Monday, April 25, 2011

I am baffled by the TV, CD, and non transitioned crowd

I am amused at the transvestite, cross-dresser, and non-transitioned transgender crowd as they prattle on about "passing privilege" and "gold standard transsexuals" and yada, yada, yada. yada, and more yadas. Like others with fetishes they see themselves as being "part" of the community that is transsexual. Ah, no you are not.

We have late 50's men announcing they are transitioning and of course they know immediately all things womanly and begin to preach to all and humorously accuse those that have walked the entire path "men" when in simple point of fact they are "still" men. That is typical male privilege at its finest. I have a tally-whacker so I know more about being a woman than any woman could possibly know and then of course they throw out the "you are not a woman" claim as they get excited in the wife's panties.

On the other hand they actually may be transsexual but the first rule is you know nothing of this path until you have walked it. Walk it, get your surgery and then live for a while.  Talk about transition if you want "once you start" transition and just remember your transvestite forays into the "real" world do not count. You should be asking question and not answering them or offering opinions on subjects you have no firsthand knowledge of.

There is an "angry cross-dresser" spouting off about "passing privilege" and the "gold standard" transsexual which is akin to a fence post attempting to discuss "special relativity" with Einstein. The ironic part is they actually think they have the right. Simply put, you are playing a game you silly little boy.  Your game is wearing girls clothes and pretending to emulate women.  If things do not work out so well on a foray into life as a girl you can just go back to being the guy you are and always will be. You have a safety net that is not available to those truly born transsexual so STFU.

Simply put passing is important to "most" transsexuals.  Some of us are lucky and some not so lucky. It is the seedy sad side of this tragedy of being born transsexual. FFS can cure some of the issues but not all of them. Transvestites and cross-dressers want to be protected so they can play out their little fetish fantasy on the "real" streets of life just like transsexuals. Again you are playing a game and transsexuals are living a life they have no choice over.

This has just happened actually.  One person "announced" his de-transition and closed his blog down but re-opened it at the suggestion of a friend.  Now, why anyone needs to read about some fool that made a mistake is beyond me but compounding the mistake of growing breasts, hormones are good at that, and getting a female driver's license ( a travesty IMHO) and then deciding to transition back to male and then discuss it all and also give advice to everyone on all subjects related to transsexual issues is to put it mildly weird. Unless he is trying to warn other transvestites not to go down his path he should slink into fairytale land with the rest of the fetish crowd.

I will always be baffled why people who have never walked this path or have not even started it think they have even the remotest idea what is involved. Talk about the blind attempting to lead the way!

I will always be baffled how some late transitioner suddenly decides they are a feminist when if their male life was examined they would probably be classified as assholes to women. Even if they were not they excelled with "male privilege" and know nothing of what we women fought to get against that male privilege.

I will always be baffled why transvestites and cross-dressers think transsexuals have anything in common with them. Well we are all homo sapiens although sometimes i wonder.

I will always be baffled why people talk about transsexual issues like they pertain to transvestites, cross-dressers, and gender variant people. They do not but then nobody can convince a fool of anything. It is why they are fools.

I am baffled how GLAAD gets to decide what words are pejoratives. Transvestite is not a pejorative but then why would a fetish bound fool want to be reminded of it. "Tranny" is a pejorative but just a slight clue.  Tranny is solely for the use of transsexuals and not for the transvestite/trans crowd. Get your own world.

I am baffled why we must use she and her for transvestites and cross-dressers and not doing so is derogatory. Are you not still men? Does playing girl mean you are a girl?  I think not. Doing so insults us women.

I am baffled by the people that seem to need a built in excuse for transitioning. It is like a kid telling the teacher "his dog ate his homework".  Actually the dog excuse has a higher probability of being true than the bee-sting and sudden feminization gang.  I did notice there was another sudden feminizing incident. Is it not odd these incidents all happen with married men with children that need the excuse? Silly me.

I am baffled when i read of the sudden onset of transsexualism.  The DSM made this possible when it catered to the "super transvestite" crowd that needed an excuse late in life to go "all the way". They only need to have felt "gender identity issues for several years.  How convenient that is and how profitable that is for all the shrinks and money men in the business of sex changes. One does not suddenly become transsexual. One is born transsexual .

I am baffled that we have not had someone have a partial liver transplant or a kidney transplant come forward and claim they were from a woman and made them transsexual. It seems like a built in "foolproof" excuse for some.

I am baffled when I read claims of sudden feminization and then see pictures of said "suddenly feminized" man and they are as feminine as a 300 pound defensive lineman in the NFL with a face to match. One must wonder if the little boobies that "might" have grown resulted from some clandestine purchase of hormones considering not one of the cases has been legitimately verified.  One must wonder why those men feminized by working in birth control pill factories didn't en mass run out and get sex changes.  Now that is a little odd isn't it.

I am baffled why everyone is so enthralled by gender bender models. A little clue. It happened in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and will continue to happen. It is what it is and will be that way until the fashionistas decide curves on women actually matter.

I am still baffled why so many transsexuals end up lesbian. Then again if one has been a woman for 40+ years and listened to men talk there may be a reason.  Men are obsessed with girl on girl action. I cannot tell you how many times over the years when girl friends and I hugged that some guy commented "maybe we will get some lesbian action" in many variations.  Men are fascinated and obsessed by it. Maybe it is another transvestite fantasy for a heterosexual transvestite to get "really" into some good lesbian action. by physically being one of the lesbians. Most lesbians are not fond of MTF lesbians.  I wonder why?

I am baffled why I am even baffled by all of this. Jerry Springer has made a fortune out of all of this. Kind of sad but predictable.


Pandora said...

On lesbianism.

In mathematical terms and not so many words (oh my! Math, how unfeminine..)

Gynephilila is a perequisite for autogynephilia. The later do not manifest itself without the former, this is Blanchard's law. Late transitioner equals "transsexual" motivated by autogynephilia. Simple huh?

Deena said...

Beth you forgot the breasts. I wasn't active on the internet until a few years ago and one of the first things I noticed was the huge attention lavished on a good BA as a first step. I call it the Dolly Parton syndrome. I'm not sure what to make of it but I have noticed men often being attracted to large breasts. Lesbians born with a uterus not so much.

Elizabeth said...


Actually no it is not that simple. Many late transitioners are truly transsexual and what Blanchard knows about transsexuals would fit on the head of a pin which equate to the size of his pee-brain.

A super transvestite and a transsexual are mutually exclusive sort of like Blanchard and legitimate research and honest reporting are mutually exclusive in Blanchard's world.


Yes the monstrous set of breasts. I have this one image of this Bowers post operative person sitting in a tub after SRS in Colorado with humongous breasts recently implanted bemoaning the fact he missed being able to take his wife on a date and claiming he felt rushed into surgery.

Oops, now that was a mistake I guess. I actually feel sorry for him because he really sounded down. It is truly about the money today and Marci moved to Frisco so she could be near her new young and hot girlfriend. Lord that does almost sound like the male surgeon dropping the wife for the new hot young taut babe. Glad to see changing genders has not changed how disreputable and pathetic doctors and their libidos can be.

The fact that costs will go up matters not at all cause all those rich old super tvs can afford anything.

Anonymous said...

Actually what you point out is called She-Male Syndrome.

More to the point, you are born knowing something is wrong with you, you don't find it out after a bee stings you, you don't wake up one morning with the overpowering need to have a vagina. (or penis), You don't discover you are transsexual after spending a year in a Thai Jail ether. You just know it and while some may cave to social and family pressures they have a history and usually transition before andropause sets in.

You don't go through life and suddenly decide you need to transition at the age of 50 out of the blue unless you are looking for some kind of sexual fetish or really need to get your freak on.

Dawn1257 said...


Wow! You really went for a broad brush stroke of topics in this one.

I don't know what “passing privilege” is. Or, “gold standard transexuals”. Though, I think the latter is probably what they refer to you as. Please, that is not an attack. It's just an assumption of whomever said its opinion.

I'm 53 now. But, I actually began my transition around the age of 46 or 47. Or at least planing for it. So, I'm guessing I just squeaked under the threshold of being a really late transitioner? Maybe not, oh well. That's not really important here. What is important is, this “male privilege” thing and the perception that all “late transitioner's” who were/are married with children, somehow have it or used it. Okay, call me dense (I'm reasonably sure you'll jump at that chance), but, I can't even think of one example in my past where I used it or parlayed it into an advantage for me. Or, even for my family.

I was never a social being living as a male. I hated to be involved in football pools and the like. I never went out drinking with the guy's and talking smack about “the ol' ball and chain”. I never went deer/dear hunting, except for the four legged type with antlers. And, when I did go hunting, I went with my family not 'buddies'. And, these examples might not be what you're even referring to. I'm simply not certain.

Perhaps this might be. As a young 'man', I was expected to join local social clubs. I was asked and accepted (begrudgingly) to join Rotary back in the early Eighties. Back when they were still 'male' only'. My family saw this as an honor. I saw it as a gut-wrenching experience. Why? Because it meant that I would have endure the stupidity of drunken men back slapping one another, and telling more of those “ol' ball and chain” jokes and tales. At the evening functions (parties) they threw when you were expected to bring your wife, everyone was mingling amongst each other, my wife and I were curiously separated from the 'herd'. In other words, we kept our distance and socialized with each other. Not one single time did I ever get approached from a member to 'do a little favor' for him in business, nor did I ask for any. To that point, the most stress relieving day came when I exited that club and no longer had to endure the misogynistic platitudes. Not to mention that I simply felt weird even being in their presence. I just simply didn't fit in. One thing I was very upbeat about though was when they finally voted to allow women to join the organization. You should have experienced the somberness of that news among those fat greedy bastards! I just smiled.
Yet, what ever your meaning behind “male privilege”, I assure you, I never had it. I never enjoyed it. And, I certainly never took the advantage of it.

Dawn1257 said...

“Passing”, was at first an important part of my transition. I have to thank genetics for being as kind to me as it has been. I am nearly the spitting image of my mother. When I was a child, people would always comment on that fact. They never said such about my brother. I have been one of the lucky ones that hasn't had to expend money for FFS. At least thus far. There are things I would fix if the money were there to do so. However, I get by and “pass” quite well. I'll thank hormones for their aid in that, too.

There is some serious agreement in one premise you raise, Elizabeth. That being, the issue of “knowing all things female", just because you have, or are transitioning. There is just so much you miss out on by tranistioning late in life. In my younger life I was not integrated into the female role. And, as you know, I was very much kept away from that by some of my family members. So, how could I expect to know and understand all things female. It's just not possible.

Even today, I'll say something off hand that I get nudged in the side for as not being very lady-like by my wife. I'd call it left-over testosterone negative influence. I can't deny that I was socialized as a male for the better part of 50 years. There's a lot of 'being' female that I missed out on and likely will never be able to fully understand it. Yet, I do get a good share of it. Like when people come into my shop and want to speak to a 'man' about something. Then when they find and hear that there are no men here that can answer their concern, "though, I'd be glad to help"; the look of disbelief and being talked down to as though I am insignificant is rather hurtful. I have to really be on my game when convincing that male across the counter that I really do know what I'm talking about. Maybe this is a form of that “male privilege” thing you refer to as well? It's automatically assumed by most men that women don't know what the hell they're talking about, and their opinions are worth less than a man's?

I can see that point. I'll concede that point, too. That living as a 'man' I did get the benefit of that issue. I never agreed with it. My wife, when she was working with me in those seventeen years experienced that a lot, and we would discuss that situation, a lot! We both thought it was really stupid of men to be that way.

Lastly, my apologies for being long in the tooth, yet once again. But, you could knock me over with a feather at the comment I read of your's here:

“Actually no it is not that simple. Many late transitioners are truly transsexual........”

You're right!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I just want to comment on your attempted use of statistics to prove your point about wrong motivations for transitioning. I disagree with your assumption that the same % of cis-gender lesbians should be present in the trans community. The fact is, we do not know yet with complete certainty how and why people are born transgendered or attracted to the same sex. It is very possible that the genes or pre-natal development environment that affect gender also affect orientation in some way, or that there is some interplay.

I support peoples' decisions to express their gender in different ways. Just because you choose to assume a feminine gender expression as well as gender identity does not mean that everyone who wishes to change their gender (either partially or fully) has to also assume female gender expressions and societal roles.

Just 2 cents from a medium age (early 30s) gender variant person.

Elizabeth said...


I wish no gender variant person any ill will but it is just simple. If being born transsexual is a medical condition which many believe it is then with a feminized mind for an MTF transsexual one would expect a normal relationship between cisgender women in relationship to sexual orientation.

It was that way early on but in younger transsexuals it follows the norms within reason and has for 50 years.

I have no idea what gender variant means by the way. A good explanation would be nice.

Sharon Gaughan said...

We maintain a voluminous correspondence with pre- and post-corrected people born transsexual people around the world.

While admittedly anecdotal, the stories of our correspondents tell us that the further away in time that people born transseexual get from correction, the more likely it is that their sexual orientation matches the same distribution of sexual orientation as the general population.

It does not particularly surprise me that it might be different early in transition, or even shortly after correction. Moreover, female sexuality is more fluid than that of men and -- in the specific case of transsexuals -- getting down to the fact of one's sexual orientation tends to be of lower priority than achieving correction.

I have talked to gays and lesbians who are confused by this since coming out in their true sexual orientation was such a big deal. The hesitancy shown by some transsexuals may help explain the hostility of some elements in the GL group.

I happen to be in a monogomous same-sex relationship. But my bisexuality did not preclude a monogomous heterosexual relationship.

There are a lot of interesting questions here for which we have no definitive answers. That has to wait for the day when we can get a professional longitudinal survey of how post-corrected people born transsexual actually live their lives.

My rule of thumb: we are everywhere and everyone.

leigh said...


May I suggest you keep your 2 cents and put it towards your education ?

On this subject, you have absolutly no idea what you are talking about and when you prattle out these kind of stupid remarks like you support people's decisions to express their gender how they see fit, you are in fact degrading and demeaning all transsexual women as simply "expressing their gender".

Thats part of the problem here, well meaning people who think they are helping when in fact they are enabling those that just want to "express their gender".

Do you think this a game?
Some sort of fashion statement?
Something you can try out for a while, see if it fit's then take it off later?

Maybe you should go out and buy a wheelchair, join a club of amputees and see what they think of your attempt at expressing your non-ambulatory support for their plight, after all thats their choice isn't it? .. to remain confined to a wheelchair.

...and I can already here you saying that the analogy is invalid because those people have no choice, and right there is where you need to just STOP ... and STFU, because whatever you say next is checkmate.

Elizabeth said...


Well this is a problem Sharon. We are NOT everywhere and we are NOT everyone. That sounds like transgender rhetoric.

I am not sure I follow your point in paragraph #2:

"While admittedly anecdotal, the stories of our correspondents tell us that the further away in time that people born transseexual get from correction, the more likely it is that their sexual orientation matches the same distribution of sexual orientation as the general population."

That would imply normal sexual orientation distribution along lines of natal women. Based on your next paragraph I believe this is an error in expressing your thoughts.

Women are more fluid in their sexuality than men so maybe the answer is many are bisexual but even those numbers are too high but that point is well taken and one I have considered in what is just my opinion in many ways.

Dawn1257 said...

@ Elizabeth,
I think I find myself surprised a bit more each day of reading your comments. Today I find that I kinda', actually, sorta' agree with you in your assessment that as a medical condition and model, a fully transitioned MTF probably would follow the cisgender female population in sexual orientation. I certainly think that it would happen much sooner (in most cases) especially for an early transitioner vs. a late transitioner.

Likely, in a larger than “normal” example, late transitioners would resist that change internally and take longer to re-orient to the "considered" norm. As well I suspect, a larger than normal number might never make that re-orientation. Which may explain the inordinate number of perceived newly lesbian relationships. All the while though, I doubt that anyone should really place a dubious cast upon whether or not the latter example is actually transexual.

I think what I said to Elizabeth is very similarly represented in your view. No plagiarism is intended. However, this particular comment from you really is the best I've seen yet at what I believe to be accurate and bears repeating:

“Moreover, female sexuality is more fluid than that of men and -- in the specific case of transsexuals -- getting down to the fact of one's sexual orientation tends to be of lower priority than achieving correction”

Sharon Gaughan said...


Transgender rhetoric? Me? Hardly.

Consider the context of my remarks. Saying that "we are everywhere and everyone" merely says that people born transsexual arrive on this earth without regard to race, class, geography, etc. As far as is know, we are a random occurrence. This is a point I have made many times in my own writings.

Perhaps it would have been more clear had I said
"My rule of thumb: people born transsexual exist everywhere and in every culture."

I am not sure what you saw in another paragraph that suggested an error in expressing my thoughts so I will withhold comment on that point.

Elizabeth said...


You said : "While admittedly anecdotal, the stories of our correspondents tell us that the further away in time that people born transseexual get from correction, the more likely it is that their sexual orientation matches the same distribution of sexual orientation as the general population."

Probably my error but simply put IMHO the younger one is the more likely the distribution fits natal women. The older one is when correction occurs the decidedly less likely it will follow a normal distribution or the higher probability of one being lesbian or maybe bisexual.

I agree people born transsexual exist everywhere and in every culture but the numbers are not as high as many would believe IMHO.

I know you are not a fan of the transgender term.

Sharon Gaughan said...


Thank you for your kind remarks. It is good to share.


The time of transition depends so much on the individual person's context. My own correction was put off by the combination of my life-theatening medical issues and responsibilities to my children (before anyone gets started, adoption was involved).

However, I began an earnest transition in the early 70s and never looked back, only forward.

It is very tough to come up with a rule-of-thumb, but I am in general agreement with the way you put the matter of sexual orientation:

"Probably my error but simply put IMHO the younger one is the more likely the distribution fits natal women. The older one is when correction occurs the decidedly less likely it will follow a normal distribution or the higher probability of one being lesbian or maybe bisexual."

As long as we account for the people who had really difficult issues that affected their timeline, I am ok with it. One more point: please remember that I referred to the temporal distance after correction. Some people run out of time in their life to get things sorted out.

Regarding the numbers, I discuss the overall incidence numbers in my column, "Beyond Ourselves: The Children of Transsexuals", in the section titled "Rare and Random". It was done in the context of a larger theme, but you might find it informative.

Finally, I am not a fan of have the transgender term applied to me. I never joined and never will. People can call themselves transgender if they like and take actions for their rights. While I support rights for all people, just leave me out of the "T" in the umbrella.

Anonymous said...

...If ever there was a diatribe full of sound and fury amounting to nothing.

If you don't want to get caught up in the "T" hurricane, then ignore it and focus on your LIFE. Transsexualism is a CORRECTABLE physical birth condition. You correct it and put it behind you, just like those born with cleft palates, clubbed feet, extra digits, vestigial tails, and hundreds of other physical birth conditions. Transsexualism has to be the only correctable condition where people would rather embrace it as an identity and fight for special rights, than overcome it and have the normal rights everyone else has. Choosing to get involved in this ridiculous "LGBT community" bickering is like voluntarily joining a leper colony. You don't have to be a part of it if you don't want to.

If some people want to play dress-up, who cares? Let them. If they want to march in parades wearing pink wigs and stilettos, let them. If they want to call themselves trannys, transvestites, shemales, cross-dressers, drag queens, transgendereds, transsexuals, WHO CARES. Let them.

So much energy and time is devoted to useless definitions, rights, who deserves what, etc. If people devoted half the amount of time and energy they spend being "transsexuals" to overcoming their condition, and achieving their own success, they'd be too busy enjoying their lives to care about all this nonsense.

Melissa Keiper said...

My culture told me I was a boy, then told me I was a man. I knew I was not when I was almost four. I didn't know what that meant. Didn't even know what a transsexual was until 17. For 4 decades, I made bad decisions and ran away from me because I was scared out of my mind at what me might mean. I went to great lengths in order to chase what my culture made me believe would make me happy, so I didn't have to face how crushingly miserable I was. I fought who I was, with so much energy that when the final breakdown finally came, there I was, after all this wasted time, empty. With nothing left, except the knife in my hand pressed against my flesh. At that moment, it would have been so fucking easy. I couldn't fight this anymore. I had no idea whether or not I could live with it. I'm incredibly lucky that I got to find out that I could. I'm not a fan of TG assimilation, not at all. I support everyone's right to be whatever they are, free of harassment, discrimination and danger. I wish that the world, and many transvestites, crossdressers, and the so-called genderqueer understood the difference between want and need, or at least made an attempt to respect it. I dislike being classified and assimilated into something I am not, and never asked for. The business of transgenderism is out of control. I can tell a man, even if he has a vagina. It's easy. But broad-based statements saddling all late transitioners with with phylias and fetishes is incredibly unfair. Those of us born in the 50's and 60's had not only our childhoods turned inside out, but there was that damn culture. Not only was I told I was a man, but also that being a woman was undesirable, weak, and fivolous. The pervasiveness of this, and the turmoil and pain it brought me cannot be understated. I understand and agree with much of what is being written here. But please, I ask that you think before you over generalize about age. It really wasn't that easy for alot of us. -Melissa

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to have angered you. I'm actually more sorry that you decided to spew such bile at me. I do not know why you think i am implying that transgenderism is a choice. I was just trying to point out a logical flaw in the statistical argument, and also offer the option that for some people, their gender identity can be in between the binary.

I also will posit that if we can agree that there could be reasons that bisexual trans women would gravitate towards relationships with women, whereas bisexual cis-gendered women might gravitate towards relationships with men, due to societal pressure, that could explain the allegedly higher percentage of trans women in same sex relationships.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

Maybe we need more TS labels. Perhaps "Pure Transsexual" such as Elizabeth is and "Tainted Transsexuals" which is what I am. And we can build a shrine to worship our 'betters'. :-)

leigh said...


Transgenderism IS a choice.

Transsexualism is a birth condition.

.. and thats where your confusion comes in. The transgenders have purposly blurred that line to make their case seem legitimate.

It is a lie.

Anonymous said...

You know I transitioned at 17, I am in my late 20's now. I have to say I really get Elizabeth's frustration. I'm sure there are more than a few TransWomen out there who did transition later in life.

But it is ridiculous and a bit daunting to hear these people who transitioned late in life talk about transsexualism as if they are now the perfect woman. Those of us who transitioned early on, we have dealt with not only the issues of being discriminated against as woman, but also as Trans woman. Does this somehow make us more authentic so to speak?

No, but it does make us different. We started from the beginning. We dated, held jobs, built life's as who we are, because we had no choice. I hardly every think about the fact of being a trans woman unless their is talk of new babies from coworkers, etc. Being a trans woman was non negotiable. No ones voice on the outside was louder than my discomfort on the inside. There was no balance before hormone therapy.

So please show a little respect and realize surgery or not. Being able to check the female box on an application because you paid for it, does not somehow make you an authority on the matter of transsexualism. It does however make you someone who transitioned quickly, and therefore have a unique experience to share which is all your own.

This journey is long, and starts way before the thought of sex ever comes into play.

LittleChiefHare said...

Yes, blame other minorities for your problems. OH. OH. Also, invent a complicated taxonomy designed to validate your already heavily inauthentic identity at the expense of those who society has more difficulty accepting. That's always an epic strategy. Like a black person telling a white person that niggers are real and not a racist construction in order to ingratiate themselves to the white person by distancing themselves from that artificial category. Or "straight gays" selling out "camp gays". Or a woman accused of witchcraft repenting and pointing out other witches.

Why does your "community" mean so much to you anyways? What you share in common with other people in regards to what you do with your genitals, or in regards to generic feelings beyond your control, hardly seems like a basis for any sort of authentic culture. Any variant of queer culture should only be accepted pragmatically as a means of survival in a homophobic and transphobic society, or perhaps a means of finding people to fuck.

Why does it mean so much to you to distance yourself from specific types of other people? Maybe they're different from you, maybe not. Either way, you're either trying to ingratiate yourself to someone, or you're trying to convince yourself that something doesn't apply to you. Neither of which are signs of a person who actually knows who the fuck they are.

Enjoy running in existential circles you dumb cunt.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

"But it is ridiculous and a bit daunting to hear these people who transitioned late in life talk about transsexualism as if they are now the perfect woman. Those of us who transitioned early on, we have dealt with not only the issues of being discriminated against as woman, but also as Trans woman. Does this somehow make us more authentic so to speak?

No, but it does make us different. We started from the beginning. We dated, held jobs, built life's as who we are, because we had no choice. I hardly every think about the fact of being a trans woman unless their is talk of new babies from coworkers, etc. Being a trans woman was non negotiable. No ones voice on the outside was louder than my discomfort on the inside. There was no balance before hormone therapy."

Hugs for that. I totally agree, your experience is incredibly different than mine. But at least I will be able to live the rest of my life the way I should have all along.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a post here. All I know is I started transitioning at 36. Since that time I have been the happiest ever in my life. Does it matter that I have or have not had any surgery? Not to me and my family and friends as they see me as a woman all the time. Not everyone has the means or desire to have surgery so for me its a mute point. I look in the mirror and love what I see. That is all I will ever need.

Zoe Parker said...
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Elizabeth said...


I have not been transsexual for 40+ years and I was about as far from perfect as any human can be at times.

Here we have Dana Taylor as self professed "transsexual activist" and "professional transsexual" whose only real claim is she was a late transitioning educator with a liberal elitist mentality which immediately made her the perfect person to tell everyone about transsexualism.

Your problem is you see the validity of the post and it reminds you of you. Sorry but in this case the shoe fit you perfectly.

By the way everyone had choices if you were born transsexual. Some took it on early and refused to be pushed down. Others bowed to pressure or society but those were your choices. You could have made a different decision once you were a young adult so please stop with the "I had no choice bullshit" because it is exactly that. Total bullshit.

Every single one of us made choices. I had no money but need to be me so I studied and got a job and got it over with. I made a stupid choice at 17 and got mad at mom and it cost me 7 years of waiting for surgery. It was MY CHOICE despite the Aversion therapy they used on me.

If you were born transsexual you made a choice to marry a woman. You made a choice to have a family. You made a choice to wait. You made a choice to t5ransition whenever you did.

You had choices and IMHO if born transsexual you made shitty choices but like most liberal elitists it is never your fault. You had no choice. Must be nice to be a guiltless Huffington Post following left wing wingnut that always has the "It wasn't my fault cause I had no choice.

You had choices but like many of us including me you were either a coward and made a bad choice or deliberately decided that girl you were banging was more important than being a girl.

Your choice and your loss and all your whining does is make you another whiny "it was not my fault, I had no choice" whiner. You are too gutless to admit you just made the wrong choice.

Now go back to liberal land and spend this country into oblivion you clown.

Elizabeth said...


Well you got the Dummies part of your website coorect. You are a dummy. Are you any relation to Chief Dan George? Are you even American Indian? Are you even transsexual or are you one of the fetish crowd that seems to be up in arms over these posts. One always knows the post was dead on when the fetsih loons are upset.

We are not all the same but then I would never expert a fool like you to realize that. I was born transsexual and fixed it. The issue is we want those born transsexual to be medically classified and not mentally challanged and classified a nutjob like you.

Those not born transsexual have a social condition otherwise know as a FETISH. You know what I mean? I am sure you are an expert at getting aroused in your silk panties.

Now back to fetishland where the mentally ill reign supreme and the panties are always silk and stained beyond repair.

By the way if you think I am trying to ingratiate myself to anyone you are dumber than a fencepost and you already rated tree stump status.

Elizabeth said...


If you transitioned at 36 and had surgery then good for you. If you transitioned at 36 and have no plans for surgery then if you think everyone thinks of you as a woman you should seek professional help or many go back to the transvestite community outreach program you came from.

anonymous leigh said...

how many anonymous writers posting anonymously does it take to make an anonymous group where all those that are anonymous to each other, can anonymously put forward an opinion that can never be challenged because the correct anonymous writer in the anonymous group, might be any one or the same anonymous persons writing anonymously !

LittleChiefHare said...


You can always spot a winner by their inability to use google to rectify simple confusions.

You still have a Y chromosome and your brain isn't even fully female.

Your claim that you are "no longer transsexual" is false by any reasonable account. Once transsexual, always transsexual. You can't undo your biological past, or your biological present; there are still countless things that separate you and mark you as DIFFERENT FROM cisgender women, these things mean you are still transsexual.

Yes, transsexuality is a medical condition. It does not follow that other variants of transgenderism are mental conditions. That is an absurd logical leap which you have plainly made on the basis of biases rather than any kind of intelligent process of reason.

I started transition at 21 after finally working through the physical and mental abuse I endured as a child and adolescent. Prior to starting transition I never cross-dressed, because my identity never had anything to do with clothing for me. I intend to get surgery. And from that background, I can say that you utterly disgust me and remind me of the people who abused me as a child; you are a dogmatic, judgemental, abrasive and vicious little nothing. Maybe you're not trying to prove something to anyone else, but clearly you're deeply insecure because it doesn't seem like you would even know what your place in the world was if you weren't putting other people down in order to have a frame of reference.

You are our own 5th column. You disgust me.

Dana Lane Taylor said...

"Once transsexual, always transsexual. "

Sorry, Chief...not true. And the new DSM-V states that once you have been successfully treated for transsexualism, you are no longer diagnosable. They are finally going to get at least part of it right.

Elizabeth said...


First off you know nothing of my childhood if you make those statements and I would never ever abuse anyone physically but you are mentally stuck with your concept of transgender because you assume you are always transsexual which of course does make the giant leap you are not a transvestite or a gender variant individual.

So you started tr5ansition at 21. Cloths were not important so you never cross-dressed. How do you know if you transitioned if you did not change your appearance? Did you put a sign around your neck and walk around telling people they must now use feminine pronouns for you?

When you actually have a clue come back and talk with me little boy.

Chris said...

So pretty much you're pissed because other people don't pass as well as you so therefore they're less than you or is it that if they cannot have surgery for some reason that it makes them less real? Maybe its that its such a tragedy that these other people somehow invalidate you because of how hard you've had it because, of course, they're just "pretending."

What a load of elitist hogwash.

You put surgery as the end-all, be-all of the transsexual experience without ever considering the fact that there are thousands of people who cannot access such procedures due to extreme poverty. You don't consider that there are an infinite number of medical conditions that prevent doctors from performing what is considered by the medical profession to be an "elective" surgery.

The fact that you summarily degrade anyone who isn't exactly like you as somehow playing dress up or being a "fetishist" just proves your own ignorance. You tout your own suffering as more important than anyone else's and more "real" while degrading anyone who has had a different experience.

I'm sorry you feel that being a transsexual is a "tragedy" or that you can somehow no longer be transsexual once your body is "fixed." That kind of thinking is what often leads many post-op TS individuals to commit suicide because even with surgery they cannot and do not pass the same way as cis women. Your hateful arguments that anyone who doesn't or cannot transition as being mere fetishists denies the reality of people who actually live this life every day and haven't had the privileges you have had.

Check YOUR privilege because obviously you haven't if you're spouting this kind of ignorant crap.

Until you've actually walked the path of someone else then I recommend that you take your own advice and STFU since this entire post has proved you have nothing worthwhile to say.

NOTE: Just so you can munch on this, I am a transsexual male that is in transition after being forced to live my life as a woman up until this point. I'm also a rape and crisis counselor who works with trans individuals. Your kind of hatred is understandable because of your own pain, but is inexcusable in regards to shitting on other people because you feel victimized.

LittleChiefHare said...

If I wear women's clothing I'm a fetishist motivated by attraction to myself in drag. If I don't wear women's clothing I'm not really transitioned. Nice catch-22. Whatever. I rock denim with a spiffy cadet hat and not a fuck is given. It looks nice IMHO.

I know who/what I am and don't need to try and match a 1950's vision of womanhood in order to feel secure in my identity. In case you haven't noticed, what it means to be a woman has changed rather dramatically over the past half-century. Of course you've got your head so far up your ass it's impossible to imagine you've taken notice of much of anything.

Elizabeth said...


You have no clue who or what you are. You would not know if it bit you in the ass.

What it means to be a woman has changed. Please do explain from lengthy experience and knowledge.

You should re-read your first paragraph sweetie. You migth want to rephrase that.

Elizabeth said...


Where have I ever said that I am pissed because others do not pass as well as me? Please point that out to me somewhere.

I have never said I am better nor worse than any other transsexual but I am decidedly different as are all transsexuals when compared to transvestites and cross-dressers and the gender variant. You need some reading comprehension acumen.

The concept that one is always transsexual is the type of transgender BULLSHIT spouted by those that want everyone to be alike. If a transsexual can be cured then that makes the transvestite/cross-dresser what they are which is quite simply a social problem and differentiates them from us.

Well if I had nothing worthwhile to say why are you so pissed off? Also if you do not believe it is a nightmare to be born transsexual then you are a complete and total fucking MORON. I would wish this is on not even my worst enemy. It is actually almost a tragedy in many ways to be born transsexual.

You are an FTM. Your issues are actually something I have no clue about in the same way you have few clues about what it means to be MTF.

I respect you work as a rape counselor but you are clueless about the rest of things. Transsexuals are not the same as tvs, cds, and the gender variant. That is the simple fact of it all and what this post was really about. Now stick your head back up your ass and take a deep breath. Yes that is your own bullshit you are smelling.

Anonymous said...

I myself am amused that you claim the authority to characterize the feelings and actions of so many transfolk. You are guilty of the exact same over-generalizations that you claim to be baffled by.

Elizabeth said...


What about I am baffled do you not understand? transfolk? By transfolk do you mean the transvestites, cross-dressers, and gender variant crowd that want to latch on to transsexuals so their fetish world is legitimate in their eyes?

Nobody wishes them any ill but anyone born transsexual is decidedly different than someone with a social disorder.

Anne said...

Well...It seems the lines are clearly being drawn. The "TRANS_FOLK" are definately throwing a warparty hissyfit. Perhaps we should remember the wise words of "A Sister":

"One should avoid trying to teach pigs to sing as it is a sorry, smelly waste of time, and....It seriously annoys the pigs."

I always find it so highly ironic when those "OH! So inclusive" TG/GQ's start beating us with their ubiquitous TG/Pink umbrella. ALWAYS, the conflation..."Transsexualism has to be the only correctable condition where people would rather embrace it as an identity and fight for special rights, than overcome it and have the normal rights everyone else has."

Gee, it seems I must have lost that "identity" about 40 years ago, and this fighting for "special" rights is exclusively the Rant and privilege of the TG BORG.

Gennifer Bone said...

I'm a Male-To-Female transgender. I'm also a lesbian. I'm sex-positive, polyamorus, and a wildly creative artist. I have tattos, pircings, and I like leather. I'm pre-op and I experimented with cross-dressing for a very long time. I started transition at 33. (I'm 35)

According to what I have read here, I'm not a "real woman".

It's a sad state of affairs when we begin sniping at one another, isn't it? We, the single most hated minority in the world, judge one another.

Sickening. This is everything that we are supposed to be fighting against.

I have had to defend myself as a woman, from other transpeople. If this should teach us anything, it's that the standard of womanhood is ultimately in the heart of an individual. Gender is not something that is black and white, and I'm ashamed to see that lesson is so completely lost.

And this "gold standard". i can tell you now, most of us ain't got the 30,000 or so that transition ultimately costs. Some of us have to wait years, decades, before they can get the operation. Some never get the chance. others decide not to have any surgery at all.

Are they not women? Are they not men? What about people who are pre-op? Are you saying that we are not in transition? What about you? Were you a man until you had the surgery? Woulden't that make you exactly what you are "baffled" by?

I have found more acceptance with many transvestites then I find elsewhere. Why would i judge someone else because they aren't like me? We are all trans-people.

My final words are on lesbianism. I am a gay woman. I could not love as a man- because I am not a man, and i don't want a woman who is straight. I am a WOMAN. My fiance is a WOMAN.

I am a LESBIAN. Get over it, already.

Elizabeth said...

@Gennifer Bone,

Well I never said you specifically were not a woman but let me take a look at you.

You like tattoos, piercing, and leather. Probably means you are heavily in BDSM which is of particular interest to the TV crowd. You are still pre-op but somehow as a "lesbian" you are engaged which is weird because all my lesbian friends are freaked out by lesbians that are still packing the male equipment so I am guessing it is your girlfriend who probably still considers you a man.

Under unusual conditions, health, not having surgery does not preclude one from being considered a woman. Since you have not had surgery you are still a pre-op transsexual, if you are transsexual, so you do not qualify as a woman yet.

Now being polymorous means you believe in multiple loves or sex partners and I am sure your fiance is also polymorous. Makes for a nice marriage commitment.

Just one question. If you still have a dick how can you call yourself a lesbian? Just a little clue sweetie. There is no such thing as a gay woman. You might be a lesbian woman but a gay woman would be a male woman since gay refers to men and lesbian to women and homosexual to both. Just thought you might like to get your screwed up narrative straightened out.

You are NOT a lesbian. You are a man pretending to be a lesbian until you get it cut off. Lesbians do not have dicks unless they strap on.

Anonymous said...

Waugh you are really judgmental.
Instead of trying to better your self by kicking those who lie down, try and better it instead.

So what if Cd/TV´s want to be called she, and so what if some elderly 55 year old wants to be a boy or a girl.
Whats it to you to judge them the way you do?

You should instead look in the mirror and act like the woman you are and start caring instead of hatting.

Have you ever though about that may be identifying as the other gender can be a mental thing and not just a physical thing?
it seems to me that you only see the physical in people and not the mental.

Is it not possibly that some with gender disorder does not look like a 100 % girl but still is a 100 % girl in the head?
What makes you the judge of who is a woman and who is not.
have you forgotten of how it was when you were a boy?

ps: I am 25 if you wanna know, so not that older than you are.

Elizabeth said...


I do suggest you actually read what has been posted. I realize that limits the anger of the gender variant like yourself to express your daily mood, while deciding whether boy, girl, or it is the mode for the day.

Now go and play with yourself. I bet you are quite adept at that.

Elizabeth said...


Actually I just realized you are also illiterate. Try actually listening to the teacher instead of dreaming about your fetish desires.

Elizabeth said...

@Gennifer Bone

ANother thought on you Mr. Take that shitty wig off so everyone can see that ugly honker of yours and all your friends can know you are a fetishtic tranvestite pervert. Oops I bet they already do.

laughing said...

The mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance are amusing and utterly pitiful. A male who had his cock sawed off, turned around and sewn back inside is still a male. There are no two ways around that. I'm sorry if that spoils your little fantasy world.

A few inconclusive neurological studies don't change that. You can never have two X chromosomes, have children, menstruate, or do anything a real woman can.

A transsexual can never have the same experiences that a cissexual woman can. The transsexual doesn't have any idea what it's like to be objectified or demeaned for having a vagina because he doesn't possess one. They only their gross little fantasies.

Like all men they'll whine and complain, ask the world to pity them for being special little snowflakes. All they can do is talk about me me me. What they want. And they'll trample all over real women to get whatever they want.

It doesn't matter how much you look like a woman, it's still just an artifice of what it means to be female. Face up to it. For whatever reason you're all mentally ill males who hate their cocks so much they'd rather become hatchet job freaks. Just sterile homosexual fuck toys for sexist pigs.

So have fun playing house and pretending, meanwhile the rest of us can tell who all the real ones are.

Elizabeth said...



And now we hear from the lesbian feminist taco salad crowd. Just because you hate men and prefer a strapon it does not make you anything but what your are.

What are you? You are a dyke that wishes she had a pickle but isn't man enough to admit it to herself. Back to the pickle jar asshole and try a dill pickle this time.

Anonymous said...

@ Laughing. The problem that most transsexuals like Liz, like Kim Petras, like me even have is that we never were able to "pass" as male despite (the now discredited) xx and xy chromosome argument. So for the real transsexual your nasty little attempt at inflicting psychological pain falls way short.

My chromosomes have never been checked so I have no idea whether they are xx or xy and frankly close to 30 years post srs and 15 years of marriage to a man (who does not know by the way) I neither want to know nor care. For the past 30 years of my life I have lived worked loved laughed and cried female. I have endured sex discrimination and yes I have the looks that cause me to be "objectified" the same as all women do but let me tell you something about ridicule. My whole life up until transition I was ridiculed and demeaned because of the way I looked. Ridiculed because of the way my voice sounded. My correction cured all that.

The trouble is, the majorty of the world sees the transvestites and transgender pretenders and think they are transsexuals when really they are as you say, fetish transvestites living a fantasy. So sunbeam, your attempt at nastiness here flies right over my head, Liz's head and all the other genuine transsexuals because we understand the difference because we have experienced real transsexuality.

So go peddle your nastiness where it may do some good, like T Central, Facevaluereport, Melissa and all those other fakes with blogs (FWB) here you're wasting your time.

By the way, understand terms like "cognitive dissonance" before you use them or at least apply them to the right people will you.

By the way I have not been "clocked” by anyone in 30 years. “laughing” I could be your neighbour and you wouldn't know it. Think about that for a moment eh!!!