Friday, May 18, 2012

Are Transgender Rights and Issues Feminist Issues

Okay, I need to sit here at 3 AM and try and grasp this bizarre concept.Of course this does depend on what one considers the correct definition of Transgender and lately I have gotten some rather odd descriptions and a rather heated push-back on another blog about what transgender actually defines. It was a rather weird situation since they claimed that transvestites and cross-dressers were not transgender and in the next breath claimed they fought the Transgender Borg umbrella which left me quizzical about whether they really did understand who is under the transgender umbrella. Anger can make one not think straight and there was and is a lot of anger there.

If transvestites and crossdressers, one and the same in my book, are not under the transgender umbrella then why am I fighting to be free of the transgender umbrella? Why are any of us fighting? The simple truth is we all know the transvestites control the transgender movement.  They may disguise themselves as transgender and claim womanhood but they are still men by any standard. If you have a penis and you want to keep it you are a fucking man. End of the fucking story.

I cannot say I would consider myself a card carrying feminist because basically I am not sure what that means. I know I have worked as a woman since I was 23 and some will tell you I worked as one before that for 3+ years after grad school because I was not fooling anyone but we will deal with the facts on this one. I have never been one to ask for anything to be given to me.  I prefer to work for it even if one would consider me a trust fund kid.

I look back on the past 43 years and I was a woman working in a basically male dominated career. I did set some precedents and push some issues for women but how important they were are debatable and I am not discussing them here but when I did fight back it was because I felt I was denied my due and as a woman I wanted what I was worth and that might be a core feminist belief. I never asked for anything special because I was born transsexual because I simply considered myself a woman like every other woman I knew.

I am not one of those that believes a man can be a feminist. How can one be a feminist if one does not experience life as a woman and the inherent challenges we face on a daily basis put in front of us by men.  There are some feminist issues I will never face but there are natal women that will not face them either but in 43+ years I have both felt some of the inequality in the workplace and that same inequality in society. I am not one that takes no for an answer without asking why.

It is hard enough being a woman but it is even harder when you have men playing woman claiming they should be treated as women and now women have a new threat and yes I see it as a threat. The transgender have tried to destroy the concept of transsexualism and now they are taking aim at the concept of what is a woman.

How are they doing this?  Well we women born as I was see it in the simple fact the transgender clowns like Sandeen believe a dress, wig, and makeup makes the woman and not one's physical nature and inner soul.  In other words a man in a dress with a penis is as much of a woman as any woman with a vagina.  Only a man could pack so much hubris in such a testosterone ladled brain but we see them everywhere. They want access to all women's spaces and they want the world to legislate them as women and force women to accept them as such.

Now they have a new tactic. The new claim is transgender rights and issues are feminist issues. We know they are trying to obfuscate the situation by implying transgender means transsexual because it is convenient but that is just momentary. I am trying to think of one single feminist issue that is relevant to a fucking transvestite and I cannot.

Just how is a man in a dress with a penis in women's spaces a feminist issue? Baffles me!! One can go down the entire list of issues feminists promote and not a one relates to a transvestite but many can and do relate to those of us that have had SRS and actually work and live as functioning women in the world without promoting the fact we were born with a certain condition. I do wonder how these so-called "trans" women will function in a feminist environment. Will feminists be required to call them "trans" feminists because remember they are transgender forever and proud of it.

Are feminists supposed to support late transitioning men who have built a career in business as men and a power base as men.  Are we required to support their opinion they should keep the job, title, money, and power they gained as men when they suddenly become Susan? Considering they more than likely have discriminated against women because it is what men do in business in general I somehow think that is a pill feminists cannot swallow.

How can a man that has lived and worked for his 50 years on this planet as a man suddenly claim to be a feminist. It truly baffles me how this is possible but I see it daily on blogs. One can read cross-dresser blogs chiming in about feminism and I have always wanted to ask a simple question. Are you really so fucking stupid that you believe because you are Sally on Friday evening at the local club that caters to you that you have one single concept about what it means to be a woman day in and day out in society? What fucking planet were you born on?

Here is a little clue for all of you. Neither transsexual nor transgender rights have anything to do with feminist rights or issues. That said transsexuals can and do have a kinship with feminists. Those of us with the misfortune to be born a MTF transsexual have or should have only one goal in life. That goal is to become the best woman we can which means SRS and the simple concept of after my SRS I am a woman and all I want is the same rights all my fellow women have. I was not special and neither are any of you. If you do not want to assimilate into womanhood as a woman and not a "trans" woman may I suggest you save your balls and dick and stay with the rest of the men because you seem to have missed the point. It really is not about the cloths asshole.

The transgender want to legislate themselves into being accepted as women and I assume they want the same from feminists.  Not about to happen. Ashley Love has a beautiful post about feminism and us and is a must read. The opposing view may be perused here.

This attempt by the transgender to invade women's spaces and feminism is just another attempt by men to get control of the female narrative and to direct it and us to their purpose. Not about to happen to this girl.


Reality Check said...

A truly excellent post. I will address some of the more outstanding points at some length, hopefully later today.

Thank you for standing up to these overly aggressive bullies.

Anonymous said...

I crossdress, it is just fetishistic quirk I have always had. Many types of other fetishists can be quite annoying, many just don't like the idea of having a fetish so they try to justify the fetish as an expression of a suppressed gender lol.

Rather than a wish to be accepted as a "woman" (what is a woman?), shouldn't the goal be to move beyond gender (postgenderism)?

Reality Check said...

I think what strikes me most about trying to deal with TG's is their anger and aggression.

You make a good point by pointing out that this is a characteristically male trait.

Your second (anonymous), commenter comes from a much more reasonable and frankly, defensible position. By admitting the obvious, that crossdressing represents a fetish, he is able to move on to a less understandable, (but at least 'arguable') goal of "postgenderism".

My take on the virulent hostility expressed, especially by your more vocal activists like sandeen, is that it is the direct result of the frustration involved with trying convince people of what ever brand of absurdity they happen to be pushing today.

The idea that, " because you are Sally on Friday evening at the local club that caters to you that you have one single concept about what it means to be a woman day in and day out..." is a prime example of the utter nonsense which they are demanding that the rest of society accept.

Another, extremely pertinent point which needs even more emphasis is that woman, who have been forced to undergo full surgical and hormonal correction, (just so that they can simply survive and live normally), need nor want any special protections or accomodations other than those afforded to other women.

The truth is that we share the same advandages and disadvantagesnof other women born into similar socio-economic circumstance.

I also think that it should be noted that 'invasion' and/or colonization, (especially as regards the case of men/TG's invading and attempting to exert control over women and their private spaces), in an inherently violent act. Hence the violence exhibited by these men/tg's when their authority over us is challenged or even questioned.

Foxfire said...

Why can't the men in their age inappropriate mini-dresses and size 13 stilettos complain for the "right" to go into the men's room where they belong? Why not force their fellow men to accept them? As someone said in a comment here:

Transgender Rights Are A Feminist Issue

..if you function sexually as a male then use the men's room. Tell me exactly, why must women be the ones to passively condone yet another attempt by men to control women by gaining access to our private spaces? Do they need even more male privilege or power over us? Really?

The recent issue of the twice convicted pedophile in Dallas lurking in ladies' rooms with his sex offender anklet on claiming to be "transgender" should be a wake up call. Instead the Umbrella crowd want to make it into a "trans discrimination" issue. Of course as soon as you mention something like this they all start screaming "transphobia". Well trust me, it isn't transsexuals I have a problem with. It's the men who use the transgender label as an excuse to prey on women and little girls, and as soon as you start allowing any man access to women's private spaces on their own dubious claims that they happen to be in touch with their feminine sides that day, then these misogynistic creeps have pulled the biggest con over on women yet. How can giving men access to our bathrooms ever be a feminist issue?

Yes we all need to "come together for protection" as someone else said at the above link, until it's your own 14 year old daughter caught alone in a restroom with one of these creeps. Smoke and mirrors and doubletalk is all I hear from the TG faction, more typical male BS.

What I consider the most exasperating and annoying thing about all this is that these teegee sympathizers do not even consider women's legitimate safety concerns as they scramble to insure any transvestite male can exercise his male privilege do do anything he pleases. Instead they dismiss our concerns as "transphobia". There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

flow said...

wow liz., that really made you angry!

i was a bit nonplussed by the original post too. to hear that TG suddenly meant only TS (for the purposes of the feminist claim) was a bit annoying.

its pretty common though. As soon as the TG bog want legitimacy, they pretend te fetishists and genderqueer don't exist and pull out the 'pet TS' card, only to ignore us as son as they've got what they are after.

which is exactly what we say they do - every time, Claim our identity and then claim out voice. oh well.

god i'm glad i woke up out of that crap. being a woman is so much easier.

Reality Check said...

Thank you Flow, for making yet another excellent point which should be more than obvious.

This intentional, and politically savvy conflation, is propagagated not just as a random act. The speciic purpose is to use the legitimate needs of the surgery tracked pre-op TS, as cover for these cross-dressing pervs, of which this Witherspoon is but just one example.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Reality Check!

Oh Come on! Give the girl a break! She did get the point after all didn't she? Read her blog, she's clearly in the process of detoxing from the Kool-Aid! You know! That foul witches brew designed to bamboozle and befuddle a working brain so badly that it is thinking there are spectrums of "gender" where owning a penis' is female and the inverse is male! Hone, it takes a bit of time and work to clear the mind of such an ill affect, but clearly she is well on her way!
Good Speed Flow

Oh, and Flow? I did read your blog btw, ummmm... you might want to seriously consider moving and getting a fresh start well away from where you are now... it will do wonders for the head and heart for you to be free of that stigmata. But, it's just a suggestion...

Anonymous said...

Here's a perfect reason why RADFEMS are up at arms and why they are pissed off at the Trans community for trying to barge into a Bio Women's only event.

Elizabeth said...


Okay I get the radfems being pissed at the "trans" community but why do they hate me and people and kids like me?

Indi X or Cindi as you know "it" as is transgender and not transsexual and if he likes men and is not a pretend lesbian I have a bridge to sell you cheap anywhere.

SOunds a lot like a war between radtrans and radfems where the radfems have included all of us that passed that way and were cured.

Sorry but I find radtrans offensive because they are men playing girl and I find radfems hard to support on most issues other than pretend lesbians with a penis.

Anonymous said...

Fear not! We now have the added wrinkle of ultra-rad-leftie, Suzan Cooke proclamining her support for such august TG supporters as the uber-left ACLU and NCTE.

So it seems even Ms. Kooke has been assimilated by her beloved TG Borg. Too bad. She was the last of the Grande Dames of Women Born Transsexual.

I guess the truth is out according to Suzi...transgender, transsexual....what's the difference? We are all "sisters" in that great egalitarian utopia of gender equality.

Who needs sex, anyway?