Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweden Sued Over Forced Sterilization

The transgender loons are at it again in Sweden. This article describes the actions being taken against Sweden for forced sterilization of "trans" and "gender variant" people which denies them the right to change their gender marker.

First, the law in Sweden needs to be explained. Since Sweden is one of your typical socialist boondoggle countries within Europe that wants to take care of you and control you from cradle to grave it has a very specific set of rules for changing your gender marker. Now the gender marker these people are talking about is their birth certificate "gender" marker which was always one's sex until John Money and his crowd managed to obfuscate the difference.

Under Swedish law on order to have your gender marker changed, also know as birth certificate, you need to have undergone a sex change. They also require that the individuals cannot be married nor can they MTF store sperm or the FTM store eggs for later use. Those are the requirements for both SRS and change of birth certificate on the State dime.

Now, even I would support the changing of the law to allow them to save sperm and eggs and to stay married but then Sweden does not have same sex marriage if I remember correctly which is also part of the problem. Both of these concepts give me the creeps personally, but in my opinion they are certainly no harm, no foul kinds of conditions and should be amended.  The problem is and always has been that that was and is not the case here. The case here is men want to keep their penis and still have their gender marker changed. It is that simple.

So in order to attempt to push this argument they have come up with this forced sterilization argument which is silly but one needs to understand the history of Sweden which is far from glowing in regards to sterilization. Being such a good socialist bastion the Swedish government has always felt they know what is best for their citizenry and did perform forced sterilizations from 1935 until 1975 under government auspices. The forced sterilizations were forced upon primarily Roma and Traveler women, gypsies for the uninformed. I will leave it to the reader to infer where those practices emanated from but it is pretty clear.

The Roma and Traveler women rightfully won a legal battle for compensation from Sweden and now these loons are trying to equate themselves to the horrors these gypsies underwent. The gypsies were forcibly sterilized against their wills to prevent more children from being born and almost all sterilization was against women since no self respecting man would sterilize a fellow male. It sort of reminds me of how ashen my husband got when I informed him the male Siberian was headed to the vet to be neutered.  You would have thought I was sending him.

The individual that writes this blog is not exactly the brightest light in the string since she contends it is nothing less than "genocide". When dealing with mental midgets definitions are required so here goes.
Genocide is "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group"
This is your typical "trans" action where they try and equate the rights of transvestites and non-ops with those of a previously harmed group where there is absolutely no correlation whatsoever. You know the fools that claim racism with "trans rights" and a sundry list of other past transgressions they use to blind the uninformed into supporting their patriarchal view of the world where male rights circumvent any rights women have.

In their musings they carefully avoid mentioning that the sterilization they are talking about is actually "Sex Reassignment Surgery" which is NOT forced sterilization and is paid for by the state for those individuals that follow the rules. For most people born transsexual the concept of getting SRS paid for is fine because that is what they want and there are ways around other parts of the law such as sperm and egg storage and marriage which I believe is where they have a fight, but that again is not the fight they want.

This is again a fight to redefine what it means to be female and a woman. It is nothing short of an assault or a war on women primarily by men who want to play girl but not be girl and certain women that want to be men but would like to keep the options open.  It is just another example of gender games and these fools mention gender variant as those  being forcibly sterilized which is patently absurd.

These people are walking adverts for the people that believe being born transsexual is NOT a medical condition.  They are harmful in so many ways it ton those born transsexual needing SRS because they come across stating categorically that SRS is NOT necessary to be a female or a woman and that is what they want the world to know and believe.

The case is without merit because it is voluntary and the Swedish government has the right to set the rules for when and how their socialized medicine will pay for SRS. Changing the provisions of the law that require the individual to not save sperm and eggs and to divorce their spouse could be fought and probably should be fought but as I have stated that is absolutely not what this is about.

The problem is people in general are uniformed in today's world and they see "forced sterilization" and it scares them because it is a nasty concept.  if they read a little they would realize it is all a ruse but people are kind of lazy and splashy headlines rule the media world. It is no coincidence that the few remaining papers in print are primarily scandal sheets with few exceptions particularly here in the United States.

If you have a sex change you are sterilized because that is how it works. MTF get a vagina and FTM have a hysterectomy and hopefully can afford a penis but the entire concept is changing sex and women do not father children and men do not get pregnant except in the "trans" world where they consider themselves "special".

So if you read about this issue be sure to remember what the truth is behind it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Demeaning Women Transgender Style

I have been embroiled in the Colleen Francis bullshit for a while now and it really bothers me. One of the reasons it bothers me is the reaction of the so-called transgender leaders who have jumped to support this pervert or even claim one bad apple does not spoil the barrel as some believe.

The irony here is these same people rightfully scream about the issues involving the rapes of women by men.  They excoriate the police for not defending women and those of us born transsexual or even the transgendered that are raped. Rape is the ultimate act of dominance by a man over a woman.  It is a man saying I can do with you as I want because I am a man.  It is a hideous crime with very long range ramifications for the victims of rape.

After I met Benjamin I started down the hormone path and my life seemed to be heading for a happy future.  I had a boyfriend that really liked me and accepted me as a girl which still amazes me to this day. Within a month of returning from the meeting everyone seemed to know I was transsexual and school life was the best it ever was. One boy said it really meant sense to him that I was really a girl. Well, I was on my way to girl but far from being as female, as I realized.

I was 14 years 1 month and several weeks old when my neighbor Chuck finally fulfilled his fantasy and actually physically raped me and beat me into submission. I will never know if he did it because he saw me as a girl or the effeminate boy he so desired. I am reminded of that day every time I wash my hair because I can feel the areas where they drilled into my head to release the pressure on my brain because he fractured my skull in two places.

All I remember is being told by him his wife wanted to see me and I liked his wife and if she was home there was no threat. I remember getting hit and kind of remember him pulling off or trying to pull off my clothes when I blacked out.   I did manage to scratch him I gather but I have no memory of that.  It was bad enough I was transferred to Massachusetts General where the brain surgery was performed. This was 1959 and female rape victims rarely got to see their rapist arrested so it was worse for me.

He claimed I attacked him with my 115 pounds of muscled (sic) fury and he had to defend himself with his 220 pounds of manhood and anally rape me for some reason. It was his second attempt and his first success at raping me. Thankfully I have no memory of what happened and I recovered with the help of a boy, his family, my family, and Dr. Benjamin who actually came to see me in the hospital.

Those in the transgender community talk about rape yet they cannot see that simply allowing individuals with male genitalia into secure female spaces is dangerous. There are reasons someone keeps their penis and balls and it is because the majority of them use them during sex and the vast majority of them consider themselves lesbian which means they are attracted to women. Now these individuals need a functioning penis for sexual gratification but this is never talked about because they are women, because they say they are, this is bullshit.

I really have little issue if they want to live en femme but if you strip off the dress underneath at best they may have breasts but they have functioning male genitalia, Autumn Sandeen excepted. Now if a man walked into a secure female dressing, shower or locker uninvited holy hell would break out.  If a man walked into said areas and exposed his junk it would result in outrage and arrest.  Wearing a dress and makeup with functioning male equipment by definition makes you a threat to any woman if you are predisposed to such behavior but since we women have no clue about your predisposition we scream for help because it is a danger and we recognize it as such.

The transgender love to claim this violates their civil and human rights and that is bullshit.  It violates the civil and human rights of females and women to be forced to accept men in our spaces. Even if said men claim to be women with male genitalia. Mr Francis was and is on a very low estrogen dosage and is not using blockers of any kind according ton his own web site. He and his ilk want functioning male genitalia because they use it during sex with women. Anyone that uses male genitalia for sex is a man and it is undeniable.

These same male equipped individuals scream bias because lesbians will not accept them as women and allow them to date lesbians. Isn't it kind of odd how none of them bitch about men not accepting them as women and wanting to have sex with them?  They know the result of that scenario and it rarely ends well for them but with women they face little physical threat unless they run into a tough dyke.  I might pay to see that fight.

It seemingly flies right over their heads that allowing these individuals into secure female areas uninvited is dangerous, but that is actually not true because they know the danger but it is not to them. From a women's position even the slightest increase in the potential for a sexual threat is unacceptable.  Women always have to worry about sexual aggression in men.

It was something I had to learn after SRS. After my first divorce I was very careful when I dated  and even a hint of aggression meant the man was dropped.  Maybe that was the fear from my childhood rape but if a man so much as indicated he had the proclivity to get rough he was gone.

The entire concept of the non-op is troublesome for many of us that fought so hard for SRS. I do understand some are medically unable to have SRS but they are very few in number.  The entire concept of non-op is keeping their male genitalia, well it is for the very high majority without question. So can someone tell me why women should accept them as fellow women when they want male parts? What am I missing here?

These same assholes talk about rape, feminism, and rights like they actually have a clue what it means to struggle as a woman in the work place, to be threatened with rape or be raped by a man, and the myriad other issues women face. They will never be asked, "why aren't you home raising a family", as I was many times by men in the workplace. They knew nothing of my past so it seemed logical to them. They will transition at work but will never face the prospect of being paid 70% of what a man makes because the men need extra money for their "family". They will never be passed over for promotion because they are too assertive. They will never be passed over for promotion because they are too smart for their own good.  They have protection for that because they are "trans". In theory women do also but in the workplace try and prove it.

It is all part of the attempt by men to invade women's spaces. Are you trying to tell me that a so-called woman that claims to be a woman and wants his male parts working because he is attracted to women is not going to get aroused at the site of naked females? It is why there is a billion dollar porn industry for their perusal. This is just free porn.

Now we who oppose these "women" with functioning male genitalia in our spaces are called bigots, transphobic, Nazi's, associated with the KKK, and other sundry nasty names. Please explain to me why preventing anyone with functioning male genitalia from secure female spaces is any of the above? These fools have no support from anyone outside their own little circle of fellow loons.  The public is so overwhelmingly opposed to this it borders on unanimous condemnation yet it continues.

It is neither bigotry nor transphobic to want "women" with functioning male genitalia to stay out of secure female spaces.  In point of fact it is simply common sense, a common sense we women have understood for eternity. Men regardless of how they disguise themselves do not belong in secure female spaces uninvited for our safety and even if the percentage of danger is 1 chance in a 100,000, it is one chance too many.

These fools fear the repercussions from their fellow men so they invade female spaces under the ruse it is safer for them en femme. Well it is safer for them but it is less safe for women, so just who needs protection and who is endangered? I guess it is easier for them to endanger women to protect themselves. We will accept all who have had SRS but categorically deny those same undeserved privileges to anyone that keeps male genitalia for any reason. Women's secure spaces are for those with a vagina and not dick and balls.

One transgender activist even tried to equate naked women in secure female facilities with her transgender pals which associates naked women as no different that  naked "women" with male junk because they are after all women identified. This individual in a comment on another blog actually stated "trans" people should be registered so they have the privilege of using female facilities which somehow nullifies the inherent danger of someone attracted to women with male genitalia being physically allowed in private female spaces. Yeah like that would work.

For a long time I thought this was misogynistic behavior but in reality it is just pure male chauvinistic behavior.  They are better than us and we will accept this or be damned for not accepting it. We are inferior which is why they keep the male parts. Those damn vagina's are good to stick their dick in but damn how can they pee on a tree and mark their territory with the damn thing plus maintenance and upkeep is a pain.

It is simply men being men and has not one damn thing to do with being female or a woman. It is truly that simple.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Colleen Francis and The TG Big-Guns Support

Well some of the transgender big-guns are now supporting Mr. Francis in their typical fashion. I bet none of you realized this was a manufactured problem and that nothing bad happened.  I was shocked to find this out, but then again considering the sources nothing either one says could ever really shock me.

Suzan of Women Born Transsexual, should be changed to Transgender, wrote a blog entry titled The Manufactured Colleen Francis Kerfuffle in which those that complained about this "non-issue" were Nazis which is the basic tenet of the intellectually challenged on the far left. In this post she mentioned her now "good friend" Cristan Williams wrote a blog post making the analogy that the Colleen Francis "Kerfuffle"  was akin to the KKK and their attacks and hatred.

Neither of these self appointed defenders of the Transgendered seem to understand a woman's need to feel safe. It is outweighed by the need of the transgendered to force their fantasy onto women.

In Suzan's post she said the following.

Of course  with great predictability the HBS Sonderkommando Unit including Jennifer Usher and Ben-Girl (Elizabeth) lined up to attack Colleen Francis.  Elizabeth even mentioned Fox News as being the credible source (sic) for her information.
It is her way of referencing me to her Nazi allegations and to her pals KKK allegations and inferences. Anyone that opposes their point of view on anything is a bigot because they are always correct and everyone opposing them is wrong. I of course tried to respond because i sure do love tweaking Suzan and her partner Tina because they have zero common sense and are sure to have a snit or delete your comment if it confuses their feeble minds.

My comment which was not posted is as follows.

I am not a HBSer as you say and I stated that Fox News had carried a story about Colleen Francis in order to indicate it was very public and viral. The same report was in multiple reliable and yes liberal sources. The Police Report is undeniable and under the best of circumstances Colleen Francis was in a female Sauna displaying her male junk. Since the other reports state she was seen in the locker room naked the simple fact the University saw fit to put up a curtain barrier leads credence to that story. Even if that characterization is wrong the simple fact Colleen Francis was displaying her junk openly in a female Sauna is just plain wrong. 
Because people may disagree with you on a certain issue does not make them Nazi's or christo-Nazis or any other combinations using Nazi that you might conjure up.
Is Rosanne Barr a Nazi for being appalled over the Colleen Francis incident? She was vilified for her position.
It might behoove you to actually do some research on Colleen Francis and her past by simply using Google and actually going past the first page of the results list but then us presumed Christo-Nazis who are most surely NOT the source of the accusations make a convenient target. I find it hilarious you support the Corporate world philosophy of making the accuser the problem just like all men do in rape cases.  
By the way Francis tried to delete a lot of the past musings put onto blogs and fetish websites but thankfully the web is eternal and it can always be found. I wonder why Colleen Francis wanted to delete the past of Colleen Francis' own comments? 
You have no way of separating truth from fiction because you are just too lazy or unwillingly to research Colleen Francis so you resort to your Nazi and probably Klan references next. 
You do not presume Guilt??? You presume I am guilty of being a Nazi or Christo Nazi or was opposed to Prop 8 among many things.  Will I next be presumed to be a Klan follower by you and the rest of your Mao following nitwits? By the way that is not a presumption that is a simple fact.
How ironic you support a self described penis packing "lesbian" that in his own words loves using his "god given" equipment and enjoys sex with women using it. A lesbian with a penis. Now that is an interesting concept. I wonder who has experience with that scenario? 
You might be interested to know it was Colleen Francis that went to the media about being discriminated against and not the parents of the children. Now that is interesting isn't it? Silly nazi me, I wonder why Colleen Francis did that? 
Do you still believe there are no transvestites or cross-dressers under the Transgender umbrella? I was wondering if you defogged your mind on that subject. 
You are correct about one thing.  You will be mentioned for supporting Colleen Francis.

Nothing unusual about this comment.  Heck, I get worse than that by an order of magnitude daily but that is not how it works in Mao Central.

Godwin's Law holds true in this case clearly and these two dipshits are classic violators of this internet adage. It states, "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1".  If appropriate it is not without merit, but inappropriate is most often the tactic of the intellectually challenged and a revered tactic of the far left.

In Suzan's world it is her favorite attack mode and she brings it out immediately. All of this said and our disagreement aside the facts are simple and these fools cannot see it or refuse to see it because sadly I doubt they have either "truly" considered themselves women but that is conjecture on my part.

The simple truth is no male equipped individual should expose themselves in any area where women expect safety and privacy. 99.99 percent of those transgenders in this situation would never think of doing this or I sure hope they would not. I think it is silly to put yourself in this type of situation if you were born transsexual but then the transgendered think it is their right.  It is not!

That event was not a "teaching moment" in Washington and the people that passed the law or regulations never expected this to happen because they were lied to. They made the assumption they were dealing with pre-op transsexuals and never thought this would or should happen. I wonder if they would accept a law that says they may use these spaces but may not deliberately expose themselves to any female of any age?

I read their comments and it suddenly dawned on me that these people have zero experience as women in female only spaces. They have never been in a locker room with only women or girls. They have no experience in the real world of women because they will always be men or "trans" in their mind.  They have accepted themselves as less than a complete woman.  I cannot do that to myself nor will I.

These girls on the swim team did not one thing wrong yet the TG paint their parents and anyone opposed to this insanity with the same broad brush. Roseanne Barr is a Nazi and was accused of it including the requisite transphobic and bigoted. These fools cannot see the misogynistic line that they are clearly following. Blame the victim is classic male strategy in a rape case, to through it back in Cristan Williams face. Blame the whistle blower is classic male dominated Corporate America strategy when they are caught stealing or cheating. It is a classic male tactic that has been used against women since I can remember.

In this case the swimming team is vilified and loses Title IX money but nothing bad happened because some TG got to expose himself. He may or may not of exposed himself in the locker room but the evidence of a curtain that put the girls in a small cubby hole area indicates either he did or Evergreen College knows he did or is afraid he will do it.

This moment was not a "teaching moment". It was a crude moment; it was a rude moment; it was a vile moment; it was an unnecessary moment and any other bad moment you can think about. The irony is it was a good moment for those that oppose these types of transgressions. The outrage is world-wide and very few support this kind of transgression and many comments have stated they never realized such laws could result in such transgressions.

Keep supporting this dipshit and watch and prepare for the backlash.  The only manufactured kerfuffle in this case is the manufactured  lie that Colleen Francis is either transgendered or pre-op transgender or even "trans" anything other than transgressing where he does not belong.

I would tell them to wake up but that would require them to have the intellectual capacity to understand right and wrong. This was wrong, period.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Colleen Francis Update

Thanks to NYF's comment I did more research today and a lot more of the truth is coming out. If you have followed my posts, on the subject, there was one commenter in particular that said they were a friend of Mr. Francis and no children were involved.  They were wrong because the swim facility is used by 6 year old girls who were in the area when Mr Francis was and it was worse than the Sauna according to one mother.

Now this is "hearsay" as our not so learned commenter BlackSwan would point out but it is an eyewitness report and does explain why they put up partitioning in the locker room area adjacent to the Sauna.  Mr Francis was seen walking around as naked as the day he was born with his junk clearly visible in said locker room. The sad thing is as NYF friend pointed out this is now in the mainstream media as this was first reported by Todd Starnes of Fox news, on his blog, on November 1, 1012. It is being reported on by other National News organizations and it is also being reported that transgender activists support Mr. Francis.

I do not totally agree with the TG support for Mr. Francis. I see it split 60-40 in favor of Mr. Francis with the 40% of the TG world opposed understanding the actual ramifications of what this asshole, pervert is more accurate, has done to their beloved TG "justice and equality" attempt at manipulating the Legal System. They realize this could be the end of their attempt to redefine what female is so they and the dick and balls qualify. This event has even shocked the Liberal media and liberal icons like Roseanne Barr who has been vilified for opposing this.

The nasty part of this is that those truly born transsexual have been placed at risk of again being lumped into the category as this pervert. I must reiterate my position clearly to any SRS intended pre-operative transsexual. DO NOT use female only locker rooms, showers, saunas, etc. until after you have had SRS and it is appropriate. The risk is too high even if you pass easily.  Bathrooms are appropriate for use but the risk you take otherwise can hurt others following your path.

It is part of the process of becoming complete and you need to look at this as the woman you will become shortly and understand your fellow women and girls should not be subjected to male genitalia in female only spaces. It is a matter of respecting your fellow women.  Mr Francis is a man and will never understand this simple thought and neither will many of his fellow TG male buddies.  They believe their fetish is our problem and not theirs. They believe their dicks and balls allow them access to our private spaces, they do not.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Update on Colleen Francis

Well I have come across the actual Police Report from Evergreen State College and there is no reasonable doubt any longer that Mr. Francis did what he did on purpose. Mt Francis deliberately exposed his male genitalia on multiple occasions.  He sat in the sauna with his legs deliberately spread wide to display his junk.

The following Police Report explains this clearly at the bottom of the report.  It was always a little unclear whether or not he actually exposed himself but he did and he exposed himself to girls under the age of 18.

All of the assholes and complete losers in the Transgender Community supporting this obvious pervert need to have their collective heads examined. This is an unconscionable action taken by a man looking for a thrill.  In his own personal profile, on several sites linked to in a  previous post on this blog, he has self-identified as enjoying his male junk and liking sex with girls and has stated categorically he has no intention of SRS. If he had any intention of SRS he never would have exposed himself because no transsexual would ever do that.

Mt Francis is a predator and if those in the Transgender Community cannot see through this guise of his then they need to be prepared for the backlash. If one truly believes they are a woman then they would never expose themselves like this to underage girls.  Only a sick piece of shit like Mr Francis would do that.  Mr Francis is obviously proud of his junk and those of us that want to fight to prevent those not corrected by SRS from ever entering any female spaces like locker rooms, saunas, showers, and etc. would like to thank this dipshit for providing the male poster dipshit for any politician to easily deny such access anywhere in the USA.

Girls and older females should not be subjected to such sexual aggression and believe me a man sitting with his legs spread wide to make sure every female entering the sauna sees his junk his taking an aggressive action. He sat in clear view of girls changing into their swimsuits so I am sure Mr Francis also got his jollies off that way.

As I said before the girls lost their Prop 9 support so this pervert could "play pervert" in a female only area but in its infinite political incorrectness Evergreen State College has decided to support a flasher as has the local DA who is afraid to prosecute.

It really has to make any parent wonder if their children can ever be safe from such obscene and deliberate actions of some dipshit claiming to be transgender or to be blunt from anyone claiming to be transgender. When people up there think about transgender they think of pervert and flasher. The sad part is assholes in the TG claim these kids need to be "educated" that a man is a woman even if he has junk and flashes them with it.  Somehow that seems counterproductive.

I personally have been contacted by multiple organizations against allowing anyone, including pre-operative transsexuals, into female spaces, other than bathrooms, if they have not had SRS.

The simple truth is a woman would not do something like this to a girl or other women for that matter because they would understand how threatening it is to any female. Isn't it funny how the Transgendered find this a perfectly sensible and rationale act but then some men do like to flash their junk but they are usually arrested as sex offenders but of course Mr. Francis was trying to teach these girls that he was as female as them except he had a very large clitoris and extra large hairy ovaries exposed for breathing room.

I would say shame on anyone in the transgender community that could support such an affront but then I have recognized for a very long time the only standards the TG have are little to none and little left town with Colleen Francis.

My only suggestion for those in the Northwest would be to get a referendum vote on the next election cycle and have this total bullshit squashed and hopefully anyone that provides assistance to Evergreen State College will pull such financial assistance.

It just goes to show you can put an ugly man in a bad clothes and worse makeup but no matter what they do they will never ever understand what it means to be female or a woman because no female nor any woman would ever do that to a young girl or for that matter another woman.

What goes around comes around and let us hope something comes Mr. Francis' way. Maybe a civil lawsuit could be brought.  I do not condone violence but there are times where a good dope slap can help people but then again as a gun enthusiast I bet Mr. Francis is packing more than his pecker and balls.