Sunday, June 3, 2012

What is a Transwoman?

First we need a definition of trans.

Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side". It can also mean "through".

Thus a transwoman is "on the opposite side of woman", or "across" from a woman or "beyond" a woman. That is why the term transsexual made sense, The individuals born transsexual are on the opposite side of their birth sex or across the sex boundary.  The beyond part does not fit actually.

I have actually asked some of the nimrods in the Transgender Borg what they mean by "transwoman" but they, BlackSwan in particular, have ignored the question because personally I believe even some of those idiots realize how fucking stupid the term is.  In point of fact, they are using trams incorrectly.  Why is that one might ask? Could it be because they are just a bunch of dumb shits? Strong possibility that is true for many of them. Could it be they are illiterate? That could be true for some of them for sure.

The real question is do some actually know what it really means and have the let the cool-aid drinking nimrods and dumb shits that follow them down the rocky road while laughing all the way.  I am actually betting on this one because the actual meaning of "transwoman" is "man" because the opposite of woman is man.

So based on its very definition transwoman accurately describes the majority of the transgender crowd which is men. Those of us that had the misfortune to born transsexual and get over it would like to thank the Transgender Borg for at least admitting that their transwomen are really just men in a dress.

So if the Transgender Borg wanted the correct term for transgender woman they could correctly identify the gender so "transman" would correctly identify a MTF trans person or one that wants to pretend to be a woman or i some cases become a woman but keep their male outlook on life.

So if someone uses transwoman I guess I am using the proper pronoun if I use he, him, or his. It is apparent that anyone that uses the term transwoman for themselves wants to differentiate themselves from the people that consider themselves women and for that we thank them.  It is always convenient to know who the frauds are or even the penis packers.

Personally I just remember being told by Harry that you are just a girl now in the Hospital after SRS.

The same analogy can be applied to "transgender woman" and "transsexual woman" since if they are trying to describe a woman technically they both imply a woman wanting to be or appear as a man. It was why we always used MTF or the guys FTM transsexual but then what did we know back in the old days? We just figured you were a girl or a boy or male or female or man or woman after it was over.  None of us ever thought about labeling ourselves so we could define a new type of male or female.  It just made no sense but then a lot of the Transgender bullshit makes no sense.

What is next for these nimrods. Are they going to demand woman define themselves as cis-women and men cis-men? I mean isn't that the fair thing so they can define the "type" of male or female everyone is? Maybe we should require the label straight, lesbian or bisexual so we can have people known as cis-straight-woman.  Problem with that is "trans" is still incorrect in its usage but since when has that bothered the transgender as they have deliberately let the mainstream believe transgender and transsexual mean the same.

I guess they could use lesbian-trans-man to be accurate and indicate they are a lesbian transgender male pretending to be a woman. Maybe they could replace trans with "tranny" since that fits a little better since they obviously want to identify as "transgender" of some kind. They want to be a "special" kind of woman or man is all I can think of. That is funny but then they do not want to actually be women and have to make it in life as a woman because that would actually require giving up their male privilege.

Just goes to show you can dress the man like a woman but you cannot take the maleness from a man. The penis rules in their world.


Deena said...

Liz I had no idea Harry visited you in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Driving them CRAZY/BONKERS with your exceedingly clear and simple L O G I C.

Nicely done.


Elizabeth said...


I had know Harry for 11 years by then and he knew my family was not going to get there until several days after SRS because the hospital access came about quickly and he did not want me alone when I woke up from surgery.

I was not the only one he did that for. It was who he was.

Anonymous said...

I really cannot fathom why the TG or gay for that matter so love to conjour up a myriad of different words terms and tags for something as simple as woman. that's what i am have always been (despite some physical handicaps to start with) I suffered polio as a child does that make me a polio?? Of course not so what is it with these tags? Unless of course you do indeed seek to be special and different. I am special and different I am me and that is more than enough for me AND my husband.


Anonymous said...

Good post, you really do have to wonder about their logic, or the lack thereof.

The men in dresses have been believing their own propaganda.


Black Swan said...


Before I buy into the baiting tactic of your mob psychology in this mass communication modality called this blog, kindly show me a quote whereby I identify as a “transwoman?” BTW: Supporting equal rights, medical assistants/support for other races, orientations, disabilities and moral causes doesn’t necessarily make me a member beneficiary of said group?

I’m in a learning curve so bare with me. Now because your using gender terms, “…because the opposite of woman is man,” there is a presumption of a gender binary when the facts don’t support gender binary only theory. There are plenty of folks that play around the gender line in presentation and physical deportment. The gender binary prejudice shames them to deny themselves, accept binary only when in fact they are not special, just different, and not always by choice. Why not let them celebrate who they are?

I’ve mentioned this before that I’ve seen several men that look as feminine as all girls do, and woman that are beasts. Got my butt kicked by a couple beasts training in my dojo--Ouch. I’m now dealing with a “zir” as my banker. Literally right in the middle, so instead of a gender binary pronoun I go for a more neutral greeting, “Hi what’s your name” and I receive a useless ‘Sean’ as my reply in zir big smile, round shapeless body, short hair, ambiguous face with no make up, sporting a bow tie. Mmmmmm. “Thank you zzzzzzzzzzzir (?)” Zir smiles, after I make my deposit and onward I go. I’m sure she wouldn’t survive in backward places like North Carolina. No offence love but you do live in a backward State.

Now why don’t you share with us, sans your thug terminology, that when a “tran-men/women” receives legal recognition, a political victory, a civil right, or greater equality how you specifically lose something? Given your ire against them I suspect a parade of horrors is coming?

(This should get the conversation going).

Elizabeth said...


Read it again nimrod. I asked you to define it transwoman or what do you mean by transwoman and in comments you have used that term to describe others.

Mob psychology? You really are dense or is it just plain stupid? You support the Transgender mantra and their beliefs so then that requires you to be a transwoman or a transgender woman or a transsexual woman because that is a large part of their tenet. If you disagree then say it.

If I thought you had the capacity to learn I would be amused but then you do not. I use the terms male/female and man/woman so there is a use of both sex and gender definitions. Sorry you are incapable of catching that.

The point of the post is the use of the prefix trans in front of woman is a contradiction based on the meaning the Transgender, like you, use it for. I am sorry if it went over your head.

Thug terminology? Where is the thug terminology? If you cannot see and understand that allowing a physically male individual to change his birth certificate and redefine his sex as female is not harmful and bit denigrating and misogynistic then you need to get some fresh air and possibly consider living somewhere that is not a sewer.

By the way I have lived here for a little over two years because I retired here. I spent most of my life in new England, California, and NYC.

I have no issues with the fluidity of gender. The problem is assholes like you cannot have fluid gender yet demand that toilets are binary and birth certificates are binary and anyone can have whatever definition they want. You cannot have it both ways. If gender is fluid and there are many versions how can one define two as man and woman? Is that not discriminatory?

Birth certificates define sex characteristics and not gender. Just thought you might like to learn something.

Well if they get recognition as transwomen then that make you one doesn't it? Funny how that works and how it so clearly fits you.

Anonymous said...

What is?

Easiest answer would be 'someone who is perfectly content to be "othered" for the balance of their life since they apparently ARE NOT a woman.'

They want to be 'speshul snowflakes' and demand 'speshul' status even though the existing laws are, IMO, more than sufficient for the person who went through the known cure for the transsexual medical condition/birth defect.

flow said...

i think you nailed the crux there, suzan,

we have people denying the gender binary on one hand, dismissing it and dengirating it, yet they lay claim to gender binary ID. its one or the other, maleadies.

Anonymous said...

Trans, meaning across....

A cross woman. Plenty of reason to be cross. Yeah, that makes sense.

- an old aunty

Black Swan said...

Expletives and four letter metaphors that further the conversation are OK but in your present example only prove my point.

I don’t personally identify with the term “Transwoman” but I’ve managed to see a pretty good one for “Trans Woman” in Whipping Girl by Julia Serano and what I surmise as the term “trans” is short hand for transitioning to/towards a target gender. Now some will obviously be stuck without the benefit of passing as their target gender and the vitriol and venom towards them advocating for their own safety and civil rights gives rise to your ire. Do you really think they hijacked the agenda to slight you?

Now I’m hearing about the trans woman CeCe McDonald that will have to spend time in prison for defending herself. A male prison. How long do you suspect she will last there?

Now I know why your silent on the subject. You and your colleagues; the reactionary sisters of some so-called sex/gender purity have been spouting off the meme’s about sex-segregated spaces, by derivation, demonizing the trans women and trans men for only wanting safe facilities concurrent with their gender identity to do there business in, placing them under a microscope, dissecting their lives, only presenting the worst cases, and assign motivations and desires to those that identify as trans women respectfully, which validate your theories and agenda about gender and sexuality.

Now the cost arises as you sit in your own selfish guilt, your smart I’m sure you know what’s going to happen to CeCe; something like being treated like a human toilet in a men’s prison. You got your wish didn’t you about sex segregated places? Sorry she doesn’t pass muster in your eyes as a trans woman, trying to get by, nowhere near privileged as you enjoyed.

I know your not a heartless person, but deep down in places you don‘t like to discuss, this is probably choking your epistemic arrogance to death, feeling the squeeze yet? Enjoy the show, you bought the ticket to CeCe’s cruel and unusual punishment.

Elizabeth said...


You just do not get it. They use trans incorrectly because it has a meaning that is well defined in the English language. Anyone that uses Julia Serano as an example for anything involving transsexuals is a fool. She loves to talk about her "cock" as being metaphorically and possibly physically being bigger than her opponents. But then I am not surprised you follow this individual and her foolishness.

Just to be clear they consider you a transwoman. If you are comfortable with that then you have a low opinion of yourself but then we both know that to be the truth. Don't we!!

I really am humored by what you have said about me in this comment. Nothing I have said or done has any reference or meaning in the CeCe McDonald situation. You have wandered all over the place bringing up bathrooms, identity, passing, my motives, and other areas none of which are relevant to this post including CeCe McDonald.

It is rather typical of you inability to focus on a particular issue and maintain a consistent thought process. You are typical of the pseudo (I think I am) smart fools in the Transgender Borg because you think if you use words like epistemic that it will impress people. It does not.

You seem to feel if one disagrees with your point of view that they are evil or transphobic which basically shows how shallow and ignorant you are.

I made a comment on the CeCe McDonald situation on another blog so do not try and lay some silly bullshit on me. O also donated to her defense fund. Did You? I bet you gave her all the "legal" experience you claim to have.

She got into a fight that she could have avoided by walking away from some airhead jerks words. Instead she chose to confront them and a fight started after she confronted them.

Why the fight started is conjecture based on those involved but she could have avoided it. She killed someone in knife fight. Whose knife was it? It was CeCe's knife so she was carrying the knife aka a weapon.

CeCe took a plea deal rather than go to trial. That was her decision. Considering she killed someone in the fight, whether self defense or not, leaves her culpable for it in many jurisdictions if they do not have a self defense. She did not kill the person that hurt her which might have qualified as self defense. She stabbed an unarmed person to death.

CeCe will be in segregation in jail and you and I both know that. It will be tough but she will be out quickly even being locked down for 23+ hours a day because she is not going into the general population.

You have made assumptions about CeCe and my position and without question you have made an ASS out of yourself.

I did not buy a ticket to CeCe's world because I would never wish harm on anyone and that includes the idiots hurling the slurs. Obviously you believe taking a life is perfectly okay when the only person armed with a weapon was CeCe. CeCe was hit in the face with a Glass which broke but there were no other weapons. She stabbed the most convenient person who had not assaulted her with the glass.

Rather than argue the point about the use of "trans" you need to obfuscate things by moving into areas not relevant to the subject matter. Typical of your Transgender Borg beliefs. Never discuss the concept if you cannot win just make up another subject or move to another thought.

Try again.

Elizabeth said...


I hope you realize that you have inadvertently outed yourself. Not very smart for someone that erroneously believes they are.

Black Swan said...

Outing myself? Irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Black Swan writes:

"Now because your (sic) using gender terms,...."

"Now I know why your (sic) silent on the subject."

"I know your not a heartless person,...."

"...your smart I’m sure you know what’s going to happen to CeCe;"

Please learn the contraction of "you are" is "you're", not "your". Your is the possessive case of you, or it can mean one's or even a collective group, but it never means you are. Those who don't know the difference are fairly perceived as only marginally literate dunce.

- an old aunty

Elizabeth said...

@an old aunty

Makes one wonder if this person actually went to UCLA doesn't it. Either that or indictment on the quality of education they sell at UCLA.


Irrelevant. Does that mean I can tell them how you outed yourself? Being a narcissist and references come to mind.

Reaity Check said...

Hmmmm......more threats ad hominems and derails.

I do believe the original topic of this post was the tg's tripping on their third leg by their sophmoric attemts to again conflate sex with gender in their tired old campaign to obfuscate the obvious which is that "trans" genders, (noun), change gender ROLES and transsexuals change their physical SEX.

Anonymous said...

Dog and pony show goes on ad nauseum .. this just as well be the black swan blog

Black Swan said...

@ - an old aunty,

Sorry about that minor peccadillo, hopefully at worst that’s all it is. I would like to acknowledge you and thank you for correcting me personally. I’m honored. Most forgive minor oversights like that in this informal medium. I’ve been told to remember that a blog is graffiti with punctuation. My smart phone tends to auto correct, defaulting to the “your” in question. Your right it’s a bit annoying. So sorry, will submit myself to your avuncular guidance. At least you got the context correct.

I would also be cautious in hastily pointing out my faults or being too procrustean, observing grammar and syntax errors in bias. You seem selective as to whom you apply that “dunce” to. I suggest you apply your ointment to those fart sucking trolls who occupy this blog instead; cavalier, grandiloquence and down right creative slang, take your pick.


As you know I travel quite a bit in my work, and have to be succinct. I’ve been called everything from space alien to half-angel to superhero and the only identity that counts is the one that I self refer.

Now before I begin dismantling your arguments. Lets make sure you have the facts strait about CeCe McDonald. Your white privilege, bigotry and hate for this trans woman of color is showing again. Just see the topic post of this blog. You’re (thank you auntie) so selectively inaccurate that one would actually question you donating to her defense fund--So NB the alleged “knife” and/or “weapon” (your words) you think she was carrying, was actually a pare of seamstress scissors for cutting fabric. CeCe was coming home from school; some kind of Fashion Design College.

You need to get the facts strait.

I don’t believe you donated to CeCe’s defense fund at all, and only a prolific prevaricator, as usual, to curry favor amongst your fart sucking blog regulars. My charitable outreach is confidential and I do have a budget for it.

If it actually was a knife/weapon as you say, it puts into question the nature of McDonald’s intent and scienter (prior knowledge, or intent for wrong doing) in the mind of the defendant. If it was a knife then of course a jury would convict her, why would she need a knife walking down that street? Your falling into the trap a typical bigoted white persons characterizing it as a knife/weapon thus you’re perpetuating the mythology that black people are savages and violent by nature; guilt for being black. Where did you receive the information that it was a knife or weapon?

It actually was a pare of fabric scissors--what does it say about you?

You have already been asked not to out me, what about that do you not understand? What I use as an avatar is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

"Trans*equality" defined....

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for BS to go Bye Bye.
I have had my BS quota for the year.

Tired of the tranny Kool-Aid guzzlers.

Not your Friend
Black Swan

Elizabeth said...


I read multiple reports where it said knife and if it was scissors that makes little difference in the case.

Sweetie you never dismantle anyone's arguments. All you do is go off into a tangent and make more inaccurate claims about me. Now you claim I am a racist bigot. I have a Paypal account I donate out of just for your simple minded editification.

CeCe did the smart thing by taking the deal. She faced a larger jail term but she has culpability. By confronting them she turned a verbal harassment into the altercation or at least made it a possibility. The prosecution would use that and claim Cece was looking for a fight. She was hit in the face with a glass that shattered and gashed her face according to what I have read and the assholes had no weapons.

If she had done nothing other than fight after that she was fine but she pulled scissors or knife and stabbed a person who had NOT harmed her. I realize you have limited legal expertise but that is manslaughter at a minimum because nobody else had a weapon according to all accounts.

It has nothing to do with race or bigotry but the simple facts of the case considering Minnesota Law. She killed someone. Now I realize you and other transgender Borg nimrods think that is fine because they used foul and "trans"phobic language against her but it does not make what she did self defense under current Minnesota Law.

Taking a life is not something anyone should take lightly. The reports I read said knife and I found others that said scissors after this comment. I realize you are a little confused but scissors can be used as a "weapon" and they were and have been used as "weapons" in many murders and she had to reach into her purse and find them.

I realize that the life of anyone that opposes your misguided view of the world is worthless and could and should be sacrificed to promote the Transgender Borg cause but I do not.

Cece made a mistake and she received a fair plea deal and her lawyer wisely advised her to take the plea. It is highly unlikely she would have won at trial. People do not get suspended sentences for actions like this.

As for you BlackSwan I would like to know how you dismantled my argument when no argument was intended. It was a statement about what I knew after some asshole named BlackSwan brought it into this conversation as a way to claim i was somehow responsible for it.

To be blunt you are an idiot. You claim to understand the law yet you do not. You claim to not be a member of the transgender Borg yet you act and sound exactly like them. You clearly fit the stereotype.

I would not out you but the question is how do you out someone that is so delusional they do not realize their so-called "non-outed" persona they travel the world under is the laughing stock of the internet. Do you really think they are stupid enough to believe you or to not see through it? Men can be dumb but they are not that dumb or maybe they are if you are their dominatrix.

You make you living degrading women in your "travels" and you know it and I know it and more than a few others know it. Worse yet you degrade yourself and women in front of "men" to make a living. How pathetic that makes you.

Hey I just realized you have not called me a christo-nazi yet. Missed one.

Stay on topic or you are out of here BS.

Anonymous said...

And then Black Swan:

"Your (sic) right it’s a bit annoying."

"Your falling into the trap a typical bigoted white ...."

And also two correct uses of you're.

You up to 50%. An improvement, but a ways to go to properly literate.

BTW, I waited a LONG time to complaint.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

BTW, I waited a LONG time to complaint.

to complaint?

thats the problem with nitpicking...

Black Swan said...

You forgot "You (sic) up to 50%" when the proper word is obviously YOUR.

My response to Elizabeth will include some excepts from Beth Elliot's response to the Brennon-Hungerford petition to the UN.

Stay tuned.

Elizabeth said...


That would be excerpts not excepts but the problem is you are not posting that on this post because it is not relevant.

Anonymous said...

I'm Getting pretty tired of reading your pathetic off topic transgender rants Black Snake. What you are really doing is diverting the attention of other readers from the core issues where you and your transgender friends know they can neither justify themselves or win a reasoned debate. For someone who tries to claim high morals you are standing on unstable ground. If I were you I'd be more careful.


Anonymous said...


I agree besides who needs to read the rantings of a language impaired fake woman dominatrix anyway.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, do you want the reader of your post to come away with a positive or negative message about trans men and women?

Do you want your reader to come to the conclusion that trans men and women are lllegitimate as an identity?

Could you please discribe exactly how one should vote in favor of or against granting rights and protections to trans men and women based solely on the topic you posted?


Anonymous said...

BS, isolated typos and errors are not an issue and never rated a complaint from me. Your inability to *ever* properly use "you're" was the complaint. Countering with a complaint about single typo is the resort of a dullard cornered.

- an old aunty

Elizabeth said...


Where are the references to rights and protections in this post? The post is about the silliness and basic stupidity of those in the transgender Borg, like yourself, that believe they can make up new meanings for words, transgender was stolen, or use improperly a prefix like "trans" which is clearly defined as the opposite of how you dipshits use it.

Add in the desire to delete transsexual and the need to make everyone a transwomen or a transman whether they are long past being cured of the malady they were born with or a transvestite in Des Moines Iowa that dresses up on Friday evening and parades around downtown in an attempt to make everyone the same.

I realize that escapes idiots like BlackSwan and people like yourself but "trans" does not mean what they think it does when they use it. Sorry but in this case they prove their own stupidity.

As for rights and protections all I ever needed was to be considered a woman. I will take my chances with if given that and did and have for 40+ years.

Anything that gives a man in a dress with a penis the right to claim they are female and have access to female spaces is bullshit and potentially dangerous and is an infringement on the rights of women. Funny how men seem to believe they have rights that usurp the rights of women just because they throw on a frock.

Anonymous said...

@NMW There you go using a the term “Trans” What the hell does that mean? Across the other side? Do you mean in Europe or are you located in Europe and are referring to USA?

Now let me give you a little history lesson. Back before Virginia Charles Prince began his nastiness those who underwent sex reassignment surgery had zero problems being recognized as women both legally and socially. In fact that is precisely what every single one of as ever needed or asked for. Prince and his band of merry men began their demands and culture og “Transgender forever” and we now we have daily assaults. We have politically waged campaigns and a constant barrage of vitriol from men demanding to be regarded as women simply because they wear a dress. In addition to that they demand that the recognition those of us who did the hard work put in the effort achieved be taken from us as a result.

Now what rights and protections do you think you want or need other than those afforded other women or men?

Don’t bother to answer I already know the answer. You all want, nay, demand to be treated as “different” some third sex perhaps. Gay men and Lesbian women had a legitimate right to demand protection from hate crimes and prejudice and by and large in most civilized countries those protections are in place. I don’t believe you need any more rights, privileges, or protections than are already in place in USA or Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc. I don’t propose to go on.

Now in case you all are still so stupid you cannot grasp elementary concepts let me spell it out. You have a penis, bollocks intact or not you’re a male. You have a vagina womb intact or not you’re female. Only medically recognised intersex conditions qualify to be regarded as somewhere in between.

Now I don’t give a damn what antics men get up to at weekends or in their spare time to get their “jollies” So long as it doesn’t involve children or me, I don’t care. What I do care about are men with Dicks calling themselves women. They can get F****** or stuffed either is fine. I’ve tried being nice about this and found it doesn’t work you just get walked over, time and again.


Stephanie said...

"Transman" "Transwoman" ....I believe these two words were made up just to shorten the terms "Transsexual Man" and "Transsexual Woman" all of which describes a man or a woman as one who has "transitioned". At no time did the literary council look inside their pants to find out what either one has in there. And none of us should be worried either.

(did I dot all my "i's")


Anonymous said...

I didn't check if you dotted all your I's
I know I have crossed a lot of T's and I really don't care.


Anonymous said...

No Stephanie you half-wit you still have it wrong you don't get it do you. If you've transitioned and I mean transitioned fully not some have baked Sandeen type cheat.You're not "trans" anything. Now go put on the wife's panties and jerk off to that.

In case no-ones noticed this crap has started to really get up my nose.


Anonymous said...

"trans*...describes a man or a woman as one who has "transitioned".

"transitioned" to WHAT??? A chick with a dick?

Anonymous said...

Transsexual doesn't mean somebody who transitioned, it means somebody who is in the process of transitioning -- i.e. 'crossing' the sexes, which is denoted by the prefix 'trans-'. Somebody is no longer transsexual when they have successfully crossed the sexes, they're female or male.

To call oneself a 'trans woman' on a permanent basis is to say they have not fully transitioned their sex on a permanent basis. Someone may be a woman in terms of their gender, but they're not female -- they're still 'trans- female'. That's not supposed to be an identity to live with, it's supposed to be a transitional period between the sexes.

On that same token, transgender literally means somebody who is crossing genders -- gender is not sex. Though the transgender dimwits have succeeded in getting gender considered as sex in some aspects by the layperson, Diamond was correct in pointing out that there's no need for two words that mean the same thing. Gender is not sex, it's just how people externally consider each other.

While we're at it, gender identity is not someone's internal sense of being female or male, sexual identity is.

I have to correct Cassandraspeaks, however, regarding Prince. Transgender very clearly meant cross-dresser or transvestite to Prince, and he was very clear that transsexuals were not what he considered transgender or its equivalent. In fact, Prince asked why psychologists named their diagnosis after gender when they clearly meant sex in his eyes.

Since I missed the miracle sex change topic, that's obvious nonsense to anybody who knows a thing about biology. Sex changes don't go in reverse in human physiology -- once you're masculinized, it doesn't work backwards.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are "anonymous" but you are right about Prince. I was obviously not clear enough on that point. Thank you for fixing that.