Thursday, July 26, 2012

DSM-V and Medical Diagnosis for Transsexualism

In my previous post on the DSM-V proposal it is quite clear there are distinct differences between DSM-IV and DSM-V.  One of the biggest differences is DSM-IV basically described transsexualism as GID while in the DSM-V Gender Dysphoria describes transgenderism and fits a wider spectrum. By simply replacing and between primary and secondary sex characteristics with and/or they have effectively opened the door for many others to qualify as "mentally ill" under the new classification.

Those of us born transsexual should not wish any harm on any others and that includes all of those under the transgender umbrella not transsexual. The problem is by blurring the lines and including those that are not transsexual they have made it more difficult for them to admit there is a cure for transsexualism. There has been a concerted effort among the transgender crowd to deny transsexualism is a medical condition because if transsexualism is medical then what are they, mental?

If there is a cure then one cannot be transgender forever or a "trans" woman or a transgender woman or even a transsexual woman.  If there is a cure then you are simply a female and a woman and since they fail on the female side it is in their best interests for this to remain non medical.

If a condition is medical then there is normally a cure of some sort.  even those born intersex have medical intervention that can let them be normal members of society in the sex they should belong to. The big problem is again the use of the term "gender" which is ephemeral and may last for a hour, hours, a day, or a week, or a life but gender can be fluid and is cultural while sex is physical and relates directly to both primary and secondary sex characteristics. It is funny how those silly little items like sex characteristics are such a bugaboo to the transgendered.

It is why they want to redefine what female is so a penis qualifies and why they see nothing wrong with a pregnant man nor do they see anything wrong with a "woman" impregnating another woman with a penis. It is classic misogyny and maybe the worst misogyny is the man getting pregnant.

Those of us born transsexual understand clearly what we need and it is SRS. We need to be physically female and the transgender loons love to throw around the comments about what is between the legs does not define what a woman is but I hate to be the bearer of bad news , it really does define who is female and who is male.

When I was a child, an adolescent, and in my early 20's my identity issues were off the charts. I knew I should be a girl and I was deeply depressed and resigned to not allowing myself to grow into a man. These problems eased as I started hormones around 14 and ended on a day in late January 1971 when I had SRS. I do not have sex or gender identity or dysphoria issues so that means I have been cured of all symptoms.  My nightmare ended that day. That is a medical solution and not a psychological solution.

The problem with the transgendered is they see their condition as something they enjoy. To the vast majority of them it is about the clothes and the femulation and faux appearance as female. It is transient or ephemeral and gives them pleasure and release from whatever anxieties life brings them. For some it is a fetish and for others it is enjoyment but it neither case is it life threatening.  The only depression they feel is when the wife finds the clothes and throws them out or will not let them dress or worse yet if the wife rejects them and then they whine like pathetic little men about not being understood. That is pitiful and not a symptom of a medical condition but of a social condition or a fetish. It does not make them bad people but it certainly does not mean they are the same as those born transsexual.

The new wave of transgenders is the older ones in their 50's and 60's. They suddenly decide they want feminization as the testosterone levels lower and before you know it they were always "trans" and of course wanted to be girls their entire lives.  Unfortunately for most they have a blog history that says otherwise.  Does it make them bad people?  Absolutely not but neither does it make them experts on what it means to be female and a woman but do not tell them that.

The DSM-V received a lot of input and none of it was from those representing transsexuals but from transgender activist groups pushing the same rights and the same diagnosis for themselves as transsexuals. Thus, we now have painless transsexualism where someone can decide on Tuesday they might like to be a girl and within 6 months learn a narrative and fool a therapist. It is a sign of the times.

The problem with all of this is transsexuals will be hurt.  As bad as the DSM is it was used to get some help under medical insurance and some honest activists are worried the new DSM will give even these Insurance Companies and avenue to deny care plus with everyone claiming that SRS is not the cure for transsexualism it makes it easier to deny those that really are transsexual the help they need. This is apparent in Britain where children are left with absolutely no avenue for help other than traveling to the US or finding benefactors like my friend and me.

Kenneth Zucker and Ray Blanchard on the Gender Dysphoria working committee for the new DSM certainly have never believed transsexualism is a medical condition as have minions like Anne Lawrence.

I hope all the transsexuals out there and those born transsexual understand that the chance of transsexualism being given a medical classification diminishes as long as transsexualism is lumped with the transgender condition because there are few transvestites and cross-dressers  that want to be cured.  All they want is the same rights as women so they can play their penis power games in a dress.

The chance for medicalization is slipping away and the sad truth is it was deliberate and our so-called allies watched and grinned while it has and is happening. The simple truth is they cannot argue for medicalization of transsexualism because it opens the rest of the transgender umbrella occupants up to scrutiny which they cannot stand up to.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Being born transsexual is not a mental condition and cannot be treated by those in the world of Psychiatry. The real problem for a long time has been that basically anyone can claim they are transsexual as long as they can deceive a mental professional, an oxymoron in my opinion, into believing they are with a well learned narrative.

In the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the disorder that defined transsexuals was Gender Identity Disorder. In the DSM-V it is Gender Dysphoria. There has been a concerted effort over the last 50 years to redefine sex and gender as the same or close enough to be "the same" but they can be diametrically opposite to exactly alike. Before those times gender was a cultural term that described how a specific culture defined the gender roles for the male and female members of their society and some, like some American Indian Tribes, described a third gender that did not fit into the binary. They were often the Shamans of the tribes or the spiritual leaders because they had two spirits within. That is a simplistic view by the way.

Sex has always been a binary construct with male and female. There are some that would claim the intersex are a third sex but that is not true since almost all truly intersex people make a choice, if it was not mistakenly chosen for them, sometime in their lives to be male or female if it is even an issue. Transsexualism occurs in those born intersex in rare cases but is not a major player in the many issues the intersex face although certain crazies have tried to infiltrate the intersex condition in order to somehow to make themselves "more" whatever. Most of us know who I am talking about.

In the DSM those who are intersex are excluded from the criteria that defined GID or gender Dysphoria but unfortunately they never defined which intersex conditions were excluded. Someone born a hermaphrodite must certainly be excluded but someone can certainly be born with many intersex conditions that should not be excluded.

There are many that believe transsexualism is an intersex condition but until medical science proves it we are left in the hands of Psychiatrists and Therapists.  The problem is there are few of themwould understand the difference between transsexual and transgender. Many do not believe transsexualism exists and that we are the same as the transvestites and cross-dressers. The Psychiatrist Dr. Spack os associated with at Boston Children's Hospital is one of these people. I prefer the term quack but that is just me.

Gender Identity Disorder should have been Sex Identity Disorder and if on actually read the DSM-IV definition that is what they described. A disorder may be either mental or physical but Dysphoria is strictly a mental disorder as follows.

Dysphoria (from Greek δύσφορος (dysphoros), from δυσ-, difficult, and φέρειν, to bear) (semantically opposite of euphoria) is medically recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of depression, discontent and indifference to the world around them.
So with Gender Dysphoria the American Psychiatric Association (APA) which is actually made up of people from many foreign countries as officially an completely redefined transsexualism as a mental disorder. There are some Health Professionals that are concerned this will make it difficult for patients to get coverage even from medical Plans that currently do cover it. This may or may not be true. 

What bothers me most of all is that the Work Group for Gender Identity Disorder was chaired by Kennith Zucker and includes his fellow quack Ray Blanchard. This is akin to hiring the fox to guard the chickens from inside the chicken coup. Inside the coup the chickens will all end up as dinner and in the GID world we end up in the darkness that is Zucker and Blanchard and the result is Dysphoria which under zero circumstances can be considered a medical issue.

The real question I have is how so many people qualify for hormones or a GID diagnosis or will qualify under the new Dysphoria if any Therapist or Psychiatrist follows the criteria for diagnosis under DSM-IV and then uses the Severity Test. By the way the severity test is what benjamin defined as intensity?a 

The DSM-V for adolescents and adults has been so radically revised that a chicken could walk in and get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and this is a result of intense lobbying by the transgender community. 

Gender Dysphoria (in Adolescents or Adults)**

A. A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender, of at least 6 months duration, as manifested by 2* or more of the following indicators: [2, 3, 4]**

1. a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and primary and/or secondary sex characteristics (or, in young adolescents, the anticipated secondary sex characteristics) [13, 16]

2. a strong desire to be rid of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics because of a marked incongruence with one’s experienced/expressed gender (or, in young adolescents, a desire to prevent the development of the anticipated secondary sex characteristics) [17]

3. a strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the other gender

4. a strong desire to be of the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender)

5. a strong desire to be treated as the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender)

6. a strong conviction that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender)

B. The condition is associated with clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning,  or with a significantly increased risk of suffering, such as distress or disability** 


With a disorder of sex development [14]

Without a disorder of sex development

See also: [15, 16, 19]


Post-transition, i.e., the individual has transitioned to full-time living in the desired gender (with or without legalization of gender change) and has undergone (or is undergoing) at least one cross-sex medical procedure or treatment regimen, namely, regular cross-sex hormone treatment or gender reassignment surgery confirming the desired gender (e.g., penectomy, vaginoplasty in a natal male, mastectomy, phalloplasty in a natal female).

Note: Three changes have been made since the initial website launch in February 2010: the name of the diagnosis, the addition of the B criterion, and the addition of a specifier. Definitions and criterion under A remain unchanged.

The big change comes in the criteria which only requires 2 criteria be met from items 2,3,4.  If one uses 3 and four then one qualifies. The real question is simply why should adolescents and adults have easier qualifications than children? The irony of how children are diagnosed is that our so-called "experts" use stereotypical cultural idiocy to determine if a child is GID or Gender Dysphoric based on play items. Because they often wait so long should not the criteria be as stringent for adolescents and adults? 

So it seems if you now ant breasts you will qualify as Gender Dysphoric.  Heck you even get to define your "own" new alternative gender.  Exactly how does that work anyway? 

The irony is neither GID or Gender Dysphoria by drugs used for any form of Psychiatric problem. It is cured by cross-sex hormones, a physical transition and in all but the rarest of cases SRS which is sex reassignment surgery because if there are alternative genders how can there be GRS for a gender undefined or specific enough to be corrected by surgery which is where Gender Confirmation Surgery comes in. One can now confirm gender by adding breasts or getting your balls chopped off it seems but does that cure you? 

If you look at the DSM-IV verses the DMS-V one will recognize that the DSM-IV used primary and secondary sex characteristics and DSM-V uses  primary and/or secondary sex characteristics  which is a major change. I wonder who wanted that change?

Those of us born transsexual recognize the simplicity of our condition. Just let us become completely female and we are no longer transsexual. In the transgender community you will never read one of them claim they are no longer transgender. Like Autumn they are "transgender forever" so that begs the simple question.  Does that not make them GID or Gender Dysphoric forever? Therefore under the guidelines of the APA and the DSM does that not make them mentally ill forever? I am not sure I believe that.

All the new version of the DSM does is blur the lines even more than before which makes it easier for the transgender umbrella followers to blur the lines between transsexual, transvestite, and cross-dresser which only fully benefits those not born transsexual.

The interesting question is can anyone that identifies as transgender be cured? I am sure Zucker and Blanchard would love to abuse you with some aversion therapy which I am all too familiar with from other sources and I would not recommend it.

I stopped having sex identity issues after my SRS and absolutely never had gender identity issues because I like many transsexuals just knew I was a girl. How can someone that is transgender be cured when gender is so flexible? Can someone that is transgender be cured? If the transgender can be cured what is the cure?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

History was made 43 years ago

On July 20 1969 the Apollo 11 Lunar Module (lander) successfully landed in the Sea of Tranquility and 6 hours later Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the lunar surface as the first human to ever touch a surface other than Earth.

It was the greatest Engineering Achievement of our time. A flimsy little Lunar Module with its hypergolic engine descent fuel allocation nearing critical gently landed at Tranquility Base. Ironically it began the destruction of the American Space Program but for that one glorious moment the world stood transfixed watching on live television as man's dream of reaching the moon came to fruition.

The Apollo program jumped computer, medical, and aerospace technology a decade minimum and many of the medical technologies abundant today in every hospital are results of breakthroughs at NASA.

It was a glorious day fraught with drama few will ever be privileged to know about and was a testament to everyone at NASA and especially those glorious flyboys that were strapped into the Command Module eager to ride a 7.5 million pound thrust Saturn V Rocket into orbit and then onto the moon. The margin for error was minuscule and the danger was there as it was for all the Astronauts and Cosmonauts before them.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon and the forgotten man Michael Collins kept the fires burning so they had a Command Module to return to.  All in all a miracle of Engineering brought about because Sergei Korolev, the father of the Russian Space Program, launched a little metal spheroid into space in 1957. Korolev designed and developed Sputnik in less than a month and the space race was on.

Sometimes I wonder how we went so far astray from those glorious days but then governments and bureaucrats always need scapegoats and a public program that uses less than 1% of the Federal budget  sounds good. I once thought we would be on Mars in my lifetime but that is now a pipe-dream. Mediocrity is now considered excellence.

This is both a fond memory and yet a sad memory because it was the day we lost our spirit of adventure and achievement yet achieved such a milestone for mankind.  There were ten missions scheduled and equipment was delivered for all ten. Apollo 18-20 were canceled for budgetary reasons which probably involved more bombs for Vietnam.

Ever wonder where the equipment for Apollo 18-20 ended up?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You are Not a Female Sandeen!!

In Autumn's latest post on Pam's House Blend Autumn has resurrected her martyrdom scenario.  Poor Autumn was cyber-stalked because people disagreed with the premise that an orchiectomy made her a female or even a woman for that matter. It is rather ironic in so many ways and is completely symptomatic of the Transgender Borg game plan for the subsuming of and removal of the use of the word transsexual and the redefinition of what is male and what is female. This very small minority of men wants to change societal norms to fit their fetish. How manly of them.

It is also ironic that the only members of the human race running around claiming they are female/women are those pesky men in a dress with a penis. The vast majority of mankind understands that a human female has a vagina because that is a primary "sex" characteristic of the female.  We have an innie and males have an outie and it is for the obvious reason, they prefer to ignore, which is procreation or sex. Oops, they already know that, as does Sandeen, since Autumn was married as a man unless of course Autumn was celibate then also.

I will give Autumn credit since the orchiectomy makes Autumn less "male" but not more female nor a female. Autumn mistakes criticism and outrage over a misuse of or even gaming of a law intended to help those going through transition on the way to SRS as cyber-stalking and "transphobic". The first thing everyone needs to understand is Autumn "wanted" the criticism and negative reaction because it gave Autumn more "cred" in the "transgender forever" world of the loons Autumn perceives as Autumn's followers. One cannot be a martyr without a flock of followers. Never forget the White House incident.

To those of us that were born transsexual and had SRS and to those that are transsexual and on the way to SRS Autumn's ideas are in reality a threat and can and have caused problems. They want surgery to not be the primary objective of those born transsexual and if one searches deep enough one will find comments from Sandeen and others of Autumn's ilk that categorically state those of us that have had SRS are not "really" women or female because we were born male. This argument was put forth when they saw no avenue for their fantasy but now that California has given Autumn a gateway to the fantasy Autumn is now a female and a woman because it fits the male fantasy.  I wonder if she will ever admit she was wrong about those that had SRS.

Here is the link to A Shopping List of Trans Women's Shame

What Autumn Sandeen writes is Autumn's opinion and is not the only opinion on the subject. Autumn has a right to an opinion and a right to post an opinion and others have the right to criticize Autumn and said opinions. It is neither "transphobic" nor is it "hateful" nor is it "cyber-stalking" to disagree with Autumn's opinions and to express your opinion both verbally and in written form such as a comment or a post such as mine.

Autumn feels that an opinion from Autumn is the gospel and anyone that criticizes said opinion is evil. It is rather symptomatic of the Transgender Borg and their sycophants like BlackSwan. Autumn published the letter from the idiot that performed the orchiectomy and in Autumn's feeble reality saw nothing wrong with that.  Autumn then felt the generic response the doctor replied with, from queries from Susan of Enough Nonsense, was an outrage yet it never mentioned her but clearly states it is not Sex Change Surgery. In my personal opinion the email or letter Susan sent to the doctor was inappropriate in the use of Sandeen's name but was probably a necessity in order to get the message across that he had been duped or been caught. It should have been generic but the doctor's staff correctly responded with a generic response and it sounds like the doc was a little worried about misuse of a letter or being caught with his hand in the cookie jar since he obviously gave Sandeen the wrong letter deliberately in my opinion. Did Sandeen actually believe nobody would confront the doctor? I bet Sandeen did!

Read the post and bring along a barf bag and if you are a Sandeen follower you might want to supply the cross and nails so Sandeen can get up on the cross as Sandeen so desperately wants to. Being a martyr is a full time job as is being transgender forever.

Here is an item from the Sandeen list that I find offensive.

We publicly embrace transsexual as a term that applies to us, even if it sexualizes us to broader society, because we want to have our trans experience medicalized.

The single most important anything after our SRS that is beyond just important is our belief this is a medical condition and here in one sentence Autumn denigrates the word transsexual and our belief this is a medical condition. Transsexual is a dangerous word to the transgendered. It equates directly to what we are. We are physically the wrong sex at birth and with surgery that condition is corrected and thus it is a medical condition. I never realized the horror I lived through was a "trans experience".

Read this post by Sandeen and understand Sandeen "loves" being "trans" because it is the only worthwhile thing in Sandeen's pitiful existence. There is no love, companionship, or relationship in Sandeen's world. Sandeen is miserable and has never truly lived as a woman and can never be truly female because Sandeen has a penis, sans balls, which slightly less male but certainly not more female.

The thing one does need to understand is Sandeen has never been transsexual but Sandeen is not averse to using that term when it might benefit Sandeen. Do I hate Sandeen?  Actually I cannot even say I dislike Sandeen because I have never met Sandeen but I vehemently disagree with what Sandeen says which is significantly different but not in the minds of Sandeen and her ilk.

The irony of this situation is actually hilarious if you really think about it. Sandeen and her ilk tell us we are not female nor women and can never be because we were not born male yet demand we accept them as women and redefine female so it fits them and their penis with or without balls. Somewhere I missed the logic in this thought process.

Just to be open and clear about why some of us were upset here is the link to Sandeen's letter from the doctor. the-ginchy-letter-i-received-via-snail-mail-on-saturday/.

RE: Autumn V. Sandeen
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the forgoing is true and correct:
I am the attending physician and have an established relationship with Autumn V. Sandeen. She has had appropriate surgical treatment and has completed her transition to be female.
Tuan A. Nguyen, M.D., F.A.C.S.” 8/23/2011

Sure reads like the doctor lied or sent the wrong letter. That is why there was so much outrage over this Sandeen and you are a dumbshit for posting it because you HAVE NOT had appropriate surgical treatment that completes your transition to female. That is why you were called a liar and a fraud by others.

The response from the doctor says it all.

To: Susan

Dr. Nguyen has been in surgery all week and was reviewing his emails today. In answer to your emails, he does not consider an orchiectomy to be a completed sex change. In the case of orchiectomies, the passport document that we use indicates that the patient is transitional. If you have seen a form from our office with incorrect information on it, it is more than likely because I mistakenly used the incorrect template. Obviously we try to make sure all information is correct, however mistakes do occur. If a patient sees that she or he has incorrect paperwork, we are more than willing to make corrections. I hope this answers your questions.

Russann Royce
Office Manager
Lake Oswego Plastic Surgery

So who deceived whom Sandeen and who was the liar and the fraud?? It is and was Sandeen. I bet that doctor is careful with those letters now. I wonder if Sandeen asked for a corrected document?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Positive Happening. Thank You Dr. Olsen.

Dr. Olsen of Children's Hospital Los Angeles is one of the leading Medical professionals in the United States that treats transsexual children and transgender children.  There is a difference.

In a show on NBC Dateline she appears with Josie Morales a transsexual child that she has begun treatment on. In what amounts to a major breakthrough, from my point of view, Dr. Olsen started Josie on "blockers" at around and has informed her that she will begin to receive estrogen at 13 so she can experience a girl puberty.

Like most intensely transsexual children Josie wants "it" now and it includes SRS as soon as possible, estrogen, blockers, etc.. Dr. Olsen is to be commended for her courage because unlike Dr. Spack in Boston she realizes how important a girl puberty will be to Josie.

Dr. Olsen treats all of these children with the kind of compassion and understanding solely lacking in most of the Medical Profession. Whether the child is transsexual, transgender or even questioning children should be helped by those that care about their welfare and not by clowns that treat them with a cookie cutter and are so blind they cannot see the obvious differences.

I started hormones just short of 14 but blockers early on would have also been nice but that was the dark ages back in the late 50's. Starting her puberty at 13 will be important for Josie.  Those hormones probably saved my life and hopefully Josie can have her SRS around 16 or so but that is currently not of high probability anywhere including the US.

Now if Dr. Marci Bowers would actually live up to her credo and compassion and help these kids early we might finally have given these kids that chance at a normal life as girls and women. We kids that were early knew what we wanted and fought for it and having to "wait" because of the "medical" cowardice of too many surgeons and doctors.

Let us hope that Dr. Olsen is the first of many to help. I watched the videos and she understood and that is the first time I have heard a Doctor since harry actually make me believe they understood.  No wishy-washy bullshit about an 11 or 12 year old not knowing or having the understanding or knowledge to truly realize what was best for them.

Sometimes I honestly think there just might hope for the kids. Thank you Dr. Olsen because I am quite sure this is not the first child like Josie you have helped. Bravo!!!

The videos are available at  under latest clips.