Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playing the Transgender Game and Ramblings

A funny thing happened on my attempt to avoid all this transgender bullshit we are faced with on a daily basis, I made the mistake of posting the Kosilek story and then followed the story as the transgender crowd caught up with it on Transvestite-Central. Monica Roberts, of TransGriot, claims it brings up the medical necessity of SRS in treating transgender patients which is kind of odd since dear Monica transitioned in 1994 and is still packing a penis and claims her boyfriends like her 7 inch neoclit. One question Roberts.  If SRS is necessary for prisoners in jail why is it not necessary for you?

All of the penis packing transgender crowd have come out in favor of this despicable piece of shit getting state funded SRS even though he has no chance of ever getting out of jail because it is medically necessary. They all seem to miss the very cogent point that necessity for a dirtbag like Kosilek would seem to indicate it would be necessary for them or are they special cases?

I wonder if they will demand that Mr. Kosilek be granted the right to save his sperm since SRS is actually forced sterilization? The entire Transgender community smacks of hypocrisy on this issue and so many others it is in many ways very humorous.

In so many ways it is like the Pro-Life verses pro-Choice sides. They are both hypocritical and I will tell you why. The pro choice crowd is against the death penalty while the pro life crowd is for the death penalty.  It would be a far less hypocritical position if pro life was against the death penalty and pro choice was for the death penalty since aborting a fetus is killing a living organism after a very short time whether it is sentient before 3 months or not. Since a fetus can begin movement and kicking as early as 14 weeks it should make one wonder, but it does not. By the way I am pro-life but do not believe I have the right to deny another her right to an abortion but if there is a heaven and god puts you on the down elevator do not cry to me.  I am also opposed to the death penalty in all but the most extreme cases. It is worthless as a deterrent and usually the poor and minorities get killed, not the rich.

Back to the transgender penis game.

One of the favorite tactics is to claim what is between their legs is not important. Sorry, but you are oh so wrong and sadly you are all too fucking stupid to realize it. I am sure4 all of you penis packers would willingly stand up in front of any women's group like NOW or pick one and tell them you are just as much of a woman as they are but you just happen to have a functioning prick that you have renamed your 7 inch neoclit. I dare any of you to do it. You all love to keep that little secret when you fight for transgender rights which are really transvestite rights.

Some of you penis packers are beyond hilarious.  My new favorite dipshit penis packer is Tobi Hill-Meyer who was a she-male porn star, her words, but lost her position because she could no longer ejaculate which is part of the lure for the tranny chasers. Just in case you dipshits in the Transgender community do not get it there is not one single thing more misogynistic than she-male porn and nothing more disgusting than a she-male porn star.  Now that is just my opinion but it seems a lot of the transgender crowd enjoy Tobi Hill-Meyer based on comments on Hill-Meyer's blog on Bilerico. Now why would the transgender crowd enjoy porn where the girl has a prick. Gee I wonder if it is because it is part of their fantasy.

Hill-Meyer is a piece of work and on Bilerico lists tags as feminism, reproductive rights, war on women, and women's rights among others. Okay so let me get this straight.  Hill-Meyer runs his own porn company that makes basically she-male porn videos or movies and he has the balls to claim he is a feminist, is for women's rights and against the war on women. What a dipshit Hill-Meyer is. Hill-Meyer is a walking, talking bullet point item for everything a true feminist is against. Hill-Meyer should have anti-feminist stamped on his forehead.

In a post on Bilerico Hill-Meyer made several outrageous statements that got even better in the comment section. The article needs to be read to understand the context so I am sorry about this but Hill-Meyer said this.

"...for the plenty of women out there who do have dicks - or at least what other's might interpret as such."
Okay this does beg a question.  When is a dick not a dick? I guess it must not be a dick when a trans person has the dick but isn't a dick a dick unless one calls it a prick in which case it is a penis by amy other name?

"In reality, trans women are specifically targeted for harassment, discrimination, and violence on top of the harassment, discrimination, and violence we experience as women."
Well I guess if you need to be a victim this is the way to go but there is a qualifier here isn't there? If they know you are trans you will not be discriminate against as a woman and if they have no clue you are trans how can you be discriminated against for being trans? I think Hill-Meyer has the delusion that both situations are prevalent for trans people but they are not because quite simply if they know you are trans they are never going to accept you as a woman.

Tobi Hill-Meyer is also at the front in the ongoing war of words between the radical lesbian factions and the pretendbians. One might ask what is a pretendbian and I will answer that question.  A pretendbian is a man with a penis claiming to be a lesbian or thus a pretendbian although some in the radical feminist crowd think anyone are pretendbians even those that have had SRS.  The other common word is transbian but I am unsure if that is the same. I do happen to agree that anyone with a penis claiming to be a lesbian is pretending so I believe pretendbian is actually accurate in this case.

I love the fact Hill-Meyer maintains a penis while claiming to fight against the war on women and wants to fight for women's rights when in essence he and his ilk are attempting to take rights away from women and give them to their fellow men in dresses. Just remember a man in a dress with a penis is a woman if he says so. we girls need to remember that the men know best. Not in this fucking lifetime!!!

In the comment section we again get the meme that SRS is forced sterilization which is odd since nobody is forcing anyone to get SRS if you have no interest in being a woman. Also Hill-Meyer and his ilk have no right to talk about women's rights and the war on women when he denigrates women in his films and videos. Hill-Meyer does not face rape unless he considers his asshole the same as  a vagina but come to think of it he probably does.

The other question I have is what does Hill-Meyer mean by queer-porn. Hill-Meyer is by definition a she-male pron star which by definition is basically gay porn or does Hill-Meyer pretend to be a lesbian and end up in bed with a lesbian with his dick which makes it lesbian porn or does it.  Not sure I know any lesbians interested in a lesbian with a penis but I bet Hill-Meyer will claim he does. Is Hill-Meyer required to use his penis in his porno videos?

By the way the reason I use male pronouns for Hill-Meyer is quite simple. I figure if this asshole can denigrate women with his she-male porn both before he started his own company and now that he is trying to finance his own she-male porn then I as a functioning woman have the right to deny him female pronouns at least on my blog.

So yes Hill-Meyer I find you offensive and I can assure you that 99% of the women in this country find you offensive.

The rest of these dipshits that keep their penis, excluding those that cannot afford SRS, are and always will be a man in a dress.  You may think you are accepted but I can assure you that behind closed doors and away from your presence you are not.  If you have SRS then you have a chance of acceptance but not before.  You will be tolerated because women are a little more civil than your fellow men which is one of the reasons you want to use our toilets, that and the simple fact your fellow men would laugh themselves sick if you used the men's room and might beat the shit out of you. Lucky us!!!

One last thing for Sophie on T-Central.  If your face is 97% on the female scale then there is a major bug in the software or a donkey's ass is 96% female. Self delusion is rampart in the transvestite world.

When two pretendbians are in a relationship is it a gay relationship or a lesbian relationship? Does it depend on penis use?

Has there ever been an article about transsexuals or the transgendered Zoe Brain has not commented on? By the way Zoe why do you keep A. E. Brain instead of Zoe Brain? Must be hard to let go of that boy past.  Oops, sorry that intersex past, wink, wink, wink, wink!!!

Why is it racist to criticize President Obama? That is a hard one to figure out.

Do all transvestite's wish they married Helen Boyd?

Why does almost everyone that posts pictures on Genderfork describe themselves as a model and a photographer. Standards have changed I guess. Lowered actually.

Why does it seem T-Central sites seem so interested in gay rights? I thought it was Transvestite-Central and aren't transvestites heterosexual men?

To the Christian transvestite that believed until he was 58 he was a transvestite and a post minister convinced him he was transsexual and he had completely transitioned and had SRS in 2 years.  Oops!!!

To the 62 year old transvestite blogger that suddenly started hormones and has a blog out of Ohio you have not one single clue what it means to be born transsexual, being a woman, and any other things related to this medical condition.

To Toni D'Orsay.  Lay off the nachos for a while, will you.

What is so wrong with being rich? I am against greed by CEO's but the American dream is getting rich but now it seems it is bad.

I voted for Obama and I really wanted Change but what I got was not what I voted for.  I knew my dream was destroyed when he appointed Chicago politicians and the man behind the problems Geitner to Treasury. Talk about giving the fox access to the chicken coop. My party seems to have abandoned me. but then Republicans are not any better. Can I vote for None of the above?

To the transgender democratic delegate from North Carolina. My neighbor who was a delegate asked someone "who the man in a dress was" so no you did not fit in. Someone said you were transgender and he asked when you had the sex change and was shocked to find out you were still packing a penis. Even some Democrats understand the distinction.

Why was god and Jerusalem taken out of the democratic Platform? Even in the voice vote more people voted against including it but the chair pushed it through.  What is next? removal of "In God We trust" from our currency and openly supporting Hezbollah and other terrorist  organizations?

How can Democrats claim Republicans have a war on women when they support women with pricks?

Why is the Obama Administration thinking about punishing the Navy Seal that wrote the book "No Easy Day".  I have read it and he disclosed nothing of relevance.  Maybe it is because he told the Seals were forced to stop and announce they were going to arrest the terrorists outside their hideouts. I kid you not and it caused deaths to our soldiers. Normally they sneak into the house like they tried with Bin Laden and kill anything that resists. Don't want to piss of any Arab voters I guess. Pathetic!! Many terrorists escaped or evaded arrest or simply said the guns were not theirs and were let go by the Afghans.

Why would you tell the bad guys you are leaving on a certain date? Do they think they are stupid?0

Why am I so pissed today?

Sometimes it just feels good to vent. Phew!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Robert/Michelle Kosilek the wife Murderer granted sex change.

Robert Kosilek was convicted of murdering his wife in the early 90's in Massachusetts. He was convicted of deliberate and premeditated murder of his wife with extreme atrocity or cruelty by a jury of his peers. In other words if the State of Massachusetts had Capital Punishment he would have been most likely received a sentence of Death.

He garroted his wife with a piece of wire and ripped her cloths off,  He then stuffed her body in the trunk of her car and drove to a Mall lot and left it there. The next day he called police and claimed his wife was missing. Mr. Kosilek was a transvestite and the murder was part of his scheme to start living full-time as a woman. He wanted access to their joint bank account so he buy cloths and makeup and a day or so after her grizzly murder he withdrew a lot of money and went on a spree buying women's cloths, jewelry and makeup. When police came to arrest him he was dressed as a woman.

At his trial he dressed as a woman and it took the jury less than 3 1/2 hours to find him guilty of first degree murder and he was sentenced to life without parole. Basically only a serial killer gets that stiff a sentence in liberal Massachusetts so the circumstances were egregious.

Mr. Kosilek started claiming he was transsexual and a woman trapped in a man's body from early on and managed to con a Psychiatrist into believing him while in jail and thus was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder along with the fact he was a sociopath with no remorse over killing his wife because he saw it as a means to his desired cross-dressing fantasy.

He began suing the State for hormone treatments and the Liberal Massachusetts District Court agreed and he actually received hormones and I believe electrolysis at State expense. He began demanding a sex change and today a Chief US District Judge ordered the State of Massachusetts to provide said operation.

Mr. Kosilek currently resides in the general population of  an all male prison where rumor has it he is a very popular bunk mate and never has to worry about being physically constipated or anally retentive.  Basically this piece of shit murdered his wife to cross-dress and then memorized his narrative and conned the State of Massachusetts.  The minute he learned of the use of the term Transgender he immediately described himself as transgender.

Mr. Kosilek is rather hideous looking so maybe he should up the ante and demand Full Facial feminization. Come on lets think big Mr. Kosilek. If you can kill your wife and get the state to fulfill your fantasy maybe you can convince them to leave you in the all male prison so you can be the general populations most popular "gurl". The claim is he actually tried self castration with a shoe string while in jail and the requisite suicide. Ironically, wink, wink, neither attempt was successful which is kind of ironic because nobody really gives a shit if you off yourself or mutilate yourself at that prison.  How convenient.

Lost in all of this hoopla is the 36 year old woman called Cheryl that he murdered.  By all accounts she was a beautiful woman but I am betting the wife was a hindrance to his cross-dressing.  One must remember it is not "fair" to prevent a linebacker en femme to attend a Phillies game  because it is his unalienable right to make a spectacle of himself. I guess it is Mr. Losilek's unalienable right to murder a woman and then force the State to make him a woman.  How convenient.

My suggestion would be take the money they are spending on this despicable asshole and give it to some person in the State of Massachusetts that actually needs SRS regardless of who they are. Have a drawing or talk to doctors but help a deserving person.

I am going to very interested in how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts responds to this.  They should appeal but then Massachusetts is incredibly liberal.

I have to add that I am not opposed to helping inmates in for less serious crimes begin the process or continue the process because many of us end up in illicit situations in order to make a living even today. I am not in favor of providing sex changes for inmates unless the state provides them for everyone that requires one that is not in jail.

This is a case where the punishment fit the crime and then the criminal made the State fit his fantasy. I have always been ambivalent about the death penalty because too often the minorities are executed and the others can afford a defense that at least takes them off death row and besides life in prison is really cruel punishment and it is deserved and is not cruel and unusual punishment unless of course you are Mr.  Kosilek and murdered your wife.

The murder of his wife seems to have been lost in the noise and sometimes the victim deserves justice and true justice would be denial of said operation.