Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pathetic Little Men

I have to admit I find it interesting what the "trans" world finds important.  By "trans" I mean "transgender" because in the nightmare world of those of us that were born transsexual life is actually quite a bit simpler.

Early on those truly born transsexual realize what is wrong and I am betting it is something that has been felt by everyone born transsexual for the entire time of mankind. One's sex is innate and part of the very core of all humans because quite simply it is a requirement for the propagation of the species.  We need to mate so we can produce progeny and continue the time of mankind.

It is this innate understanding of "wrong sex" that differentiates us from the "transgender" world. We are not interested in playing girl or appearing female as much as we are intent on being female. In the world of today procreation is understood at a disturbing young age but in my time most of us were clueless. I certainly was as I prayed to wake up a girl and practiced being "pregnant". Yes, I actually practice being pregnant because to almost all girls motherhood is important.  It is why girls are attracted to dolls and yes it is part of conditioning but to the vast majority of girls it is really very important.

I remember when I met Harry and I desperately begged him to help me be the girl I was.  It was one of those surreal moments many of us born that way have.  I learned I could be a girl through hormones and a surgery but I also was told I could never have children of my own.  Until that moment I truly did not know it was impossible. I was crying because I was happy that I could finally be the "sex" I should have been born but also sad because I could not birth children of my own. It is something that has bothered me deeply my entire life.

I have always felt cheated out of that part of my true self. My first marriage was really because he had a baby daughter that I would be allowed to raise. I ignored the fact I had said no so many times to his marriage proposals that my friends called him the "No Man". In all honesty I figure down deep I knew something was wrong with him but if he was the "devil" and offered me my own child I would have done what I did which was accept that final marriage proposal. In so many ways I might have actually married the "devil" but I had my child and I looked the other way until the truth came out.  I was so desperate to raise her I agreed to conditions in my divorce most women would laugh at but I raised my daughter until he took her from me.

The funny thing is he took her and moved back where I grew up and it was why I moved home.  I was actually happy in California. I had family that loved me there and friends that knew nothing of the past and a successful business with partners I adored and still do today. In fact I bought out my husband's share so he could move back East because money and him were like water over a waterfall.

I learned then what pathetic little men "transvestites" are and they may change the name to "transgender" but they are and always will be pathetic little men in so many ways. Life for a transvestite is a combination of "dressing up" and waiting to "dress up". Life is about their "gender expression" and has nothing to do with the true core of their being. Most are heterosexual men playing dress up but the funny thing bout a fetish is the fetish is demanding.

There is a reason that addiction and transvestism are very similar. Over time both actually get worse because both provide a waning relief from either the desire to get high or dress up. Both need to "up the ante" with more potent chemicals or more daring escapades en femme. Over time both usually destroy the family unit if one is present.

On Transvestite-Central it is a common occurrence for  one of the multitude of bloggers to breathlessly describe a big day out en femme. It might be a day at a baseball game with the "gurls" or the excitement of attending Fantasia in Provincetown Massachusetts which is Fire Island for New England. They describe themselves as "women" and often claim to be a woman in a male body while obsessing over cross-dressers, fellow transvestites, drag queens, womanless beauty pageants, and all things "trans" that increase their chance of being able to express their fetish in public.

They almost universally want more "human rights" for themselves when en femme which usually means less privacy and rights for females of all ages but as men that seems quite logical to them. They universally are incapable of understanding that giving themselves more rights "en femme" means taking rights away from females and is in the opinion of most people morally unacceptable.  They refuse to admit they might put females at higher risk because of their "new" rights because in their pathetic minds they cannot equate the inequality and danger of allowing a man "pretending" to be female into spaces where women are vulnerable. They are not vulnerable because they are men but we are but then we do not count when it comes to satisfying their fetish.

They equate the change in intensity of their fetish with what those born transsexual face because it is convenient and gives them a basis for their spurious claim of "we are the same". They comment of the "medical necessity" of SRS for those of us born transsexual while again conveniently omitting the simple fact they have no intention of having complete SRS. They get the quack Psychiatrists to change things so "medical" can mean as little as implants and they see  nothing evil about this but it is. They cannot understand how medically necessary SRS is for those born transsexual because they understand the difference but in order to manipulate the "system" it needs to be omitted deliberately.

In my childhood I said the following to my mother constantly. I said, "I am a girl. Why can't you just let me be a girl.  I am not hurting anyone". Yes, they were probably the naive musings of a child quite confused over why she was the wrong sex but I said something similar to Dr. Benjamin when I met him for the first time when he told me the process would take time and SRS was at least 4 years away because I was almost 14. I said, "I am a girl. Why can't you help me be a girl right now" I am not hurting anyone". Harry actually wrote a long letter to my mother concerning that comment but he said some things to me in an attempt to explain it.

Well if truth be told men are really attached to their balls and dick and for good reason, it is their pleasure point in life and that is important but as important it is the innate maleness that is defined by it. In my world my innate femaleness is attached to my breasts and vagina and it is why women try and avoid radical mastectomies and often make bad decisions over breast cancer. Could you imagine what a man would do if told his balls and dick needed to be removed because of cancer?

SRS is something men look at and shudder.  It is something those of us born transsexual look at an beg for and will do anything required to obtain. A man cannot be given a sex change and be female because they are not innately female they are innately male even if they suffer from a fetish like transvestism. That is why they keep their penis.

Now, these pathetic little men, and they are pathetic, still need to fulfill their fetishistic desires and many decide to live full-time as men pretending to be women. They even claim it as a "transition" but the problem there is "transition" implies going from one place to another and they are in the transit phase.  For transsexuals it is preparing for SRS and a life as a female.  For them the process stops at "transition" with maybe a little hormone enhancement but will always be innately male and they are okay with that but they are not okay with society looking at them as "men in dresses" so they attempt to change the rules.

The rules they attempt to change involve the definition of female and their "needed" rights as a "man in a dress". They pretend they represent transsexuals and change the Psych guidelines for who qualified under gender identity disorder and change it to gender dysphoria which they now claim includes them because they are not transvestite/cross-dressers but "transgender". They pretend to support the medical necessity of SRS for those of us born transsexual but they do NOT because there is nothing medically necessary in the life of a transvestite which is what 97% of the individuals covered by the term transgender. They use the 3% that are transsexual to obfuscate the fact they are pushing for transvestite rights.

Sadly, it is working in this new world of political correctness where "transsexual" is a bad word and "transgender" is the word of choice for all. They have made it possible for some to change their birth certificates and be designated female even with a penis yet they cannot understand it is just not that simple. One man, Colleen Francis, claims his Therapist told him that he was a lesbian which is odd because lesbians do not have dicks, 5 o'clock shadow, or male pattern baldness but then again lesbians are every heterosexual  males ultimate fantasy. Only a man could possibly think a lesbian would want a "girl" with a penis.  Only a gay man would think a "straight man" would want to play with their 7 inch neoclit because they are dressing as a woman or have oral sex with them. These simple facts are incontrovertible.

Is it possible to find a man that can accept a pre-operative transsexual as a girl?  Yes it is but they do not want to play with your penis or give you a blow job.  If they do they are a "tranny chaser" which is basically a gay man trying to fool himself into not accepting the fact he is gay. He is treating you as a gay man and to a transsexual that should be offensive.

So for all you full-time transvestites and want-to-be full-time transvestites life is more complicated than your simplistic look at the world. It really does not matter what you birth certificate says because you have a penis and a penis defines you as male regardless. Even if you weasel your way into women's spaces like Colleen Francis you will still be a pervert in a dress and you may harm kids by taking away their rights to Title IX money but your time will come and your payback is hopefully commensurate with your misdeeds. You have already given every group on the planet the poster asshole for denying "transgender" rights.

The transgender/transvestites of the world are just pathetic little men trying to force their particular fetish/perversion down the throats of society and it might have worked so far but the times they are a changing.

There is an old political saying that you states "cannot legislate against stupid" and in the case of these pathetic little men "they cannot legislate themselves female". As their wigs are pulled off by a wave in the Atlantic Ocean, as their 6-4 inch 270 pound bodies crammed into a miniskirt and 6 inch heels scream, and their 5 o'clock shadow proudly prove they are and always will be men playing girl.

They are pathetic little men playing a game they will never understand because they are insulting every woman on this planet and they cannot see it and never will. You will either be a gay man,  a celibate man, or even still function as a man, but you will never be female. You will always be pathetic, little, and worst of all the same misogynistic piece of shit you have always been and you will never, ever be accepted as female by anyone. You will always be the same pathetic little man you have always been.


Anonymous said...

It would not surprise me if these little pathetic men play the Intersex card as their last resort card that Steve Crecelius and Zoe allen brain do all the time. People are starting to wise up and take notice at these little pathetic men.

Anonymous said...

Ah, first husband a TV. Now I understand your staying power.

Perhaps it's cruel of me, but I am amused when a TV gets carried away with his fantasy and has SRS. Want to be transsexual? You might get your wish...the hard way.

- an old aunty

Stephanie said...

Your hate of anyone you deem different than you is not very ladylike. One would think that the many years of diversity you have seen in your life would cause you to understand that being different than you doesn't mean an attack on you. Your grudge against TV's should be channeled only to the one who hurt you, not the entire spectrum of transgendered people.

Apparently there is nothing positive in your life. Your posts are almost always negative, attacking people for being different. That doesn't paint a pretty picture of you.


Van Buren said...



Is a VERY broad and interpretable word, I suspect I'm "different" to Liz in a multitude of ways (no two women are alike or live exactly the same life) and I don't think she's ever had a negative word about me (that I know of, yet, at least not publically).

I think what you mean by your comment is:

DISLIKE (hate is a VERY strong word IMO) for anyone who LIES about being and living life as a woman and uses the transsexual medical condition to try and justify themselves as female when they clearly or NOT and have NO intention of being.

and as for her life experiences making he more tolerant of that and more compassionate to those people, I can't say I agree with you but then, that is just me; I've SEEN and I KNOW the the (12/14/18/20 year old girls) who's lives you all fuck up by being the lying sacks of shit you all are.

Anonymous said...

and just on cue, here comes another from the tee-gee parade (Stephanie) to engage in their mansplainin' and again engaging in the very male activity of telling peeps how to act and think.

Anonymous said...

Ah, "not very ladylike", the transvestite's favorite cudgel.

Stephanie said...

Ah yes. Always calling people names and making uninformed diagnostic proclamations about people you know nothing about makes you so "ladylike". I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

This post wouldn't bother the Tee-Gees if it wasn't true.

Come on guys get a pair and own up to what Elizabeth is saying or walk away and don't come back.
Nobody likes a sissy, except another cissy.
Isn't that right Autumn?


Anonymous said...

Let me see just what you are actually saying here Stephanie. Encouraging 50 year old men to screw up their lives and those of their wives and children through lies told not only to their families but also to themselves through some fantasy like delusion, is "positive" and "ladylike" While pointing out the fact that it is a lie and is delusional is somehow "Negative" and "unladylike" Clearly you have no concept of how downright stupid you sound.
I've seen hundreds like you over the years Stephanie and I pity each and everyone of you because of the lies you tell each other and the general public, real transsexuals and women have to endure a pure nightmare.

Stephanie said...

I don't encourage anyone to do anything in THEIR life. Nor do I discourage. I don't make assumptions about others, I let people live their own lives. The people on this blog do all of that by inserting their opinions on people they no nothing about. And for the life of me, I can't understand what "nightmare" you could possibly be living because of someone else that you claim are so different from you. I agree that there are certain men and women that exercise poor judgement when in public and I believe everyone that sees them knows what and who they are. The public in general are much smarter about trans issues than you give them credit for. I do not "pass"(I hate that word) very well, but I've had no problem in the past 7yrs. since I've transitioned. Someones opinion of me doesn't matter anyway. The only one that matters to me is my wife of almost 40yrs, and she sees, and says, that I'm a much better person than I was before transitioning. It doesn't matter your age when you say enough is enough and transition. Being happy with your life comes at different times in everyone's life. Mine just came later in life.
Are you a better person and happier since you transitioned?

Van Buren said...

Ok Steph, against my better judgement; I’ll bite!!

The people on this blog do all of that by inserting their opinions on people they no nothing about.

Firstly; it’s “KNOW”.
Secondly; it’s got NOTHING to do with “opinion” and with regards to being “trans” and that aspect of these people we apparently know nothing about; do you think none of the people here have met a hundreds of people just like yourself? Deluded, convinced they are or are supposed to be female.

Do you not think we’ve watched as the idiots often head off for SRS on a collision course with disaster? Do you not think our compassion has often caused us to do all we can to try and help them find satisfaction contentment with the life they have? even if that is hormonally modified but retaining their birth genitailia?

And for the life of me, I can't understand what "nightmare" you could possibly be living because of someone else that you claim are so different from you.

You’re DEAD RIGHT! you can’t! you have NO FUCKING IDEA AT ALL!!

The public in general are much smarter about trans issues than you give them credit for. I do not "pass"(I hate that word) very well, but I've had no problem in the past 7yrs. since I've transitioned. Someone’s opinion of me doesn't matter anyway. The only one that matters to me is my wife of almost 40yrs,

Three things! ONE! What exactly have you “transitioned” TO? the word “transition” implies you’ve changed or are in the process of changing from one thing to another, so WHAT exactly is it you think you are now? And how exactly do you KNOW you are that thing? What confirms that for you exactly?

TWO! I’d like to believe you when you say you don’t care what people think, but! if that is truly the case, the why is it you tow the TG line and are so desperate for “rights”, accommodations, and acceptance?

Three; YES! They are, and THAT is a problem for TS’s

I wish neither you nor anyone else ANY malice or difficulty, but you are NOT the same as me. And as for live and let live, I agree, and you and your ilk are fucking up the lives of me and mine, which is why we get pissed off here.

I personally don't think myself any better than ANYONE! but I certainly ain't the same as you.

Anonymous said...

How soon the Tee-Gees forget, they drove Mike Penner to suicide with their cheering him on to do something he wasn't suited or ready for.

Yes the blood is on your hands, you people are disgusting and care not for the lives you are ruining.


Anonymous said...

Here's a perfect example of pathetic little men who say dumb crap about intersex people

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with all of it, and also feel bad that because of bad genetic luck and the fact I live in a shitty country that doesn't cover anything, apart from having no family anymore to help me, no friends, and no job to pay for everything, I fall into the category of "6-4 inch 270 pound bodies" and the 5 o'clock shadow... I was thinking ov killing myself out of the frustration of being trapped with no way out apart from a miracle, but then I don't think the neighbours would like a rotting corpse next to them smelling out the block because no one would even notice I stopped breathing for 2 months!! Apart from that, I totally agree, and it's thanks to them out NHS doesn't cover our surgery (they only cover "boob jobs" because the transvestites deemed it the most important thing in HBS representation, and that SRS is only an estetical "if you want it" thing).

P.S. I would never even attempt a miniskirt, and with my height which I hate, usually wear flats or very small heels.

Anonymous said...

I've an acquaintance who's, as I recall, 6' 7". SRS helped her cope with the limitations of her life, but her life remains very hard. I've another friend who's 6' 3" she has done well. She did have to reduce her weight to about 150 pounds and have electrolysis that took years, but she was blessed with a good face and hairline. Neither received any family support or government assistance of any sort. It was not easy.

Life isn't fair.

Van Buren said...

Interesting anon 9:14, it was not easy??

You've spoken of your "friends" but what experience do YOU speak from? Why do you recount the (supposed) difficulties of these "others"? And what relavence did/do you think it would have to this post? (especially coming from an unknown source/entity, just curious?)

"fair" is a VERY (mis)interpretable word, similar to "lucky" and "privileged", the grass always LOOKS greener on the other side and I personally consider the concept behind ALL of the above words to be deeply seated in male thought, as to gauge ANY of them; one first has to veiw the world (in the way men typically do but women typically do NOT) with themselves at it's center.

Please pick a name.

Van Buren said...

and Anon 4:28; by 26 I was mostly bald, 5'11, 280lbs, had a tremendous amount of body hair, size 12 feet, big hands, was unemployed, and my family had just disowned me (due to me telling them I was a girl) so I was also pretty homeless.

I'm also from a country who's health service does not cover pretty much ANY of the treatment for this.

What's your excuse again?

What I think anon 9:14 was TRYING to say (even if they picked a poor way of attempting it) is: No-one can make it happen for you and if you NEED it, then not one single part of what you've written will make one iota of difference.

Anonymous said...

I forgot my tagline. 9:14 = an old aunty.

I'm a little younger than Liz and have been post-op and wood-worked happily and successfully most of my adult life.

My comments were directed to anon 4:28.

Young, short, good skin and with small features gave me a transition experience I can't compare to those who are tall and masculine. OTOH, I know several who have overcame limits possibly as bad as anon 4:28 and have reached a mental place they can dwell.

Life is not fair. You can live your life in a pity pit complaining about how unfair it is. Your choice. Can you have all you want? No. Can you have enough to make life seem worth living, 4:28? Maybe. What you write suggests you need therapy. Lots of therapy

I'm not a cheerleader. Mind may overcome matter or or matter may beat mind into ignominious defeat. Who are you? What do you want? What are you willing to give up? Can you live with compromise? How much compromise?

Van Buren said...

I hope I haven't offended you Aunty, it was not my intention and I typically have a great deal of respect for the comments you leave and the sense decorum and wisdom I feel they impart.

I understood (I think) what you were getting at and to an extent I agree, life is not "fair".

I do not suffer fools, pretenders or their excuses very well. I suspect it is a problem for me and have been trying hard to improve myself.

Best to you and yours.