Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Transexual Menace

It looks like the Transsexual Menace has decided to take a stake in T-Central.  Based on comments on Anne's blog I am beginning to think her removal or banning from T-Central was part of a plan by Transgender Menace, a more apt name, to infiltrate the list and impose their ill-advised, ultra liberal and ultra confrontational mindset on T-Central.

I actually remember when Transexual Menace arrived on the scene in the early nineties with Riki Wilchins. Riki was at least initially transsexual and according to Riki post op. Well Riki is now a proponent of the non-binary and gender queer and never says so but must believe they made a mistake getting surgery if in fact they ever did. Riki Wilchins just looks, dresses , and acts like a man. In fact Riki has a one whatever show called the Mangina Monologues and refuses to identify with either the male or female gender in this Innovators interview.

Riki Wilchins made a mistake getting SRS and now s/he wants to make sure everyone who is transsexual pays for it through her/his pain. She believes transsexuals, transvestites, gender-queer etc. are one and the same. S/he also considers herself a feminist although not identifying with the gender binary female role. I disagree with Riki Wilchins on a lot of things but the one thing I will never disagree with he/she is they are a Menace.

Riki Wilchins is what the term professional "tranny" was intended to describe back in my time.  We had them even by the early 70's. In actuality Riki is a professional "gender-queer" and I would have zero problems with that except Riki believes transsexuals should never be stealth and can never pass probably because Riki looks like an effeminate gay man.

Riki wants everyone under the transgender banner included in all legislation which includes the right to display the gender of your choice whenever you feel like it at work. I do agree with Riki that everyone regardless of status should be able to lead their lives safely and be happy but I do believe there are some limits required.

Riki has actually pretended to represent transsexuals for a long time with the express intent of destroying the individuality of transsexuals and the fact we are decidedly different than everyone else under the transgender umbrella whether we are stealth and pass or are out and cannot pass which is her/his problem.

Congratulations are in order for T-Central management and in particular Melissa for bringing these fools into any T-Central debate. If you think Anne or I can be politically incorrect then wait until they take over T-Central.

Riki Wilchins and her ilk are not representative of anything transsexual because s/he never was. Just what transsexuals of any era need is this kind of representation and now it has invaded T-Central. Whether it is Riki or one of hir pathetic underlings no transsexual will utter a word on their watch that contradicts their views.


Angel said...

I've been to the Transsexual Menace website and I agree that Transgender Menace is a far more appropriate name.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Trans-whatever Menace is. I've heard about people wearing a T-shirt with that phrase on it.

I do know who Riki Wilchins is, and I agree with your assessment.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting thoughts on the pathos and the angst.

Elizabeth said...


Thoughts? The next rational thought Mr. Lawrence has concerning transsexuals will be his first. He is just another version of Mr. Wilchins who cut it off and now regrets it.

That pathetic clown has as much more damage to transsexuals as anyone in the screwed up world of the gender-queer, gender-variant, and the lunacy of Blanchard and Lawrence. Anyone that even considers anything those nitwits writes has a relationship to anyone that is truly transsexual has their head shoved up their ass with Lawrence.

Anne said...

Wow! I followed the link to Innovators Interview. This Guy/gal IS the BORG! America Airlines & Verizon?!?! That is serious $$$$. Also I read some of that anonymous link...YIKES!!!

Anonymous said...

funny how often life imitates art...

Here from Tod Brownings 1032 film freaks we have Arts version of welcoming the new trans-woman to the fold

Gooble gobble, gooble gobble... we accept her we accept her, one of us, one of us...

A Sister

Angel said...

I think it's really heartbreaking when someone goes under the knife and then later realizes that they made a horrible mistake... and that Time article makes it sound like Wilchins is performing a great service for people with a wide variety of gender-related issues. But then I followed Anonymous' link... that was written by one really messed up individual! Hanging out at sex clubs? Uggghhhhh!!!

Anne said...

One of us! One of us! Gooble, Gooble, Goble!


The Transexual Menace said...

Riki is not involved with The Menace, so whining about her politicsis silly.

Denise Norris rebooted The Menace. Feel free to whine about her.

The Menace had nothing to do with anyone getting kicked off any blog. If anyone is saying anything to the contary, please tell them to contact us at themenace (at)

We operate openly and transparently.

Elizabeth said...

Yes I know Denise now heads The Transgender Menace. Whomever it was was an interesting individual.

I am sure transgender menace had nothing to do with getting anyone kicked off any blog in totality but someone with an Anonymous id had some influence since he claimed he was with you clowns.

Since the blog idiots themselves have failed to deny it one must believe their was some influence by someone in line with your gender diverse lunacy since those dropped are openly opposed to that kind of lunacy.

You operate openly and honestly? Who the hell are you? Some faceless and nameless sychophant hiding behind the name The Transexual Menace which is more in tune with The Transgender menace minus the transsexuals since it is the gender weird you covet.

It must be tough being so irrelevant. At one time found in 40+ states and now as useless as two tits on a bull. Oops, you would support that and its right to be call she.

Crawl back into your hole.

Anne said...

Hmmmmm..I wonder how the TeeGee's enjoy being represented by those "interesting people" at the T-Menace.