Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Jennifer Braly Situation

For those not in the know Braly is a 38 year old self identified pre-op transsexual attending the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. She lives as a woman and was originally supported by the University in the use of the female restrooms which is the RIGHT thing for the University to do. A student complained and the University rescinded her use of female restrooms and Jennifer did the right thing. She simply filed a complaint with the DOJ about bathroom issues and bathroom issues alone.

Miss Braly has an SRS fund page where she explains her situation quite clearly and self describes as pre-op transsexual and I believe her.  This case was always about the use of female bathrooms by Jennifer and nothing else. She never asked to use female changing areas and other female facilities.  That red herring was thrown up by  Kevin McCullough and his particularly anti Obama blog where he equates the DOJ telling the University of Arkansas Fort Smith that Jennifer should be able to use a female restroom with the DOJ and Obama using bully tactics.

From what I can tell the DOJ made a rational individual case decision that this pre-op transsexual should be allowed to use the female restrooms since there are not enough unisex bathrooms on campus.  Jennifer also wanted to find a female roommate and get into a dorm and went through the University and was denied even the right to ask another girl if she would mind being her roommate. This was not part of the DOJ decision but I find it troubling they would not try and help a pre-op transsexual.

When I went to college 50 years ago my University knew everything about me and was a large Land Grant State University and they put me in the female area of a scholarship dorm that was essentially coed and assigned a student as my friend or protector but stuck me in a private room which had its own shower.  My understanding is this University has similar rooms with private showers.  It was a godsend for me because even though I was not allowed to completely transition I was a girl to all my friends and that socialization with other girls was a key to survival.

Jennifer appears to be an attractive 38 year old woman which means she passes, her words, and she has tried to follow the rules and do this the right way. The University has been rather vindictive. She had given several lectures on what it means to have this crap whether you call it gender identity, gender dysphoria or transsexualism and who but one of us truly understands the nightmare of this existence. She has been denied the right to lecture in classes when asked by professors which is just not right and particularly not right if it helped her financially which I am unsure of.

Jennifer wants her surgery by Dr. McGinn in the Philly area so she is serious about SRS and IMHO this is a case where the University should use some common sense and help her and not hurt her. Jennifer is trying to do this the right way but we all know what will happen.  the TG Borg are going to latch onto her and drag her into their malevolent world and try and make this a "transgender" issue when in reality it is an issue only those of us born transsexual can understand.  When you want to be accepted by your fellow women you ask for help and it is usually given when transsexual.

The problem with The University of Arkansas Fort Smith is it is Arkansas. The irony is if she had her SRS this would not be an issue according to Miss Braly. I am certain if she had been allowed to talk with female students she would have been able to find one to room with but the University rebuffed any sensible methods of dealing with this.

I kind of understand the University position but my University found a way around the issues with me 50+ years ago and I believe common sense should rule here and not some legal precedent that forces females to accept those that have zero inclination towards SRS in our midst. They have a Nursing school so maybe a Nursing Student would understand. My "protector" Karen was Pre-med and eventually a Medical School student so that is a possibility since they do not have a Medical School.

The real irony here is Ms Braly is a quite religious and Christian plus leads Bible Study for a group of straight and GLBTQ students which is a ministry supporting these kids. She is President of "The Circle of Hope" which runs this ministry I believe.

Sometimes people doing good just seem to have unkind things done in return. I do find it disturbing what they have done to her and this is a rare case where I think the DOJ actually did the right  thing and for the right reason. Hopefully this does not get uglier for both Ms Braly and those pre-op transsexuals that follw her to that University.

Monday, May 28, 2012

More intersex bullshit from a Zoe Brain want-to-be

This is the problem the intersex community is now facing and it is very sad.  Here are two links to same story.

First off the entire premise is absolute bullshit but we will put that aside for the time being. I would suggest that everyone understand how kidney stones are treated today and the actual location of the kidneys in the human body which not anywhere near the female or male reproductive areas. Kidney pain is often mistaken for back pain because they are located behind the intestines and around the waist and above. The ultrasound is done from behind while you lay on your stomach and is done in the area from just above where your buttocks start to about 4 inches above the waste using a gel.  Neither the male or female sex organs can be seen from this angle and this height and particularly from behind.

Second no reputable physician or technician would say "you are a female" because finding something like this is potentially life threatening depending upon the age of the individual. The ultrasound is done by a technician and read by a radiologist. It is not only unethical it is dangerous for an unlicensed individual to read an ultrasound in the United States. It must be read and interpreted by a Radiologist who is a trained Medical Practitioner.

Third, it is medically impossible for an individual with both female and male sex organs to be fertile thus he could not have fathered six children. Because both sex organs are present it indicates serious fertility issues. The odds are a million to one for a male to impregnate a woman once so let it rest at that plus the presence of female sex organs indicates low testosterone levels and for him to have function male organs and father 6 children is a miracle of biblical proportions.

Fourth. It is possible he had a small sack containing organs from a co-joined twin that did not develop but those are not his.

His claim that this was why he liked to crossdress is complete and utter bullshit. The amazing thing is he has a wife that believes him that supposedly worked in the medical field somewhere in a hospital. The implication is these "unknown" female sex organs made him a female. He had well formed male genitalia which he used to father 6 kids. Maybe Zoe can make up a new imaginary intersex condition for this person.

I really feel sorry for those truly born intersex. I wish no harm on this person but I wonder why they feel it is necessary at this advanced age to lie in order to transition? Transition and get SRS or better yet join the fantasy girl gang in the TG world. Anyone want to give me odds on when this one gets reconstructive surgery from Suporn?

Almost sounds like some transvestite fantasy.  I had to transition because I have girl parts which magically appeared but were never found in nearly 60 years of life. A man with no prostrate exam or tests or XRays or anything!! It is truly a miracle and I bet they find out he could have menstruated. Yeahn sure.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sandeen is Mad at Me

Sandeen is mad at me because I and others protested Sandeen's change of sex/gender on Sandeen's California Birth Certificate.  Here is the link to part 2 of Sandeen's grandiose view of Sandeen's martyrdom as a trans pioneer.

Poor Sandeen and the Sandeen desire to be a martyr.  What was said was in no way shape or form cyber bullying. We disagree with the Sandeen's position and it is perfectly within our rights to both write about it and protest it and I would certainly not wish physical harm on Sandeen although Sandeen seems to think assault is okay for Sandeen as in Sandeen's hot coffee in the face argument with protagonists in San Diego.

Sandeen's problem is Sandeen has delusions of grandeur and wants to represent all of the other trans people and Sandeen can for all I care. Based simply on sex characteristics women do not have a penis or a 7 inch clitoris or anything of that kind.

Sandeen believes it is Sandeen's right to deconstruct what transsexualism is and to deny the medicalization of transsexualism but nobody else has the right to deny Sandeen this little delusion or at least to protest it. How convenient that is for Sandeen

I am quite sure Sandeen would "out me" if Sandeen knew who I was and if this was truly cyberbullying, it was not under even the most lenient of interpretations, Sandeen would have had opponents under investigation.

Sandeen has not one single concept of what it means to be either a female or a woman.  Sandeen's idea of woman is dressing in Sandeen's little girl outfits and going to some fetish club or organization that celebrates transvestites like Sandeen and the Transvestite Potter in England, Grayson Perry, who like to dress like little girls. Even I will admit Sandeen looks better. You can check out Sandeen on YouTube if you like but I recommend avoiding it.

Grayson Perry at Turner Prize ceremony

Sex is not gender and gender is not sex. Well, at least it was not for most of mankind's existence and birth certificates were at one time supposed to describe the sex characteristics of the child unless they were ambiguous and that was never handled correctly but 99.99% of them chose a sex if one is not mistakenly forced on them.

The entire gist of part 2 was how brave Sandeen was.  Delusional is more accurate but unfortunately for Sandeen a piece of paper cannot make Sandeen female. Only Sandeen's friends in the Transgender Forever crowd will consider Sandeen a woman and that is because they want the same status while keeping their penis and balls.

I am quite surprised Sandeen did not airbrush in a halo over Sandeen's head but maybe Sandeen could not fit it on with such a swollen head.  The really sad part is fools like Sandeen cannot even see the misogyny in redefining female to include a man and his genitals. They have been so accustom to their male privilege, Sandeen was well past 40, they find it difficult to accept the simple premise that female and male are different along with sex and gender.

Sandeen calls what Sandeen had Gender Confirmation Surgery which is weird because based on Sandeen's and the words of most of Sandeen's pals gender is fluid and not distinctly definable. So if gender is not definable and is fluid how can one have a gender on a birth certificate. Sex by its sex characteristics is binary except for the truly intersex who will chose if given the choice.

I am surprised that nobody has called these fraudulent claims on gender out, but then if one does it is just a bullying tactic.  As for the claims of stalking those are most laughable. Sandeen threatened to out someone because they wrote negative posts about Sandeen. Is that not cyber bullying?

The simple truth is disagreement is not bullying and besides how can an older woman like me stalk a big burly Transgender woman like Sandeen? My lord Sandeen could beat the shit out of me or throw hot coffee in my face plus I live across the country. I comment on some posts Sandeen makes and that is my First Amendment right. If Sandeen does not want to be called out over the typical Sandeen bullshit Sandeen spews then Sandeen can either stop spewing the bullshit or take it like a man.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sandeen Became a Female Today.

Well at least in Sandeen's pathetic male mind Sandeen became a woman as reported bittersweet sexgender court ruling post. Sorry dipshit but you have a penis and a man you shall remain regardless of whatever some piece of paper says.

It does not really matter because Sandeen will never find a heterosexual male to love his penis and he will certainly never find a lesbian to love his penis so his claim of being asexual is convenient I guess. What a fucking joke.

What I really have to wonder is where is the National Organization for Women (NOW) when it comes to this deconstruction of what a woman is.  In California a woman can have a dick. Somehow after living there for quite a while it kind of fits to be honest.  It almost gives one a reason to root for the big one to dump it into the Pacific but alas I have family and friends I care about so I cannot root for that.

Well I guess Sandeen can now enter women's showers, women's dressing areas, and other private spaces and strip naked and show off the female body he possesses. Well probably not.  I do kind of wish he would because that would be the fastest way to get that Bill changed but then again California is a place where getting your "freak on" has always been an accepted way of life.

Go out and buy that new bikini Autumn because you are female now, or sort of, or maybe not, or not really, or who cares.   If it was not so sad it would be funny.

Life after SRS

This is the question talked about the least and usually mentioned by those that have basically not had a life after SRS that did not involve some form of activism involving transsexual or even trans issues. Before you get your panties in a bunch I really have a lot of respect for these people in most cases. Several are what I consider quite good friends. They chose a path different than the path I chose and either path has its value.

I cannot speak of the out, proud, loud, and activist role because that was not me although I did a little in NYC before I realized it was not for me.  I was also blessed with the genetics and the early hormone intervention that made passing a non issue and I was also young and idealistic in what I wanted from life.  I wanted my Disney Moment or my Leave it To Beaver family life because I was a child of the 50's and I also had someone that simply told me to live and forget the past.

I just wanted to be the girl I knew I was like the many others before and since me have wished for. Dr. Benjamin once told me that after SRS I would leave and lead my life and he would never hear from me again.  By that he meant he really thought just getting on with my life was more important than dwelling on the past and how I was born. It was a different time and much easier to just move on with your life.  I did but I wrote to Harry religiously until shortly before his death.

Every girls life starts with expectations and mine and others like me are and were no different. I have always believed you make your own life and you get out of it what you put into it but there will be good times and bad times along with the normal trials and tribulations of everyday life every girl and woman faces. We start a little behind the eight ball but what we missed can be overcome.

I learned dreams do come true sometimes. In my naivete I begged god to change me into a girl at night so I could wake up as me  the next morning.  Going to sleep and waking up a complete girl was my wish. Well that happened for me on a cold January day in 1971. The anesthesia put me to sleep and the surgeons allowed me to wake up a complete girl many hours later.  I went to sleep and woke up a girl.  Okay it is a stretch but it is what it is and it did kind of happened that way.

I was never ashamed that I was born transsexual.  I was angry I had been born transsexual. I was angry at god, mother nature, and anyone else I could think of to blame for being born a boy and not a girl. I wanted everything girls had and everything they had to endure.  I wanted to menstruate and have the issues involved with that.  I wanted to be a mom with my own baby. I wanted to be my daddy's little girl. I wanted to be able to go to my boyfriend's senior prom as his date but it was impossible in so many different ways.

I was really angry about the way I had been bullied in High School inside and outside the school. I had even planned revenge on some of those that hurt me in High School. I was convinced to attend my tenth High School reunion because Harry and my mom thought it would help deal with the anger and hurt I felt.  There was one boy I planned my revenge on because he had hurt me badly several times. I figured I would seduce him and then tell him as revenge. It did not work out that way.

The tenth reunion was actually held eleven years after but it was weird. I visited my old High School to say hello to some teachers that were kind to me. It was actually weird because I was dressed nicely and the boys sitting on the Granite Steps were smiling at me as they had done in September of 1958 before they realized the truth only this time nobody would ever know about the "truth". I actually laughed a little at that. A girl knows when ever male's eyes are looking her up and down and this was one of those times.

The main corridor that I thought was 2 miles long was not long at all but when a child's mind thinks of it as a gauntlet time and distance are lost in the confusion of a frightened mind. I remember looking up from the blue walls and realizing for the first time the ceiling was white. Life in High School had always been eyes down and forge ahead,  I never looked up nor did I ever speak to anyone in the corridors for most of those 3 years.

My teacher reunion went well and the student reunion was weird. The only difference between the High School me and the reunion me was hair color and some additional makeup and a knockout dress but it dawned on me that people see what they want to see or what they think they should see. I deliberately did not take a name tag and spent a solid two hours dancing with men that were trying to figure out who I was and that included the target of my anger who was both a gentleman and complimentary when we danced.

Finally one of the "geeks" figured it out when I reminded him he always had trouble with certain math problems. I went to the ladies room in preparation before leaving and he told everyone and I remember thinking how pathetic they all were but I was so wrong.  I was saying goodbye to several teachers when the boy I had planned my revenge on came up to me and started apologizing and I realized they were as confused as I was then. He actually had tears running down his face and I realized he was very serious in his apology.

I learned that evening how blind my own fear had made me.  Several girls asked why I rebuffed their attempts at friendship in my Junior year and I remembered none of it. It took that boy 8 months to batter down the walls I had built around myself but he did. The entire evening turned out to be cathartic just like Harry and my mother said it would be. I was there well past the midnight hour talking with young adults a few years older than me. It allowed me to let go of that part of my past.

It was a large part of the catalyst that drove me towards the rest of my life. Letting go allowed me to move forward and live life as I had wanted from very early on. I was blessed with several close friends that were born transsexual and we all just lived after our SRS. All of us just blended into society as girls and women.  I lived a very normal life for a woman.  I had a bad marriage and a great marriage. I had a daughter I was privileged to raise.

Life is what you make of it and it is even more rewarding when you do it as a woman. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sandeen, trans "sexualization", trans "medicalization", and deconstructing transsexualism

Autumn Sandeen in a post in the San Diego LGBT Weekly is again trying to deconstruct transsexualism and make the unknowing believe it is terminology that has seen its time and should be put into the world of pejoratives like other derogatory words. She even brought Christine Jorgensen from the grave in an attempt to justify the concept that transsexual should be replaced with transgender.

There has long been some that are offended by the "sex" part of transsexual which is a little baffling when one considers we change sex and not gender and "transsex" describes that very process of crossing to another sex or changing sex. It is truly what being transsexual has always been about but not any longer it seems, well certainly to most in the transgender umbrella for sure.

I actually met Jorgensen in the Spring of 1960 in Harry's office. Something horrid had happened to me and Harry arranged the meeting which is ironic because I had no idea who she was. We wrote back and forth for a few years but after Kevin died and my adventure in Aversion Therapy in the summer of 1963 I stopped communicating with everyone from my family, to Harry, to Jorgensen, with the exception of my older brother Ray. In a little tiny irony she was the first person I ever read or heard use the term "tranny" but that was the early 60's.

The real irony of this attempt to make transsexual a sexualization of "trans" people is the simple truth the only ones being sexualized are those of us that had SRS because we were and are the only women involved. They are trying to link the sexualization of women with the sexualization of transsexuals by some. The other irony here is the person writing this article has a penis, sans balls, and they have as much chance of being a female sex object as a cement wall. The other way they attempt to denigrate transsexuals is by claiming since she-males advertise themselves as transsexuals the word is bad. I think a little explanation is needed for the men in dresses crowd.

A tranny chaser is a man that likes his women to have tits plus a dick and balls.  They will chase pre-op transsexuals and they will chase drag queens and they might even chase transvestites but what they are after is a she-male or a combination of both sexes but with the male sex characteristics basically intact. A tranny chaser will not chase women nor those who have had SRS.  They would chase Monica Roberts because she has an intact male anatomy.  They might even chase Sandeen but they would have to lower their standards in that case.

Most She-Males are about as transsexual as a Drag Queen but some are because being a She-Male has earning potential for SRS as does the Drag world. She-males advertise themselves as transsexual so the Tranny Chasers will know who and what they are because that is their clientele. Claiming that because She-Males use transsexual is bad for those that are transsexual is like claiming women should find another term for themselves because transvestite hookers are women.

Another reason for the "sex" issue in transsexual is because sex is in the name. The ones whining about this are heterosexual men who often claim that SRS is not about the sex as in fucking which does beg one question. Why would you want a vagina if you were not going to use it. The reason is simple for those that feel that way.  Getting rid of the dick and balls makes them feel "less male" but certainly "not more female" because most women I know want good sex as bad as any man does and you can count me in that category.

Many of the ones in that camp claim to be asexual which is a misinterpretation of what Benjamin said because Harry was talking about transsexuals pre SRS and many are asexual rather than have any sex at all before SRS. Most of the women I have known like me thoroughly enjoy sex but there are a few that do not like there are some natal women that do not but one must wonder if they met the right partner, male or female, how long that would last. Besides they are men and the thought of being penetrated is not something men accept easily even with a vagina in place. This also goes for our lesbian sisters.

In the article Sandeen claims the word "trans" people united behind was "transgender in the 90's.  Actually this is untrue because mostly activists like Wilchins and her ilk moved that way but not those born transsexual once they realized the true makeup of the new umbrella. It is why people are opposed to transgender. The other issue we had and have is when we are "cured" with SRS most of us want to leave behind the public side of being transsexual because we are women.

I do love the "diversity" model concept used by Sandeen and the belief that the "visibly" trans are the ones that face all the discrimination and all the rights gained are for those born transsexual. Just what are those rights? They are mostly rights that allow us to "just" be women.

When was 14 years old I was raped by my brutish neighbor.  Thankfully I have not one single memory of the event except for the first few minutes since he fractured my skull to keep me quiet. All he kept muttering to me as he ripped my clothes off and hit me was, "I'll show you what it means to be a woman",  while nearly killing me. Every time Sandeen opens her mouth or puts pen to paper or keyboard to word processor or keyboard to internet post I feel like Sandeen is telling me and everyone before and to come that "He will tell us what it means to be a woman" and we must listen or I must listen. What the fuck does Sandeen or Monica Roberts or any of these penis packing activist assholes understand about being a woman? They are men and it shows through in every word.

Sandeen wants to reject medicalization because we recognize it as our cure and they look at it as forced sterilization or castration. We want transsexualism to be a medical condition because most of us that have finished that path recognize the fact we are cured and simply women.  We are not some hyphenated form of woman with "trans" or "transgender" in front. We look at that as a denigration of our womanhood. Sandeen and her ilk look at it as a badge of honor because they want to be special and recognized as special because they are "trans" whatever.

The goal of these transgender assholes is the deconstruction or destruction or removal of transsexual from usage because it clearly defines a specific group of people. It defines those that want a sex change. The problem is the actual word or meaning they want to redefine and deconstruct is female and woman. They want female and woman to include them in their penis packing panties with their 5o'clock shadows and other male accoutrements.  

They demand to be accepted as women rather than earning that privilege by becoming a woman and living a life that earns one womanhood. They want to legislate themselves female and they are winning some battles but some people are standing up to them.

Look at the hubris these penis packing men have. They actually are demanding that lesbians accept them as women, lesbians, sex partners, and feminists because they say they are despite packing a penis in the panties. Sounds a little like another version of "I'll tell you what it means to be a woman" only this time it is "I'll tell you what it means to be a lesbian feminist" and you will like!! That is like a pre-op transsexual telling a heterosexual man that "you will accept me as a woman and fuck me up the ass but pretend it is a vagina and like it"!! Not likely.

The irony is these penis packing lesbian feminists are outraged that lesbian feminists will not accept them as women.  They do not want to have to work as women in the work place and actually be women in the real world they are "demanding" to be accepted because they say so. How fucking manly of them. I am a heterosexual woman but I have to imagine the creeps it brings to a lesbian at the thought of a lesbian with a functional penis.

The real goal along with removing transsexual from the vernacular is to deconstruct what female and women means. This is clearly a case of men trying to tell women what it means to be what is our essence of existence and our physical presentation.  I guess it is now okay to have a man bulge in a bikini and transphobic to point it out.

It is transphobic to point out that transvestites are not women and should not be treated nor allowed access as such. It is transphobic to criticize anything they say because after all "man knows best". It is even transphobic to point out that someone is an obvious man in a dress that turns out to be a registered sex offender.

Is it bad to say that having the GLBT or GLAAD or any of its rags representing us is akin to appointing a third generation inbred redneck with an IQ of 35 to head Mensa. We have not one thing in common with them.

It is important that transsexualism be termed a medical condition but if that happens the the transvestites are recognized for what they are which is men with a social problem or fetishists. I actually have nothing against them and wish them no harm as long as they do it on their own time and at accepted places where they gather but it will be a very snowy day in hell when I accept them as women because they put on a dress, heels, and a wig and stuff the dick and balls in panties and parade around town. They are men because they will go back to being men.

I have to wonder why NOW has not been heard on the redefinition of female. Are they just too dumb to realize what is happening or do they favor penis in the panties women?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Are Transgender Rights and Issues Feminist Issues

Okay, I need to sit here at 3 AM and try and grasp this bizarre concept.Of course this does depend on what one considers the correct definition of Transgender and lately I have gotten some rather odd descriptions and a rather heated push-back on another blog about what transgender actually defines. It was a rather weird situation since they claimed that transvestites and cross-dressers were not transgender and in the next breath claimed they fought the Transgender Borg umbrella which left me quizzical about whether they really did understand who is under the transgender umbrella. Anger can make one not think straight and there was and is a lot of anger there.

If transvestites and crossdressers, one and the same in my book, are not under the transgender umbrella then why am I fighting to be free of the transgender umbrella? Why are any of us fighting? The simple truth is we all know the transvestites control the transgender movement.  They may disguise themselves as transgender and claim womanhood but they are still men by any standard. If you have a penis and you want to keep it you are a fucking man. End of the fucking story.

I cannot say I would consider myself a card carrying feminist because basically I am not sure what that means. I know I have worked as a woman since I was 23 and some will tell you I worked as one before that for 3+ years after grad school because I was not fooling anyone but we will deal with the facts on this one. I have never been one to ask for anything to be given to me.  I prefer to work for it even if one would consider me a trust fund kid.

I look back on the past 43 years and I was a woman working in a basically male dominated career. I did set some precedents and push some issues for women but how important they were are debatable and I am not discussing them here but when I did fight back it was because I felt I was denied my due and as a woman I wanted what I was worth and that might be a core feminist belief. I never asked for anything special because I was born transsexual because I simply considered myself a woman like every other woman I knew.

I am not one of those that believes a man can be a feminist. How can one be a feminist if one does not experience life as a woman and the inherent challenges we face on a daily basis put in front of us by men.  There are some feminist issues I will never face but there are natal women that will not face them either but in 43+ years I have both felt some of the inequality in the workplace and that same inequality in society. I am not one that takes no for an answer without asking why.

It is hard enough being a woman but it is even harder when you have men playing woman claiming they should be treated as women and now women have a new threat and yes I see it as a threat. The transgender have tried to destroy the concept of transsexualism and now they are taking aim at the concept of what is a woman.

How are they doing this?  Well we women born as I was see it in the simple fact the transgender clowns like Sandeen believe a dress, wig, and makeup makes the woman and not one's physical nature and inner soul.  In other words a man in a dress with a penis is as much of a woman as any woman with a vagina.  Only a man could pack so much hubris in such a testosterone ladled brain but we see them everywhere. They want access to all women's spaces and they want the world to legislate them as women and force women to accept them as such.

Now they have a new tactic. The new claim is transgender rights and issues are feminist issues. We know they are trying to obfuscate the situation by implying transgender means transsexual because it is convenient but that is just momentary. I am trying to think of one single feminist issue that is relevant to a fucking transvestite and I cannot.

Just how is a man in a dress with a penis in women's spaces a feminist issue? Baffles me!! One can go down the entire list of issues feminists promote and not a one relates to a transvestite but many can and do relate to those of us that have had SRS and actually work and live as functioning women in the world without promoting the fact we were born with a certain condition. I do wonder how these so-called "trans" women will function in a feminist environment. Will feminists be required to call them "trans" feminists because remember they are transgender forever and proud of it.

Are feminists supposed to support late transitioning men who have built a career in business as men and a power base as men.  Are we required to support their opinion they should keep the job, title, money, and power they gained as men when they suddenly become Susan? Considering they more than likely have discriminated against women because it is what men do in business in general I somehow think that is a pill feminists cannot swallow.

How can a man that has lived and worked for his 50 years on this planet as a man suddenly claim to be a feminist. It truly baffles me how this is possible but I see it daily on blogs. One can read cross-dresser blogs chiming in about feminism and I have always wanted to ask a simple question. Are you really so fucking stupid that you believe because you are Sally on Friday evening at the local club that caters to you that you have one single concept about what it means to be a woman day in and day out in society? What fucking planet were you born on?

Here is a little clue for all of you. Neither transsexual nor transgender rights have anything to do with feminist rights or issues. That said transsexuals can and do have a kinship with feminists. Those of us with the misfortune to be born a MTF transsexual have or should have only one goal in life. That goal is to become the best woman we can which means SRS and the simple concept of after my SRS I am a woman and all I want is the same rights all my fellow women have. I was not special and neither are any of you. If you do not want to assimilate into womanhood as a woman and not a "trans" woman may I suggest you save your balls and dick and stay with the rest of the men because you seem to have missed the point. It really is not about the cloths asshole.

The transgender want to legislate themselves into being accepted as women and I assume they want the same from feminists.  Not about to happen. Ashley Love has a beautiful post about feminism and us and is a must read. The opposing view may be perused here.

This attempt by the transgender to invade women's spaces and feminism is just another attempt by men to get control of the female narrative and to direct it and us to their purpose. Not about to happen to this girl.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Angry Crossdresser Visits Ocean View, Virginia

It seems a couple of angry crossdressers in Ocean View, Virginia got really pissed at a couple of teenage girls. They literally had a Sandeen moment and instead of throwing hot coffee in a man's face beat the living shit out of two girls. How manly of them.

For those that do not know Ocean View is in the Newport News Virginia area of Virginia and a large Navy Base along with Newport News Shipbuilding which builds all our Nuclear Carriers and Ocean View is to be kind can be a tough area.

The police seem to actually know who the two "ladies" are and are looking for them. Both teens received cuts and were swollen with one receiving a concussion and one of the "ladies" wigs.

I am sure there is more to the story than what we have at hand and it is likely the two "ladies" were "working" girls and one might wonder if something was not said but a lady would walk away and avoid a physical confrontation in most cases unless of course you are the aggressive "male" type lady and like to assault someone by throwing hot coffee in someone's face but in Sandeen's defense she did pick on a man so it was a fair fight.  This was not a fair fight.

I can just see the headlines if the friends of the girls had caught one of the ladies after they "tuned" up the two teenage girls and beat the living shit out of one of these "transgender" sisters of the evening. It would be all over Transvestite-Central that another one of their sisters was outrageously beaten by transphobic haters.

I would probably wager that something was said because teenage girls can be crass but we will not know until the two "ladies" are arrested by local authorities and then the TG police can come to their defense claiming justified physical violence cause they called me a man.

I will try and keep this updated.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Texas Transgender Sex Offender Update

Tanks to an Anonymous comment we have some more disturbing but relevant information about our Texas pervert transgender/transvestite serial sex offender Paul(a) Witherspoon. The so-called husband in the case she was visiting is also a registered sex offender name Billy Lorentz aka Billy Birdsong.

Billy Birdsong left, Billy Lorentz right.

He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a 12 year old. He is actually listed as Paula's employer. So what we have is a nifty little house of sex offenders of children.  Lord how disgusting it would be with that piece of shit slobbering all over you. Somehow my opposition to the Death Penalty seems misplaced when I see child molesters.

It gets better or actually worse of you are a fan of the GLBT and some of its resources. Paula is being defended by  Lambda Legal a noted defender of "equality". Lambda is quoted in this News report defending Paul(a)'s right to use the ladies rest room with arguably the single most bizarre comment I have ever read.

Lambda representative Ken Upton said the following.

If you want to talk about disorderly conduct, you have to wonder which would cause more of a disruption — her going into the women’s restroom and using it with other women or going into the men’s restroom dressed the way she was, whether that would have been any better.

Okay let me get this right. That fucking thing, all sex predators are things by the way, would disrupt the poor little men of Texas if he entered a male restroom so a serial sex offender that lives with and is employed, theoretically, by another registered sex offender should be welcomed into women's spaces because he puts on a fucking dress with his 5 o'clock shadow.

Well I must say that does not represent well the men of Texas I know. Having lived in Texas and dated a Texan I can assure you he would have done what was appropriate with Paul Ray Witherspoon if he entered the men's room. Nothing is what he would have done while suppressing a little smirk. The vast majority of men would do nothing because it is what it is and it was a hospital. Maybe I have a higher respect for men than pieces of shit like Witherspoon.

I can tell you if they knew he was a child sex offender he would have had the living shit kicked out of him which in my humble opinion is and was well deserved.  There is a reason pieces of shit like this are segregated in male prison.  Even bad guys hate pedophiles.

Under Texas Law as a registered sex offender he must notify the State if there is any change in his status and I do believe transitioning is a change of status.  Did he? What would the State of Texas have thought of this. From what I can tell when he was arrested in 2011 for emailing a picture of his junk he was living as a man.  There is no mention of a new status on his arrest report or from Texas authorities. One would expect his parole officer to note that Paul(a) was changing his "gender' but to the best of my knowledge he either never went to his parole officer en femme or never said anything if called although i believe as a registered sex offender appearance is mandatory.

Paul(a) claims to be under therapy but the simple fact is there is no known definitive cure for pedophilia and for serial sex offenders. Whether Paul(a) is a pedophile or a serial sex offender may be debatable but the simple fact he is a danger to young women and his "life partner", laughable actually, Billy Lorentz is a child molester is not under question. They do not put sex offenders on ankle monitors unless they are worried they will re-offend and based on his 2011 arrest he did re-offend which brings up another question. Why would a supposedly "transgender woman" send a picture of her male junk to anyone?

The other question is about Lambda. I realize and believe everyone deserves the right to legal council but  some of the comments by Upton from Lambda are disturbing and just the fact they came forward and offered to defend Paul(a) is a little disturbing to many that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and hopefully trans because I firmly believe this assholes "transness" is contrived because claiming to be transgender or transsexual brings about access to female spaces where the prey exists.

Paul(a)'s use of the "Gender Identity" defense has really pissed off the radical feminist ladies and rightfully so.

I have said that the bathroom issue will work itself out and I believe that. This is a case where the ability of a woman to question why someone used a bathroom has brought the spotlight on a sex offender that is a serious risk to young girls and there is not one single thing wrong with that. What gave Paul(a) away?  I am guessing the obvious 5 o'clock shadow but regardless it is a good thing Texans found out about this dirtbag and the dirtbag associated with Paul(a).

What I do find "really" disturbing is a GLBT lawyer or representative claiming that it is men that would be disrupted by a man in a dress so women should accept the asshole in our bathroom or lord forbid other female spaces so as not to disturb or disrupt men who are certainly more able to defend themselves against a man in a dress than we women are. What chance would a 14 year old girl have against this asshole if attacked? None!!

What Witherspoon needs is a little jail house justice. Put him in the general population and let him learn what the physical meaning of no longer being anally retentive means. Yes that is cruel and Unusual punishment but then sex offenders of this ilk deserve this for taking a young girl's or child's innocence.

I copied the pics from a site listed above and thanks to the Anonymous poster and them for the info.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoe Alan Brain had Retractable Bits!!!

First I need to add this qualifier. I know the following is factual from multiple sources.

  1. Zoe Brain has never been checked by a medical professional for any intersex condition.
  2. Zoe Brain did not suffer from any sudden feminization.
  3. Zoe Brain is not a Rocket Scientist now nor ever.
  4. Zoe Brain has hurt the understanding of the intersex.
  5. Zoe Brain has delusions of grandeur. 

It just came to my attention that Zoe Brain managed to lie her way onto an Australian show called the The Hungry Beast on ABCTV Australia. Zoe was on with a truly intersex young girl of 23 but what Zoe Brain says is not only beyond belief but insulting to those truly born intersex.  She claims now that she suffers from Ideopathic Partial Sex Reversal and that within 3 months she changed from a mildly intersex male to an intensely intersex woman. This is utter bullshit since Zoe Brain has never had any tests done for any intersex condition and now denies she ever thought of herself as transsexual.

This was invented by Zoe Brain herself because there are no recorded cases nor is there any medical evidence such condition is possible and sex reversal is not something hormones do.  Hormones feminize but sex change is an operation and body parts, genital ones in particular, do not "retract" into the body. She is so fucking stupid she actually misspelled idiopathic which is beyond humorous.

Most of the little information found on this fantasy intersex condition was put on the internet by Zoe Brain  herself. Initially Zoe Brain was 46 XXY or some form of that but she came up with this new claim by herself . There are no cases listed in any reputable medical journals describing this condition and it certainly does NOT happen over a 3 month span and does not change a man into a woman.  It is bullshit and junk science.

Brain first started this crap in 2005 and the delusion has grown. The body cannot go from male to female in 3 months. The body cannot process the amount of female hormones required to change or feminize someone and I defy ANYONE to look at a picture of Zoe Brain then or now and show me one fucking single sign of feminization.

I had trouble watching the YouTube video but the internet has been in snail mode here in North Carolina for the last few days. I suggest keeping a waste basket handy because you might want to throw up.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sandeen List of "Trans" Shame

Well, talk about a want-to-be and someone who once was relevant.  It seems Autumn has a new idol and it is Riki Wilchins the self proclaimed gender warrior and "transsexual lesbian feminist". I have respect for a lot of what Wilchins has done over the years although I disagree with many of her positions on transsexuals and those she has allied herself with quite often.

Sandeen seems to have found Riki Wilchins' original A Shopping List of Transsexual Shame on Anne Lawrence's site which should tell you right there what the issue is. Whether this is still Wilchins position is not in my purvey but in 1993 it was and to be blunt it was offensive and deliberately antagonistic towards those transsexuals that just got on with living life after SRS and is aimed exclusively at the MTF transsexual with emphasis on many late transitioner situations.  It is offensive to all in my opinion.

At least Wilchins used transsexual but Sandeen in her zeal to be relevant has chosen a title that fits her actual pathetic view of the world with the title, A Shopping List of Trans Women's Shame. She then proceeds to up the anti from a shopping list of 26 items to 56 item list because well she is Autumn Sandeen.

If you look at Wilchins list then leads one to realize it was not Wilchins list originally but that of one Rachel Pollack Rachel Pollack who is a tarot card expert, comic book writer, science fiction writer, and believes transsexualism is a "passion" and not an "illness" or medical. Some of the original list is insightful in some ways.

The first thing that everyone needs to know about Wilchins and Sandeen is that if you are not out and proud then you have no relevance and are a coward and should not have the right to express your opinion primarily because someone might listen and realize that quietly living as a woman kind of seems really cool. One must be angry and against anything and everything that does not support "trans" rights and the "special" status they want for "trans" people which of course elevates their personal status since they are trans activists.

Most of what Sandeen has written in her list is her laundry list of why she hates transsexual separatists. It is also a pretty clear look into the mind of a "trans" person that has very little idea what being transsexual means to the vast majority of those of us born transsexual. She looks at life through her "trans" eyes and "trans" mind which was and will always be predominantly male.

Many of the items on her list are about being "read" and the angst it causes those that are read. It has never been an issue in my world but when someone so disparately wants to be recognized as a female only and not as "trans" like Sandeen what kind of reaction does she expect? Maybe the transsexual should walk up and throw coffee in a man's face like Sandeen did a while back but how ladylike is that?  That is an inherently "trans" act or in Sandeen's case a male act of aggression. Most women are not aggressive and certainly not aggressive with men but then can we honestly say Sandeen is a woman? She reacts like a man to her life situations because she was a man in the US Navy but of course she was an undercover woman the entire time.

Sandeen is so completely "trans" she will never be anything but "trans" and thus will never experience life as a women. We consider ourselves "normal" after surgery because all we ever wanted was to be accepted into the fold of womanhood by all the other women in the world. Sandeen wants everyone in the world to know "trans" is what she is. Several examples from her list.

We avoid discussing taking hormones with nontranssexual people.
We avoid discussing our operative status with nontranssexual people because we don’t want to be thought of as men — no matter what our operative status.

If we’ve had a vaginoplasty, we don’t discuss dilating and surgery with nontranssexual people.
Lord I bet those are great conversation starters when meeting new friends and I am sure John Q Public would love to talk about our hormone usage, operative status, and what happens in SRS and why we need to dilate for the first year a lot. Only in Sandeen's perverted world of Infantile Dressing and "trans" issues would this be a conversation starter with strangers.

We avoid discussing our dicks.
Well I gather Sandeen is quite proud of her/his dick but I certainly have never discussed my "old" dick with anyone and must ask the question. Why would any women discuss her "dick"? Now I do and have discussed dicks with my girlfriends and it is the "dicks" that men have.
If we have no children prior to surgery, we refuse to bank sperm prior to the genital surgeries that sterilize us.
Only a man would think like this. Why would any woman want to impregnate another woman but then Sandeen thinks like a man. This seems to be a big issue with transitioners that have married women so I will leave this for them to answer but personally saying that SRS sterilizes us is one of the new mantras for the "trans" crowd so they can keep their pricks and claim to be women. It is a complete dichotomy but then nobody ever said men had common sense.

We convince ourselves after our vaginoplasties that we no longer have dicks.
Well, actually we do not but then this is meant as an insult is it not. It is meant to say we will always be men just like Sandeen because Sandeen knows she will always be a man because well "trans" people cannot let go of that side of themselves because it is their pleasure palace.

   We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties that we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas have no possibility of lubricating like nontranssexual women’s vaginas do. 
    We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas have to be stretched with dilator to make the depth as close to nontranssexual women’s vaginas as possible. 
    We convince ourselves after vaginoplasties we’re “normal” women — even though our vaginas will never be capable of passing a newborn through them.
We use “normal” to describe ourselves.

Do you get Sandeen's point here? Since she can never be a woman we can never be women. She does not understand and never will understand that "normal" is a mindset that allows us to function as a woman in the world of women without the limitation and the built in excuse of being born transsexual. An they wonder why those of us born transsexual and those still transsexual want to get as far away from these "trans" assholes and the Transgender Borg as we can. She will never understand that I am just a normal everyday woman that has lived and worked as a woman for so many decades I really have no concept of what it means to be "male" nor do I want to. To my friends I am one of them and thus a normal everyday female human. As far as I am concerned that means I WON and you have lost Sandeen.

We feel legitimate when we’re in a relationship; we feel inferior when we aren’t.
ROFLMAO. 90% of the genetic women in the world feel the same way because women are social creatures and it is a natural instinct to want a mate but we do not feel inferior if we have no mate.  What we feel is less fulfilled and this is something that all women feel if heterosexual. Another case where Sandeen has absolutely no clue what it means to be a heterosexual woman. She thinks like a man.

We publicly embrace transsexual as a term that applies to us, even if it sexualizes us to broader society, because we want to have our trans experience medicalized.
The continued assault on the use of the word transsexual by men in dresses. They want transsexual to be removed or turned into a pejorative and if being transsexual is medical then they feel "less" and after all we are "equal".  We are different for sure.

We tear other trans women down in an effort to build ourselves up.
One must recognize the simple truths in life. Whatever the "trans" people say is the truth and anyone that has a dissenting point of view is tearing down others.  Guilty as charged on this blog but then in this case guilt is in the eye of the individual. Just look what you have said in the few items I have copied. Are you not tearing me and all other transsexuals down and denigrating us? Sorry, I forgot you are the only one that gets to do that.

We feel internal pain because we’re putting our mothers through this.
 My mother loved me and despite paralytic polio of the worst kind she never stopped trying to help me. You were obviously never a young transsexual who was "out" to her parents and family. If you cannot realize that we put our families through hell then you are more clueless than I thought because a mother's love can be unbounded and I personally know what I put her through and it was not a lot of fun for her or anyone around my family. If you hurt your mother and she was a good mother and you do not feel internal pain then you are an asshole. When my mother visited me in NYC I apologized for hurting everyone so much  but she had a simple response. "We always loved you and look how you have turned out. You are the beautiful girl you should have been. That was worth everything we went through." She forgave me so I forgave myself.

A lot of what she puts in her list is directly relevant to later transitioners and in my opinion is deliberately hurtful.

We choose to be stealth, even knowing trans people who come after us will experience the same discrimination we did early in our transitions — and we do nothing to make their transitions easier than our own transitions were.
Well you have absolutely not one single idea what is involved with in being "stealth". This is the one that really irks me a lot. The only way Sandeen could ever be stealth is to walk through life with a fucking bag over his head and use a voice simulator so where does this experience come from? Every transition and every transsexual experience is different and today there is plenty of help but that is not the issue.  I guess I and every other successfully integrated woman born transsexual should be running around with a tee-shirt saying "trans" and never leave that fucking nightmare behind. The difference is that we see our futures as women and you see your future as a man in a dress screaming "trans" so you can be special. No transsexual owes anything to any other transsexual.  Giving back is a decision that is made after SRS and there are some of us that have helped a lot of kids but I have zero problem if someone walks off into the sunset to live life as a woman. We deserve it and the sad part is you will never understand that because you will always be "trans".

We denigrate gay men, crossdressers, drag queens, and genderqueer people, saying we have nothing in common with them. We do this even though we know that broader society can’t tell transsexual women, gay men who are perceived to be too feminine, crossdressers, drag queens, and many genderqueer people apart — in fact we do it in some measure because they can’t tell us apart.
Amazing, just freaking amazing. First I would never denigrate any gays or lesbians because they are not in the same situation as we are and yes I do not believe we have anything in common with crossdressers, drag queens, and gender-queer people. We are women and crossdressers and drag queens are men and the gender-queer are not sure what they are. This is a typical "trans" forever and Transgender Borg tenet but they have never provided a single incidence where we are in any way similar. I would just love to have some examples and Sandeen most people can tell us apart or certainly know the difference if the terms are used separately. Thus, your need for the "transgender umbrella" to include transsexuals so you can lie to people and make certain idiots not realize transsexual and transgender are mutually exclusive.

Most of what I read from this list is complaints Sandeen has about her life plus her "transgender" forever mentality and the Borg Mantra she believes in strongly. Are some of the items on the list valid. Absolutely but they are items that we women with a history have learned to live with because nothing is perfect and believe me we know our own limitations but all life has limitations so you learn to live with them and to cope like all the natal born women do. It is part of what it means to be a woman.  Women are the ones that compromise in life. I made compromises to raise my stepdaughter as do women when they raise a family. We are quite good at it and only a man in a dress would not realize those abilities to compromise and make do are what allow us to assimilate into society as women.

Sandeen and her ilk will always be stuck in the nether-land between male and female because they are unable to let go of their maleness.  Those women born transsexual that learn to let go of that side are the successful ones.  We know we have a history but we are women and the important thing is we are women to everyone that knows us. If being as complete a woman as you can possibly be is not your goal than I suggest wholeheartedly that you reconsider and realize you are not transsexual. Women do not have a penis.  Women do not talk about their dicks because women do not have dicks.

In reality Sandeen is describing the transvestite world when not specifically excoriating those of us born transsexual. "Trans" is not the same as "transsexual" but we all know that simple fact has long escaped Sandeen's limited cognitive abilities. 

In simple terms I am a woman Sandeen.  In simple terms Sandeen you are not.  End of story!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Your Average Friendly Trans Bathroom Visitor!

Well the transgender crowd thought they had their new poster child for bathroom rights and lord did they jump on this bandwagon. I would have tended to disagree with the confrontation but this is just another example of that female radar that knows a bad guy when they see one.

Paula Witherspoon seemed like the perfect case for them but how the tables have turned and not for the better. It turns out Paula or Paul is a convicted level III sex offender in the State of Texas and until his parole is final is required to wear a tracking anklet. Watch the video at this link below please.

even the Dallas Voice posted the information quickly.

This is a first class dirtbag of the highest order. A level III sex offender is considered a major risk for society with a high propensity to commit another sex crime. Paul(a)'s crime was Sexual Assault of a minor which in this case was a 14 year old girl and also indecency of a child with sexual contact with a 15 year old girls. He is a predator of young women.

This person belongs on the Television Show "World's Dumbest Criminals" based on the stupidity of first claiming she was visiting her husband that had a heart attack with the veracity of that yet to be determined and then claiming to carry a letter from the VA stating she was transsexual. The letter this douche-bag posted was dated April 27 which is 2 days after the Parkland Hospital incident and specifically mentions parkland Hospital.

The truth will come out is so relevant here. Some in the transgender community are still trying to claim her rights were violated but this is a clear example of a registered sex offender entering women's spaces and with the recidivism rates of Level II sex offenders this woman did what she thought was correct as should be her right.

A level III sexual predator in a dress and all you lucky Texans will get to enjoy her presence once the anklet comes off.  I am betting few of you understand the rationale behind that anklet. You really have to be a dirtbag to get an anklet while on parole.

All I can say is good luck in the Transgender Borg making this douche a symbol of transphobia. That woman deserves a medal simply for identifying this slime to the public.

Unalienable Rights for the Transgender??

Well I learned a valuable lesson a few days back which is never make a lucid comment on the blog of anyone that self describes as a progressive, feminist, and an anarchist with a partner that can not even accurately describe what the transgender are.

Inalienable Rights

These two are confused about unalienable rights which are also termed inalienable

Natural rights are rights not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable. In contrast, legal rights are those bestowed onto a person by the law of a particular political and legal system, and therefore relative to specific cultures and governments.

There has been some movement to attempt to link human rights with unalienable rights but without question the concepts discussed below are not about unalienable rights.  In general Natural Rights are considered beyond the authority of any government or international body to dismiss. 

My personal positions

I need to make my positions public although most that have read this blog even once in a while should know them by now.

  1. I am pro choice
  2. I am pro gay marriage and have been since day one.
  3. I am opposed to transsexual being included under the transgender umbrella.
  4. I am opposed to anyone with male genitalia being allowed in women's spaces other than bathrooms which will work themselves out.
  5. I am opposed to redefining female to include individuals with a penis.
  6. I am 100% for equal Rights for Woman and that includes our right to protect our spaces.
  7. I am a left of center Democrat. Socially liberal bit fiscally somewhat conservative.
  8. I am opposed to any trans bill unless it uses transsexual. 
  9. I am opposed to the Transgender Borg.
  10. I am opposed to the death penalty. 
  11. I am opposed to any form of racism.
  12. I am opposed to any form of communism.  It does not work.
  13. I am a liberal at heart.

The Confrontation

The following are snippets from comments made on a certain blog towards me. I cannot respond there so I will do it here. The following were pulled from the comment section and I will provide the link to the blog so the entire scenario is an open book.

Here goes.
Since transvestites have other identities. Since they usually spend most of their lives as (usually) MEN — there is no need to include transvestites, in any way, as “transgender”.

“I never realized the transvestites were not part of the transgender crowd. When did xxxx kick them out?”
My point is that transvestites already have protections. They are (usually) men. There is no way their part time “gender identity” (a concept I do not believe in – since “gender” is a “social construct”, pure and simple.) will be protected. What I think might well be protected is their right to BE transvestites. That DOES NOT MEAN they will be George on Monday and Gladys on Tuesday. Their right to do damn well what they please on their own time will be protected.
One would think that a person who describes themselves as fighting the Transgender Borg would actually have a clue that the transgender are primarily transvestites because if they were not they would be kind of inconsequential. I have actually never said what they do on their own time is their business but that protection does not infringe on the rights of women.

Your personal opinion are what I find repulsive about you. I find the denigration of an entire class of people dehumanizing, just as I find racism and antisemitism among other things repulsive.
When you parrot the same shit I hear from Focus on the Family, Tony Perkins, Pete LaBarbera and the rest of the right wing bigots who wrap themselves in the flag and carry Bibles, then one can only assume you embrace the values of those bigots.
Lastly. You came here to voice you bigoted views. I did not come to your blog to bring my views to you.
This was my comment that so enraged them both. I do not believe my views are bigoted but I guess they do but if you write a blog and allow comments are you not inviting comments that oppose your views? I guess in mythic Communist paradise they live in unless the fearless leaders allow it, them, then dissent is not allowed and if you do dissent you qualify as a bigot. Oh I bet they wish their idols Stalin and Mao ran the blog world for I would surely be off to an internment camp for improper thoughts.

elizabeth1945 Says: 04/24/2012 at 3:13 pm
Wow! Using the race card in defending the right of the transgendered of the world to pee, shower, and undress in any facility they feel they identify as on that particular day and claiming it is not a threat to women. Big difference.
What women of color faced was racism based on color of skin which is relatively obvious and it was evil. The bathroom or facility issue is far more complex and does potentially present a potential danger to women and anyone that is blind to that has their head up their ass. Simply put, men do not have the right to equal access to female facilities unless they have changed sex and are anatomically correct.
Bathrooms have always worked themselves out. In 99.99% of the cases nobody has an issue if a trans person uses a female bathroom but to deny women the right to deny access to someone they feel threatened by with laws that prevent women from even asking a question is not an inalienable right for men it is removal of an inalienable right from women.
Funny how men seem to like to take rights from women and never give anything in return. Women are to blame for the whole problem. Sure we are.
Okay, I am looking for the bigotry. I guess it must be the part about not allowing the transgendered of the world into female spaces because these two seem to have redefined in their own minds what the transgender actually consists of. I guess I need to be re-educated by the intellectually superior commie dipshits of the world.

The following is a little contradiction by one of the confused ideologues.

As far as the rights of heterosexual transvestites — they are men. They earn their living as men. They usually walk through the world as men. They are protected by male privilege. The only time they might be vulnerable is when they are “en femme” — they deserve protection — at the same time, those protections do not negate the rights of WOMEN, natal or post-transsexual.
If we, you, I say the current direction of transgender rights impinges on the rights of women — then perhaps it’s time to suggest alternatives. Just damning all folks who are “transgender”, because you fear how transvestites just MIGHT act, maybe perhaps, who knows, is like throwing out babies, bathwater, pot, and table.
Well I guess she told me or did she? But isn't she now saying transvestites are part of the transgender? Personally I would never associate a baby with a transvestite and nobody said anything about throwing them away. The key is they do not belong in female spaces and it is that simple.

The next one is beyond belief.
Of course, forcing people who could have been allies in other campaigns underground, dehumanizing them, will only make them more radical, more militant.
Okay these people might be our allies. NOT!!!!! I do not feel any further explanation is required.

Using the bathroom red herring… How Phyllis Schlafly, how “radical feminist”, how irrelevant… What a crock… Perhaps we shouldn’t let Jews into the country clubs either after all we know how they abuse Christian Infants and all…
I’m not part of the HBS bigot mob.
It goes against how I was raised, it goes against my progressive yankee values.
Well you brought it up in your post dipshit and no it does not equate to Jews in a Country Club and how appropriate the a militant atheist would bring religion into it. Getting desperate I guess. Funny, I grew up in Yankee country and I have never met a Yankee of any sorts that has "your" asinine look at the world considering Yankee Values are not anything like your values.

Just for your edification I am not part of the HBS mob and describing them as a mob is akin to describing 3 as a crowd.

Gee Elizabeth does this mean you used the men’s room when you were pre-op. I certainly didn’t, hell I used the women’s room when I had to pee while on my day long trips across the bay to SF for my pre-hormone interview and to get my first months supply of hormones.
But I guess we were different or at least you were because I’m a progressive old hippie woman and you.. Well you are special…
Actually I am far from special. I am just an ordinary woman that made her life as a woman and lived her life as a woman never looking for anything "special" because after all just being as I should have been was good enough for me. I realize that is something neither you nor your partner have a clue about and I would recommend it but both of your lives have long since been wasted on nothing.

This is not about pre-op transsexuals but if you would like we can make it that. I always used the ladies room because I passed as I believe you did also although you t-shirt with "trans" on it might not have helped at times. Like I said bathrooms have always worked themselves out and will going forward. I had my letter from Harry as I am sure you also did. Never had to use it. I have always been open to something that would help pre-op transsexuals but "transgender rights" and "gender identity" politics are not the ticket in my opinion.

But I still don’t buy the vilification of TGs and the way it resembles any other form of bigotry or the denial of equal rights.
I don’t buy the Phyllis Schlafly/Cathy Brenna bullshit.
In the end most of that crap comes off just like KKK/Aryan Nation or Protocols of the Elders of Zion and I don’t like the bigotry.
I actually had no idea who Schlafly and Brennan were because I am not into feminist politics nor radical lesbian feminist politics. It is amazing how the poor transgender have now become equated to the targets of the KKK/Aryan Nation and this is typical of the elitist left wing dipshits of today. Throw out as much invalid shit based on hate groups and hope some of it sticks. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a hoax so what relevance is that?

But beyond that — How often have any of you post-ops, who actually used the ladies room while pre-op, laid in wait for some unsuspecting natal-born-woman? How often did you seriously CONTEMPLATE rape?
NOT ONCE you say? Well gee-whiz, why do you think the pre-ops of today are less ethical, less committed, less identified as women, than you were/are?
Why do you bring up BATHROOMS when attempting to discuss a wide range of issues that include every aspect of human rights? Why do you want to add your voices to those attempting to DEHUMANIZE ALL members of the various trans communities?
Your significant other brought up bathrooms in her last paragraph. You seemingly have lost the ability to comprehend what you read. Where and when have I ever said that a pre-op transsexual would lay in wait to rape a woman in a bathroom? Please point that out if you do not mind.  It seems to me you are again confused about the true makeup of transgender. I would suggest you figure it out but that might require brain cells that still function. 

Anyone who knows me knows I oppose the “transgender borg”, the “transgender as umbrella” ideology with all my being. I also said – many years ago – “There’s no future being the ‘T’ in LGBT.”.
Okay what am I missing here. Isn't she contradicting herself again? If the transgender do not contain transvestites what is the issue?

That does NOT mean I follow the HBS, Classic Transsexual party line. Nor does it mean I oppose HUMAN RIGHTS for transgender individuals.
I didn't know I followed either myself and I never realized there was a party line for either. Assuming transvestites are include in Transgender I am not opposed to human rights for them but not at the expense of women.  If you give them access to women's spaces are you not violating my human rights as a woman? I guess when you were a man for as long as this one was it is hard to let go of manly thoughts. Is it a human right for a man in a dress to be allowed access to women's spaces? I guess these two nimrods are in favor of redefining what female means so men can fulfill their fantasies in women's spaces.  I am glad we have cleared that point up.  We now know they support transvestites as women whenever they want to be women.

Since transvestites have other identities. Since they usually spend most of their lives as (usually) MEN — there is no need to include transvestites, in any way, as “transgender”. 
Many Drag Queens have lives as gay men. Some actually spend more time in drag than anything else. Now the question arises — when does “drag” cease being “drag”? 
To those who are not aware of the fluidity of drag, queer, transgender, transsexual lives it may seem very confusing. Perhaps it is. That does not mean ALL these folks are not human.
This is one of my favorite comment snippet. Again transvestites are not part of transgender and now drag bars. It gets better.

Now, let us all assume you were pre-op and in a “drag bar” — which rest room would you use? Let us also assume there actually were some “natal women” in the bar, and they used the ladies room. Would you use the mens room?

Remember, this is a drag bar where most of the men are “tranny chasers” — would you, as a pre-op use that men’s room?


Well, why not? Oh wait, I know YOU would be afraid of being RAPED by one of the men.

You are being treated like a woman. You are subject to the same societal restrictions as a woman. You are subject to the same fears as any other woman – with the addition of being seen as a “freak”.

Now, tell again all about “the bathroom issue”. Tell me how it assumes EVERY pre-op, post-op, transgender, etc., person is a RAPIST. Tell me how it ignores TOTALLY the fact most rapes are done by men, as men.
Okay the gay bar part I find both ridiculous and a clear indication this individual has no clue. First tranny chasers may go to a drag bar but they usually go to a club where the crowd has transsexuals. I was in a few in NYC.  I will leave the gay bar drag seen to this individual because personally as a self identified straight woman I would never go to a strictly gay bar. 

I have NEVER and let me repeat this emphatically NEVER said a pre-op transsexual would ever think of rape.  This is another instance of these two nimrods attempting to color someone other than they are. I defy them to fin one place where I have ever said that.

How would all of you that had SRS 10, 20, 30, 40, years ago feel using THE MEN’S ROOM?

Once again – just think about it.

See, those rabid-right-wing-folks would NOT see YOU as “special”.
Actually they would have to know I was born transsexual and I do not advertise that since I never thought it was of any importance but I gather being known as a "tranny" is important to you and your partner. What a sad way to go through life but then it does make you "special" just like your politics makes you "special".

Isn’t it some sort of gut check when you find yourselves in agreement with Phyllis Schlafly and an army of Christo-Nazi right wing bigots?
And their Internet Troll army of “radical feminists”?
First I am not a Schlafly follower and I am certainly not a Christo-Nazi and with the use of Nazi you basically lose all credibility. 
To discard people simply because you do not like them, that is BIGOTRY! Nothing more, nothing less.
Since when am I discarding people? 

Before going all out on the fictitious “bathroom issue” — perhaps think a bit.
Okay now I am confused again.  If the bathroom issue is fictitious then why did you spend such a long time spouting vile rhetoric and accusing me of being a Nazi, among many things, if there is no such thing as a bathroom issue? Isn't that exactly what I said?  Did I not say the bathroom issue would work itself out?

I am not making this up and am not putting words in her mouth. She actually said this and she and her partner then proceeded to label me a christo-fascist, being part of the HBS bigot mob, a Schlafly/Brennan supporter, a Nazi, 

My Summation

It seems I am both marginalizing and dehumanizing the transgender by opposing their access to women's spaces in their penis packing panties although neither of them seem to have a clue what transgender means.

Personally I thought the transvestites marginalized themselves and dehumanized women by pretending to be one of us and then demanded to be accepted as one legally despite the penis in the panties.  Silly me, but then I guess when you have basically gone through life wearing a tee-shirt screaming I am trans while in a drug and booze induced stupor reality is not something that manages to push its way through the permanent fog lived in.

One of course receives the normal critiques these lifetime losers always throw out. The best is I want to be special because I was a classic transsexual/HBS. Actually I have not been transsexual for 41+ years and found HBS to be interesting but infested with a lot of snakes just like these two. I am not the one that wants to be "special" and have always considered myself an ordinary woman that just happened to have a little history.

I always thought the idea of assimilating into society as a woman was the base desire of most of us born transsexual but these two seem to think unless you are out and proud you have no legitimacy and your opinions are not equal to their skewed or more accurately screwed up view of the world.

I think I crossed the line with them because of my position on the so-called "cotton ceiling" or their belief that a man with a penis can be just as lesbian and just as much a feminist and should be accepted as sex partners by lesbians. That is an opinion shared by basically every lesbian I know including some born transsexual. It would be like a heterosexual pre-op MTF transsexual claiming because men refuse to accept them as women and have sex with them they are transphobic.

I think dealing with lesbians is not different than dealing with men once you are no longer transsexual. Is a man that denies me transphobic and a Nazi because of it? Actually no he is not because it is not an easy situation for either men or lesbians.  What I see with these two is they are pissed because they see themselves as radical feminist lesbians and so want to be part of that crowd it irritates them no end that they are denied. The concept of living life as a woman is alien to them because they need to be "out and proud" which immediately makes acceptance difficult and they just plain refuse to admit it because they feel "special".

There is a reason for this position by these two but since I am not lesbian I think they should explain why they feel the way they do and maybe tell the truth about their relationship initially.

The humorous part is what the heck does a radical left wing militant atheist anarchist know about inalienable rights other than they can mouth off because of those rights. In her world the only people allowed to comment are people of her particular world vision which is as dead as the brain cells she murdered with decades of booze and drugs.

It is apparent to me that both of these individuals are lost in their little world of Che and Marx and seem to be confused as to what transgender means

What is the difference between a communist and a Nazi? Not much.  The communists use re-education camps and gulags while the Nazi's used concentration camps. The difference? Slightly better chance of surviving the commies but not by much. The big similarity is to stifle opposition. The issue with our commie friends that someone would dare comment opposing their view fits perfectly.

Appropriate Link

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Transgender

Discovery Channel has just shown the best television documentary I personally have ever watched regarding anyone that was born transsexual or even for the sake of the show and political correctness transgender.

It focused on two FTM and one MTF and not only handled the issues we face ourselves but delved into the family dynamics in a way that was both poignant and revealing. It was not salacious or derogatory and credit must be given to the Discovery Channel and its production crew but more importantly the three individuals the show focused on.

I have actually never met a FTM transsexual but two of the participants Claire and Jim meet, fall in love and are eventually married. It is a beautiful thing to witness. May they both be happy forever.

Finally a documentary that shows how boringly normal most of us are that undergo this nightmarish challenge and come out the other side whole. After all being accepted as we should have been born is really all it should be about.