Monday, May 27, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt or Lies, Distortions, and Fooling the LGBT Activists

I have not looked at the Huffington Post or any of the many LGBT web sites and blogs that jumped to Kaitlyn Hunt's support while claiming her arrest was an obvious miscarriage of justice but the facts and I mean the real facts are beginning to come out and Kaitlyn's parents seem to enjoy stretching the truth quite a bit. The following are the facts supported by the following two articles from sites that support gay issues and they do not paint a pretty picture.

1. Kaitlyn pursued the 14 year old minor when she was 18 and NOT when the child was 15 and Kaitlyn 17 as claimed by her family. It was a lie perpetrated by the Hunt family. Kaitlyn turned 18 in the summer of 2012 and this occurred during the current school year and the minor was 14 the entire time.

2. It was more than just kissing and hugging as implied by the Hunt family. The first time they met Kaitlyn used her fingers inside the vagina of a 14 year old. That is just plain wrong.

3. The minor's parents are a biracial couple and were never "okay" with this and asked Hunt and her family TWICE to have their daughter Kaitlyn stop what she was doing. That is their right since the child was 14 and thus a minor.

4. The minor's family did not wait until Kaitlyn turned 18 in order to "get her". They finally went to the police when their 14 year old daughter ran away to be with Kaitlyn which is their right as parents. That was 108 days after Kaitlyn turned 18 which was again before the supposed "love affair" even started.

5. The claims they are in love are contradicted by sworn statements from both parties according to court documents. Whether this is true or not will have to wait until court.

6. The child's parents went to the police because it was the only way they could force Kaitlyn to stop seeing their daughter.

7. The reason they demanded Kaitlyn be expelled from school was because she refused to leave their freshman daughter alone. Kaitlyn pushed the issue and lost.

In Florida the age of consent is 16 and thus NOT 14. 14 year old children should not be in a sexual relationship with an 18+ year old ANYBODY.

Kaitlyn is in this predicament because she REFUSED to stop seeing a 14 year old minor for sex which is a felony even if the 14 year old wants to have sex because the 14 year old is too young to make that decision. She is in trouble because she is dumber than a damn fence post for not stopping when given the chance.

The claims by the Hunt parents that the minor's parents are bigots does not hold any credibility. They attempted to garner the support of the many people that blindly believe anything they hear or read if it supports their opinions or positions. Kissing in a bathroom stall and getting finger fucked by an 18 year old IS NOT LOVE, it is predation of the worst kind because it is an 18 year old taking advantage of a 14 year old. I guess the simple fact she could not get pregnant makes it okay.

This is not some homophobic position but the position of a stepmother that raised a daughter who would have personally castrated any boy that tried to take advantage of my daughter when she was 14 and I can assure you I would have not have been kind to some 18 year old girl taking my daughters innocence.

Now the above assumes the new information is proven to be completely true but mom and dad Hunt have been a bit quiet since some more facts have come out. The irony is Kaitlyn has apparently convicted herself just by her own statements and her veracity will certainly be questioned just by what has been said by her parents and Kaitlyn herself. That is not optimal if she ends up in court.

The one thing that a defendant should rarely do is attempt to intimidate the prosecutor which is what the Hunt family has tried to do with the "Free Kate" silliness. One of the above articles is a retraction of support for Kaitlyn based on the lies that have been told and pushed as the truth.

If the LGBT communities had any common sense they would understand this was wrong of Kaitlyn and court records and depositions back up the claims of the minor's family and NOT the Hunt family. The child was a minor and she cannot give consent so this has no relevance to the case. Kaitlyn now faces 15 years in jail and that is not short time. Do you think any boys have been offered a better deal than Kaitlyn was over the years? I seriously doubt it.

The other issue I have is how is this about Gay Rights? DO gays have an exemption from the law for this kind of behavior that heterosexual couples do not, just because they are gay? I have a bridge I can sell cheap if you think a 14 year old boy and an 18 year old boy would be garnering this kind of support from the LGBT crowd.

It seems to me when you are told twice to leave the girl alone by her parents then you have two strikes and the third strike in this case resulted in a call to the police. Stupidity and stubbornness are not mitigating factors when you commit a crime.

Protecting your 14 year old daughter from a predator is NOT bigotry but then anyone that comes down on the opposite side of a supposedly righteous argument by anyone in the LGBT community is homophobic and bigoted. Rather than wait for the facts the LGBT community has excoriated the minor's parents as bigots and tried to make a martyr out of Kaitlyn Hunt. Any 18 year old that diddles a 14 year old is NOT a martyr, they are a predator because the 14 year old is too young to make this decision without parental input.

Despite my support for gay marriage, equality, and understanding I am now going to duck and wait for the incoming hailstorm from the "we are always right and everyone else is always wrong" crowd.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update on Kate Hunt in Florida

The following is a link to a new post on the Kate Hunt supposedly illegal affair with a 14 year old minor.

According to the article the minor was 14 at the time. They were both on the Basketball team at the time and Kate was booted off the team and the basketball team coach called the minor's family and told them about the affair which indicates they did not know initially.

Looking at Kate she looks like a waif so I hardly think she was forcing herself on anyone so I consider that off the table for the moment. The investigation seems rather sloppy or non-existent because the parents of the minor pressed charges with the police.

Under Florida Law after she is convicted of this felony the minor's family can file suit against Kate's family because under Florida Law she is living at home and under their care and not considered an adult-adult of 24.

The question I would have right now is why does the minors need a lawyer and why is this lawyer represent her when she is not charged with a crime? If he represents the minor then maybe this is about money despite what her attorney Sullivan says.

Kate Hunt seems defeated and is hoping for a better "plea deal" which is sad and ruining a child's life over a lesbian fling is pretty sick if it is about money and not justice. It seems Kate has accepted the act she is guilty but this seems a little weird to be charging her with a law that was intended to prevent pedophiles and predators from targeting young girls and boys.

The real problem here is they have put this kid in a position where she has to risk 15 years in jail and being labeled a sex offender for life to clear her name verses a plea bargain that labels her a felon for life. The courts in Florida have done this to boys all too many times, most minorities, and now they seem to be misapplying the law again possibly. I wonder if they would charge if the minor was a boy of that age?

Equal under the law sometimes means you get shafted like those you should be equal with.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transphobia, Feminism, and Bullying Women

There is this misconception that gender and sex are the same and that since feminism supposedly is opposed to the gender binary that this precludes feminists from excluding a man in a dress from being a woman. Actually the man in the dress excludes himself with his own actions. The article  Transphobia Has No Place In Feminism by Lauren Rankin of Rutgers attempts to take on this subject. The problem I have is her points and positions are not backed up by anything other than academic silliness and the typical crap spewed by the Transgender crowd which makes it actually misogynistic In many ways it is so naive it is scary.

The following is a quote that closes out the claims made in this article.
Trans women are women. How do I know that? Because they say they are women. Because they identify as women. Because your gender expression is not dictated by the gender with which you were born. Because I, and many other cisgender feminists, trust trans women when they say they are women. Because women are women, and that’s really all there is to it. 
You will notice the big exception for actually sex characteristics wise physically being female or as close as one can get in today's world. The other thing this child at Rutgers misses is the simple fact that women do not have to tell other women they are women. This little task is the business of the penis packing transgender crowd that want the whole world to know they were once male and have now become women just because they say they are. Miss Rankin has been successfully bullied into their view of the world and this graduate student is so dim-witted she cannot even see it.

Often, mainstream feminists simply avoid talking or writing about trans women. 

Okay let me get this right. Feminists that are interested in promoting a feminist point of view are supposed to or should somehow write about "trans women" who by definition are identifying as something other than a "woman" probably because they feel special. Are you that stupid Miss Rankin? Do you even have an ounce of common sense. By definition if you use the term "trans" woman you are not identifying yourself as a woman and therefore you perspective is not  one that should be written about and discussed by feminists. Live as a woman and function as a woman and then come back and talk about this.

Some men bully women just because they can and that is what the transgender crowd is doing. They are attempting to bully women into believing the hype and the bullshit they spread about themselves. The simple concept that because I say I am a woman I am a woman is beyond hubris. Only a man in a dress would ever utter that bullshit. You are a woman because you are accepted by your fellow women as a woman. Until that point in life you are just a girl. womanhood is earned through experiences that involve the trials and tribulations of dealing with other women and the primary adversary, men.

Academia has bought into this male line of bullshit hook line and sinker as my dad would have said. Academia is ill-prepared to deal with any of this which is why the tagged Gender Studies into women's Studies. Since when does gender study have more to do with women than it does with men? well it actually does if you look at the insane need for dicks in a dress to express the "femininity openly and freely which of course means forcing women to accept them as women despite the hairy balls and dick hidden under the dress.

From Julie Serano, "my dick is bigger than yours" in California, Joelle Ruby Ryan the 6-6 300+ pound "woman" teaching women's studies at the University of New Hampshire, and Joy (Jay) Ladin in NYC claiming he knew more about being a woman than his ex-wife Academia is full of dipshits, frauds, and wanna-be-women. None of the above have had SRS to the best of my knowledge. ***EDUT(Serano had SRS in 2009)****

Just because some naive college student thinks a man with a dick in a dress is a women we are all supposed to accept that as the gospel? we live in a culture where many men think "no" is not really NO and women are made the issue when they are raped using excuses like we were looking too sexy or good so the poor man could not control his dick and that is a kind excuse. Now women are told by rather stupid little girls that they are required to accept men as women just because the freaking asshole said he was.

Have you ever heard a woman demand that they be accepted as a woman. One of my proudest moments was when my mother visited me in California where I was raising my stepdaughter, managing partner in a big business, attending CIT Graduate School, and keeping my large home livable. Mom looked at me and simply said, "Sweetie, you are an amazing young woman." That is when you know you are what you prayed for your entire life. Not because you demanded it but maybe because you worked at it and earned it.

Read her article and you get the gender bullshit claim. Gender roles are stupid and what feminism was and is fighting is we women being forced to do jobs "women" are supposed to do because "men" think it is appropriate. I fought those stereotypes along with many other women in the last 50 years and we have won some and we have lost some and isn't it ironic we always lose to men?

Feminists are not attempting to claim that being female is the same as being a woman. Sex defines our physical and in some ways mental outlook on life while gender is how we present ourselves on a daily basis. Throwing on a dress does not make you female. Going through what I and many others have to be who we should have been in my opinion allows me to claim I am female. There are some radical feminists that may disagree but I can assure you if you knew me you would have not one clue I was not female.

These transgender dipshits want to scream from the highest hill they were once men and demand they be accepted as women penis and all. First of all one would need to put a gun to my head as a heterosexual woman to force me to have sex with some man in a dress and based on my past experience it might be a tough decision. Now think about a lesbian who is attracted to other women and one of the specific reasons is because they do not have a penis. Well it now seems they are transphobic for not accepting some dipshit with a dick claiming they are a woman as a fellow lesbian. Even an idiot should realize this situation is problematic but somehow many do not. Just how do a lesbian and a penis packing lesbian have sex? Maybe they can describe their dick as a 7 inch neoclit and confuse the poor dear because after all we women are considered the fish in the water with bait not needed.

I do find it humorous that you never read or hear of the transgender crowd demanding that heterosexual men accept these penis packing women as women. You will read of the occasional fool claiming straight men like having sex with them because they are packing a penis. Last time I checked I believe that is a gay relationship but then men can delude themselves a lot.

Any assumption that cisgender women are the only true women is a blatant form of bigotry. And honestly, it’s in direct violation of Feminism 101. After all, Simone De Beauvoir said more than half a century ago “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

This comment by Miss Rankin is a complete misinterpretation of what Simone De Beauvoir meant for multiple reasons which seem to escape Miss Rankin. The concept of a man just saying he was a woman and being accepted as one was unheard of and what she meant was what I said before. Girls grow into women based on life experiences and feminism should be trying to prevent these girls from being pigeonholed into "women only" jobs because we women are much better than that and can do basically anything a man can do with reason. Trying to equate this quote with what is going on today is like telling little girls they can only play with dolls. It is absurd and incredibly naive.

Feminism is predicated on the idea that gender is a social construct, that women are not defined by their biology, and that the category of “woman” is informed and constructed by social gender norms. If women are more than what’s between their legs, why do some feminists continue to perpetuate a patriarchal notion that biology is destiny?
Again Miss Rankin misses the very concept she attempts to discuss. Gender is most certainly not between the legs but one's sex is and what feminists are talking about is allowing women to not be constrained by boundaries in life in either the workplace or life itself but in no way are feminists denying the self evident fact that women are females. Feminists may not want to be defined by their vagina but it does not mean they want a penis like a man. Actually it is a patriarchal movement that wants women to not be defined by their sex characteristics which enables men to be women when they want to.

Are there some in the feminist movement that would reject me and hate me? Yes there are but I think the reason is they do not understand those of us that were simply born transsexual because we have had our stories and lives obfuscated by the loudmouth activists demanding attention. will I ever convince some of them I am just a woman like them? Probably not but then that is there problem and not mine.

I think Miss Rankin is making the incorrect assumption that the "trans" people she is supporting are all or will become physically female based just on her commentary but then one is not allowed to ask what is in a "trans" woman's panties because it is not relevant according to them. well it is very relevant when someone is looking for a sex partner but then sex is not important or maybe these dick packing men in dresses figure they can convert some of these "lesbians" with a little work from the family jewels.

Women need to "always" be careful around men because men rape women and rarely the other way and almost all of these penis packing men in dresses are heterosexual males. I have mentioned before that i was raped at 14 by by neighbor Chuck who fractured my skull ass he used my ass for a vagina as he told me "he would teach me what it meant to be a woman." I wish I had remained conscious so I could have reminded him that most women do not like it up the ass but it was not to be. I also wish he had tried to force me to orally satisfy him because he would have been looking for a surgeon to sew it back on.

In the current environment we again have men telling women what it means to be a woman but quite conveniently not being penetrated like a woman or being as small and physically less imposing as men. What the hell do the know about being us? Nothing yet as my pal Chuck said "he will teach me" and what was he trying to teach me and what are they trying to teach us now? Yes that is somewhat a stereotype but physical facts are facts non the less.

They are trying to force us to accept them as women when they are not. They are trying to force lesbians to accept them as sex partners even with a penis. They are trying to redefine what it means to be female so they and their dicks qualify. It is just typical male behavior where they think we should listen to them because they "just know better" than us.

In my business as a Consulting Engineer I was brought in most often to fix a disaster that had already happened and to save the Company serious money and in several case literally save the Company. Later in life I learned to never take a position where I did not have hire and fire power because sometimes you needed to shovel the shit out the door instead of allowing the bigger pieces to float to the top.

I cannot count the number of times I asked a Company why a certain person was still there after repeated failure and the answer was usually, "he is a good man." I never once heard, "she is a good woman." I asked a friend of mine at a major Mutual Fund provider why he kept this VP of engineering around and got that answer. I then asked, "do you honestly believe he will have an epiphany and get a clue?" I refused that position because I could not move him or fire him. He proceeded to waste $50 million over the next 5 years on his bad ideas until he was "promoted", if you can believe it.

I cannot even begin to tell you the culture shock I caused in more than a few meetings over the years. I am notorious or was for never raising my voice or showing anger. I had one engineer tell me I was a very aggressive woman and I calmly asked him why he thought so and he screamed at me that "you always think you are correct" which resulted in my response of but "you have continually been wrong" which flustered him no end. He was actually a good engineer and I kept him and when i left after the project was finished he said, "I was wrong about you." That was all but it was enough.

I have been asked or told things over the years that were amazing.

"What is a pretty girl like you doing as an Engineer?" Well actually I was saving the company dipshit.

"Why isn't a pretty girl like you home having kids." Well dipshit I wish I could have children but you are fired anyway.

"What does your husband think of you doing this job." Actually he is quite proud of me dipshit.

"You are a very pushy woman." Well, considering the only way I can save this project is to push you out the door please don't let it hit you in the ass.

Men are tough and women are pushy.

Men are good orators and women talk too much.

Men are better at Math and science than women.

Men are just better in every way. Just ask them.

I could go on and on and this entire crap comes from the very same place all of it comes from. Many men think they are better than women and that actually now includes better at being women than us. I guess one can see that in the 63 year old man in his 5+ inch heels and mini skirt with the monster boons that stick out like headlights and the wig that comes off when he goes swimming in his bikini.

Now we have to deal with some naive girl in college who has never worked in the real world as a woman and really has no clue what this is all about selling out to help men take over the feminist movement. Believe me that is what they want to do because men will never take a back seat to women willingly.

If Miss Rankin was talking exclusively about those who have had SRS and are now physically female she might have a valid point because some of the radfems are transphobic but I think they are transphobic for a valid reason and unfortunately they cannot see the forest for the transgender trees because there are a lot of us that can support their opposition to a man in a dress with a dick claiming to be female because he says so.

Being a sexual person I am still trying to figure out why a lesbian should have to accept a lesbian with a dick as a partner if they don't want to and if they do can they really be lesbian?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Well it is Equal Treatment Under the Law

If a 18 year old boy had sex with a girl between 12 and 16 years of age it is not statutory rape but it violates the following Florida Law.

Florida Statute Title XLVI Crimes Chapter 800 Lewdness; Indecent Exposure - 800.04 Lewd or Lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age: This law makes it a felony of the second degree for "A person" 18 or older, to engage in sexual activity with a person 12 years of age or older, but less than 16 years of age.

Florida defines anyone as a minor under the age of 18 and an adult above the age of 24 so I guess someone between 18-24 is in limbo somehow. There is currently a case in Florida involving an 18 year old girl and a 15 year old girl who had consensual sex that started when the older girl was 17 and the younger girl 14 and when the 17 year old girl turned 18 she was charged with two counts of violating the above statute which is a felony and in most states would be considered statutory rape but not in Florida.

As the old parable goes "Ignorance of the Law" is not an excuse or a legal defense. In the following Huffing-ton Post article it is quite clear that at least the Post thinks this was just plain fine because it was a "same sex" relationship which of courses negates any violation of the law because the 18 year old deserves a break because after all she is a lesbian.

I can just imagine the complete outrage if this was an 18 year old boy that had sex with a 15 year old girl and the 15 year old girl's family pressed charges. Activists would be screaming for the head of the young boy because "Ignorance of the Law" is not a defense and besides this is a "male rape culture" and we all know it.

Of course the older girl's parents miss the entire point of the law which is to protect children from 12-16 from being taken advantage of by an older student and in an obligatory comment the older girl's parents scream they are only doing it because my daughter is gay and they are claiming my daughter turned their daughter gay. Sorry but that pile of crap went out with the bathwater because Kate, your daughter, violated the above statute.

Wait a second, maybe we should repeal that statute and give every male from 18-24 a free shot at every girl in Florida in the age group 12-16. How about doing that? I don't think so!!

Kate's family of course is claiming the now 15 year old girl's family supported the relationship between the 14 and 17 year old but turned on them when Kate turned 18. If Kate's parents knew they were having "consensual sex" and did nothing about it then they qualify for the "bonehead" parents of the year award. As for the younger girl's parents it is all conjecture whether they knew or did not know or whether they sere initially okay with the "consensual sex" or not. Maybe they were liberated parents and okay with their daughter having a "non sexual" relationship but just because their daughter could not get "pregnant" does not release Kate from the simple fact she took advantage of a minor as described in the above Florida Statute.

To be blunt this is a clear case of treatment under the Law by the State of Florida. Many young men have been tried under this law and have supposedly had their "lives" ruined and it seems like again people are siding with the perpetrator and not the victim. Put simply, the victim does not have to admit they are a victim to be a victim in this case. would any of those screaming about this be doing the same if it was an 18 year old male and a 15 year old girl? They certainly would but those supporting Kate would be screaming to hang the little bastard!

I can only come to the conclusion that some think lesbian and gay relationships are somehow above the law or better yet should have "special" laws just for them because their situations are special. Sorry but you are dead wrong. True equality means you are treated under the law the same way. would you like a list of the young males whose lives have been supposedly "ruined" by being prosecuted under this law? I am betting not because this is different in your mind. It is not.

Kate took advantage of a younger girl and had sex with her which violates the above statute. She admitted it and claims it was consensual. Lord, that sure does sound like a man screaming she wanted it as bad as I did. Would you feel the same if am 18 year old boy was diddling a 12 year old boy? I think so and in fact I know you would unless you are a card carrying member of NAMBLA.

The following quite was taken from the above article.

"These people never came to us as parents, never tried to speak to us... and tell us they had a problem with the girls dating," Kaitlyn Hunt's mother, Kelley Hunt-Smith, wrote in an statement posted to Facebook. "...They were out to destroy my daughter. [They] feel like my daughter 'made' their daughter gay."

They probably didn't have any trouble with them dating until the "sex" began but then lesbian consensual sex deserves to be treated differently than "consensual gay sex or consensual heterosexual sex. The only thing I can say to that is bullshit but then I believe in equal treatment under the law so equality rules.

How many young black males have had their lives altered forever because they were in a black-white love affair in Florida just like this except it was heterosexual? I can think of so many it is sickening and sadly many times the sex never occurred but if it did they violated the law. One could rewrite the law but how do you?

The simple truth is Kate had a relationship with a 15 year old girl when she was 18 which violated a Florida Statute and she was caught and is being prosecuted will be treated exactly the same as all the boys that did the same thing with girls who are or were underage.

The simple truth was as long as Kate was under 18 she was reasonably safe from prosecution and once her girlfriend reached 16 she would have been free from prosecution. The law was meant to protect younger and impressionable kids from being taken advantage of by older and more aware people. Do I feel sympathy for Kate? Of course I do but it is the same sympathy I would feel for anyone that made such a silly mistake but ignorance is not an excuse but maybe it is if you are a lesbian.

This was only prosecuted because the underage child's parents pushed the issue with the police which was their right. It was public knowledge they were dating but the key here is the age difference and the simple truth even if it is selective prosecution in a way it is the right of the parents to do so under Florida law and if the Prosecutor failed to do his job he would leave others open to abuse in a more heinous form.

A 14 year old girl is extremely vulnerable because she is becoming aware of herself and she is easy prey for a sly smile from an older boy or in this case an older girl. I believe the young girl was a freshman or a 9th grader and to be blunt no senior should go near her. The claims by Kate's parents that both families knew they were dating is credible but it was Kate's responsibility to be the adult and not have sex. Yes I know it is not easy and kids are doing it all the time but the kids are not 18 and 15 or 17 and 14 when they started because no parent with an iota of common sense would allow that and Kate's parents seem oblivious to the fact what her daughter did was illegal.

Florida does have a Romeo and Juliet law which could aid Kate in both prosecution and sentencing and could keep her off the sex registry which is important. The ambiguity of the Lewd and Lascivious law is quite broad and actual physical sex is not required to be in violation so that may or may not be relevant.

It is not selective prosecution because the Prosecutor is obligated by Law when notified of such wrong doing by a parent to do his job. There are some serious contradictions in the story. why would the underage child's parents supposedly allow them to date and then suddenly press charges? Is there such as thing as sudden homophobia?  The other question is a little uglier and it involves Kate. Did Kate decide to take it to actual sex and did the underage child object after the fact?

Sometimes equality brings about some rights people do not want and this is the case here. Where is the outrage one would read about if this was a boy supposedly taking advantage of a young girl? Anyone that says anything is immediately a hater which is kind of odd since it is not the same for a heterosexual version of this kind of case.

Equality for gays and lesbians is very important and sometimes it means you get caught in the backlash of laws meant to protect the young from predatory advancements even when they are not predatory. We can not have it both ways where gays and lesbians are equal under the law only when they want to be equal under the law.

Even though I personally believe this is a silly prosecution it is a violation of the law by a stupid 18 year old who I am sure meant zero harm like every young man prosecuted by the same law that had their lives ruined for violation of this law. Sometimes being equal means getting screwed by the law like the rest of society and sometimes it means you get prosecuted like every one else that had charges brought against them in this kind of situation.

It is equal treatment under the law and sometimes the law hurts. Let us hope cooler heads rule and Kate gets a break but if cooler heads do not rule Kate made the mistake and in this case the law is blind to one's sex or sexual preference which is good almost all of the time unless of course one believes they are special and above the law.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Public Detransitioning and its Undeniable Damage

On the MTV show called "True Life" there were two transgendered individuals that publicly detransitioned and it was jumped on by those that publicly are opposed to any help for transsexual children. They claim these two changed their minds as adults but the simple truth is neither of them were ever under care as transsexual children. Here is the link to the full MTV video.

In many ways I feel sorry for these two young people. The MTF transgender individual is unquestionably a gay young man who somehow found a therapist that allowed him to do what he did although in all honesty there is really not much anyone can do about adults, over 18, getting implants and transitioning which is what this young man did well after his teen years. He obviously bought into the transgender mantra that you can be anything you want to be without ramifications. There should have been alarm bells going off when he decided for implants, big ones by the way, with no thoughts of SRS.

SRS was never in this person's thought process. He was upset because he could not find love as a man in a dress with a penis. What did he expect? His only option would be a tranny chaser and that has risks. He detransitioned to be a gay man which should tell everyone he was a gay man to start with and never transsexual but according to transgender activist certainly transgender.

The FTM individual started testosterone but she was never a he just a confused lesbian. I sometimes wonder what these incompetent therapists think about when they so easily agree with someone who obviously is confused about their gender but not confused about their sex so much. These idiots and their fellow transgender idiots have blurred the true difference between gender and sex in order to allow for gender fluidity that has lead to more than a few mistakes along the way. Listen to some of the Transgender activists and even look at them and what you see is a man who made a mistake. Look at the leadership of the old Transsexual Menace crowd and tell me that was not a mistake. This person now spends their time trying to spew their gender views on the world looking like a man and unfortunately acting like one yet many in the Transgender movement consider this individual important when in the simplest terms this is someone that made a mistake getting SRS and wants to demean its value to those who need it.

The same can be said of any FTM that wants to get pregnant because quite simply if you are a man why would you want to be pregnant. Only women get pregnant unless you want the publicity. The same goes for the Transgender crowd that believes keeping their penis does not prevent them from being women. It goes along with the male mantra that men get what they want and screw any women that get in their way. One could almost make a case that the pregnant men are doing it just to throw it in the face of women. Could they possibly be that shallow? Yes, I am sorry to say.

Detransition is another arrow used to deny transsexual children early hormone intervention. This entire fiasco simply goes to the point that therapists, shrinks, and the transgender activists have not one freaking clue about what being transsexual is truly about. It is not about the clothes. It is not about the shoes. It is not about gender. It is simply about being female for the truly transsexual MTF and simply being male for the truly transsexual FTM.

Truly transsexual people shudder at the thought of detransitioning and going back to what they never were. It is why SRS is so important to both the MTF and FTM transsexual. It is why we refuse to accept a man with a penis as a women or a woman as a man if she gets pregnant.

I do hope and pray that both of these individuals are finally happy but I kind of doubt it.

I cannot comment on what the effects of transitioning at 5 or 6 does for those that are not transsexual because I personally have never dealt with one. But I have dealt with kids that we helped that transitioned between the ages of 12-14 and without question they knew exactly who they were, girls, and what they wanted, SRS, despite their ages. Spend ten minutes talking with them and you knew they were the real deal and it is why we helped. There was never any regret nor did any turn back. Kim Petras is a classic example of the good that happens when estrogen intervention occurs early on before puberty.

Thankfully neither of these young adults had SRS but the male is headed for issues because he has had major injections of silicone into his body and the long term ramifications are unclear although the risk for cancer is certainly higher. The young woman has had to suffer throw laser hair removal and will need electrolysis to remove the remaining facial hair. Both of these young adults have paid a price for the folly of their actions which were certainly condoned and facilitated by the Transgender medical community all in the name of the gender free-for-all they have fermented.

It is not your gender that needs fixing if you are transsexual. It is your sex characteristics but this has been termed  "unnecessary" which has led to this type of folly. Those that oppose helping children will point to these two, they already have, but as stated before these two were adults when they started this and it was their stupidity or lack of oversight or competence in the medical world that allowed these two disasters to take place.

Say a prayer for the kids that need help because it could be harder to get and right now it is darn hard to find a competent doctor that truly understands what a transsexual is and how to treat them. Treating a transsexual like you treat the transgendered is like treating a cancer patient for hemorrhoids, it doesn't work.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I was going to comment on the post this comment was made on but I think it deserves a complete post because as is the norm for Black Swan she completely gets it wrong. The following is Ms. Swan's comment and after that is my commentary.

Black Swan said...
You see Elizabeth I feel I’m very privileged and it has nothing to do with the hard work I put in my career or life. At the age I transitioned at I’m also extremely lucky and privileged to pass as well as I do sans my height. My education and work experience, I cannot deny, also helped me in several different careers. One of those careers placed me in a unique position to help other transsexual/transgender people with civil rights and access to medical care specific to transition related services. I know you cringe at the thought of those two terms (“TS/TG”) in close proximity. 
I’ve said this before, there are successful individuals who have forgotten the societal roots of their success or vigorously deny the role of social forces in their good fortune. They use inherited privilege or societal investment to get ahead yet work to eliminate opportunities for others. Mark Twain did a fantastic job of revealing the lie of the Alger story, “The Story of the Bad Little Boy Who Did Not Come to Grief” in 1865, “The Story of the Good Little Boy Who Did Not Prosper” in 1870 and “Poor Little Stephen Girard” in 1879. 
I find it comical when an individual feels compelled to re-frame luck and privilege into primarily the sweat of her own brow. Why you lived, and lived successfully, many of us have died. You are also quite dismissive and flippant about that. I’ve read somewhere of a low estimate that 50,000 have perished from prejudice, murder and suicide, yet you constantly belittle and berate those that do not fit your mold of perfection and are conveniently silent when that individual kills themselves or is murdered. You relish to employ a double speak—condemn others yet when that other dies proffer a perfunctory salutation to spin your deleterious comment. 
There is a reticent individual that posts on your site from time to time that IMHO is your peer; age & academically, which I only see one difference—the age in which you both transitioned and how that fact effects your privilege or lack thereof. Lets face it we are judged on how we look; body, face, voice and deportment. I’m sure you were quite the dish when you transitioned, which in many ways afforded you many of life’s benefits, namely the ability to receive the love you wanted. The other must roam the earth like some post apocalyptic scavenger for life’s little moments of happiness, scraping by, having to assuage their tears from the queer looks of the society, living with blinders betwixt their bitter gall of envy. I see a beautiful little girl hiding behind inside a broken body playing the sweet tones of a banjo to sooth her soul. 
One grows up in a liberal home that is progressive enough to see the problem and correct it while the other must grow up around a conservative religious environment that is not, at all, permissive of difference. There is an old phrase tossed around the old guard: Passing is life. So binary--Not passing is…. You get the idea.

May 9, 2013 at 2:02 PM  

As is usual you dismiss me as some uncaring individual who somehow has forgotten her place by succeeding and not paying back her so-called luck and privilege. What you really mean is I have not helped all the late transitioning men who have passed laws to protect the life and "privileges" they gained as a men. Let them accept the station in life they would have had if they had been women and maybe we will sympathize  They get to keep their jobs gained on the backs of women not because they deserved to but because they were transgender and fucking men. Now I am supposed to feel sorry for them and consider myself "privileged" because I somehow managed to be a "dish". How very manly of you Black Swan!!

Passing or even being beautiful is privilege? Well I guess that means all the ugly and plain women in the world are under-privileged, but oops in your world they are privileged because they are natal women. You completely miss what every MTF transsexual I have known desires more than anything. All we wanted form life was the honor of being female and a woman and it is an honor because it carries no advantages other than being whom we should have been at birth. Let me get that and I will take what comes after and work hard and be the single best woman I can be.

I am willing to bet in 15 years you will be telling Jazz and the other young transsexuals that melt into society that they are also "privileged". Of course if you have your way she will be an "out" and "proud" transgender woman and label herself, like you have yourself, as something other than a woman for the rest of her life. Hell, if you had your way every natal woman would have to call herself cis-female or cis-woman just so she can be categorized as friend or foe. In all honesty it is a "privilege" to be a female and a woman but it is not a life of privilege you gain just the ability to be how you should have been born, but then you would not know what it means to work as a woman your entire life and be paid less by the very assholes you claim I should identify with somehow.

Just to set some facts straight, I grew up in a right wing religious family that saw the problem and tried to fix it but not in the way you think. Later in life my mom was very guilty over the results of the many Psychiatrists she sent me too or more aptly took me to be "cured" because they triggered every single suicide attempt. She did what she thought was right but she was wrong because they tried to enforce the stereotypical view of the time that I was just gay despite the simple fact they had a hard time remembering to use male pronouns when addressing me.

I bet you consider the fact I was a "pretty" boy or more accurately a very feminine boy a "privilege". You and your fellow ass-clowns have no clue because you did not live it. Many of you incorporated the narratives, nightmares is more apt, we lived through because it made you feel special. My privilege was police officers telling me, or more often my mother, in the hospital that boys will be boys and besides your son shouldn't look like he does. Like I had any options in changing my looks when I was young or the ability to fend away the threats.

The sad part is it was the same for many of my friends. we survived or they did because they did not give up. I tried to give up 6 times and was "lucky" to survive two of them including the last rites twice for someone that was not even Catholic but then I was privileged to "experience" that. When I knew I could fulfill what my life revolved around, becoming a complete girl, I never wavered once in the 11 years it took from 14 to 25 to reach my goal of SRS. I have never had a single thought of suicide since then.  Funny how that works.

I was lucky in many ways. I was lucky that a boy refused to let me push him out of m life because I feared he would hurt me like all his friends had in High School. I think it was more love than luck but that boy saved my life. He prevented my last suicide which would have been successful if the attempt was made and helped lead me to Dr. Benjamin's doorstep with my mom and his parents. want to know why he began to like me?  I was the first "geek" that did not talk down to him when tutoring him and I helped him get good grades.

The irony of this is he witnessed many of the beatings I took and he watched as I was tripped deliberately and fell down the granite steps of my High School and ended up with a broken arm and collarbone. I learned later he beat his friend senseless for doing it but in those days nobody supported the feminine boy publicly but then that is privilege somehow I gather. Do you want to know why all us old timers know all the frauds. They glorify it like it was some rite of passage they bravely endured yet somehow managed to successfully pass through and manage to marry a woman and then be outraged when the wife does not "support" her "husband" as he becomes a woman or half-woman a lot of the times.

We pushed the issue because we had no choice. We all knew we would rather be dead than ever give into society's requirement that we be boys. We knew we could not be boys because we were girls even if it meant taking a lower station in life and believe me they reminded all of us about that all the time.

I had the crap kicked out of me, as did my friends, on a nearly daily basis but I know I pushed every limit and every button I could to make them see me as the girl I knew I was. I took risks that put my life in danger and decided to be as feminine as possible for the 1950's which meant just enough not to get arrested. My neighbor tried to rape me once when I was 12 and finally succeeded in February of 1960 when I was 14 and had been on hormones for several months but then I was privileged to pass and had the "honor"of being "raped" by a man that wanted to teach me what it meant to be a woman, just like the men in dresses try and tell me what it means to be a woman. Chuck had about as much knowledge of what it means to be a woman as you and your pals do, which is not a damn clue. For this "privilege" had had my skull fractured, was anally raped and had the same privilege as other women of the day when they blamed me for the rape because of "how I was". Thankfully I have no memory of the physical rape but I sure was sore when I woke up in Intensive Care in Massachusetts General. I still have a reminder with the indentations where they relieved the pressure on my brain but then that is "privilege".

Your concept of privilege is just jealousy and the real sickness in your jealousy is you expect people like me to feel for some man in a dress that still maintains his pleasure organ the same way I feel for those I know were born transsexual and managed to contain it until it became to much. Your problem is you consider us elite when we look at some asshole man in a dress and say he is a man in a dress because we feel SRS is a requirement or at least a long life as a woman hiding the fact you never had SRS. Your exhibitionist transvestite friends love the publicity and I am supposed to support them. I wish them no harm but they can go fuck themselves before I would consider them women because the simple truth is if we met when we were younger they would have been trying to figure out how to get into my panties. It is just what men do and they are heterosexual men.

You demean me as "lucky' and "privileged" and of course add the caveat you feel privileged as a carrot but the simple truth is nobody born transsexual is either fucking "lucky" or "privileged", but then that has always completely escaped you because, as we both know, you are deeply pissed off by your station in life and extremely jealous of anyone that has had an actual normal life. That is why you throw the cis bullshit around I am quite proud of being considered a cis female because that means I succeeded and that upsets you.

You are incapable of accepting the simple fact that once a transsexual has SRS they are no longer transsexual because they have "crossed" over to the correct sex as closely as possible. Those of you that are afraid to or unwilling to realize this simple fact are losers because you will never understand the joys of simply being a woman. No excuses. No privileges.  Being a woman has no privileges unless of course you consider the simple fact we have accepted ourselves as women a privilege which I kind of feel is the crux of the your problem in life.

How dare you claim I am conveniently silent when my sisters have died. You pathetic wanker. I have had the misfortune of losing 2 extremely close friends to suicide and another to the butchery of a man.  The one butchered by as man, pre-op in NYC, gave me and my friend Lana the "privilege" of identifying her in the morgue while the police laughed at her because they considered this beautiful person a man. We both told them to shut the fuck up. We then had the "privilege of watching her parents dress her as a man and bury her as such in Ohio.

You talk of leaders but your concept of leadership is one that supports the transgender men playing at being a girl and when it comes to that I have no concept of what leading means and refuse to. You expect us to willingly allow ourselves to be labeled transsexual or transgender for life and quite bluntly I left that behind 42+ years ago.

It is true we are judged by how we look but it only becomes a cross when you let it. It is part of life and a superficial part at that but it is what it us like being a woman and you make it sound like it is something only you and your male pals in skirt and heels have felt.That is actually not a problem with passing it is a problem with being identified as a man in a dress. What it comes down to is men are lazy and they have their stereotypical idea of what a woman is. Big boobs, short skirts, long hair, tons of makeup, super high heels so they are stunned when they get read as 62 year old men when they exit male mode and foray into woman mode dressed like a 23 year old trashy hooker. Look at T-central for a myriad of wonderful examples.

The real problem is our male pals do not want to accept subservient roles in the world of women because after all, as men, they know everything about what it means to be a woman. Just ask them or have the misfortune to read the dribble you post and it is clear none of you have a clue.

I and many of my friends have spend a lot of money helping other transsexuals but we draw the line at the transgendered transvestite. I have been involved closely in helping 9 young transsexuals between the ages of 13-15 travel this road and I have spent a lot of my hard earned money doing it. Counting the two currently in the queue it is 9 and one teenager whose SRS and travel I paid for to Thailand. All out of pocket without the need for publicity unless I have to mention it to some coconut like you.

Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough at it and that goes for many who cannot pass. They do not work at it and many do not care.  It is a little game of power politics to them. I comment of the stupidity of the transgender community and do not have to belittle them because they do it to themselves.

You are so typical of this modern society and so are your transvestite pals. If it isn't given to you on a silver platter you demand laws and regulations be passed to make you safer and women less safe. Men shitting on women again is all it is. I often wonder how many of these late transitioners would go through with it if they had to start from scratch? Funny how they manage to keep everything gained as a man and that includes the attempt to keep the wife as a trophy because of course she loves her man even when he isn't. Give them all your money and tell they are free and see how long they stay around in their new lesbian relationship or is that non-sexual relationship which is a fucking total joke.

I do not nor does any woman that was born transsexual owe anyone a goddamn thing after they have SRS. The only thing they owe is to themselves and that is to lead a good productive life as a woman. we do not owe a damn thing to any man wearing a dress, claiming to be a woman when he keeps his penis because it is his pleasure organ. If we decide to give back we do it in a way that is best for us and not for some nimrod like you.

Life is a privilege and it is what we all receive when we are born. You may be born into money which may or may not be a privilege. Being born transsexual is neither lucky nor a privilege and being a feminine boy is not a privilege and you would know that if you lived it but then you think you know it all, you do not.

You get out of life what you put into it. I have worked hard to be a success. I have given back a lot. I have lived a good life and have been a good person. I do not suffer fools nor perverts well so beware.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Notes and Thoughts On This Crazy World

It is time for some more notes and thoughts.

Jenna Talackova Gets Reality Series

The beautiful Miss Talackova has a reality Show on E Canada and she seems happy with both that and being labeled as a Transgender woman for the rest of her natural life. Kind of sad actually but then let us be honest about her future. I doubt it was her initial plan after SRS but then when you enter a "Transsexual" or "Womanless" beauty contest you may have already defined yourself and the Transgender crowd make it seem that everything will be peachy keen in their delusional world.

I wonder if I should be waiting for her to tell us that we are all the same?

More Sterilization Bullshit

There are more claims by the men in dresses and some women in boxers who want to keep their previous equipment intact that any requirement of SRS in order to change a birth certificate is tantamount to sterilization. Well it is a voluntary act but then when your dick is that important or your ability to get pregnant is that important just how are you the opposite sex?

This is where I have a real problem with these loons. For those of us truly born transsexual this was never a choice despite what they are demanding the world to believe. It is inherently insulting to us but then they have never really cared about those truly born transsexual because other than possibly being abler to spell it, doubtful in some cases, they are not and never will be transsexual and that is why they need the word transgender.

Redefining the New Normal in Society

Redefining the new normal as some middle aged man getting a sex change and his wife staying with him and his loving children adoring him? Look, it happens but it is neither normal nor is it common but then delusional older men do want their dress and the wife it seems, part of the trophy hunt most men live life as.  Kind of sad if you ask me but then most of you would probably prefer me not to be around to ask these nasty little questions.

Denied Access To Bridal Store Dressing Room

Poor transgender girl is denied her right to try on her wedding dress in a Canadian store and the poor store owner is now on the proverbially hot seat. I just want to know which person showed up at the Bridal shop. The one in the first or second picture?

Am I missing something here? That does look like a man in a dress in one picture and looks very attractive in the next picture. It was not all lighting because that is a nasty 5 o'clock shadow by any standards. Photoshop one and not the other? Which one was Photoshop used on? By the way I have no idea how to use Photoshop but somebody did here.

Next question is a simple one. If she is transgender woman why was this individual married in a same sex marriage? Oh yes, I forgot. Women can be men in the new transgender world of normalcy  they are pushing for in this world.

I have no issue with her marriage but the publicity is a little much, but then maybe monetary incentives are at work here. In one she looks like a man and in the other she looks like a girl except for the hands. I know the one I am betting was Photoshopped!

Transsexual Child Denied Bathroom Access After Being Given it

There is a child in main that is transsexual and has transitioned in school. You will notice I do not use the term transgender because the they would never do this because it takes immense courage. The child was initially allowed to use the girl's room which was the right thing to do but this was later rescinded because of static from parents.

There is an ongoing legal battle going on in Orono Maine and I am rooting for the little girl.

Old Commies Never Die They Just Whine Away on TransAdvocate

That great TransAdvocate site, sarcasm intended,  has more men than your average Board Room and my pal Suzan Cooke is now a contributing Commie over there. She took another shot at me over there which I consider a badge of honor in some silly way. There is enough dick and enough "dicks" over there to  make that a place to avoid except it is kind of funny to be honest.

I do find it ironic they allowed Zoe Brain in with the Communist crowd but then maybe Zoe is reinventing herself as a Commie in order to have a longer shelf life. What is the shelf life of a turd?

Trans Murder in Ohio

God bless Cemia Acoff the transsexual found murdered and tied to a stone in the water in Ohio. This was another sex crime and although she was quite beautiful Cemia was known in the area and had been actually arrested because she had hormones on her person according to one report, although I find that hard to believe but there are a few rednecks in Ohio.

Everyone is up in arms over the manner in which the Plain Dealer handled the case and if there is one thing the Transgender Activists seem to love it is someone being murdered because it is fodder for their views on life. In cases like these the Police go by what they find and this poor child's body was in the water for a while which means the body was badly decomposed. I am sure that blurred the issues early on since the Police would certainly report Cemia as male based on the evidence available at the time. She was identified through DNA.

Most papers and reporters are actually not aware of the "required" style when dealing with "transgender" stories and almost always will "violate" the "so called" rules set up by certain organizations. The Plain Dealer edited the initial report to fit the AP guidelines but lets be clear here. Because you have a dress on or a bra or some female attire on you are not necessarily transgender but then that is what the transgender want as the norm.

The simple truth is this is a horrific sex crime and they need to catch the murderer because this is more than likely not the first nor will it be the last murder by the killer. People report what they know and not what others want them to report based on their perceived view of the world.

Let the police do their work and find the animal that brutalized and murdered this young girl because it might save others in the Cleveland area. It is a tragedy on multiple levels. She lost her life and the feeding frenzy by all the Transgender Activists that need a scapegoat like the Plain Dealer reporter is demeaning because it was not a pronoun that was murdered, it was a 20 year old girl. If one reads the accounts in Transgender media it is more about the way she is portrayed than her being butchered. That is both kind of sad and just about the way the Transgender media works. They really could give a shit about this kid because the publicity is more important.

Catch the butcher and worry about the pronouns later because to Cemia it does not matter, she is sadly dead.

The NRA is Brain Dead

I live in gun country which is not a big thing other than I am terrified of guns. My neighbors are mostly gun people and about 8 of them are NRA members.  The really funny thing is ALL 8 said they are in favor of strict requirements for background searches before a gun can be purchased and these folks own some freaking weaponry.

The only NRA members opposed to background checks are either criminals themselves or owned lock, stock, barrel, and ammo pack by the gun manufacturers. Both my husbands were military types and they liked their weapons. I asked that they lock the weapons in a safe place and my second husband said he always did that and my first husband told me to mind my own business.

Even my late husband's family, all Texas folk, have no issue with background checks. One said to me, "I don't want any crazy fuck owning an AR-15", which seems odd to me because I would think anyone that wants an AR-15 is kind of nuts to begin with.

I was hijacked to a recent gun show and I have to admit the armament available was kind of surreal. I have designed packages over the years that were created to defeat certain kinds of weaponry but this show was kind of scary. I had sellers grabbing me and telling me they would sell me an AR-15 with no background check and I saw an AK-47 being sold and the only reason I knew it was one is my first husband brought one home from Vietnam after his multiple black ops tours were over. Still trying to figure how he got that one through even military customs.

Why is the Transgender Crowd Obsessed with Womenless Beauty Pageants?

A funny thing seems to happen to the Transgender crowd on the way to their female side, or cross-dress side might be more accurate. They are obsessed with other men in dresses which is weird to say the least. I was always observant of women because I might want the outfit because it was beautiful or a new trend in fashion. The same went for heels but this is different. They are obsessed with men in dresses.

Just stroll on over to T-Central and browse around to Femulate or a certain Condo that features the above a lot. Several of them even try and claim to be women trapped in a man's body which is about as cliche as it can get.

Model and Photographer?

What is it with the site on T-Central that posts all these photos of individuals that are expressing their gender diversity. Nothing wrong with that but they all describe themselves or are describes as bot models and photographers. In truth they are neither because they cannot take pictures and they have no ability as a model.  Maybe the new Transgender thing is, "If I say it it must be true", now goes to everything in life including the delusion they are both a model and a photographer.

Femininity Coaching

How does someone still working on transition themselves become a femininity coach? The first rule I learned in NYC when I met my lifelong friend Oscar was never let a gay man teach you how to act like a woman. They can teach you fashion, Oscar did for me, but if you listen to them you will end up coming across like a gay man in drag.  Those were my gay friend's Oscars words and not mine.

So does that mean learning femininity from a later transitioning man will make you come across like the caricature most men have of women. If it does you will have massive breasts and wear 6 inch heels and an ultra mini even at 57. Look at T-Central for confirmation but then some of you know this is just so true.

Living a Productive Life

I almost forgot something. In an article by Suzan Cooke she implied that others were jealous of people like her because they have led a productive life or something like that. Okay, I will admit it took me 5 minutes to stop laughing but then humor makes one live longer, or so they say I think.

Sorry Suzan but you lose on that one bigtime.