Tuesday, April 17, 2012

University of Pittsburgh situation becomes clearer

It now is a little clearer what is going on at the University of Pittsburgh involving usage of facilities. Two transgender activists have been trying to push boundaries at the University. One of them was a Computer Science Student and an FTM transgendered individual, name Seamus Johnston, and the other claims to be an MTF, named McCloskey, but there is some argument over that. Johnston is on hormones and appears to be a very handsome young man but is female bodied and has been expelled from Pitt for showering in the male communal showers despite being female bodied which caused quite a disturbance.

In late 2011 as shown in this video  McCloskey with Johnston videotaping the incident got into an altercation with University officials. I believe they were preventing Johnston from attempting to use the male communal showers. One has to say Seamus has a big pair except Seamus has none but this was the first step in a deliberate attempt by the Transgender Activists to force their will on the University of Pittsburgh.

The following is a joint picture of the couple who claim to be a married.

Johnston has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure for showering nude with other males in a communal shower. This despite the fact the University had set aside separate showers for him based on standard University policy to aid transsexual students.

The other thing going on at the University is bomb threats that began after Johnston was arrested and expelled from Pitt for violating  University Policy. The bomb threats began shortly after that and have severely disrupted life on campus for all the students. I do believe the student who claimed they were forcing her to be castrated in order to use female spaces, SRS is castration in her mind, would have attempted to do something along the same lines as Johnston.

I do not know if this couple is behind the bomb threats but they have been subpoenaed to appear in Federal Court. If that thing is a MTF anything then the transgender have sunk to a new low even for them. McCloskey claims Johnston is his wife which confuses things even more.

The fact Johnston was a Computer Science major is why they were looked into for these bomb threats and folks making bomb threats and getting the FBI involved is not a wise thing to do.

So now we know why Pitt changed its rules and again the lies and misinformation spewed out by the Transgender Borg supports them.  I am sure they will be martyrs even if proven guilty of making these bomb threats.

One does have to ask a very serious question though. Was Johnston trying to provoke a more serious incident in the male showers when he disrobed? Was he looking to be raped or treated rudely so he could sue the University which based on conversations in the video appears to be a concern of McCloskey. 

Johnston is also on full Social Security Disability because of his "Gender Identity Disorder" so he can live off the government while being a trans activist. 


Anonymous said...

"Mr. Johnston .... was adjudged as fully disabled by the Social Security Administration in May 'for a variety of emotional liabilities that included gender identity disorder,' [Mr. Johnston's] complaint notes."

(Source: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/region/transgender-man-claims-discrimination-631663/)

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps more damaging to the legitimate TS and post TS men and women than it may seem on the surface.
If they succeed in bombing the campus or are implicated in a plot to do so this will cast a permanent stigma on both Tee-Gees and men and women of history. This could end up putting many under the scrutiny of the department of homeland security.

Nothing like being watched because you have a birth defect.

We know that some Tee-Gees have the need to be a martyr, a certain new media reporter that suffers from bi polar disorder has often expressed the desire to be nailed to a Tee-Gee martyr. Why wouldn't some other nutcase get the idea in their head to nail themselves to the tranny cross.

Anonymous said...

Just about all I can say is....... Seriously? I don't know what to say.

Well, maybe 'twisted' comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Take a good look at that photo... on the right is the Trojan Horse, on the left is the contents.

I've seen this pattern somewhere before, F2T "fronting" for a M2T... where was it... oh, yes, here it is!

...the Task Force, the NGLTF in Washington, DC was having a conference, in which very similar, and about the same age as IFGE, called "Creative Change." [sic][1] And the executive director of the Task Force at the time, who was a female-to-male, (unintelligible) out of the closet, but she was - this person was going in that route[2], came to our conference in Minnesota in 1996 and proclaimed that the Task Force would consider integrating the word "transgendered," not in the name, but in their mission statement...
Source: Yvonne Cook-Riley, quoted in "The Invention Of Transgender," reported by Jillian Weiss, Bilerico.com, August 2011

Source: http://www.bilerico.com/2011/08/yvonne_cook_riley_the_invention_of_transgender.php

[1] The conference was "Creating Change."

[2]: The E.D. of NGLTF at the time of the 1996 Creating Change was Kerry Lobel, who had just replaced Melinda Paras. At this time I have no knowledge of whether either of them have since transitioned to male. However, Kerry Lobel shows up all over the "Usual Suspect" gay groups, including Equality Maryland and the San Francisco LGBT Center. See: http://www.thechangegroup.org/

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

Typically outrages!

Speaking about how to lose friends and alienate people....


Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign that last post I made.


Deena said...

I found this link. --> http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/region/transgender-man-claims-discrimination-631663/

What shocks me more than the craziness is that our social security system is paying for a disability? Maybe if Johnston gets convicted of something that abuse of the system will end?

Miz Know-It-All said...

The backlash from this is coming, it is inevitable and it will be damned ugly! Sadly it is just these sort of nut cases like Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey who are setting it up, yet they (provided they are not in the federal pen) will be the first to head for the exits while those sisters and brother who truly are transsexual will be left to bear the full brunt of of their nightmare!

But yet we're the elitist/hater/separatist/homo/trans/phobe/trans-mysogynists because we do not supporting them in their quest for the complete erasure and destruction of transsexual as a treatable condition... it's madness sheer madness!

Anonymous said...

On a bright note, this justifies our not supporting the Tee-Gees. This is living proof they are nutcases and Sandeen, Roberts, Helms, and The Brain are untcases who have no desire to live a quiet normal life as a male or female.

The time to make that distinction is coming soon. This also demonstrates the gays and lesbians should be judged by the company they keep.