Friday, April 8, 2011

Someone is mad at me by the name of Chloe.

My post, "Comments, a few rants, observations, and pet peeves", has resulted in few comments but lots of emails. Most emails are from those unwilling to yell at me in a comment which is fine. I wrote most of that post quite a while ago and not much has changed in regards to my opinions or positions. I just find the lengths people will go to push guilt aside knows little bounds in the trans community.  Few are willing to admit they screwed the wife over and that goes for more than a few.

I have actually received three emails from Chloe Prince which was surprising.  I asked if she wanted to respond to my post and I would gladly print what she said but she claimed it was a "woman to woman" email and did not want public what she wrote in her email. I found the first two interesting and informative but nothing that would change my mind or my general opinion of her bee-sting credibility although she divulged some new "facts".

I was surprised or should I say stunned to see Prince post a new blog item with every single thing she said was "woman to woman" and not for public consumption on her own blog Pink Thoughts today. I guess it wasn't woman to woman after all which is fine.

I received an email at 8:44 PM this evening from Chloe and in it she was wondering why I had not changed my post or written a lengthy response to her email.  Actually she really wanted me to delete my comments about her and refrain from ever commenting about her again. She did write eloquent emails and I rarely respond to unsolicited emails in detail  and I probably should have to her. Before I had a chance she posted everything she wrote to me on her blog.

She felt I should have responded to her and accept her explanations for what happened as the gospel. The problem is bullshit is bullshit whether it remains the same or is changed. Apparently Chloe told her wife she was a cross-dresser before they were married and she was okay with it. I have no reason to not believe her. The problem is Chloe claims she was always a girl and transsexual and a woman in a man's body. Chloe seems to believe that alleviates the fact she still lied to her wife about being transsexual although there is some serious doubt she was transsexual when she got married.

She claimed comments like mine could harm her family and children and I was going to change the post and edit Mr to Ms which is how I probably should have posted it but I saw her post and went to her blog. Her claims that I could harm her children pale in comparison to what she has posted on her own blog. If you doubt me just read it.

Chloe was offended I called her a transvestite but here are her own words from a blog post where she discusses how she had erections and masturbated in girl's cloths and while shopping for girls clothes got sexually aroused. Last time I checked that qualifies as a fetishistic transvestite but maybe that is the norm for some new transsexuals. Maybe Chloe Prince should worry more about what she has posted about herself than what I or others have posted about her. Her own words are far more damaging to her children than anything I or others could possibly say.

The other thing I have noticed is the narrative has changed or maybe "evolved" is a better word over time with Chloe. The bee-sting now did not start feminization but her allergic reaction caused her testosterone production to drop which is again not something medically valid without proof of pre bee-sting testosterone levels and current levels and I am sorry but looking at Ted Prince's photo, including one with a mustache and goatee,  I saw a very handsome man but not a feminine man which is normal for a man in his 30's. There was a claim of minimal facial hair which photos disprove but maybe she meant patchy. Chloe is a big woman and although Klinefelter's syndrome patients, including mosaic (46xy/47XXY), have little chance of fathering children without fertility intervention she did. Ted was either the luckiest man alive to have two boys or this is the mildest form of Klinefelter's which means little chance of feminization. One cannot have it both ways.

For an example of how the narrative has changed try the comfort spending fantasy masturbating post in February 2008 where Chloe describes what I mentioned above and then says she did not know what was wrong. She needed to know WHY she felt as she did. Funny, based on the post Whats New, and Some of the Same Old  she makes it sound like she knew from early she was a girl and transsexual. She claimed in the 2008 post she no longer had erections dressing and buying clothes and this was a new feeling. Need to keep the narrative consistent.

Sounds to me like she "grew" into a transsexual which is an interesting concept. Was this before or after the bee sting? She "morphed" into transsexualism. Actually that is something Harry thought could happen to transvestites as the fetish excitement was not as good as before. It is almost like a dope addict upping the heroin fix or moving from heroin to crack cocaine to get a better buzz. Unfortunately there is no bigger buzz after it is gone or maybe there is.

The funny thing is there is almost no use of the word transsexual.  In fact transgender is her word of choice and she now claims "I am not seeking truth, or resolution to a conflict." Whose truth is it? What truth is it?  What conflict I am involved in? She closes with the claim I have a propaganda program against transgenders. I might want to claim that as a badge of honor coming from one of the queens of the transgender world. Pun intended!

Chloe seems to think I have a reason to humiliate her. Chloe humiliates herself.  She chose to do ABC and now claims it was a mistake. Then why have links to it on her blog?? I wonder why? Why does Chloe constantly refer to herself as Ted, husband, father, and other terms that could be just as upsetting to her children? Those two little boys have probably heard enough from every kid in existence based on the fact Ted Prince made a public spectacle of his family on National television.

The sad truth is Chloe is transgender and not transsexual unless it is very marginal Type IV. Unfortunately today money talks and the transsexual sex change industry is all too eager to have its hands out for any willing donation from any fool looking willing to make them richer. They found a willing participant in Prince.

In many ways her last email is kind of threatening with a -remove it. Leave me alone and let it go.  I am not easily threatened and everything I wrote has been said many times. Just Google Chloe Prince if you doubt me. I got 13,100,000 hits just searching on Chloe Prince. Somehow my little comment is the end of time for her kids. Yeah sure.

Clean up your own house Chloe. If you are worried about your family maybe you should clean out your own closet first.


Chloe Prince said...

Elizabeth, what I wrote to you was in private. I think you revel here more than you know, and its not much anything new about me.

I wrote you "privately" in earnest, and the only thing you offered was a chance to be baited here on your blog. What I wrote on my blog was posted over a month ago. The part that I asked from you "Woman-to-woman", was that we have a dialog back and forth - privately, so we could get to know one another and learn to understand better each others position, and maybe have a friendship. You wrote some very serious opinions about me - and I too don't often write people, or even dialog with them on their blog.

You ignored it. I can only make assumptions as to why - but here we are on your blog having the same discussion in public... I'll leave your readers to fill that blank in as to why.

I wrote to you, thinking I would give you the benefit of the doubt, I can see what your real intentions are, and they speak for themselves.

Congratulations Elizabeth. You've nailed the Queen "Tranny" to the cross. Happy?

Best of Luck

Dana Lane Taylor said...

I am all for the liberation of transsexuals from the oppressive transbrella. I was on the fence a while back and every time I tried to discuss my feelings with the TG community I was attacked, with a mob mentality. I was called names, ridiculed, you name it. It pushed me outside of the transbrella (which is where I guess I wanted to be in the first place) but I didn't want there to be no dialog between the two groups.

I have made many friends who think the same way I do yet I am finding a lot who are just as hostile, if not more-so. I find myself having to re-evaluate my thoughts, yet again. I do not like all the mean spirited name calling from any side. I was being sucked into this, myself, and when I paused for a second I looked back at myself and didn't like what I was seeing. I think there is a way to make this work without having to be disrespectful to others. However, I do refuse to remove my blog titled "Autum Sandeen - Mean, Spiteful Bitch". She most definitely earned that one!

Anyways, I am finding more transsexuals who want to be liberated from the TG community. This movement is picking up momentum. I am also starting to find other TS women who feel this way but want to try and help everyone achieve rights and protections they need (TG included). Transsexuals need different things than transgender folks need and that needs to be discussed.

Well, anyways. hugs

Anne said...

What little of the ABC Special on Chloe that I was able to sit through made me SO upset, that I had trouble getting to sleep last night.

The pain apparent in the words and especially the demeanor of Ted's wife was just heart rending. Even worse was the son's confused efforts to describe his family members in a family portrait.

I feel terribly for EVERYONE involved.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the ones who emailed Liz...

But not to offer some paltry excuse, for I have none! Rather I wrote to her to express how I felt in part for doing such a terrible thing! I was one of those who married, primarily to try and cure my illness, and only secondarily for love, and though I should have discussed it with her I did not utter word one!

So when it came out as it always will. I did not fight, I took her anger, bitter as it was and I swallowed ever last bit... freely! I accepted her wishes for divorce and for settlement willingly. I had to because as a woman I agreed with her! She was right in every way and I WAS scum for doing this to her! I did a terribly shitty thing and it is something I will regret it to the ends of my days!

That anyone who does this would feel otherwise baffles me! Franky, even there at the beginning, even with my sanity just starting to return. How could I feel anything but a terrible remorse for doing something like this to another woman?

After all were it done to me I would be just as livid about! I would be every bit as hurt and angry as she was... I was utterly and totally wrong! And I am humbled and sorry for having done it!

Rarely do I reply to here but this time... I felt it incumbent for at least one person to fess up honestly!

A Sister

Anonymous said...

@ "A Sister" I hear you and what you have said does you credit and in no way detracts from who or what you are now.

@ Chloe Prince (how apt you share the family name Prince) Whatever went on in those exchanges between you and the owner of this blog is of no concern of mine that is a private matter between you. That said I can only deal with the issues that are public knowledge and have come from your own writing. The nature of your web site and your writing there as well as your views betray the truth of what you are and anyone who has a grain of sense can be left with little doubt as to your bonafide. I was able to stomach a little more than three minuites of the ABC programme on you and before you say anything about my limited exposure I'd made up my mind about you at least a year and a half ago.

It's interesting to observe how your claimed narrative has developed over that time. Now you wander around the net trying to silence those who have seen through you little charade and play the "poor me I'm a victim of nasty women. Why do they attack me" card. It's not you personally that is being attacked but your pathetic lies and deceit that is being attacked. Why? Well because you are the type of nasty little fetish transvestite that gives the genuine transsexual a bad name and those who have called you out simply seek to defend the honesty and integrity of their own lives least anyone think they are anything like you.

Why would anyone wish to be friendly with anyone whose life is so littered with people you've used and are using. Small wonder you get ignored when one of your emails arrives at the inbox. I know I would. Women don't want you, men don't want you so look around the world of transgender for someone desperate enough be involved with you. You still act and think like a man Ted Prince, a Gay man at that.

Another Siser

Deena said...

I come here once in a while for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Chloe, you are opportunist. You used your wife to get what you wanted. You really are a piece of work. I sure hope your wife gets something out of this mess. I feel immensely sorry for her and hope she finds a way to get away from you.

Just so you know we have communicated on more than one occasion. I really thought you had it together until I learned that you deceived your wife and on top of that spent money she was counting on for retirement. You jerk. You make the rest of us look bad.

Sarah Allison Robinson said...

What a volatile community!! I, too, have pulled away from this community, due to the excessive "passing" police, the TV shows that some have done, and that does not show us in a positive light.
I choose to live my life that was always intended, judge me, so what? You are 3000 miles from me, how are you going to affect my life? I no longer go to P.E., as it seems to be very confusing to me, in this, I mean to say that the information was a disaster as some here on this blog have put it.
Really, I will not judge her, but will not be friends with her either, because I believe in complete honesty. If she cannot be honest with the rest of the world, she would never be honest with me, and that is a not relationship I choose to have.
My wife of 20 years knew when we got married that I was a girl. After watching the ABC special and other comments posted on P.E, I had asked her if she knew or I had told her, because I had forgotten (hormone brain). She said yes, 3 months into the relationship, I told her and she knew, as she puts it "duh, you have always been a girl/woman". Good thing she is BI, LOL =)
I do not really know Chloe's situation now as it stands, but yes, she said she spent upwards of $75 grand, on what, the trifecta? I have not spent my savings, kids’ college fund or anything that I dint have on hand, simply because I do not have that much yet.
Personally, I could give a crap less about this stuff, but those that know me, and have met me, know there is no confusion here, maybe earlier in life, when trying to figure out whom/what the hell I was? I finally found my way, so be it, everyone’s walk is different, and no one should push an agenda on anybody, unless asked for advice.
I may spend some to correct the birth defect, but it will not make me complete or whole, as I already am those things. Being complete/whole is being honest with yourself and the people who are around you.
I have done some very deep soul searching going through all of this, I do not know how many do, but I waited until at the very least my children could understand, since I had them, and I do not regret waiting to transition either. Both of my kids’ completely understand the implications to them and their friends, and to them it seemed like a "duh" to them as well, to be simple about it. My kids’ friends are the most awesome and understanding kids I have ever met, especially concerning their upbringings and having met some of their parents.
I could not have really asked for a better life as it is now, I am a stay at home Mom, in college, pursuing a degree in psychology, with an emphasis on sex and gender therapies. This is my future, my op status is no one’s business, unless I make it yours, and there are few.
I also believe that if I was to be put in that situation I would have handled it differently, and continue to lead with truth and fact, not emotions but that is me, like i said we are all different, and have different paths.
Sarah Allison Robinson

Annah said...

It's pretty sad when someone has "the need" to degrade another on a blog.

Whatever happened to maturity and modesty.

Truly sad.

Elizabeth said...


Degrade? How do you degrade a complete lying fraud? How do you degrade csomeone that has never seen a camera or any publicity they did not consider good.

Chloe started the bee sting bullshit and she deserves to be called on it and I am far from the first to call her on it. She destroyed the lives of her family looking for the "It was not my fault" excuse and then took money her family needed and spent it on herself.

Chloe is a disengenious piece of trash that then pretended to be someone else to threaten other people.

Now Chloe is ina Transbian relationship. They deserve each other. Both love the spotlight and two transvestites pretending to be women is the ultimate in irony.

The truly sad part is fools like you believe this piece of trash.