About Me

My grandfather was an anchor in my early life.  He taught me or better said encouraged me when I began reading at 3. He passed on his love of Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, and appreciation of great literature because it was such a large part of his life. He loved me regardless and was the first to know. My dad was educated at Eton and Oxford and a British Naval Officer interested in aviation, model aviation, mathematics, and science and was my hero along with being the best snooker player ever.  He was the second to realize I was different and loved me anyways. My mom was a Radcliffe educated linguist whose courage overcame paralytic polio and whose persistence, patience, love, and caring provided a template for my life and showed me what I needed to do to be a good woman. My brother Ray is the best brother a scared little girl could have. I was his little sister from age 10 on. He has never failed me even when I wanted to fail me. I am who I am because of these family members along with my doctor Harry Benjamin.