Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More about Mr Robert/Michelle Kosilek the Wife Murderer

I love the assholes in the Transgender blog world.  I really do. Every time I think it is time to ignore their insanity and base stupidity I make the mistake of reading something on Transvestite-Central. These assholes have attached themselves to Mr Kosilek and his "need" for a sex change.

One site in particular PlanetTransgender is on Mr Kosilek's butt like they are one of the "Sisters" in MCI Norfolk. The PlanetTransgender blog is owned by a Kelli Busey who quite honestly I know not one thing about but I always smile when they announce themselves as the following:

I am a transgender Activist, blogger, author, organizer, rabble raiser and unsubstantiated rumour monger.

A little more history on Mr Kosilek and the Massachusetts penal system and in particular the MCI Norfolk prison which is the high security prison for the most violent of criminals plus some factual background on Mr. Kosilek.

Like most violent prisons MCI Norfolk has gangs and one of those gangs is the "Sisters" or the effeminate to gay group that congregates for protection. Some are transvestites like Kosilek and they protect themselves by moving in groups from the other prison gangs. Think about the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" where the "Sisters" were the violent gang and understand in the modern prison environment they are the lowest on the power rung. Mr. Kosilek according to the officials at MCI Norfolk is member of the "Sisters". What the "Sisters" actually are at MCI Norfolk is the "pseudo" women the male prisoners can take advantage of in a sexual manner.

Mr. Kosilek was never anything but a transvestite right up until the moment he massacred his wife. He murdered his wife so he could gain access to his wife's money because he was a cab driver and his wife made the money and was opposed to his cross-dressing. Mr. Kosilek went on a clothes buying spree after he butchered his wife and let there be no question he butchered her.

In the post referenced above Kelli makes the fatal mistake of quoting the great Australian Liar Zoe Alan Brain. In Zoe Alan Brain's comment she added Brain says Mr Kosilek offered to pay for his own SRS in 1993 which is interesting considering Mr Kosilek had no money of his own. He murdered his wife to gain access to her money and he lost all access to that money and has never had to pay a dime to any of his lawyers. All of the money was frozen and eventually given to her family since that was why he murdered his wife.

The real irony is the attempt by many, including Zoe Alan Brain, want to imply that the 8th Amendment to our Constitution is applicable here.  They are in error. Here is the wording.

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791, has three provisions. The cruel and unusual punishments clause restricts the severity of punishments that state and federal governments may impose upon persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense. The Excessive Fines Clause limits the amount that state and federal governments may fine a person for a particular crime. The Excessive Bail Clause restricts judicial discretion in setting bail for the release of persons accused of a criminal activity during the period following their arrest but preceding their trial.

Denying Mr Kosilek SRS is not cruel and unusual punishment. If the State of Massachusetts had the Death Penalty Mr Kosilek would have been executed since both the presiding judge and prosecuting attorney said it was one of the most vicious crimes they had ever seen perpetrated on a woman. She was nearly decapitated by the way. The 8th Amendment allows the Death Penalty and it has been upheld by the US Supreme Court. Personally I am opposed to it because usually it is used on the poor, indigent, and people of color. There are exceptions and in my opinion I would not have objected to Mr Kosilek's execution because the evidence was overwhelming and the crime was so vicious and premeditated. I was also not upset he was not executed.

Under the 8th Amendment prisoners are required to receive adequate medical care and adequate does not include SRS. Being jailed for life for butchering your wife does not mean you suddenly get a sex change. Up until Mr Kosilek was 40 he was simply a transvestite. He never attempted suicide or tried to cut his dick and balls off which he has claimed he has attempted in prison. Funny how Mr' Kosilek suddenly needed a sex change.

It is easy to learn the correct narrative and fool the Psychiatrists or Shrinks.  We see that every day in the transgender world. Mr Kosilek fooled them well.

Kelli is enraged with the decision of Barney Frank to support the State of Massachusetts right to appeal this decision. The State of Massachusetts had to appeal this in order to protect itself and the Constitution from misuse of the 8th Amendment.  It will be decided by the US Supreme Court eventually. The State of Massachusetts is now apparently going to be on the hook for Mr Kosilek's legal fees based on this decision by the Judge. Frances Cohen could be getting $500,000 plus in legal fees. Good lord how naive can you be Kelli. Barney has always been a douche-bag and a two-faced lying sack of shit. You know the Congressman who had no idea his boyfriend was running a gay prostitution ring out of the house they lived in together. The sack of shit that banged a male Congressional Page and got away with it while those that banged a girl got screwed and skewered by Barney.

It needs to be noted that the right to a sex change based on the 8th Amendment has been tried before. Inmates in Colorado, California, Idaho and Wisconsin have sued unsuccessfully to try to get the surgery, making similar arguments that denying it violates the U.S. Constitution's protection against cruel and unusual punishment. This ruling will be overturned on appeal.

The real irony here is how the transgender conveniently are omitting one of their basic tenets.  The one they are conveniently forgetting about is their belief that SRS is not medically necessary and depends on the person. Mr Kosilek suddenly required SRS after he was incarcerated for murder yet never sought help or treatment before he butchered his wife. Funny how that works. I always thought prison was punishment for your crimes and not somewhere where you fantasy became reality.

This case will first go to the US Court of Appeals and could eventually end up in the US Supreme Court where a clearer definition of the 8th Amendment and medical care needs to be examined. Hopefully they will stop this insanity. Murderers do not deserve to benefit from their crime.


Anonymous said...

I think the State of Mass will win this Appeal on the fact that the 8th Amendment does not require states to provide SRS to Inmates. On top of that, to quote out of all people. The Lying POS, Intersex wannabe, Zoe Alan Brain. It just goes to show how desperate the trans borg is in getting justification and legitimization.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Is it cruel and unusual punishment every time a convicted murderer looks in the mirror and doesn't like what they see? If this passes, what next? Breast augmentation surgery, nose jobs? We send murderers to jail to punish them, not reward them with expensive elective surgeries.

This is appalling, disgusting and pathetic. I can't believe any judge in their right mind would make this ruling.