Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sandeen Became a Female Today.

Well at least in Sandeen's pathetic male mind Sandeen became a woman as reported bittersweet sexgender court ruling post. Sorry dipshit but you have a penis and a man you shall remain regardless of whatever some piece of paper says.

It does not really matter because Sandeen will never find a heterosexual male to love his penis and he will certainly never find a lesbian to love his penis so his claim of being asexual is convenient I guess. What a fucking joke.

What I really have to wonder is where is the National Organization for Women (NOW) when it comes to this deconstruction of what a woman is.  In California a woman can have a dick. Somehow after living there for quite a while it kind of fits to be honest.  It almost gives one a reason to root for the big one to dump it into the Pacific but alas I have family and friends I care about so I cannot root for that.

Well I guess Sandeen can now enter women's showers, women's dressing areas, and other private spaces and strip naked and show off the female body he possesses. Well probably not.  I do kind of wish he would because that would be the fastest way to get that Bill changed but then again California is a place where getting your "freak on" has always been an accepted way of life.

Go out and buy that new bikini Autumn because you are female now, or sort of, or maybe not, or not really, or who cares.   If it was not so sad it would be funny.


Anonymous said...

If Sandeen thinks this piece of paper will force me to call him anything other than male he can think again. A Piece of paper does not a woman make. Sandeen is a prick with no balls just like his genitals.


Anonymous said...

One thing that has always worried me is the possibility of some freak with an "F" on his drivers license spoiling things for everyone by thinking he could enter women's showers or other places where there is nudity. Even more scary is the thought that Sandeen might do the same thing with his re-issued birth certificate, screwing things up for post-ops as well as pre-ops.

California is one of several states that make things easier for those in transition by allowing the sex marker on a person's drivers license to be changed while still pre-op. Sadly the TeeGees have been abusing that privilege, and now Sandeen has shown in a very public way that they can even abuse the laws relating to re-issuance of one's birth certificate.

Since Sandeen's philosophy seems to be that we're all TeeGee *for life*, I would not be at all surprised if her were to be that fool who screws up the system by thinking his fraudulent birth certificate allows him to slap his schlong around in women's spaces. When he was arrested in D.C., he made a big deal about being a "woman with a penis", and I expect this to be more of the same, except worse.

We are on the verge of a nightmare for all transsexuals.


Anonymous said...

I think the nightmare has already begun. I knew women years ago that spent major parts of their lives behind the scenes in the 60s and 70s to make it possible for me and others to after surgery to change our legal sex. That made it possible for us to live our lives as normal women, get married and have a meaningful life, now this delusional peace of penis packing shit is going to ruin all of that for everyone who follows after HIM.

This is the ultimate in identity rape carried out by a Navy Chief in transvestite's clothing.

This person never is never has and will never be a woman.

This is a sick joke and an affront to every woman on the planet.

Fuck you Autumn.


Anonymous said...

Sandeen is trying to make a point about absurdity (lack of marriage equality) by providing us more absurdity?

How absurd!


Reaity Check said...

Sad. Very, very sad. The TG's and their gay allies must be celebrating with GLEE as California follows in the insane footsteps of Argentina, by allowing any demented fool to change his "gender"/sex at will, on the strength of a letter by some corrupt medical practitioner.

Another example of the abuse of this "apropriate treatment for GID" meme, can be seen in the letter provided to perverted Paul(a) Witherspoon child molester, in Texas.

These so called 'health care professionals' quite simply do not have a clue what that simple reality, that sex does NOT equal gender, is.

Foxfire said...

I think I want to throw up. This deluded man thinks a piece of paper signed by a judge now makes him a woman. In the real world women have vaginas, which is a woman's experience he will never possibly comprehend, no matter how many worthless pieces of paper he has.

flow said...

oh dear god.

well, when the inevitable happens, we'd better make sure we are clearly seen to be condemning this gentleman's actions.

Anonymous said...

You have that right Flow
We actually should be leading the education and awareness effort and sighting MR. Sandeen as the poster child who flaunted this miscarriage of the legal system.


Anonymous said...

What short memories we have. I was in Luxembourg at the time. So here is a reminder, is anyone here upset at the idea that in this blog, not so far back, some of you tried to write to thier California legislators to prevent the passage of AB 433 in order to stop Sandeen from receiving gender recognition on her birth certificate only to find out in the aftermath of its passage the shame of your actions, this bill actually streamlining the Administrative process to allow (all TS/TG) especially young TS childhren to have thier gender recognized on their birth certificates. Your hate and bigotry makes you blind. Be aware if it.

Sandeen will not let you hear the end of her little victory so she deserves the right to gloat, and receive the minuscule political momentum that comes from it. I couldn't believe the length some of you would goto to shoot the TS kids future in foot to prevent Sandeen from having her victory.

If she was really smart with her political acumine, and the trans-fans, to exploit this fact to your detriment by making you look like you were against young TS children. But lucky for you she isn't that smart.

A reminder if you will

To remind you about our arguments, you made statements country to one who would support AB 433, and its obvious. However Sandeen is too stupid to take advantage of that fact as well.


Black Swan said...

Saw this article and wanted to clarify something. If there is no such thing as a Natural-Born Woman, isn't it safe to say there isn't such thing as a Natural-Born Transsexual/transgender?


How does this modify, if at all, your bitter[sweet] loss regarding Sandeen?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me in the least...that was precisely the sort of BS that Frye (yet another non-op who began the attempt to foist the tee-gee nonsense down people's throats 20+ years ago) got started when they persuaded courts to sign off on a change of gender marker simply because someone was taking hormones.

While I understand the discomfort that people might have at presenting an ID that has an errant marker on it, a perversion of the process by the fetishists like Sandeen accomplishes NOTHING productive. Oh wait, it gives the anti-same-sex marriage activists something else to use in their efforts and waters down the potential support that gay and lesbian folks might otherwise have had (which includes some of us who are post-corrected former transsexuals).

Of course, they are the ones who will try to claim they get into legal same-sex marriages all the while the court will look at them and say 'umm, no- one penis and one vagina is NOT a same-sex marriage'

Elizabeth said...


Been to Boston lately?

We do argue BlackSwan. You are TG and I am not. You have an opinion and I have an opinion and you are entitled to yours as am I.

The intent of AB433 was not intended to be used as it was. Sandeen has nothing to gloat about because Sandeen will always be a ma;e because Sandeen has a penis.

I am against TS children? Go you head out of your very large ass and partake of some breathable air.

Until one has had SRS birth certificates should not be changed. It matters not whether they are children or adults. Again you claim hate and bigotry but it is my opinion but then I consider the source and your pathetic TG coolaide consumption. How is the domination business going?

The source being the sociopath that stalked Caroline Cossey and others. Crawl bacj under your rock.

Elizabeth said...

@Other Black Swan

I am unsure if it is one and the same. That article is unscientific and inaccurate. Males born with XY chromosome and AIS ARE NOT designated as female at birth because that is not what causes ambiguous genitalia. There is little androgen or estrogen in a newly born baby.

What loss are we talking about? The loss for women where men can have a penis and claim to be women because some fuckwit like you decides it is so?

I have never used the term Natural Born Woman. I have no concept what you mean by natural born transsexual and there is nothing natural about transgender because they are fetish perverts mostly except for an occassional dipshit like BlackSwan who is just a dipshit in general.

Reaity Check said...


Pure, unadulterated FOLDEROL!

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 3

This dude just doesn't know when to quit.

Anonymous said...

I've been around a long time and I have encountered my fair share of unpleasant human beings who have acted in ways that can only be described as verging on evil if not actually evil. In many ways I don't blame this man Sandeen for abusing legal administrative systems in the way he has. The one who should be condemned for allowing him Sandeen, to get this worthless document is the Judge and the politicians who passed the legislation that allowed it to take place.

Sandeen is an apology for a man and the document he now waves about with the glee of an ape who just stole a bannana is as worthless as the paper its written on. It proves nothing and will not change the fact that anyone looking at Sandeen or meeting Sandeen or dealing with him will know the truth. He is still a man and that piece of paper proves nothing no matter what it says.


Anonymous said...

Why should he? He graves the self-victimization and the attention. Remember the White House Fence?

Interesting to to note his only support so far is from another f/t male crossdresser and a 'transman'.

Not too sure what that is. Although I do know that transwomen are not women, but then it really is all about who means what and why.

Getting confused? Good! That is progress. That is the point. Now, enjoy somemore kool-aid.

Anonymous said...



Just Jennifer said...

Trust me, Sandeen is not at all above cyberstalking people. As I wrote about on my blog, he sent an email to my church in an attempt to cause me problems. It accomplished nothing, but it was a pretty low stunt to pull. Sandeen likes to act the victim, and to pretend to be all righteous, but he is worse than those he accuses of cyberbullying and stalking.