Monday, April 9, 2012

NCAA has Interesting Transgender Policy

The International Olympic Committee has a policy  that allows participation for both MTF or FTM post-operative individuals. The United States Golf Association has a similar policy that allows participation although both require disclosure. Both institutions require SRS and at least two years of provable hormone treatment post surgery.

Now we come to the National Collegiate Athletic Association and its policy involving MTF and FTM "transgender students and I would say they have crossed the line of common sense. This is what the policy is.

  • A trans male (female to male) student-athlete who has received a medical exception for treatment with testosterone for gender transition may compete on a men’s team but is no longer eligible to compete on a women’s team without changing the team status to a mixed team.   A mixed team is eligible only for men’s championships.
  • A trans female (male to female) student-athlete being treated with testosterone suppression medication for gender transition may continue to compete on a men’s team but may not compete on a women’s team without changing it to a mixed team status until completing one calendar year of documented testosterone-suppression treatment.

Development of the new policies was aided in part by a report from the National Center on Lesbian Rights and the Women’s Sports Foundation last October that provided guidance on how colleges and universities should accommodate the interests of student-athletes who have transitioned or are transitioning from one gender to another.

Co-authored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Director of the Sports Project Helen Carroll and GLESN (Gay, Lesbian dn Straight Education Network) project director Pat Griffin, who has overseen educational efforts for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in sports for the Women’s Sports Foundation, the report stresses that any transgender student-athlete “should be allowed to participate in any gender-segregated sports activity so long as that athlete’s use of hormone therapy, if any, is consistent with the national governing body’s existing policies on banned medications.”

 Mothers and fathers beware but a male with a penis may soon be playing sports as a girl with your gifted young daughters whether you like it or not. One year on testosterone blockers is insufficient considering the process for the two organizations mentioned above require approx 4 years given pre SRS treatment.

It takes considerably longer for a college age MTF individual to lose their strength and maleness than one year on blockers. It is the estrogen that feminizes the male and causes the softening of the body yet this is ABSOLUTELY not a requirement. One year on blockers and Michael Spitz could be on your female swim team. Lord how compelling that is.

Just think about basketball. One year on blockers and the all-world freshman sensation Anthony Davis could play for the Kentucky Women's program.  What chance would the incredible Brittney Griner have against Ms. Davis.  I am not suggesting this as a possibility because Mr Davis is about to be the #1 pick in the NBA draft and is certainly not transgender.

Now this would surely have been an option for Lindsey Walker The World's Tallest Transsexual who played college basketball as a man.  I am sure Lindsey would have been a superstar as a collegiate female basketball player with only one year on blockers. I am sure it is highly unpleasant being a 7 foot transsexual and I certainly feel for Lindsey and support her but her on one year of blockers would make Brittney Griner look like a nothing because men have good verticals and most women do not.  In fact Brittney has difficulty dunking although she can.  I doubt Lindsey has trouble or had trouble dunking in college.

The real question is why would the NCAA do this and what the fuck were they thinking when one considers the Olympic position which is reasonable and proper? You can tell just by the wording. The IOC uses transsexual and the NCAA uses trans and transgender and reading farther down one can see who had the influence.

The question I have is how do you handle the locker room when one player is physically male and the others are female? Another question is would a collegiate coach in a female sport actually recruit and play someone like this? I do not believe they would but if they have open tryouts, most do, they would be hard pressed to deny a Lindsey Walker as a basketball player.  If the NCAA followed the OIC and the USGA conditions I would support the NCAA but I cannot and I realize I am just a pimple on life's ass but I will have my say.

Personally I believe there would be outrage and a horrible backlash even if the kid had followed the IOC protocol because the transgender have so clouded what is and what is not female people would be scared. If someone tried to play using the current NCAA protocol I am sure opponents would be outraged and I am sure any girl that possibly lost a scholarship to a man in a dress would be really pissed off.

It has always been tough for women's sports in college and women were discriminated against openly until Prop 9 came into being. Now it seems men that are still men physically want to invade women's sports in college. I have two granddaughters that are very athletic and headed to college and will play sports.  I would be outraged if the above happened and I cannot see how other parents would be outraged. It would be worse if they gave the individual a scholarship currently set aside for a girl.

I really doubt a transsexual would get involved with this but I could be wrong. I am sure eventually some transgender nitwit will do it and when that day comes there will be a big backlash. It is not the same for a FTM because the strength advantage goes to men but it is and always will be a strength advantage for a MTF if there time on blockers and even estrogen is short term. If they work out the muscle mass will not dissipate quickly.  Eventually they will be similar to women but not for quite a while.

The world has gone crazy.  Now our daughters will have to play men in sports and support them as female when they are not. O will watch with great interest for the first case that tests this ruling by the NCAA which has again shown it is per usual out of touch with reality.


Anonymous said...


I have some concern about what's happening in these colleges today.

Doesn't it seem that there are just way too many people claiming to be trans*? I would think that colleges and universities might want to be somewhat cautious in fully opening the 'door' to this broad a range of diversity by accepting what is being said, or demanded out of hand. I understand the political pressure they are sometimes placed under.

I live about 6 miles from one of the MOST liberal California universities there is. I have seen and spoken with many of these so-called trans* peeps. What I got from them seemed more a statement about the way they want to be known and seen rather than any form of suffering from a medical condition. Hardly ANY of them even care about the idea of changing their physical sex. As has been pointed out before, they only want to declare themselves to be women and not really "be" women, or men for that matter.

Yet, the university administration is under a near constant barrage from what I would only describe as a leftist push to "normalize" their display. Nearly everyone of these kids that I've met (exception being one) are what I would describe as 'pawns' for a cause. Not only will they be in on the "Trans Pride" marches and demonstrations, but they are also used and viewed at the environmental demonstrations and causes, like our local 'Occupy' movement.

I know this is a little off course from your topic. I think if you read both of your college themed articles together, the gist suggests something more dire at hand throughout the college/university system, nationwide. But, why is it we're seeing this upsurge? How can it be minimized or retracted? After all, most of these people going to college are still just kids. Impressionable kids, being away from mom and dad for the first time in their lives and easily corruptible (my view). And, therefore, believing they have a transsexual medical condition, or more accurately, a trans* condition might just be a matter of social influence rather than anything physiological.

In other words what they are to me it seems, is only a fad. The problem is, they are destroying any possibility of those who really are suffering with transsexualism of getting the real help and guidance they need and deserve.


Anonymous said...

Excellent observation, DJ. I tend to agree that it certainly appears that these kids are being used for some more sinister purpose.

Social deconstruction perhaps?

Miz Know-It-All said...

Sinister? No... but is it epidemic? Yes! Very much so! "Trans" on college campuses has been rewritten to mean exactly what it was sold as! Anyone is trans and I do mean anyone who is not the least comfortable with their expected gender roles!

The lesbian world has been decimated as the young women who are rejecting not only the attentions of men but the pink/Stepford world that is foisted upon all young girls as their duty these days. They are now are called trans! Being that they are "trans" they being seduced by the others just like them into doing terrible things to themselves with easy to get hormones!

As you all know you cannot so easily undo the damages of testosterone as you can incur them! The legions of "trans-men" are going to regret or who already regret is huge and will only grow as this continues!

There is going to be a back lash and it ain't gonna be pretty!

Anonymous said...

@DJ: I live a similar distance from what I suspect is probably the same California university. I see the same thing you do, and share your concerns. At the very least, whoever's putting these kids up to these public spectacles does not have their best interests in mind. I diverge from MKIA on only one point - though I didn't want to, I have come to believe that there *is* something sinister going on.

@MKIA: You are so right - Last year a public school guidance counselor reported to me that a student had come in for counseling in severe distress because she thought she might be a lesbian. It turned out that the attraction to girls wasn't her problem; she was fine with that. The problem was that she thought it meant she had to take "T" and "transition." OMG SRSLY WTF?

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

This "conventional" wisdom is the result of "The Queering of Elementary Education" (

"It has come to light that Mr. Obama's "safe school czar," Kevin Jennings once counseled a 15-year-old student who revealed that he was having sex with an adult male. What did Jennings tell the boy? "I hope you knew to use a condom." Before Jennings resigns in shame (or gay pride) maybe Obama should change his title to "safe sex school czar."

What's a little more irony from a guy who was never vetted?

Recently, Kevin Jennings has become a little more exposed. Via a simple Internet search, it turns out that Jennings was the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The organization uses the public school as a forum to indoctrinate students in sexual identity and practice. Behind the language of "diversity" and "safety," lies its bare desire to sexualize children early, teaching that homosexual, bisexual and transgender practices are A-OK. Mission America reported the following about the future Safe School Czar back in 2002:

"Kevin Jennings wrote the foreword for a book for educators called Queering Elementary Education (William J. Letts IV and James T. Sears, eds., Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1999.) One chapter is written by a woman who says she and her male partner have raised their daughter "queerly." She then goes on to describe Stephanie's attendance at several "gay" pride parades by the time she is eight. Stephanie already has a detailed familiarity with her own female genitalia "because it gives her pleasure when she masturbates." And the mother describes one incident where she and her daughter, while observing a group of twelve-year-olds, decide they are both attracted to the same girl. (pp. 71-81)"

Anonymous said...


I think this post needs a little representation from the trans community. I am a teenager living in Tennessee, I was born biologically female. I lived as a "tomboy" until I was fourteen when I came out finally. Since then I have been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, my parents have had my brain scanned and it is developed more as a male than a female. My state will not allow me to begin hormones until I am eighteen. My life is hell because of it. I can't play basketball which is my number one passion in life, because if I tried out for the female team it would be wrong according to the school, but without hormones I can't play for the male team either. I want you to realize what your saying. Thousands of teenagers and adults too have taken their own lives because of the ignorance like this. I can see why your upset about MTF people having more strength, but for some people sports is all they have. Not everyone has a family that will even look at them after telling them the truth, some families physically abuse their child after finding out. It's wrong for people who will never understand the fear, hurt, anxiety, exclusion, discomfort, etc the list goes on and on to make these kinds of remarks that you and a few others are making. One day he tables will turn and people will be truly equal. When this day comes so many people will rejoice, but yet there will always be those who are upset. I'm not asking for anyone to be transgender or for you to agree with my life, but it's just that, MY life. Everyone deserves respect. That's all trans people want. What would you do if you had a child who told you they were trans? That they spent everyday of their life wishing they were dead because it would be better than living a lie. A child who would NEVER find the satisfaction out of life that you get, a child who would never live up to their full potential without your love and full support. I am so proud to say I have changed the way my parents see the trans community, and that I was lucky enough to be given parents who love me enough to do absolutely anything for my well being.