Monday, October 29, 2012

Roseanne Barr vs. Colleen Francis and Trans Mafia

A little history for non Americans. Roseanne Barr is an American Comedian who had a very successful family comedy a while ago and was married to Tom Arnold the actor. She is a very left leaning politico who is also a stand-up comedian.

Roseanne has gotten into a twitter war of words with the Trans Mafia over Colleen Francis and a penis being appropriate in female only areas. It started rather quietly and innocuously as follows.

Nothing really earth shaking here because 95%(my guess) of America actually agrees with Roseanne that if "she" has a penis, she is not allowed in. Well, if I was to say it got really weird, then nasty, and then nastier after this it would be a gross understatement.

First off Roseanne Barr has every right in a free society to disagree with what Colleen Francis did. She has a right to express that view in her twitter world but it appears the Trans Mafia feels that you can only speak if you follow our mantra. In an attempt to be fair to Francis I am posting the absolute best picture I can find of her/him. Kind of reminds me of someone else that likes to wear a beret.

The entire twitter war devolved into an argument where the weirdness grew by the second. Some of the comments were priceless.

Lem K. ‏@Bookishbirdy
@TheRealRoseanne A penis attached to a man in a women's bathroom is extremely different than a penis attached to a woman. Get over yourself.

Under any circumstances that is hilarious and sad. It is the ongoing misogynist movement within the "trans" community to redefine a female/women with a penis as legitimate. It is not.

anarchic_teapot ‏@anarchic_teapot
Noiw replace "transgender" with "black", "jewish", "old", "lesbian", or "fuckwitted hag with zero brain" @TheRealRoseanne
No you are wrong.  Not the same thing.

Dennis M Elms ‏@DennisElms
@TheRealRoseanne @lindsay40k @terristrange But the bottom line is - ppl w/penises don't get to decide whether ppl w/o them are OK w/them.

A most rational comment.

Dennis M Elms ‏@DennisElms
@lindsay40k @terristrange @TheRealRoseanne When I am in a space for women,I get a hold of who's in charge & ask.Almost always, they're cool.
A rational and sensible way to handle it.

Lindsay Wheatcroft ‏@lindsay40k
@terristrange @therealroseanne Present statistics on rape of teens by transwomen, please. Numbers, rates, etc.
If it raises the possibility by 1 in 100,000 it is too much. If you want in our spaces it is simple. Wait until after SRS otherwise stay out.

Zhon Shotir ‏@ZhonShotir
@deviever @therealroseanne on behalf of men with penises: fuck you more
Roseanne Barr ‏@TheRealRoseanne
@deviever on behalf of women who don't- fuck u

Don't you mean on behalf of men in dresses pretending to be women?

Ruby Fruit ‏@RubyFruit2
the misogyny levelled @TheRealRoseanne for saying society should protect vulnerable women & girls says what this is about. War on women
Yes it is a war on women by men pretending to be women. Get a vagina and come on in, otherwise stay the heck out.

There is the link to her twitter page. There are some really nasty things being said yet everyone misses the point. Francis is a fetishistic transvestite deeply into BDSM, his own words, and I guess it matters whether he is the sub or not bit not to me. He self describes as enjoying his genitals and using them as a man but his "therapist" told him he was a lesbian. How convenient  that was!!!

The bottom line is not whether he is a threat to little girls and young women, he does like them young, but whether it is fair and equitable for men to be deciding what defines a woman and what is legally female. When a ultra liberal like Roseanne Barr says "that is wrong" you have to understand they have no real support other than their lies and deceitfulness that allowed these ridiculous laws to be passed. They always brush off the penis in the private female areas argument as superfluous but it is not.

Some of what was said to Barr is downright vicious.  Per usual it did devolve into a baseless argument where the "trans mafia" tries to shout down dissent with illusionary tactics ranging from calling Roseanne a "transmisogynist" to of course transphobic. If you disagree with them it is hate speech because they are always right and you are always wrong.

Colleen Francis is a rather reprehensible person who is hiding behind the "transgender" umbrella for his own fetishistic purposes. It is an absolute lie that he is considering SRS or is pre-operative but then in the "trans" world if you say it then it must be true. How convenient that is for the abusers and predators of the world. 99% of the transgendered are harmless but if you are a woman and not worried about the 1% that are not then you are a fool.  Obviously on this issue Roseanne Barr is not a fool.

A female with a penis is a contradiction unless of course you believe female should be redefined to allow for such an absurdity. I do not and neither do the vast majority of Americans unless of course you are the pathetic little men trying to force the redefinition.


Nicky said...

You should have seen them attacked an Intersex person as well. The Trans mafia simply tried to run out Intersex people like myself and tried to shut down intersex people by calling them transphobic to bigot.

Anonymous said...

As usual, about all I can say is 'urk'. Some of those comments are downright nasty; I'm just wondering how in the seven hells do we **ever** get past this social problem.

Easy for me to say; all the struggles to find 'accomodation' are in the long-distant past.

I continue to believe that identification, especially birth certificates, must reflect observed physical reality rather than someone's desire, however deeply-held.

Sign me,

head-shaking old elfchick from somewhere under the hurricane

Anonymous said...

"Who is anyone really fooling when it is said over and over again what is between your legs doesn't matter? Isn't the most obvious question to ask someone who had sex reassignment surgery why they went to such great trouble to change what was between their legs? If it isn't important how could anyone advocate for its coverage by medical insurance as non cosmetic surgery. Are people who dismiss the significance of SRS allies of people who are transsexual? Aren't such people working against the interests of people who are transsexual?

Many of the people you say we should be allied with are the same ones pointing the finger at others insisting such things as, "you only did this because you had a body mapping issue." . . . " You have a penis that was sliced open and shoved up inside of you to SIMULATE a vagina." . . . You're vagina isn't self lubricating" . . . Do you consider people like these to be allies of people who have a need to reject a sex assignment and be physically and legally reassigned their sex? There is enormous hostility among trans people for transsexual people who go through SRS. Such people work against the interests of people who are transsexual. Such people are ignorant of just how many kinds of vaginoplasties there are and the wide variety of woman who have them and how outcomes vary.

People are assigned a sex based on objective identification based on external genitalia. People who are transsexual have feelings of incongruence that is as physiological as it is anatomical. You can't separate anatomy from physiology.

Either you agree that people who are transsexual can change sex and respect those who do unequivocally as the males or females that they transition to, which it is possible to do while respecting those who would wish to remain one of the many varieties of "trans"that do not include post transsexual people or your stance toward them is hostile when one considers the proactive needs of those born transsexual who are very different than those who do not have those same needs."

Posted by Edithrua as a comment here:

Stephanie said...

There's a time and place for everything. In a female place that includes nudity, girls who haven't had SRS should consider the feeling of the women that will see them. I respect the feelings of others. I would never go into a place where my privates would be on display. Just saying.....


Anonymous said...

I believe in the inalienable propriety of no-penis spaces.

The great majority of penis bearing "women" are transvestites at fantasy play. The have no right of intrusion. Yes, there are TS women who can't have surgery for some reason. Their unfortunate circumstance doesn't trump the right of women to penis-free space.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

"Inalienable propriety", indeed! If I meet someone like Colleen Francis, unclad, in a women's sauna space or within a changing-room, I suspect that my immediate reaction would be to scream, loudly, followed by gathering up my things and leaving, never to return to that place.

As a rape survivor, I don't for even a minute expect the Patriarchy to respect my feelings, but I certainly do anticipate that I'd continue to act for my own survival.

There's much to be said for leading a quiet life in the background.

Sign me,

an increasingly-resistant elfchick