Friday, February 24, 2012

The Parasitic Transvestite

Look around this so called trans world and take a close look at what is going on. I do not expect any of the devoted transgender crowd to look hard because even some of them might have a hard time with what is going on. Just to make things clear lets get the definitions out of the way.

Parasite - an organism that lives by attaching itself to another organism and living off the host.

Transvestite - read above definition for parasite.

Transvestites are the worst kind of parasite. You see them but somehow miss the fact they are sucking you dry of the essence that is life. Listen to them as they sneak around behind the wife's back dressing in secret and spending money that should go to the family. If that is all they did transvestites would be harmless parasites but it is not close to the extent of their nastiness.

Up until a few decades ago these parasitic transvestites were only a threat to the wife. I actually married one and divorced him despite his threats to out me and kicked him out of the house. If some women had an ounce of common sense they would do the same but there seems to be a cadre of women like Helen Boyd who enjoy their "Husband Betty". I have to believe it is a control issue but that is just my opinion. Either way it is sickening and god help the family if they have children.

Another woman that uses her husband's transvestism as a control mechanism is Philippa Perry of the Guardian and Tavistock infamy. She is married Grayson Perry the transvestite Potter in Britain and is a psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic. Here is a picture of her and her husband and their son.

I guess in Britain telling the other kids your daddy is a transvestite is better than telling them he is a transsexual. As a therapist she is a Zucker follower and seems to find Grayson perversion of portraying infantile girls as a new "normal" according to this Gaudian article called Tyranny of the "Normal". She seems to be telling us this is the new normal which means this is the new "normal" family unit. Good luck especially to the child. I wonder if he gets to use the "little girls" room.

In Britain the fight against the transgender is basically over. BBC and other media outlets go to the Beaumont Society for information on gender issues. This is a transvestite organization that has been in existence for close to half a century. Seems the Brits really do love their transvestites. There has been an big media mess over a betting company called Paddy Power which put out an add where they decided to have a contest to decide who among the women at a certain horse race were really mares and who were actually stallions.

One needs to lay the basis for this. The Beaumont Society has been busing in "girls" to these event s for quite some time so the "boys" can have a "girls" day out. It has been an ongoing joke among race fans even in the United States.  It takes a lot of balls and the Beaumont Society has an abundance of them. Paddy Power was trying to be a good Corporate Citizen and went to the Beaumont Society and asked if the advert was okay and not transphobic. Seeing a chance for some publicity they assured Paddy Power it was okay and gave their seal of approval and actually supplied the "stallions" for the advert if what I have read is true. After all the Beaumont Society and it men in dresses just loves a photo session.

So when it blew up because many were upset by the depiction guess what happened? Paddy Power was the one all the ire was aimed at. The ad was quite funny but mildly offensive and contrary to what many have said did not call for open season on men in dresses because let us get one thing straight here.  They were NOT talking about transsexuals but the transgendered or the transvestites who parade around in public acting like women when the only person that cannot see them as men is the blind man on the corner.

On the BBC television show "Little Britain" they have a well worn and tired act where two transvestites parade around telling everyone they are "Ladies" when it is obvious they are not and it is absolutely aimed at transvestites.

The Beaumont Society and the transvestites of Britain have carefully crafted a program where they have attached to the transsexuals and brow beaten Britain into believing we are all the same. Janet Scot a former President of the Beaumont Society who is a 75 year old transvestite has been on television saying he has gender identity disorder while he can be seen on this video saying "why would I give my penis when it gives me such pleasure at the 2:40 second time frame. I warn you this video is sickening.

The Beaumont Society has changed its tune and now claims transvestism is a gender identity condition. Gee I wonder who suffers from that in reality. This parasitic organization has leeched off the transsexuals of Britain and has basically subsumed them. Add in a so called gender Therapist like Phillipa Perry, Tavistock and the Portman Clinic and the only people with a chance in Britain are the old transvestites of the Beaumont Society.

Of course it is not much better in the United States. Every bill passed in the US for gender rights uses transgender which we must thank the GLBT and GLAAD wholeheartedly

I know that if was given a button that if pushed would never allow another child to be born transsexual that I would do it in a heartbeat. I kind of doubt transvestites would do that.

The new Transgender Rights Bills are not intended to help transsexuals but primarily for the benefit of the transvestites. They are following the same mantra as the British.  We are after all the same which is not true.

Under laws currently passed in many states this asshole can use the ladies room.

In Massachusetts if we women deny him the right to use the ladies room we can be fined $2500 and face a year in prison. Welcome to your transgender nightmare. This is not indecent exposure because it is a man but I wonder how far a woman would get dressed like that?

The parasitic transvestite is after both the transsexual and women. They insist they are women even with a penis and this guy actually enjoys showing his bulge.

Want to know the really sad part about it all.  They will eventually win because I am not willing to fight them publicly because I like my private life as do most women born transsexual. Transvestites are natural voyeuristic exhibitionists so they love the publicity.  Well actually they love the publicity as long as the little woman does not find out.

The really sad irony about this is as a lifelong centrist Democrat it is my party that is promoting the destruction of the transsexual identity by the parasite transvestite and if I did not know for a fact they are doing it to pander to the transvestite vote I would say I am surprised. Ever wonder why minorities stay poor. My party would lose votes if they were not poor. It is a very sad but honest assessment of what politics brings to the table. It is really quite sad when it is a Conservative Republican named Lombardi in Massachusetts that actually gets what transsexualism is.  He said "transsexuals are not covered by this bill because after SRS they are women and it only benefits transvestites in the long run. Funny but I have never heard a Democrat say that.  Would not want to offend all those transvestites voting democratic.

These parasitic scumbags are sucking the life out of transsexuality.  They even have the kids transitioning early calling themselves transgender which is very sad. I wonder if the parents realize they are equating their child with transvestites?

I had a woman friend of mine who found out her husband of 15 years was a very serious crossdresser.  She is the one that said to me.

Give them an inch and they will take a foot. Give them a foot and they will take a yard. Give them a yard and they will take a mile. They will suck the soul out of a woman to satisfy their perversion and claim all along they are the victim even through the divorce. They are selfish men that care nothing of anyone but themselves.

She chucked his ass out and took him for about $10 million and is a heroine of mine. She stood up and said no and he said yes and she gave him a choice and he chose dressing and tried to screw her in the divorce. I wish there were more women like her and fewer like some of the enablers.

I wish there was a quick cure for these parasites but as we all know parasites are intrusive and persistent.

Take a careful look around ladies because when they win women will be third class citizens because men pretending to be women will be more important because after all they are still men.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Misogynists, nitwits, feminists, and me

Suzan of Women born Transsexual is a blogger that I follow. Suzan had a post that made a couple of points or better yet clarified a couple of points for me personally about the transgendered. Suzan is not one to bother with euphemisms but she does occasionally love a good allegory as her continued reference to Cybele's knife in place of SRS.  Look it up.

The only problem, it is probably mine by the way, is Suzan is a committed Radical Left Wing Ideologue and Second Wave Feminist and is almost incapable of writing a post that does not involve her core ideology and her feminism which in my humble opinion at times takes away from her innate ability to get to the core of the problem we women born transsexual face with the transgender idiot patrol.

Actually I am not a First or Third Wave Feminist either although if I ran into Helen Gurley Brown or Gloria Steinem they would actually know me although I guess Helen is out of favor with some feminists. It does seem tough to be a heterosexual female feminist because if you like men, want to attract a man, want to have sex with said man, want to marry said man, and want to have children with said man then being his sex object kind of goes with the territory which is how future little Second Wave feminists come into being unless of course artificial insemination is used but then a man had to jack off so I am not sure how that fits in. Now Suzan does not debunk this because she does believe in reproductive innateness.

Now do not get me wrong, Feminists have done some good things for women but they may have done something for those of us born transsexual inadvertently as Suzan points out. Feminism debunks the gender stereotypes about how women should dress and act.  Here is an interesting paragraph from Suzan.

On the other hand I view the ideology of the Transgender Borg as one of the most sexist, misogynistic piles of crap I’ve ever seen.  Defining someone as a man or a woman based on how they dress and act.  Oh I forgot the nebulous “identify”.  What the fuck is identify?  Without action that gets made real how is this relevant?
Well isn't that little paragraph kind of interesting. A transvestite aka the Transgender Borg most certainly does define a woman as how one dresses and acts. Now I am someone that does enjoy dressing to the Nines as Evita sang about but like most women comfortable in their own skin and their own life I was and am as comfortable dressed in jeans, a flannel shirt, boots, and a hat shoveling cow and horse shit on my late husband's family ranch in Texas.  I was informed early on by a friend who worked for a major Couture  House in NYC that I should only wear makeup when necessary because it was bad for a girls skin.

Now that is not something the Transvestite Borg, oops a slip maybe, can or would do because after all a woman is defined by wearing a bra; wearing the shortest imaginable dress; caking on the makeup to hide the 5 o'clock shadow; wearing the highest heels sold in size 14; wearing the best wig the wife will let you buy; and of course going en femme to a girls night out where "by law" everyone must accept you as a woman and use female pronouns or face $2500 in fines and one year in jail. Oops, that is Massachusetts where I grew up. Here in North Carolina it might be the men's holding cell but I am not sure.

Enough for my intended snide remarks for now. Suzan is just so dead on correct in that paragraph and I am sorry you might have to reread it as a result of my diversion. Is it not the ultimate "male" thing a man can do to redefine what a woman/female is and include themselves in a dress whenever they feel the "urge"? That is misogyny to the highest degree.  It is the ultimate insult to ANY women yet they see it as the "right" because they are men.  Only a man could envision a man in a dress in a ladies room as the legal right for men because that is what it is.  It is a new right for men taken from women.

Another paragraph from Suzan's post.

The other thing I have noticed is how many of these transgender women scream like an animal being dragged to the slaughter house when the topic of transgender being a way to maintain heterosexual male or male privilege while claiming to be “women”.  Conversely some in the F to M world cling to their membership in the lesbian community while claiming they are really men.  But here’s a major flaw.  Men don’t get pregnant, a pregnant man is an oxymoron.

Another quote from Suzan.

That pretty much means I define maleness and femaleness by body parts and consider man and woman to be synonyms for adult males and females. Clothes don’t make the man or woman, nor does masculinity or femininity.
This basically means sex identity verses gender identity in my world. In my world a woman has a vagina and a man has a penis. If you have a penis and are wearing a dress then you are a man in a dress regardless of how beautiful you make yourself unless you are planning on SRS.  If you want to live in a world where gender is what you want it to be then you may or may not have that right depending upon where you live but simply put if you have a vagina you are a female.  If you have a penis then you are  a man regardless of how you dress. Men do not get pregnant and women do not father children. That only happens in the fantasy world called the Realm of the Transgendered which I am sure will be a new XBox game within the year.

Just to make myself clear I do not agree with a lot of Suzan's rants concerning women, fashion, men, and lord knows what else but she has her right to her opinions on those subjects and they are based in her Far Left Radical Feminists Views. I do consider those as necessary as I do the Extreme Right Wing views because sometimes they actually say or bring up something relevant.

Take the Republican Representative from Massachusetts Mr. Lombardi who made the statement that "transsexuals are not part of the Transgender because after SRS they are women" comment when fighting the Transgender Rights Bill in Massachusetts recently. There is some common ground there for any of us that were truly born transsexual but unfortunately for Suzan the Far Left are on the side of the Transgendered as can be seen daily in the USA.

I actually never found it offensive that my second husband thought of me as his sex object because I certainly thought of him as my sex object also. I gather it is a common thing in straight couples.  I do admit to not being in favor of abortion but also not believing I have the right to tell someone else what to do with their body. I am deeply influenced by my lifelong wish to be a sperm receptacle that got pregnant and I am not sorry for that. I openly admit Disney corrupted me with his fairy tales because I was the girl in all of them in my heart. I wanted my Knight in Shining Armor and when he finally did come to save me I was delighted I was his sex object.

I also admit that I used my sexuality and looks when dealing with men in business and socially. I would go into a detailed list of the firsts but it would certainly out me and that is not happening. I admit I liked feeling pretty, being pretty, wearing beautiful clothes, and since I was a heterosexual girl I certainly liked the looks I got from men because in most cases that was the intent. It is how one attracts a mate if one is a heterosexual girl.

I do not belong to or believe in any cults and that includes Organized Religion, The Transgender Borg, or even Feminism which in its strictest form might be considered a cult since even Helen Gurley Brown is frowned on in some Feminists circles because she liked being a man's sex object. Funny how that works.

So what have I learned today? Well I had never thought of the Transgender Borg as misogynistic but they really are. It is men telling women what it means to be a woman and how women dress and act along with re-defining women as men with a penis in a dress.

I also learned that feminists debunk the Transgender Myth because they oppose and have tried to debunk the myth that dress and action defines gender.

I also learned the Transgender might be a cult. Personally I prefer assholes but then I tend not to be subtle.

I really still am not a fan of the word misogynist but do find it appropriate in this case.

Damn it. I did exactly what I said Suzan does. Stuck my own world view into a post when I should not have. Sorry I am too lazy to rewrite it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Wonder Where This Asshole Got This Idea?

I just have to wonder where this scumbag got the idea to become transgender. level 3 convicted sex offender with no history of cross-dressing indicated in his conviction trial is suddenly now Sarah Babcock Level 3 sex offender aka as John Babcock. I guess the internet served him well in the slammer in the state of Washington.

For those not in the know a level 3 sex offender is almost a 100% certainty to re-offend yet the State of Washington let this asshole out and now "Sarah", the Transgender version of John, can ply his sick little desires by dressing as Sarah and enter female facilities because if Washington does not have a "transgender rights bill" it will and nobody will be able to keep him from the ladies room or any other women's areas.

"Sarah" did not attend sex offender classes in the slammer either. I am sure nice little Sarah, John's matronly alter ego, will covet all those nice safe places girls go now that he is free. This is the inherent danger in allowing transvestites to access women's spaces because they are presenting as female. This asshole will re-offend and sadly I am betting it will be in some space little girls feel safe like they did in the Girl Scouts.

Convicted sex offender lives in Benton County

By Paula Horton, Herald staff writer

A convicted sex offender who used his position as a Girl Scout leader to sexually assault young girls now is living in Benton County.
John D. Babcock, 60, was released Tuesday as an untreated transient sex offender, said Benton County sheriff's officials. He does not have a permanent address, but is required to check in weekly at the sheriff's office.
Babcock is a Level 3 sex offender, meaning he is considered by law enforcement officials as highly likely to reoffend. He also identifies himself as transgender and uses the name Sarah Babcock.
He did not participate in a sex offender treatment program offered by the state Department of Corrections while he was in prison, said Dianne McCants, who handles the sex offender registrations for the sheriff's office.
Babcock was arrested in 1992 in King County after being accused of luring his victims into "truth or dare," "strip poker" and other games culminating in nudity and sexual acts, according to the Seattle Times.
He also was accused of having two of his Scouts fondle him while on a field trip to his key shop, the newspaper said.
Babcock was convicted in 1997 of 13 counts of indecent liberties, two counts of attempted indecent liberties and one count of first-degree statutory rape. The offenses were connected to seven victims -- six young girls and one young boy -- and occurred from 1986-88.
He was sentenced to 28 years in prison. He was released Tuesday from the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla after serving about 20 years, according to DOC officials.
McCants told the Herald that Babcock originally had been approved by DOC to move to a home in Richland, but the person he was going to live with didn't realize state law required a public notification to the neighborhood.
The resident didn't want to have the neighborhood notified that a Level 3 sex offender was living in the home, which left Babcock with nowhere to live.
It was his choice to stay in Benton County, McCants said. Because Babcock does not have any community supervision requirements through DOC, he has the right to live where he chooses, even if he doesn't have a permanent place to stay, she said.
As a transient sex offender, Babcock is required to check in with the sheriff's office weekly and provide a list of addresses or locations where he has stayed the previous week.
Sheriff's officials follow up on the information and try to verify it the best they can, McCants said. Benton County currently has about 20 transient sex offenders that they monitor.
Babcock is 5-foot-4, 185 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes and has used the aliases John Wilkinson and John Bobcock.

This came to my attention on Planetransgender and I must commend them for publishing this.

Read more here:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and acceptance are the hot buzzwords in the trans community today.  In the MTF community the hot spot is ladies bathrooms, women's fitting rooms, and other places where women congregate. This is a touchy subject and has been for a long time.

Those of us that were born transsexual understand the transsexual side of this argument because most truly transsexual individuals want SRS because it completes them.  Whether that completeness means they now feel 100% non-male or finally completely female is important to the individual. Those that do not want completeness are not true transsexuals.

The real issue is the acceptance and tolerance of the vast majority of the trans community which is primarily cross-dressers. I support any pre-operative transsexuals rights but it stops there for a simple reason. All cross-dressers want to remain men and have no wish or need to be cured since they get their pleasure from cross-dressing. True transsexuals need to be complete to be cured.

The simple truth is if you pass there will never be an issue in a ladies room, fitting room, or anywhere for that matter. It is just the way it is and for me personally if the individual is non-threatening I would never say anything but I do have a question for all the cross-dressers out there and it is a simple one.

Why is it that only woman must show tolerance and acceptance of cross-dressers in women's spaces?

Why are you not screaming for men to accept you dressed as women in the men's spaces? Why don't you take your women's cloths into the men's fitting rooms? Why don't you go cross-dressed to your private Men's Clubs or other male bastions? The poor little men are afraid their fellow men will not accept and tolerate their cross-dressing and they might get the crap beaten out of them.

It must add to the thrill of being out en femme for the day to pretend the women in the ladies rooms accept you. The truth is you are tolerated if you are reasonably acceptable and not scary but that is all it is.  You are not one of the girls, you are a man invading our space. Nobody wants any trouble and I certainly do not but it is neither tolerance nor acceptance because women are not strong enough to eject you from the ladies room although I must admit it would be humorous to see it happen.

It is absolutely NOT the civil right of a man to dress as a woman and use female facilities when he is currently and always will remain a man.  It is actually very insulting to women. When women are out together whether it is just a girls night out or with boyfriends we invariably we go to the bathroom in at least pairs. It is a girl thing I do not expect any of the cross-dressers to understand but as women born transsexual meld into the world of women you will know you are accepted when you are invited to go to the ladies room with the girls. It is part safety but mostly because we get to gossip or talk .  If we are out on dates with boyfriends or even husbands it will often be about them as we discuss which guy is hot or a jerk or clueless and it can get detailed.

Only a transvestite could have gotten upset by that tampon add from down under where the tranny and the girl are in a battle of who is hotter until the girl pulls out the final trump card, a tampon. Screamingly funny because I could actually see that happen.

None of these bathroom rights issues laws and regulations was ever intended to allow cross-dressers to access ladies rooms. Well it was not likely the legislature thought that way but it has certainly always been the target goal for the cross-dressers and other fools that run the Transgender Agenda.

In general the regulations are framed in the context of gender dysphoria or gender identity conditions which have been used by cross-dressers to get them access. First and foremost a transvestite/cross-dresser does not have either a gender identity issue or gender dysphoria situation.  They do not want to change their gender or sex they just want to play pretend girl. They have a social condition because society has generally frowned on their condition and it has always been considered a fetish like the BDSM scene. Wanting to dress up like a girl is neither gender dysphoria nor a gender identity condition.

Taking away rights from women and giving those rights to men is strictly a male thought process. There is no need for bathroom legislation if the transvestites just use their own bathrooms.  I am sure all your fellow men will be as totally accepting and tolerant as women are required by law to be. Why doesn't the law just say men can dress as women to use the men's room? Oh yeah, that would spoil the fantasy while playing girl.

Men just love their fantasies. Men just love the thought of woman on woman action. Some men seem to get their jollies en femme invading our spaces. Some enjoy forcing women to use female pronouns because it obviously adds to the fantasy, after all when en femme we are misgendering them by using he or him.

Why are they not tolerant or accepting of our views towards these issues? If women were polled we would overwhelmingly ban transvestites from ladies facilities. In fact Yahoo Answers asked that question a while back and almost unanimously women supported transsexual use of women's spaces and opposed the use by transvestites although the sample size was not that large.

As for those that say it is no risk for women I leave you with a short list of links that say otherwise.'s-bathroom-at-Calhoun-Walmart?instance=home_Most_popular  This one is priceless. sex offender in ladies facilities.

Just try Google with multiple search parameters and the list gets long involving cases where men accost women in ladies facilities. Now these perverts will have free access at least for entrance as long as they can get a close shave, learn makeup tips from their transvestite pals, and have the nerve to buy women's cloths and wear them in public and what would make you think they would not?

Thanks to men in dresses the potential danger for women in their own safe places has increased and if it is only marginally increased it is just plain wrong, after all it is men that assault women and not the other way around in most cases. A 5-8 man is significantly stronger than a 5-8 woman unless of course I have my military strength mace. Of course it is now illegal to carry mace in a lot of places.

Talk about a mans world! Fuck, it is even a mans world when the man is a man in a dress.

It does make one wonder if this is not a case where men do not want to deal with men in dresses in men's rooms so they push it onto women to be tolerant and accepting. Now, men would not do that. Would they?

Another big issue is the simple fact a lot of women do not report sex crimes for fear they will be made the issue in court.  Now women face fines and jail time for protecting their own toilets and other facilities from men. Funny how men seem to gain while women seem to lose. Not so funny if you are a woman though.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Transgender blindness

I was born transsexual as were many of the people that follow this blog in some trivial way because in truth I am not important nor are most of you out there. Basically we are all trying to survive and succeed in our lives as best we can. Those of us truly born transsexual face a dilemma that is not part of the vast majority of those imprisoned under the transgender banner.

Those of us born transsexual are fueled by both the pain that is inherent in being transsexual and the desire to make ourselves complete. Those of us born transsexual want to be cured while everyone else under the transgender banner wants to be accepted as is. Big difference, really big difference.

It is traumatic being transsexual and the happiest moment is when you are no longer transsexual which occurs after surgery.  For all purposes we are accepted in our correct sex whether most want to believe it or not. There is no joy in being born transsexual. Simply put transvestites and cross-dressers enjoy what they do. Read any of their blogs. It is all about the thrill and joy of going out en femme for the first time,  sneaking into the ladies room for the first time, meeting with other transvestites for a "girls" night out, the thrill and joy of traveling en femme, and the thrill at seeing someone cross-dress on television or in the movies.

We live with the pain of our medical condition and they enjoy their fetish or pass-time yet we are supposed to tolerate and accept them as women on their whimsical days en femme but be subservient to them when they are their normal male selves. We live with the pain of just being wrong until we survive our surgery while they get their jollies and thrills pretending they are girls for the afternoon or evening. We desperately want to be complete women and while pretend is their mantra.

We have the pain of feeling wrong and they have the feeling of being right just because they put on a dress. Those of us born transsexual want nothing other than being accepted as women or men.  While the process is going on some protection is needed but as a noted conservative said when opposing the Massachusetts bill.

State Representative Mark Lombardo (R-Billerica), an opponent of the bill, pointed out on the Howie Carr radio show that "transgender" does not include transsexuals who have gone through surgery; these people are legally considered to be their new sex. Rather, transgendered individuals "identify" with a gender other than the sex that was "assigned...usually at birth and based on their genitals"
Transgender civil rights come to Massachusetts

The simple comment that transsexuals that have had surgery are not part of the transgender crowd because we are accepted legally as our new sex should have been lauded but then that does not fit the transgender rights movement because it has never been about transsexuals.  It has always been about the transvestite majority. They use the needs for pre-operative transsexuals for some form of protection in an attempt to include themselves. The problem is the transgender want permanent rights as a special case under the law.

I just wanted to be a girl and I was and am willing to take my chances as a woman. Today in the world of political correctness, where score is not kept in children's games so as not to offend the losers, we find the transgender wanting permanent status as a persecuted minority who need protection under the law. They demand civil rights when in all honesty their actions are anything but civil and they violate the civil rights of the women they like to pretend to be but then this is really all about men and their insatiable need to get whatever they want regardless of whose civil rights are dishonored.

The transgender crowd is blind to the simple fact they offend women and deny them their civil right to be with women when they pee or try on cloths. I wonder if they would let us into that good old boy club they keep us women out of?  Not going to happen. Men take but they very rarely give back.

Women lose civil rights so a man in a dress can have his "civil right" to pretend he is a she whenever they want. But as someone said "I enjoy playing a girl but I sure do not want to be one". Why is that?