Thursday, October 28, 2010

Misogyny or the most overused word in one individuals limited vocabulary

This was a comment Aria made on her blog post called The Argument of the Beard about  Dan Choi who is the US Army officer discharged under Don't ask, Don't tell.
My comments are below
Aria Blue says:
So Dan Choi calls another man a pussy who is going to bleed once a month, and gets a free pass from the Gay world. Choi’s response to the feeble criticism:

“Go ahead: call me a ‘misogynist.’ I’m still pro-choice, pro-ERA. …”

See, this is the problem; if you say you believe in the right things, you don’t actually have to believe them in today’s America. Lip service to high ideals is the same thing as actually doing them. You can do or say any crappy thing to anyone if you are on the “right” side of a set of social issues.

And it’s interesting to watch people over at Pam’s who initially took offense backpedal and start making nice again. Gay male misogyny is quickly excused as just being one of the boys, you know how they like to use women’s body parts and functions as insults. We shouldn’t be too hard on them because we just know their hearts are in the right place.

I wonder how long the lesbians in the GLBT are going to put up with that kind of garbage. Anything for the cause, eh? Makes you wonder how far you have to go before you don’t have common cause anymore.
And these are the spokespeople for transsexual women today? No thank you, Mr. Gay America. Your misogyny stinks, and your politics stink just as bad. The GayLBT should not have dominion over medical conditions like transsexualism.

The post itself is another rant about how everyone is out to get her and well you know the rest. I do wonder if she comes up with these rants when she is in front of the mirror taking pictures of herself but that is another interesting thought.

Aria has done what she always does which is twist a quote to fit her supposed feminist, true transsexual, and proud activist myopic views of the world. Here is Dan Choi's actual quote taken in context plus his response to the outrage by people like Aria.

At Netroots Nation '10, Dan gave Harry Reid his West Point ring; the Senate Majority Leader said he would return it when DADT was repealed. Guess he'll have that ring for a long while...
I was seated at the table with Dan at Netroots Nation when he prepared to go onstage and give Harry Reid his West Point ring. It was a dramatic moment that everyone knew would effectively lock the Senator into some kind of action, but Dan was nonplussed.
But to Choi's mind, Reid's gamble of attaching gay rights to a defense bill gave the Republicans a legitimate reason to feel shut out of the debate. So what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. "Harry Reid is a pussy," Choi angrily said after the failed vote in the Senate last month, vowing to speak out about the Democratic leader, "and he'll be bleeding once a month."

Very crude but IMHO an accurate description of Harry Reid but in no way transphobic or anti women because well guys unfortunately talk like that and guys are crude and men who have been in combat are exceedingly crude.  Any fellow soldier or man that that doesn't do his job, shows weakness, is a coward whether political or  in combat, or  keep a promise is a pussy.

Pussy is an English word meaning:

Originally Feminism referred to movements aimed at establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for women which as a woman in the workplace for 43+ years I have both fought for and set precedents for.  The problem is I do not want to emasculate men.

I love men as they are with all their normal foibles, insecurities, fears, wants, and desires. I particularly have enjoyed being an object of the sexual wants of men and am not ashamed to admit it. I wanted everything that went with being a girl including, menstruation, pregnancy, and in particular men. I wanted men to protect me and hold me and open doors for me and make love to me. If that bothers some of you then so be it.

The single most overused and misused word in the world of women is misogyny. Men do not hate women. Male rapists hate women. Men would like to control women because they want access to what we possess which shock of shocks is a "pussy" if they are heterosexual. 99% of men will do anything we want to gain access to that glorious area of our bodies so who has the power exactly?? As I told a boyfriend one time, "As long as batteries are legal I don't need you but you need me so be nice."

People like Aria throw the word misogyny around like pollen in the Spring winds. Aria might actually be a misandrist but I am not sure if it is theoretically possible to hate what you once were. I doubt one can find any post of hers without the use of the term misogyny in some way, shape, or form although I am probably exaggerating it seems that way.  She seems to believe by throwing it around it makes her a better woman or more representative of an actual feminist or maybe more truthfully it makes her feel more of a woman to sound like some feminist radical which she is not.

Because Choi is a gay man by definition he is not attracted to women but that does not make him a misogynist based on his comments and then to make the giant leap that he or people like him represent trans anything is beyond stupid. I could recommend that Aria read up on the Philosophy of Logic but why let truth or reason get in the way of dogma.


Sophie said...

I don't actually think misandrist. For one thing the only thing that makes heterosexuality not a necessity for qualifying as a 'true TS' in her view is the fact that several of her close supporters aren't.
But this is rather a fun variation to the norm. The standard, 'How long will the TGs put up with gay inc ?', or vice versa, now morphs to 'How much longer will lesbians tolerate gays ?'.
I've wondered whether her particular hatred for gays comes from a history of pretransition sex / desire for sex with a guy and having to struggle with that self or externally imposed label of being gay. Maybe that's also the force that drives this nonsensical operative status thing.
And one can imagine desperation at that label influencing her mixing of 'I'm a woman' and 'I'm a classic TS' in that they're both equivalent in that regard.
Sure you've encountered more people with this sort of syndrome than I have, Elizabeth. Do you think it is a common phenomena in one form or another, if not to this extreme ?

Elizabeth said...


I think she says it because it makes her feel like a radical woman or feminist or maybe she thinks it helps her perception as a woman plus it fits her belief that the world is against her and it is an important word for certain radical feminists which is a little weird because she has ranted against certain feminists that are trans phobic and I agreed with her comments there.

There is no question it is predominantly males that torment and commit hate crimes against transsexuals or GLBT people. Personally I should probably hate men since I was physically raped by one at 14 and had two other attempts before surgery.

Aria is just one of many that use the term misogyny like it is a fact of life for women which in my opinion just points out the fact she and her sycophants have had little experience dealing with men in either the workplace or in real life.

IMHO if you believed half of what is posted on trans blogs about misogynist men it would not be safe for a girl to exit the house.

Maybe Aria does not present well as a woman because she transitioned too late but if you read her blog one gets the feeling she has been a woman for 20 years fighting the TG menace as she says but based on recent events I do not believe that is 100% true.

Someone posted on her blog that they liked feeling pretty and it was important to her to present well as a girl and pass and she received the full wrath of Aria and several of her key sycophants. It was such an unpleasant attack the person never posted again or maybe was blocked and was called every vile name you could think of.

Her venom is somehow different and so intense it almost comes across to me like self-loathing of how she perceived herself at one time and she sees others like she was and wants to torture them like she felt tortured.

For a lot of people with such deep hate of others it is themselves they really hate which is sad and I suppose a Therapist's dream patient because therapy would be endless.

She is like the preacher that screams hatred about everything gay and then gets caught with the gay boy on the jet to the Caribbean. It all rings false to me.

Of course one could she hates men because she was one or is still one and hates them for reminding her of what she is and herself for not having the courage of her perceived "perfect" transsexualism to do anything about it.

Hate does make you say strange and often contradictory things because hate does not allow rational thought.

If she is a woman I would tell her to get laid with the partner of her choice but she might kill the poor bastard if it is a guy.

Sophie said...

The one thing I'm not sure of is how far the anti-gay thing relates to a set of hierarchies derived from Clarke people.
There was the moment on 'enough nonsense' when Aria's number 1 pre op friend ATG boasted to general approbation that she'd never let her boyfriend glimpse her crotch. I'm all for individual forms of negotiation around sexual activities but on a group level to set such norms ? As if the ultimate disvalidation would be to have sex with a non-straight man ?
I think if you show in your writing a significant paranoia in one area, it's probably a general trait in your life, so Aria's ease of shouting misogyny at every turn reflects a belief that gay inc is ruining her life in so many other ways. Conspiracies abound everywhere, from trolls to sock puppets to gay men to cd's to the LGBT to TGs to How someone manages to live in that sort of world is truly a marvel.