Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And another word from Aria or Second Edit

Second edit:
Golly gee I must have run over Elizabeth’s cat! Poor thing just can’t throw enough names at me. I guess we’re at the bottom of the barrel because we have the usual charges of racist, homophobe, yadda yadda. I have no idea who this person is, so it’s not personal. Lots of trans* people don’t like it when people call their dogma a bunch of garbage the way I do, so I’ll just assume that’s the problem.

I actually do not have a dogma but you do.  Just for your edification from Wikipedia.

Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization: it is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted, or diverged from. 

Now that fits your pathetic view of you and yours perfectly. 

I have never said you are a racist but you are homophobic which is sad because if you were actually the "primary" transsexual Person described and were a heterosexual male then you are actually or were a lesbian if you thought about girls because since we both agree this is a medical condition (transsexualism) then brain sex determines what is heterosexual and what is homosexual. Not that anyone should be ashamed of being gay or lesbian or bisexual but by your definition you were lesbian. Changing sex does not change sexual orientation nor brain sex.

Just thought I would bring that up to you. Personally I could care less but one should get the facts out there.

And in case anyone is still wondering about my supposed “censorship”, let me explain. Lots of people who are currently on the internet have a hard time discerning the real people from the fakes. There is the tendency to take people at face value until they give you a reason to think otherwise. Which is fine, of course, and that’s generally how I deal with people on the net. But I am also not going to put up with a bunch of crap from people who are just out to pester me. I’ve allowed long and extended attacks on me here on this blog before, you can find them in the comments on old posts if you look. This Anne sockpuppet, a single minded creation with one purpose ie to harass me, is one example of the kinds of things I used to put up with. I didn’t bother blocking that person until it became clear they were going to torture me until I closed my blog. I’m not going to let that happen. I won’t be bullied by a bunch of nutjob trannies.

Of course you censor everything. You are afraid to answer questions about your positions.  You are afraid to allow anyone to question your dogma. Determining who you allow posting privileges is of course based on whether you decide they are "fake" or "real" sort of like your belief you know who is "transsexual" and who isn't. It must be a powerful feeling to feel so omnipotent. Nobody is trying to bully anyone other than your trying to bully others to your point of view. 

You really do suffer from paranoid delusions of martyrdom.  I would recommend getting help but I distrust shrinks.

paranoid [ˈpærəˌnɔɪd]
1. (Psychiatry) of, characterized by, or resembling paranoia
2. (Psychiatry) Informal exhibiting undue suspicion, fear of persecution, etc.




a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

That fits you perfectly Aria.

It’s not hard for me to see who is real and who is fake.  I’ve been on the internet for a long time, since near the beginning.  I’ve seen all sorts of behavior and it generally follows a few basic patterns.  After having extended conversations with people, or watching a one-dimensional character pop up with an agenda, I don’t feel any special burden to let them have their say. Too often these attempts by ts women to protest the trans*/tg nonsense get derailed by a sort of “agent provocateur”. They show up knowing that a small group like we’ve had is looking for anyone to help out, strength in numbers and all that. They ingratiate themselves, get all cozy with people. Then they proceed to act like idiots and discredit everything you are trying to do. They make you into the very thing that the tg say you are. Racist, bigoted, homophobic, blah blah. This happened with Anne a couple others. The constant attacks forced me to turn on the setting that required login to post, but other than that and the short blacklist there is no a priori censorship.

login on WordPress requires that one belongs to WordPress and I have no interest in that.

It is easy for you to see who is real and who is fake in your mind. Those who agree with you and praise and wait for a pat on the head are "real" and those that question you are "fake".Life is really that simple in a cult isn't it?

So you were there when the internet started?  You must be ancient. 

People label themselves in the blog world by what they post. I think your posts categorize you as homophobic with a deep seated hatred of anyone that doesn't agree with you. I guess if you can live with yourself it works for you but that much hate does eat at your soul.

Other than blocking people’s attempts to nag and harass me, I’m not too much for “censorship”. I don’t block Sandeen or other people I’ve had words with. I don’t block anyone except the blatant sockpuppets. Some people have a hard time telling who is who, but I don’t. I have IP’s and a keen bullshit detector. I can spot a phony a mile away. So if you want to question my judgment as to who is a real person and who is a nutcase playing games, of course that is your right, your own judgment at work. But I resent the implication that I would do things like block users simply out of bad faith. I am not afraid of any tranny argument. To insinuate otherwise, and then block me from arguing on your blog is chickenshit. It’s such a misogynistic philosophy that its hard to hold my temper dealing with them, but I will if I have to for a short time.

I have questioned you and yes I am nagging you to respond because I believe everyone should be willing to defend things they say about others.

If you are not afraid of any "tranny" argument then why do you block people you consider "old timers" or those that ask you difficult questions about the validity of your beliefs like I have.?

You are absolutely NOT blocked on my blog and you are a LIAR for saying so. No person is blocked from posting.  I even changed the comment methodology so those on iPads and phones could comment in a separate comment dialog.

It is of course quite convenient that none of your sycophants have had trouble posting. For someone claiming to be internet knowledgeable you are dumber than the proverbial fence post.

It’s easy who to tell is ts and who is tg. The tg are the ones making all the arguments against there being such a thing as a real ts birth condition. End of story.

 I believe this is a birth condition and just to make it clear I was told this 50 years ago this December 27th by a shortish German accented man named Harry. It is the ultimate in hubris to think you know who is what based on your myopic view of the transsexual condition.  Because someone disagrees with you on even the silliest subject they are tg, cd, or worse.

It doesn’t matter how much you go over the old psych studies, they are never going to prove that tg is real. There is no saving grace in psychology for anything “between genders”. Elizabeth is simply wrong about these studies, they don’t support a “true tg” born identity. I would suggest that she find her reason for being in some other fashion than by tearing down the concept of a transsexual birth condition. You can’t kill that nagging voice inside by silencing me. It’s only going to get worse over time, and that’s why these kinds of people go so insane when someone like me puts their lifestyle to the question.

 Don't put words in my mouth.  You are the one that bases your very existence on the psych study of Person-Ovesey.  Would you like me to point you to your own comments. I believe there are two genders and that is male and female and we are born that way. I despise and distrust every Psychiatrist I have ever met except for Dr. Person and believe me I have more reason than almost anybody to distrust them.

Benjamin believed there were gray areas and a Type IV Transsexual might have some symptoms of a Type V and vice-versa but that Type VI were exceeding rare and unique. Benjamin also believed there was some possibility transvestism was a mild form of transsexualism but even in his book he said he was unsure if that was true.

Harry should have looked up an expert like you for clarification.

My reason for being? I was born a girl. I was always a girl. I always knew I was a girl. I had surgery to correct a birth defect and never looked back. I have never felt I was a transsexual woman like you have stated you are. I do not still consider myself transsexual like you obviously do.

Unlike you I have no nagging voice.  I am not threatened by anyone because I am a woman.  You are threatened by people you think may redefine the concepts of transsexualism, I disagree with that by the way, because you still believe you are transsexual which begs the question are you post-surgical?

TG is a belief system, and also sort of like a political party. Anyone can belong as long as you nod your head in agreement with the dogma. You don’t have to be born a certain way; it’s open to all who done the clothes of the opposite sex. But just as you can join it, you can just as easily leave it behind. There is no rule saying that once a tranny always a tranny.

 TG might be a belief system to some but so isn't your little cult. You are the one that has a dogma not me.

The past is the past, and if you decide that you want out of the ghetto, all you have to do is leave it behind. You will never find your core identity through identity politics. That poison simply gets in the way of the truth. The future is not written yet, and you can do whatever you want… nobody owns you, and you owe nothing to the tg “community”.

My core identity? I am a woman.  I left transsexual behind 4 decades ago unlike you. Actually I do not owe anything to anyone and that means the transgender or the transsexual "community". Unlike you I am a woman that was born transsexual but got rid of the issue a long time ago and doesn't have hangups about perceived threats from radical transgender or transsexual theory.  I am not the one consumed by the thought someone might steal your "womanhood" from you based on perceptions of others which really does beg the question what the heck are you?

I hate to clue you Aria but my future is not defined by anything transsexual or transgender. My future is mine and not yours. I do not believe anything anyone says unless I can find definitive proof otherwise.  I do my research and am not stuck with some pathetic dogma like you and other radical loons.  Unlike you i am free to make my own life decisions because I know who I am. Unfortunately you have never been able to get over being born transsexual and you seem to want to make anyone even remotely different than you and possibly not as miserable and lost as you just as miserable as you.  The quote "misery loves company" fits you to a tee.

If you think you are transsexual, then act like it. Get your surgery and get on with it. Don’t try to bend the world to your needs, you will only succeed in breaking yourself. You must conform to the world, it isn’t going to change to suit you.

Maybe you should take your own advice. You are the one that thinks like you are still transsexual.

In any case,  I am done with that little group.  There is no real argument there, they just want to be nasty.  And in any case, I am blocked from commenting there, lol.   So on to the next thing. 

You are absolutely NOT blocked from posting comments on my blog. You do know how to post comments don't you?? A separate page pops up and is used to post comments.  It is possible your main window is blocking it because it is behind that window. I am sure one of your sycophants can explain how it works. Make sure you pat them on the head.  Subjects should be treated kindly.


Anne said...

Hey Liz.

How about you give Aria a break. I cannot believe you are still beating this dead horse. Aria has her own demons, (as we all do), and she is doing the best she can. I hope that we can all agree that she has been sufficiently chastized and hopefully has learned the error of her ways.

I think that another area where we might all agree is that Aria's core issue, that which drives her, is that TG driven agenda which seeks to conflate and confuse the real differences which do exist and which most people of sound mind acknowledge, is in fact a FALSE politically motivated construct, (and a dangerous one), fueled by the need of those driven by shame or denial or gulit, to seek shelter beneath the skirts of real women.

But then again, that is just me thinking.


Elizabeth said...


I have this issue of being lied about and that brings out my stubborn side because of my Welsh heritage.

She wants to stop the lies then she can but I am not afraid of basically anyone and I am certainly not afraid of a verbal joust with some cult leader with paranoid delusions of persecution with a desire for martyrdom.

Anne said...

I unestand. As you have noted, Aria has "issues" which prevent her from seeing things from perspectives other than her own.

I mean, after all, you barely rated "troll" and CD, while I on the other hand, have been promoted to "favorite jerk" and my personal favorite, "Queen of Sheeba".

I grant you that this individual is particularly distastful, but that just suggests to me that we can surely find better and much more interesting topics for discussion.

If you have visited my blog recently, you will have noted that as an acquaintance of that "older German accented fellow", I have invited you to visit, in the hope that I might secure a comment on a comment from a friend that Harry thought of us all initially, as male.

I suggested that based on his references and choice of words that could easily be inferred. However, based on what you have written, from first hand expeience, it would seem that that inference might not be accurate.

Also, by consistantly calling her to task, you simply re-enforce her delusions of persecution.

Just a thought...


HappyJB said...

Some day someone will out Aria and the controversy will be over. Anonymity is powerful weapon for those like her because it lets you imagine there being some validity to her state when there is none. Like most intersexed people she is no more a "classic transsexual" than she is a potted flower. Darkness only serves those without truth.

Espejos said...
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Sophie said...

@ Happyjb. Actually my bet is on a horse of a different colour. I can't imagine Aria as anything but female, given the picture of a less intelligent Hyacinth Bucket that comes to mind every time I read her blog. And some IS do hate trans, clear, but they can rarely not boast of that 'authenticity' - see Platine ad nauseam.
But the irrationality she most resembles, and the pathetic community dividing, and the uncaring about surgery problems harming TS or TG, is rather that of a rad fem. In other words a woman NOT anything else.
Oh and if you could contact, if only to say that I can post on your site without the comment getting through, I've got a truly excellent joke about one of the nastiest of that crew.
@Elizabeth. All that's necessary for the triumph of evil etc. Take a break if you will but please, please DON'T stop entirely with this.

Elizabeth said...


That is a horrible thing to suggest or even think about. I have no idea why you believe she is intersexed.

Elizabeth said...

I have my differences with Aria but I would absolutely never wish or want anything bad to happen to her or anyone else. Differences of opinion and verbal jousting does not mean wishing for harm or wanting harm to others is justified.

Again I have no idea why anyone would think Aria is intersexed. There is some belief that being born transsexual is an intersex condition but like all intersex conditions there are degrees of it

Sophie said...

@ Elizabeth. Not to usurp Happyjb but it's a clear fact that several of Aria's coterie themselves identify as IS, far more than cluster around any other trans blog. Which is quite remarkable given that Aria doesn't really speak to IS concerns.
Nothing horrible about her possibly being IS, just a certain hypocrisy, and she's more than capable of that.
It's been speculated on in the past.

Anne said...


I think that talk of outing someone, goes beyond total ignorance of what it means to build a real life in a real world full of real bigoted and ignorant people. I have been the target of such "talk" because of what some might think of as "elitist" or "separatist" views.

"Outing" is the personal and emotional equivalent of a themonuclear attack...

For the rest of this comment, visit my Blog...

Elizabeth said...


Based on how she identifies as a Person-Ovesey "primary" she is not intersexed unless the broadest brush is used to include everyone with any form of transsexualism.

I have been told because of my endocrine issues, low testosterone, and physical appearance that I may have been intersexed but unless a respected research scientist announces transsexuals are intersexed I am not going to buy into it.

I look at it me personally as being born transsexual with weird side effects.

Lord if that happens I am sure there are people that will be screaming "I am more intersexed than you" and thus set up their own elitist group like Aria where only they "really" know who is intersex or not.

Sophie said...

@Elizabeth. I don't think that's the issue. I mean if one defines IS as simply a clear endocrinal disorder, then I'm definitely that, but it's unclear as to neurological effects so that I call myself trans, and additionally having ambiguous genitalia is central to IS.
Some of her coterie do identify as IS. The question then is why do these people want anything to do with someone who concerns themselves with Person-Ovesey primaries?
Hers, and SAET's, are about the only places left where 'Nicky' can post on the net apart from rad fem sites where he tells them that TS's, NOT TGs, are usurping IS status.Odd.
Aria says virtually nothing about her own history, even in the most general of terms, an extreme no other blogger in my experience ever reaches.
You add up those indications and, sure, there's nothing concrete, but there is more than enough to see that Aria may not be the primary she asserts herself to be.
Maybe it's an unpleasant kind of speculation,but it's certainly not as bad as she and her friends indulge in when they call you and anyone who disagrees with them men, cd's, trannies etc.

Angel said...

There are already a few "I'm more IS than you" blogs. For instance...

Sophie said...

Yes, that's dear Nicky, the guy who believes a 4 inch organ qualifies him as IS.
One rather sweet blogger on T-central took herself totally off the net recently just after contact with that poisonous komodo dragon.
( Elizabeth, Zoe Brain has more than enough material on this person; he's a nasty IS fake with a crude line in violent threats).

Elizabeth said...


I will take Aria at her word she is transsexual or more important now a woman. I do give her the occasional shot because she is very inconsistent in how she identifies as a transsexual woman yet demands others call themselves women only. Maybe it was a typo.

She is confused at times. I dislike some of her views but have no perfunctory dislike of her. There is enough hate to go around as it is.

I was amused when radicalbitch accused me of being a Sarah Palin fan or something like that. I could write a single blog about the Liberal Intellectual Elite because at one time unfortunately I was one.

It is kind of suffocating to always be so correct about everyone and believing only you know what is good for everyone whether they like it or not. Very similar to the radical right.

Angel said...

Elizabeth, I do think radicalbitch was a bit off-target when she compared you to Sarah Palin... Christine "I am not a witch" O'Donnell would have been a more apt analogy. She was after all responding to your statement about her being "fat, ugly, and a witch". Try that same statement, but replace "witch" with Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other spiritual path and perhaps you'll understand.

Sophie said...

@ Elizabeth. You may be right, but I'd say in this instance don't take anything for granted.
For myself I remember the time a few months back when Leigh started her own blog, taken private or deleted after the first post. Basically it was about an IS woman who asserted she was non-op due to some specific medical issues. Aria and a whole bunch of her coterie, including Angel, made comment after comment dissing this poor woman,citing wikipedia articles on her condition to assert that it might not be so bad as to really stop surgery.
What kind of women stoop so low as that, with what sort of leader ?
What kind of feeling of entitlement is it that allows people to sit around commenting on somebody's major health concerns as if they were allowed to publicly judge thereby a persons gender status?
What kind of women tell themselves that the possible risks of persuading people to bad surgical decisions are nothing compared to the sacred cause of asserting their status as true, classic transsexual historied women ?
No doubt some are/were misled but Aria has no excuses.It's not about like or dislike, it's about a horrible depth of moral criminality as far as I'm concerned.
@ Angel Don't see anything too inaccurate in calling Platine fat and ugly and she does claim to be a witch. And given that Elizabeth was already termed a transvestite by that particular person, it seems a slight enough response.

Espejos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said...


from catkisser or radical bitch:

Cross check the time stamps if you like

"I was unable to post a comment yesterday on “Elizabeth”‘s blog. Today I am attacked there as well.
I put the probability this one is a transvestite impostor around 95% at this point given what I have seen with the weazel wording pronouncements of what a “real” woman would or wouldn’t do and the transvestite habit of projecting the things they believe and/or do on those they oppose. Step away from the crossdresser Aria, this one seeks attention so don’t give. Non trans identified women don’t step out from long time stealth and start a blog with a transvestic title, impostors do that."

I guess that is OK and believe me I can be sharp tongued when tested by comments like that but maybe I just should have said to her:

"Going through life fat, dumb, ugly, and stupid leaves a lot to be desired."

I place the Pagan religion with all other organized religions which is somewhere between worthless and dangerous. Besides her royal Priestess or her royal highness was bragging she was a priestess which begs the question how dumb is she.

She got mad at me because I told her she was like all other organized religions in trying to get her home classified as a church to avoid real estate taxes which is how I feel.

Maybe you witches could put a hex on me or send me a black cat. Oops I have a black cat. I am not the one who was bragging about being a High Priestess or whatever. Is that like a Cardinal in the Catholic church? Do you get to wear a dress in public?

ROFLMAO. You are a Reiki practitioner??? God every loon in the world follows Aria. I wait for the Voodoo princess with baited breath.

Elizabeth said...


She actually sent you her picture as a man? God how icky is that?

June if I was you I would start ducking sweetie. That kind of makes sense to tell the truth. She jumps all over anyone that even implies they like being girly or pretty or feminine.

If you could read through some of her older posts she rants on people that say that.

What a pity.

Espejos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...

OK I am prepared to settle this once and for all. I am prepared to fly to NYC and meet personally with Elizabeth and certify that she is in fact who she says she is.

Actually, the truth be told is that I consider this woman an icon and would like nothing better than an afternoon or evening of just plain old fashioned social discourse.

So how about it, Liz, are you up for meeting another "oldie but a goodie"?

Hmmmmm.....on 2nd thought, let's forget NYC, too many bedbugs. How about you pick a city or...would you consider visiting me in my home on the West Coast?

Let me know,


Elizabeth said...


Why did you delete your post June? I have no interest in hurting Aria so I am glad you did but I am sure she has been notified by one of her sycophants. I'm betting there are people that would love to post them so burn them or destroy them.


I don't live in NYC. I have all the proof including appointment cards from Harry, letters from Harry to mom and me, my letter from surgeon, etc..

If I visit California and you are in the LA area we could meet. Not sure when the next visit is because I was there in September for a week.

Elizabeth said...


Were you threatened June?

Anne said...

Sounds like a plan. I am back and forth right now between CA and AZ, so do let me know when and where. BTW...My comment, as to your validity was obviously meant and hopefully interpreted as a poor attempt at humor.

Angel said...


First of all, I am not a follower of Aria Blue or anyone else. What is it with this "us vs them" attitude from practically everyone involved in the transsexual/transgender debate??? Geez, it brings back childhood memories of schoolyard fights.

Radicalbitch did indeed open herself up to criticism when she brought up the fact that she is a priestess, as if that somehow meant something in an argument regarding transsexualism. However, that is quite beside the point... I was commenting on your inclusion of "witch" in your put-down, because it smacks of religious intolerance. But I can see that you are equally intolerant of all religions, so at least you don't discriminate.

Yes I am a Reiki practitioner. It's something that interests me and that I enjoy doing. Believe it or not, some people swear by it, and a growing number of hospitals even provide it as a service to their cancer patients. Frankly I don't care if I'm actually channeling healing energy through my hands or if it's just the therapeutic effect of human touch... or even if it's an example of the placebo effect... if I can make someone feel better and thereby help in the healing process, I'm glad to do it.

Elizabeth said...


It is actually Aria and her dogma that precipitates this so called us verses them. I happen to believe that in general leaving people alone so they can find happiness is in inalienable right in the United States but I am not one to turn the other cheek when insulted.

Of course you support Aria which is your right. Every comment you have made has been in support of or in protest to something I said and lord knows I occasionally say dumb things but my comment about your Priestess friend was meant as a shot across her large bow.

I would suggest you read your friend radicalbitch comments during this discussion because if you had you would realize my telling her that going through life fat, ugly and a witch leaves room for improvement was an act of total kindness and more like constructive criticism because she deserved worse considering what I know.

Religious intolerance? You cannot possibly be serious but then you are. It is Halloween for crying out loud and you think witch was a religious insult. It was meant to indicate a skanky, ugly, disgusting fool on a broom cackling off into the sky.

As for Reiki you do not want to go there.

Espejos said...
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Espejos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Espejos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...


In many ways I agree with you. From what I have seen over the years, which in all honesty is NOT MUCH as regards the TS/TG world, there is a fairly large variety in "types" of TS, as well as some "scale of intensity" when looking at TV's or CD's.

However, having said that, their is still a clear distinction to be seen between those that as children, not just 'identified as' but KNEW, clearly and without any shawdow of doubt their bodies did not match their minds, hearts and souls.

Because this line of distinction is still hard for those in the academic, research or generally disinterested community to perceive, does not mean it does not exist.

I have a good friend that transitioned in her 30's, just about 30 years ago, after a nearly successful attempt at suicide. She was a very successful individual prior to her transition, but was terribly unhappy. Afterward, she makes not even a fraction of her prior income, but is now happy and fulfilled as the woman she truly is.

It is difficult for those of us who transitioned early in our lives to understand or conceive how difficult it is to NOT transition. We cannot understand HOW they could possibly survive. Sadly, many DO NOT.

My point is that not everybody had the opportunity or good fortune that Elizabeth did, or to a lesser degree, that I had. Nevertheless, I believe that they are doing the best they can. Does this give them the right to attack me for being 'elitist' or worse? No, of course not.

What I see as truly tragic, AND as a major problem for the younger generations, is that the widely accepted TG paradynm, or narrative, or political agenda, DOES NOT WORK for those that ARE women. What the TG seeks is acceptance for a TG or a 'trans' person as an 'equal' human being.

I have no arguement with that. Where I have a problem, is when those of us that DO integrate and assimilate fully, completely and successfully, are dragged back, against our will, and despite our hard work and sacrifice, into that 'quasi' third sex, and subjected to the same 'othering' suffered by the TG, or what we might have suffered DURING our own transition.

So yes. We grow weary of the struggle. The numbers are most certainly against us. The majority of us have retreated into our mainstream lives and in my case, I never gave transition a thought until about three years ago, almost 40 years after I struggled through and survived the darkness.

Nevertheless, someone has to speak out. It is silence and aquiessence that allows the triumph of that which is less than the truth.

Elizabeth said...


I don't think anyone other than certain radicals wants to hurt us. How can they unless we let them drag us down.

Fringe groups are always the loudest but they rarely get what they want because everyone sees them as a fringe element. As long as they wish me no harm I reciprocate.