Thursday, May 3, 2012

Your Average Friendly Trans Bathroom Visitor!

Well the transgender crowd thought they had their new poster child for bathroom rights and lord did they jump on this bandwagon. I would have tended to disagree with the confrontation but this is just another example of that female radar that knows a bad guy when they see one.

Paula Witherspoon seemed like the perfect case for them but how the tables have turned and not for the better. It turns out Paula or Paul is a convicted level III sex offender in the State of Texas and until his parole is final is required to wear a tracking anklet. Watch the video at this link below please.

even the Dallas Voice posted the information quickly.

This is a first class dirtbag of the highest order. A level III sex offender is considered a major risk for society with a high propensity to commit another sex crime. Paul(a)'s crime was Sexual Assault of a minor which in this case was a 14 year old girl and also indecency of a child with sexual contact with a 15 year old girls. He is a predator of young women.

This person belongs on the Television Show "World's Dumbest Criminals" based on the stupidity of first claiming she was visiting her husband that had a heart attack with the veracity of that yet to be determined and then claiming to carry a letter from the VA stating she was transsexual. The letter this douche-bag posted was dated April 27 which is 2 days after the Parkland Hospital incident and specifically mentions parkland Hospital.

The truth will come out is so relevant here. Some in the transgender community are still trying to claim her rights were violated but this is a clear example of a registered sex offender entering women's spaces and with the recidivism rates of Level II sex offenders this woman did what she thought was correct as should be her right.

A level III sexual predator in a dress and all you lucky Texans will get to enjoy her presence once the anklet comes off.  I am betting few of you understand the rationale behind that anklet. You really have to be a dirtbag to get an anklet while on parole.

All I can say is good luck in the Transgender Borg making this douche a symbol of transphobia. That woman deserves a medal simply for identifying this slime to the public.


Foxfire said...

This creep is obviously using the "transgender" defense for his own perverted ends. His official sex offender registration, updated quarterly, makes no mention of him ever using any female name, and all aliases have to be listed. This is exactly what we've said all along would happen if you allow any nutjob with earrings and a dress to walk into women's private spaces unchallenged and then try to criminalize anyone who objects.

I just think it's sad that some who should know better have jumped on the "trans discrimination" bandwagon over this dirtbag, and then want to vilify those of us who object to this dispicable behavior. But it's probably a safe bet that more and more of these types of incidents will occur if the umbrella corporation continues to insist on giving carte blanche access to women's private spaces to any man who claims he is "transgender".

The real hero here is the woman who reported this to the police in the first place. Good for her!

Reaity Check said...


Anonymous said...

If this kind of discrimination is rampant in Texas I have an interesting test for the Texas Justice system.

Get a post-op gal to use a public restroom, multiple stalls are best, take a dump like Darth Vader, the voice is the only prima facie evidence. Eventually Its reported by a women that hears the sound of an extremely low voice and reports it as allegedly a man in the women's restroom. PD shows up, investigates and arrests the post-op gal only to find out she has all the requirements to be there. THEN you transsexual files charges against the reporting women for "False Report" under Texas Penal Code Section 37.08.

Discriminatory intent is still intent to satisfy the elements of the TX Penal code.

What is the difference between the color of someones skin and the sound of their voice, or other physical trait--nothing.

If you want to protest something do it right--Snoop Dog calles it reversing the game.


Reaity Check said...

Hilarious! What 'discrimination' is that?

The difference is really quite simple. One is a woman, has the voice, demeanor and ID that agrees. The other is obviously man in a dress who also happens to be a child molester who is attempting to take shelter under your TG umbrella.

Foxfire said...

lol get real. for one thing a woman is not going to talk like that or act like that to begin with, especially not in a public restroom. Case closed. It's men who talk like that and act like that. But then it seems one of the hallmarks of the Umbrella crowd is that they aren't able to distinguish men from women, hence the inclusion of every kind of fetish under the sun.

And now they apparently want to add "pedophile" under their ever growing umbrella. Gee, even for them that's getting pretty far out there.

Anonymous said...


You just reminded me of something - go back in time about 20 years and change, before there was LGBT or even LGB, and you'll find a Bay Area cross-dresser support group called ETVC (now TGSF) petitioning to join the annual SF Pride Parade, and getting turned down, year after year.

Sometime circa 1990-ish, about when Mr. Dirtbag Witherspoon there went into the slammer, they were finally allowed in - and placed at the very end of the parade, with NAMBLA.

Far out, or full-circle?

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

In thirty years and in a half dozen different countries I have never had an issue over female exclusive facilities and that includes a short period pre. Besides all that why should any TS do something, anything that may allow this Paul freak to get acess to ply hi perversions? You're talking mad rubbish BS Go play with your th mates and leave us women alone.

Miz Know-It-All said...

"She's" also had another arrest since the child sex convictions. This time, for sending naked pictures of "her junk" though the internet...

Ya just gotta love the TG mind don't ya! Up is down black is white and women really do have a penis! oh wait hold on... late breaking news! The TG umbrella now also includes child molestation! And the reason I don't want to be considered to be in anyway part of TG is what again?

Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait until the PC police campaign for this asshole to get hormones and other sundries paid for by the State of Texas. If anybody believes that that piece of shit was doing anything but trolling for another victim then I have a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn I can sell cheap.

Thanks for that info MKA.

Miz Know-It-All said...

ironic no? How they said this could never... ever happen! Some perv would use his trans-ness to get access to women's spaces...

Men! They are so predictable!

Reaity Check said...

So what we have in this instance is a glaring reality check. This guy is a prime example of the Pink Kook-Aid swilling elephant that the TeeGee have been so effective at hiding behind the quiet legitimacy of the genuine, yes REAL, TS.

This guy will soon be buried and intentionally, (hopefully, from their, (the TG Borg), point of view), forgotten by the TeeGee media machine, GLAAD and/or exploited by the religeous right to further vilify those legitimately afflicted by a medically treatable congenital defect.

Reaity Check said...

After reading that most interesting link provided by MKIA, I was stunned to read that Mr. Witherspoon is a TWICE convicted child molester.

Looking at his mug shot, I see the vilest of characters who obviously uses masquarading as a woman as part and parcel of his predations on young female children.

Where better to find vunerable, gullible teen-aged girls than a ladies restroom?

Anonymous said...

MKIA said;
"ironic no? How they said this could never... ever happen! Some perv would use his trans-ness to get access to women's spaces..."

Anybody who would defend Witherspoon is a fool. I am surprised the Tee-Gees haven't come out against this transvestite child molester.
Maybe they welcome him under the GLTBQQ.... umbrella.
Maybe there is some information we are not privy to.

Honestly I think a hot lead inoculation is what;s called for this kind of disease. Anybody who prays on children deserves to die, the sooner, the better.


Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking, I've mostly been concerned about a perv faking "trans-ness" to access victims, or using a specious ex-post-facto claim of "trans-ness" as an alibi after getting caught "perving." Which seems to be exactly what has happened here.

The question still bugging me is:
"Who writes an ex-post-facto carry letter to a paroled serial sex offender who has just been caught trolling women's rooms, and why?"

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

Here's more to the story on Gendertrender

Child Sex Predator Paul Ray Witherspoon, ticketed for using female restroom uses “Gender Identity” defense