Saturday, November 23, 2013

Updates on Jane Doe and California AB1266 Referendum

Jane Doe Update from Florence Colorado

The Fremont Colorado School Board voted unanimously to support Jane Doe's right to use the girl's bathroom. This was reported in the following Pueblo Chieftain article dated November 21, 2013.

The Fremont R-2 School Board had been asked to look into the matter by the now infamous Pacific Justice Institute and the supposed 3 students who were harassed by Jane Doe. The harassment turned out to be a complete fabrication and when the local police investigated they found no evidence to back up the Pacific (Non)Justice Institute claims. When an attempt was . made by detectives to interview the three girls about the harassment they "refused" to be interviewed. There is that silly little thing called the "law" which makes it a felony to deliberately accuse someone of something they did not do so I am betting they refused to talk on advice of council or STFU you idiot or you will get arrested. Of course maybe the thought of a libel lawsuit also made mommy and daddy tell their kids the plan was dead.

My guess is the Pacific Justice Institute thought they would unleash a storm of protest from other people which completely failed to appear.

Hey Jennifer this is an independent source. Does this help change your mind about this child? Somehow I doubt it.

California AB1266 Update

In related Pacific Justice Institute news their planned referendum to bring California AB1266 bill to referendum on next years ballot appears headed for a slow agonizing death as reported in The Nooner on November 22, 2013.

AB1266: As the referendum against AB 1266 proceeds to random sample, proponents would need 92.1% validity to qualify the measure for the November 2014 ballot, which is very unlikely. Those counties that submitted a full validation (small counties) had 72.49% validity.

It seems our friendly Pacific Justice Institute either had a lot of phony signups or they tried to stuff the ballot box with their usual lack of morals. Crash and burn on back to back days. Somehow it just seems like karma.

Just for your edification if the small counties had 72.49% validity that means 27.51% of the signatures were fraudulent. Not good and thank you California.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Jane Doe Is About Me!

In a comment on my linkage post Just Jennifer said the following.

I thought you might be getting a clue, but no, you still are determined to see things as being about you. 

Well Jennifer you are right about that because in so many ways it is about me and kids like me and kids like Jane Doe and I know for a fact you will never understand it and I will tell you why here and now.

I do have a great deal of empathy and compassion for young transsexuals and I really do not care if they call themselves transsexual or transgender. In fact I have those same feelings for kids that are gay, lesbian, genderqueer or whatever the heck they call themselves. First and most important is they are children/kids and their future is hanging in the balance and you do not hurt children/kids and particularly not a child like Jane Doe. Second is the simple truth that I know exactly what Jane Doe went through and is going through because I went to High School with everyone knowing about me in one way or another and I did spend one year in hell when I received the kind of vitriol sent towards Jane Doe lately. Unfortunately I also know suicidal thoughts can and do come about from verbal abuse. Mine came from shrinks and Jane Doe's from assholes so they seem equal to me.

I was hoping she would not have the reaction I had but it is difficult for any kid to not fit in, but it is worse for a transsexual kid. What happened in Florence will alter this child's life forever and the Pacific (NON)Justice Institute is to blame along with the many people that somehow placed blame on a beautiful 16 year old girl 2+ years into her transition. She and her parents did this the right way and her therapist approved and she started hormones early, which I personally highly recommend, because early hormones have dramatic results on us.

I admit that this kid is a very emotional issue for me. I see a lot of me and several of my close friends in her. You do not successfully transition for over two years in junior and senior high school if you are not transsexual. There will always be other kids that will bully you because you are different. Try going to school as a girl or appearing as a girl to everyone else when they will eventually know you are not a complete girl when you are a teenager. From personal experience some will let it go because they are just decent kids. Others will call you names or make snide remarks. Some might try and bully you which seems to not have happened to Jane Doe although we know little of her experience before other than she was actually bullied when she tried to use the boys restroom away from school.

In Jane Doe's case it appears she had a modicum of acceptance and had girlfriends but I am sure there were kids that never get the pronouns correct or do not deliberately or are confused by the entire situation. Unfortunately if they took the time to know Jane Doe I am willing to bet they would find someone just as confused as them because Jane Doe cannot fathom how she could have been born a boy when she is a girl. It is something kids like her and yes me will never understand because it is just not right nor is it fair. I have those feelings to this very day.

I admit it incenses me when I read the cavalier denial of her existence as a transsexual by people like Jennifer and I probably should not get mad but initially I thought Jennifer should know better but I realize she doesn't. Being blinded by your dislike of someone else, Cristan Williams, is not a valid excuse. I would say it is ignorance but it is not that either. I am actually more convinced it is blindness based on personal animus of another or maybe petty jealousy. I did not start the nastiness between Jennifer and me and if one looks back at the trail of comments on all the posts one can read the truth but I responded which is my failing and always has been.

I have often said it takes a lot of courage to transition young and it does but that is not the biggest motivating factor. The biggest motivating factor is rather simple but powerful: fear. We push things because we are afraid who we really are will be lost. It does not make us better than others also born transsexual but it certainly makes us more desperate and different. That desperation is based on what we see around us and what people expect us to be and we know we cannot be what they want, to our very core. In fact, we refuse to be what they want and it has consequences and it is not some silly comment by many that I would have if given the opportunity.

I get quite tired of reading comments or blog posts from people like Jennifer claiming they would have transitioned earlier if given the choice, the option, or a family that cared. Hindsight is always 20-20 but in these cases it blurs the simple fact that it is not true and never was true. All of us faced those same issues and fought them and obtained SRS as early as we could. We were never detoured by some therapist or even money which can be earned even if it takes time or maybe from a benefactor like me or my friend.

The simple and hard truth is if you would have transitioned then you actually would transition as early as possible and have gotten SRS. One may have transitioned at 13, 17, 21, 25, or even 30 but it was as soon as possible. That does not make one better but it does make one different. It is about intensity and intensity drives the resolution to your transsexualism whether anyone wants to admit it or not. In the end intensity drives one to resolve your transsexualism and that is how it is. Intensity varies in all of us because no two people are the same.

In my world the child/teenager always gets the benefit of the doubt in all things relating to transsexualism. Maybe it is the result of raising my stepdaughter, as her mother, or maybe it is how I am wired but children are sacred and always will be. Others need to learn that lesson.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Florence Colorado and Linkage

Well, I do have to give Just Jennifer one point in our argument over Jane Doe in Colorado. She claimed that as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, my words by the way, that Cristan Williams would attempt to link the kids to the Colleen Francis' of the world and she has
in Colleen-Francis and the infamous Evergreen State College incident.

I commended Cristan for her defense of Jane Doe and her advocacy for children is admirable but bringing Francis into any conversation is counterproductive in advocating for children which is all I care about.

She attempts to link Francis to other incidents involving children including Jane Doe based on the simple concept that because it followed a specific pattern they are similar and then gave her explanation for the Francis incident which is just enough to be factual to a point but not enough to be true.

Because the teenage swim team was given permission to use the pool and the locker room they were not allowed access or in theory were not allowed access to the sauna where Francis sat with some foolish woman that I assume likes men like Francis because Francis is a man and his own writings in the blog world made that clear and they also made clear his predilection for younger girls to use his penis on because Mr. Francis uses it as a man should and has declared he always will. In some ways Francis is predatory in an icky sort of way. I assume he has claimed he is a lesbian which is kind of like a horse claiming it is a cow which probably fits Mr. Francis' attempts to claim he is a woman.

Cristan casually fails to mention that Francis used the girls locker room to dress and undress and the following happened. Local school officials said they came up with a temporary solution.

 “There’s a smaller locker room next to the main locker room at the pool, and they (the swim teams) have been using that,” said Ryan Betz, a spokesman for the Olympia School District.”
So the girls were treated as second class citizens and moved to a smaller locker room so Mr. Francis could have the "gurls" locker room to himself and I assume his cis female gal pal. There is not a single transsexual on this planet that would parade their boy parts around like Francis but then Francis is not Transsexual and in my opinion not even transgender. If he had not deleted all his other accounts it would be quite easy to show his true nature.

The simple truth is that nobody with male parts should be allowed into female restricted dressing areas and other facilities where nudity is or may be common. It is not a teaching moment and never will be. It is just not right because children can and are using those facilities and they include younger students and children of the faculty and staff.

This is not an issue with children and I doubt it ever will be but it is an issue with certain people in the transgender community. Many supporters were vehemently opposed to what Francis did and some were viciously attacked online for their outrage over this incident. Sometimes it seems the transgender believe they have the right to jam themselves down your throat which is has an analogy I will let youall figure out.

The swim team even could have lost its Title IX money which is something women fought to get so we could have equal access to sports and the advantages competitive sports give later in life.

I find it disturbing that Cristan would even remotely link the kids and Francis and she does sort of claim Francis is a subject not to be brought up too often but yet she has linked it here.She has given the Pacific (Lack of)Justice Institute some ammunition they will surely use. It was a fear Just Jennifer had with AB1266, which I support, and I was hoping she was wrong but she was not.

Transgender Activists seem to think that anything that moves certain transgender rights forward is a good thing regardless of the results it has on those evil cis women and girls. The simple truth is very few in the transgender community would do what Colleen Francis did but that is lost in the outrage of the activists when some little fantasy of theirs is denied and believe me exposing yourself in front of any women or girl when they do not welcome is dome for shock value to make a point or as an act of perversion that normally gets one arrested. Francis was more for shock value because as he says he does like the young things which does send a chill up my spine.

Those on the left and those on the right are the master manipulators of the half truth and the partial facts. They use this methodology to promote their own agendas and positions regardless of who they hurt.  In this case Cristan was wrong about one thing. It was not just the Right Wing Media that was outraged it was most of the media and most in the GLB community but then maybe I am nitpicking.

Unfortunately for Cristan in this case there is more to the urban myth than she would like to admit although I do get the feeling she wished Mr. Francis would disappear but then why did she bring him up and try and link him to the children?

Mr. Francis made the following statement.

”This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,” said Francis.”

Well even Cristan would have to admit that comparison took a pair of brass balls to make but then maybe not. Francis described himself as a fetishistic cross-dresser in 2010 even though he claims he has lived as a women since 2009 but posted the following picture in 2010 on the a transgender lesbian site.

I copied the following from another site:
His cross-sex hormones are provided by VA Medical, as well as a cocktail of psychiatric meds, lithium and antabuse prescribed for a troubling history that he details at length on a blog at the “Transgender Lesbian Space”of the puddygirl dating site for women. He says he is known as “Fae Raven” (not to be confused with the UK fetish model of the same name) in the “BDSM Community” and describes himself as:
“I am polyamorous, bisexual (I very much favor women though, and my therapist calls me a lesbian…makes me smile) and kinky.”
“Colleen Brenna” means “Raven Girl” in Irish Gaelic. A former rodeo rider, he is an avid hunter and competitive handgun shooter. 
He started wearing a low-dose estrogen patch two years ago and has written that he has no intention of ever getting “sex reassignment” surgery, stating  “Yes, I still have those parts too, although they aren’t disgusting for me. I’ve never hated then. I saw LONG ago, in childhood that those were what I was given, and beung the very, very sexual creature that I was/am, I used them. Enthusiastically. I decided not to be robbed of the blessing of sexuality simply because I came wrapped in the wrong package.” [sic]
He describes his VA funded estrogen treatments as making him “tired and very horny”
The VA also funds his education at Olympia WA Evergreen State College. Francis performed in the university presentation of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”, an experience he describes on his wordpress blog thusly: “ I suddenly find myself in a community of Cunts.”
 He lists his life interests as: “drawing, cooking, transgender issues,polyamory, witchcraft, nature, fishing, art, poetry, ocean, women, sex, sexuality, emotions, magic, magick, goddess, reading, erotica, pornography, nudity, crafting, leatherwork, firearms, knives, swords, paganism, wicca, LGBT issues, beauty, gender issues, kink, spirituality, guns, makeup, shoes, boots, corsets, selkies”  and describes himself as “at once a teen girl and a woman wise beyond her years.”

He purged his fae_raven.livejournal bdsm account shortly after the incident happened. I do suggest you read the above carefully and consider if you would want this individual near you or a female of any age? Like most in the transgender community he is hiding his transvestism behind the transgender banner because there is not a single sane person on this planet that wants a heterosexual male transvestite in female spaces where nudity is common yet somehow those in the transgender world see this as a teaching moment.

Mr Francis has no respect for women and I mean not one single bit. We are just CUNTS to him. Women are sex objects to him and now he has free access to nude women and girls. I think it is even apparent to Cristan that Francis is someone they should avoid but they just cannot help themselves.

After all of this said and is written about there is but one conclusion why this attempt at linkage is total and complete BULLSHIT. Mr. Francis is not a victim here. Mr. Francis was never the victim here and no matter what any Transgender Activist might say he never will be which is why most have distanced themselves from him. The only victims here were the girls that inadvertently went into a sauna they may not have in theory supposedly been using but they certainly did not expect to see Francis and his hairy whatever. They certainly should not have been treated like second class citizens and moved to a smaller locker room because they were girls. Why was Francis not moved to the smaller locker room?

In the other cases Cristan mentions in the blog post the kids were victims of outrageous accusations and untruths that were used to harm the and promote a wingnut cause. There is not one thing about Mr Francis that was and has been mentioned that is untrue but the wingnuts tried to get involved as they always will and in this case they had cause and Francis gave it to them.

Sometimes the shoe fits and sometimes it just is the wrong size.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones But ...

There is this old sentiment that states the following.

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me."

Whether this is an American sentiment only or something recognized in most countries ,regardless of language, it's meaning is clear. Basically turn the other cheek rather than physically fighting back when words are used against you. There was once some truth and validity to this statement back when many of us fought for racial equality in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's. It was easy for those of us that were not black because they called is n-word lovers and that horrible word was not meant directly for us. I know how badly it hurt my best friend Karen, the girl who guided me through college and became my lifetime friend.

The problem has always been that those words do "really" hurt and for those of us that were unfortunately born transsexual it can be a life or death moment if you are a child when certain words are used against you. I think it was coined by the person doing the bone breaking and stone throwing, just kidding, because it should read like this.

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can hurt me for a lot longer."
As young children, pre-teens, or as teens we are invisible because what we are is unseen even if we are effeminate or not. There is not something as silly as skin color that labels one as transsexual. Being born a minority based on skin color is a life-time experience and something I will never live through and those of us with a brain realize the stupidity of its very basis because under the skin we are all the same mesh of bones, flesh, and brain cells. It does hurt when the n-word is used against a person of color and particularly if it is a child and we as a society are appalled by such actions.

You cannot eliminate hatred or stupidity because laws cannot prevent the ignorance of others but we as a people try and that ignorance wains over time because a child does not hate by his very nature. Children are far more malleable and willing to understand others than adults are willing to admit. Children are taught to hate by their parents and other kids are taught to hate by friends that were polluted by their parents. It is a vicious cycle of hatred but as a society we have changed and calling a child of color a racial slur is about as close to personal suicide as one can get. The public outcry over any racial slur costs jobs and positions of power, as it should, but I have a question and it is simple.

Since when did transsexual children, preteens, and teenagers become fair game for every derisive and nasty comment from "pervert" to "predator" and worse?  Where is the public outrage over what has been said about "Jane Doe" in Florence Colorado? Where is the outrage over the unsubstantiated claims by the Pacific Justice Institute where they openly lied about a fully transitioned child that was just trying to fit in? Why do they try and link kids to the older transgender loons like Francis and nary a word is heard in protest about that from your average Transgender Activist?

The simple and accurate truth is that nobody was upset by this child or any other child like her because kids like this are only a threat to themselves. She was fully integrated into her new school and was bothering nobody and there is not a single wingnut on this planet that could have identified her as having been born a boy unless it was pointed out by another wingnut. All of this because an obvious girl used the girl's room as she should.

Now Jane Doe will be subjected to more scrutiny because the Florence Colorado School Board will be taking up the issue. The Pacific Justice Institute (sic) will garner more fodder for fund-raising among their wingnut constituency. Nobody will ever be able to convince me that this is not as much about her lesbian parents as it is about Jane Doe yet these lesbian parents have received no support from certain individuals within the lesbian community because they helped their child survive by allowing her to transition and be the girl she should have been. Kind of an odd position for a group of women whose aim is to be as mannish as possible but it does take all kinds.

In a clear example of hatred makes strange bedfellows we have the supposedly Christian Pacific Justice Institute and the wingnuts in the radical feminist movement working together to hurt a child. In what amounts to pure irony we have an anti-lesbian group and a radical feminist lesbian group trying to destroy the life of a 16 year old teenager. Congratulations because low has a new low and both of you reached it in lockstep. A proper salute seems in order and I can think of one that fits.

Words nearly killed me and those words first came from adults who claimed to be competent Psychiatrists. When you know you are a girl and everyone around says you are not, life can be tenuous. Words made me attempt suicide not the physical abuse.

Words can also help you and that is their true power but they are rarely used for that in today's world. The words of a brother who accepted me as a girl and his sister started saving me and then the words of Harry Benjamin set me free. The words of a mother that said she would always love me, regardless meant more than can be expressed. The words of a boy that smashed down my walls and saw me as the girl I was and who thought more of me than of his own well being were as they say, priceless.

The kind words of a young woman named Karen who was asked to look after this shy and timid girl that was entering college at 15 were priceless even if she was not quite complete yet. Her acceptance and friendship were what helped me get through the loss of that boy in Southeast Asia. Her girlfriends became my girlfriends and I never had a single major issue in college.

It was a simpler time and for that I am grateful because today social media can obliterate lives and it is used that way. There will always be issues when a transsexual transitions young because for safety reasons it needs to be done both somewhat openly and also as quietly as possible. It is a difficult balancing act and whenever we have issues with other kids it is almost always their parents and we have simply arranged for them to meet the child and her parents. That sounds simplistic but sometimes keeping it simple works best because the children themselves are their own best advocates. Looking into the tear stained face of a young girl rarely fails to elicit a kind response and it was more often than not the father. On several occasions alternative action was necessary and was taken.

Initially our kids used a separate bathroom because that was how it was done then but eventually the other girls they became friends with would take them to the girl's room because that was where they belonged. The simple fact is you always follow the rules setup by the school and the school district because child safety comes first.

This is the face of a young girl with her girlfriends and it is a happy face and their is warmth and joy in her eyes or for that matter all of their faces and eyes. It is girls being girls and Jane is just another girl. You cannot manufacture that or Photoshop that because that is a happy young girl.

Unfortunately the "words" of others have changed her face and I would wager it has incredibly sad eyes and never smiles and it is just because she was born transsexual and her life as she knew it and wanted it to be are essentially finished if she stays in this High School because bullies decided she was a good target for their fund raising efforts and others jumped on because that is basically what they do.

The parents are also going to be suffering because they thought they did everything the right way. They did actually but sometimes "right" is not enough and ignorance wins out or in this case stupidity and pure hatred. I have been where Jane is right now and the despair, hurt, and loneliness can where away at you very existence and suicide seems like an option but it is not because the assholes win.

Of Jane was capable of it I would take her to that School Board Meeting and force them to look her in the eye and that includes the Pacific Justice(Hate) Institute and the complaining parents faces plus I would load that meeting with both kids and adults that support her because she needs that support.

Sometimes words said to a child or about a child can result in permanent harm. Let us all pray that is not the case here.