Friday, April 18, 2014

The Ultimate in Misogyny

Is there anything more sinister than men trying to redefine what it means to be a woman?

Is there anything more misogynistic than that very act of telling women that our sex identifying characteristics are meaningless because even with their functioning dicks they are just as mush a woman as we are?

Is there anything more misogynistic than destroying the very essence that makes us women and forcing us to merge the fantasies of men into our world whether we want them there or not?

Is there anything more misogynistic than claiming they as men in dresses have the same rights we have to enter our sacred and private places?

Is there anything more misogynistic than telling lesbians they "must" accept these men with penis' as their fellow lesbians and that they are transphobic if they reject them?

In my life all I wanted was the privilege of being as functional a woman as I could be and it meant everything to me because it was the core of my self and that sex identity is the same that women feel from birth. I never had a gender problem, I had a sex identity problem. I was always a girl but my parts were wrong and there is no identity issue that can possibly match the psychological trauma that can cause a child. I knew I was wrong and I first I had no idea how to fix it.

In the world of today the transgender activists and others have somehow managed to equate this issue as a gender identity problem and have then equated transvestites as having a gender identity issue. Transvestites are perfectly happy in their birth sex and they in reality do not want to change gender they basically have a social issue because I one time it was not feasible to cross-dress in public. Now that it seems to be acceptable they are like moths to a light in public but they do not have a gender issue.

Those that are confused about whether they are a girl, boy, neither, other, etc. have a gender issue because they are confused about their gender. A transsexual has a sex identity issue and has no gender problem because they simply know they are girls or that was certainly the way it once was but even that has been convoluted by the Transgender Borg.

All the kids I have dealt with and the kids you see like Jazz are not transgender unless one concedes transsexuals are under the transgender banner. I am always amused when idiots like Sandeen claim transsexual implies "sex" as in physical sex but it just understates their complete lack of understanding of what being transsexual is. We change our "sex" not our gender and that is why the term was and is transsexual. We cross from our birth mistake to our correct sex. It is really that simple.

Our senses are inundated with all this transgender bullshit and sadly Doctors that help transsexual children lump all the trans kids together and the transsexual kids can fall through the cracks because if truth be told many of the kids transitioning early might not be transsexual bit the ones that are know they are and are driven to be girls and that means SRS. The sad part is we are also inundated by certain individuals pushing the idea that SRS is not the answer and if it is not the answer for them it clouds the path for the truly transsexual child.

This is part and parcel of the misogynistic attempts by the transgender Borg to devalue what a woman is. Have you ever noticed not a one of these trans activists ever says or demands that men "must" accept women with a penis as partners like they do with our lesbian sisters? Why is that.

The simple truth is they are men and they see no reason why a man should accept a woman without a penis because every straight man knows "real" men like pussy. You will here and read these penis packing she-males claim that the men that date them and enjoy the penis they are packing are straight but if you believe that I have a bridge to Brooklyn I can sell cheap.

Having been married twice and having dated a lot of men I can tell you with certainty they are obsessed with lesbians. Isn't it kind of odd that straight men in dresses with a penis are demanding that lesbians accept them as partners. Do they really believe any of us think they do not want to use their penis? A lesbian friend of mine said to me she was appalled when lesbians wanted to use a strapon because that was male to her and she does not want dick.

These trans assholes have even created the term "trans-misogyny" which seems to be some special form of misogyny only certain "trans" people face. Now that is interesting.

Another interesting case of transgender misogyny towards women is the state of affairs when a married man decides he is "trans" and stuns his wife and transitions. In there bizarre world the woman is supposed to support her "husband" as he transitions ans then accept him as their "wife" afterwards which escapes my sense of reality. Christine Benvenuto lived this nightmare and actually had her husband go to court for custody of a daughter because he could teach her better about being feminine. As Penn and teller would say, "I shit you not!"

The wife is the problem in many cases and not them. Those that are truly women understand what they are doing and are incredibly sympathetic and try and make it as easy as they can for the wife. The rest are misogynistic pigs preying on a woman when they have beaten her down.

The twitter rape case is another example of the transgender misogyny at work. A woman will almost always side with the woman because we know how easy it is for a man to prey on us. It does not mean we prejudge the man but we sympathize with the woman because we are women and I will add one tidbit to that case. For a judge to set bail at $350,000 there is more than smoke there but per usual the trans activists are quiet about this case as they follow the , "hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil", when it comes to anything relating to transgender life.

Anyone read any of them commenting the the trans rapist in Toronto? Anyone read about then commenting on the 36 year old transgender woman that sodomized a 16 year old boy with her functional dick? Anyone read about the trans prisoner in England that had to be removed from a female prison because he was screwing every woman in there that wanted it?

Of course not. They will condemn Jared Leto for his amazing performance in Dallas Buyers Club because they think a certain 6-3 inch she-male should have played the role and were outraged that Calpernia Addams consulted on the movie. They will sign a petition for Carmen Carrera to model for Victoria Secret even though she has a dick. They will be outraged because someone asked the simple question about the surgical status like Katie Couric or will scream bloody murder when Janet Mock is asked about the simple fact she was born male and cannot understand the only fucking reason she was on that show is because she was a beautiful black sex change because other than that she has limited talent based on her writing skills.

They will be outraged when kids are outraged over colleen Francis displaying his dick and balls in a woman's sauna. The truth of the matter is the Ultimate misogynistic act in the last 50 years is the transgender movement and nobody has the courage to say so.