Saturday, October 23, 2010

More from Aria Blue

 I basically knew this would happen but she has posted a response on her blog Aria Blue which is fine but again she denies free access for response and has a rather vulgar refrain for Anne who I only know as a poster on here and I censor nobody as long as the language is reasonable.

From Aria's blog. I guess I am a troll now.

So I see this “challenge” from some trolls over at Notes from the T Side, and decided to post something there just because one of my favorite jerks, Anne, is still running around acting like the Queen of Sheba. But it’s also a good chance to dispel some of the nonsense that people have been spreading.After predictions that I wouldn’t show up, and being called an “intellectual coward” for banning trolls on my blog by Elizabeth, I find I can no longer post over at the T Side, yo. Maybe it’s my browser or something. Anyway, I’ll post a few things here and if people behave themselves I may even allow some of their comments through. Because I’m cool like that.

Everyone can post on my blog so stop your misinformation. By behave yourself I am sure you mean adhere to the Aria Blue party line. I actually appreciate you showing up Aria since I value all opinions and welcome your comments and criticisms. Am I a troll because I disagree with you or was that aimed at others? I will repeat what I said before.  You are an intellectual coward but I may want to remove the intellectual preface because that you are not. You cannot even read studies and accurately summarize the results without interjecting your own biased opinions and then attempt to skew the actual meaning of the study. You are so pathetic you are capable of reading the Declaration of Independence and because the second paragraph starts with "We hold these truths to be self-evident,  that all men are created equal...  is a misogynist rant by men aimed at minimizing women.

Ok next, I don’t dismiss Benjamin in favor of Person and Ovesey. Once again, the point I am making is that many different people came to similar conclusions about the transsexual birth condition long before we had the harder science to back it up. Person and Ovesey saw that actual transsexuals differed from the gay and transvestic applicants in some specific ways. Benjamin did too, mentioning that 40% of his patients exhibited some physical symptoms of “hypogonadism”, in addition to the things that Person and Ovesey noticed. Namely, the singular fixation of the transsexual on the corrective surgery and physical therapeutics to repair the perceived deformity to the body. The lack of trepidation, never looking back, and the all-consuming desire for “conversion therapy”. Jan Wallinder noticed it too and came up with probably the best description of the condition that an outsider ever had (thanks for the info Jo!):

First point is as I mentioned before Person and Ovesey were Psychiatrists and their aim was to study the relationship between homosexuality and transsexualism. The study was focused and with 20 patients insufficient to draw accurate conclusions and flawed because they flat out lied about contacting relatives and family members of the subjects.  I was one of those subjects whose mother would have gladly talked with Dr. Person but was never contacted but was included in the study.

Of the ten non-asexual patients 5 were classified as gay and the other were transsexual but because they were attracted to men were listed as "gay transsexual" with zero clarification about whether they actually engaged in sexual activity. Even worse than that is you now misrepresent what the results of the Jan Walinder study were. If you bothered to read the entire document you would find that the vast majority of the transsexuals he studied were attracted to men if MTF and therefore would be classified as "gay" by Person-Ovesey because it was their desired sex partner.

The only reason you support Person-Ovesey is because they categorized Primary as something you felt you fit into which fit your elitist opinion of yourself. The term Primary in the study was intended to represent the most common and largest occurring subset of the transsexual condition which was Benjamin Type V which if you are still transsexual is your probable category. Like most bad researchers Person-Ovesey were out to prove their beliefs about feminine transsexuals and feminine boys that were not transsexual and quite honestly they failed miserably and received scathing reviews by others in the field long before the term transgender covered transsexuals.

Walinder also believed the lines were blurred between transsexuals. The following you posted is what he defined as the major concepts.

1. A sense of belonging to the opposite sex, of having been born into the wrong sex, of being one of nature’s extant errors.
2. A sense of estrangement with ones own body; all indications of sex differentiation are considered afflictions and repugnant.
3. A strong desire to resemble physically the opposite sex via therapy including surgery.
4. A desire to be accepted by the community as belonging to the opposite sex.
These were the primary but not the only.

Just after this your animosity and pure stupidity and prejudice against Benjamin comes right to the forefront. Any person that believes the trite garbage expressed in the paragraph below is probably a member of your little cult.  I thought you didn't dismiss Benjamin? Only an idiot would make a statement like that.

The chief fault of Benjamin’s musings was that he was enamored of the concept of sliding scales, as was fashionable at the time. The underlying concept is sound, that in nature we observe variations in human development. But as science has advanced and we now see the stark dichotomies between men and women in certain areas, the scale concept isn’t so apt with respect to specific situations. In other words, its not an all-encompassing concept that can be applied like an algorithm to any situation; context matters. Benjamin tried to fit all the data into one convenient rubric, producing the unfortunate relationship between transvestites and transsexuals that persists to this day. While Benjamin personally was kind to many, his theoretical construct has been the source of all the tranny histrionics ever since. It’s so easy to say you are a type 4 moving on up to type 5. And that, combined with the preaching by one Arnold Lowman, has produced the transgender phenomenon.

So Harry Benjamin is the reason we have the transgender issues of the day which infringe on your  rights as a transsexual?  This does beg the question of are you a woman or are you still transsexual. Based on your vehement complaints I guess you must still be transsexual. That single paragraph should let everyone know you are just a pathetic loon. If Benjamin had tried to fit all the data into a convenient rubric it would have been more concise and definitive but because he was a brilliant researcher along with physician he let the data produce the results unlike yourself who would prefer to fit the result to prove your own myopic view of the world regardless of what the data proves.  I would suggest that anyone that reads this post please read what Walinder actually said and what his conclusions actually were here.(Walinder link)

What level of expertise allows you to make this level of argument? Even Walinder, which you obviously did not read, discusses the simple fact that in low intensity asexual transsexuals like you claim to have been that the lines blurred and some didn't realize they were transsexual until later although most felt dysphoric early but the level of discomfort varied.

Benjamin recognized that there was intensity levels in transsexuals that differentiated between categories. Benjamin found cases where Type IV might morph or move into the bottom half of Type V but the one thing he was certain of was Type VI with total psycho-sexual inversion or as you prefer to call them the "gay transsexual" were the most intense and you either were or were not Type VI and no Type VI were ever asexual. Intensity levels can change and actually grow over time and even Walinder recognized this also.

It would be nice if being transsexual was totally black and white for everyone.  Unfortunately it is not.  I cannot say I am a big fan of the term transgender or tranny or any of those terms but I stopped being transsexual in late January 1971 and names cannot hurt me now.

When are you going to stop being transsexual?

And of course the larger point is that this is about a medical condition, not a criteria of who is a real woman. That irritating canard is thrown around as a distraction any time a sacred tranny cow is about to be gored. Womanhood rests only on how you live your life, and nothing else. These arguments, this science, all of that pertains only to who was born with the transsexual condition. If you can arrive at womanhood in some other way, more power to you. I believe the studies and facts show that those who refuse to adhere to the basic standards that society places on women (to a point, don’t go crazy with the sexist crap), are not transsexual. See Jan Wallinder’s #4. Those who claim special status and want to be seen as more than women, are not women and neither are they transsexual. This stuff is tautological, yet the points have to be made over and over and over.

It is a medical condition but yet you base you premise on the study of a freaking Psychiatrist in Ethel Person? My god you are clueless. What standard does society place on women? Who sets these standards some pseudo-intellectual nimrod like you? Please enlighten us all on your standards. The only one claiming special status is YOU. What an ignorant person you are along with being so self righteous. It is like you are forming your own little cult which might actually be closer to the truth than I want to think of.

If you aren’t transsexual, then the treatment protocols for this physical malady shouldn’t concern you at all, should they? Which is why it amazes me when I read a news story where some aspect of the transsexual medical treatment is being discussed, and the writer or reporter goes to the gays and transgenders for comment. What business is it of theirs? And that’s why anti-transsexual comments coming from supposed type V transsexuals are so laughable. If you really wanted to improve the way the transsexual medical condition was received, you wouldn’t be spending all your time tearing it down and telling people why gay men and crossdressers are a type of transsexual. That crap is just nonsense.

First off I was diagnosed as Type VI by Benjamin in late 1959 but that and 2 dollars will get  me a good sized  coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Does that make me a "gay transsexual" in your myopic view of the world? By the way I said Benjamin and others have conjectured but never have said transvestites may be a very mild form of transsexualism and Walinder agreed with Benjamin and it may shock you to know Dr. Person did also.

Where am I spending all my time tearing down anything about the transsexual medical condition? Not only are you illogical you are paranoid. You really are obsessed with gay men and cross-dressers and based on just the current world people who bitch and moan and scream about the evils of certain conditions or people are often what they are complaining  about.  Are you a gay man or a cross-dresser? Nothing to be ashamed about if you are.  Just wondering!!!

I’m reserving the right to add more to this rant, these people just piss me off with their constant nipping at my heels. If they wanted to help, they’d be out writing pro-transsexual pieces and not spending their time focusing one of the few people on the internet who doesn’t accept the TG dogma. Hmm, what does that say about them?

Like I said above  you are often what you claim to hate. How many gay right wing crazy preachers have there been?  Lots!! By the way that was the first and only post I would ever have done on some loser like you but hey some fools just don't know when to shut up and that would be you.

And in case anyone wanted another reason to disassociate ourselves from crossdressers, here is a fetish crossdresser who murdered two women and was convicted recently:
On Yahoo

News video on Youtube

People who insist we provide cover for crossdressers and gay men by membership in the GLBTg are way off base. It’s not about being nice and friendly with “the community”. These are not our burdens to bear in the first place! We have enough to deal with, and we don’t need men’s issues piled on top of us as well.

Just another pathetic rant and another attempt to justify you homophobia and hatred of cross-dressers and anything not exactly like you. Are you trying to say that this fetish murderer is in any way representative of a transvestite or cross-dresser?  That is akin to saying the transsexual doctor who murdered his wife in Massachusetts is representative of transsexuals. In fact I could not find one comment where the term transgender was used concerning this sex predator and I may be wrong but they might not have used cross-dresser either.

In all honesty even for a paranoid fool like you this is beneath contempt to make this comparison but then you are exactly that aren't you? The worst part is your cult like followers will genuflect and bow to what their minds perceive as genuine cognizant thoughts when in reality it just is another example of both your delusional mind and total lack of common sense. Are you all planning to drink the cool-aid if things don't go your way?

I am still confused by your constant use of the term we as in the transsexual we. Are you a woman or are you transsexual? I guess it really doesn't matter because a fool by any other name is still a fool.


Sophie said...

The part that really cracked me up was that assertion that Benjamin used a 'fashionable' sliding scale rather than present day models based on hard dichotomies.
Because it's absolutely untrue.
Psychological and psychiatric taxonomies and diagnoses formed in Benjamin's time were generally specific and dependent on peculiarities of symptoms ; hence, for example, endless varieties of schizophrenia which are no longer viewed as distinctive.
Actually it's more that Benjamin was somewhat ahead of his time in his approach to classification in not making minor differences in symptomology the basis of some complex system of categorization.
Of course being only a qualified and (ex) practicing psychologist and perhaps lacking those powers of insight which come with such exalted womanhood as Aria's, maybe I'm sadly mistaken.
Or not.

And, yes, that murder stuff she wrote was just vile...

Anonymous said...

Actually Sophie, Benjamin modeled his "scale" on the Kinsey scale, which if you were of a certain age, you'd know. Even more interesting is that if you actually read the book, he almost never again refers back to it after presenting it, instead goes straight to what I call classic transsexuality for the rest of the work. Sometimes I wonder if those who pontificate on works like this and Raymond ever actually read the actual books with any level of reading comprehension at all.

Yes, I am catkisser, the blog is radicalbitch so blogger ID makes the radicalbitch ID the easy one to access. I am making no attempt to hide who I am. And I hardly slavishly agree with Aria on everything and she does not slavishly agree with my positions on everything. My own opinion are based on ongoing relationships with some of the best minds in the psych fields and many many years of experience with trans people ranging from drag queens to those actually born transsexed.

Elizabeth said...


I just thought that was you and there was no negative connotation meant. I have cats and just love the name is all and enjoy your blog.

Benjamin just used the Kinsey scale as a reference point for those new to transsexualism and was never a fan of the term homosexual as pertaining to transsexuals.

I am not a fan of any Psychiatrist when it comes to transsexualism because the vast majority are totally clueless. I would be interested in any names of those you consider "having a clue".

Since transsexualism is a medical condition the only thing Psychiatrists are good for is treating some of the side effects caused by it but not the condition itself.

In my life I met with John Money twice, Richard Green, and Ethel Person and nary a one of them had a clue about us. They had their own pre-conceived bias' and were more interested in proving them than attempting to get at the underlying truth of anything.

Anonymous said...

Back when I first transitioned, one of my closest friends was a professor of psychology who studied at the same university at the same time as Mike Bailey. She and I transitioned at the same time and her field of expertise was pre natal development pertaining to sexual dimorphism. In other words how mammals develop as male or female in the womb. Today my best friend and sister priestess for many many years and someone I talk to for an average of over an hour a day on the phone is Dr. Caillean McMahon, twice international psychiatrist of the year and once US psychiatrist of the year and who was born with the same "rare" intersexed condition I was. Both very much involved in the physical aspects of the psych fields and not psychobabble. All too often people forget that a psychiatrist must first be a medical doctor.

Sophie said...

@radicalbitch. Surely doesn't signify how the sliding scale in terms of its measurements was derived, as much as it actually being one. Analysing such it's the normal thing to do if one spends most time in examining cases where the presentation of symptoms and extremity of treatment necessary are at a maximum ; any other approach would seem problematic.
A college friend with a barely relevant past expertise, and your fellow priestess who's won awards as a medical administrator do not seem to really qualify you in any way. I mean, my best friends father-in-law, who I knew well, was head of one of the leading European neurological institutes, I met R.D.Laing a couple of times, knew lots of people in the AHP, etc etc, but sadly that doesn't qualify me to pontificate on areas in their expertise.
And I'd tend to agree with Elizabeth in regard to psychiatrists anyway.

Elizabeth said...


I know who she is and I thought her area of expertise was forensic psychiatry.

What "rare" intersexed condition did you have?

Your friend has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion in this post. If you want to talk about her comments about Benjamin, Walinder, or Person-Ovesey then do it please. If they put every Psychiatrist in the world on one boat and every lawyer in the world on another and I had a choice I would sink the boat with all the Psychiatrists because I have never had even a remotely nice experience with a Psychiatrist and I liked Person but she was clueless.

My opinion of Aria has not changed. She is a purveyor of lies, misinformation, and is an intellectual coward unwilling to defend her positions in open debate.

Elizabeth said...


Aria's friends prefer to avoid the questions asked and deter the argument of the discussion into other areas.

Her favorite comeback has always been "Are you a Women or not" and yet here in this debate Aria talks like a transsexual worried about "her" position being harmed by the transgender agenda.

I have people I know that identify as transgender/transsexual but in Aria's world they are not transsexual because they do not bow to her definition of the condition which quite conveniently seems to fit her but if she is a woman there should no longer be such fitting necessary.

Anne said...

Aria is a wounded animal. Best to leave her alone. I have offered my hand in friendship to her on more than one occasion and yet she coninues to insult, bait and provoke. I see no reason to waste further time or energy on such an obviously lost cause.

It has been said that one reaps what one sows. This particular lost soul sows nothing but hatred and discord. I can only pray that when her end comes, it comes easy.

I mean, why insult people tha you do not even know. To me this indicates a serious pathology.

I thought about posting on "Aria's World, dontcha know", but thought better of it. I mean, seriously, why waste the time. There is so much more of interest. No need to go wandering in "The Dark Side".

It is a pity, their are characters such as Aria, giving transsexuals a bad name. It it little wonder people think they are crazy. Talk about "Pissed off Trannies with Knifes"!

Anonymous said...

Just one point about Ethel Person. I have actually read her book The Sexual Century. She speaks only of her great respect for and friendship with Harry Benjamin. There is no evidence whatsoever of any rivalry or conflict. As for her articles on transsexuality the object of her criticism is quite clearly Robert Stoller and not Benjamin.

As for Aria. Well, you don't have to like her. But her horrible attitude? Let me point you to a post from a different blog - - all the quotes come from an Autumn Sandeen thread. Aria stands up - bravely, yes, bravely - to these people who attack the very essence of our womanhood. Yet, you would apparently sooner be conciliatory to them and abuse Aria instead. Why?

Sophie said...

@Elizabeth. Absolutely. On the one hand she does a huge disservice to the medical model by so narrowly wrapping it around the particularities of her own gender validation, but it also leads her to be as obsessed with the performance of gender as the most devoted follower of Judith Butler.
I see myself as part of a broad community of people dealing with serious personal gender issues and the divisive adherence to strict TS/TG boundaries is primarily a hindrance to that.That this community is so fractured is a cause for regret and not an opportunity for status seekers like Aria to profit by trying to widen those divisions further than they already are.
@ Hipparkhia. Rhetoric's all very well, but bravery is not a quality normally associated with anonymous contributors to a blog thread based on selected quotes.
Apart from that, your argument lacks all validity. Should one support a fascist against a communist simply because one adheres to a democratic capitalist system ? Only if you choose to live in a black and white world like Aria's

Sibyl said...

Sweet Jesus on a Cracker! Y'all have got to be kidding? This has long since passed embarrassing!

I am not, nor will I ever be, an apologist for any of the parties involved in this stupid, unending and pointless internecine feuding, But, for the love of God ladies! Enough with the name calling already!
I sincerely doubt any of the parties who jumped headlong into this shifting morass has really taken to the nasty habit of eating their babies raw, nor, despite all appearances to the contrary, has recently contracted hydrophobia!

Yet, it is beyond question, all, and I do mean all the parties have forgotten there are socially correct rules on how to handle disagreements!

Do all you supposedly grown women really need me to tell you that no matter how much you think the other person a complete moron, or an effing idiot, or a right royal bitch not worthy of kissing your ass. Publicly, and what is worse loudly proclaiming your precious thoughts to the effect are not going to win you any friends or admirers!

No wait, this is the new Century and this is the "new media" so let me rephrase... It is not going to win you any admires you'd care to admit knowing from a church pulpit! Every single last one of you needs to step back, end this frighteningly "Springer-esque" infighting then go take a refresher with Judith Martin on how proper ladies express their displeasure with one another!


Sophie said...

@Sibyl. Happy to defer to Elizabeth, if she wants to stop.
And I absolutely agree that use of obscenity, refusal of your mediation and labeling all arguments /opponents as male /men seem to provide a suitably illustrative example not to follow.

Elizabeth said...


Harry liked Ethel Person immensely as did I quite honestly. Neither of us agreed with her original study because it was biased and invalid. I stated in another post Harry asked me to participate in the study and I did. Harry did not require a Psychiatrists letter but mine actually came from Dr. Person. I just vehemently disagree with her conclusion based on the concept of the gay transsexual verses the gay male and I told her so. Her original study has had a lot to do with the Blanchard crowd and their lunacy so that should mean a lot to most transsexuals. Google it and read about it.

Aria stands up to Sandeen. Good for her but then she turns around and immediately trashes posters because of perceived slights by throwing her "Are you a woman or not" chant at them and her obedient followers follow suit.

She promotes ideas and beliefs about transsexualism not based in fact and then posts that drivel about Benjamin being the reason for all of her perceived, some actually exist, transgender issues and anyone that questions her is banished to moderation and posts are deleted.

Aria has this perceived belief as do her few friends that only Aria knows what a transsexual is and it is strictly black or white and nothing is black and white including the transgender community.

There are some wonderful people working in the transgender world like the gender clinic at Childrens in Boston and others. A lot of funding goes there and whether Aria or Sandeen want to realize it most people have in their hearts what is best for transsexuals. If I disagree and I do often I post something about it.

Do I wish every transsexual in the world only identified under the term transsexual. Yes I do but unlike Aria's fantasy land it is not a battle that can be won because it is over. Most people under the transgender banner that are transsexual also believe they are transsexual and we are just supposed to throw them away because Aria calls them cross-dressers, transvestites, and gay men because they do not agree with her?

Aria the martyr? People like you just absolutely do not get it do you? Not one of you actually understands it. I am a woman and there is NOT A SINGLE THING anyone can do that can harm the essence of my womanhood which of course Aria wants defined her way.

Sandeen is a fool but standing up to someone with flawed ideas and using moderation to limit discussion is not courage it borders on cowardice and fear of being proven wrong.

I criticize what I see as wrong and try and use facts and documentation to back it up. If I am wrong I will admit it and am willing to change my opinion. I kept my mouth shut about Aria because she is not important as I am not important but several posts ago she crossed a line for me and I said so.

The first thing I learned in my profession is question everything and everyone because if we screw up friends die. Some didn't and three died. Prove me wrong and I will admit it.

Elizabeth said...


Would Aria agree to any mediation or is that just for those that vehemently disagree with her?

I personally have only thrown back at Aria what she conveniently uses on others and if offensive to some then I would apologize if I thought it was vulgar but it isn't.

The really interesting question is could you post this on Aria's blog or would you even attempt to? The answer is quite emphatically NO.

The other question is could something be discussed this vehemently and openly on Aria's blog. The answer is NO unless genuflection and pre-screening for validity.

I respect your opinion Sybil but neither Aria Blue nor Autumn Sandeen speak for me and the vast majority of those defining themselves as being born transsexual or fighting their way through the nightmare that is transsexualism.


I do not believe I have labeled anyone as men/male. That would be a particular tactic of Aria Blue.


I don't believe Aria gives transsexuals a bad name. I disagree with some of what she says but she has the right to say it.

I would have taken my argument and disagreement with her opinion to her blog but my posts would quickly be moderated and deleted if she found a question she was unwilling to answer.

I had no choice but to discuss it here.

Elizabeth said...

You did post it on Aria's site and her response was as expected. You are a brave woman.

You have to notice she never answers the questions about her opinions.

Deena said...

@ Elizabeth. I spent part of the last few days reading all of your posts here and most of the comments. Many were enlightening.

First, I am not a genius and did not score 1600 on the SAT at age 13. I am a simple ditz who has no problem posting on Aria's site. I offer you this perspective. Aria is more than upset that people like Sandreen are distorting the content consumed by a hungry press. I share that simply because I believe each person should speak solely for themselves and make it clear that it is individual opinion not universal truth. I'm not sure what Sandreen is but I can state categorically that she has no right to speak for me. Some of her video's make me cringe.

Yet one of my basic rules is to look up to everyone. I admire Sandreen's dedication and fortitude even while she champions including women under the "trans" umbrella.

I see terms such as loon and intellectually dishonest as baiting. Rather amateurish but effective in some situations. How much better would a polite invitation have been before pressing any "hot buttons"? Just my opinion and certainly not meant as an insult.

As to Harry, I read his book in 1966 when it first hit the local stores. I found his concerns extremely well stated. What followed decades later in the form of the SOC horrified me. I have never believed the SOC reflected Harry's approach yet they became associated with his name and reputation.

I am of the opinion (please remember I am ditzy) that there are many men who struggle with their sexuality and engage in some level of cross activities while latching on to the idea of "trans" as some sort of "cover". I feel sorry for them. But yet I also know I can't "solve their problems". Sheesh, I can't truly even understand them. I can, however, object when someone asserts that an employer accommodate all flavors of gender blends.

Sophie said...

@ Elizabeth. Didn't mean to suggest you were guilty of anything I listed.
@Deena. The difficulty is that there should be room for debates as to how the transsexual medical model relates and contrasts to a transgender performative one in framing our individual and collective narratives.
It's precisely there where Aria is a liability because she is an extremist who brings the medical model into disrepute in seeking to own it and use it in ways no compassionate person ever could.
It's not a matter of issuing polite invitations to debate because, as you must know, she simply resorts to name-calling if her positions are questioned. If you genuinely look for informed discussion on these issues, why hang out there instead of talking about this in your own place ? You certainly have the plus over Aria in actually having a pleasant sense of humour.

Elizabeth said...


My two brothers and my parents were smarter than me. It probably helped save me but it isn't really important.

I actually totally agree with Aria in her arguments with Sandeen. My argument with Aria was over Person-Ovesey, her ridiculous comments about Harry Benjamin, and her inability to stand up and allow open discussion by those that even marginally disagree.

Loon is probably over the top but as far as I am concerned her comment about Benjamin qualifies her for that and she is an intellectual coward if she refuses to accept open discussion of controversial opinions and moderates and deletes posts that do not please her and absolutely refuses to answer any questions of her views. That is the definition of Intellectual coward or intellectually dishonest if she skews papers and thoughts by others by picking one item and ignoring the content and the conclusion of a study.

Benjamin had nothing to do with the SOC and Harry had nothing to do with the transgender movement and if people like Aria think it is their right to lie about him then I will defend him as best I can within the confines of a blog.

Aria and her friends are welcome to post here and challenge me on anything I post. If proven incorrect I will say so and post the facts I was in error on.

I will state it again for clarification. I agree with Aria Blue on the vast majority of what she says but if I disagree I would expect to be able to discuss the differences which is not allowed in her world. Thus we have this.

Elizabeth said...


I agree.

Anne said...

I think that the main issue I personally have with Aria is that she has taken a pesonal dislike to me and continues express that disparagement to the exclusion of any substative discussion.

My initial contact with Aria on the web, took place about one year ago, when I first ventured onto the blog-oshere and offered my first comment on "Enough TGnonsense". I began by offering a brief bio, including the fact that I had transitioned in very early adulthood, and had enjoyed a happy and successful life as a woman, ever since. This is a link to the original post as well as all the comments. MY comments appear towards the end of the thread.

I then suggested that while I agreed that there were many in the TG/gay leadership that sought to conflate and interchange he new term trangender with transsexual to gain some PERCIEVED legitimcy, the vast majority were simple "followers" just trying to deal with their own personal demons.

Aria's response to what I consider a reasonable suggestion, or at least a topic worthy of further examination or discussion, was to engage in an all out attack and campaign to not just discredit me, but to totally destroy any possible credibility by the old time tested tactics of the Far Left ala Saul Alinsky.

My response to her blatent attempts to discredit and devalidate me by virtue of her attacks, (sockpuppet, 40 y/o guy w/ 3 kids, etc.), was to provide times and places where one of her loyal readers, (Sara, I believe), claimed to have lived. I provided actual streets and locations of customs homes that I built,even clubs where I hung out, and even the make, model and color of the very distinctive automobile that I owned and drove at the time.

What followed was a thunderous silence and my being banned from further comment.

So I say to you who think that we might be overstating our case about "dear sweet Aria", that you are entitled to your opinion. You have mine.

Deena said...

@ Sophie .... You asked .."If you genuinely look for informed discussion on these issues, why hang out there instead of talking about this in your own place ?"

Time, life only allots us so much time. Occasionally something draws my interest such as Elizabeth's site and I invest the time to read and think about it all the way through. But generally I am too involved with other activities.

@ Elizabeth. My social circle in daily life includes almost zero GLBT folks. On rare occasion I have shown one of Sandeen's video's to a few female friends just to test the reaction. Comments have been priceless ranging from "that person has no fashion sense" to "what a clown". IMHO some people should absolutely avoid doing youtube or public appearances. I don't say that to be cruel but simply to point out that recording things on camera is not like having a chat with your neighbor. If a person is not skilled and polished that particular media can be treacherous ground indeed.

Espejos said...
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TotalD said...