Monday, October 1, 2012

A Man By Any Standards Known

The National Geographic Channel has a show called Taboo and has dealt with those born transsexual before and has added a new one for those claiming to be transgender although in all honesty it was a mix of both. There was one part that both bothered me bu also gave me hope and that hope is the ability to at least point to someone or maybe something that clearly defines what we born transsexual are certainly not.

A man by any standards known.

This is Chris Tina who was a male body builder who now defines himself as "female" and a "female" body builder who had breast implants and now claims to be "female" while openly showing his male "bulge". Chris has no intention of removing his dick and balls which of course "do not define" his gender.

Sorry Chris but it does define your sex and your gender when you show your male bulge in public as you did during this show. Shows like this are made for sensationalism and this dipshit certainly supplied that.

Chris is a man and he can take his DD implants and his "package" and call himself anything he wants to but what bothers me about this report on the Huffington Post is the implied impression that this is actually a valid concept for a female.  I have never been much of a fan of the Huffington Post because journalistic integrity has never been something they worry about but then who does on the internet.

The National Geographic Channel has given every conservative organization in America a clearly defined example of why we are not transgender and why it is an insult to be associated with this misogynistic piece of garbage and most of the remainder of the transgender umbrella supporters.

The one thing I wonder about is how they find these freaks but then there seem to be plenty around.  Thankfully for all this video is around a minute in length so the gag factor is significantly lowered.

I would say "enjoy" but how???


Anonymous said...

I think this is a good thing, it shows them for what they truly are, deep voice, package, and all.
Autumn Sandeen on Steroids.

Anonymous said...

Th truth is, I like this guy. e is happily upfront about his 'hybrid', (IE 3rd gender), status.

He is an outstanding example of MtT, or TG.


Anonymous said...

Misogyny is only a way of interpreting it, a way to attack him if you will. Often unfairly demonizing transpeople that may unfortunately make others feel like their legitimacy may come under attack if associated with. An intra-trans dispute of superficial highgrounds.

Anonymous said...

I though this story may interest you and seeing who's pushing within the trans borg.

Olympia WA School Officials: State Gender Identity provision overrides Title IX Equality for Girls Swim Teams

Transgender woman told to leave women’s locker room

Colleen Brenna Francis