Monday, October 25, 2010

This is what Aria and her minions do if you question them

catkisser says:
I was unable to post a comment yesterday on “Elizabeth”‘s blog. Today I am attacked there as well.
I put the probability this one is a transvestite impostor around 95% at this point given what I have seen with the weazel wording pronouncements of what a “real” woman would or wouldn’t do and the transvestite habit of projecting the things they believe and/or do on those they oppose. Step away from the crossdresser Aria, this one seeks attention so don’t give. Non trans identified women don’t step out from long time stealth and start a blog with a transvestic title, impostors do that.

I pulled these comments from her blog.

catkisser aka radicalbitch my comment about women was I have never in my life ever heard another woman mention eating babies alive or cooking them so they were not eaten raw like you did.

This is typical of Aria and her sycophants like radicalbitch. They never discuss the issues or answer the questions asked they simply try and turn it on the questioner. They will then accuse you of being gay, a cross-dresser, or something else derogatory. So be it but that is who they are.

The thing I enjoy about clowns like you is you assume T stands for Transsexual or probably Transgender because you are obsessed with being transsexual. It does not actually but I didn't think "Notes from the Sea Side"  would mean much and "Notes from the Tee Side" would be weird because I live a place on the ocean and play a lot of golf. Would you say the same to your friend Anonymous T Girl?

As for radicalbitch my picture is of me at 25 and I am certainly older now but also certainly would be recognized if one met me. Looking at your site radicalbitch I would not be calling other people transvestites because in your case going through life fat, ugly, and a witch leaves room for life improvement and yes that was a sarcastic shot.

I have actually never been stealth.  I tried to live a private life because quite honestly my past was my past and I just wanted to be a normal woman.  I am retired and have some time between rounds of golf with my friends and I decided it was time to be heard after reading some of your hate speech and homophobia. I will be around and you will be questioned and I encourage everyone who reads my blog to continually question Aria Blue at this site. I am confident most people will find her and her minions very offensive, homophobic, and not relevant.

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