Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing or Don't Come Fly With Me en Femme

Well the transgender activists are all up in a dither again. Seems Canada will no longer allow folks to travel without identification that matches their appearance. Well welcome to the real freaking world because if Canada has been allowing people to fly whose identification does not match their physical appearance then they have been putting every person on every plane flight AT RISK. I defy anyone to fly in the United States without matching identification. Now that is a little damning if you happen to be en femme and match your male identification but it is the simple truth.

Transgender people are not completely banned from boarding planes  in Canada they are just required to have proper identification. The question I would want answered is simply, why is this bad? I wonder what fool would fly en femme when they only have male identification? Why not simply get a new drivers license or passport with yourself en femme? I realize that is an issue to some but I went through that for nearly 11 years of my life from 14 until I had just turned 25. I was questioned all the time because the M on my passport and license did not match the face but in this case it did match me. I had no choice when it came to flying between Boston and college so I endured it.

Are these activists claiming it is an outrage or inappropriate requiring "trans" people from following the same guidelines as everyone else? Are only trans people to be allowed to fly not matching their paperwork? Is it okay for the agent to ask the "trans" person a simple question, why are you traveling dressed as a woman when your paperwork says male? Are they banned from doing a "pat down" if they are flying en femme?

This entire discussion then devolves into an argument that "trans" people should be able to get proper identification which I actually agree with but in my world "trans" means transsexual and not transvestite. This is really another situation where certain activists are trying to create a shit storm about a perfectly reasonable rule which is meant to protect those that are flying from those that wish to harm others. It has absolutely NOTHING  to do with the "trans" people of Canada but is simply an attempt to protect those that fly.

The entire scenario devolves into a "transgender crisis" artificially created by those that want to change the laws for identification in Canada and throughout the rest of the civilized world. I really cannot understand why a transvestite would need to travel en femme unless it is the ultimate "thrill". I guess "trans" people need special dispensation because they are a special issue. I do understand why a transsexual might need to travel when in Real Life Experience mode and I do believe the Canadian government allows a special passport to be issued for a short period.  In the US it was for two years.

What this is really about is certain Provinces in Canada are more stringent in allowing identification to be changed unless one has SRS. It always boils down to the transgender activists wanting male/female to be a choice made by the person regardless of SRS.  They want to redefine what female is to allow little Johnny to be Joan when he wants. It always comes down to the "trans" activists wanting more "special" privileges for themselves and their friends. If they decide to keep their penis the they are woman if they say they are.

I have always wondered why being considered female and accepted as female was not enough but then I was thinking about those born transsexual. I find this entire scenario and all the surrounding hoopla to be disingenuous. After I had SRS in January of 1971 I took my SRS letter, my legal name change, and went to the US Passport Office and got a new passport without issue.  I had my social security changed without issue. I got a new Driver License in Massachusetts without issue. That was over 40 years ago and I did this without issue but then all we transsexuals wanted back then was to fit in. Nowadays a lot seem to want to stand out.  It makes it easier to get through life as a woman because they have a built in excuse. They are transgendered and they need special rules and laws to protect them so they can invade women's spaces like bathrooms and gyms while still packing a penis. This is another example of this.

One has to really wonder sometimes how badly they really want to be girls. It always seemed to me the need to be as normal a girl as possible was the optimum desire of most transsexuals. Now back in the "old days" we did have our professional transsexuals but even they were different because they were actually really born transsexual. The real truth is playing girl is more fun to them than actually trying to really be a girl. They "choose" to be transsexual.  They "choose" to keep their penis for maintenance reasons. They choose to stay men for their families until 55.

Anyone truly born transsexual will tell you there is NO choice involved. Here we have another choice they are demanding.  They want to be able to fly en femme disguised as women with mismatching identification because they are "trans". I wonder how much pentaerythritol trinitrate (PETN) one could hide in a bra. About 100 grams or 3.5 ounces can blow a car to nothing and the gas chromography explosive detection systems in the US and Canada would never pick it up. That is a comforting thought isn't it??

Gee, I wonder why the TSA or Canadian authorities are a little worried about this?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

High Intensity Transsexualism

I have debated writing about this since I started this blog.  It has been mentioned in multiple posts but based on the misconceptions of certain people and the transgender intent to define all transsexuals as the same it has become sort of a litmus test or badge of honor for some to claim they are. To be truthful some are that do not know they are and others are, to be blunt, delusional.  It doesn't mean they are not transsexual it just means they were thankfully not born transsexuals that fall under the Benjamin category Type VI.

Over the decades the Benjamin scale has come under fire because certain want-to-be-transsexual people seem to not fit and others want to be the best which they perceive to be Type VI. First, if you are a late transitioner and transsexual you are a Type V. There is absolutely zero chance that a Type VI transsexual will have married, fathered children, and waited until they are 50+ to transition. One particular individual had an "Awakening" at 50+ where she had a vision in her garage and discovered she was transsexual. I believe this person was born transsexual but is Type V not Type VI.

The first question one must ask is what makes you "Elizabeth" so seemingly knowledgeable about what defines or characterizes a Type VI transsexual. First I was diagnosed by Dr. Benjamin as type VI but since 1971 I have been deeply involved in helping young transsexuals, all Type VI, through the nightmare that is their childhood. At present we have funded completely 7 children and 2 more are in the process right now.  I have also helped several others financially before I retired.  It was my closest friend and myself and it was our way of giving back.  We were both successful as women and it seemed the right thing to do. We could afford to help and we did because we saw ourselves in the children.

Benjamin recognized the difference between transsexuals based on intensity. He used the term "total psycho sexual inversion" for Type VI transsexuals because they were simply convinced they were girls and to be blunt almost all of us push boundaries. You can see it today in a Kim Petras or the young children that are truly transsexual that have the courage to transition as early as they can. One of the bravest I know of was a teenager who transitioned in high school despite being arguably the best "male" athlete in her school and if I remember correctly a highly recruited football player.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with this child. Her father had groomed her to be a football star and refused to help. It tells a story that her mother was gone and she did it on her own. She was a classic Type VI transsexual. Only another Type VI can understand the intensity that forces a child to simply say no more.  I am going to be the girl I should have been and to hell with all of you. I paid for that child's surgery and she is a happy well adjusted young girl.

The key with complete or total psycho sexual inversion is the simple fact that since you already believe you are a girl there is no pushing it behind door number one until you are 53. There is no pushing it behind door number two until you have an "awakening" later in life. In Harry's book he mentions a young MTF transsexual that Harry believed killed herself with references to letters he received. The anguish and pain put into words by that 20 something transsexual is what being Type VI is about. By the way Harry found out after the book was published that she did kill himself.

Another Type VI and a good friend of mine killed herself as I mentioned in another post. Dr. Benjamin believed possibly 1 in 300,000 were Type VI transsexuals with the numbers that were Type V probably 10 time higher. Harry had only met one other young transsexual before he met me primarily because for the era it was almost impossible to find help. The suicide rates both successful and attempted are very high among young Type VI transsexuals. I have known approximately 20 Type VI transsexuals. The oldest I have know in in her mid 30's now but ran from home in her teens and sold herself on the streets of Europe.

Another close friend drowned herself in booze to make it to 30 but the second she sobered up she transitioned. Another one I know tried to transition in 50's but that was not easy and fooled herself into a marriage that lasted a couple years but was transitioned and on her way to surgery in her mid 20's. Most if not all I have know are like me. They pushed gender boundaries even like I did in the 50's.  One ran from a home in the upper Midwest where her Reverend father beat the daylights out of her and physically tried to kill her when he found out she liked boys and actually had a boyfriend.  She ran to the streets of NYC to become a hooker out of survival until discovered by the drag world where she became world famous but walked from that at 25 when she had the money with some help from a good friend.

Another one grew up in Spanish Harlem and was so effeminate her life was a challenge to survive. She ran numbers for Bumpy Johnson to pay for the hormones she started at 12.  She ran to Frisco when her sadistic father was about to be released from Sing Sing after serving 8 years for nearly killing her when she was 6. She actually went to school as a girl and was thrown out of the NYC school system for doing it.

Another dear friend was caught by her mother and threatened to send her to her all boy school in a dress she was wearing.  When she saw how her child's face lit up like a Christmas tree she dropped that mode of punishment although I speak with certainty when I say my friend would have gleefully gone to her English Boy's school in a second as a girl.

We of course faced many of the pressures that others faced but to a Type VI there is no choice. You either deal with it or you will eventually succumb to it. It is not something you control. It is not something that makes you more transsexual than any other transsexual.  It is a condition that basically forces you to deal with it very early on in life. It is a state that doesn't allow you to make it to 50 let own even 40.

A Type VI transsexual may be a heterosexual woman or a lesbian woman but Type VI transsexuals follow typical genetic female percentages when it comes to sexual orientation. In other words there is not a higher percentage of lesbians like is seen in late transitioners. There is a Dutch Study that proves this irrefutably which cannot be linked to because I do not have access although I have a copy which I also cannot legally post. There was an earlier post on this blog concerning it.

There is an ongoing attempt to claim intensity is not relevant in transsexualism which is primarily fronted by late transitioners and others that refute its truth. Dr Benjamin recognized it as did a Dr. Pauly and others. In order to refute intensity the term "homosexual transsexual" was coined which labeled those transsexuals attracted to boys as gay even though only those transsexuals that ended up as prostitutes ever had gay sex.  There has been a concerted effort by many in the Transgender world to redefine what transsexual means and if you want to be inclusive you cannot have layers of intensity that Benjamin noted. We are all the same after all.

A high percentage of Type VI transsexuals seem to have a hormonal imbalance.  In Benjamin's cases it ran quite high and was around 30-40 percent if memory serves me. I had very low testosterone levels as did many of my friends.  Whether it was from something that happened in the womb or some other abnormality it was how it was. There were no 47XXY inter-sexed Type VI that I knew of but I could not exclude that from happening.

Someone asked me what it was like. It is very difficult to put into words.  The first thing I would say is I would not wish it on even my worst enemy or anyone for that matter. It is a combination of pain, sorrow, anger, and confusion that gets worse as time goes by. It is like groundhog day only as each day goes by it does not stay the same, it gets worse. Every day is a repetition of the combination of pain, sorrow, anger,  and confusion.

The combination of pain, sorrow, anger,  and confusion combine to create a feeling of suffocation. You believe you are a girl and it is difficult to understand why people will not listen to you. Every single day is a struggle to get through and it gets worse if there is any bullying. You feel helpless and angry eventually. The anger comes from the realization nobody will listen or help but also because deep down inside there is always that one question. "Why am I like this?"

There were adults that tried to support me but were ill equipped and not knowledgeable about what was happening. My parents tried to help by sending me to the best Psychiatrists available in the Boston Massachusetts area.  In retrospect it was a horrible decision because their rejection precipitated all the suicide attempts. All of my friends that went to Psychiatrists had similar results. How much better it is today is debatable.

The only lucky thing I had was the simple fact I did not look like a boy. If I had looked like a boy with my mannerisms it would have been worse than it was. Many of my friends were the same as I was.  The unlucky ones were the Type VI that were not feminine and in one case I knew decidedly non feminine. She was as female as any woman I have ever known right to her soul but she killed herself.  I think I know why but I offered to help financially any way she needed.

Transsexualism is not something you can control. Transsexualism controls you and consumes your very existence. Transsexuals do not "recognize" they have a gender issue at 55. Transsexuals do not decide to be transsexual, they just are transsexual. Look around the blog world and read what is said today.

I remember one quote which made me sick. It was, "I think I will decide to be transsexual". Since when is being born transsexual a decision we get to make? I certainly would have preferred normal. The Transgender Activists promote inclusion not to help transsexuals but to help transvestites and cross-dressers. Transvestites no longer have a social problem they have a gender identity problem. The problem with this claim is it is simply incorrect. Gender identity implies one is uncomfortable with the gender one was born as. Transvestites are not uncomfortable or at odds with being born men.  They like being men they just like to wear women's cloths. This was a fetish until the political correctness of the transgender activists made it otherwise.

Intensity defines transsexualism and it categorizes the type of transsexual one is but does not define one form or another as a better "form" of transsexualism although some think it does. Intensity determines how early one decides enough is enough. It is why we have early, young, and older transitioners. It is both worse and better to have high intensity. At least you deal with it earlier.

If one is transsexual whether one is 4, 15, 24, 35, 45 or 55 you do not control it.  It controls you. Anyone that claims they control transsexualism is a fraud. There are plenty of them blogging on T-Central.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Equating "bathroom rights" with Jim Crow Laws

Autumn Sandeen is at it again. In a letter to the Montreal Gazette's Jillian Page Sandeen has attempted to equate trans bathroom rights with Jim Crow Laws in the US South.   She makes the same specious claims regarding the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and American Disability Act (ADA). 

Equating "bathroom issues" with black civil rights and Jim Crow laws in the United States is insulting to all black Americans and those of us that fought against racial discrimination in those days. There is no clearer case of comparing apples and oranges than this ludicrous analogy by Autumn Sandeen. It is another attempt at fear mongering and sensationalism by a transgender activist. The same goes for the ERA and ADA.
First and foremost it is literally impossible to hide the fact you are black.Those Jim Crow laws and disciminatory practices encompassed every single moment in the life of a black American or an American of color. They rode the back of the bus; they could only drink from the "black" only water fountain; they could not eat in "white" only cafes;  they even had "black" only gas pumps assuming they would serve you; it was impossible to vote in most Southern States; It was impossible to get a fair education. The list of impossibles and civil rights violations go far beyond this puny list. It is true Americans of Color were denied access or required to use "black" only bathrooms but the last time I checked they did not have bathrooms listed "girls" and "trans". If only it was that simple.
The entire "bathroom issue" actually is relevant to "men in dresses" whether Sandeen wants to admit it or not. The issue is does the simple fact you are wearing a dress imply you have access to a women's rest room? Personally if the individual is transsexual or even presentable I have no issues with it and I would never say a word out of courtesy which is how it usually works. Having lived in NYC in the late 60's and early 70's during my transition and after my surgery I had my fair share of run ins at clubs with cross-dressers and drag queens and there never was an issue.
Actually one club had a rest room sign that said "Girls Room" with "Tranny" etched below and it was a very famous club. Of course times were different then. The theme of the day for everyone whether transsexual or cross-dresser or transvestite or drag queen was to be fabulous or as beautiful as one could be. There was no attempt by transvestites to equate themselves with transsexuals using the pernicious umbrella label transgender. Nowadays it seems transvestism is no longer a social condition or a harmless fetish but is now a gender identity issue. How convenient.
How do you write a bathroom bill that is sensible? Would any woman want someone looking like Mikki Nicholsen, the scrabble championdoes in this picture in the "girls room"? Even I would balk at allowing entrance to someone looking like this. It is quite obvious this is a man in PVC. Where do you draw the line because it has to be drawn unless all bathrooms are unisex which might work in some environments but not in most public facilities such as airports etc..

Massachusetts has a law that has either been passed or is about to be passed that supposedly allows cross-dressers to use ladies rooms. Is the next step requiring ladies rooms to have urinals so men in dresses can pee standing up? The question comes down to the simplest of issues.  If you you do not want to be a woman and you are not a woman then why should you be allowed in a ladies room? Transvestites and cross-dressers are exhibitionists plain and simple. The ultimate fantasy seems to be acceptance in the ladies room en femme.

Mr. Tarlow was allowed to fly on US Airways wearing this outfit yet a young African American was removed from another US Airways flight because he had hip-hop low riding jeans on.  Funny how that works isn't it.  The exhibitionist transvestite gets to fly but a young man with low riders doesn't and the worst part is nobody complained about the low riders on the other flight and basically everybody complained about Mr. Tarlow. Should women be forced to allow Mr. Tarlow to use the ladies room?

Under new laws Mr. Tarlow could probably sue. Because it is women who will suffer, in the end, nobody gives a damn.  After all one cannot deny a man his fetish. How would you feel as a woman if that walked into the ladies room. Personally I would run for a police officer but guess what. I would have no basis to have him ejected. The irony of Mr. Tarlow is if a young woman wore those cloths to ride an airplane they would not let me on the plane because it is indecent exposure for a woman. 

I realize these are extreme examples but transvestites are exhibitionists, some more so than others. Any bill that includes cross-dressers in it is ridiculous and potentially dangerous for women whether the men wanting this right agree to it or not.  There are many documented cases of men dressed as women assaulting women in ladies rooms. These cases are not the norm because 99+% of transvestites are not dangerous but what about the ones that are? You are making it easier for them. 

Transvestites are by definition "men in dresses" despite what the transgender crowd would like to believe.  It now seems transvestites are men except when they are transgendered transvestites and then they are women.  I am not sure how that works but it kind of seems quite an oxymoron. How can an umbrella term like transgender change a transvestite into a woman? Amazing how the male mind works.  If they say it then it must be gospel.

These same activists that push this agenda are the ones that keep their penis for "maintenance" reasons and it seems perfectly logical to all their transgender friends.  It is a choice after all, isn't it?

Just remember girls we are second class citizens and there is no clearer example of it than "bathroom issues". In my world it is quite simple or has been up to now.  If you present well enough as a woman then no problem but I am afraid I will now be required to allow the 6'-6" 285 pound male in a mini and 5 inch pumps with 3 days beard growth into my ladies room whether I want to or not. 

Lest you think I jest I suggest you look at the links provided above. It has only started and when they are finished we women will have "less" rights and men will have more rights. Funny how it works. We lose rights to our bathrooms because men demand the right to cross-dress and be considered women and demand the right to use our bathroom. You will notice there are no limitations in most of these bills and if the limitation is the person should be transsexual the shit will hit the fan.

Funny how Sandeen thinks this violates transgender rights when in truth it violates women's rights. Typical man. Funny how that works also.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forced Sterilization in Sweden????

Forced Sterilization of transgenders in Sweden has been upheld by the Swedish Parliament. Under normal circumstances I would find this so abhorrent that I would be railing against such a travesty against Human Rights.  The problem is it is not a travesty against human rights it is quite simply the result of people believing that women should not have a penis that enables them to get women pregnant and men should be able to get pregnant.

In many ways it is odd that a Socialist Country like Sweden would require one to have surgery in order to change one's sex or gender markers. One would think such a liberal nation would view transsexuals in the same broad light that the transgender community wishes. In other words that being female does not include those men in dresses that wish to maintain their pleasure organ nor does being male include the concept of getting pregnant. After all we would never want to prevent anyone from enjoying themselves in their fantasy world. After all saying that you are female should obviously be all that is required to be documented as female.

This attempt to classify this surgery as sterilization is just another attempt by the Transgendered to force on the world a new world order for what defines female and male. It is of course Political Correctness gone wrong because originally it truly meant getting SRS if MTF and a hysterectomy if FTM. In the world before transgenderism became the holy grail for those that wanted to play girl but not take the necessary steps to become as female as possible or vice-versa for the FTM our holy grail was the absolute need for that surgery to be complete.

Any true MTF transsexual just wants to be rid of that part of her anatomy that defines her as male. Only a man wants a penis and whether you call it a "neo-clit" or whatever it is still a male penis. Why would any FTM transsexual want to get pregnant? They are trying to be men not women. It seems in the modern politically correct world of the transgendered you have the right to claim any sex/gender you want to based on the momentary urges you have.

Those of us born transsexual just want to be as normal was we can be which means just be recognized as either a female or a male and not some third sex/gender that morphs depending on the moment.

The use of the term sterilization is interesting and deliberate. It brings up images of Nazi sterilization and other dark images. It is a classic scare tactic. Is SRS in fact sterilization? I can assure you I do not know a single truly transsexual person that would consider it as such but in reality it is what those born transsexual are more than willing to undertake in order to correct our birth mistake. What female would want penis?  What man would want a vagina and the ability to get pregnant?

The main aim of the transgender supporters is to blur what is female and what is male. It is not for the benefit of those born transsexual but for the transvestites and cross-dressers that dominate the transgender crowd. Those born transsexual truly want to be female or male but the transgendered want to play at it with impunity. Under their world view one could change one's sex marker at will.

Unfortunately I am afraid they will eventually win because political correctness has run amok in the world and in particular in this arena because quite bluntly all transgenderism really comes down to is men playing girls and you can bet they will have documents for both of their alter egos so they can be Jane on Monday and John on Tuesday.

So what is really happening here is transvestites are telling those born transsexual that the SRS we go through in an attempt to make us complete is in actuality just sterilization. I cannot speak for other transsexuals but that is more than insulting but not quite as insulting as when they tell us that women can have a penis but damn close. Welcome to the new world order where men win again and thanks to the GLB idiots for falling prey to this total bullshit and actually supporting it. I guess all those lesbians do not mind men in dresses claiming they are lesbians and socializing with them. It is just another attempt to subvert what being born transsexual means and in the end they will trivialize transsexualism to the point we are all transvestites. After all that is really the goal.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Human Rights Transgender Style

A funny thing happened on the way to Human Rights for those born Transsexual. Well, funny might be a poor choice of words. Sick, perverse, and depraved might be closer to a better choice. What happened? The Transgender community came about and the issues changed and what "particular human rights" they wanted changed based on a Transgender view of the world.

What changed you ask? Sex Identity became gender identity and anyone that puts on a dress for even 10 minutes to jack off in private is now a "victim" of gender identity or gender expression bigotry or transphobic hate and deserves certain privileges others do not deserve. Couched behind all the proposed Transgender Protection bills is the sinister plot to protect transvestites or better yet to let transvestites "express" themselves whenever, wherever, and however they feel. They can deny it but it is the simple truth. If not the bill would be titled Transsexual Protection.

Transgender is so deliberately inclusive it blurs any and all differences and that has always been the intent. Most if not all transsexuals I have known in the last 50+ years have simple goals in life. Transition, SRS, and normalcy in life. Most transsexuals want the right to be legally considered female if MTF or male if FTM. If they are heterosexual they want the right to marry and the right to have all the necessary documents changed to indicate their new sex. Being considered identical to the sex we should have been born is important to us.

Can anyone point out a single Transgender Bill that states they want the right for Transsexuals to be considered female after SRS? They have blurred that so badly that those wishing to keep their pleasure organ, penis, can now be or are now considered women. There is a tendency to stay away from the use of the term female but even the concept of male/female must be blurred to allow the likes of Sandeen, Monica Roberts with her 7 inch neo-clit, and others to be classified as female.

Protest against them and face the transphobic moniker. The key part of that term is the "trans" part because that allows every man in a dress to claim they are trans and suffer from some form of gender dysphoria. Most of those under the transgender banner have a social condition which is what transvestism or cross-dressing is.

The simple point is that transsexualism can be cured but most of the transgendered cannot and do not want to be cured because it is not something that is a medical condition. I was cured and am not a transsexual any longer but the transgender crowd is "transgender forever" as Sandeen has said multiple times. I and all the transsexuals I have known never enjoyed being transsexual.  Our main aim in life was SRS and some form of normalcy in life. Those in the transgender camp that are not transsexual take pleasure in their trans condition and it is an emotional high if not a sexually gratifying condition.  I will exclude those with gender expression here because kids have been mixing gender for as long as I have been alive and will eventually grow out of it one way or another.

The new favorite inclusive word is trans. Everyone is trans and that includes those born transsexual even if they do not want to be part of it.  In my case it makes little difference since I am no longer transsexual but it is important to many still struggling with transsexualism.  Any transsexual that wants to be directly associated with transvestites and cross-dressers has obviously not looked at the Transgender Agenda which wants all transsexuals lumped in as no different than transvestites under the laws of the land.

The Transgender Agenda is willing to trample on the Human Rights of Transsexuals by essentially demanding the rights pre-operative transsexuals have in the work place and in society.  They do this by using the word transgender verses transsexual. There was quite a stir when a transgender advocate was questioned by a Massachusetts politician about whether the "transgender bill" would allow transvestites to go to work one day as a woman and the next as a man. They got so pissed off and denied it if what I read was true. They do not give a damn if they will eventually destroy or cause a backlash that harms transsexuals.

We are called separatists if we do not believe transsexuals should be under the transgender umbrella.  As far as I know nobody asked the majority of transsexuals if they wanted to be under the transgender umbrella. How would lesbians feel if men said they would now fall under gay and be represented by gay men verses lesbian women? They would have a shit fit is what would happen.

The one thing you learn when you have worked in a male Corporate World as a woman for as long as I do. Men will always tell you they know what is correct and you are expected to accept it as fact. I know both the consequences and the nastiness that can follow when you not only tell them they are dead wrong but prove it in a public forum. Those men will get even any way they can because they wield the power.

The transgender umbrella crowd is no different. If they are not transsexual they are same type of men that populate from the Corporate World that know everything. They know what is best and transsexuals must follow suit otherwise they are separatists or transphobic.  They will spout specious arguments not based on any facts such as we are the same yet none of them will ever tell you how we are the same.  It is just a known fact in their world. It is bullshit and is just another case of men trying to control women so they can be women when they want and men when needed which usually means for employment, power, money, and manly things. Funny how they want to use their female pseudonyms but do not want to be physically female with SRS.

I actually am "trans" phobic because I was unfortunately married to one of them. It was not a pleasant experience and it was the fastest divorce I could arrange. He thought I would understand after I told him I would never understand anything like that because I asked him up front. He hurt me and I hated him for it for a long time.

Men are decidedly selfish when it comes to their personal pleasure which is represented by their sex organs. Is it unfair to say that the men claiming that transgenderism is the same as transsexualism are decidedly selfish with only their own pleasure their ultimate goal.  They will claim it is not sexual in nature but it is for most of them. One must never get in the way of a man and his pleasure.  It is why women are raped and beaten by abusive men. The power trip is sexually explosive and it is how they perceive pleasure and if a woman is needed they will find one of us and use us.

Anyone that cannot see that all transgenderism is is men exerting power and control over those wanting to be women then I know someone that has a Bridge acroos the Hudson for sale cheap.