Friday, April 1, 2011

Comments, a few rants, observations, and pet peeves

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There was a great song many a moon ago called “Turning Japanese” by a group called the Vapors and alas something else is “turning” these days. Women are turning.  Real honest to god genetic women are turning “lesbian” just so they can continue to love their now transitioned and surgically altered husbands who have transformed themselves into girls. Well, they are either turning lesbian or have become “involuntary” lesbians but that is just semantics. 

There are a lot more lesbians in the world today which is a good thing if you are lesbian but some of these "new" lesbians were sort of hijacked into being lesbians in my humble opinion. To the best of my knowledge, very limited on this subject admittedly, I am sort of unsure how one "turns" lesbian but it is happening left and right, all around you if you look closely. 

This begs the question where can I see this happening? Well, right on T-Central seems to be as good a place as any to look. It seems wives of many older transitioners are deciding to become lesbians to stay with their beloved husbands after the husband has a sex change. This has happened because the hubby has decided to become transsexual. Yes, I said “decided” to be transsexual because in many cases it is simply a fetishistic transvestite taking the ultimate plunge and cutting it off and it is almost exclusively the territory of men in the 50’s who have been quite successful. 

These men are easily observed because they are very public and vocal about their condition and want the world to know they are women and hear them roar. They are married and their 50 something wives have a real dilemma. Leave or stay. This is just another example of women being put into the position of going that extra step for their "man". Bravo girls for staying with your manly lesbian.

It does beg the question was this voluntary, financial, out of convenience, or maybe they were always lesbian and knew hubby was a true woman? It also begs the question.  Who gets to use the strap-on? Any bets on the wife???

How do you turn lesbian? Out of love or fear? Funny I thought you were born homosexual kind of like transsexuals.  Silly me, I must be wrong.

I have been told role models in the transsexual community are of importance. I can see the value of a good role model for the younger transsexuals. Someone like a Lynn Conway has led a good life and was a truly productive member of society so maybe she is possibly a good role model. Kim Petras is a beautiful young girl and a performer in Europe and she is someone that kids can relate to. I do fail to see why any late transitioner needs a role model but that is just me. I am also sure some 57 year old transitioner cannot be a role model for a 15 year old transsexual.

I am often amazed when some "newbie" in their late 50’s that has not even officially started transition proclaims they might be a good role model or advocate for transsexuals. Ah...No way Jose!!!

You are a joke and the sad thing is you don’t get it. You are the butt of every joke seen on television yet you fail to realize it. SNL made fun of you because John Q Public thinks it is absolutely insane when some old man decides to buy a vagina and play the ultimate girly game. It is really what it is in far too many cases and Dr. Sex Change Specialist will gladly sell you a vagina, "prepaid please", a really nice new set of EE boobs, "prepaid please", and a new girly face, "prepaid please", after you have of course gotten your jollies with a year or so of fantasy play dressing as a girl and looking like Burt from Burt and Ernie in a moo-moo.

We are to respect this decision and only use female pronouns and of course all the genetic women accept you since you were always a girl and they immediately recognize you as one of the "girls". Ah...No, no, no, and hell no.

I am astonished at the number of transsexuals that say they always knew they were a girl but somehow their brains went dead when they married a woman and they didn't realize they were in a gender confused condition and should have been honest with the poor woman but of course later in life they just cannot take it any longer and need a sex change or they will commit suicide. Yep, you made it through 50+ years and now suicide is the option. Ah…don’t think so. 

This is called a dichotomy because you cannot always have known you were a girl and conveniently forgot you knew when marrying the wife. Just thought I would point that out so you can fix the narrative.

Actually it is a classic case of biology because when men get an erection there is not enough blood supply for both the brain and the penis to operate at the same time so being men they shut the brain down. Transvestites are really good at this in later life.

ENDA will never pass as long as the word transgender is used everywhere and I personally could never vote for it. Transsexuals should be supported in the work place as long as they are surgery targeted but if the term transgender is used that would mean Carl can show up as a woman at work and be safe even though Carl wants to remain Carl. What someone does away from work should be protected but gender variance has no place in the workplace and that is what we are headed for if transgender is used.  It has zero chance of passing.

Several US States allow the non surgical transgender to change their birth certificates without SRS.  Thus we have the pregnant man and the women with a penis made legal.  It allows them to get a new driver license as a girl and yet they are NOT girls. I am sure certain folk will come in here claiming neither are we and maybe biologically but at least we pass muster if facing a body search.  I cannot wait until the first one of these fools gets a forced pat down by the TSA as a woman while still packing the old boy hardware. Lord is that going to be one shocked and then pissed off female TSA employee.

I wonder what would happen to those transitioning at work if they were subjected to loss of position and pay like we woman have faced. I have worked as a woman my entire life and actually walked out when I found out I made 60 cents on the dollar compared to the men.  I forced them to pay me more but it was still only 80 cents on the dollar.  If I was not the key to keeping 5 fortune 500 accounts I would have been gone. 

I wonder how fast men would transition if told they would only get paid 80 percent of what they currently made and had to take a demotion since women had not made it that high in the company before. There would be a lot less men transitioning on the job but then they would be discriminated against because they were "transgender" while the women sat there and suffered even more humiliation as a man tried to force his way into the world of women and kept a position and pay grade no woman had a chance of obtaining in the company. I expect a lawsuit to happen soon where a pre op transgender files a lawsuit against women because they will not accept him as a woman. This will be coming soon to your local paper courtesy of the ACLU, GLAAD, and the GLBT activists.

One should never be allowed to keep a good man down or from his dress and panties at work.
Acceptance as a woman is earned by working through the same pitfalls and glass ceilings that most of us have had to fight our way through.  You made your way up the corporate ladder with a penis and now that you have money and power you want to tell other women what it means to be a woman because you chopped it off, bought a good wig, manicured your nails, and presented as a woman. Yep, that works for me. Not!!! 

How does a transsexual fail transition? How does any transsexual detransition voluntarily? I guess it can be forced by medical reasons such as Hepatitis C which affects the liver but I am no expert for sure. There are several people I know of that detransitioned more than once and re-transitioned again and I have no idea how you do that.  I know of one that failed once early on after several years and then later in mid life after several years and finally completed transition in their late 40's to early 50's.

I guess it is a good example of perseverance or more likely a very clear example that if the transsexual glass slipper does not fit then you are probably not a transsexual but then again I never was much good at boy so maybe they enjoyed going back and forth while confusing everyone around them.

 One would think failing transition twice would put up a red flag the size of Texas for any therapist but not so. Of course maybe the therapist was conveniently uninformed about the failed attempts at transition.  Whatever they don’t know won’t hurt the therapist but it does make one wonder about the patient.

The reality evolves into hilarity when the failed transitioner becomes an outspoken advocate against all things transgender and self defines themselves as a clear example of a “true” transsexual.  Well at least they are in their own mind. Is it just me or is this kind of odd?

One of the issues some of us old-timers have, among many admittedly, is the weirdness of some of the narratives or more directly the insanity of the delusion certain individuals have when trying to explain why they transitioned or why they are transsexual or somehow better than transsexual and should be considered intersex.  I am not talking about the belief that transsexualism itself might be an intersex condition but the fantasy of some that they have a “special” intersex condition.

One such person would be Zoe Brain of Australia.  This is a seemingly rational and quite intelligent person who believes she somehow began to spontaneously feminize for reasons only known to her and god. Having seen several pictures of Ms Brain I would have to claim the feminization must have taken place on some hidden body part or maybe a pinky because Ms. Brain is not exactly feminine and could best be described as decidedly unfeminine although a case could possibly be made that her sudden feminization couldn’t overcome all those years of testosterone poisoning which are apparent in her case.

Her claims are not backed by science and are actually similar to that of Roberta Cowell of England. Ms. Cowell was the former RAF pilot, a true hero of WWII, who made such claims and was refuted by her physicians although Ms. Cowell is a true hero and in my humble opinion can claim she was from Neptune. There are quite simply no recorded and documented cases of such a thing happening “suddenly” when one is in their 30’s or later. If this was an intersex condition it would have been something present at birth.

As a cynical outside observer it appears to me this is just another case of a mid-life transitioner trying to get the wife to go along with the husbands desire to take his transvestism to new levels of fantasy. It reads like one of the forced feminization books prevalent in the transvestite community reading section at Amazon.It just seems to me this is another version of forced feminization but with the twist Zoe can claim or pretend to claim it is an intersex condition.

Her feminization dream is right up there with her belief she is a “rocket scientist’ as she claims unless she uses the terminology it to imply she is extremely intelligent which she seems to be. She isn’t literally a rocket scientist either. 

Ms. Brain has made claims on her blog that she is better than transsexuals because she is intersex.  I am only guessing but somehow I think Ms. Brain believes in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and honest politicians.

Another wacko that defies common sense is our “bee sting” victim Chloe Prince. Mr. Prince claimed a bee sting caused spontaneous feminization and exposed an intersex condition of some unstated kind. How convenient Chloe had a wife and children and managed to fool ABC News in the United States into believing her fantastic story of spontaneous feminization which for some unstated reason forced the then Mr. Prince to steal the family retirement account and fly off to Thailand and purchase a vagina, FFS, and a really nice rack from one Dr. Suporn.

It is kind of funny how these scenarios seem to always involve “married” men with children. Mr. Prince makes Al Bundy from the American sitcom “Married with Children” seem like your average All-American father. It also makes the ditsy Peggy Bundy from the same sitcom appear to be a “Rhodes Scholar” compared to Mr. Prince’s wife who is obviously developmentally challenged for believing this bullshit.

Rumors abound among the bee keeping communities of America that weirdly ugly female type creatures with a decidedly masculine appearance and manner were seen prancing through the bee hives singing, “sting me baby, sting me baby”, for quite a while after Mr. Prince’s story appeared in the media. One must wonder if this is partially the cause for the sudden loss of bee population needed for pollination in the United States. I am sure it scared the shit out of the bees as badly as Chloe Prince scares the shit out of me. Now that is a good transsexual or is it now intersex role Model?  Not!!!

Mr. Prince added to the lunacy of his story by recently stating that if a certain girl he fancied when younger had accepted his advances this might never have happened which does beg the question how this could have stopped his “bee sting feminization” but why let a consistent narrative get in the way of a good fantasy.

Sadly this is just another case of a family destroyed by a delusional transvestite claiming to be transsexual and then intersex based on a “bee sting” to get approval from the wife. Without that the wife’s lawyer could have tied up the family money and Mr. Prince’s 75K “girl job” in Thailand.

I think I actually miss June Hingle. Now I never thought I would ever look at those words typed by my fingers but it is true. Compared to many of the fools I have had the misfortune of reading about lately I might have misjudged June a bit. June appears to be quite normal in comparison.

Oh yes, moderation is off so have fun screaming at me if you want. 

Lost comments from rename.

By Kathryn Martin <>

I would like to know more about the motivations that drive you to have
written this post, Elizabeth. Since you are a successful old timer, what
do you care whether others are successful or not in their attempts to
find congruence and happiness. I am of course your typical 57 year
transitioner. What I find outright weird, is that you seem to equate
relationships with penises and vaginas. Really? You think women that
decide to stay with the person they love suddenly become lesbian? They
are seen as such by the likes of you but quite frankly the concept of
loving another human being must completely elude you which calls into
question your ability to pass judgement on those who have what you
obviously cannot have. If you did I think you would not have written
what you wrote. By the way, how did you pay for your surgery some 40
years ago? I am sure your surgeon did it for free out of the goodness of
his heart. And if not I am sure he let you pay for it whenever you felt
like it. See more... <javascript:void(0);> Or did you get some help from
some fund? I would suspect you are in your 60's. The degree of
competitiveness and anger you display suggests that you are very, very
bitter about something that I cannot define and it leads you to lash out
against those that have done nothing to you. Oh and just to make sure: I
am not American I don't give a shit about Enda and I think all of you,
and here I include the entire quagmire of gender variant people "in the
scene" need to clean up your mess and stop behaving like 5 year old's.
It is just the same old same old, people need to step on others to
elevate themselves. How high did you get?
on Comments, a few rants, observations, and pet peeve...
on 4/1/11

By Elizabeth <> on

@Kathryn, I wrote it out of puzzlement and disbelief. Well you must have
had an asexual relationship with your wife then since "most" married
couples occasionally have sex and many older people enjoy sex but but
maybe it is different in Nova Scotia. Are you claiming that your wife
has willingly given up her desires or is that another delusion of yours?
A healthy relationship is derived from both love and sex so I gather you
did not have a healthy relationship. What would you call a woman married
to another woman or in love with another other than a lesbian? If you
stay married it is what you are whether you like it or not. There is
nothing wrong with you being lesbian since that is your choice but your
wife did not marry as a lesbian but as a heterosexual woman. Thus she
must accept her position in a lesbian relationship. It is how the world
views it even in Canada. Your problem is that you just do not get it.
Why in the name of god did it take you 57 years to make this decision.
See more... <javascript:void(0);> Convenience? Finances? Not knowing
what you were? You are the problem and you just do not get it. The
majority of people look at some fool like you and simply say, "Why did
he get married, have kids, and wait to he was 57 to do this?" I am sure
you have a pat answer but not many care. You think you understand love?
You love yourself for sure like most fetishistic transvestites. What is
it I cannot have? The fetishistic joy of being a transvestite until I
was 57 like you and deciding then I will get a "bob" job and become
Kathryn. I do not envy you. I actually pity you for a simple reason. I
cannot imagine what it must be to go through 57 years of life as a
simpering transvestite. You have never had anything in your life I would
want. Not a single thing. I lost the love of my life when he was killed
in Vietnam but eventually after a failed marriage found a wonderful man
whom I loved beyond anything you can imagine and yes it was both a
wonderful relationship and a sexual relationship which is what a
"NORMAL" relationship is. I paid for my surgery by working for 3+ years
in Houston because I had no family support or financial backing. In fact
I was flat broke when I left Graduate school. I left Houston in August
of 1969 and worked in NYC for an uncle that convinced me to let him help
me and about 16 months later I had surgery. I paid for it by working for
it but I was young and driven and nothing was stopping me from that
operating table. What competitiveness are you talking about? You are a
man for gods sake. I guess when a woman questions a man it is being
competitive. If you question a man it is anger if you disbelieve the
fantastical narrative. You have not even transitioned yet you pathetic
old man and you are telling others you will be an advocate for
transsexuals or maybe a role model. The advocate or role model from hell
is more likely. I am actually a very happy and fun loving woman but I am
disgusted with people like you. Personally it would have been better if
you cut it off before you could have reproduced but that is only wishful
thinking and would make the assumption you were actually ever born
transsexual plus it would punish your children. I am not stepping on you
because I do not think I am better than any other person that was born
transsexual. In fact I was much luckier than most of them because I was
born Type VI which basically ensured an early resolution of my problem.
The only person trying to elevate themselves is you sir. You want to
elevate yourself from fetishistic transvestite to transsexual and of
course then be defined as a "true" transsexual and then be a tranny
advocate. Actually sir I never tried to get high unless it was from some
good Colombian weed and I was never a member of the gender variant scene
where you most certainly belong. Now crawl back into that transvestite
hole you slithered out of and

By . <> on Comments,

@Kathryn Martin I saw my name pop up again in google. I really don't
want to be here, so I'll make it short. It is not worth addressing the
writer of this blog. You are giving into being abused each time you
enter any blog like this. Beyond that it is not even worth discussing. I
wish you happiness in your life. Just be yourself. You don't need to
account to anyone but you. Look to your heart, and please be the best
that you can be. take care ♥, June

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

@Ken Martin, Mister for someone in the legal profession you sure make a lot of assumptions!

Liz has shared a great deal of her life story with me and it is interesting to observe the contrast between what was the reality of her life and you assumptions.

Not that I care but you see me in the same perspective as Liz since we have exchanged unpleasantries elsewhere. Here however I have no need to observe some of the niceties encumbent upon me on Ariel's blog. I don't give a stuff what you spend your proceeds of crime on and i have no doubts about where your natural instincts lie. In the world of Lawyers there are winners and losers no even outcomes and it is from there your nature is derived. As a breed I dislike Lawyers and I don't trust them. Be we a Judge here who lied to the Police and a court to avoid paying a speeding fine and loss of points on his lisence. He was indignant when found out and promptly jailed and serve him right.
The difference between you and him he lied to avoid jail you lie to avoid shame.
Like so many men in your profession you are pompous. You adopt this air because you are aware your case is on more than shaky ground. The weight of evidence is against you and you know it so like so many men before you adopt a bullying tactic. You shout and you attack with an air that wreaks of testosterone. You dislike it when women stand up to you and so you shout louder and try to sting with words.
zlet me say it again, you are a transvestite, transsexuals do not survive until their fifties never mind in a marriage with kids. The thing is Mister you know that too and so you rant and shout at those who don't believe your attempt at deception. I've seen your picture the one you use as an Avatar and mate if that's the best you can do you really are in for a tough time. But then I am sure you will be able to bully people into feedin your fantasy in your presence but what of behind your back? Well 30 years of total closed narrative gives me a perspective on that I've been present when someone like you has arrived in a room and left. Everyone was nice when the tranny was present but what a difference when they left. You ready to deal with that Mr Martin? You'd better be.
All you have to do is acknowledge a "difference" between your motivation and that of Liz and Anne and Kim Petras and all the other genuine transsexuals, You Mr Martin are a role model for no-one but transvestites and transgenders and such. If anyone needs to grow up it's you.

As to the things that have been said about me, water off a ducks back, you see I know the truth about me and my life and so all the nonsense that gets said, well let them make themselves feel better if they wish, no concern of mine.
I paid my way I earned my life and got no hand outs from anyone and neither did Liz or Anne. What I have I earned as a woman earns 60c on the dollar to what you have earned with male privilage.

You Mr Martin are the worst kind of transvestite you hate what you are and seek to elevate yourself but you'll soon discover how tough it is or will you still maintain your male privilage by telling everyone your history? I bet you do because all that is doing is telling everyone I maybe be wearing a wig and a dress but really I am a man so don't F*** with me.

Don't expect me to feed your fetish fantasy, I see you for what you are. Liz has you pegged and so do I.