Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Am I banned on T-Central?

Anne is banned from what I have read.


Anonymous said...

The "T" doesn't stand for "Trash" Liz.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you sir. How are things in Massillon Ohio?

Let me guess. PINKessence and a pal of Chloe Prince who is currently in Muirretta, California.

Be sure you get your boys, boys, boys chant down when you have a fake girls night out. Oh I am sorry you are 37 years post. Yep and the Pope is a protestant.

Well trash is better than Ohio trailer trash like you. I think I hear the wife calling. Time to do your nails together.

Anne said...

I seems we must have ruffled some transie feathers.

The pity is that there are some REAL people there. It seems obvious that the transie shills just got there way and were able to AGAIN, SHOUT DOWN THE REAL WOMEN. Typical.

Angel said...

The hit from Murrieta, CA was probably me. I was reading your post about Chloe Prince last night, and I came very close to posting a comment but felt it would come off as being overly mean to her.

As for that twit in Massillon, I've noticed them buzzing around my blog as well.

Elizabeth said...


Thanks for the correction.

I have no problem telling the truth about Chloe Prince. Every single word I posted was clearly evident on her blog.

That said I certainly hope she is happy and did not make a mistake. I do find it odd she is now in a lesbian relationship with another transgender person Lana.

My sympathy lies with the wife and children and Chloe has not deserted them but she has certainly hurt them. It is sad to see pain and confusion in a child's eye.

Anne said...

That young child, trying to "explain" who his Dad was, what caused me to EXIT the clip and miss several hours of sleep that night.