Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jenna Talackova gets unexpected support

Just goes to show that people understand transsexuals in general and young ones without question. Bill O'Reilly had a spot this evening discussing Jenna Talackova and the fact she might take legal action and guess whose side Mr. O'Reilly came down on.

O'Reilly said and I am paraphrasing here, "since she has had her surgery and is now a woman they, Miss Universe Pageant, are trying to tell her she is not a woman and that is wrong in my opinion", and he thought she had a good case.

Even the conservative woman from Texas was not really negative. Now if we could just keep the transgender dipshits out of it with their transvestite bullshit women with a history might actually take a step forward. I will say it again. People have little issue with those transsexuals that have SRS and become women since they see that as a definitive step. The problem is and will continue to be the attempt to relate us to transvestites.

Imagine that!! Bill O'Reilly thought Jenna Talackova was woman enough and beautiful enough to be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant. Funny how none of the transgender activists ever mention the simple fact she is a complete woman since SRS as they attempt to pull her into their world of we are all the same even if we have a penis.I am waiting for them to actually tell the Miss Universe Pageant that a penis should not disqualify someone.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cotton Ceiling, Lesbians, Transbians, Pretendbians, and Men

I would like to thank a friend for bringing this farce to my attention. Thanks to a friend because if anyone but our mutual friend had told me about this I would have laughed my ass off at its utter stupidity because I have had a hard enough time getting my mind around the simple fact that men in dresses think they have the right to be considered women and the right to enter women's spaces. My issue actually seems to pale a little after thinking about the issue I am about to take on. I copied the following from article.

The term cotton ceiling is a reference to the “glass ceiling” that second wave feminist identified in the workforce, wherein women could only advance so high in the workforce but could not break through into positions of power and authority. The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.

First just so people will not think I am nuts, they will anyways I bet, here is the link that has a good discussion about the above including a lengthy debate about it. Here is the Link.

The basic gist of the problem is a "transwoman" or as we all know them a "transvestite" is claiming that he is a transbian or a lesbian with a trans history but with a big gotcha for any lesbian. They are still packing a penis. One of the arguers is lesbian and the other is a transwoman that has a penis or certainly supports lesbians with a penis.

If you follow the entire post it is to say the least both bizarre and enlightening and follows the same bullshit mantra that the transgender penis packers scream about only they have taken it a lot farther here. The claim is that a female bodied woman may have a penis so they are redefining what the female sex characteristics are and have taken that step I knew they were headed for. They want to redefine female so men can fit in when they want to. How convenient for the men.

The argument is that the transwoman gets to define whether she is female bodied and it is her decision and it is both transphobic and trans-misogynistic to claim they are not women.

Thanks. So, just to make sure I understand this, a trans woman with a penis, and who has no desire to have a sex change, is not male bodied – correct? 
There is nothing inherently male about a woman’s body, unless she identified things about it as male herself. So, no, I do not consider trans women with penises to be male-bodied, unless that is how they identify.

This is the most patently absurd thing I have ever read in my life. The dear man gets it any way he wants. It is his choice while the poor little woman must accept it. Kind of reminds me of how they think concerning women's spaces.

I am a heterosexual woman with a history. I like men because it is how heterosexual women think. I have many lesbian friends and they do not want men as a sex partner.  What is the key component of a man's sex characteristics? His fucking penis of course.

What is being said here is that a lesbian woman that would not even consider a penis packing trans woman as a sex partner is transphobic or trans-misogynistic which I find a weird word. These fucking pathetic wankers in dresses are now demanding lesbian women accept them as lesbian partners and willingly accept being fucked with the one thing about men lesbians basically hate which is a penis. I bet this gets these transvestites titillated. They want to play girl and have their normal heterosexual sex they had with the wife with some poor lesbian and demand the woman accepts her as a lesbian, possibly feminist, without that horrible complication of actually physically becoming a woman.

Do you notice what the trend is here. It is natal women and women with a history that must accept this situation as it is put forth by these men without the right of protest or we are haters and transphobic. Personally if I was a lesbian I would eagerly plan for sex with one of the transbians with a penis and freak out and cut the fucking penis right off and deball the bastard as a second present. I would then call Kevin Reddington out of Brockton, Massachusetts, the real F. Lee Bailey of Attorneys and take my shot in court. I am appalled at violence but this is justifiable mutilation in my humble opinion.

How insulting is this to any lesbian? They are now supposed to have sex with another "woman" and will need protection so they will not get pregnant or some sexually transmitted disease from this pervert. This is another classic case of men attempting to impose their will and their perverted fantasies onto women. There are few cases of women sadistically raping, torturing, and killing men but the opposite is all to common. These are cases where men need to exert power over women this lesbian sex issue it is a classic example of it. Lesbians call them pretendbians as in pretend lesbians.

These transbian men with a penis want the privilege of being considered female and the privilege of having female sexual partners as woman on woman while using a prick. Somehow that sounds like some form of male pornographic fantasy.  I bet if you searched Amazon for transvestite books like this it would list a bunch.

Now for the key point here. The trend is obvious.  Men forcing women to submit to their fantasy and calling it transphobic if we do not. My question is simple. Why aren't they demanding the same of their fellow men?

If what they say here is not a man that refuses to have anal sex with a man in a dress and refuses to accept the transwoman as a woman really transphobic. Where is the outrage over this injustice? There is none.  Why? Because they know their fellow men would beat the living shit out of them if they pulled that kind of crap. Why are they not demanding men accept them as women into the men's room so they can pee standing up which they prefer anyway? They would get the shit kicked out them again.  Do you get the drift here?

Women are weaker than men and we are not usually in positions of power like men so these men are accustomed to pushing women around and making us do what they want. It is nothing more than another form of abuse men commit on women.  In this case we are demeaned and forced to accept men as female and thus lose our singular advantage which is our sex characteristics because we all know straight men are obsessed with breasts and the female vagina

To those of us truly born transsexual a vagina is very important and anyone that says otherwise is delusional. If these sissy boys when in dresses gave up their penis and actually had a functioning vagina they would be the object of their scorn, which is a woman. Their fucking penis has always been their male pleasure point and as men they see no reason they should have to give that up in order to be female so they will redefine female. It quite simply, in the only words I can think of, is another way to put women in their place which is beneath men.

It has finally come full circle and men want female redefined as someone who "feels" they are female bodied and even with a penis they are as female as we are. So we have reached the state where men believe they have the right to be pretend females and pretend lesbians and if anyone questions them they are transphobic.

The absurdity of demanding that a lesbian accept sex with a man in a dress pretending to be a woman is beneath contempt. It is the same for women's spaces. Expect to see responses where these men will claim  surgery is too dangerous, a vagina does not define you as female, and sundry other excuses. Have at it boys and no complaints if some lesbian performs a Lorena Bobbit for you because in my opinion you deserve it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The latest buzzword or favorite term for the transgender crowd is "trans". Trans is the new version of tranny which had one meaning in the United States but another in Britain from what I am told. The first time I ever heard the use of the word "tranny" was from a friend that wrote to me in her attempt to help me.  She met me and my mother on my first trip to Harry's office in NYC in the Spring of 1960 when I was 14 and shortly after my neighbor Chuck had nearly killed me when he raped me.

Harry had visited me in both Mass General and my local city Hospital. People were obviously worried about the traumatic post rape damage that might happen but the only memory I have of it was getting hit on the back of the head after he told me his wife, a friend, would like to see me. I have zero and I mean zero memory of anything that happened.  In fact I have no memory of being taken to Mass General or even being there other than what I have read in letters between my mother and Harry and what Mary has written about that event which I have been unprepared to post here.  Sometimes not knowing is not so bad.

When I heard the term tranny it was spoken with affection from one who once was transsexual to a still naive kid that was transsexual. I do not frequent porn sites but I gather the she-male crowd has so overused the term it is partially why it is out of favor. I also believe it has a lot to do with the transgender crowd and its complete attempt to destroy the usage of and the existence of those of us born transsexual. It is just my opinion but it was certainly they that have fought its usage. It is of little importance anyways.

The new term the transgender crowd loves is "trans". It goes along with there absurd belief that transgender is forever and that belief that the "transgender" need special protection because they are in fear for their lives and are discriminated against by both the public  and all us "transsexual" elitists. Trans is their newest attempt at there ever compulsive need to make us all the same under one umbrella term. It is insidious and malicious but few seem aware of it.

If you look at T-Central you will see blog after blog using terms like "transman", "transwoman", "transphobia", etc. in order to pull everyone under the umbrella. They call themselves women when they put a dress on but transwoman when questioned because even they know it is a load of horse shit they are piling on because unless everyone is always considered trans then those that are truly transgender are about as sympathetic as an ax murderer or as logical as a screen door in a submarine.

The really funny thing is some of the ass-clowns spouting this rhetoric are classic.  One is a 62 year old man that recently decided to con a therapist into putting him on hormones and suddenly he is a woman and those of us that were born transsexual spent $50,000 on surgeries and are no better than him in his dress because he cannot afford that surgery. This is the same man that has obsessed over womanless Beauty Pageants, cross-dressers and transvestites on the telly and everything related to being you typical transvestite. He openly stated he was a cross-dresser/transvestite but suddenly that has changed.

He is your typical male transvestite that late in life decides to "go all the way".  Unfortunately for everyone he is a walking advert for the autogynephelia crowd and is now since transitioning a leading expert on all things "trans" including transsexuals, women born transsexual, the transgendered, and most important everything about being a woman. He is appalled we women would reject his access to our spaces because he is a woman like all of us or if you push him we women born transsexual are not really women.

He is of course one of those screaming about the Jenna Talackova Miss Universe story and his trans insistence on calling Jenna "transgendered" because everyone needs a special label in the "trans" community. He even tried to hold himself up as an icon or role model because all of us stealthy girls are such losers and so despicable since we are not "out and proud".  Pretty easy to say that when you are a 62 year old man and have never lived as a woman other than going to a "special" bar en femme where men of course find his 62 year old self irresistible. His delusion is complete I guess.

He is a prime example of what transgender represents but he is not a role model for any 13 year old transsexual, or any 18 year old transsexual, and actually he is not an example for ANYONE that is transsexual but I do expect him to identify as transsexual soon because that is the standard mantra and narrative for all too many of them.  He will suddenly have been a girl all his life and knew when he was 4 he should have been a girl and boys were attracted to him and so forth and on and on.  He will of course be believed by all in the transgender community because that is the story they heard from those born transsexual and it really works well with the dumbshit therapists they see.

I decided to write this post to set a few things straight just to clarify things for men like this. He actually posted that those of us that have had SRS are "transsexual elitists" because we do not support his womanhood. He has the part about transsexual and elitists wrong but he is correct we do not support his womanhood.

I find it humorous but also infuriating when I realize so few people really know why we were considered transsexual. Transsex would have been a better choice but Harry started using transsexual after D. O. Cauldwell coined the term transexual with one "s" in 1949. There was a very specific reason the sexual part was added to trans to form transsexual and it has irritated the transgender and it is why they are out to destroy usage of transsexual.

It meant and still means across sex or more accurately going across to the other sex which infers changing the sex characteristics of the individual to match the sex they should be since all transsexuals thought they were either already the other sex, total psycho sexual inversion, or a were trapped in the body of the wrong sex. Thus came the phrase "changing sex", or "sex change", or "sex reassignment surgery". In my time we always seemed to use "sex change" but then we were just kids.
There is this misconception that Harry talked about gender identity but that is incorrect.  Some believe John Money was behind the coinage of the terms "gender dysphoria" and "gender identity disorder" but it was actually first coined in papers written by Laub and Fisk in 1974. This event would eventually lead to the stealing of the anti-transsexual term transgender by some radicals in order to provide a more united front or an umbrella term without asking anyone but admittedly who could they ask since they were all out and proud militants and most women born transsexuals just got on with life as women.
There was also the misconception that Harry said many transsexuals are asexual. Harry did say that but his meaning has been lost on most. Harry was always talking about those of us born transsexual and fighting to survive and fix our birth defect and he did think it was a medical condition. Many pre-operative transsexuals were asexual for various reasons but primarily because we were the wrong sex. I would not be classified as asexual because I had a high interest in sex with boys but I did not have my first sexual experience until I was 25 1/2 and finally a girl. Many transsexuals were married or single and found it difficult to have sex with even their wives without some fantasy and the single ones just had no outlet so asexual was what it was.
Harry did not believe we were asexual after a sex change. In fact he was amazed how many that married as men had happy and consistent sex lives with their husbands and boyfriends and yes even girlfriends if lesbian. My first sexual experience is still one of those moments in life that is hard to put into words. Very few women born transsexual are asexual after SRS. According to Harry, late in his life we are pretty normal females in that respect.
The reason the transgender despise the word transsexual is because it clearly explains what a transsexual is as does transgender clearly explain what they are. We change sex permanently and they change genders when they feel like it. It was not long ago that sex and gender were considered different but that would not do and a concerted effort was made to force transsexuals under the "gender" banner. I changed sex a long time ago but in my everyday life I morph gender appearance depending upon where I was and what I am doing.  If I was on my husband's family ranch in Texas I dressed like everyone which was like a male cowboy with curves as the ranch foreman called it. I have never been afraid to get dirty and was basically a tomboy there. 
Being a tomboy is one of the few privileges we women get over men in public. We get to freely wear male style cloths but outside of the work or activity we are not trying to emulate men. The truth is simple. It is gender appearance that is fluid in women but not our gender. In most men gender appearance is rigid but in cross-dressers and transvestites it is far from rigid and the annoying part is these men do not realize they are caricatures of women and in so many ways plain insulting to women.  I find it hilarious when transvestites and cross-dressers get their panties in a bunch when Saturday Night Live lampoons men in dresses or they get pissed off at RuPaul and his drag show on LOGO.  At least RuPaul and his contestants admit they are men which is not something the transgendered will ever admit. They insist wearing a dress makes them women.
The transgender crowd wants "gender" to define what is male/masculine and female/feminine when gender really only defines what is masculine and feminine.  They have been quite effective at this in all honesty and even have parents of young transsexual children using the term transgender.  I often wonder how many would use transgender if they truly realized they were classify their child with those that have a fetish. We had some very interesting conversations with the parents of the two children currently being helped. 
The interesting part is you will find these transvestite and cross-dresser leeches attaching themselves to these kids or the parents. If the parent has a blog they are active in the comment section. They never fail to get the point out how similar they are which is a fucking lie. 
The word that really irritates me is "transphobia".  If you disagree with the transvestites and cross-dressers you are transphobic. Well I have to admit to one thing, I am absolutely Transvestite-phobic and crossdresser-phobic. I have good reason since I unfortunately married one of them and was hurt by one of them and I know what sniveling little worms they are. They are manipulative and deceitful men whose only aim is their personal fetish. 
There is one on T-Central that posts daily with photos every day yet claims he works multiple jobs to kept the family in food and in a home yet this man rents hotel rooms so he can go out en femme and at his size those outfits are not inexpensive.  I gather he is going en femme to some conference and I pray if he is driving he obeys the speed limit because if that gets stopped for a ticket the poor police officer might suffer cardiac arrest looking in the window. It is particularly annoying reading how the "wife" doesn't know yet they manage to sneak out somewhere to dress. Sounds like a marriage that poor women bought into for sure.
If one has a strong stomach one can read the blogs on T-Central. It reads like a rogues gallery of sissy men playing girl while screaming prejudice because they are not accepted in society which is where all you still transsexual come in and those of us that have that history come in. They need to ride our backs to legitimacy but maybe, just maybe, people are beginning to understand. 
There is a very simple truth about life. If born transsexual and you perceive yourself as a woman and work hard at being a good women along with appropriate medical intervention then society will accept you as a woman.  If you insist on being known as a transwoman or permanently transgendered then society will see you as the man in a dress whether you like it or not. Sex is binary and you belong to one or the other and even the intersex get to choose. I doubt they choose neither. The transgender want the privilege of choosing gender for the day or basically either/or.
In the transgender world sex is not binary because gender and sex are the same so sex characteristics are not relevant and oh so very convenient for them. Women can have a penis and fuck other women. Men can have a vagina and get pregnant.  It is just one big joyous "I am what I say I am world" and everyone should just get over it.
This need to be special actually comes from the alliances made with GLAAD and the original GLB. You would be surprised how few gays and lesbians believe in what they stand for or say. Funny how that works isn't it. The "out" activist that wants to permanently be known makes the decisions. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Miss Universe Canada Issue

One of the silly little things you learn when you are nearing your 67th birthday, end of year, is that the clowns that we call the Transgender Borg will never rest when there is anything that garners publicity that can be grabbed as theirs. Unfortunately for them Jenna Talackova the young woman disqualified from the Miss Canada selection process for the Miss Universe Pageant is not one of them.

Now I do not know Jenna but she has this entire crap correct. She told Canada News she regarded herself as a woman with a history which is the correct term and in point of fact Canada news is degrading her and insulting her by labeling her as a "transgender" contestant but there will never be a protest over that by anyone in the Transgender Movement because they are "Transgender Forever".  Jenna has gotten past how she was born and is a strikingly beautiful young woman but she did make a mistake.

When Jenna entered the Miss Transgender/Transsexual Pageant in Thailand a while back she essentially "outed" herself and since they probably do a background check on everyone this is how they found out about her.  A background check can be as simple as Google which would have turned up miss-international-queen-2010-thailand and mention of Jenna. First rule of entering contests where there is a "natal Born female" clause is do not have a history that is available. I doubt they could have possibly figured it out without either a tip or background check because any one of us that starts hormones at 14, she did, is basically undetectable after SRS.

A beauty pageant having a "natal born female" clause is kind of humorous since many contestants have had extensive facial plastic surgery and according to many Insurance Companies SRS is plastic surgery instead of the life saving surgery we kids needed. Jenna is certainly beautiful enough to at least qualify to attempt to win the Miss Canada part of Miss Universe.

The part that continues to bother me is reading all these ass-clowns in the Transgender world complaining about this and labeling this beautiful young woman transgender. I will give the Miss Universe pageant some kudos her because they sort of stuck up for Jenna by saying she was a "real girl" but was unfortunately born a "boy" and they did not use transgender or transsexual as an excuse because she is neither of those after SRS. They actually were more careful describing Jenna than the ass-clowns in the Transgender Community and the Liberal media who have bowed to GLAAD pressure and no longer use transsexual but transgender.

Headlines are more sensational when they say Transgender or the now rarely used Transsexual. The same is true of the Transgender ass-clowns who scream like neutered men when female pronouns are not used for them en femme. Jenna is not Transgender; Jenna is not Transsexual; Jenna is a beautiful young girl/woman. She has a history but what these idiots do is trans Jenna when she is not. In many ways this is so wrong but to expect the Transgender to get this would require men to gain more common sense which would then make them realize they are not women for putting on a dress so forget about that one.

Should the Miss Universe Pageant remove the "natal born female" clause? I think they should but what do they change it too? If they require SRS then the Transgender crowd will be screaming they are discriminating against a woman with a prick. Come on folks you know that will happen with claims of "forced sterilization" by Mr Trump and the Miss Universe pageant. The simple solution would be a requirement they be of the "female sex" but I am sure the Transgender would scream about that.

There were and are rumblings about the Olympic Committee rules which require contestants to have had SRS a minimum of two years before entering a competition. depending upon the contestant's age that may or may not be enough.  If a MTF transsexual does not start hormones until they are 22 or so they will build up much larger muscle mass than a similar woman. Depending upon the individual the loss of said muscle mass can take quite a long time and some believe they have an advantage. There is no advantage for the kids that start young.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has a rule similar to the Olympic rule but I have seen late transitioners that had serious advantages over women initially soon after SRS but actually watched it drop rapidly. I am waiting for the requirement for SRS to be challenged because having a penis does not exclude the Transgender from considering themselves one of us.

The really irritating part about all these organizations and the rules for women with a history is you actually have to out yourself as being born a boy. Now why in the world would anyone do that? I actually  inadvertently won a "beauty" contest when I was 13 playing the part of Jane under duress I might add. We won and our picture was in the local paper and someone figured it out but everyone was so embarrassed they never printed a retraction in the paper nor did they ask for the return of my free movie pass for the year. But that was 1959 and this is 2012 and the internet and Google where not around.

What is now happening to this poor girl is she will forever be know as transgendered because of labeling by the Transgender world and the media despite her own protestation that she is a "woman with a history". Isn't it funny how "trans" phobic only applies to those of us that protest against the belief that we and transvestites are "really' the same while this poor girl is misrepresented as transgender when she does not feel that way. I guess it is okay to label anyone transgender for the benefit of the Transgender Movement but not okay to label men for what they are which is not female nor women even in a dress.

What I fear will happen is that Jenna will become attached to the Transgender Movement and allow herself to be mislabeled which will be sad but unfortunately might be inevitable. It is funny how this all works for them isn't it? This gorgeous young woman is labeled transgender so some fucking man in a dress that looks like Dick Butkus in a dress can be called transgendered and thus considered the same. If that is not just plain evil I am not sure what is but then men will be men even when they are wearing a dress.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zoe Brain has a new lie for the wife.

Well folks the loon train officially known as Zoe E Brain has officially passed delusional and headed straight for complete BULLSHIT LIAR of the century. The following comment from Zoe is below with a link to the editorial where she made her new claim.

Zoe Brain 21 March 2012 at 9:52 am #
Several states don’t allow any change to birth certificates, even after surgery. Even for some who are born Intersex.
Does the admin really think it would be safe for a woman to be compelled to use male facilities, just because they have an erroneous birth certificate?
I’m in that situation, by the way. Intersex, biologically female (according to my Ob/Gyn Hanyway) but with a birth certificate that says “boy”.

I am probably going to get a friend really pissed at me but sorry sis this story needs to be told. In her ongoing efforts to convince both her wife and kids that her "sex change" was needed we have the following from Zoe Brain.

1. Suddenly she suddenly feminized for NO reason at all.  

This did not happen because it is impossible at his age at the time unless he worked in an estrogen factory and walked around sticking his head in every vat. Zoe did not.

2. Zoe then claimed to be intersex and thus "better" than other transsexuals since she claimed she was 46XY. 

Zoe was talking with a friend of mine who playfully said if she "actually did" suddenly feminize that maybe Zoe was intersex. The very next day her blog A.E. Brain had her claim of being intersex without ever seeing a doctor. Initially the claim was 47XXY but that has changed. Zoe is so dense she is unable to realize that being a male 46XY in no way implies you are either female or transsexual. She was never tested and I would gladly retract this if she provided medical evidence of such a condition.

3. Zoe claims on her blog she is a Rocket Scientist. She is a liar about that. Zoe is a or was a Software Engineer and is studying for a Doctorate according to her in Computer Science.  Korolov, the father of the Russian Space program,  was a Rocket Scientist. Von Braun was a Rocket Scientist. Zoe Brain is a liar and bullshit artist.

4. Zoe now claims that she is biologically female which is complete and total BULLSHIT

Physically she has had a sex change but like all of us Zoe is not biologically female and this comment is another in her long lines of total BULLSHIT.  In order to be biologically female she would need a uterus and the correct internal plumbing which she does NOT HAVE since Zoe fathered multiple children as a man. 

Zoe's personal delusion is part of her long standing attempt to prove she had no choice but to change sex later in life. Not being satisfied to just be a transsexual she needed to be something special so her wife would understand. I mean what woman would not feel bad for a man that suddenly found out such traumatic news. 

Alan Brain to his wife:
"Sweetie I am not a man. I am not a man trapped in a woman's body like all those other late transitioners. This sudden feminization we have seen is because i am really biologically a female and the fact I fathered our children is a such that makes me a scientific miracle. Do you realize how lucky you are to be married to me?"

Well isn't that just precious. Zoe is now biologically female. Wow, I guess that sudden feminization ran amok!  Zoe lost his balls and prick and suddenly grew the necessary plumbing to be considered biologically female.  It goes right with her S.A.G.E score she posted on her blog. 

For those not in the know S.A.G.E was created by transvestites for transvestites to find out who was a better transvestite. One of the questions is about two trains starting from a certain place and given a speed and distance what point on tracks did they pass. I guess if you can answer it you are not a woman.

In so many ways I do so pity this delusional assholes wife. Zoe's story has changed so many times and been altered and modified I am not shocked she cannot keep it straight but to claim on a college paper that she was intersex and a biologically female by her Ob/Gyn and is appalled she still has a boy birth certificate is  Zoe lives in New South Wales in Australia in the city of Canberra and the link below is the New South Wales process for changing birth certificate.  I believe the policy is consistent throughout Australia so this is another potential Zoe fib.

I must admit the shock of reading that caused me to re-read it many times but this nitwit has gone too far this time.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Men want protection from women??????

Want to know what the ultimate in misogyny is? Men wanting protection by law from women so a man pretending to be a woman can enter any woman's space he wants to. I realize I am an extremely threatening woman at 5-8 and 130 pounds with those fists of iron trained from years of being an Engineer, a wife, and a mother. I just know I can beat the living shit out of that 6-3 270 pound man in the dress when he barges into the dressing room where my grandchildren are so he can change because after all even if he has a penis he is as much of a woman as I am or my friends are. I of course I being a little facetious but I am sure you get the drift.

It is amazing the threat we women are to men. We are prejudiced and hateful and transphobic because we are confused why men need laws to allow them access to women's spaces. How about we pass a law that 50% of elected officials have to be women.  How about we pass a law that 50% of Corporate Executives have to be women. How about we pass a law that 50% of NFL referees have to be women. How about we pass a law that prevents men from having men only meeting places in NYC where they conclude major Wall Street business and from which women are excluded? How about we pass a law that all men have to wear dresses?

Women are discriminated against openly in this country based on our sex.  We earn less. We are promoted less. We are even hired less often since a man needs a job for his family. I actually know all of this as factual because in the 40+ years I worked as a woman in Corporate America I was paid 50% of what male managers made despite the fact I out produced them. I received a major pay increase because I resigned and took 5 Fortune 500 companies with me.  They later claimed they were held up by me and accuse me of holding them hostage. I still only made 75% of what other managers made and I had the only profit center in the company.

Now I sit here and these same fucking men want me to understand why they need a law to prevent me from discriminating against men who want to use female facilities because they are en femme. They are not content to let women manage these spaces as we have for centuries without major issue because we might question some asshole man in his dress and burst his fantasy that he passes. Men basically want a law to enforce their fantasy. They want a law that redefines what female and woman really mean and their aim is to require women to accept them into our world despite having a penis, as the same as us. Sorry, but you men can basically go fuck yourself on this one.

There is no need for any law to protect men from women.  If a law was going to be passed it should be passed to protect us from men but that will never happen. The claim is it does not increase the danger to women. I agree most are harmless but taking the right away from me or any other woman to question a man in a dress in female spaces is not only wrong it is evil and misogynistic. Only men could come up with something both this misogynistic and this evil and claim it is good and fair.

What are women getting in return? We get men in dresses in our safe spaces. In most cases none of us would stop someone from peeing unless he looked creepy and I am sorry but that is an issue to us. I have been raped by a man and I know what it feels like.  I was nearly raped earlier by the same man. Women are at risk from men whether men want to admit it or not. Men are strong and we are weak and it is part of natures way.  Women do not rape men and it does not matter if the chances increase by a minuscule amount it is too much. Predators are ingenious at entrapping women and if you do not realize some male predators will get wise to the ease they can have access to women and female children based on claiming transgenderism and dressing to access our spaces then you head is stuck permanently up your male ass and needs some fresh air.

There have already been several cases where this has happened. One case is one too many but I get response by some saying it is hysteria.  They miss the entire point.  It is not hysteria but because most men are not so inclined it does not mean they get special dispensation to dress and come into our spaces. It is simply too dangerous for ANY man to be in women's spaces uninvited. It does not matter if he is dressed as a woman, as a bear, as a clown, or as an asshole he does not belong in our spaces.

This is not prejudice nor is it transphobia because in 99.99% of the time we will say nothing but we need the right to say something that 0.01% of the time and any law that prevents it is bullshit. It is a particularly transgender thing to want this kind of protection.

The only law that needs to be passed is one that states anyone that has had SRS is a woman PERIOD. Then we have the same rights as all women.  The problem is the transgender crowd wants to be protected as men because they are "special" and thus require special rights. The problem is the rights they want were always aimed at those transsexuals that transitioned later because they are certainly in vulnerable positions.  The issue now is they want these same rights while keeping the penis because getting rid of a penis means getting rid of their pleasure joint.

So instead of transsexual rights we have transgender rights which may protect some transsexuals but the majority protected are transvestites and cross dressers which are both fetishes.  The next thing you know they will want to have spare rooms set aside so they can practice their forced feminization in bondage at work during down time.

Bathrooms have always been a binary setup. Male and female have been it unless there was a gender neutral bathroom. The transgender crowd wants bathrooms based on gender where they get to pick who qualifies for a specific gender thus effectively cutting out any input from women.  The problem I see is they also claim gender is fluid and not a binary thing so who decides whom goes to what bathroom?  I guess the men get to chose based on the thrill it will give them.

The other problem the transgender have with binary is gender identity and gender dysphoria have always been a binary condition. A boy believes he is a girl or wants to be a girl and vice versa for girls. The problem I see is if gender is fluid and not binary then both gender identity and gender dysphoria are invalid or a contradiction.  Do boys now believe they are 1/3 girl, 1/3 boy, and 1/3 nothing?

Transsexualism was initially based on sex identity and with this obvious problem with gender fluidity I think we need to go back to sex identity for the correct definition. Sex is quite binary as even the intersex chose eventually.

Basically everything the Transgender stand for is aimed to please men with some possible residual aid for some transsexuals but do not be led astray it is for the benefit of men and those of us that are women or in the process of fulfilling the need to be completely female. Do not fall into any of their traps. A man with a penis and breasts with no intention of SRS is a she-male. His boyfriend likes him because he has a dick and boobs.  It makes them think they are not gay when they have anal sex. Men are weird that way.

Just remember the Transgender world was created by Virginia Prince and for transvestites only. The name was stolen from Prince and they added transsexual to give them some kind of legitimacy because nobody in their right mind would pass laws supporting transvestite rights. Well, I have been wrong about that but that will be changing.

I wrote to the Maryland State Senate and said my two cents and I urge all women born transsexual to do so. If anyone wishes a list of Maryland Senators to write to email me and I will provide you with a list. We need to stand up for our female sisters here and fight the Transgender and their unscrupulous plans.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The real problem!!

Isn't the real problem here that we even have to talk about men in dresses having the balls to expect access to women's spaces? When did it become kosher for men to wear dresses in public and believe they have the "civil right" to invade women's spaces because they have a frock on?

Transvestites and cross-dressers are by definition not women and are in point of fact generally heterosexual men. Has society become so permissive it is considered ethical for women to be forced into accepting them as women when they are most certainly not. There is absolutely not one person that can in good conscience state they believe this does not even slightly increase the potential for higher risk of danger for women in their own spaces.

Nobody is saying that many of these transvestite men and cross-dressing men is dangerous because in most cases they are so harmless they are afraid to even tell the little woman of the proclivity to wear her clothes. But, and the big but here is the simple fact that any law that prevents women from openly questioning why someone is entering their bathroom, because of fines or even jail, means that no woman will dare question someone suspicious out of fear of reprisal from the government.

What has happened here is men have gotten their fellow men in public office and positions of power to give them access to women's spaces when en femme because the public officials are afraid to do their duty and protect the weakest of the species which is we women. Rather than deal with the bigger problem of why men are masquerading in public as women they force women to deal with the issue rather than their fellow men. 

It is one thing when a pre-operative transsexual needs safety in the space of the sex she so desperately desires to join completely but it is entirely another thing when it is men who enjoy the use of their penis that invade our spaces. Somehow transvestites have made a public move and gained this belief among many that they are "just harmless" when most women that have been married to them will tell you otherwise.  

Since a transsexual needs a Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist for hormones and surgery my proposal is quite simple. A letter put forth by the Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist that states this individual is undergoing the process of sex reassignment with the clear knowledge that both the Therapist and/or the Psychiatrist are responsible for the individual they lettered up for.

Maybe what we need is more gatekeepers and not less and maybe it is finally time somebody says so. Maybe fear of arrest and the wife finding out will stop transvestites from roaming women's spaces pretending to be what they never want to completely be.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

State of Maryland Transgender Rights Bill

I am actually not sure where I should begin with this but here goes. Early today I received an email from one of the leaders AGAINST the Transgender Rights Bill currently being contemplated in the State of Maryland. I gather they found me through both my comments about Bathroom Rights Bills on my blog and other blogs. SO much for nobody giving a crap what I say.

I was asked to write letters to a list of State Senators in opposition to the bill. They asked me if there were other transsexuals that would speak out against this bill which is part of the reason I am writing this post. It was not the request that has me in a quandary. It is the misconceptions the individual had about someone like me. These misconceptions are absolutely not malevolent in any way but could be hurtful if one did not consider the source and the circumstances.

Thanks to GLAAD, GLBT, and the Transgender Rights or Transvestite Rights movement I am still considered transsexual and "not straight". This individual has been dealing with the transvestites pushing the bill in Maryland after the Transgender Rights bill was passed in Baltimore County. If I did not realize who was responsible for these misconceptions I could be mad at the emailer but they can only go by what they know, read, and see and they are certainly not going to meet someone like me because my life is private and will stay that way.

I have asked for permission to post the email unedited because I think it is important.  I have not received permission to do so and hopefully I get permission. If anyone wishes to write an email in support of the opposition they can send me an email and I will provide you a list of State Senators that should be emailed.

As if these misconceptions of transsexuals is not bad enough when perpetrated by GLAAD, GLBT, and the Transgender Borg it has also found its way into a really scary place. That scary place is Psychiatrists that treat children and have a great deal of influence over how children are treated. I cannot give the name or location of said Psychiatrist but they had a rather odd view of what a transsexual was. They thought a transsexual was someone that was transgender that had SRS or everyone was transgender until SRS and then afterwards they were transsexual.

For someone that treats children and is considered or claims to be an expert on gender issues this is both shocking and troublesome but unfortunately I am not surprised. I have felt for a long time the Transgender crowd wanted to subsume transsexual or remove it all together from use and it seems they are winning. This Psychiatrist said we are transgendered and not transsexual unless operated on.  I find it appalling that this individual has not read Benjamin and has such misconceptions about what defines a transsexual.

Unfortunately this correlates to issues involving transgender rights because I believe the symptoms are related.  The transvestites realize bathroom rights leaves some transsexuals in a rough position because we need to protect pre-operative transsexuals and they are piggy backing on that because they realize the solution is tricky.

How do we protect our pre-operative transsexuals yet keep the men out of women's toilets and private areas? Any suggestions?