early on, are exhibitionists at heart and we all know he knew the University was stupid enough to tolerate this because they had already tolerated him.

If you read  the links the other shocking revelation is this man, who likes to use his cock, was allowed to be part of the vagina monologues student presentation.  What the heck does this asshole know about a vagina other than he likes to stick his dick in one?

I wonder why Suzan at Women Born Transsexual/Transgender has not opined on this subject, Diana and her little corner of Connecticut, Transgriot, Dysonnance, Chrysti's Condo, Femulate, and all the other toadies pushing transgender bullshit on Transvestite-Central? Their silence tells it all, it implies support or possibly that they want it to go away because we all know transgender people are never a threat.

Most of them were on the wife murderer Kosilek's ass trying to push for his "well deserved" sex change paid for by the citizens of Massachusetts. Isn't this the teaching moment they all pray for. I mean Diana of Connecticut had one when her wig came off when a wave surprised her on Long Island.  I wonder if it was Fire Island?

Look at the mug on Mr. Francis and realize he rarely wears makeup and has had no facial hair removal as seen by his 5 o'clock shadow and extremely rough  facial skin.  Mr Francis describes himself as a very sexual person who is very interested in sex so why was he sitting in a sauna frequented by girls? I think we all know why.

The sad thing is Title IX is the only law that allows girls to have equal access to sports as boys do. It provides girls with the ability to compete in sports and learn about competition and striving to be better. Title IX can directly result in young girls gaining self respect. My daughter played multiple sport in High School and softball in college little of which would have been available without Title IX because male sports were where the money was spent. Sports helped her in so many ways.

The rights of a "trans" woman, assuming one makes the leap that this is a woman, should never usurp the rights of any woman and one of those rights is the sanctity of female dressing areas, showers, saunas, and other places like these. Well they have finally done so and some girls have been harmed. It will certainly not end here as they will be emboldened by the success of Mr. Francis.

Mr Francis is a self described lesbian and feminist but in reality is a man that loves his cock and loves using it which kind of fits in with the nature of the heterosexual fetishistic male cross-dresser prevalent on Transvestite-Central.

The simple truth is this really is a "teaching moment". It should teach mainstream America that passing non-specific gender identity access laws is potentially very dangerous and onerous for their children and older women. Mr. Francis provides a clear and perfect example of what can result from laws that are not precise in there definition.

On a personal note this bothers me because it implies those of us born transsexual would do the same thing as Mr. Francis. We would not and I will explain why.

When you are born transsexual it is quite clear something is wrong in short order to all of us. Even before I realized the physical differences between boys and girls I found that area weird.  I hated touching it and in my life I always sat down to pee. Even at a young age I did this even though I did not understand why. When I realized those parts were not what they should be I knew they had to be fixed and that was a big issue for me and is and has been for the kids I have been involved helping.

I admit I had major advantages because it was easier to pass as a girl than as a boy.  I was born that way and it was how it was and resulted in some dumb decisions involving life and death, for me. In school I always went to the bathroom during class out of fear. The first time I entered a female restroom my mother took me in because the male restroom would never have worked where we were in Scotland. On the rest of the vacation whenever we were together we went into the restroom together.

I knew in my soul I was a girl but I also knew physically I was not, at this point in my life. It was a conundrum because I could not change in front of boys in gym and I was embarrassed that my  body was wrong for a girl at the same time. In college the University said I could use the female bathrooms or certain single occupancy facilities in buildings. I would have loved to have used the multiple pools available for swimming but I could not.  I could not change in the boys lockers because hormones had changed me for the better and I could not change in the girls locker because in one area I was wrong and I felt I had no right to impose those issues on other females. In my opinion it was simply a matter of courtesy until I had SRS.

Even in Texas after college it was difficult but why would I subject another female to my birth defect. When I transitioned in NYC in late 1969 I felt the same way. I admit I was making a "filthy" amount of money working for my Uncle and I lived well but I only used the bathrooms. Right above my apartment was the roof top swimming pool where the picture was taken. I never went near it until after SRS.

Why? Because I felt my body was just so wrong and not until it was corrected would I feel comfortable being myself. After SRS I was unafraid of being seen by anyone because I was correct. Over the years my girl friends and I have spent weekends at spas where we were naked together and I have never been ashamed of my female form because it was my correct form.

Mr Francis and his ilk seem to feel it is their right to inflict their maleness on girls and women whether we want it or not because they are as female as we are. That is the delusion they believe in because it is the delusion that allows them to redefine what female is. If you read the blogs the transvestites are slowly trying to redefine themselves as female. It is deliberate and it is purposeful in its intent. In their pathetic world one's gender equates to one's sex which is incorrect medically but look up gender and see how they have usurped the definition. Gender is fluid and sex is binary yet they see no dichotomy in declaring gender and sex are equivalent.

They universally identify as lesbians while in reality they are  simply heterosexual full-time fetishistic transvestites looking to get laid in a way that objectifies women in an obscene way sexually. They contend their cocks are neoclits and lesbian women should accept this as fact and accept them as sexual partners while overlooking the fact their engorged clit is 7 inches long and meant for penetration. Some even claim their dicks are just "really" strapons that are warm and realistic.  Can a strapon get you pregnant?

Only a man could look at this bizarre scenario and consider it rational. Well, actually only a fetishistic heterosexual male transvestite because most men would puke over the very thought which i gather is okay but we women must accept it as factually accurate. I love my lesbian sisters as friends but I am damn glad I am straight because if I was lesbian and confronted with that shit I would give the asshole a really cheap "sex change".