Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Banned in Boston and elsewhere!

This is one of those times I wished I still lived in Massachusetts. I could make the silly claim I was  Banned in Boston. From Wikipedia:

"Banned in Boston" was a phrase employed from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century to describe a literary work, motion picture, or play prohibited from distribution or exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts. During this period, Boston officials had wide authority to ban works featuring "objectionable" content, and often banned works with sexual or foul language.

Well I actually never lived in Boston but quite close during my childhood. This blog is certainly not a literary work, motion picture or play but it must have been objectionable to them based on sexual content or my occasional foul language. Sometimes the only way a woman can get something across in the male dominated worlds I worked in  was to tell them to fuck off. Not much different at time on T-central.

They have every right to remove my link since they started the listing. In case you do not know who they are let me tell you who the moderators are.

Ariel - Started her transition at 53. I was born transsexual. It took a while, but I finally dealt with it. Successfully. :) This is from her blog. Married and still living with the wife.

Renee - Hasn't blogged in a long time. Nothing about who or what Renee is. May be post op.

Karen - Perth, Scotland. This is what his blog says. The assorted ramblings and confused writings of a man who thinks he should be a woman but wants to remain a husband and dad. Confused? Not compared to me you're not.... Early Forties transgendered person who 'came out' at home after really struggling with an explosion of gender dysphoria in 2008/9. Still fighting the inner confusion the condition brings and trying my best to remain a husband and dad to the best 2 kids and best wife in the world whilst seeking treatment for the condition. I find the honesty refreshing.

Halle - Just a nom de plume for this Lady and Gentleman, both and neither - an evolving person. J'écris, donc j'existe! Married with at least one child.

Calie - I'm trans, non-transitioning, MtF, currently living in California, although I have lived many other places. I'm happily married. I love people, and enjoy meeting folks from around the world. I gather Callie is the head honcho based on comments in an email from Ariel which never did explain why I was banned.

I am back under attack by one courageous Anonymous poster, sarcasm intended, with many of the same accusations I received from a combination of Aria Blue, ATG, and others. None of it true but that rarely matters but it is good for a laugh.

I am not going anywhere so let the men in dresses bring it on. Funny isn't it that the moderators from T-Central are all married with children, not sure about Renee, and the only post one started transition at 53. Transgender Central would be a better name.


Elizabeth said...

A correction. Ariel does not have any children.

Anne said...

The following is the "description" or Mission Statement of a Yahoo Group that I used to frequent until I was repeatedly banned....

"TGV_Advocacy is a discussion group for political, social and cultural advocacy and issues affecting transgender, transsexual, intersex and all other gender variant people."

Despite this "Inclusive" description, women who did not tow the TG Line were decidedly UNWELCOME, viciously attacked and ultimately silenced and banned.

Seems like a pretty TG Normal Pattern.

Anonymous said...

I see I am not the only one who has been banned from TGV.

The most intolerant bunch of posers on the planet.

Anonymous said...

@Not your friend

You have a blog?

Elizabeth said...


Why do you comment on a blog you banned? Not sure I follow that logic?

Anonymous said...

The word "banned" has been used a lot, but T-Central only removed a link. The preference is to add links.

As well, it's my own personal decision as to which blogs I read. That are open to me, of course.

Elizabeth said...


I read you are thinking of leaving. You should not leave. Just my opinion but you should stay.

Being taken off the list on T-central is the same as being banned from T-central.

Personally I do not hate you nor do I even dislike you. I find you annoying and do not understand you but that that does not mean I wish any ill will nor anything but happiness for you.