Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Angry Crossdresser Visits Ocean View, Virginia

It seems a couple of angry crossdressers in Ocean View, Virginia got really pissed at a couple of teenage girls. They literally had a Sandeen moment and instead of throwing hot coffee in a man's face beat the living shit out of two girls. How manly of them.

For those that do not know Ocean View is in the Newport News Virginia area of Virginia and a large Navy Base along with Newport News Shipbuilding which builds all our Nuclear Carriers and Ocean View is to be kind can be a tough area.

The police seem to actually know who the two "ladies" are and are looking for them. Both teens received cuts and were swollen with one receiving a concussion and one of the "ladies" wigs.

I am sure there is more to the story than what we have at hand and it is likely the two "ladies" were "working" girls and one might wonder if something was not said but a lady would walk away and avoid a physical confrontation in most cases unless of course you are the aggressive "male" type lady and like to assault someone by throwing hot coffee in someone's face but in Sandeen's defense she did pick on a man so it was a fair fight.  This was not a fair fight.

I can just see the headlines if the friends of the girls had caught one of the ladies after they "tuned" up the two teenage girls and beat the living shit out of one of these "transgender" sisters of the evening. It would be all over Transvestite-Central that another one of their sisters was outrageously beaten by transphobic haters.

I would probably wager that something was said because teenage girls can be crass but we will not know until the two "ladies" are arrested by local authorities and then the TG police can come to their defense claiming justified physical violence cause they called me a man.

I will try and keep this updated.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! Just wait, GLAAD, NCTE, Lamda Legal etc. will be along soon enough to take up the crossdresser's side.

A few more of these outrageous outbursts from TG people and Ms. Sandeen and company might think again about pushing for more 'rights'! I think they might want to be on hiatus for a while.


Miz Know-It-All said...

But Liz!

How could that possibly happen! Haven't you read the blogs? Don't you know simply that tucking your dick betwixt your legs removes all hints of masculinity as well as any violent or sexually agressive male tendencys?

Why if you go it one better and slide a silky smooth shimmery pair of lace edged nylon panties over "it..." Well! That's about as girl as girl can get! (isn't it?)

Obviously these two trans-women were clearly not at fault and you just know these two "cis-girl trans-phobic haters" musta just beat themselves up so they could "frame" these "innocent-trans-victims!"

See? Now was that so hard to understand?