Monday, October 8, 2012

Colleen Francis

Well it has finally happened. A "transgender woman" has infiltrated a girls facility and openly been found in a female only Sauna that was used by the facility for girls swim teams and other female students. Ms Francis is still packing a penis yet found it offensive that she was asked to leave to an area where high school age children were present. Here is the story and link.

The facility was at a local college and in its infinite wisdom the Olympia Washington school officials have sided with Ms Francis and a penis and the two girl's High School swim teams have been stripped of the Title IX rights so Ms Francis can relax in women's facilities in his comfort while the girls were restricted to a smaller and less useful locker room.

Do not young women have the right to dress and undress without the eyes of a "transgender woman" ogling them? Now I can honestly say I doubt Ms Francis is a big threat but look at his picture and picture yourself in a dressing room with that standing there with his male parts visible.  It is both offensive and demeaning to the young women.

What is even more demeaning is the loss of Title IX for these teams which hurts them so Ms Francis can live out her fantasy. Ms Francis is a self defined lesbian and feminist but instead of doing the right thing here and simply NOT pushing this she did that because we all know little men never like to be denied their fantasy.

In the State of Washington a man in a dress trumps Title IX for women and that is sad but then it is the State of Washington and we are in all honesty dealing with a man here. I cannot think of a single pre-operative transsexual I have ever know that would have done this and in fact some "transgender" rights people are upset about this and they should be. If I was an opponent of any gender identity laws in the United States then I would simply point to this situation because the last time I was in a sauna with my girlfriends clothing was not an option. Modesty might mean a towel but somehow I doubt Ms Francis is modest.

By the way I received this information in a comment on another post so thanks for the information.


Anonymous said...

I can only hope this becomes the impetus for a repeal of any provision of law that allows for pre-operative changes of sex markers on drivers licenses and birth certificates.

I also found it peculiar that the claim was raised by officials that State law trumps Title IX given that a number of court decisions in other arenas have often held that federal law trumps State law except where the State law is more restrictive. And I fail to see how ANY court, even one on the West Coast, could ever find that the rights of a fetishist male under State law trump the federal Title IX rights of female athletes.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is 'ick'.

Sign me,
one very disgusted elfchick
[who vastly prefers that penii appear in their proper context, which *does not* include women's changing-rooms, saunas, or loos.]

Anonymous said...

What shocks me the most is that I had expected it to be Sandeen to be the one to screw it up for everyone else by pulling a stunt like this, and yes, it will likely lead to many states reviewing the laws that allow gender marker changes for pre-op transsexuals.

In researching this clown, I saw that just two years ago, he was calling himself a fetishistic male, very much into kink. He has already deleted one of his blogs due to rather telling admissions he made in them, though not fast enough, and has been deleting content from others. He wants the world to think that he is just a normal pre-op transsexual woman, when he is nothing of the sort. He has a sexual fetish and claims that taking estrogen makes him feel "tired and very horny". Those are his own admissions.

I don't know of a single pre-operative transsexual woman who wants to be seen naked in public, but these transgenders are getting really bold anymore about shoving their fetish in everyone's face.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the resemblance to Sandeen? The hat the frizzy hair.

These people are dangerous. Before long there is going to be a case of indecent assault by one of these degenerates. One more innocent woman who will suffer because authorities were too busy protecting men's "rights! The whole thing disgusts me more than I can express in mere words.

When you view the comment section beneath the article the TG machine is right in there with their claims of "Has a RIGHT to be there" and equating these issues to racial equality. One has nothing whatsoever to do with the other.


Anonymous said...

The good news is that this guy will add fuel to the fiery backlash that is sure to come.


Van Buren said...

I don't know of a single pre-operative transsexual woman who wants to be seen naked in public, but these transgenders are getting really bold anymore about shoving their fetish in everyone's face.~Anon.


This is what I simply can't fathom, all these dipshits (it seems) have no problem with even just the idea of exposing themselves.

I used to dread that I was required to change for gym at school, the days I had gym where always "bad" days.

You can only "forget" your gymn clothes so often and for so long before it's made to matter.

So picture a 14 year old kid crying their way to school on the school bus, terrified of that part of the day ahead and then tell me that these assholes are anything like "us".

Miz Know-It-All said...

The ONLY silver lining I can see in this debacle is in the comments, a sentiment I read again and again. No surgery? No access to women's space! The public isn't buying all this non sense about "gender markers" and "identity" any more than we do! So while it might make things a little harder for a real deal in transition in the short term Stunts like this may be exactly what it is going to take to end the TG redefining of female!

Anonymous said...

This will backfire on the trans and give more ammunition to people to tighten gender laws and they can blame the Trans for screwing it up for themselves

Anonymous said...

This dude is a real peace of work. Sandeen got his start in being Tee-Gee from his stint in the fetish community. This is no surprise these freaks are everywhere.

I am glad to see this get national attention.
Time for a house cleaning.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps their squalling about their 'right' to be in there would make more sense if they were not forcing female athletes to lesser facilities. But leave it to the men in frocks to forget the manner in which Title IX applies to athletic programs in the educational arena.

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance..."

And since the girls are swimming for a high school program, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that federal financial assistance exists and probably is used at least in part to pay the lease agreement with the college.

Oh silly me- I forget. All things female are irrelevant to the middle-age male cross-dresser who wants to claim the title of 'woman' so they get closer to adolescent females.

Kathryn Dumke said...

"He started wearing a low-dose estrogen patch two years ago and has written that he has no intention of ever getting “sex reassignment” surgery, stating “Yes, I still have those parts too, although they aren’t disgusting for me. I’ve never hated then. I saw LONG ago, in childhood that those were what I was given, and beung the very, very sexual creature that I was/am, I used them. Enthusiastically. I decided not to be robbed of the blessing of sexuality simply because I came wrapped in the wrong package.” [sic]"

Direct quote from an article on gender trender which is referenced in one of the comments. Makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Here's more reporting done on this creep by Cathy Brennan

I'll also note that their are some trans where I go to college are defending creeps like this one and saying the same line that the TG borg is pushing. Makes you wonder when the push back will happen

Miz Know-It-All said...

What still gets me... He says he feels like a woman right? So how is it he cannot fathom why, despite how he "feels," that exposing a naked male body to "other women" and more so to teen aged girls in what is suppose to be a safe place for women would be upsetting and troubling?

And even more so that he is not the least bit apologetic about it! No "I'm surgery tracked but have not gotten the money together yet" or even the most basic, "it was so embarrassing!" No he stands there in all his glory on the news proclaiming it was his RIGHT to do this!

Sorta speaks volumes about how much of a "woman" he and all the rest just like him are doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

In his own words....

Miz Know-It-All said...

I just had an online exchange with one of "Our Activists" about M. Francis. Seems the problem is I'm "expressing my own internalized trans-phobia, stemming from my undeserved and ill-gained passing privilege!" Well there ya go! It's not about one having male or female genitalia. It's about the ill-gained passing privilege all those women and girls in the locker room have! Get with the program Liz! This has nothing to do with a functioning penis and testicles, the lack of breasts, the bald head (remember M, Francis was in a sauna) or any other "masculine" characteristics... Nope M Francis is just as much a female as the rest of em, just lacking in passing privilege is all...

Excuse me but I am suddenly feeling a wee bit sick, mind if I go and exercise my "passing privilege" in the bath? Urppp...

Erika Marie said...

wld u be willing to help impoverished trans women pay for surgery?

Elizabeth said...

A friend and I help teenage transsexuals through the process with their families and yes we pay for everything.

I do not know what a "trans woman" is but simply put we only help children. So sorry but no we would not help a trans woman.

Anonymous said...

When everyone wake up and just stop trying to be so PC and admit that a person born w/ a penis is a male, that "gender" is not a transversable avenue? What we are born as, we stay as our entire life. If you were to chop off a person's arms and legs, they are not then transformed into a snake. If you attach barbie arms and legs to a snake, it hasn't become a human. Hope that this is clarifying.