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Lawrence, Bailey, and Blanchard or Now You Have Really Pissed Me Off

The first thing you need to understand about Dr. Anne Lawrence and lord it really hurts to use the term doctor for this quack, almost as much as it hurts to say Dr. Blanchard. The second thing you need to know about Lawrence is that Lawrence is not really happy as Anne and since her SRS she has attempted to destroy an vestige of common sense left in the transsexual medical hierarchy along with her pal Mr Aversion Therapy Blanchard and the discredited Andrew Bailey.

In her rarely read self diagnostic musing called Men Trapped In Men's Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism and in Bailey's The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism their basic line of lunacy is based initially on the research of Dr. Ethel Person and Dr. Lionel Ovesey and their early work including Psychoanalytic Theories of Gender Identity. The noted dipshit Anne Vitale PhD (sic) mentions it in Notes on Gender Role Transition which attempts to deny the differences in those born transsexual by claiming we are all the same which is as big a pile of cow manure as are all of the above items.

I made the mistake of venturing to this blog where an excerpt from Lawrence's book can be found and one paragraph in particular bothers me. This is not a reflection on the blog itself.

And homosexual transsexuals are not exactly devoid of sexual motivations themselves. Colleagues who have spent a lot of time interviewing homosexual transsexuals tell me that they can best be thought of as very effeminate gay men who do not defeminize in adolescence. Nearly all go through a "gay boy" period; and their decisions about whether or not to transition are often based in large part on whether they expect to be sufficiently passable in female role to attract (straight) male partners. Those who conclude they will not pass usually do not transition, no matter how feminine their behavior may be. Instead they accept, perhaps grudgingly, a gay male identity, and remain within the gay male culture, where they can realistically expect to find interested partners. This self-selection process explains the intriguing observation that transitioning homosexual transsexuals tend to be physically smaller and lighter than their autogynephilic sisters. (6) The bottom line is that in homosexual transsexuality, too, a sexual calculus is often at work. Transsexualism is largely about sex -- no matter what kind of transsexual one is.

As someone who has been involved in many a research project and who has been on several accident boards investigating certain catastrophic events the only thing that came to mind when reading that paragraph was "junk science" and I am being kind. This is how the term transsexual was de-legitimized over the years but that is only part of what irritates me. She makes her assumptions about kids like me and others based on hearsay testimony from others and more important it is highly inaccurate if not downright false. Not only that, it is derogatory to those that are actually born gay.

Is or was sex part of what makes one a high intensity transsexual? It certainly is but it is no more important to us than it is to other teenage girls. It is simply a part of being a normal teenage girl. To label us as gay or homosexual, while claiming it is only for biology, is both deliberate and meant to harm. I have never known a child transsexual that "accepts" a gay mentality because quite bluntly no child transsexual is gay. Are their effeminate boys that are going to turn out gay? Absolutely, but that is their life and has absolutely no correlation to being transsexual.

What Lawrence and the idiots she promotes and follows do is completely disregard the first 12-14 years of a child transsexuals life.  They seem to discount it as stereotypical "gay" behavior which is again based on anecdotal evidence by Lawrence. It would be akin to me making a decision on an accident board based on the observations of someone in Seattle about the plane crash in Florida because he heard from his pal Karl ,who heard from his girlfriend Sally,that her friend Pete knew it was pilot error. It is all bullshit.

Is what Lawrence writes abject stupidity or ignorance? No, it is both deliberate and harmful and meant to be so. It trivializes what it means to be born transsexual and it does this to those they classify as homosexual transsexuals and those they define as autogynephilic. Personally if anyone had touched my male parts before I had my SRS I do not believe I would have survived. One could ask the question why they believe all transsexualism is related to sex? The answer is simple Freud and the deliberate attempt to prove we are mentally ill.

Good old cocaine sniffing, mother obsessed, and penis obsessed Sigmund Freud is your answer. In Freud's world everything revolved around sex which is humorous considering his own life but that aside this foundation of Psychoanalysis, which is how this is all based, is so full of wholes it makes Swiss Cheese appear to not have holes. Lawrence has no degrees in Psychiatry, not that I value those highly, nor is she qualified to write about any of this unless you consider her somewhat dubious gender clinic as a qualification. I do not but then that is me. I pity anyone that goes to that snake for help.

I was part of the original Person-Ovesey study that resulted in a 1976 paper and a longer set of theories later about what transsexualism is. In a moment of pure irony they conveniently ignore Freud himself who concluded, to Harry Benjamin personally, that it was highly likely to be biologic in nature. That aside, the entire works of these Psychoanalysts are based on junk science and fraudulent manipulation of what they were told. I know this because I was a patient of Dr. Person, as were my two closest friends. 

We three were part of the "homosexual" group and our stories were manipulated and altered to fit the theory because they ignored what we said or conveniently omitted or forgot what was said. Our attraction to boys was not as boys but as girls. Our need to be a girl was not based on sex but on the very core of our being. I knew I was wrong and I mean physically wrong. Personally, I was denied any feminine toys or activities and the few I managed to get into resulted in chaos. I needed to be a girl a long time before I realized boys were extremely cute.

Much of their bullshit is based on the stereotypical views of men about what boys and girls should play with and what work and positions women should or could obtain in life. It is what infuriates feminists throughout the world and they tried to apply it to we children born transsexual. They also have applied it to later transitioners without admitting the circumstances that can force some not to transition or to limit the chances until they are older. They take the word of a fraud like John Money and discount the pain and suffering of those born transsexual regardless of age.

Are some of the later transitioners autogynephilic ,as described by these loons? Yes, but that oversimplifies a complicated issue and denies the fact that many are not.  The problems these fools have with their junk science practices and invalid arguments is quite simple. In the world of science if it a theory does not cover all instances of a problem then it is a partial theory or a partial solution to a complex problem and therefore not a solution or the answer, but a hypothesis that may someday lead to the correct answer but is unfinished. They have nothing scientific to back up their collective nonsense.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity is actually made up of two theories which are General Relativity and Special Relativity which are based on scientific observation and mathematical formula. Psychoanalysis is not a science because it is inexact and not based on either scientific observation or scientific evidence. Even Lawrence admits Blanchard doctored the test subject criteria and even the composition of the subjects. That is junk science at its worst as is Psychiatry in some of its uses and in many of its theories. These dipshits claim to have cured serial pedophiles and serial rapists when they have not because they can be easily lied to. It is funny how little experience they have in discerning what is true and what is false. My Siberian Husky could have convinced them he was a MTF transsexual.

The comment by Lawrence that nearly all child transsexuals go through "gay boy" period is outrageous and unsubstantiated and then (s)he adds more bullshit by stating these gay boys then decide if they will transition based on whether they pass or not.  That one section trivializes everything that we go through as child transsexuals. It implies that somehow effeminate gay boys are just confused transsexuals which is exceeding homophobic and denies the very basic fact that those of us that are MTF child transsexuals "are" girls in our essence and again trivializes the day to day struggle we face to live and to somehow force others to recognize we are what we are telling them we are. It also denigrates women by implying that somehow girls are similar to gay boys because of play patterns and social structures. It completely ignores the simple fact child transsexuals and gay boys are denied access to those activities. It falsely implies that parents "simply" allow this to happen which is total and utter bullshit. It implies one is gay simply because one is a boy and they have presumed behavior patterns, none of which are ever evaluated.

This is an article on the results of how happy post operative transsexuals were and includes both male and female transsexuals. I found the read to be interesting because as a Researcher, albeit a technical one, results need to be compared for correct analysis of the underlying data. How can one compare happiness results for SRS patients and in particular MTF patients after surgery? My contention is one would need to compare the overall happiness of the group with those in the category they reside in. Basically compare levels of happiness with natal women and those of us that had MTF SRS. I am betting we compare well.

They of course do not and use pure Psychoanalytic tests which may or may not be accurate. Why did they not compare results with natal women that took the same tests. I have no empirical data but my assumptions are as worthy of consideration as there's because I think they would find we correlate closely except if the SRS was poorly done which should eliminate them from the study because that certainly clouds the individuals outlook on life.

When I entered University I was given all the psych tests they talk about that can sort of indicate the gender of someone or give an indication of said gender. Nobody was privy to the simple fact I was a patient of Harry Benjamin's and in fact was a boy. Dr. Benjamin asked for the tests to be up front. In fact they used a shortened version of my first name which can be male or female. I actually was sent back twice more by the doctor from the University Hospital so I took the tests three times with three separate sets of testers, Whether that was deliberate or not I do not know but when it was done we were called into the University Hospital and my original doctor had been called out of town and the doctor sitting there simply said to my mom, "I have no idea why they made your daughter take these tests three times because all the results say she is just a quite normal teenage girl", whereupon mom pointed to my full name on the folder jacket and flustered is a kind word for that Psychiatrist. In fact those tests led to the President of the University to simply ask why I just did not go to school as a girl, but I could not because my scholarship required me to fake being a boy as best I could. I know for a fact Dr. Person had those tests because I saw that folder in my folder. I guess that qualified me as "gay".

In Lawrence's book she uses subjects that fit her conditions to prove her thesis that sex was somehow part of the reason autogynephilic men get SRS or head that way.  Using a generalization to prove an overall truth is junk science unless of course you belong to the Blanchard wing of Nutjobs Incorporated. 

Before I even knew I liked boys I knew I had to be a girl so what has sex got to do with that? Somehow that simply gets overlooked. I had a boyfriend that accepted me as a girl and somehow that qualifies me as gay. I wanted sex with men but only if I was a girl but somehow that qualifies me as gay. The worst part was when I confronted one of them they told me that somehow my rape by my neighbor, I was 14 and starting hormones, somehow clearly indicated I was a gay transsexual. She had a copy of the Police report that claimed it was consensual despite the multiple skull fractures and 2 weeks in Intensive Care and another week in the hospital.

One of the reasons I was seeing her was Harry wanted me to get over that rape and recognize it was not my fault. Somehow getting a fractured skill and holes drilled in my head along with getting drilled in the ass by a rapist, still convinced he was a pedophile, qualifies as a "gay experience". I can assure everyone it was neither a gay event nor an experience because I remember none of it because I was unconscious. My last memory is being told that "I would learn what it meant to be a woman" which is somehow fitting in a rather sadistic way because men are still trying to tell me what it means to be a woman, like any man has a clue.

It trivializes and demeans those transsexuals that have gone through this nightmare and managed to finally obtain their SRS later in life. I seriously doubt "most"are getting SRS because it sexually arouses them but then some men are weird, but that weird? It again trivializes all the anguish anyone born transsexual lives with daily. 

Another claim is that it is somehow paraphilic to feel sexy when dressed up. It is somehow wrong to feel sexy when you look good or are dressed sexy. They should tell that to my natal girlfriends and most of the women I have known through my lifetime. I will never deny I like sex and have enjoyed it since SRS. I like most women do not have an orgasm every time I have sex but nonetheless it is still fulfilling to me because I enjoy not only the physical act but the foreplay and the time after sex. That is typical for all of my women friends. I even mastered the art of the fake orgasm so the men I was with would think they satisfied me. For some men that is important but for others it isn't what they care about. I usually ditched those guys quickly.

My reading on all of this is quite simple. These clowns do not understand transsexuals at all but ironically they understand women even less. The first time I had sex I was so tense I had no chance at an orgasm but that is typical for any virgin according to Enrique who had seduced me when he took my hand and kissed it with his accent and gorgeous Cuban looks. The second date, actually the first at dinner, I wanted him so badly it almost physically hurt. My first orgasm did not "rock my world" but it was still amazing. 

As a girl and as a woman sometimes you dress for your fellow women, to impress them, and sometimes you dress for the man you love or want to seduce or both. There is nothing paraphilic about it because it is part and parcel of the male-female mating tradition. It is part of the pure joy of simply being a girl or a woman. I learned men loved to see me both naked or while dressing or undressing and I liked to tease them that way and it thrilled me to watch their reaction. It is a power we women have and it is why some men stray to strip clubs. It is not paraphilic in any way.

If you read this drivel somehow a pre-op transsexual that feels sexy when she is dressed in her finest is somehow paraphilic in nature. I remember how I felt when that boy told me I looked amazing in Quebec. It is what most silly little girls dream of and it thrilled me because I pleased him. I started crying and he thought he had done something wrong when he had done something beyond wonderful. Yes, I know that is against feminist ideals but then again I know very few heterosexual girls or women that do not love to hear those words from a man. 

I was told, might have been Person, that my desires for sex were unusual and the implication was male, which escaped me, but most of the women I know with good sex lives are exactly like me. Those that have had bad sex experiences, usually with the hubby, will often say they just want it over so they can get back to doing something constructive. Kind of sad to be honest.

All this bullshit does something else even more insidious. What about the child transsexuals that realize they like girls but only if they are also a girl. It seems our lesbian sisters somehow do not fit the stereotype. I have a friend in England who was this way so where does she fit in this world? She was not a gay boy but a boy that knew she was a girl but lord forbid liked girls? Kind of busts the paradigm but then like most junk science that is never a problem. You get a few more quack Psychiatrists or doctors that think they are also shrinks to chime in and support you and ignore the screams from those that actually believe distinctive proof is needed. After all they know all and it is only the white noise of those that have not awakened such as they have.

In many ways it comes down to the Nature verses Nurture argument that was fallaciously put forth by Money in the case of the one twin boy he converted to a girl. He lied about the results and denied there was ever a problem until his pedophile ass ended up in hell where it belonged. The little boy died by his own hand after returning to his birth sex of male. John Money was a pedophile and he liked em young and I know from personal experience. A lot of this crap is based on Freud and Money which is kind of counterproductive.

I first met Money when I was a day or so short of my 14th birthday at a symposium set up for little old me because I gather I am or was an oddity for the day. Money was particularly nasty with me and claimed I was somehow nurtured by my mother and I was just a confused child and it was an ugly morning and ugly afternoon because kids like me were not that common then. Harry actually apologized because as hard as I tried I was not ready for those people. I had only learned a few days earlier that I was transsexual. I was quite distraught after it was over and was in a waiting room crying when Money came in supposedly to apologize. He tried to reach up the flowing skirt I was wearing to touch you know what and I screamed and slapped his hand away. My boyfriend Kevin rushed in and literally picked Money up and threw him into a wall whereupon Harry rushed in and Money was upset because he claimed he was just trying to examine me which was odd after he mouthed, "you are a very pretty boy." I later learned Money was a Pedophile advocate which pretty much assures you he was one and others have made similar claims. Doctors can get away with a lot of deviant shit.

The fact that this bilge gets printed bothers me because it hurts the kids. According to Lawrence a child like Jazz is a "gay boy" when all I see is a pretty little girl. What about Black Swan? Look we may not particularly like each other but she was put through a living hell as a child that traumatized her so severely it took years to recover. Where does she fit in this bullshit because as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west Black Swan was born transsexual. By ignoring that which does not fit or by attempting to shoehorn people into a category that does not fit them does a disservice to the person and proves how invalid the junk science is. It is part of the reason I am deeply offended by the term transgender.

Lawrence believes that all transsexualism is the same which is totally false based even on their own pathetic criteria because the self described autogynephile Lawrence is really trying to justify the mistake she made when she had SRS. She is one of the ones with regret and she thinks she has to stuff every late transitioner into her pathetic little paraphilic life. Adults make bad decisions sometimes and Lawrence wants everyone to suffer with her bad decision or should I actually say him?

I do not know if Lawrence favors Aversion Therapy but her buddy Blanchard does which is decidedly disturbing. I have friends that were threatened with Aversion Therapy. Unfortunately, because a private mental hospital, where I was sent because they were worried I would hurt myself after Kevin's death in 1963, was so shocked by me they used an archaic law and defined me as a sexual deviant and I was sent off to Medfield State Hospital in a straight jacket and it is where they filmed Shutter Island. Welcome to my nightmare of 6+ weeks of treatment by a little weasel German Doctor who took a great deal of pleasure in trying to "break me" or "train me" not to be as I was. I made the mistake of telling them I was transsexual and my breasts were of particular interest to them as was my decidedly feminine body. I had things done to me that actually are against the Geneva Convention but not for Medfield State Hospital and that little Nazi prick.

I was so affected by the experience I was seething mad when I was released. I never knew it took my Grandmother with her political connections the entire 6 weeks because she was bucking the system. I was so upset and mad because I believed my family had done this to me, they had not, that I did not talk to them or even Harry for nearly 6 years was their fault and I learned what doing without is all about as I had to live on what I earned as a tutor and working for the Engineering Department none of which paid very much. It caused my planned SRS on December 31, 1963 to be canceled yet in the long run it worked out. Sometimes fate is on your side.

There is not one single professional that agrees with any of these crackpots yet they continue on attempting to destroy what is obvious to anyone that simply looks. We were born transsexual and eventually it will be proved conclusively but there will still be the nutjobs trying to pigeonhole us into the world of the paraphilic. The sad part is people like Sandeen, Roberts, Williams, and Taylor among many are walking and unfortunately yapping examples of what these fools are talking about despite the fact none of them are probably transsexual but are totally immersed in being transgender forever. I am betting they support these clowns whether they will admit it or not.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Parents Adopt 14 Children

The Hams are an amazing couple. Over the years there hearts have gone out to children they have fostered and they ended up adopting 14 children and in many cases adopting siblings to keep them together.

We read today about how important family is and here we have a wonderful example of a two parent home where there is more love and caring than most of their adopted children ever thought they would receive.

It started with Michael a 5 year old who they visited and who whispered in their ears he got beat up a lot because he was the smallest. Child Protective Services had taken the couple to see the boy. It was the beginning of an amazing journey of kindness and love that I am sure these children had little of before they entered this home. There food bill is $1500 a month yet it pales in comparison the unrequited love they have given these children.

Oh yeah, the couple is known as Mr. and Mr. Ham and yes they are a gay couple. God bless them and I am sure god has.

Go here to read about this amazing couple.

Death of Yemini Child Bride of 8

I will admit that I have a very low opinion of Arab men so we will get that out of the way to start with. I had two very bad experiences with Arab men, diplomats, after SRS where a friend and I had to jump out of a car that was moving slowly turning a corner. The other incident I refuse to talk about. I realize Arab men are not all disgusting pigs but sometimes I really do wonder.

In the Arab and Muslim world girls and women are property in non secular countries. The favorite of the wealthier Arabs are very young brides and what happened, as desribed in this article, is unfortunately not atypical and all too familiar. She was sold to this pig as a child bride and I wonder how many fucking camels this camel jockey asshole paid.

The Yemeni government says it is looking into it but the man has not been either charged or investigated because it is legal. A little girl died so some fucking man could satisfy his pedophile urges. In Yemen he will simply buy himself another young girl.

The sad thing is there will be no outrage by Arab males or anyone from a Muslim country of note because women are beneath their beloved camels or horses in importance. The other sad thing is we will continue to try and make peace with animals when the only solution is otherwise. Look at the rape of women in Muslim countries where Sharia Law is upheld. In order for a woman to prove rape she must have 4 male witnesses otherwise she can be stoned to death. The only way to witness it is to be part of the rape. Fat chance of that happening. Honor killings have even invaded the United States where Arab fathers murder their own daughters for not obeying them or for some perceived defiling of some idiotic custom.

The child mentioned above was 8 years old. What kind of sick perverted worthless man would have vaginal sex with such a young child? We call them pedophiles and they are scorned as vile and sick pathetic scumbags and not worthy of existence. What kind of society would not only support it but consider it legal? Can you even imagine her horror at facing this animal and the pain she endured before dying. She was actually denied medical care by the way, at least initially. What kind of world do we live in where we in the Western World actually support countries like this? What kind of a society mutilates a young girls clitoris so she cannot enjoy sex when she gets older?

Lest we feel left out pre-op transsexuals are a favorite target of Arab men because it sort of helps them get around the Sharia Law hated of homosexuality. My best friend Lena had a rather nightmarish experience with them. Lena was a gorgeous drag star from Canada and then LA and finally in Vegas where she headed a sold out show in a theater that had the last evening show in Vegas, so lots of stars showed up. She was told by one Broadway Producer if she had been a "real" girl he would have put her on Broadway, she was such a wonderful singer.

To say she was and still is stunningly beautiful would be a misstatement. She is of Italian and Puerto Rican heritage and she is exotic. Several Arab men became intoxicated by her and tried to first buy her contract under the guise they would feature her in a club elsewhere which was bullshit. When that failed they actually tried to kidnap her and take her to their private plane. Fortunately for Lena and unfortunately for the Arabs Lena was dating this cowboy professional gambler who literally walked around packing heat and he managed to save her at the point of his six shooter. When reported to the police Lena was informed they had diplomatic immunity. Same as we found out in New York.

I am not a violent person but I would not be averse to ten minutes with this perverted asshole chained to a wall. My preferred weapon would be very sharp hedge clippers.

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Men At Work!

A funny thing has happened in the laughable fight between the Radical Feminists/Lesbians and the transfeminists/translesbians or am I supposed to use lesbians. If the individual has had SRS I do believe feminist and lesbian are appropriate and as far as I am personally concerned, I am neither a true feminist nor lesbian, it would be nice if other feminists and lesbians accepted my sisters as equals but life just does not work that way sometimes. Nobody ever said things would be fair after SRS. The only hope was it completed us although in some cases that is and was not the case.

Those of us that were born transsexual and fixed things are quite aware of the issues our future sex partners may or may not have with us. Unfortunately the may side seems to win out but there are a few may not partners that do actually get it. The real nastiness has come about as certain "trans" activists and their nimrod minions have attempted to push natal women into accepting them and their dicks as female and women. The really bizarre part about this is I never read or hear of these trans activists demanding straight men "must" accept someone with a penis as a woman and willingly accept them as a sex partner.

In many ways the difficulty that lesbian women must have accepting a woman with a penis is kind of similar to what straight men feel about women. The truth is they want you to have a vagina and I am sorry to say they really do not want you pushing your "trans" attitudes onto them. The real question is why do the "trans" push so hard with lesbians for acceptance and rarely if ever express that view with men?

The answer is rather obvious but we are supposed to ignore the obvious in this case just because these "trans" self described lesbians and feminists demand we must because it is transphobic not to. The reality is all together quite different as are the reasoning. Men know they cannot push other men around with their "trans" bullshit so they are smart enough not to try. They circumvent these issues by trying to protect themselves with laws and ordinances that protect themselves from the wrath of their fellow men and claim it is really also for those of us born transsexual. The truth is inadvertently they help some transsexuals but it was never the intent.

The other really personal reason for many of these trans activists is the simple fact they are still heterosexual men and a dick on a sex partner kind of creeps them out which is kind of odd considering they are demanding women who kind of do not want a dick in their life accept theirs as a clitoris or whatever. It flies in the face of reason but men kind of lose track of reason and common sense, f they ever had any, when it comes to their future perceived sexual pleasures. The fact they consider their dicks their pleasure palace does not seem to register with them as odd considering women, including lesbians, do not have dicks. To solve that problem they needed to redefine what female and a woman is and sadly they have succeeded in a few places. Sadly for them nothing they can do will ever make most lesbians accept them as women.

This of course makes these lesbians transphobic and the term cis is dragged out and attached to all sorts of words to imply that somehow these poor "trans" people are disadvantaged and discriminated against.  If they had any decency they would supply us with hip boots so we could wade through the knee deep bullshit but to them it is their reality. They actually begin to believe this bullshit and some actually write books collect essays extolling the nasty things these feminist women and lesbian women have done to these poor "trans" people.

The sad part is some of them actually do have SRS but still support the patriarchy they were a large part of before SRS. They are incapable of understanding that forcing men on women claiming they are as female and as much f a woman as them is arguably the ultimate in patriarchy and misogynist behavior. What is more demeaning than implying and enforcing the long held male believe that women are inferior than by telling a woman that a man and his penis are just as female and just as complete a woman as they are?

I had someone tell me well "you said you were a woman" before you had SRS. Actually I always knew I was a girl a felt I was a girl but once I knew I was transsexual I knew I was a pre-operative transsexual and I knew in my soul and my heart that until I had SRS I was less than what I knew I was and what I needed to be. I have never know anyone born transsexual that thought otherwise. It is why we are obsessively driven to obtain SRS. We need to be complete or actually as complete as we can ever be.

The irony is if most had SRS and quietly slipped into the lesbian culture they would probably be accepted by some lesbians but it is not a guarantee, as I said before. The radical feminist lesbians tried to kill a friend of mine who was a valued member of the lesbian community in Britain when some asshole outed her as having been born transsexual. They tried multiple times to hurt her physically which is a rather male behavior pattern.

These same "trans" activists never broach the subject of we heterosexual girls and the problems we face with heterosexual men. You will never read of them demanding that heterosexual men accept a transwoman with a functioning dick as a sex partner because to most men that is kind of a line drawn in the sand. Most men are kind of "dick averse" when it comes to sex.

I want to make myself clear here. I have absolutely no problem with men that are attracted to sex partners that are half male and half female or "she-male" as they are so inappropriately called in the porn industry. As long as it is mutually consensual be my guest and go for it but do me a favor and do not try and bullshit me about what it is. At best the man is bisexual but more likely is a gay man that just cannot admit it. Neither of these is evil or immoral in my humble opinion but neither are they straight men.

I have heard some strange comments over the years and this is one girl here that lived in NYC during her transition and I know who and what these men are so please either supply me with hip boots or stop the bullshit because it truly does stink. I have mentioned Monica Roberts (MW) before and the comments MW has made about having a 7 inch neoclit and how the boyfriends MW has enjoy that 7 inch neoclit. I understand this is Monica's life and if keeping a dick and servicing or being service by men makes MW happy then that is good but please do not ever again claim they are straight men because they are NOT.

I read something that made me actually laugh out loud this morning. Everyone probably knows who Helen Boyd is and her books about her crossdressing or transvestite husband who is now "trans" because it is more "inclusive. She had a post called Love and Shame- Having a Thing for Trans Women which contained the following short paragraph.

Liking fellatio – and he’s unclear if he’s interested in a trans woman blowing him or blowing a woman who still has a penis – doesn’t make someone gay.
Sorry but if you are a man and give a blowjob to someone with a penis and are not getting paid for it then the odds are really high you are gay or bisexual but you are certainly not straight. Sorry Helen but that might even stretch credulity in Gender Studies at Lawrence but then I should never underestimate the ability of some intellectual elitists to rationalize much of anything.

The comment is in regards to someone called Mister Cee who I gather is or was a DJ in NYC and had a thing for men in dresses which was conveniently changed to "transsexuals" to confer the concept he like trannies.  One would not want poor Mister Cee to admit he just liked men in dresses as a certain YouTube video proves. The sad part is right there you see the attempts the mantra of "trans female" which is total bullshit but of course Mister Cee loves "natal women" and dates natal women so he is somehow straight or deceives himself into believing he bis straight.

Janet Mock wrote a post called How Society Shames Men who date transwomen and it is a pretty good but Janet does what all activists do and unites those of us that have had SRS and those who have not plus calling us all "transwomen" which is to be fucking blunt, insulting. It implies we are all similar and somehow something different or less than a woman. Most of what she has written is quite on point including the part about her boyfriend Aaron.

The problem I see with Janet's post is she is incapable or unwilling to admit that not all "transwomen" are women and that is a simple fact. It is not a guess nor is it a fabrication or transphobic to say that. The incidents Janet talks about were incidents where celebrities solicited prostitutes that they knew were she-males or trans. They were not looking for someone like Janet or me or others like us. They were looking for a "woman with a dick" for whatever reason. I have personally never looked at these incidents as derogatory to my existence because of my situation but I do agree with Janet it harms children born transsexual and others are damaged in different ways. Janet and I may differ in our beliefs on terminology and who is really a woman but because a man likes his girl a little different does not make him either a bad man or less of a man but neither does it make him a straight man but that is his issue. Having sex with a man, dressed as a woman with a functional dick, does mot make you a women either.

One part of her post did hit home and it was the part about her boyfriend Aaron and besides some things I will discuss shortly the interesting thing is I could find nowhere where Janet demanded that men accept her "transwomen" as they are otherwise it is somehow transphobic. Men really have us all conditioned not to question them about basically everything. I even feel reticent to question certain men's sexuality when I know what I am writing is true and Janet is the same. Despite what she has written she is in fact defending men whether she sees it that way or not. It always devolves into a defense of their position and whether they are straight or whatever and even Janet falls into that trap. After all they are "really" dating women which is a total lie because they were certainly not "looking" for a woman when they went looking for a tranny hooker but then we are conditioned aren't we?

Her boyfriend Aaron knows her only as a girl and an object of his desire. That is how straight men can love us and as Janet says it is rare but it happens. How and when she told him is unknown to me but I have been in relationships where they knew beforehand and when they had no clue. You will notice Janet says it is difficult to find an Aaron but never calls out men to be me more open and accepting or demanding it like others do of lesbians. It is simply because Janet comes at it from the viewpoint of a girl and a young woman and not like the others mentioned above. A woman knows you cannot push a man into many things unless it is a transvestite into a new dress. Nudging gently works best or making him think it his idea, whether he realizes it or not. As for her boyfriend Aaron it must have been an interesting talk when she decided to come out. I could never have put anyone through that but maybe I am just different although my second husband said he would stand by me if it ever became public so maybe chivalry is not dead.

Janet is also claiming that somehow these "transwomen" are being demeaned just because they are "trans" and a man is dating them. Well, I think she has kind of a point but does anyone honestly believe these transwomen did not "know" what they were doing? In almost all these cases the women were on the "game" as some Brits might say or for we Americans hookers and prostitutes. Just how does that denigrate transsexuals other than pointing out some may or may not make a living doing just that. Somehow this perpetrates the philosophy that trans women are somehow shameful and not someone that men should be seen with. I think Janet should be blaming the trans women and not the media because what they are doing is kind of illegal and it is titillating to everyone when some celebrity is taken down a peg or two. Is it somewhat negative? Yes, but only in the activists mind is it a catastrophe.

Look at the post again and see how fast it devolved into a defense of tranny chasers and their ilk because whether Mister Cee, LL Cool J,  or Eddie Murphy like it that was what they were at the moment in their lives. Nothing to be ashamed of but it always devolves into, "I thought she was real", which is humorous and in a way complimentary to the trans woman although in most cases an eye exam might be called for.

Why is it that straight men are never called out and all the privileges we are accused of having never seem to include the male privileges they had as men before they transitioned.? In my mind it is rather simple. Janet Mock and even me have been conditioned to not put men in a bad position bit that is because we are women. Most of these penis packing trans activists have a different reason and it is testosterone based. They are men and they protect each other and lets face it women are easier to pick on.

So when you read all this lunacy from certain trans activists remember the simple truth. It is just men at work pretending to be women and regardless of what they say and do they will always be men. After all only a man or a fool could possibly believe a woman and a female can have a functioning penis. Unfortunately there seems to a lot more fools arriving daily. Oh well I guess it is just stupid men at work.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cis-Privilege or The New Transgender Lie

Cis is another one of the terms that the Transgender Activists are now using and assimilating into their world view where they as men are the victims of women that were born with privilege. The privilege they were born with is the simple fact they were born women or not born with a gender identity issue or they were and are "normal". In typical Transgender obfuscation they try and make themselves, men, victims of women.

The use the word cis-sexual in conjunction with cis-privilege to differentiate between the "trans" community and the non-trans community is an open attempt to promote the concept that somehow just being normal provides privileges that cis people, in reality women, are no more entitled to than any man in a dress that wants to invade women's spaces to live out his fantasy.

These "trans" activists will often claim they are not trying to point out "actual" differences between trans and cis people but "perceived" differences as Julia Serano does in this article. That is an outright lie but then lying is not something the Transgender Activists are afraid of doing in order to advance their self-belief that they are victims.

From the beginning of time girls and women have been considered inferior whose primary purpose is to bear children, I wish, and to care for said children and be subservient to the man that she is coupled with or even controlled and owned by. These principles are still in use in countries like China, India, and other cultures where boys are more desired than women. It can even be seen in a religion like the Catholic Church where women are third class citizens behind the priests and the boys they molest. It is as relevant to Islam but in those cases women might fall behind the dog.

The problem with cis-sexual is it kind of relates a little too closely for the Transgender Activists so they prefer the term cis-gender which is odd since the Transgender Activists promote gender as fluid so does that imply the cis-gender is fluid. I think not!

What is at the root of this line of bullshit is the penis packing men in dresses faction within the Transgender movement which is 97+ percent of it if I include transsexuals and those born transsexual under the Transgender Umbrella. The purpose of the use of cis is simply to promote and enforce the Transgender Activists primary mantra that one is always trans regardless of what you do. This is of course aimed at those of us born transsexual who have the temerity to honestly realize that after our SRS we are no longer "trans" anything. This dies not suit the man in a dress crowd well so it must be pushed at all costs.

A lot of this is actually based in the long running battle between certain "trans" lesbians and the Radical Feminist wing of feminists that rejects anything "trans" completely. A lot of it is based on the "trans" lesbians and their attempts to invade lesbian spaces while packing a penis but in all honesty Radical Feminists tried to murder a friend of mine in Britain just because she was born transsexual and had SRS and is bisexual. She was outed by someone because there is no way they would have known she was not "cis" otherwise since she was very young when she started down this path to herself.

Cristan Williams (CW) had a TransAdvocate post on this very subject which was rife with the illogical view of the world CW and those like CW. CW refutes the Serano claim that the privileges are "perceived" and not "actual".  CW is also on a personal journey to make Transgender the term of usage for Transsexuals as the following paragraph suggests.

Transgender (AKA: trans, trans*, TG) is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of people including transsexuals, crossdressers, drag kings and queens, as well as bigender and androgynous individuals.1 Transgender that came into common usage during the 1970s, but was popularized as early as 1965 as a way to refer to transsexuals who wanted genital reconstructive surgery. Today, the term transgender is used to refer to individuals who are not cisgender.

You will notice the claim that Transgender was used by Transsexuals as a way to refer to those of us that had SRS. That is a complete and absolute lie. It is a blatant attempt to rewrite history and has not a single iota of truth. I was around during that time but working so I checked with close friends who were on the streets of New York City and San Francisco and as we all know Virginia Prince first used Transgender as a way of differentiating transvestites from the "crazy fucking transsexuals" that wanted to cut off that most precious male attribute. CW takes it a step forward.

Cis-Privilege (AKA, transphobia, heterosexism, cisgenderism) refers to a set of unearned advantages that individuals who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth accrue solely due to being cisgender.
CW claims somehow that the privileges women have and those of us that live as women without being open, out, and proud are not earned but given. Here is a list of cis privileges that are easily identified as the complaints men in dresses have about their transvestite fantasies as women. It is directly aimed at the few rights we women have that provide us comfort or safety or that define us as females and women. What it all comes down to is they as men have the right to do whatever they want, wherever they want, and however they want when they are playing girl in fantasy mode.

All of us that were born transsexual went through the process of transition and started as girls and learned to women. It is an amazing journey but it is never free and it is never easy. The Transgender Activists want it to be easy and free for all their fellow men. We are required to accept a Drag Queen like Janice Covington with his deep baritone voice as a woman despite the fact his hulking presence and voice target him as a man. Covington is a woman because Covington says he is a woman despite maintaining his male genitalia.

Covington is a walking and talking example of why many people think California AB1266 is a bad bill and in all honestly I understand their reservations. Under laws in many states Janice Covington to pull a Colleen Francis and march into the ladies locker room and showers and by law there is nothing anyone can do. How is that not misogyny? Covington considers himself an example and a role model but for whom? The truth is Covington does not even represent the Transgendered but they will never admit that. Come one, come all yea turds and attention seekers cause yea are welcome is in reality the Transgender mantra.

If you read any of the links and any of the lists of self perceived "slights" and unearned privileges it is impossible to find one that could be defined as a male privilege. In fact some Transgender Activists actually claim women are patriarchal and misogynistic for NOT accepting them as women. Only in the delusional mind of the man in a dress is that a rational thought.

In their world they are not required to even ATTEMPT to fit into the world of girls and women because that by its definition is considered a privilege in their wee minds. Slap on a dress a pair of heels with hairy legs and a beard and you are a woman because you say you are.

You will see not one mention of the privileges they gained as boys and men. Have you seen any of them give up the job they gained as men because women were denied the opportunity? Hell no, they pass laws that protect them and their fucking jobs and then cry like the little turds they are when they arrogantly leave said position and cannot find another job because they are so obviously a man in a dress. yes I said that and it is a simple fact of the real world. With the talent available why would anyone hire a Janice Covington unless he was far superior to any other applicant. They simply cannot afford to.

Cis-privilege is a fabrication of the men and those that should have remained men that dominate the Transgender movement and is in its own way a continuation of the misogyny women have faced since the beginning of time. The irony here is they want to be accepted as women but they are unwilling, in too many cases, to work hard a being a women and most importantly taking that final step of SRS.  Like everything involving the Transgender Activists it boils down to their belief SRS is not necessary to be a woman because their word is good enough. It is not by the way!

I find the behavior of these people oddly familiar and sadly predictable. Like most men they give little thought to the problems their wishes and desires will cause women. What privileges are these men in dresses giving up? Quite conveniently not a single one but they do hope to gain more than a few at the expense of women.

They and their intact penis and balls, sometimes no  balls, believe they are the same as women and are in fact female. They are the same. Doesn't that sound familiar to those born transsexual? We are all the same has been the Transgender mantra for quite some time. Now they have extended it to include women. If they put on the dress then they must be equal to women. I find this concept almost beyond words but it is an undeniable fact but they add a little caveat that they are "transwomen" which is better than a "real" woman because they have more privileges because they have male privilege and now demand the few privileges we women have and we are transphobic and evil if we deny them these privileges.

The fact we want them to have had SRS is even more transphobia at work. What is in their panties does not define them as female but unfortunately it really does. It is a nice attempt at dodging the truth which is simply that their dick and balls are their pleasure points and they cannot give that up for a vagina. They will claim maintenance issues and loss of pleasure and the list can get long but they miss the simple truth. They do not consider a vagina a privilege but a detriment. Let me state that more clearly or loudly.

They do not consider a vagina a privilege but a detriment.

Look at that and read it again and again because it is the reality of the men in dresses. I was born transsexual and never used that deformity I was born with but I knew the risks when I had surgery. I knew orgasms may or may  not have been possible but I also knew a simple truth. My girlfriends in college headed by my guardian Karen knew as girls that orgasms are not that easy for a female. Unfortunately it is why we women have learned to fake orgasms so well. I am quite good at it and yes I do have orgasms and have had orgasms but it is not a certainty like it is for men.

The irony about this is that these same male turds will preach that it is not about sex for them yet somehow it is when it comes to parting with their dicks. Look at Monica Roberts (MR) and MR's 7 inch neoclit or dick to be more accurate. The men Monica dates are basically tranny chasers because they like chicks with dicks and they like chicks with dicks because they want the chick dick up their butt or they want to suck it. I see nothing inherently wrong with any of what MR does behind closed doors but I do find it more than slightly humorous when we born transsexual are compared to a she-male like MR and told we are the same.

They all have agendas that are biased by their personal needs and I suppose I am no different. The difference is I always knew I had to be a girl and that meant a complete girl and I wanted it all from menstruation through pregnancy to all the issues cis women have.

You will notice they do not mention a vagina as a privilege; they do not mention ovarian cancer as a privilege; they do not mention uterine cancer as a privilege; they do not mention being raped by men as a privilege; they do not mention being physically weaker than men as a privilege; they do do not mention being the victims of spousal abuse unless the wife will not let them dressup; and the list can go on.

The only privileges they mention are ones that require a vagina and may make their fantasy life less appealing. They are just complete frauds and probably worse are in their own insidious way as abusive to women as a man beating a woman. In their fantasy world men get pregnant and women can impregnate women or maybe even a man in  a more perverse fantasy. They cannot see how this damages the women of the world because they do not give a shit about the women of the world. they only care about the men who want to play women.

Just look around and see what is happening. If they have their way females and women will be defined how men see fit and women will only have rights if they do not interfere with what men need to do to please themselves. Wait a second, that is how it has been since the dawn of time but not even they were as malicious as these evil bastards.

Pretty soon if they have their way we will have urinals in our ladies rooms so they can simply stand, pull down their panties and pee standing nup because after all having to sit to pee is an unfair privilege women have forced on these poor men in dresses.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Am Just a Girl. What Is Wrong With That?

In my mind the ongoing conversation with the Transgender activists is so obviously distorted by their complete and total lack of understanding about those born transsexual and particularly those of us that forced those around us to deal with us at a young age.  They seem to be completely incapable of understanding either the mental anguish we suffered or the simple fact it was not about gender for a transsexual but about our sex.

Gender can be helped by playing dressup while sex identity requires surgery to correct the defect, but then they know that and it is why those born transsexual must be assimilated. They sound a lot like the Borg. "Resistance is futile" is their clear mantra.

Those that are Transgender have a social condition because gender is a social construct. Those born transsexual have a medical condition that requires surgery to match our physical being to our mind. Those of us around in the early days of the transsexual awakening back in the late 50's and throughout the 60's knew this was the case as did everyone else.

Harry called transvestism a social condition because the predominantly male transvestite world wanted to dress like women but absolutely under no conditions did they want to be or even consider themselves women.That has certainly changed today as these "gurls" are publicly flaunting their transvestism on golf courses and in other public arenas and defying anyone to so much as dare say "no". If you do they will hit you with the transphobia line followed by the violation of their rights under "gender identity" laws these men in dresses and the cohorts in the Transgender Mafia have co-opted to cover themselves while claiming, as Sandeen does, that Transgender has a different meaning in legal documents than it does in everyday usage.

It is all part and parcel of the destruction and obfuscation of the transsexual identity into the umbrella world of the transgendered to benefit "everyone" where the term "everyone" really means men pretending to be women or men in dresses. In reality this is just men acting like men because men always know what is best for women. Just ask anyone who identifies as a crossdresser, excuse me, transgender and sit back and have a laugh.

These fools have femininity coaches that are other men just like them, that teach them how to be "feminine". Jay Ladin tried to convince a court that he should have custody of his youngest daughter because he could teach her better about femininity. As Penn and Teller would say, "I shit you not."

Ladin was a crossdressing man who claimed he would "die" if he could not dress as a woman and live as a woman. The entire Ladin fiasco is a classic case of misogyny as Ladin attempted to bulldoze and intimidate his wife into not speaking about it in word or print and tried to get her book banned. Freedom of speech and freedom to think for yourself are only valid in the transgender world if you follow the transgender line. He even claimed in an interview that it was the wife's duty to support her husband in his transition and that somehow it was a well defined "rule". Only in the mind of a man is that possible.

The irony of absolutely all of this is the simple fact that they completely miss what those born transsexual want because they have never and never will get it and it is simple. All we want is to just be the correct sex and we will take it from there. In other words, I am just a girl so help me become a girl and I will live my life after that like every other girl. It is a simple concept but just being a girl is not the objective of the transgender activists. Their objective is redefine what it means to be a girl, female, or a woman so it fits them regardless of whom gets hurt in the process. Funny how it is always those who just want to be or are girls that get hurt. It is a simple case of men being men and misogyny.

They are incapable of understanding the blatant misogyny, it is quite clear, apparent in their attempts to redefine what it means to be female. They are incapable of understanding that redefining what female is may be the single most misogynist act in the history of mankind. In order to obfuscate their misogyny they hide behind "trans misogyny" and other phrases they make up as fast as the government. How the hell can anyone be the victim of misogyny if he is not female? What the hell is a "transwoman" other than something other than a woman?

They use trans misogyny and transphobia to beat down opposition in their attempts to co-opt what is female. If that does not work it is of course some form of "cis" evil where cis means non "trans" or those born who like how they are. It is a weird concept because I always considered "normal" girl as my ultimate goal. I just wanted to be normal but now they deride the word normal as something evil because they know they can never exist in a world where they have to live on their own merits as women. They need to be victims to jam their beliefs down everyone's throat.

Just going through life as a girl and then a woman is not enough because as men they are not "special" enough that way. They need to let everyone know they are "trans" according to some like Cristan Williams and Monica Roberts and our pal Autumn Sandeen but somehow it is not relevant what they are packing under their skirt because girls and women are defined how they see fit. In this new world women are third class citizens because men come first, then transwomen with the rights of men AND women are second, and lastly women whose rights have been subverted by the trans fascists.

It seems we need to tell everyone we meet we are "trans" in order to fit into their tidy little community of men playing dressup. All of us regardless of our operative status must be out and proud because they are. They conveniently ignore the fact they are out and proud because it is too damn hard to actually live and work as "just a girl" because they quite simply could not pull it off.

What is wrong with just being a girl? What is wrong with learning and earning your womanhood? Nothing, other than the simple fact not a single one of them have a clue what it really means to be female and they might actually have to survive in the "real world" as women. They protect their male jobs and positions earned as men which in almost all cases were gained because they were men. After all they have a family to take care of with the wife and kids which is exactly the same thing told me as a working female Engineer when I complained about someone being promoted over me. I was told he had a family and needed the position (money) and all I had was a husband who made a lot of money. Can you see the analogy here? It is just men taking care of men.

Just about everything these "trans" activists support is for the benefit of men wearing dresses. They claim to support women's rights as they coldly strip away the rights of women in favor of men in dresses. Their cold and ruthless plan to devalue women is as clear as the use of the term cis. why is being cis or striving to be considered cis so wrong? Simply it is wrong for them because it does not fit their "chick with a dick" view of the world where simply saying one is a woman despite not taking hormones or seeing a therapist is their right as men.

The sad part is in this politically correct environment we currently live in it is only going to get worse because as long as men are not losing rights they could really care less.  Those that do are labeled transphobic and categorized as racist or a transmisogynist. They are so male they cannot even use the word misogynistic because it requires the prefix "trans" to remind everyone they are better than women. After all they have male rights and stolen female rights.

I am just a girl that earned her womanhood working and living as a functional member of the "real world" as I should have been born. God forbid any of those losers would ever have to demean themselves by actually doing something as silly as that.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Femulate This! You are NOT a woman!

A funny thing happened as it I did my daily search for humorous posts by silly men in dresses on T-Central, I found something serious to discuss. Okay, I realize almost all the posts are funny posts by silly men in dresses whose sense of fashion would make the Monty Python crew in drag look like they actually had a clue how to dress. These foolish men compliment each other as only "gurls" can because the fantasy and the delusion seem to be contagious.

I actually think the majority of them are just harmless heterosexual men that have a fetish problem but that has begun to change as they latch onto the Transgender bullshit and do things on silly transvestites do. I actually was not going to write this post because I actually commented on the post that irritated me, a lot do I am sad to say, and he sort of responded and I posted a response I am awaiting him to post but I kind of do not believe he will.

The blog in question is incredibly popular with fellow heterosexual male transvestites and I am sure gets more views in a day than I do in a month. What irritated me is a post called A quick and Painless Out where "Stana" came out to a boss that he was a "woman". In a comment I asked a simple question.

Did you tell her you were trans/transgender or did you tell her the truth that you just femulate and are a transvestite/cross-dresser? Big difference.
I tried to be as inoffensive as possible and the response was simple and 100% inaccurate. Of course any questions are offensive because we have no right to question them. Stana responded:

I told her I was a woman.

This is of course a lie and a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the simple fact he is a heterosexual male transvestite. He is deceiving the boss because the boss instinctively believes that she is dealing with someone that is transgender which implies transsexual in the real world. Stana is trying to set it up so he can dress as a woman or femulate at work yet this man has never taken hormones nor has he been diagnosed with gender issues other than in his own pathetic male mind, as far as i can tell. If he had this exhibitionist transvestite would have proudly trumpeted that to all his fellow transvestites.

The irony here is Stana has an understanding wife and he is a self described man as he states in his first post.
Monday, February 5, 2007
my new blog
Welcome to my new blog!
I am a male, who occasionally goes out in the world emulating a female. This blog documents my adventures en femme.
Here is the link.

So our erstwhile heterosexual male transvestite has decided he is now a woman. He and his "girlfriends" find nothing offensive about that because they know not a single thing about what a woman is and how you obtain that status because they are misogynistic men. Now they do mot see themselves as misogynistic because they see nothing wrong with pretending to be a woman and one even comments, see comments on original post, that Stana was correct because Stana did not claim to be "female". Stana by the way is short for Stanley and it can be found mentioned in the blog. If you look at his profile he claims his gender is female there.

Stanley does not take hormones because the wife would probably drop him like a bad habit and afterall he is a happy heterosexual male transvestite who is laying the plans to "transition" which is another word these silly little men, actually in this case really big tall man, have appropriated and will bastardize into oblivion.

The next obvious step for our Stanley is for him to possibly take advantage of his new status as a "woman" and invade the private spaces of women. I actually did ask him in a second comment if he had started hormones and was under the care of a gender therapist which is kind of stupid because anyone can seemingly qualify since there are no standards other than "what you say you must believe" which is the new Transgender mantra.

It appears that these men are now just saying "fuck it" to the inconvenience of hormones and therapy because it is just a hindrance they can do without. It was bad enough we had to deal with men in dresses that took some hormones to satisfy their sexual fetish but we now must face the fact they simply believe they can claim they are women and transition at will.

Transvestites like Stanley are brazen and extremely pushy. It seems his entire family or a large part of it know he is a crossdresser, his words not mine, and he finds it humorous or more than likely sexually quite gratifying. I can just see that nice big boner Stanley would get if he managed to enter a women's dressing area,

The irony for Stanley is his total and complete obsession with men dressing as women. That in itself borders on being a fetish, of some kind. So it seems we now need to worry about the men in dresses that are packing a penis but transvestites invading our spaces. Actually there is not much difference to be blunt. The only difference between Monica Roberts and Stanley is not a whole heck of a lot except Monica is a gay man and Stanley is a heterosexual male. I actually have little fear of Monica in our spaces because she likes men. The others give me the creeps.

The simple truth is Stanley is a man, He is not a woman nor is he female despite his protests otherwise. Stanley will assuredly be traveling up to Provincetown Massachusetts for the annual early fall gathering there where Stanley will flash his perfect v-shaped feminine physique with his age inappropriate short skirts and super large breast forms so he can meet the other "gurls" just like him in the P-town gathering of men in dresses amongst others. Stanley is part of the transvestite section of the Transgender Umbrella and Stanley is not going to let all the other "Transgender girls" have all the fun.

The truly sad part is they will never understand what it means to be a kid like I was or even someone who was forced by circumstance to wait for SRS. They demean everything all of us went through to finally be "free" and "ourselves". They trivialize being born transsexual into the silliness of "dressup" and "playing girl" which is a fetishistic fantasy they dream of daily. We want to live it and we will gladly take all the risks and the few rewards available to us. They cannot and will not realize how misogynistic it is to trivialize what it means to be a female and a woman because as men it is the god-given right to do as they please and the laws seem to be allowing it.

There was a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit season 10 episode 14 called Transitions that might be the single most effective television show, documentary or fiction, that truly encapsulates what it means to be born transsexual. I watched it on USA  last evening and I sat there and cried because that child was me and friends of mine and someone else was the embodiment of those who were forced to wait.

So Stanley you are just another fucking man trying to destroy what it means to be female and a girl and then a woman. You feel you have the right, as a man, to take from us that which we deny you which is our acceptance as a woman. You try to get around it by claiming to be a "woman" and a "female" when you and everyone else knows you are a heterosexual male transvestite. Just how does a heterosexual male transvestite qualify as anything other than a man?  Only under the Transgender Umbrella is the answer. Sad but true!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Portland, Oregon P-Club initial Court Ruling

The first thing that needs to be said is the owner of the P-Club must be the singularly stupid for sending anything in writing to the Portland T-Girls as a Group or as individuals. Oregon is an extreme liberal left State and they have a "Transgender" Law that prevents such stupidity but obviously Chris Penner, the club owner, does not realize his untenable position.

I actually do not see the harm in what they did since just from the video the only people they were fooling as women was themselves. They were not hurting anyone and they were not violating the law. Asking someone to leave because of how they are dressed violates The Oregon Equality Act which protects them. It sort of adds a little to the old "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" so it now reads "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Men in Dresses, No Service" which is kind of arbitrary considering the Law.

Importunately under Oregon Law they could probably use the Ladies Room but then we ladies could have just gone en mass but it stretches credulity to consider them a threat. They are simply a group of old queens, transvestites, and exhibitionists out having a good time. I imagine they probably spent a ton of money pretending to be "gurls" on a night out about time but to be honest it is rather harmless.

There is not much difference between them and the people that attend conventions like Comic Con, Start Trek, and others of that ilk. Everyone dresses up and it is harmless fun. My college mascot was a Buckeye which depending on how charitable you want to be it is a tree or a bush but my fellow Buckeyes were quite imaginative when dressing up in Scarlet and Gray for football games at the Horseshoe which is no longer a Horseshoe unless seen from the Goodyear blimp. Our rivals dressed as Wolverines, Gophers, Hawkeyes, Spartans, Boilermakers (ugh), Fightin Illini (ugh, ugh),  Hoosiers, Badgers, Wildcats, and some of my friends as a flowering bush.

One of the people in the club is the blogger Susan Miller where she writes about her sojourns as Susan on Friday evenings out and golfing en femme. Susan is your typical exhibitionist transvestite along with the 10 other T-girls that make up the group in the legal action. The funny thing is it is now the T-girls that are as dumb as Chris Penner.

Not one of the plaintiffs would identify themselves and of the three that talked with the reporter in the video 2 wanted their voices changed. Welcome to the new world of the Stealth Transgender activists o r men in dresses that do not want their neighbors to know they are transvestites. I actually cannot blame them but then their claims of womanhood while in drag are problematic to me. Susan and the guys claim they do not want the money and fully expect this to be appealed. They will regret it if their wish is fulfilled.

This will devolves into a nasty squabble that thankfully will point out to most Americans the stupidity of some, Chris Penner, and the dangers of to general laws based on gender because gender is so fluid. I could care less if men want to dress like me and have a night out. It is harmless. I do care if grown men want rights that allow them to enter private areas where girls and women need privacy with their equipment intact.

This squabble will be a teaching moment but not in the way the Transgender Activists want. It will be a teaching moment because it finally clearly opens up what 95+ percent of those in the Transgender movement are, which is men in various stages of transvestite exhibitionism. It will clearly show that using Transgender in any Law can endanger the sanctity of certain female only private areas.

Colleen Francis was bad enough but this is actually a good thing in my opinion. We need the people of America to understand what Transgender means and if I belonged to a group opposing these men in dresses I would use this video as the ultimate teaching moment.

Because the plaintiffs were awarded money it is now a civil case. Until that happened it could have been construed as something else and the T-Girls of Portland could keep their identities private. If the money went to the State coffers it was not civil but it is not that way. I hope these Portland T-Girls are ready for the scrutiny they will be under because they will be deposed and exposed if this is appealed. The defendant in this case has the right to face his accusers and that could get ugly.

I actually hope this is not a civil case and will leave that up to our resident legal expert, Black Swam, because I really wish these men no harm because they were causing no harm and what their private demons and peccadilloes are personally are nobodies business but their own.  My guess is the wives will be the ones to put down their collective feet with their "guys" and tell them to drop it because I kind of doubt the wife wants to see the family name splashed all over the media. Susan's wife understands, within reason, which I find odd but then having this to hold over your man's head does give them some good leverage in the long run.

When Transgender activists are confronted during the process of proposing legislation they are indignant and combative when someone brings up transvestite or cross-dresser and in every case deny this is who they are trying to protect. I know as a matter of fact that sometimes the surprise certain liberal women's groups get when meeting the transwoman that has joined is shocking. They envision Janet Mock or Ashley Love and go into shock when they meet "Worf" in a dress.

The crap will really hit the fan when one of these fools decides to start teaching en femme in Grade School or Junior High School of High School because this law would allow that. Sometimes you have to just sit back and smile because most men are so arrogant and aggressive they think they are invincible and this is another example.

I cannot wait to see what happens next in this case.