Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Silence is Deafening over Colleen Francis!!!

It is in so many ways both disturbing and informative how the "trans" activist community has handled the Colleen Francis case.  How have they handled this instance or discussed it? They have not and that says more than any words can say.

There was one report on T-Central that was opposed to this asshole but other than that the silence was and still is deafening. This is an interesting site where Francis was interviewed.  Like most in the transgender world Mr. Francis has a difficult time keeping the facts of his life straight and has attempted like many other frauds to concoct a story based on what those truly born transsexual have live. He claims to have realized that he was a girl at three but in this same article says he struggled with gender expression and cross-dressing until he "realized at 43 he had to be a girl. If you knew you were a girl why was there a struggle?

Unlike most older transsexuals who immediately start a blocker along with estrogen Mr. Francis is only on a "low" dosage patch. The other big thing is Mr. Francis loves his cock and uses it because he has one yet says in the same article he is a girl and he is a female. Like most men he is confused about all of this.  For a clear picture of Mr. Francis go to his OK Cupid page.

He claims on this site he was never "genitally focused" yet he likes to use his cock because he has one and defines himself as a lesbian and a feminist. Mr Francis is a contradiction. There were other websites where his self described kinky side was expressed and it was primarily BDSM but those were purged.

He likes curvy girls from 18-60 so we know what he was doing in a sauna that high school girls on the swim team used. The real question is why make the obvious choice to be there when they were training? One can only assume it was deliberate. I do suggest you read his cupid page and if you are not creeped out I suggest you are too stunned to be creeped out.

Mr. Francis espoused on other sites that he had zero intentions of having his genitals altered and it is quite apparent Mr. Francis is fast and loose with both the facts of his life and the truth of his life. I have to honestly say I feel a little ill at ease even referring to him as transgendered but unfortunately he is and they own him whether they like it or not.

The few blogs that have covered this have been mixed but there have been several very conservative blogs and one can be sure they will have this nutcase ready to bring up when the "trans" activists try and push through another "transgender" or "gender identity" rights law because any parent that would want this is brain dead.

It is not a "teaching" moment when a man sits exposed in a sauna used by any women but it is particularly inappropriate when it is a mixed group of under age girls and other girls who have just come of age. Mr Francis does like them 18-60 so one does have the right to assume he was looking at the "talent" available.  I find it a little sickening to think that way but I knew this moment would happen because fetishistic transvestites, he self described as that early on, are exhibitionists at heart and we all know he knew the University was stupid enough to tolerate this because they had already tolerated him.

If you read  the links the other shocking revelation is this man, who likes to use his cock, was allowed to be part of the vagina monologues student presentation.  What the heck does this asshole know about a vagina other than he likes to stick his dick in one?

I wonder why Suzan at Women Born Transsexual/Transgender has not opined on this subject, Diana and her little corner of Connecticut, Transgriot, Dysonnance, Chrysti's Condo, Femulate, and all the other toadies pushing transgender bullshit on Transvestite-Central? Their silence tells it all, it implies support or possibly that they want it to go away because we all know transgender people are never a threat.

Most of them were on the wife murderer Kosilek's ass trying to push for his "well deserved" sex change paid for by the citizens of Massachusetts. Isn't this the teaching moment they all pray for. I mean Diana of Connecticut had one when her wig came off when a wave surprised her on Long Island.  I wonder if it was Fire Island?

Look at the mug on Mr. Francis and realize he rarely wears makeup and has had no facial hair removal as seen by his 5 o'clock shadow and extremely rough  facial skin.  Mr Francis describes himself as a very sexual person who is very interested in sex so why was he sitting in a sauna frequented by girls? I think we all know why.

The sad thing is Title IX is the only law that allows girls to have equal access to sports as boys do. It provides girls with the ability to compete in sports and learn about competition and striving to be better. Title IX can directly result in young girls gaining self respect. My daughter played multiple sport in High School and softball in college little of which would have been available without Title IX because male sports were where the money was spent. Sports helped her in so many ways.

The rights of a "trans" woman, assuming one makes the leap that this is a woman, should never usurp the rights of any woman and one of those rights is the sanctity of female dressing areas, showers, saunas, and other places like these. Well they have finally done so and some girls have been harmed. It will certainly not end here as they will be emboldened by the success of Mr. Francis.

Mr Francis is a self described lesbian and feminist but in reality is a man that loves his cock and loves using it which kind of fits in with the nature of the heterosexual fetishistic male cross-dresser prevalent on Transvestite-Central.

The simple truth is this really is a "teaching moment". It should teach mainstream America that passing non-specific gender identity access laws is potentially very dangerous and onerous for their children and older women. Mr. Francis provides a clear and perfect example of what can result from laws that are not precise in there definition.

On a personal note this bothers me because it implies those of us born transsexual would do the same thing as Mr. Francis. We would not and I will explain why.

When you are born transsexual it is quite clear something is wrong in short order to all of us. Even before I realized the physical differences between boys and girls I found that area weird.  I hated touching it and in my life I always sat down to pee. Even at a young age I did this even though I did not understand why. When I realized those parts were not what they should be I knew they had to be fixed and that was a big issue for me and is and has been for the kids I have been involved helping.

I admit I had major advantages because it was easier to pass as a girl than as a boy.  I was born that way and it was how it was and resulted in some dumb decisions involving life and death, for me. In school I always went to the bathroom during class out of fear. The first time I entered a female restroom my mother took me in because the male restroom would never have worked where we were in Scotland. On the rest of the vacation whenever we were together we went into the restroom together.

I knew in my soul I was a girl but I also knew physically I was not, at this point in my life. It was a conundrum because I could not change in front of boys in gym and I was embarrassed that my  body was wrong for a girl at the same time. In college the University said I could use the female bathrooms or certain single occupancy facilities in buildings. I would have loved to have used the multiple pools available for swimming but I could not.  I could not change in the boys lockers because hormones had changed me for the better and I could not change in the girls locker because in one area I was wrong and I felt I had no right to impose those issues on other females. In my opinion it was simply a matter of courtesy until I had SRS.

Even in Texas after college it was difficult but why would I subject another female to my birth defect. When I transitioned in NYC in late 1969 I felt the same way. I admit I was making a "filthy" amount of money working for my Uncle and I lived well but I only used the bathrooms. Right above my apartment was the roof top swimming pool where the picture was taken. I never went near it until after SRS.

Why? Because I felt my body was just so wrong and not until it was corrected would I feel comfortable being myself. After SRS I was unafraid of being seen by anyone because I was correct. Over the years my girl friends and I have spent weekends at spas where we were naked together and I have never been ashamed of my female form because it was my correct form.

Mr Francis and his ilk seem to feel it is their right to inflict their maleness on girls and women whether we want it or not because they are as female as we are. That is the delusion they believe in because it is the delusion that allows them to redefine what female is. If you read the blogs the transvestites are slowly trying to redefine themselves as female. It is deliberate and it is purposeful in its intent. In their pathetic world one's gender equates to one's sex which is incorrect medically but look up gender and see how they have usurped the definition. Gender is fluid and sex is binary yet they see no dichotomy in declaring gender and sex are equivalent.

They universally identify as lesbians while in reality they are  simply heterosexual full-time fetishistic transvestites looking to get laid in a way that objectifies women in an obscene way sexually. They contend their cocks are neoclits and lesbian women should accept this as fact and accept them as sexual partners while overlooking the fact their engorged clit is 7 inches long and meant for penetration. Some even claim their dicks are just "really" strapons that are warm and realistic.  Can a strapon get you pregnant?

Only a man could look at this bizarre scenario and consider it rational. Well, actually only a fetishistic heterosexual male transvestite because most men would puke over the very thought which i gather is okay but we women must accept it as factually accurate. I love my lesbian sisters as friends but I am damn glad I am straight because if I was lesbian and confronted with that shit I would give the asshole a really cheap "sex change".


Van Buren said...

I honestly wish I could do justice to my deep seated level of personal revolt and disgust over all of this in a comment here, but sadly a comment can only convey a certain (and totally insufficient) amount of true emotion and is far too easily dismissed.

Kathryn Dumke said...

Going back to something Miz said in your previous thread,what makes my skin crawl is the immodesty and blatant disregard of appropriate behavior of it all which should not come as a surprise given his interviews etc.

It's disgusting!

Anonymous said...

""I wonder why Suzan at Women Born Transsexual/Transgender has not opined on this subject, Diana and her little corner of Connecticut, Transgriot, Dysonnance, Chrysti's Condo, Femulate, and all the other toadies pushing transgender bullshit on Transvestite-Central? Their silence tells it all, it implies support or possibly that they want it to go away because we all know transgender people are never a threat.""

The answer should be obvious, the above ether are just like this asshole or they support this asshole. In the case of Cooke she has supported this kind of asshole even back in her early internet days. I believe none of them to be real legitimate transsexuals, even Cooke. They are all fetishistic transvestites.


Anonymous said...

It honestly creeps me out that their are trans activist and trans supporters within the LGBT community who are defending what Mr Francis is doing. It boggles my mind as to why would anyone in the LGBT community defend this creeps actions and thinking what this creep is doing is ok. It's sure going to give Conservatives and the anti Trans crowed enough ammunition to repeal gender identity laws and trans rights. The whacked out trans only have people like Mr Francis to blame for not getting any rights.

Elizabeth said...

Actually Suzan was a very beautiful young transsexual and has had SRS. For some reason she has crossed over to the transgender side although I am not sure if she is bright enough to truly understand what transgender really encompasses. She actually told me transvestites are not transgender.

It is hard going through life as a left wing commie anarchist in a society that is inherently opposed to such bullshit.

The rest are all kissing cousins to Mr Francis.

Anonymous said...


Me thinks Suzan is drinking her own Kool-Aid. LGBT people to start with are abnormal, only making up 10% of the population society tolerates them even though the greater society doesn't have to. Abnormal people tend to make abnormal choices and tend to keep to themselves. They go to whatever lengths to normalize their abnormality even if that means destroying long held values in society, like men's and women's spaces being separate.

Sandeen in 2005 said he wanted to destroy the gender binary he shared that desire with his one time roommate and several others in the San Diego aria.

I understand it is politically incorrect to call these people abnormal but they are, if they were the majority of humankind the species would have died out thousands of years ago.

The only reason the gays and lesbians put up with the bisexuals and transvestites is for their willingness to support their cause.
If they didn't support the gay cause they would be out on their ear.
The gays and lesbians still feel there is some value in having the Tee-Gees under their wing (political control) Barny Frank had no use for them, maybe the brightest bulb in the box.

We live our lives as normal women, we like boys, we enjoy doing what women do who are not born with our birth defect. They the Tee-Gees don't have the same feelings we do, they have no desire to live in society that is heteronormitive. They are part of that ten percent of the population that sees normal relations with the opposite sex as somehow wrong, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Talk to anyone from the LGBT community for any length of time and you will see what I mean, their whole outlook is somehow, some way very different from the average person.


Anonymous said...

" ammunition necessary to defeat "trans rights"

What exactly are"trans rights"?
The right to cross dress in public?
That 'right' already exists. No law against it.

The right to violate the privacy of women like this perv from Olympia did, with an eye for a lawsuit? NO! He should be prosecuted for indecent exposure.

Otherwise every and any 'flasher' need do is claim TG "identity" and invade any private place with impunity. I am not prepared to accept that sane civil people, no mater how 'liberally progressive' they might be, are prepared to accept that.

This really needs to go viral.


Van Buren said...

Not here to derail or start a fight but I can't stand ignorance.

I'm NOT defending Suzan, and I most certainly do NOT agree with her stance on most things, in fact I find her "all inclusive" approach dangerous and very damaging to the needs of TS born females, but even if SHE might not understand her own motivations (personally, and I honestly suspect she doesn't) I suspect I can understand why she is like she is and has the perspective she does.

We are all a product of our upbringing and the life we've each had to live. Never judge or cast aspersions onto someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

As for Suzy Cooke, it is my belief that running away to SF as a young child and falling in with the G/L crowd, and her subsequent rejection by them, is what caused the initial feelings of persecution, self loathing and contribute to those difficulties she seems to have experienced in assimilating to modern society.

These have been further exacerbated by that anarchist philosophy which so distorts her thinking.


Miz Know-It-All said...

Oh fer shits sake!
The reason Suzan Cooke is doing what Suzan Cooke is doing is easy! For all her rhetoric about socialism, she is taking a good old fashioned pragmatic whack at capitalism and banking her old age and retirement on the book she is writing, and with it, hopefully many many speaking engagements with their generous honoraria! BUT... if that is to ever happen she has to listen to her masters voice and in the here and now, say the things that will both generate sales and get her booked into those engagements. Ergo, she parrots a hard line of transgender support even when it runs completely contrary to the interests of not just her sisters but to all women!

As for Mr, Francis, he's a deluded and twisted puppy who could use some serious and long term therapy! Which he is never going to get... instead, having been told exactly what he wanted to hear in "therapy." He is going to continue just as he is! Another transgenderist cheer leader urging all the other transgenderist lemmings off the cliffs of transition! Ya know, it's easy to wish him and the other deluded swinging dick old fools exactly what they are going to get when the back lash comes, and as long as there are fools like him, it is coming... and while I can as a caring human almost, a-l-m-o-s-t feel a touch of sympathy for him, it's far out shadowed by what I feel for the young transsexuals who are going to be body slammed into the pavement by what the freckless TG have sown with these moronic stunts!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of derailing, I have to take some measure of offense to comments from NYF as they relate to the gay and lesbian population. That happens to be MY community and it has been since I was in junior high. I also happened to have been born with the debilitating transsexual medical condition and being lesbian created issues with getting competent care in my teens. The condition was cured in my early 20's.

That being said, it is disingenuous to presume that we find the Tee-Gees to have any viable use. I don't know of many who find them to have any viable reason to be trying to coattail on the gay and lesbian political train.

Further, it is not that we find sex with persons of the opposite sex to 'be wrong.' It just isn't for us. Just as you were apparently wired for sex with boys, some of us were wired in a manner that we simply have no desire for that and prefer the company of same-sex partners. For me this held true even in junior high- the few real crushes I had were on girls who later came out as yeah, gaydar functioned even back then.

The fact that we may be in a minority does NOT mean that gays and lesbians support the tearing down of sex-segregated space. I don't know of any women who actually support the Francis' or the Witherspoons or the Kosileks or the Sandeens of the world. If you have been paying attenion, the lesbian community tends to face immeasurable amounts of shit from the tee-gees precisely because we refuse to see their penis as a neo-clit or a human dildo and because we have absolutely no interest in them sexually or even to want them in our sex-segregated spaces. And too many of the middle-aged freaks still exude male privilege once they cast their family and career aside at the age of 50 or 60 and decide that they were 'always a woman.'

A significant majority of the gay and lesbian community is just as normal as any cross-section of the heterosexual community. And the actions of the fuckwits like Francis piss us off just as much as they do straight women.

Anonymous said...

If I can add my twopennyworth here. I wish the last "Anonymous" had given a name or initial to refer to refer too, because what she said makes perfect sense to me from what little I know of the Gay and Lesbian community. I thank her for setting that record straight. I made the error of reading every comment over at gendertrender and so much of what those ladies had to say about this Francis POS was on the nail it's not funny. They have him pegged. The trouble is the majority of those ladies do not recognise any difference between a genuine case of transsexuality and the Francis out and out fraud or indeed anything in between. They may not despise a genuine TS in the same way they do a fraud like Francis but much like some of the extreme like religious groups they don't believe TS can exist.

Back to the point of Liz's post: essentially with this Washington/Francis issue we are back to the thorny "Bathroom" debate albeit at the extreme. The TG blogs are not touching Francis because in their eyes Francis won out and it was the women who were ejected from their own space. This is why they are not going near it why should they continue a fight they've already won?

To say that fact sickens me is an understatement. I simply take solace in the fact that none of it can actually touch my life as it stands right now. USA is a long way from where I am located right now and so is any of this bulldust. For me the whole controversy and the whole debate is an intellectual excersise separate from my life. It is certainly how I treat it, all of it.
What saddens and sickens me is that political correctness will allow Colleen Francis and all who jump on his bandwagon to ride roughshod over all decent and innocent women and that is an injustice that makes my blood boil.


Black Swan said...

If you could take a moment and stop your nit-picking a freak fallacy. Why not do something productive and put this in your social network please.

World Health Organization: Trans people aren't sick!

They almost have enough signed.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Wow BS!
Long time no hear and sure, I'd be more than happy to sign on, but would you mind doing me a wee favor first and telling me exactly what "trans people" are? Cause if Mr Francis is your example... then me thinks he's barking mad!

Anonymous said...

Calling out a sick freak who was clearly perving on young women is hardly "nit-Picking" WPATH is a purely transgender organisation and I will have nothing whatever to do with it. I urge everyone else to do the same.

If Colleen Francis is transgender then trans people are sick. That's all I have to say about THAT!


Miz Know-It-All said...

@ Anon, 10:04 AM
You truly have my deepest sympathies! It's bad enough when the transsexual narrative is stolen then parroted back in some sort of Cargo Cultish Pidgin, but to have your sexuality stolen and morphed as well? That's an over the top insult! I mean Mr "I Love My Swinging Dick" Francis is of course, a "Lesbian!" That he always has been and always will be straight seems to elude him just as it does that his having and more so, loving his penis makes him forever male. Just as it seems, is every last one of his swinging dick ilk! Of course they are all missing the fact that our, "our" being transsexuals, sexual preference demographics match the rest of the human population!

No wonder the lesbian community is so confused about us!

Anonymous said...

NYF said;

Well look who's back.
I am not surprised to see Black Swan side with this sick fuck given BS's history.
Another one of the fetishists who has proclaimed I'll keep my swinging dick.

And to think you had the chance to prove my and others feelings about you wrong, and didn't.

Please hawk your Tee-gee Kool-Aid welsher.


Anonymous said...

@ Cassandraspeaks & MKiA

The World Health Organization "WHO" is not WPATH. See

According to the petition the term "trans" appears to mean transgender, transsexualism, transsexuality and transsexuals respectfully that require medical care. I would read it first before you judge it. It's about removing the diagnosis as a mental illness.


Anonymous said...

I am all for removing the diagnosis of mental illness on legitimate transsexuals, Tee-Gees and fetishists ?
Hell NO they are sick in my opinion.

Kathryn Dumke said...

Cassandra, most surgeons require Wpath standards of care having been followed to obtain clearance for surgery (at least in North America).

The standard of care for persons diagnosed with transsexualism is:

Sex Reassignment is Effective and Medically Indicated in Severe GID. In persons diagnosed with transsexualism or profound GID, sex reassignment surgery, along with hormone therapy
and real-life experience, is a treatment that has proven to be effective. Such a therapeutic
regimen, when prescribed or recommended by qualified practitioners, is medically indicated and medically necessary. Sex reassignment is not "experimental," "investigational," "elective,"
"cosmetic," or optional in any meaningful sense. It constitutes very effective and appropriate
treatment for transsexualism or profound GID.

The criteria for eligibility are:

-Age of majority
-12 months hormones
-12 months RLE
-psychotherapy if deemed necessary, this criterion is not an absolute eligibility criterion.
-knowledge of cost, recovery time, possible complications
-Awareness of competent surgeons performing the procedure.

The readiness criteria are:
-Demonstrable [certainty = applied in practice] or consolidation in ones gender identity;

-satisfactory control of personal problems such as sociopathy, substance abuse, psychosis, suicidality.

Can you tell me (and I don't mean the organization but the criteria) why you consider this "transgender".

At least from a funding perspective a threshold must be defined in order for governments to make funding decisions in case of transsexuality.

It would appear that they recognize "severe GID" (Type IV to Type V) and transsexualism (Type VI) as valid classifications. {the equivalent to Harry Benjamin's scale is mine].


Anonymous said...

It appears Dumke can not only read, but parrot as well.

How trans*

Anonymous said...

Just Jennifer,

I just wanted to thank you for standing up for women against pervs like Colleen Francis. I am sickened by the amount of people who are standing up for HIM!

CL said...

I'm a 64 year old heterosexual male with zero pervert tendencies. Are you people telling me I can walk into that same girls locker room, bathroom and sauna area that Francis is in, and when questioned by anyone all I have to say is "I'm a woman", and keep repeating it demanding my right to be there, and there is nothing anyone can do because as long as I just say "I'm a woman" I'm within my rights?

I'm not a woman, I'm a man, anyone can see that. But you people in the community you are in have fought for these laws, and now we have to live with this nonsense?

Our poor children, what have you done?

Elizabeth said...


It is not quite that simple CL but it also is not that hard. Just look at Francis. Amazing how a little makeup and some ugly old women's cloths can make a man look even more like a man but yes in that city or county it is easy.

I have fought against this insanity so please do not include me with them and they are most certainly not in any community I would belong to.

You should be afraid for our children, because all it takes is one predator and believe me they are out there lurking.