Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ontario Canada Human Rights Commission (HRC), a Girl can have a penis

Well, it is not quite that simple but I figured maybe a bold and obnoxious headline was due for this little tidbit. First, I do need to say that Ontario made it exceedingly difficult for even those with SRS to change a birth certificate but this decision by the Ontario HRC takes it too far. I may be in error here but I do believe transsexuals have had to deal Zucker and his ilk in Toronto if young so they deserve a merit badge for that.

The Commission handed done its decision on April 11, 20012 and the Government of Ontario has 180 days in which to reply with a new and improved process which I assume must allow females to have a penis. I do believe under Canadian Government Law they could pass another law that redefines the process and keeps the requirement of SRS but that is not something I am 100% sure of.

It is ironic that this Gay and Lesbian paper responded with such glee considering many of the lesbian women they represent find the thought of a lesbian with a functional penis obnoxious. As can be seen from this article this was a concerted effort by a Trans Activist group, seen in a photo, that represented the transgender point of view and nothing else. What a bevy of beauties that is and I do wonder how many a packing a penis and yes that was meant to be nasty if anyone has a doubt.

Like Autumn Sandeen the complainant had a bilateral orchiectomy because she got sick from the anti androgen blockers. Since Ontario has supposedly resumed paying for SRS it is apparent that the complainant has no intention of ever having SRS and in fact in a statement to a Psychiatrist stated she wanted to transition without any hormones or medications which I find odd but then I rarely trust what Psychiatrists say.

If you happen to read the entire decision like I did you will find something very interesting.  The only time transsexual is mentioned is generally when saying "transsexual surgery" and in all cases this was identified as a transgender case and a case concerning gender identity and gender expression and the primary mantra of the Transgender Borg that a female can have a penis.

This is the problem with Commissions and in particular Human Rights Commissions because they almost always are populated by very liberal people or despots like Gaddafi whose government was elected to the UN Human Rights Commission. This same HRC just praised Gadaffi as is pointed out in this article about such nonsensical praise from an HRC.

I am not in any way making the assertion that the Ontario HRC is this stupid but logic is not their bailiwick. A female does not have a penis and by changing a birth certificate that is what they are defining female as.  In fact I guess the birth certificate no longer defines ones sex characteristics at all.

I guess the question I have is who is on the commission and what is their agenda? The other issue was this came about because of the difficulty even transsexuals with SRS had in changing their birth certificates in Ontario and I wonder how much that had to do with Zucker and his clinic or even if it did.

The other problem is simple.  If this stands then it is another reason why transsexualism will never be recognized as a medical condition but then that has always been the position of the Transgender Borg. IF a transsexual can be cured then what the heck is someone that identifies as transgender? Certainly there wish is to be recognized as female with a penis which denigrates every female in the world but then men do not like to be denied their fantasies.

University of Pittsburgh situation becomes clearer

It now is a little clearer what is going on at the University of Pittsburgh involving usage of facilities. Two transgender activists have been trying to push boundaries at the University. One of them was a Computer Science Student and an FTM transgendered individual, name Seamus Johnston, and the other claims to be an MTF, named McCloskey, but there is some argument over that. Johnston is on hormones and appears to be a very handsome young man but is female bodied and has been expelled from Pitt for showering in the male communal showers despite being female bodied which caused quite a disturbance.

In late 2011 as shown in this video  McCloskey with Johnston videotaping the incident got into an altercation with University officials. I believe they were preventing Johnston from attempting to use the male communal showers. One has to say Seamus has a big pair except Seamus has none but this was the first step in a deliberate attempt by the Transgender Activists to force their will on the University of Pittsburgh.

The following is a joint picture of the couple who claim to be a married.

Johnston has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure for showering nude with other males in a communal shower. This despite the fact the University had set aside separate showers for him based on standard University policy to aid transsexual students.

The other thing going on at the University is bomb threats that began after Johnston was arrested and expelled from Pitt for violating  University Policy. The bomb threats began shortly after that and have severely disrupted life on campus for all the students. I do believe the student who claimed they were forcing her to be castrated in order to use female spaces, SRS is castration in her mind, would have attempted to do something along the same lines as Johnston.

I do not know if this couple is behind the bomb threats but they have been subpoenaed to appear in Federal Court. If that thing is a MTF anything then the transgender have sunk to a new low even for them. McCloskey claims Johnston is his wife which confuses things even more.

The fact Johnston was a Computer Science major is why they were looked into for these bomb threats and folks making bomb threats and getting the FBI involved is not a wise thing to do.

So now we know why Pitt changed its rules and again the lies and misinformation spewed out by the Transgender Borg supports them.  I am sure they will be martyrs even if proven guilty of making these bomb threats.

One does have to ask a very serious question though. Was Johnston trying to provoke a more serious incident in the male showers when he disrobed? Was he looking to be raped or treated rudely so he could sue the University which based on conversations in the video appears to be a concern of McCloskey. 

Johnston is also on full Social Security Disability because of his "Gender Identity Disorder" so he can live off the government while being a trans activist. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Blame Game

I have always wondered why people prefer to blame others for their problems. I guess it may be human nature or the innate inability of most of us to accept responsibility for our own actions and the results.  At one time I blamed god for being born transsexual and always wanted to ask god the question "how the heck can a supposedly omnipotent being get my sex wrong"?  I lost my faith along the way and when I did regain some of my faith I realized by then that god had nothing to do with why I was born transsexual.

When I was a young child of 5 my mother was stricken with paralytic polio and I was crushed. I loved my mom and dad plus I knew they loved me. It had been a rather turbulent previous year to her illness because of my insistence I was a girl and not a boy was perplexing to all the adults. There was no screaming or yelling at me over this but there were lots of adult questions and hushed meetings of the adults trying to figure out if it was just a phase or was I actually serious and did their son actually believe he was a girl.

What makes it difficult for any kid is to them the world is basically black and white or good and bad. Kids no little of the gray areas we adults know exist. I had nor do I to this day have a rational understanding of why I knew I was a girl but it was just that I knew inside I was really a girl. This is quite common with Type VI transsexuals and actually not uncommon in Type V transsexuals.  There were no girl toys in my world but I was fascinated watching my grandmother sewing on her Singer Sewing Machine or cooking her incredible fried chicken or baking.

The minute my Grandmother became aware of the "issue" I was shooed away whenever I wanted to take part or even watch anything considered not 100% boy. I overheard many a conversation between my worried parents and grandparents. It was 1951 and I was in first grade and it was late September when my first school incident happened. We were asked to draw a picture of our family with crayons and my artist skills are no better today than then but I had my picture of my mom, dad, my brothers and me finished quickly.

My teacher had been fascinated with me because I was already reading way ahead of my grade level, my brothers were the same way, but she pointed to the picture and asked, "who is that", and I said, "that is me", and she said, " that is a girl and you are a boy", and I said, "No, I am a girl" and well I guess the correct term is the shit kind of hit the fan. I was told to never lie so I told her what I honestly believed.

My mom was immediately called to the school and I was quietly ushered into the main office. There was a rather heated argument and my mom was extremely upset but nothing was said to me. Within a week I was skipped a grade and two weeks after that my mom was rushed to the hospital very ill and my world came apart. My mom was paralyzed and needed an Iron Lung just to breathe. It was polio and it was really bad.

The house was like a morgue.  My dad was so stressed by it all because my mom was the love of his life as he said all the time. She started to slowly get better and eventually we could visit and when my Grandmother saw her for the first time the first thing she did was turn to me and say, "look what you did to your mother", and I made the connection between the stress I caused and what she was saying.  She blamed me for my mom getting polio. That was traumatic for a child about to turn 6. Worse, I actually believed her.

Transsexual children have a big issue with self worth. In general we do not have high opinions of ourselves and self worth is low which is ironically a big problem for natal girls. This would eventually lead to or begin the process of turning my behavior into a self destructive one.

I never dared mention how I felt during the time mom was in the hospital. I avoided my grandmother like she carried the plague which was nearly impossible but I almost never spoke to her. This went on for over a year. My mom spent over a year in the Hospital between the Iron Lung and the Therapy required just so she could learn to walk again. She would eventually have a slight permanent limp but she beat it as best she could.

One of the things they did to prevent nerve damaged big toes from curling up was to put a "nail" in the big toe and all I can remember is I kicked it accidentally a lot and it was excruciating for her when I did. She walked for her exercise and my grammar school was close and I rushed home every day to take my afternoon walk with her. We lived next to a large peat bog that was fenced in with active animal life and was circled by a road and we lived on that road. I like to call it an Animal Refuge but it is a peat bog. We would eventually walk around that are every single day together whether it was raining, cold, snowing, or whatever.

I loved our walks and we talked but I was at this point still afraid to say anything about being a girl.  I was afraid I would make my mom sick again and put her back in the hospital. I was now 6 and in the third grade and I knew I did not fit in so being really shy I withdrew into myself and began building the wall around myself that I realized later on was my protective shield. Scotty from Star Trek would have been proud of my shield.

On one of our walks mom asked me if I was over the "I am a girl" phase and she told me later I turned whiter than I already was and begged her to forgive me for making her sick. Kids that age, even smart ones, are easily manipulated. She managed to make me tell her everything and she was quite upset with her mother and I was told to not be afraid to tell her how I felt. So I told her, "I am a girl", and she said she loved me and we will figure it out. This is kind of amazing when you realize it was 1952. Of course figuring it out meant curing me of the thoughts but it was the 50's.

I soon was skipped another grade and I was now in 4th grade and not yet 7. Outside the house unless I was with my older brother I was a recluse. My Grandfather was a great fan of Shakespeare and I was reading all of it by an early age. I had little interest in boy sports although I was forced at times to play. I was fascinated by Shakespeare and actually spent one summer talking like a character in a Shakespeare play. It seemed like a cool idea at the time. I was a weird child in so many ways.

Mom was looking for help and that led to Harvard University and my first Psychiatrist.  I had just turned 8 and I was driving my Grandmother batshit crazy. There were no girls clothes so I had learned to sew and when she was gone I took fancy pillow cases and made a skirt to fit me. Not one of my brightest ideas but she knew to the foot how much cloth she used so pillow cases were my choice. I was quite good at it and even hemmed my skirts which were confiscated by my Grandmother and thrown out. I then switched to the pillow cases on my brother's bed which caused him to scream, "he is at it again".

I had a very bad experience with the first shrink that ended with him calling me weird names and my dad threatening to kick the shit out of him in front of another patient in the waiting room. It took me a while before I opened up to this famous man of Harvard and the look on his face when I finally relented and said, "I am a girl", fell somewhere between shock and horror.  I never realized a man's face could get that red was my first thought. I was 8 and he told me I was a lost cause or something along those lines and actually uttered the words, "your family would be better off if you were dead", and I took him up on the thought. Of course the fact I read his book in the Library and criticized it might have had a little to do with his anger.

It is very difficult for any family with a transsexual child and particularly one that is open to them about their feelings. I knew I was a girl, I just knew it but how do you convince adults you are right? I swallowed a bottle of my Grandmothers pills and was saved because my older brother found me and I had my first experience with the dreaded stomach pump.  You would think that experience alone would curb my self destructive thoughts but when you feel hopeless and in reality nobody really believes you it is easy for the mind to convince you the next time you will succeed and everyone will be better off without you. I heard what my brothers friends said about me hanging around constantly. I did not do boy that well although I tried so now my family had to not only deal with a transsexual child they needed to be on permanent suicide watch. I was bad at committing suicide but I was persistent.

1956 was not a good year for my family. My Grandfather and Father died within 3 months of each other and my world seemed to just collapse and my Grandmother got her two cents worth in by telling me "you drove your Grandfather to his grave", which was a real boost to my low self esteem. I adored my Grandfather.  He taught me to read and his love of classic literature became mine. I was devastated by his death and my dad followed 3 moths later. Mom comforted me and said it was not true but I was 10 and spiraling downward as I realized I was never going to be the girl I was.

The other thing that began was the bullying. I was a pretty boy but lots of little boys are pretty but between mannerisms and appearance boys began to get abusive. Multiple times I ended up in the emergency Room with some pretty ugly injuries and every single time the Police talked with me I got the, "if you didn't look and act like you do it would not happen", which is weird because until I was 12 I never really pushed it. Basically the Police blamed me for making boys beat me up which was not to good for my self worth and destructive behavior.

During this period my neighbor Chuck made his first attempt to rape me and failed. The Police showed up and I was about 5-6 then and maybe 110 soaking wet but he said I attacked him and again it was my fault even though my clothes were torn to shreds and I was the only one bleeding.  It was my fault for being me it seemed.

One of the problems was I was always telling my mom how badly I needed to be a girl. She was looking for a cure everywhere which culminated in Children's Hospital at 12 and a name my mom was given that eventually saved me. In those days a cure meant curing the child of being transsexual which is impossible. Psychiatrist after Psychiatrist was perplexed by this feminine boy. Most were not mean but enough were mean enough to require mom to have my brothers always watching me to prevent me from harming myself.

One of the other things we do is blame ourselves for being this way by asking, "what did I do wrong to make god punish me this way". That is part of the Christian angst of guilt because we are all sinners so it must be my fault. My family was religious but for reasons I will not get into I was thrown out of Sunday School at 11 and got to spend Sunday mornings with my older brother Ray, he was thrown out at 12, watching old movies and his beloved three stooges and championship bowling if I remember right.

My last suicide attempt was Thanksgiving 1959 and it was my best plan and thankfully I failed but it did lead to a hurried meeting with a Dr. Benjamin in late December of 1959. In February 1960 after I had started hormones I was raped by my neighbor.  I have no memory of the actual event but like most rape victims blamed myself for letting it happen. That took some time to get over but I had a boyfriend and I was on my way to being me.

The one thing I am thankful for was nobody in my immediate family ever laid a hand on me. I would not have survived if I had been physically abused by my father or mother.  I got my fair share of spankings and I can honestly say i deserved them all in retrospect.

Women seem to be genetically disposed to blaming ourselves for lots of things.  The irony is most of the time it is men helping us blame ourselves. The abused wife stays with the husband despite constant beatings because she made hi do it by her actions. Battered wife syndrome is a male induced blame mechanism.

A woman gets raped and she gets blamed for "dressing provocatively" by the police, the rapist, and the courts which is why the majority of cases are not reported. There is a clear pattern here if you look closely when it comes to the male-female relationships. Men like to blame us when they do something bad or at worst intimate we brought it on ourselves and it has made women all to often blame themselves for something they did not have fault in.

I was a leading research engineer for a long time and most of what I was involved in had never been done before and in some cases never attempted.  I know all about being wrong but having the intellectual courage to admit it and take the steps needed to get on track. A lot of what I was involved with dealt with  flyboys in danger and the military and its weaponry. We made a mistake and people could die so accepting blame for a bad design was par for the course when in a testing phase. We made mistakes but thankfully I was never personally involved with any designs that led to deaths but I watched death reach out and grab friends and I also watched everyone blaming everyone else.

One of the things that irritates me as a woman with a history is what I see today. We are blamed by men for their problems.  Look at it clearly. It is we women that are not allowing these poor transvestite men into our spaces because we are such meanies and I actually read one dipshit intimate the poor men in dresses needed to be escorted to ladies spaces by women who supported them. I would have led them to the men's room but then I kind of am interested in watching a 6-3 inch man in a dress and heels duking it out with another man in a shirt and jeans.

We are blamed for the transgender problems daily. We are blamed because we are called separatists.  We are blamed because we do not support transgender/transvestite civil rights or human rights even when they infringe on those same rights for us women. It is part of the new blame game promoted by the Transgender Borg and the sycophants that follow them. We women are blamed because we find it silly that anyone would claim they are female with a penis but that is discrimination against a women with a penis which is both a dichotomy and an oxymoron and only men could not realize that.

Transvestites blame their wives for not accepting them and supporting them as if some social fetish requires every woman to bow down in deference to her husband's dressing wishes even though she certainly never made that agreement when she said "for better or worse".

Notice the picture here. It is men blaming women for not accepting them as an equal women. It even gets weirder when we get to the penis packing lesbian men claiming that lesbians are discriminating against them because they find it sickening that some man in a dress, with a dick, would actually believe a lesbian that prefers women and does not want a male sex partner would be offended by a lesbian with a functioning prick. Only a freaking man could think that way but again it is the woman that is to blame.

The sick part is they actually have women with a history buying this total bullshit they are promoting and even worse they have actually gotten GLAAD and the GLB to support their insanity. I actually read a blog where an activist said"Being trans is a rough hobby" or something of that ilk.  In fairness she may have been kidding but it is as likely a Freudian slip  as anything.

This is a man's world and always has been but now these same men want to invade what little we women have that is ours and it is our fault. Somehow I think I am being raped again and this time it is being done publicly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special for BlackSwan

I received a comment from BlackSwan in the "Traitors to us All blog post but moderation is on so it was not posted and will not be posted since BlackSwan is currently on hiatus from commenting. It may or may not be removed. I have decided to make a post about her comment. It just seems to be the right thing to do.

Here is the comment in its entirety with appropriately added comments from me. What BlackSwan said is in italics and indented.

"Hurt you," REALLY Elizabeth your not that important in my life to bother. 
Sorry asshole but anyone that would travel to Boston for something as stupid and silly as why you did was trying to hurt me. Sorry it did not work out for you but I am sure you were your usual spectacle self.

Yes I made some assumtions and tested out a few theories that are unprovable at my expense. However, I learned something that didn't happen. That's a good thing. I surmise your alleged case doesn't exist and never did--we agree to disagree. I checked with the municipal court before the superior court. Subject matter jurisdiction is Superior Court in your State, according to the muni clerk. Opps Straw man fallacy, so what!. 
You are such a tool or to be more exact an idiot. You are of course making another assumption that my case did not exist and are making an ASS out of yourself again. It does seem ASS is what you want to be. I would think a brilliant paralegal like yourself would understand the simplest of concepts. You learned the case was not in the Boston Municipal or Superior Court system and it never was. You are not smart enough to look back and understand how the court system worked in the early 70's nor are you smart enough to put 1 + 1 together and figure out it equals 2. The case was sealed dipshit because it contained sensitive medical information about me and Blue Cross certainly did not want it plastered everywhere they would cover it. It was part of the agreement.

The facts don't support your contentions. However the facts do support that something happend between the early 1970's and 1982 that made Blue Cross cover SRS for qualified candidates then they stopped covering it. As far as I'm concerned its a dead end. And GET OVER IT. 
Let me see. Blue Cross mysteriously started paying for SRS in the early 70's and according to you stopped in 1982.  I was told by a Blue Cross Attorney that I was friendly with in 1979 there were problems and they were going to stop paying. I can tell you why they were stopping if you would like but that might burst your fucking bubble. Something you do not seem to understand is Blue Shield paid the Doctor if they were not affiliated with a Hospital.  You might want to allocate some space in your pea sized brain for that tidbit.

Kind of funny my case was settled in 1972 and part of the agreement was paying for SRS if asked to.  I do not expect some turd like you to see it was me or even admit it was me but then again you never went through the deposition I went through and certainly did not write the checks to the law firm. The really amazing thing about you is the simpleton approach you took. Do you think I would be as stupid as you are and put data out there that could lead some worthless piece of trash like you to me? Not likely.

Your asshole former husband lied to you, that's abuse of trust OK. I don't believe for one second your as pure as the wind driven snow. What was your part in that abuse? Being an asshole may be abuse if he is asserting himself too much, but sorry love, his cross dressing didn't abuse you one bit--false cause and effect relationships don't work in my book. Did he do it in the closet and you found out? Was he honest and told you he wanted to dress in women's clothing? You keep beating this dead horse way too much in your blog. I'm mostly over the child abuse crap, and you wouldn't last 10 seconds with a beating from my father, that hurt is still there, and yes I live with a bit of darkness because of it, but that's the limp in my life, my responsibility, my cross to bear. I have to live with it and get over it don't I? I suggest you do the same. BlackSwan
By Anonymous on Traitors to us All on 4/10/12
You really do have a thing for transvestites. What has my purity got to do with some asshole man that I told up front about me and also told I could not and would not put up with if he was a transvestite.  It just never dawned on me a 6-5 235 pound ex Marine was a transvestite.  I also never thought he was a thief and forger but then per usual you make an ass out of yourself by making assumptions. I never told a single person about him despite the fact he tried to use my past to extort money from me up until I married a second time. I just heard he is now calling himself transgender so I'm betting he is on your favorites list.

What part did I have in the abuse?  That is such a male angle to something like that. I somehow abused the poor transvestite man or was a party to his abuse. That is pretty disgusting even for a disgusting piece of garbage like you.

I am over what happened and certainly not bothered any longer but at the time it hurt a lot but more emotionally. I am not over his intrusion into my ongoing life. I have never and would never say anything about what happened physically to you and would and actually was supportive but when you are obsessed with someone you.

You live with a bit of darkness?  That is putting it mildly. Basically I would say you come across as obsessive and angry.  Have Caroline's parents ever gotten over you showing up at their house asking, "Where is Caroline?", making another assumption that she would actually want to meet with some asshole like you. I guess I am your latest obsession or why else would you supposedly travel to Boston?

Now I would tell you to stay classy but I am sure that would be a strain for you. Classless would be much easier for you. Is your boyfriend/manager a transvestite? What a cute thought!

Monday, April 9, 2012

NCAA has Interesting Transgender Policy

The International Olympic Committee has a policy  that allows participation for both MTF or FTM post-operative individuals. The United States Golf Association has a similar policy that allows participation although both require disclosure. Both institutions require SRS and at least two years of provable hormone treatment post surgery.

Now we come to the National Collegiate Athletic Association and its policy involving MTF and FTM "transgender students and I would say they have crossed the line of common sense. This is what the policy is.

  • A trans male (female to male) student-athlete who has received a medical exception for treatment with testosterone for gender transition may compete on a men’s team but is no longer eligible to compete on a women’s team without changing the team status to a mixed team.   A mixed team is eligible only for men’s championships.
  • A trans female (male to female) student-athlete being treated with testosterone suppression medication for gender transition may continue to compete on a men’s team but may not compete on a women’s team without changing it to a mixed team status until completing one calendar year of documented testosterone-suppression treatment.

Development of the new policies was aided in part by a report from the National Center on Lesbian Rights and the Women’s Sports Foundation last October that provided guidance on how colleges and universities should accommodate the interests of student-athletes who have transitioned or are transitioning from one gender to another.

Co-authored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Director of the Sports Project Helen Carroll and GLESN (Gay, Lesbian dn Straight Education Network) project director Pat Griffin, who has overseen educational efforts for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in sports for the Women’s Sports Foundation, the report stresses that any transgender student-athlete “should be allowed to participate in any gender-segregated sports activity so long as that athlete’s use of hormone therapy, if any, is consistent with the national governing body’s existing policies on banned medications.”

 Mothers and fathers beware but a male with a penis may soon be playing sports as a girl with your gifted young daughters whether you like it or not. One year on testosterone blockers is insufficient considering the process for the two organizations mentioned above require approx 4 years given pre SRS treatment.

It takes considerably longer for a college age MTF individual to lose their strength and maleness than one year on blockers. It is the estrogen that feminizes the male and causes the softening of the body yet this is ABSOLUTELY not a requirement. One year on blockers and Michael Spitz could be on your female swim team. Lord how compelling that is.

Just think about basketball. One year on blockers and the all-world freshman sensation Anthony Davis could play for the Kentucky Women's program.  What chance would the incredible Brittney Griner have against Ms. Davis.  I am not suggesting this as a possibility because Mr Davis is about to be the #1 pick in the NBA draft and is certainly not transgender.

Now this would surely have been an option for Lindsey Walker The World's Tallest Transsexual who played college basketball as a man.  I am sure Lindsey would have been a superstar as a collegiate female basketball player with only one year on blockers. I am sure it is highly unpleasant being a 7 foot transsexual and I certainly feel for Lindsey and support her but her on one year of blockers would make Brittney Griner look like a nothing because men have good verticals and most women do not.  In fact Brittney has difficulty dunking although she can.  I doubt Lindsey has trouble or had trouble dunking in college.

The real question is why would the NCAA do this and what the fuck were they thinking when one considers the Olympic position which is reasonable and proper? You can tell just by the wording. The IOC uses transsexual and the NCAA uses trans and transgender and reading farther down one can see who had the influence.

The question I have is how do you handle the locker room when one player is physically male and the others are female? Another question is would a collegiate coach in a female sport actually recruit and play someone like this? I do not believe they would but if they have open tryouts, most do, they would be hard pressed to deny a Lindsey Walker as a basketball player.  If the NCAA followed the OIC and the USGA conditions I would support the NCAA but I cannot and I realize I am just a pimple on life's ass but I will have my say.

Personally I believe there would be outrage and a horrible backlash even if the kid had followed the IOC protocol because the transgender have so clouded what is and what is not female people would be scared. If someone tried to play using the current NCAA protocol I am sure opponents would be outraged and I am sure any girl that possibly lost a scholarship to a man in a dress would be really pissed off.

It has always been tough for women's sports in college and women were discriminated against openly until Prop 9 came into being. Now it seems men that are still men physically want to invade women's sports in college. I have two granddaughters that are very athletic and headed to college and will play sports.  I would be outraged if the above happened and I cannot see how other parents would be outraged. It would be worse if they gave the individual a scholarship currently set aside for a girl.

I really doubt a transsexual would get involved with this but I could be wrong. I am sure eventually some transgender nitwit will do it and when that day comes there will be a big backlash. It is not the same for a FTM because the strength advantage goes to men but it is and always will be a strength advantage for a MTF if there time on blockers and even estrogen is short term. If they work out the muscle mass will not dissipate quickly.  Eventually they will be similar to women but not for quite a while.

The world has gone crazy.  Now our daughters will have to play men in sports and support them as female when they are not. O will watch with great interest for the first case that tests this ruling by the NCAA which has again shown it is per usual out of touch with reality.

Castration required at Pitt??

First we had forced sterilization in Sweden and now the University of Pittsburgh is requiring "castration" for trans students. I do wish the Transgender Borg would get it correct but then being honest and above board or pray tell being truthful is not something the Transgender Borg has either a commitment to do nor a willing to attempt.

A little history is needed. This problem at Pitt has been in the trans news for a while. This was taken from the blog TransGriot which is run by Monica Roberts of 7 inch clitoris fame or I like my penis and am keeping it but I am still a female and a women and "real men" like my 7 inch clit.

Last month the Pitt Anti-Discrimination Policies committee, one of the standing advisory committees of the University Senate, unanimously passed a resolution that would allow students to use bathrooms allocated to the gender they identify with, not their birth one. .The ADP committee includes Pitt faculty, staff and two Pitt students who do not have voting power: Board member Julie Halinan and Rainbow Alliance President Tricia Dougherty.  .  

On Tuesday an unidentified Pitt spokesperson stated that students must use the gendered facilities
that correspond with gender on their birth certificate, not how they currently present.

It was not just bathrooms that were opened to transgendered students.  It was all female facilities including public shower areas, locker rooms etc..  Admittedly I really doubt anyone would shower with girls while having a penis but who knows.  In this Pitt News article the University clearly states it is "gender facilities" and not just bathrooms.

The University of Pittsburgh has the following makeup.

29,000 students

18,500 undergrad and 10,500 graduate

4807 academic staff

Based purely on statistics considering there are 35,000 people involved with Pitt and of those maybe 10 students that are  transsexual. Purely based on a statistical model using the higher number of 1 in 3000.  How many are transgender or purely transvestites is of course higher based on pure numbers.

For a University to take such a stance is highly unusual since they are bastions of liberalism and political correctness and Pitt is no exception. One of my friends from college is a Professor at Pitt. A Pitt transgender student said the following.

Alice Haas, a junior transgender student, also didn’t react positively to Pitt’s gendered-facility policy. Haas identifies as a female.

“I find it absolutely barbaric and appalling that the University of Pittsburgh requires forced castration in order for me to be considered female, especially when my driver’s license and passport both state otherwise,” Haas said. “It is in no way just or appropriate to force me to provide information on my genitals or my birth certificate.”

So I guess the new transgender position is that SRS is forced castration while a man in a dress with a penis is a female because this asshole managed to fool the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the US State Department.

The following article  explains the University position which is they handle student issues such as this on a case by case basis. This seems to be a rational and reasonable solution rather than a blanket policy that allows those with a penis to shower in public with other women which is what Ms. Haas seems to want to do.

The irony here is the University goes out of its way to accommodate transsexual students and will provide special housing and help them during their college life but draws the line a blanket acceptance of all those claiming to be female. The position of birth certificate requirement was a response to the blanket demands of the transgender activists. Unlike most in the transgender community transsexuals in general want privacy and confidentiality in regards to their condition and Pitt will help with that as my University did 50 years ago.

Another irony is they can call SRS castration at Pitt or forced sterilization in Sweden and demean all of us that have taken that path but that is not bigotry but those of us that say a transvestite in a dress is not a female are bigots. It seems to me like we have the common sense approach and the transgender have an off the wall asinine view of the world.

My college friend who is a Professor at Pitt was taken back that I supported the University because they thought I would understand. Well, I do understand what transsexual kids need and Pitt will help them or would and I am hopeful they still do but fear the backlash to the transgender bullshit could hurt kids that are truly transsexual.  No person truly transsexual would ever use the term castration for SRS.

I do believe Pitt will still help on a case by case basis but this critical change in policy was brought about by something other than bigotry as the transgender love to throw out there every chance they get. It is only bigotry and hate if their views and opinions are opposed but it is not bigoty or hate regardless of what they say because they are the Borg and assimilation is inevitable.

Learning To Let Go of the Past

I was watching a movie this evening. It was called "We Bought A Zoo" with Matt Damon but what the movie is really about is learning to let go or to learn to deal with the aftermath of tragedy in your life.

It has been six years since my husband died and I have had chronic insomnia since.  Funny thing is I had it from the day my first marriage blew up until the day I met my second husband. It really hit me very hard because I have had a very difficult time letting go of him. I have tried but I cannot.  I dated and compared them to him and they failed miserably which was so unfair to them.

It got me thinking about those of us born transsexual and the differences between those of us that have taken advantage of modern medicine and been cured through hormones and SRS. I remember how angry I was as a child because I did not understand why people did not listen to me when I told them I was a girl. The world has a tendency to be black and white when you are a kid. It takes life and the pain and joy it can bring to learn about shades of gray.

Kids look being transsexual in a black and white manner. I am a girl but I guess I am not so just let me be a girl because I am not hurting anyone. I think I uttered those words daily because it seemed simple to me and this was before I ever met Dr. Benjamin. Unfortunately learning I was transsexual, starting hormones and learning about what it meant began to bring shades of gray.

I remember when I started pushing appearance boundaries when I was 10-11. It shocked my poor mother and I learned the cardinal rule of rebellion which is push it over the edge and negotiate back a little.  They will think they are winning because you cut your nails a bit or let you hair be trimmed a bit or stopped dressing too femininely. I learned about gray areas when I came back from Canada the first time. I received an instant lesson in compromise and gray areas when I met Harry. It is just not that easy being transsexual after you learn you are transsexual.

Having a boyfriend makes a kid like me learn quickly about life. When he died in Southeast Asia I did not handle it well and I actually understand why they were worried and put me into a private Hospital. What happened after the Private Hospital panicked and sent me to  the deviant sex wing of a State Facility is what nightmares are made of. I still have the picture of that German in my head to this day and I am convinced I would have killed him if I had the chance then.

It was very hard letting go of that boy. He was the first to accept me and the first to understand me outside of my family. Maybe it was a childhood love but it was more than that for me.

The irony of all this is simple.  The one thing I had no trouble doing was letting go of the fact I was once transsexual. Those of us that have lived a life out of the spotlight are often accused of "forgetting where we came from" and my only response is "why would I want to dwell on it". Just being a girl was enough to make life exceptionally cool. There is something  just so normal in being a mom, raising a daughter, taking her to school and picking her up, attending PTA meetings, and getting divorced young.

The only time anything transsexual came up was when we helped kids. Life was boringly normal and typically American for a woman my age. When the Internet became viable commercially I would venture on and find my way to an irc chat or something like that but leave quickly.  Curiosity killed the cat is an old saying and in my case curiosity made me sick.

I walked away from my past because it allowed me to be the girl I knew I was. I let go of it because being transsexual is a lead weight around your life and being a professional transsexual is not something I would ever consider.  I realize some choose that path and I will not understand why but I can respect the fact it is their personal decision. It is hard enough being a woman in this modern world but being labeled a "transsexual" woman is a burden I personally would not want.

The problem with the Transgender Borg is they demand that everyone must not let go of their past. They are quite comfortable with that because they will always be cross-dressers or transvestites or trans-whatever. They can never let go of the past because their past is both the present and their future and whether they will admit it nor not they want us to just as miserable as they are.

They can let go of nothing because it is what they are.  They are defined by transgender and those of us that are now cured/complete are just simply the correct sex we should have been born and are defined by that and the lives we lead.

I am not sure if I can ever let go of what my first husband did to me. It was both dishonest and hurtful and he has been an ongoing pain in my ass.  I do not truly hate him because he is the biological father of my stepdaughter but despite not being physically abusive he has certainly been verbally abusive, financially devastating while married, and

No transsexual owes a damn thing to the Transgender Borg and in truth that is what they desire.  They want you to never let go of your past so you will feel just as pathetic and miserable as they do and thus support transvestite civil rights. When someone defines what civil rights these men deserve other than those associated with their male brethren then maybe I will listen.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Traitors to us All

The sad thing about transsexuals that support the Transgender Borg and their position and claims for "equal" rights is the issue of the harm it causes those truly born transsexual. Lets just put it out there the way I feel about this.

If you support the transgender and their positions and you were born transsexual then you are a traitor to those you sometimes claim as sisters and brothers. You are a traitor because you support transvestites and cross-dressers and make the invalid attempt to claim we are alike and have similar needs for legal protection but you miss the most cogent problem with your position.

Because the transgender crowd want the word transsexual placed in the same category as tranny, faggot, and the n-word they are attempting to destroy something every transsexual should support. You traitors are destroying the chance for transsexualism to be designated as a medical condition and believe me that is something the transgender crowd wants to prevent at all costs.

The simple truth is if a condition can be corrected by medical intervention using hormones and  surgery then it is a medical condition. I certainly believe that is true of transsexualism and Harry Benjamin believed that also. Those in the transgendered community have no such options.  They do not consider their condition a hindrance because it is a condition that provides both pleasure and gratification and if offered a cure they would refuse it. I know if I could press a button and not one single child would ever again be born transsexual then I would.

You will never read anyone supporting transgender causes asserting or allowing us to assert we are just women after SRS because it invalidates them. We are Trans-women, transgender woman, etc. but we are always labeled with something trans by the Borg. The reason is quite simple. They will always be trans something and they need us to be labeled as such otherwise we are not linked. Look at how Jenna Talackova is labeled as a transgender woman despite stating she was "a woman with a history" which is how some of us say it.

The other reason they do not want us labeled as just women or men after surgery is because it implies we are  just women or men which means normal for all extensive purposes. Being normal was what I wanted and that was what I was after SRS.  I was just a normal woman. They can never be normal and really do not want to be normal.  They prefer to be "special" and receive "special" privileges because they are special.  Just ask them. They need laws to prevent those mean women from beating those poor men up when they enter women's spaces. Look at all the cases where we women rape and murder those poor men in dresses. We are vile sirens intent of spoiling their fantasies unless the local Dominatrix shows up early.

They will attempt to destroy this idea by claiming we are elitist scum because not everyone can afford SRS.  This may be true but that does not mean they cannot eventually get surgery by actually working for it like most of us did.  I was disowned by my family or probably more accurately I disowned them and I know what being poor is and what being affluent is and I will take affluent every time but when I was poor I worked my ass off. It took me over a year to pay back what I owed just to people that saved me from being homeless when I started in Houston.  Just a little clue for those that are afraid of work. They do not advance you money on a government position even if you are very important to its success.

I did something that almost killed me.  I worked as a sort of boy for 3 1/2 years because I needed the money and it hurt but I did it because you do what is required to get healthy when you consider what you suffer from a medical condition. I never ever wanted to be transsexual. I was just a girl that needed some corrective surgery for a birth defect. I cried myself to sleep every night because it was like going back to my childhood and it was painful but I did  it and many more like me did it and are doing it.

Yes I was lucky I did not have to do sex work but several of my friends did but they did it for the money to get SRS.  If you are truly transsexual your primary goal is SRS in almost all but the rarest of cases. If you are transgender then your primary goal in life is more likely sexual gratification from dressing and playing girl because there is no cure for what you have and there never will be and therein lies the reasoning behind the need to destroy any medical designation for transsexualism.

We that have had SRS can never belong to the Transgender Borg because we are not trans anything but they want everyone including us to believe otherwise. We just want to be women and earn our way as women while they want to be declared women because they say they are but they also want to keep the jobs and positions they have earned as men probably at the expense of and on the backs of women. These men are really the ones of privilege because all of us women understand being a man is more beneficial than being a woman but if you can keep your male gotten gains and play girl you get the best of both worlds. I fought discrimination as a woman for 42+ years until the day I retired.

The real war on women is not from the Conservatives that are against abortion because they will never win that fight. The real war against women is from the men controlling the Transgender Borg. They want to take away the basic human rights we women have from the simple right to have our own bathrooms and women's spaces to the more fundamental issue of attempting to redefine what female means so transvestites and cross-dressers can claim femaleness in their spare time and keep their maleness for work. The irony of this is these idiots all identify as liberals because they assume quite correctly that in order to get votes the democrats will support anything as long as they can hide its true meaning and as a lifelong democrat I find it reprehensible.

If they get their way we women will be number three on the human species pecking order. It will be men, she-men, and then women because why would you want to actually be a woman when you can play girl and go back to being a man for the important things like work and sex.

Let the name calling by our enemies begin but just remember we have something they will never have.  We are women. We are comfortable as women. We are normal and they will always be perverts and fetishistic men in need of a good whipping or some forced feminizing from some Dominatrix. I wonder where that genus Cygnus went?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are hormones and 24/7 365 enough?

This is an interesting concept. If someone starts hormones and transitions and lives 24/7 365 days a year as a woman are they truly women? Basically is this enough? This question was posed by someone on another blog in reference to comments made about a guest post made by one calling themselves Sable on her blog and possibly on my blog. As long as the person has not previously self identified as a transvestite I would have to qualify them as transsexual.

Qualifying as transsexual does not automatically qualify you as a woman (MTF). All it qualifies one for is the label of transsexual and hopefully the path to their freedom through surgery. This may or may not be a minor position change for me but in order to be true to Harry I must allow for this situation. Some transsexuals may not want surgery but what this does is qualify them as transsexual forever since they have not become the other sex. They can never be qualified as female because they have male parts. It may seem cruel to some but this is a line that needs to be drawn in my opinion.

The problem I see for these non-op transsexuals is they are transsexuals for life. How can they assimilate into life as women when they are hindered my still owning their male bits? This is where the issues involving those of us that had SRS and consider ourselves "just" women and those that made a conscious decision not to have surgery come about. The claimants, non-op transsexuals, protest and state they are the same as us and thus women "because" they were born transsexual as we were.

In order to be a woman one can no longer be transsexual since by its very definition it implies we believe we belong to the opposite sex whether it is from total psycho sexual inversion or the proverbial woman trapped in a man's body.  It implies the changing of ones sex by definition or certainly by meaning.  Those that adhere to the process become women.  Those that deny the process whether by decision or for financial or medical reasoning will always be transsexual. Once surgery is completed the  transsexual condition no longer in in existence.

Now what has happened is the non-op transsexuals have joined forces with the Transgender Borg and have attempted to coerce all transsexuals to accept the transgender umbrella. Assimilation is not an option just like the Star Trek Borg stated. It is good for the whole which are the one. That even includes those of us that have gotten on with our lives and are just another woman in society. I always thought that was the goal of all transsexuals but I guess not. They not only want to assimilate transsexuals they want to force us to be considered transsexual for our entire lives just like them.

It seems the assimilation means we no longer are allowed to be true to ourselves and just be women. The irony of this position is exacerbated by the opinions of some that we have forgotten where we came from which is pathetic when coming from some 62 year old man that just started hormones and transitioned after being a transvestite his entire life. The real problem is these assholes have absolutely zero idea what it was like for kids like me because they never lived it.  They imagined it in their minds because if they had lived what I lived through they would not have made it to a late life transition and they would never have married a woman. In actuality we are like night and day or apples and oranges. I existed to be a woman. They existed to be transsexual. Big, very big difference.

I am also pragmatic about my life as a woman. I knew it would be difficult to find a man that could love me for the woman I am. I also cannot hold it against those that cannot.  The men that have truly loved me always thought of me as a girl or woman even if I was attempting boy badly and they witnessed it. It is what I am and always was, a girl, a woman.

I would never try and force myself onto men demanding they accept me.  They either would or would not accept me. You cannot demand acceptance and it is as much fear and disbelief as it is anything. The only man I told that had a bad reaction was Enrique and it was ugly and it was hurtful and it was my fault because I was afraid to tell him and he found out. Later in life we became friends again and he said he was so shocked and in such disbelief he felt betrayed and that was my fault. I never felt I was a complete woman until after SRS.

This is one of the reason I have a very difficult time with these non-op trans lesbians making such a stink because natal born lesbians reject them because they have a penis. What do they expect to happen? Do they honestly expect they will be accepted by other than the rare few, if any? They claim these lesbians are transphobic and denying their gender identity. I see it as lesbian woman demanding their right to only have a lesbian sex partner than is actually physically female.

Why is it we heterosexual women do not scream the same thing about men that refuse to accept us. Maybe it is because we really are women and those "male" lesbians are still just plain men. Men do not like to be denied their little fantasies and as lesbians should know men seem to love lesbians. I always find it humorous when one of these nimrods claims it will not be a sexual relationship.  Funny thing is my lesbian friends think all their relationships are sexual, at least at first. After all why do we date. Okay, I did like the free dinners and movies and admit it.

The is nothing worse than a man that has been scorned and denied his fantasy. Infantile reactions are what come to mind. I would find it interesting for some lesbian packing male bits to explain to me  how this lesbian sexual relationship would work when one has a penis and the other a vagina.  Last time I checked I think that is defined as heterosexual sex but this is a weird new world we live in. I cannot imagine the utter shock a lesbian would endure if they went to bed with what they perceived as a lesbian and found them packing a penis. Now that would be an interesting "Crying Game" moment.

I will attempt to be more understanding of non-op transsexuals but there is a limit to that understanding.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Way to go Jenna Talackova

In a news conference televised on CNN found here Jenna talks about the decision of the Miss Universe Pageant and I have to commend this young lady since she seems to really get it.

Again she stated simply, "I am a woman", which is what she is.  She is not a trans-woman, a transgender woman, nor a transsexual woman. She was cured when she had her SRS and is simply a woman. How refreshing to here her call herself transgender, transsexual or trans anything because she is none of those.

Hopefully she will not be corrupted by the groping hands of the transgender loons and will remain steadfast in her opinion that she is simply "a woman".

Jenna Talackova will be allowed to compete

Well maybe there is justice after all. Jenna Talackova is now allowed to compete for the Miss Canada portion of the Miss Universe contest. GLAAD is trying to lay claim to providing the impetus for this decision but I have a feeling Mr. Trump was not influenced by GLAAD but they along with many others including people like Bill O'Reilly who openly supported her had as much input.  Trump and O'Reilly are close but who knows.

Of course all the transgender dispshits are now crowing that transgender women can compete but they of course miss the relevant point that the contestant must have had SRS.  I am not sure how well "male junk" would go over in the bikini section of the contest.

The simple truth is only women can compete and Jenna is a woman who happened to be born transsexual but has been cured. I am sure we will be reading how requiring SRS for a contestant is forced sterilization to transphobic because it discriminates against women that still have their male bits. It will also be discriminatory against those MTF transgender that are too poor to afford surgery and the list will go on and on.

The simple truth is GLAAD does not represent transsexuals nor most transgendered either.  They represent Gays and Lesbians and know little to nothing about what it means to be transsexual since they deal primarily with the fuckwits in the Transgender Borg like Autumn Sandeen and her ilk. If a transsexual happens to be either gay or lesbian then GLAAD represents them. In fact GLAAD states the word transsexual should not be used ever.  The correct term is transgender.  How fucking convenient.

Expect ever "trans*" asshole in the blog world to be attaching themselves firmly to Ms. Talackova's ass as the contest nears. It may even be "transphobic" if she does not win. What not one of these assholes really understands is Jenna has already won.  She has won because they have accepted her as a woman even with a little history. Funny, but isn't that what all MTF transsexuals want?  Acceptance as a woman. There is no better feeling.

Way to go Jenna.