Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trans Lunacy and Other Tidbits

The real problem with the trans activists is they are not supporting those that were born transsexual/transgender that want SRS.  They primarily support the cross-dressers that make up 97% of the people under the Transgender umbrella. In essence they support men-in-dresses with intact male genitalia in secure women's spaces. I do not and I was born transsexual.

I started the process when I was very young and it was a long time ago but all I wanted was to be the girl I should have been born. I did not want some special privileges as a "transwoman".  I considered myself cured after my SRS in early 1971 and never looked back.

I worked for 40+ years as a woman in a man's world and felt the sting of wage discrimination and I fought it when I could. I was asked multiple times, "why isn't a pretty girl like you home having children", and in so many ways I wish I could have born children but that was not to be. I fought my battles as a woman because nobody knew otherwise and to be honest that was all I ever wanted out of life.  I figured if I got that I could handle the rest of it. It is how we felt because being a girl was all it was ever about which was being who we really were. SRS was what was needed and we figured out a way to get it done and sometimes the methods were both morally and legally questionable but the end justified the means.

I was raped by a man when I was 14 so he could teach me what it meant to be a woman, like he had a freaking clue. These trans activists look at women from the outside looking in and are incapable of looking at life through the eyes of a woman because , quite bluntly, most of them want to retain their penis because it is their pleasure organ or to maintain their life style as it was before the transition. Changing from a men's business suit to a skirt does not make you either female or a woman unless you happen to be transgender.

They will tell us that a Colleen Francis in female spaces is not a threat because they look at it through male eyes, because they cannot do otherwise.  They cannot understand how frightened we can be with the thought of a functioning male in our midst because they do not see themselves as a threat, they are probably correct, but they are incapable of realizing it increases the chance that a predator can gain access by pretending to be a woman, as Colleen Francis did.  Francis was a functioning male and after he was caught he deleted Facebook accounts and other accounts where he expressed his desire to have sex with women using his current equipment while dressing as a woman.

They are offended when lesbians do not accept transwomen as fellow lesbians even thought they are functioning males with a working penis. That is transphobic. I am not a lesbian but I can imagine the shock and fear that would cause a lesbian who doesn't like the thought of a penis in the first place. You will notice you never read of them portraying men that cannot accept penis equipped transwomen as transphobic. Men have the right to reject that condition but women do not. Classic misogyny.

In so many ways the complaints and screams of outrage about depictions of "trans" people in the print media, on television, and in the movies is much ado about nothing. They work on the concept of trying to make something out of nothing in order to make society feel guilty as they try to make victims out of people that have in many cases victimized women by deceitfully marrying them and once they have them trapped in a marriage dropping the bombshell they are "trans" and expecting the wife to accept and support them. God help a wife, Christine Benvenuto, contradict her former husband's fantasy, Jay Ladin, because she will feel the wrath of the trans activist community. Soon the only villains allowed in television, movies, theater, or advertisement will be straight people.  How convenient.

American comedian and noted liberal Rosanne Barr was vilified and threatened when she said in a tweet that she supported those opposed to Colleen Francis having access to female spaces.  It was vicious  and threatening and personal.

They see themselves as martyrs fighting for "trans" rights when in truth they are men fighting to infringe on women's rights to safe and secure facilities. They love attaching "trans" to whatever they can. They want to be "special" and want to be identified as "transwoman" or "transman". They need "special" rights in addition to the rights of the gender they decide to be on a specific day. They have successfully blurred the concepts of sex and gender such that many do not realize they are distinctly different.

Their biggest ploy is the attempt to redefine what is male and female based on the concept that a female can have a  penis and a man can have a vagina and get pregnant as long as they claim said sex or gender. If they say it is so it is transphobic to deny it.

The one that really bugs me is the concept of cis gender privilege and the attempt to make genetic males and females feel guilty for being born that way based on a bizarre and long list of transgender problems primarily faced by those that have no intention of ever truly being male or female but are trying to redefine it so they fit. It goes hand in hand with the guilt those of us that were born transsexual and have managed to work hard to become complete women and men.  We are to feel guilty for passing because passing should not be promoted because some just cannot or never will pass.  I have sympathy for them if they want SRS but I have none for them if they do not because they are simply playing gender games and requiring us to go along with the fantasy.

These fools actually believe they can legislate acceptance by taking rights from women and giving them to men in dresses and any woman that objects is classified as transphobic.

The list of cis gender privileges found here is very interesting and very long. Some are the obstacles that anyone born transsexual must overcome to be free of transsexualism but those of us born that way and seeking our true life just dig in and plow through them.  We do not see them as female privilege but as our goals in life because we want to fit in and simply be women. The trans crowd does not want to fit in as female, they want it for free and nothing is free in life, unless of course you are trans and legislate it that way.

The other one that irritates me is feminism.  Just how the heck can a man in a dress, a Transwoman, be a feminist when they are violating the concept of what female is? To me they are misogynistic asshole men trying to force their fetish down the throats of women the same way they like to push something else down women's throats since they are almost all heterosexual males. When feminists said wait a freaking second here they invented the word "transfeminist" and of course this form of "feminism" fit their pathetic male world perfectly.  All of the things in life they felt made it difficult for them to play at being girls immediately made the list and of course, conveniently, the fact they were attempting to screw over women is ignored because after all they get to set the rules.

So in their myopic view of their "trans" world woman are privileged as are those of us that melted into society as woman after SRS and never let on about our past unless outed. What it means is simply being a girl/female/woman or a feminist is not "good" enough for the men in dresses, they need to be "transwomen" and "transfeminists"because they want the whole fucking world to know they were once "men". In the process it became important to usurp the transsexual experience by attempting to remove transsexual from use with the term transgender. The media is required to use transgender and even transsexual children are labeled transgender.

Now every transvestite on Transvestite-Central (T-Central) is transgendered and one can read about their lives as they destroy their families when their fetish becomes an obsession. Everything they know about being a woman is learned from reading about their fellow transvestites travails as they venture into the real world en femme. They are ecstatic when someone calls them she but fail to realize no person in their right mind would call a 6'-2" man in a dress much of anything unless they had more men backing them up but then if anything was said it would be "transphobic" because nobody has the right to simply say they look like Magilla Gorilla in a dress. The truth is we people that live in the world of the normal are too courteous or timid to say what should be said. I include myself in that category in public.

These idiots believe we, that live in the world of the normal, need teaching moments so we can learn these fetishistic men are just as much women as any woman living in the world of the normal. Just a little clue, we know who you are. We know you are a man in a dress. It is hard to miss the meaty hands, the size 14 hooves, the prevalent Adams Apple, or the male body plus they always have huge boobs because that is the ultimate male fantasy in the woman of their desire and that includes themselves.  I could go into how they dress but that is a post of its own.

Do any of us wish them any real harm? Not really. I often think forcing them to use the male facilities with their fellow men would be laughable but one would not want these poor little 6'-2" 225 pound delicate flowers put in danger, but then again they do not care if they pass legislation that puts us in potentially more danger.

That is the interesting question isn't it? Why is all the "trans" legislation for protection of male-bodied men in dresses. The reason is simple.  They will always be "trans" so they feel they need protection from us vile and predatory women that threaten them every day of their lives with rape, spousal abuse, murder, sexual harassment, and all the other mean things we do such as telling them they are men. Plus they are worried their male buddies might reject them as "gay" while they at the same time think they are somehow "lesbians".  I think that by itself shows you how screwed up they really are.

These same fools have perpetrated the "forced sterilization" hoax on the politically correct morons that are and always will be the Swedish. In their world forced sterilization is requiring someone to have a sex change in order to change documents. So in order for transvestites and others of their ilk to gain the right to claim they are either male or female, when they are no,t they categorized SRS as forced sterilization without regard to the harm it does to those truly born transsexual. In essence they were claiming that government funded SRS was forced sterilization and equating it to the eugenics programs of the Nazi's and their own Nazi leaning government of WWII plus the eugenics that was in effect into the 1970's.

More later.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Lost Girl" Kerfuffle was "Much Ado About Nothing"

I felt it necessary to update the "Lost Girl" scandal that the Transgender Mafia created and believe me they created a scandal out of nothing. Lost Girl is a SyFy show about supernatural creatures that live amongst us such as The Fae, the Succubus, Wolf Shifters and other non-human beings living together with humans. The main character Bo is a succubus who can literally suck the life force out of another being whether human or non-human.  Bo is depicted as a rather active bisexual creature with lesbian and male lovers.

The following are some of the complaints or accusations made against the Season Three premiere.

First article complaining with Goggle.

At the end of the episode, Bo kissed the prison's warden, who appears to be female -- and then announced that she had beard stubble, and was biologically male. The Amazon guards descended on the warden, grabbing her crotch and violently dragging her away. The warden survives the assault. She is referred to using male pronouns for the duration of the episode. 
Bo actually said "I knew that was a lot of stubble even for an amazon. (pause) Your leader (warden) is a man. She is a Liderc" The warden was impregnating girls in a scheme to sell the babies on the black market. The Warden was a mythical shape shifter called a Liderc. It was not discovered until the very end what was happening since the initial premise was the disappearance and then death of previous Doctor and Bo and Zoie Palmer the lesbian Doctor go undercover to find the truth. The woman second from the right is the Amazon Warden who is the Liderc.

There is not a single negative connotation towards the transgendered, the transsexual, or the gender diverse in the entire show. I guess the penis packing men in dresses might be upset because another Amazon walked up and did a crotch inspection with a grab and the last we see of our Liderc Warden and great offense to the Transgender world she is led away by the mob of pissed off women she has dehumanized in prison.

Some of these dipshits were even upset because the part was played by a female actress which presumably might have made the resulting exposure more palatable, possibly. I watched the show on Demand and re-ran the exposure moment and it is neither derogatory nor offensive to anyone and is correctly gendered throughout the show even at the end.

This was a classic GLAAD grab for attention and your typical Transgender attempt to gain publicity over nothing. Anyone offended by that episode is seriously deluded and grasping at straws that do not exist, yet, in this world of political correctness they managed to get a sortof apology from the show.

Isn't it humorous they find that offensive yet these same people feel Colleen Francis has the right to expose his male genitals to women just because he claims he is transgendered.  Did anyone read anywhere where GLAAD took a position on that asshole? Not that I know of.

This entire kerfuffle was manufactured and one has to ask the question why? At one time I was a fan of the SciFi channel but the SyFy channel has few good shows and I don't watch any of them. I did watch this show when it first came on but its characters were boring and the issues were repetitive and the characters so limited it seemed to me the only way they could get viewer interest is with the bisexual lead characters sex life which is seemingly a major part of every script. They get the lesbians with the lesbian kisses and they get the men that just love the thought of girl-on-girl action. 

I wonder if flagging ratings was a part of this manufactured stupidity.  It would not be the first time and I do believe the SyFy channel needs all the ratings help it can get.  We all know how blindly these buffoons in the Transgender Mafia will lock onto any perceived slight. Well it worked, I guess, because it got me to watch that episode but it was a one timer for me.

I am willing to wager that most of the nimrod transgender activists complaining have not seen the show and believe me if you were not listening closely it was very difficult to even here the supposed transgender slight. Just another classic example of the saying, "Stupid is what stupid does".

Monday, January 21, 2013

Threats of Censorship

Censorship is afoot in the blog world when it comes to any comments in reference to the transgendered.  You either agree with the transgender paradigm or you must be silenced. They even consider some comments about women and transsexuals as an affront yet in most cases they want the term transsexual erased. One must never let anyone say anything that contradicts the message they are trying to push onto the world.

Now I am certainly not a friend of the Radfems that think my life is a lie and that I am not a woman even though they wouldn't know I was born a boy unless I told them.  Most if these radical feminists are lesbians that are truly afraid of the male-bodied transgenders passing themselves off as women while maintaining a functional penis. In my opinion these radical feminists are missing the simple fact that most people truly born transsexual that have cured themselves or are on the way to curing themselves are likely to agree with them on the lesbians with penis' argument but like most fringe groups they are a little too myopic.

The blog called Gender Trender has been censored after a concerted effort by the trans activist twittersphere     for some reasons that escape me based on what I have read. Access to the blog has been denied to the owner at least temporarily. I am not a fan of censorship although I have resorted to banning one individual from commenting on my blog mainly because her comments are not about the post but an attack on me so I guess I do censor her but I do let them through if she is not her normal offensive self. There is another one I should ban but she still has a little more rope.

In a comment on my previous post a commenter, Black Swan, has made an attempt to threaten me with certain types of harassment in an attempt to censor what I write here which is just the opinion of someone that has lived too much and seen these same idiots in other forms and likes to rattle their collective cages a little. Black Swan is a third rate paralegal and mentioned harassing me with a law 47 USCS 230 which does not apply and with a SLAPP legal action which I explained in a comment on the previous post which is strictly a harassment technique which is done by state and must be filed in the resident state of the defendant's legal residence.

You realize you must be hitting a nerve when the transgender mafia has one of their followers and practitioners threaten you thusly. She even brought out the racist card which is beyond hilarious based on my history and life but then again they throw racist, nazi, transphobic, etc. against anyone that stands up to them. They believe any attempt to censor Christine Benvenuto is legitimate and the taking down of literature or arguments that contradict their beliefs in any way is a "right" and in essence support burning books and denying access to contrarian views because they consider said views anti trans. They can stand heel to heel with the right wing nuts that want to censor or deny access to books like "Catcher in the Rye" and even "The Origin of The Species" by Darwin because in their myopic world they see anyone speaking contrary to their stated beliefs is a heretic. They act more like the Catholic Church than the Catholic Church and more like the Right Wing nuts than the Right Wing Nuts. That is not good company..

The transgender mafia is getting more bold and more arrogant as they have succeeded in there censorship attempts in several instances and I know of several blogs that were closed down because they were threatened with being outed. Black Swan threatened to out me in her comment on the previous post. Anything to silence the critics.

Just another example of men being men!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The TG Political Correctness Stupidity

In the minds of the TG activists no television show, radio program or paper has the right to print or discuss or show anything that promotes a negative stereotype of the transgendered. In their world Michelle Kosilek the wife murderer is a martyr and deserves to have her sex change at the taxpayers expense after "he" suddenly decided in jail he was a she. Before jail he was your average transvestite murderer but that is not allowed.

A show on the SyFy channel called "Lost Girl" had as its opening show for this season a transgender character that was pretending to be a female guard in a prison in order to impregnate women. Now this show in my humble opinion went downhill and has gone downhill since the first season yet the transgender advocates are up in arms over it calling it transphobic. I gather one cannot have a single negative impression about the transgendered. By these standards Michael Caine's critically acclaimed movie "Dressed to Kill" could not be made nor could Jodie Foster's "Silence of the Lambs".

I guess only heterosexual characters can be evil and twisted. If a book is authored that contradicts the fantasy of a self aggrandizing late transitioner it should be censored and shouted down at any public reading. If some dipshit makes a comment implying transsexuals should stop trying to look like Brazilian Transsexuals it is a sacrilege. Rather than simply laughing it off as a stupid comment made by someone that might possibly be clueless they engage in a verbal confrontation and eventually get the article censored.  To the TG advocates it is their way or the censorship highway.

Look what happened to Rosanne Barr, a major left wing icon, when she sided with those of us that thought male bodied individuals should stay out of women's changing areas, lockers etc.. She was savaged by the political correctness police of the transgender mafia. It was downright vicious.

Any article in any paper or on any blog that contradicts their myopic view of the world is to be censored, shut down and vilified. They ignore the facts in cases and promote the bullshit and the propaganda. In most cases they are simply too stupid to even research the facts because after all they already know everything even if they have not read the facts. The current situation in Sweden is a rather sinister example of this.  Headlines scream that Sweden has been sterilizing the transgendered for years.  What they conveniently leave out is the sterilization is the Sex Reassignment Surgery that was required in order to get documentation papers changed from male to female and since the state paid for it, those were the rules. Sweden never forcibly sterilized anyone for being transsexual or transgendered but that would not rally the troops. They even tried linking it to eugenics which were actually used by Sweden on some people similar to what the German's did in WWII.

All this goes with the never let the facts influence the story when it might benefit men in retaining their dicks. We have these loons demanding that male bodied individuals in female attire be legally allowed into restricted use facilities for women. They claim they are no threat and affirm Colleen Francis' right to expose herself in a women's sauna. They are very willing to trample on a women's right to privacy and our security when in compromising positions. They claim it is transphobic to deny these male bodied men anything their little male hearts desire while wearing the little wife's dress.

This is not an issue for those of us born transsexual who have undergone SRS to correct mother nature's mistake or for those born transsexual working toward SRS.  Not one of us would ever consider entering a woman's dressing area before SRS unless the circumstances were unavoidable and we would certainly not expose ourselves because quite simply few of us were or are in love with what we were born with.

Their big claim is that the transgendered are not a threat to women but this is just not true if they are male bodied. Michelle Kosilek murdered his wife in cold blood and stuffed her in the trunk of her car and it was because he was a transvestite and the wife got in his way.  The first thing he did was go on a clothes buying spree once she was out of the way. I could be wrong but he might actually have been arrested buying female clothes or exiting a store with female attire.  Is that dangerous enough for you?

We now have another possible case of a transgender individual murdering a woman. Here is the link in the
Torrance Daily Breeze. Now I believe the political correctness police of the TG mafia have missed something.  They reference "her" as a "transgender man" and that should be "transgender woman" and isn't it politically incorrect to mention this until this scumbag is convicted and sent to prison for life. Heck they can then demand"she" be given a free sex change by the State of California.

Now in the United States one is innocent until proven guilty so I'll try and keep an eye on this story. Angel Guevara Bello is the suspect but the TG police are missing a chance to correct a newspaper. Bello asked to be referred to as a female yet the newspaper consistently used male pronouns despite the obvious breasts the accused had. Ms. Bello is a she-male prostitute so the male package was working because that is a requirement and the victim was found under a bush and may have been sexually assaulted. The police seem to have significant evidence but then one is innocent until proven guilty unless one is transgender and then of course they are always innocent.

I am waiting for the transgender mafia and the political correctness police to demand that male bodied transgenders be allowed to compete in the Miss America pageant because after all SRS is forced sterilization  and any requirement of SRS is thus some form of transphobia. The stupid thing is they literally do have the balls to demand this and probably will.  After all if the birth certificate says female then cock and balls or not you are female in their world.

Welcome to the new world order but a barf bag might be required.