Saturday, April 16, 2011

Attempted Intimidation by someone at The Tanssexual Menace

 Anne at Ella es asi  received the  comment from our favorite anonymous turd who claims to be part of The Transsexual Menace. I have posted it below and sort of formatted it into paragraphs but I believe all of you need to know everything in the comment is the fantasy of an exceedingly ill person.

The traffic report DOES NOT put a cookie on your computer that I or anyone can obtain information from that would result in anyone being "outed". What is displayed is the ip address of your ISP or internet provider.  Your home Ip address is private and unavailable to anyone. Cookies cannot access your network card and obtain your local ip address and even if they could it would tell them nothing about you because it is private. You are as safe as I am.

This is a clear attempt to intimidate and or bully people into believing the lies of some rather pathetic little worm that claims to be in Stratford NC. If one could break into the ISP it would be possible to locate one of us but they would need to know our private ip address which would require them knowing your full name. It is a federal crime to do any of the above so I cordially invite this little worm to visit me in North Carolina since "it" seems to think it knows where I live. Please come and visit me but just a little "clue".  I do not live in Concord, NC.  My ISP and my DNS server are in Concord or sometimes bumped to Charlotte. Just a little "Fun Fact" for your turd brain.

As for Google map that is interesting because my home is brand spanking new and less than  18 months old and there is no goggle map that shows my house in the town where I live but you be sure to bring your little gender-queer ass and whichever gender appearance mommy will let your appear as once you stop breast-feeding and come on down if you really think you know where I live and who I am.

Some little fruitcake like you talks a big game with a really big mouth so I am saying bring it on you pathetic worthless gender-queer freak. Now take your little gender-queer self and shove it up your butt. I take that back.  That is probably your preferred form of sex.

Hi, it's me again with some "Fun Facts" for all you ladies, and, oh heck, even you too, Liz. First, you should never use 3rd party web traffic widgets like "Feedjit" (like Liz does on her page), because it can work both ways - that is, if you know what your doing. It can leave you open and exposed to a privacy invasion. Every person that has logged onto Liz's page, has all had their IP tracked. Anyone, (myself included) can locate you. 

This leads us to Fun Fact #2 Did you know Concord NC is less than a stones throw from Stratford NC? In fact, if one was so inclined, one could take a trip there and, hey, maybe run into an "old friend". Yes, you just never know whom you might meet there, or on the way, or in between, or even nearby. Lastly. Fun fact#3 Time Warner's Road Runner service is probably one of the most insecure networks there is. This is due in part (actually for the most part) to their clients IP D-Slam modem's MAC address are wide open on RR. With little effort, one could be traced RIGHT TO the client location. Repair techs use this technique all the time to trouble shoot users that have been victim of having their modem's MAC Address cloned by a hacker that obtained an existing clients account info, via unsecured widgets like Liz uses. 

So, “thanks” Liz, for exposing each of your readers to a potential privacy invasion by installing a 3rd party widget at the bottom of your page that actually does more than just track them. It also installs a cookie on their computer and monitors their traffic usage, reporting back to the developers of the widget, each and everyone’s most private information. If someone was savvy, they might intercept that information, and… well, they could be posted publicly for all to see. Imagine how sensitive THIS could be for people in our community. Oh wait, what am I talking about? What community? None of you have anything to hide. You are all REAL women. No one would care if YOUR LIFE was an open book on the internet for eveyone to digest, or maybe even look you up and find you or your relatives. Would you? I’m not trying to scare anyone here. Just consider this a friendly piece of advice. Be careful. Btw have you ever seen your house on a Google map? It truly is amazing what you can find on the internet, and even more amazing what county records are available. I've been having fun with this, looking up an old friend in the south east. Fascinating. Well, ta ta “ladies.

Just a little "Fun Fact" worm boy. You do not know me and never have. Like I said you are welcome to visit if mommy will let you out.


June said...

I commented on your "I will never undestand" blog. I didn't write that so to offend you. I thought that perhaps you would read it, and pause long enough to think about what I wrote.

Years ago when I first began utilizing the computer to communicate, myself and many others were not fearful of using our real names. Each one of us, even those who have long gone, can still be found by simply Googling the names. The shame of it all is that most things one would find are the comments made by *unscrupulous individuals*, whereas we are presented as monsters, and deviates.

During my transition awhile back, I met many genuinely good people. Not all of them were Type VI, but we shared a certain bond. I knew several CD's and Autogynephiles. Some, I can say, were my friends who helped me to understand myself. I didn't put them down because they weren't exactly like me, and they didn't put me down because my goal was a lot different.

Me thinks that you refuse to see what you are really fighting. You say that you are not a part of their community, but yes you are. You and Anne go into places where I have no interest to go. You are snooping into other people's business, and you all are the *predators*. You get upset when people say something about you, yet you think nothing about putting people down without caring about the harm you are doing to them. :(

Many of those people you are putting down are indeed in transition, and many will eventually move on. They will remember who their friends were, and they will also remember those people who were "less than friends with a common bond*.


I find it a coincidence that you have a Stratford, NC. My address is out there. Anyone can drive up, and down my street, and can see where I live now. Other people live there also...families, and businesses, but all people who are different, and sharing a community. I am not so proud that I would put my parents down for having live there.


You are very prone to "out" people who offend you. You act as if you are immune to it happening to you.

I made reference to that "other" person, the one who has an on-line resumee showing her many wonderful accomplishments. Her name is also "Elizabeth". You seemed to have had "parallel" experiences. Several of your accomplishments were identical to hers. That "other Elizabeth", other than saying that she lived in Massachussettes, and N.Y. (which could disclose a little too much), lived in Calif, Arizona (Anne's territory), and North Carolina. Many of that "other Elizabeth's" colleagues are still on-line. It wouldn't be difficult for someone to contact those colleagues, and perhaps "that other Elizabeth" so to find out if "another Elizabeth" by coincidence, who had nearly the exact experiences, and credentials, in the same field, and living in the same locations, actually existed.

I am not the person you wrote about above. You can see that there are other people who doubt who you are. You are taking a chance thinking that you are so above everyone else, and calling people names, is just stoking the fire.



Elizabeth said...


1. I have never "outed" anyone let alone "out" people that offend me which implies I have done it multiple times. Show me one instance where I gave a persons name, address, etc..

2. I am not this other person you have been circulating around the internet claiming is me. Keep trying though. A "fun fact" is you cannot find me.

3. The comment above was sent to the spam section on Anne's blog and was not directed to me.

4. Why would anyone "think" and "give Pause" about anything you wrote? You are a pathetic sycophant. In all the time I have had the misfortune of knowing your online caricature of what a human is I cannot remember a single rational nor relevant post you have ever made.

5. It is amusing to find how many people think you are a raving lunatic.

6. I am not fighting anything you dimwitted loon. I have my own silly opinions on life and they might be wrong and they might be right but they are just opinions.

7. I absolutely do not think I am above ANYONE. There is no "better" transsexual or hierarchy. Everyone suffers who lives through this crap.

8. I do not give a rats ass where you park your pathetic existence on a nightly basis. Nobody does June. Your lunacy has been rejected by every single person that has had the misfortune to "meet" you online.


Your simple denial makes me suddenly believe this Anonymous fool is you. It is the same tactics you have used everywhere on recent blogs. Write a comment to someone else so you can divert it into your obsession with me.

I am surprised I missed the style or maybe it was a hope you no longer were stalking me. I am not afraid of you or any of you lunatic alter-egos.

It is quite simple really. The only person that would have responded with a comment like yours is the person that used Anonymous as a way to hide themselves. Because of this I will report you to the people that run the Transsexual Menace as the idiot running around making threats and simply tell them their lawyers can find "June Hingle" easily using Google.

Thank you for clearing it all up for Anne and I.

Elizabeth said...

Also June,

Since you threatened to violate federal laws involving internet security or implied you would or knew how to I sent a short email to the FBI cyber crimes division giving them your full name, address, phone number and a copy of the threatening email and told them you might be a person of interest.

Now hows them apples June.

Elizabeth said...


Enough fun with you. I know it was not you who did this but I am sure you wish you did.

It was Chloe Prince and being Chloe, not very bright, she did not realize that mentioning DSLAM and the fact I received Anonymous emails from her alter ego would eventually give her away.

This is what Chloe did for a living working for AT&T as her version of a Wichita Lineman. I had it confirmed by two outside sources but being a lowly technician Chloe was never really bright enough to know how it really works.

Maybe Chloe needs another B-sting on her ass so the IQ fairy can make her smart. I will have more to say about this after I get some emails off.