Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playing the Transgender Game and Ramblings

A funny thing happened on my attempt to avoid all this transgender bullshit we are faced with on a daily basis, I made the mistake of posting the Kosilek story and then followed the story as the transgender crowd caught up with it on Transvestite-Central. Monica Roberts, of TransGriot, claims it brings up the medical necessity of SRS in treating transgender patients which is kind of odd since dear Monica transitioned in 1994 and is still packing a penis and claims her boyfriends like her 7 inch neoclit. One question Roberts.  If SRS is necessary for prisoners in jail why is it not necessary for you?

All of the penis packing transgender crowd have come out in favor of this despicable piece of shit getting state funded SRS even though he has no chance of ever getting out of jail because it is medically necessary. They all seem to miss the very cogent point that necessity for a dirtbag like Kosilek would seem to indicate it would be necessary for them or are they special cases?

I wonder if they will demand that Mr. Kosilek be granted the right to save his sperm since SRS is actually forced sterilization? The entire Transgender community smacks of hypocrisy on this issue and so many others it is in many ways very humorous.

In so many ways it is like the Pro-Life verses pro-Choice sides. They are both hypocritical and I will tell you why. The pro choice crowd is against the death penalty while the pro life crowd is for the death penalty.  It would be a far less hypocritical position if pro life was against the death penalty and pro choice was for the death penalty since aborting a fetus is killing a living organism after a very short time whether it is sentient before 3 months or not. Since a fetus can begin movement and kicking as early as 14 weeks it should make one wonder, but it does not. By the way I am pro-life but do not believe I have the right to deny another her right to an abortion but if there is a heaven and god puts you on the down elevator do not cry to me.  I am also opposed to the death penalty in all but the most extreme cases. It is worthless as a deterrent and usually the poor and minorities get killed, not the rich.

Back to the transgender penis game.

One of the favorite tactics is to claim what is between their legs is not important. Sorry, but you are oh so wrong and sadly you are all too fucking stupid to realize it. I am sure4 all of you penis packers would willingly stand up in front of any women's group like NOW or pick one and tell them you are just as much of a woman as they are but you just happen to have a functioning prick that you have renamed your 7 inch neoclit. I dare any of you to do it. You all love to keep that little secret when you fight for transgender rights which are really transvestite rights.

Some of you penis packers are beyond hilarious.  My new favorite dipshit penis packer is Tobi Hill-Meyer who was a she-male porn star, her words, but lost her position because she could no longer ejaculate which is part of the lure for the tranny chasers. Just in case you dipshits in the Transgender community do not get it there is not one single thing more misogynistic than she-male porn and nothing more disgusting than a she-male porn star.  Now that is just my opinion but it seems a lot of the transgender crowd enjoy Tobi Hill-Meyer based on comments on Hill-Meyer's blog on Bilerico. Now why would the transgender crowd enjoy porn where the girl has a prick. Gee I wonder if it is because it is part of their fantasy.

Hill-Meyer is a piece of work and on Bilerico lists tags as feminism, reproductive rights, war on women, and women's rights among others. Okay so let me get this straight.  Hill-Meyer runs his own porn company that makes basically she-male porn videos or movies and he has the balls to claim he is a feminist, is for women's rights and against the war on women. What a dipshit Hill-Meyer is. Hill-Meyer is a walking, talking bullet point item for everything a true feminist is against. Hill-Meyer should have anti-feminist stamped on his forehead.

In a post on Bilerico Hill-Meyer made several outrageous statements that got even better in the comment section. The article needs to be read to understand the context so I am sorry about this but Hill-Meyer said this.

"...for the plenty of women out there who do have dicks - or at least what other's might interpret as such."
Okay this does beg a question.  When is a dick not a dick? I guess it must not be a dick when a trans person has the dick but isn't a dick a dick unless one calls it a prick in which case it is a penis by amy other name?

"In reality, trans women are specifically targeted for harassment, discrimination, and violence on top of the harassment, discrimination, and violence we experience as women."
Well I guess if you need to be a victim this is the way to go but there is a qualifier here isn't there? If they know you are trans you will not be discriminate against as a woman and if they have no clue you are trans how can you be discriminated against for being trans? I think Hill-Meyer has the delusion that both situations are prevalent for trans people but they are not because quite simply if they know you are trans they are never going to accept you as a woman.

Tobi Hill-Meyer is also at the front in the ongoing war of words between the radical lesbian factions and the pretendbians. One might ask what is a pretendbian and I will answer that question.  A pretendbian is a man with a penis claiming to be a lesbian or thus a pretendbian although some in the radical feminist crowd think anyone are pretendbians even those that have had SRS.  The other common word is transbian but I am unsure if that is the same. I do happen to agree that anyone with a penis claiming to be a lesbian is pretending so I believe pretendbian is actually accurate in this case.

I love the fact Hill-Meyer maintains a penis while claiming to fight against the war on women and wants to fight for women's rights when in essence he and his ilk are attempting to take rights away from women and give them to their fellow men in dresses. Just remember a man in a dress with a penis is a woman if he says so. we girls need to remember that the men know best. Not in this fucking lifetime!!!

In the comment section we again get the meme that SRS is forced sterilization which is odd since nobody is forcing anyone to get SRS if you have no interest in being a woman. Also Hill-Meyer and his ilk have no right to talk about women's rights and the war on women when he denigrates women in his films and videos. Hill-Meyer does not face rape unless he considers his asshole the same as  a vagina but come to think of it he probably does.

The other question I have is what does Hill-Meyer mean by queer-porn. Hill-Meyer is by definition a she-male pron star which by definition is basically gay porn or does Hill-Meyer pretend to be a lesbian and end up in bed with a lesbian with his dick which makes it lesbian porn or does it.  Not sure I know any lesbians interested in a lesbian with a penis but I bet Hill-Meyer will claim he does. Is Hill-Meyer required to use his penis in his porno videos?

By the way the reason I use male pronouns for Hill-Meyer is quite simple. I figure if this asshole can denigrate women with his she-male porn both before he started his own company and now that he is trying to finance his own she-male porn then I as a functioning woman have the right to deny him female pronouns at least on my blog.

So yes Hill-Meyer I find you offensive and I can assure you that 99% of the women in this country find you offensive.

The rest of these dipshits that keep their penis, excluding those that cannot afford SRS, are and always will be a man in a dress.  You may think you are accepted but I can assure you that behind closed doors and away from your presence you are not.  If you have SRS then you have a chance of acceptance but not before.  You will be tolerated because women are a little more civil than your fellow men which is one of the reasons you want to use our toilets, that and the simple fact your fellow men would laugh themselves sick if you used the men's room and might beat the shit out of you. Lucky us!!!

One last thing for Sophie on T-Central.  If your face is 97% on the female scale then there is a major bug in the software or a donkey's ass is 96% female. Self delusion is rampart in the transvestite world.

When two pretendbians are in a relationship is it a gay relationship or a lesbian relationship? Does it depend on penis use?

Has there ever been an article about transsexuals or the transgendered Zoe Brain has not commented on? By the way Zoe why do you keep A. E. Brain instead of Zoe Brain? Must be hard to let go of that boy past.  Oops, sorry that intersex past, wink, wink, wink, wink!!!

Why is it racist to criticize President Obama? That is a hard one to figure out.

Do all transvestite's wish they married Helen Boyd?

Why does almost everyone that posts pictures on Genderfork describe themselves as a model and a photographer. Standards have changed I guess. Lowered actually.

Why does it seem T-Central sites seem so interested in gay rights? I thought it was Transvestite-Central and aren't transvestites heterosexual men?

To the Christian transvestite that believed until he was 58 he was a transvestite and a post minister convinced him he was transsexual and he had completely transitioned and had SRS in 2 years.  Oops!!!

To the 62 year old transvestite blogger that suddenly started hormones and has a blog out of Ohio you have not one single clue what it means to be born transsexual, being a woman, and any other things related to this medical condition.

To Toni D'Orsay.  Lay off the nachos for a while, will you.

What is so wrong with being rich? I am against greed by CEO's but the American dream is getting rich but now it seems it is bad.

I voted for Obama and I really wanted Change but what I got was not what I voted for.  I knew my dream was destroyed when he appointed Chicago politicians and the man behind the problems Geitner to Treasury. Talk about giving the fox access to the chicken coop. My party seems to have abandoned me. but then Republicans are not any better. Can I vote for None of the above?

To the transgender democratic delegate from North Carolina. My neighbor who was a delegate asked someone "who the man in a dress was" so no you did not fit in. Someone said you were transgender and he asked when you had the sex change and was shocked to find out you were still packing a penis. Even some Democrats understand the distinction.

Why was god and Jerusalem taken out of the democratic Platform? Even in the voice vote more people voted against including it but the chair pushed it through.  What is next? removal of "In God We trust" from our currency and openly supporting Hezbollah and other terrorist  organizations?

How can Democrats claim Republicans have a war on women when they support women with pricks?

Why is the Obama Administration thinking about punishing the Navy Seal that wrote the book "No Easy Day".  I have read it and he disclosed nothing of relevance.  Maybe it is because he told the Seals were forced to stop and announce they were going to arrest the terrorists outside their hideouts. I kid you not and it caused deaths to our soldiers. Normally they sneak into the house like they tried with Bin Laden and kill anything that resists. Don't want to piss of any Arab voters I guess. Pathetic!! Many terrorists escaped or evaded arrest or simply said the guns were not theirs and were let go by the Afghans.

Why would you tell the bad guys you are leaving on a certain date? Do they think they are stupid?0

Why am I so pissed today?

Sometimes it just feels good to vent. Phew!!!


Sophie Lynne said...

Who pissed on you cornflakes?

First, thanks for reading my blog.

Second, maybe that app is wrong. I think it is. But it helped someone on her journey feel happy for just a moment. Namely me. I have NO delusions about my appearance trust me. But the donkey's ass comparison was a bit harsh.

I'm glad you feel better after your rant. Congratulations. However you made others feel worse. How does that help?

To conclude, it's your blog. You say how you feel. As I do on mine. I've made my opinion clear on "dividers." you are one. That said, and with the knowledge that you won't post this, I say I wish you well and while you believe in God, well let's hope that Karma isn't true as well. Because that was bad karma.
Sophie Lynne

Elizabeth said...

@Sophie Lynne

I would never "piss" in my own corn flakes and sorry sir but you made me feel worse long before I made you or others feel worse and the sad thing is you will never understand that.

I actually should have made part of my vent a list for stupid things transvestites say and or do. You are obviously not afraid to embarrass your family or yourself with your escapades en femme.

I am not a divider because that would imply we have, other than species, something in common. We do not. You are a fetishistic exhibitionist transvestite getting your jollies in life scaring the shit out of little kids at a Phillies baseball game or in a motel parking lot and getting caught driving under the influence with your en femme gear.

At some point listening to the transvestite/transgender bullshit gets too much. It is amazing that a she-male porn star considers himself an activist for women since it is by definition a total contradiction in terms.

Actually I do not wish you any harm or ill will and pray you do not destroy your family with your fetish but unfortunately you probably will because you just cannot help yourself.

I usually post all comments by the way unless requested not to by the commenter.

Anonymous said...

NYF said;

I will take some of those questions in reverse order and try to answer them.

Why are you so mad yesterday 9/11, think about it just for a bit.

20 guys with box cutters brought this country to it's knees 11 years ago, at least that is the story the government wants you to believe. Since then I have made a fortune on Ebay selling the most dangerous weapon on the planet, you can get it in ether a metal body or a plastic disposable body. Anybody who belies the official government story with so many holes in it deserves to be mad on 9/11, because deep down inside they know they have been lied to. I don't endorse or even believe any one conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 but you have to be a fool to believe the government story.

There are few things I hate in this world, one of them are porn actors, they are disgusting and degrade all humans, She-Males are the worst of the worst.

Tee-Gees (non-op) who call themselves lesbians are only fooling themselves, they can't look themselves in the mirror and say "I am a homosexual and I love to have sex with guys while I am dressed in woman's cloths". Get some BALLS guys, (Autumn we know you have no balls, you have an excuse)

I can't say anything civil about that place except there has never been so many delusional people gathered in one place.

Has always been a place where Browning lives to stir the pot, Bil has never stopped a good fight there. He loves his trannys.

You are within a few years of my age, older or younger I really don't know and it's not important. I bring this up because I would have thought by now you would have squired enough street smarts to recognize a fraud when you saw one coming down the sidewalk. This peace of filth has continued the same agenda economically and militarily that was started during the Clinton administration. I didn't vote for him or that other peace o0f garbage the republicans were trying to pawn off on the American people. I'm not stupid enough to buy into ether parties bullshit.
If you really want change write in someone you believe in or vote for a lesser party candidate. You have a good head on your shoulders, I know you can put it to good use as you have on other matters.

One thing that needs addressed you touched on.
Late transitioners.
The Tee-Gee community is toxic, toxic to the point that they cheer on someone who thinks they have a gender identity issue or "might" be TS. They cheer them on to the point they get them started down the path to ruin before they have had a chance to think about it long enough.
Take Mike Penner for example, the Tee-Gees cheered him on right into ruin and suicide. And none of them will take responsibility for what they did.

So I ask what do you expect from a group that delights in sending people to their grave?

"Some are sicker than others"

Sophie Lynne said...

I'm glad you do. Please see my blog for my reply to this. (i'm typing it now, so give it a few minutes)

Oh, BTW: we share something other than species. We're both Americans. ;)

Sophie Lynne said...

oops! just read your "About." I assumed you were American by your post. But seeing that your dad was Royal Navy, maybe you're not.

No offense meant. :)

Anonymous said...

A good rant Liz! I hope you’ve got it off your chest, at least for the time being. However we both know that none of this is going to change much in the short term.

I followed the link to “genderfork” (much against my better judgment. I generally stay clear of any website entitled gender anything) You’re right everyone is a model and a photographer. I guess anyone can do it these days. All that’s needed is an iphone and a long arm! Narcissism rules there that’s for sure.

To Sophie; you need to be aware that the things you write and post on your blog may not garner a comment but visitors will always come away with an opinion of what you’ve put there. Not many of those opinions will be that supportive of your antics. You call those of us who are critical of transvestites like you who claim we are all one big happy family “dividers” and think we are going to be upset and somehow step back in line; Not going to happen buster. How can we be divisive when we were never a part of what you claim we are dividing ourselves from. Give one good reason why we should have anything at all to do with transvestism. I seek and have never sought any right not available to every other woman on this planet. You “transgenders” are seeking additional privileges as rights in addition to those available to you as men. No-one is doing anything to your cornflakes, all that’s happening is your little fantasy bubble is getting burst. Boohoo! Poor little boy!

As for Toby Hill Meyer, along with Monica Roberts and Autumn Sandeen just to name three, these people are the reason it is becoming ever more difficult for genuine transsexual kids to live a normal life. Pushing understanding of what transsexuality actually is away from the fact that it is a medical condition and not some psychological quirk or kink. Association with gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, she-males and transvestism does nothing but harm to who we are and how we can live our lives. It’s small wonder what support we used to have for you all is gradually slipping away.


Anonymous said...

The point here that all of you miss is that our assertion is that "Transgender" and "Transsexual" are entirely different and separate conditions with different etiologies. Conflating the two is what irritates Elizabeth and me for that matter. To Jamiegotagun I say this. I know Elizabeth quite well actually and your attempt to paint her as a fake is typical of you and those like you. I've seen other pictures of Liz and can assure you of her authenticity as well as the pictures you've seen.

To Erica; I have no idea what Liz thinks of your claims but I will share mine. I will assume you are genuine. I've had discussions with Liz on the subject of the organs transsexual women like us lack. Liz was married (her husband passed away not too long ago) I am married, my husband does not know I was TS)Both of us have cried over and over that we cannot bear children to create a loving family. In that respect it is likely we both share that longing and wish we were like those women who can. Intersex women like you Erica share those feelings with us.

You all miss the point here Transsexuals do not experience "Gender Dysphoria" That John Money nonsense is surely discredited. We experience "Sex Dysphoria" or sex dimorphism if you like. Either way what we experience has little to do with full time transvestism i e Transgenderism. Women like me and Liz and others we know of, do not hate any of you we wish none of you ill. We simply wish to make it known that the conditions are different. Neither is better than the other. Why do you all think we are angry because we point that out. Why because we are discrete about our condition to general public and do not trust transvestites to respect that wish to be discrete are we somehow "fake". I've been accused of that myself more times than I care to mention but it does not negate the truth and reality of my life. Neither does Jamie's accusation about Liz make her fake.

Be careful guys your jealousy is starting to show.


PS I post this here because Sophie will not allow my posts on his blog.

Van Buren said...

I gather you DO know what people mean when they say they "model"?.....

I am not one to judge others (mostly), I know what it is to need money from a situation/circumstances where money is not always easy to come by.

I would say on this issue though; to any young (TS born) girl that from what I've read/heard, you have to establish records that (IMO) will be with you for the rest of your life in order to enter this "industry".

Your face and your antics will be saved on millions of public and private sources the world over.

They may tell you that the money is good, but you need to ask yourself SERIOUSLY what you hope for from life in the long term?

If you want a quiet life, a husband, children, "normality"?

NO amount of money is worth modelling, there will be NO going back.

Find another way to make money (it’s hard, I know, but there IS more than one way), a way in which you can maintain some of the little self-respect you may have.

As for the rest; I understand your frustration Liz.

Van Buren said...

On consideration of another aspect of this post I think I have another thing I'd like to add and it goes out to Sophie. (If Sophie is still reading?)

I take a slightly different track than most of the "transsexual mafia" as some people like to call it/them/us, and unlike what Liz has said, I believe (like you) that we probably share quite a few things in common (more than I'd probably have time or energy to list and breakdown here), so I think it easier if I try to make clear the few small things that DO make us different, that "divide" us not through our personal choice, but through life circumstance/our situation/biology.

So in an effort to do that, I'd ask you a few questions:

Do you understand the (multiple) differences between the human male and human female?....

Now before you answer, please think on that question VERY carefully.

I'm NOT asking if you understand the differences between a MAN and a WOMAN, I'm asking about MALE and FEMALE, the physical/neurological/biological states? if you are a woman, and the world truly receives you as one, I have NO problem with that what so ever.

If you do/can understand those (multiple) differences though, then those are the differences that divide "us" (transsexuals from transgendered people), that is NOT by our choice, just by life circumstance.

Aside from those rather minor differences, we probably can/might share and have as much in common as any other human man/woman male/female.

Jamiegottagun said...

1. Thanks for pointing out the shemale blog - awewome! gonna go right over there after this and check it out.

"Elizabeth," the hypocrisy is all yours. Make up your mind. Either transsexualism is a "medical condition" or it is not. If it is a medical condition, and SRS is the treatment, then according to law the state cannot withhold a medical treatment from a prisoner, regardless of whether he is ever going to get out or not.

It's called "cruel and inhuman" punishment to do so, and is one of the unique things that separates our society from barbarism.

Personally, I don't think the clown should have it, but the judge is just ruling on the law, and the constitutionality of the states refusal. And the law says he's entitled to it. It was actually quite brave of him to stick to the constitution, knowing he was going to be ridiculed for it.

Van Buren said...

"Elizabeth," the hypocrisy is all yours. Make up your mind. Either transsexualism is a "medical condition" or it is not. If it is a medical condition, and SRS is the treatment, then according to law the state cannot withhold a medical treatment from a prisoner, regardless of whether he is ever going to get out or not.

It's called "cruel and inhuman" punishment to do so, and is one of the unique things that separates our society from barbarism.
~ Jamiegottagun

Jamie, in this (particular) post (the one you commented on as though what you were saying is relevant to said post), "Liz" did NOT say she thought it wrong that Kosilek get treatment.

She in fact was saying (if you read it carefully) that; all those supposed "transsexuals" are supporting the decision on grounds of medical necessity, which basically is them saying they all NEED a vagina, it is absolutely necessary for their (personal) survival, health and wellbeing, and yet most of them have not/will not EVER get it!(BY CHOICE).

She wasn't questioning the decision (at least by my interpretation of what she's written) she was pointing out people's hypocrisy. (a separate issue all together)

That said; the issue as I see it is NOT in the judge’s decision, it is NOT whether SRS is necessary treatment for transsexualism, the issue is the same issue it always is. (and THAT is pretty much the crux of the hypocrisy Liz was pointing out)

That being:

Accurate understanding/definition and diagnosis of Transsexualism and how those hypocrites Liz talks about (AND Kosilek) have screwed that up for legitimate sufferers of that condition and the dangers they've caused people because of that.

One day (maybe soon, maybe not) YOU! are going to want an SRS letter yourself and I hope when you march your ass into the psych's office and present them with your- "fine, upstanding adult female"~Jamie, to get it, he denies you because you aren't like all the other TG dipshits that he has come to know/understand/expect are "Transsexual", no, you seem too much like a normal woman.

and then I hope you go home, and find yourself that night

"spending most of the night with a bottle of rum, sitting in a chair, staring at a loaded semi-automatic wondering if I ought to leave a hell of a mess for someone to clean-up in the morning because I couldn't face living as a male anymore."~ Jamie.

And I’d be interested to see if you regret the things you've said all this time, and see if you get through that this time around.

Everyone can be lucky though, right?

They say third time's a charm.... how many have you got left?

Jamiegottagun said...

Perhaps I misinterpreted "Elizabeth."

As for your own comments:

I agree that quotations are useful. However, one has to remember not to take them out of context, as you did with mine. You conveniently left off the beginning and end of that quote, and made say exactly the opposite of what it actually said where it appeared on my blog.

I will never seek SRS, Abby. At least not unless the medical technology improves a hundred fold within the next few years.

And I'm not going to kill myself - I have already made it 50-years, more than half-way. Another 20-30 years won't be that hard, especially considering the older one gets, after a certain point, the less important the whole sex/gender thing gets.

Always, your group operates from the concept that everyone is the same, and if they are like you, then they have to do exactly the same thing, or they are not like you.

That is ridiculous. People are different. They make different choices. And just because someone makes a different choice for themselves than you made for yourself that doesn't mean that it somehow invalidates your choice, and you have to attack them for it.

I've said it a dozen times, and I will say it again: The major difference between most non-op and post-op TS's is one of "temperament."

Not everyone reacts to the same situation in the same way.

If they did we would all be robots, not individuals.

Van Buren said...

I have no "group" (at least not the one you’re asserting, which is a figment of your imagination). I have my own opinions based on my own personal experiences, what I've seen of others and what I've learned of human nature.

There are a few people I talk with who share similar opinions on SOME matters related to transsexualism and how one experiences life having been born with it, but they have formed those opinions on their own just as I have.

You say you won't ever get SRS and you aren't going to kill yourself.

I hope for your sake that is how things work out. However, I also know the lengths a certain type of person will go to if they FEEL (not think) the love/understanding/connection they've always sought for fulfilment in life, will be available.

I've watched older people living in a dream world say they don't want or need SRS, only to find that when they (as you suggest you are) start to present themselves to the world realistically as a female, they start to be received as such.

From there they find the start of a connection and the understanding they've always (sometimes unknowingly) truly sought, they get so close they can now taste it, and things start to look VERY different to them, their NEEDS change (and a NEED is a necessity, life is over without it) they're suddenly prepared to settle for much less than they once would have been.

This “group” you say I’m part of, would in no way agree with me, but I personally think you are transsexual JAY, I think that someday you will seek SRS whether you believe it or now not, but you’re welcome to disagree, that’s fine, I don’t know everything NOR everyone and I don’t know you. I’m only going on what you express of yourself and your feelings in your blog (which I only gather you write for therapeutic purposes, to try and work out your best course of action for the future, and maybe in the remote hope that someone might be able to help you, again though, all my own probably incorrect assumptions).


Always, your group operates from the concept that everyone is the same, and if they are like you, then they have to do exactly the same thing, or they are not like you~JAY

Do you think I consider you to be the same as me?.... you are NOTHING like me, of that I can assure you. NOTHING you have done in your life even remotely resembles me and mine and yet I still think (personally) that you are transsexual.

It is YOU who groups ME with others, NOT the other way around. I only group myself with people in two ways, 1.Human and 2.female. if you fit either of those then we have SOME (not all) things in common.


Get over yourself.

Van Buren said...

Sorry, that should have been PLEASE!!!! get over yourself.

Anonymous said...


Please don't publish this.

This has nothing to do with what you have posted, rather it's just an observation.

When I first started reading your blog, I noticed that you were quite an accurate typist and your posts almost never had any typos. They were perfect. However, over the past few months the frequency of typos has increased within your posts and unless you have changed your methodology I think it might indicate something underlying... I think you should go in for a checkup to get another all clear soon. I know that I'm a complete stranger, but the data is worrying.

Anonymous said...

This would be hilarious if the mis-information were not so damaging. No wonder they call it the "lame stream" media.


Molly said...

Anyone who can claim they "will never seek SRS" is simply NOT transsexual by definition. A transsexual will seek SRS or die trying. Too many of us say the same thing and have experienced the horror of an incongruent body first hand. It is damaging to those who do have this condition to conflate it with transvestism, or drag queenism, or whatever other sexual fetish or political agenda. Being born transsexual is a medical condition with a proven surgical cure. If someone doesn't need the cure then by all means they should stay far away from it, but then they don't have the right to insult, demean, and diminish the medical condition by trying to deceive the public into associating it with their gender deviant behavior.

Sophie Lynne said...

Actually Cassandraspeaks, I publish ALL comments, good and bad.

Shows what you know.


Van Buren,
that's a very thought provoking question. Answer is this: Yes, I understand that the difference between Male and Female is more than genetalia. My masters dissertation was on the difference between male and female brains, and how the structures affect processes.

But more than that, I understand that being male is a science, and being female is an art AND a science.

TG folks are tg BECAUSE of their brains. MtoF TG's have brains that are more female than male to some degree (studies in Australia proved this conclusively.) Many have purely female brains, or very close to this.

Where does my brain fit on this? I have no idea as I've never had a brain scan.

But I know this- I am part of that Gender rainbow. And I embrace any of us who walks this path.

Kathryn Dumke said...

While agree with your first statement, your second statement is simply not supported by the evidence.

Certain statistical and empirical evidence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_and_suicide) widely available shows something that makes me wonder if this is actually true.
Statistically, men are four times likelier to die of suicide then women. World Health Organization evidence collected worldwide shows this. 19.5 – 22 males in 100 000 and 5 – 5.5 females per 100 000 commit suicide in North America. In particular American males between age of 20-24 exceed their female counterparts in actual suicides by a factor of seven.
In addition some sociologists attribute this differential in part to the methods used. While men use preferably “hard” methods like guns, knives and hanging, etc, women prefer “soft” methods i.e. pills overdose, slitting of wrists etc. The so called “soft” methods tend to be discoverable which increases the survival rates of women in case of self-inflicted violence in the form of attempted suicide.

While this is not proof of actual gender of the MtF transsexual committing suicide, it offers a strong inference that transsexuals (persons in which their physical sex is incongruent with their innate gender) a four to seven times increased likelihood to survive if their innate gender is female.

In taking a stand against appropriation of transsexuals into a "transgender" norm, repeating what too many have repeated without measuring it against the actual evidence may be very harmful to what you are trying to achieve.

I say this because eventually the distinction will have to be proven in a court of law to achieve effective transsexual health care.

Anonymous said...

Molly, I still don't see an intrinsic difference in your distinction of transexual from transegender experience. Is the transexual simply reducing the presupposed underlying feminine expression to that of a more urgent will to feminize one's body?

Van Buren said...

A brain scan would not help you Sophie lynne, In this instance especially, but I suspect for most others as well.

I agree, the difference IS more than genitals but MORE THAN implies they are INCLUDED, so where may I ask does your own comment/assertion place you?

It sounds (from what you say) as though you are collage educated? (If so I'm pleased for you, neither I nor my parents could ever afford that for me, not that I place any real bearing on it when it comes to intelligence or expertise on any particular matter, but I would have liked that opportunity and those others it may have provided for myself).

If that is the case and that opportunity was somehow afforded you, I wonder why it is you could not afford to resolve your birth conflict and so ended up taking on a male life and marrying a female?

I wish you the best in your ventures along the "gender" rainbow.

Anonymous said...

To Sophie:

In order to post on your blog I need to use a google ID or somesuch and that is something I will never do because it raises the risk of my anonymity being exposed. Effectively that means my posts are not allowed. Despite your claimed "masters" it shows what you know.

Ref your Gender "spectrum" I thought it had been made perfectly clear that gender may be a spectrum whereas sex is binary. Gender and sex are entirely different or did your "masters" not enlighten you om the difference twixt gender and sex? Apparently not. So "Sophistry Lynn" I seriously doubt you have done much in the way of study or research on the subject. Unless of course you count motel car parks at the dead of night "research" and transvestite outings to ball games research.


Anonymous said...

The TeeGee 'meme', modus operendi, behavior, is anything and everything EXCEPT an all encompassing NEED for and QUEST for SRS.

All they do is talk, complain and of course dress.

The differences are numerous and obvious.

Anonymous said...

TeeGees talk alot...they rarely walk the walk....except in heels of course.


Anonymous said...


I would rather say that sex is in a collection of physiological thresholds, of which gender (and the relation to one's physiological threshold(s)) is a performative construction. In addition, rather than gender being a site of stylised creativity as it actually is, the narrative of the SRS imperative reduces it to being about body aesthetics.

-Not a TeeGee

Anonymous said...