Monday, October 25, 2010

Aria just does not get it

The worst part about people like you Aria is the simple fact you do not realize if one lost soul has the misfortune to find your blog they might hurt themselves. I realize you will just say who cares if it is a TG supporter but a life is precious. Happiness is all most people want and the pathetic thing about you is unless they get it your way you don't want them to have it. You mistakenly believe you have the right to judge who is transsexual based on rules that of course make you top dog.

The last time I checked Aria you were first asked a question about your position on Person-Ovesey and those on this blog can view the post here on this blog. There was no attack on you just a simple statement of fact asking you to respond and back up your beliefs in an open dialog.

I called you a coward and a blowhard in a comment and you are because rather than openly discuss issues you hide behind moderation and post deletion for anyone that asks a tough question. All I have said is the same things you have said to many others and were too cowardly to allow them to respond.  You do what you always do which is play the poor me martyr card which has worn thin and if that fails you then resort to the I am so brave fighting these evil TG people.

Now there is a double standard and I never ran to anyone for help and have not ducked the issue like you have but then again I have no issue with open discussion.

You will have to tell me what a tranny flag is because I have never seen one and what is with the comment about being on the side of men mean? Lord, you really have a lot of hangups don't you? I really do like men though.  Is that a problem?

By the way if you consider nasty and evil what I have said to you then you should actually read some of the trashy and vile comments you have made to others before banning them so they could not defend themselves.  You allow Sandeen to post only because she is not exactly the brightest light in the room. I am beginning to think you aren't either.

As for "the existence of this fight" it is a fight that exists between the fringe groups on the radical TS side as in you and the radical TG side as in Sandeen and 98% of the people could care less because they realize you are a nobody as we all are to be blunt. Your only problem is you have delusions of persecution and believe everyone is out to get you when in point of fact NOBODY knows who you are and most who do dismiss you as a professional transsexual and really just some lonely person looking for attention with delusions of fighting the good fight because the TG world wants to wipe you out or is wipe out transsexuals or the meaning of transsexual which is not ever going to happen.

I asked you to defend a comment you made in a  post of yours and you have yet to defend it. You are a very good professional transsexual because politicians and men are the only ones that answer questions with a question and attempt to make the questioner the questioned.It is the preferred trick of Corporate America. Make the questioner the issue. Not going to work!

How is that fight with the TG world going Aria?  I keep reading on your blog how they are defeated and I assume you are taking credit for it. It must be immeasurably enjoyable in your psyche thinking you are the martyr but you need to be correct to be a martyr.  Just ann observation.

If you will back up your comments about Person-Ovesey, Benjamin, Walinder with facts I will gladly stop but until you do I think it will be interesting to keep your feet to the fire for a while not that you could defend indefensible positions other than to ignore the questions.

  • Aria Blue says:
    This isn’t a disagreement, this is people setting out to attack a particular person, and that person has responded. That case is now closed.
    I will not allow those rules for polite society to be used against me in these fights. We tried being nice like that, and what happened? People take advantage of that, thinking they will be able to play games and pretend they are kind and gentle while spewing that nastiest crap my way they can muster. It’s a standard TG tactic, and I’m done with it.
    I’m simply taking away their ability to play the double standard game. It’s like being punched in the face and having your assailant run to the cops crying to avoid what’s coming to them. You can’t get nasty and evil with people, as they have, and then run crying to Robert’s Rules of Order when people fight fire with fire.
    And here’s one for you; “supposedly grown women” don’t have to put up with this shit from men. Why do you suppose that is? I’m not going to take crap from a bunch of trannies. As far as I’m concerned, if you fly the Tranny flag, it doesn’t matter who you “really are”, ts or tg, you are on the side of men. Women can be misogynistic too, my opposition to the tranny garbage is not a judgment of my opponents sex or “gender”.
    Further, I am not to happy when people try to use the existence of this fight to raise themselves up above the rest of us who DO fight. Remember, this fight was started by the TG to wipe us all out, and it exists whether or not we want it to. We didn’t ask for this, they imposed it.
    I’d love for it to all go away but they won’t stop. They can’t stop because we still exist in the public mind, eclipsing their precious nonsense. Staying on the sidelines and tut tutting the people who are pushing back against the dogma is not helpful or productive. That sort of finger wagging just encourages the TG and will cause this fight to drag on longer. Aid and comfort.
  • lisalee18wheeler says:
    I wonder why you’re only chastising Aria and not a single word over at the other blog. They were the ones that started this, not Aria. Makes me wonder…
  • catkisser says:
    Setting the record straight, those transgenders do not eat babies raw, they are civilized to the extent they fry them first in a nice butter batter.
    Further, I am not a minion. First there was Margret O’Hartigan, then me….Aria came afterwards. Finally, I am a proper lady to the extent that I try to remember to extend my pinkie finger when pulling the trigger on a 12 gauge double barreled shotgun.
deena17 says:
Aria I just read your second edit. I am confused. You say you are blocked from that site but Elizabeth says she blocks no one. I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Nice comment catkisser.  I have a step-daughter from my first marriage that I raised from a baby and saying something like that is just so crude it is sickening.  Men make bad jokes like that because women would die first before allowing a child to be harmed or so even talked about like that.

Very right-wing of you to bring guns into the discussion.  Is that a threat of some kind??

The following definitions fit you to perfection.
1. a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.
2. a favored or highly regarded person.
3. a minor official.


a brownnoser. someone who will seek to please a person of authority in order to obtain some grace, usually the grace is something as simple as a pat on the bottom, but can vary greatly.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you seem to be the one who doesn't "get" it.

You make multiple accusations that Aria attacks people's womanhood and yet you are the one that has done that over and over in your three attack blog entries leaving me suspect of your own identity and claims.

You just attacked my womanhood, which is stupid if you knew anything about me at all. You see, a lot of people know who I am and I have a long track record as a former trans activist, a very active feminist and as a pretty well known Pagan. Enough so that although the trannys make sure I am kept out of trans history, I am mentioned in a number of works on Paganism as in books, not websites.

Can you say the same? I thought so. Talk to yourself, this is the last time I will bother to read your blathering babble.

Anonymous said...

and to be clear.......those mentions in books and lately a number of print media news stories are with only the modifier "Priestess" to my womanhood, no trans related ones.

Espejos said...
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Espejos said...

There is nobody being blocked here. Maybe Aria should check whether or not she is signed might help. :)

I see how Aria's minions are now referring to others here as CD's. I really wouldn't be offended considering where that is coming from, and besides, CD's are people too, and just as human as anyone else.

I remember when I started commenting on Aria's blogs. I received several private messages from different people. I also remember when I countered what Aria was saying. Aria blocked my messages, and then I noticed one of them saying how I need to agree with Aria. That same person is still there.

I remember one person who seemed to be really nice. She seemed pleased with what I had to say, and even sent me private messages to affirm it. Uh... but when Aria came down on me, and created lies so I would look bad, that other person shut up. She still writes in Aria's blog, telling Aria how much she agrees with her...about everything! LOL

There is another who isn't afraid to tell Aria that she is not totally sure that Aria is 100% correct about everything. Aria always replies but re-affirming how correct she is, and to trust her on it. :)

Aria sounds more like a cult leader than anything else. That is exactly what a cult leader would say. Aria is already convinced in her own mind that the transgenders are already all washed up.

Aria has NO CLUE. Just look at the numbers. 1:30,000 transsexuals (classic/true TS's) verses 1:250 transgenders.

The "transgender community" is being supported by the most popular spokespersons, post-op TS's included. Lynn Conway is one of them. In Europe right at this moment there is an aggressive movement by the trans community to depathologize transgendered people, in many cases they are using "transsexualism" as a synonym to get what they want. Many of the transgender people are joined by transsexuals in order to achieve their goal.

I don't make claims that have no basis for their being true. I don't exude my thoughts from some message I hear in my head:

If you translate the words you can see that there is much more going on than Aria contends. All you need to do is research the organizations listed in those publications, and you will discover that there are many people looking for their own kinds of freedoms.

You can't stop what is happening to the world using the thoughts in your mind Aria, and you can't change the world when there are only a handful of so-called friends who are ignorant enough to follow your command.

Aria, you are sooo stuck on yourself that it is a wonder you actually need people to agree with you.

Michelle Marie said...

Sorry Elizabeth but you have now made me so curious that I must find this site and see what all the fuss is about. I am absolutely sure that you are right in all you assertions but unfortunately you have simply aided Aria in gaining more popularity even though it may be more infamous than adoring. I hope you find this comment withing the spirit it is intended so I must admit that my normal human side is just too curious to pass up her site.

Love ya lots. Keep it up for the rest of us

Sophie said...

@Michelle. Go ahead, it's a side of humanity that ( thankfully ) rarely sees the light of day. You could also try the rad fem hate sites such as Femonade or Arooo, they're very similar.
@Radical bitch. Wow that's nearly as awe-inspiring as your 2 contacts in the psychiatric world. I mean my interview with the Harvard Review, the article in the NYT on my place, the story NPR broadcast and all the pieces written from Finland to the Phillippines, all non-trans related : what are they compared to the fame of your illustrious self. And, again,the relevance to anything besides your looking for pissing contests is unclear.

Elizabeth said...


I actually do get it and what I get is the simple fact no two transsexuals are the same and losers like you do not get to define these people that are trying to just be happy.

You made the crude comments about babies and the veiled threat. I made the comment that basically I have never heard another woman say that so why would you say that. Thus if you are dumb enough to think it was an implication that you are a man then that is on you and not something I believe. I am not the one accusing others of eating babies cooked but not raw.

OK so you were a professional transsexual activist, a feminist, and a Pagan Witch or Priestess and that is supposed to be important?? Do you have any idea how totally stupid that makes you sound?

You are a whining clown trying to get your home classified as a Witch Church where you live so you can be like the blood sucking churches that get away without paying taxes and place the tax burden on the people. Even as a Christian I think my church should pay real estate taxes.

As for me I was just a kid that managed to survive being born transsexual and never looked to be famous although I have accomplished far more in my life than you have. There are some people around that know of me and just as a qualifier I own 5 patents still categorized as Top Secret that are still critical to NASA and space flight and more important I raised a baby girl into a wonderful young woman and a mother and nothing you can do as a Professional tranny activist, feminist, or Pagan Priestess comes close to that.

You are welcome to post but you would be better advised to produce a better game because you made a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I figured out Sophia is a sexually and gender confused gay guy with some pretty severe mental health issues, but I had no idea you were a Sarah Palin wannabe religious bigot. I won't bother you again but in my eyes anything you say has zero credibility.........

you made the "man" comment, if you were even slightly intellectually honest, you'd own that but as a good christer I know you cannot do that. And in parting, I raised a wonderful daughter myself that is one of the most decent human beings on the planet so screw your implications......and the "pissing matches" have been from you and Sophia, not me............I answered questions you put to me and responded, on another blog, to a comment you oh so conveniently left out........and the "real women" sisters and I joke about baking babies in our oversized Vulcan oven precisely because christers like you have accused us of that for more than five hundred years. Death threats from christers and TGs are WHY I keep the shotgun around.

Elizabeth said...


I thought you were finished posting here. I identify as Christian because I was raised that way and do believe in god but am totally opposed to ANY organized religion because all they do is cause trouble and that includes yours.

I don't know Sophie and I am sure you do not either. Why would you think I am a religious bigot? Isn't your friend Aria an atheist?

You are the one that asked if I had done anything close to as important as being a professional tranny activist, a feminist, and the oh so important position of Priestess in a Pagan church that joins in a long line of bullshit churches that include Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, and any others you can think of.

You read into the comment what I knew you would read into it because like I said in another comment going through life fat, ugly, and a witch leaves room for improvement. If some Christians say that then they are as dead wrong as you were for posting that about me.

You have never answered a single question I asked about Aria so I will repeat them again.

1. Do you support Aria's position the the Person-Ovesey study is the definitive study on transsexuals and accurately describes transsexualism?

2. Do you support Aria's position that Benjamin is the cause of the existence of the Transgender situation she sees as her enemy?

3. Do you support Aria's continual use of snippets from studies like Walinder that distort the actual conclusions of the study?

4. Do you support Aria's inclusion of that sick bastard Canadian Air Force guy as a clear example why transsexuals need to avoid transvestism with the clear indication it is typical transvestite behavior?

And a new one.

5. Do you support Aria's claim that all people who identify as Transgender are therefore gay?